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A Simple Practice of Phowa, 'Transference of

by Tulku Tsultrim Zangpo
From the palace of the dharmadhātu, the utter purity of my own perception,
Embodiment of all the buddhas of past, present future,
Supreme refuge for beings of this degenerate age,
Glorious master, most precious guru, to you I pray!

Grant your blessings, so that my mind may be matured and liberated!
Grant your blessings, so that I may realize the profound path!
Grant your blessings, so that I may perfect the realization of the Great Perfection in
this very life!

I appear clearly in the form of noble Avalokiteśvara,
With a channel of light running from my heart's centre to my crown,
At its tip, upon a lotus and sun-disc seat is the lord guru,
Appearing vividly in the form of Amitābha, 'Limitless Light',
And in the centre of my heart, in a circle of wind, is my own consciousness
In the form of white and red sphere, the size of a pea,
Perfectly round, it pulses and vibrates.
Drawn upwards through the brilliant rays from the heart of the guru at my crown,
It merges indivisibly with the victorious buddha's wisdom mind.

Hrīḥ! Amitābha, 'Limitless Light', Avalokiteśvara, 'Lord of the World',
And Vajrapāṇi, 'Lord of Secrets' – all you buddhas and bodhisattvas together with
your retinues,
With unshakeable, single-pointed devotion, I pray to you!
Grant your blessings so that I may transfer my consciousness into the dharmadhātu!
Grant your blessings so that I may directly actualize the primordial, natural state!
Grant your blessings so that I may seize the ultimate stronghold!

Recite this many times, and transfer your consciousness again and again by uttering
"Hikka!" and performing the visualisation as before.

Then, at the end, consider that the buddha at your crown transforms into Amitāyus,
who descends from your crown to remain at the centre of your heart, and settle in a
non-conceptual state.

The one called Tsul wrote this from his meditation room simply to avoid turning down
the request of the devoted old monk Norbu Zangpo.


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