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Conducting Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) and Monitoring Welder

Qualification Test (WQT).

Offshore platform piles and structural welding inspection monitored such as
sub cellar deck, cellar deck, lower mezz., upper mezz., main deck and helideck.
Welding Inspection during fabrication and repair work on Piping, Pressure
Vessels and Structural components.
Contact platform structural dimension and final assembly inspection as per
inspection test report.
Pressure piping and Vessels fabrication and integration inspection carried out
and report review & Signed.
Interpretation of Radiographs, NDT & PWHT Reports.
Reviewing, monitoring Piping & Structural modification based on Plant
Modification Recommendation.
Preparing repair recommendation as per the standards.
Coordinating, executions of NDT & Welding inspection request from support
Compiling NDT report and updating the e-record archive system.
Follow up on the Inspection Recommendation / Work Order
Review of Mill test certificates of Fabrication Materials, Test pack preparation,
Witnessing Hydro test, Pneumatic test, Torque test and Punch list preparation
Piping and pressure vessels installation & Reinstatement witnessed and
documents verified.
Updating onsite daily report system, Isometric drawings in the Main Server.

Plant Inspector
Company NameORYX GTL
Dates EmployedAug 2012 May 2014

Employment Duration1 yr 10 mos


Conduct piping material inspection and verify the test certificates as per original
construction drawing.
Underground/buried piping inspection and monitor NDT activity.
Study client/contracts specification/technical requirements, drawings etc. & Review the
procedures in line with International codes and Standards such as ASME IX, ANSI B31.3,
All supports and column piping welds and pipe flanges performed inspection and report
Work involved co-ordination with sub contractor inspector for day to day QA/QC activities.
Welder Qualification, welding audit report preparation, welder performance check list,
welding monitoring and Daily report preparation.
Prepared Injection point location and reports verification as per API code
recommendation and located OSI data points for initial thickness readings.
Monitor and control the fabrication activities as per the ITP/Contract specification/Codes
and Standards/Approved Drawings and Procedures.
Visual inspection, welding consumable verification, dimensional check, performance test,
welder Qualification, welder training, and performance monitoring.
Review of QC plan, Coordinating, supervising, Monitoring fabrication, Review of NDT
reports and PWHT charts, film interpretation and reporting the repair rate, non-
conformances, area of concerns, taking corrective actions and ensuring the project
Perform marking and location
planning & leading NDT for different inspection activities NDT inspection (UT,RT,MT,
PT,VT ) welding inspection internal inspection of vessels , exchangers, filters & columns , In
the field of refineries, gas plant, oil platforms , tanks & fabrication yards. Good practical &
theoretical knowledge in the interpretation of drawings, evaluating procedures, studying the
requirements & making recommendations.

Plant Inspector
Company NameQatargas
Dates EmployedJan 2010 Jun 2012

Employment Duration2 yrs 6 mos

LocationOffshore Qatar

Contact on stream inspection on static equipment including pressure vessels, Gas and
condensate cooler, tanks and piping system according to API 510, 653, 570 and QG
established policies and procedures and issues inspection reports.

Internal Inspection carry out of H.P & LP Flare K.O Drum and report prepare in Meridium
and review NDT Reports.

Perform internal inspection of Oil water flash drum and degassing drum and monitoring
NDT inspection and review NDT reports.

Witness hydrostatic test and pneumatic test on pressure equipment, valve and pipe line as
per QG producer.
Visual inspection performed FLARE TIP and structures of platform.

Upon failure of equipment, inspect material and assist in the preliminary failure
assessments, prepare report and issue recommendations, where applicable, via supervisor
for action by relevant departments.

Inspection performs SS piping survey and NDT report review.

Visual inspection of various types of pipe support and structures.
Corrosion and erosion monitoring of various process and utility lines and well head parts,
valves, etc.

Carry out 100% of Visual Inspection (Including Painting and Insulation) on all process lines
and well head piping.

Calculate the Remaining Life Time and Corrosion Rate based on Thickness measurements
(If any corrosion noted).

Identify the Preparation of Visual Inspection Reports.

Plant Inspector
Company NameSaudi Yanbu Petrochemical Co.
Dates EmployedApr 2009 Apr 2010

Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo
LocationSaudi Yanbu

Replacement of tank shell course and bottom plates.

Internal and External Inspection Performed on green oil knockout drum.
Performs Visual Inspection and Internal trays repair of Gasoline fractionator column.
Inspection carried out of Exchangers hydro test and NDT Report Review.
Performs underground sea water buried piping Inspection.
Internal Inspection of nozzle/Man ways & high stress area for fatigue crack Inspection,
Service crack, failure mechanism, corrosion monitoring, request for NDT (MT/PT),
corrosion/erosion Inspection.
Experienced in internal inspection of equipments (like internal fittings)/piping and
measure the pitting and corrosion rate as per API 510.
Carry out 100% of Visual Inspection (Including Painting and Insulation) on all flow lines
and well head piping.
Identify the Preparation of Visual Inspection Report.

Plant Inspector
Company NamePetroleum Development Oman
Dates EmployedMar 2007 Apr 2008

Employment Duration1 yr 2 mos

LocationSultanate of Oman

Internal, External Inspection in Vessels, Tanks and On Stream Inspection (OSI) Of Plant
Piping and Other Equipments (Furness, Condition Assessment.
NDT-UT- A, B, P SCANS Evaluation during Piping Inspection.
Visual and NDT Verification for Spheroid, Spears, Storage Tanks (Flour, Roof, Inner
Pontoons, Outer Pontoons) Inner and Outer Tank.
Marking And Evaluate HOT TOP Processing As Per API Recommendations
Underground/Buried Piping Inspection
Marking and Locating Percentage Radiography Tanks and equipment as Per Codes and
Furness, Boiler Tubes Inspection during Shutdowns and Leakage. Monitoring And
Evaluate NDT, Heat Treatment Evaluation
Reactors Scallops Repair, Alteration and Inner and Outer Inspection and NDT
All Furness And Column Piping PMI All Welds, Flanges, Pipes.
Involved In Welding Inspection And Coordinated In Non-Destructive Examinations And
Radiographic Film Interpretation.
Prepared Injection Point Locations And Report Verifications As Per API Code
Recommendation And Located OSI Data Points For Initial Thickness Reading.
Expertise In Basic Practical And Theoretical In ALL Basic NDT Methods, Stress
Relieving, Hardness, PMI, Vacuum Testing.
Witnessing Of Heat Exchencherleak Test, Pneumatic Test, And Hydro Test
Carried Out Visual Inspection (Pre-Cleaning & Post Cleaning) Of Shell, Tube Bundle,
Tube Sheet, Channel Head, Battle Plate, And Covers, Muzzle Flange Serration Etc.
MFL And Tube Inspections Reports Verifications
Ensure That Plant Records Are Maintained Properly. Write Inspection Reports On
Conditions Found With Recommendations.
Establish Inspection Intervals In Accordance With The Applicable API And Worldwide
Industry Governing Codes And Standard