The Wing T Sweep

Kurt Reynolds Overview of the Wing T Offense: In football the goal of every offense is to control the ball and score. Every team faces how to best achieve this goal. The dilemma is whether the offensive scheme will feature a running attack or a passing attack. A good team realizes the best offensive strategy features a balance of running and passing. However, simply the threat of balance is often the key to allowing a one-sided attack to succeed. Just as a good team understands the need for balance, a good team also understands, depending on the level and talent pool, the difficulty of establishing that balance. Combine that with autumn weather conditions, the added time and skill it takes to implement a complicated passing scheme, and the old adage that "three things can happen when you pass, and two of those are bad," and I believe that an offensive scheme based on a running attack is the most successful way to move the ball and score. During a football game, each team will get the ball between ten and fifteen times. The team which controls the ball through low-risk, positive-yardage plays, decreases the opponent's number of opportunities to have the ball and, thus, score. The Wing-T is a superb model of such a ball-control, ground oriented offense. While the Wing-T has a wide array of formations and plays, fundamental play of the offense is the sweep.

28 or 29 Sweep:
This play is designed to run "off tackle" with the tailback carrying the ball through the 8 hole, if we run it to the right side from the T Right formation, or the 9 hole, if we run it to the left side from the T Left formation. The TB (2) will get the ball and follow the pulling guards, who will create an alley, a running space for the TB, in either the 8 or 9 holes.

Fake a handoff from the quarterback and block backside A-gap. The block takes priority over the fake. Tailback . Fake bootleg around backside. Fullback • • • Aim for the left foot of the center (for 28 Sweep) or right foot of the center (for 29 Sweep).Skill Position Assignments: Quarterback • • Take 2 steps straight back at 6 o'clock and give ball to the TB.

Tight End • Follow your blocking rules (GAP. Take the handoff and follow the backside guard's block. . 28 Sweep-. and Wingback (WB) are all assigned numbers.the "2" means that the TB is going to carry the ball). Make almost a 90 degree cut up the whole created by the guards' blocks. Split End • Run a 15 yard out pattern. BACKER). Wingback • Block first free defender to your inside.• • • • Take off laterally (like stealing a base in baseball). DOWN. Basic Wing T Formations: T Right SE T TB G C G QB FB T TE WB T Left TE WB T G C G QB FB T TB SE Numbering System: Skill Position Numbering The Quarterback (QB). Tailback (TB). Fullback (FB). These numbers will be the first ones mentioned in the name of the play. Be patient. (For example. The hole takes time to develop.

. The right side is assigned even numbers. The TB (2) will carry the ball through the "9" hole. These numbers will be the second ones mentioned in the name of the play. T Right Numbering: 9 SE 5 T 3 1 0 2 4 6 G C G T TE QB (1) FB (3) 8 WB (4) TB (2) T Left Numbering: 9 TE WB (4) 5 T 3 1 0 2 G C G QB (1) FB (3) 4 T 6 SE 8 TB (2) To recap: "T Left 29 Sweep." This means that the offense will line up in the T Left formation. between the TE and the WB). unless an offensive lineman is pulling or has a specific assignment. Blocking Rules for Linemen: These rules always apply. The numbers represent the holes for the runners. 28 Sweep -. between the WB and TE.SE T G C G QB (1) FB (3) T TE WB (4) TB (2) Offensive Line Numbering The left side of the offense is assigned odd numbers. (For example.the "8" means that the TB will carry the ball through the "8" hole.

trap. The gut. block the defender that is in your inside gap. they want to stretch the sweep out and allow the inside defenders to catch up to the TB. DOWN. Wing T Strategy for Running the Sweep: • • • • • • The Sweep should be run until the defense adjusts.html .edu/en3160f01/klreynolds/howto. we begin to run the sweep again. and waggle are run from the same formation as the sweep with almost identical backfield motion and blocking assignments. keeping the defense guessing as to which play we will be running. they should follow the rules in this order: 1. BACKER. Second. block the down defender who is over the inside offensive linemen. The Wing T blocking scheme is based on angles and leverage. Thus.• • The general rule to follow is that offensive linemen will never block the defender covering him. we hit them with our inside running game (the gut. When linemen block. Thereby. Third. Once defenses shift inside to stop the gut and trap. By doing this. http://calstaging. it would do little good to use a head up blocking style.bemidjistate. The rules are listed below in order. First. This is exactly what we want. The defense will begin to cheat their defensive end or outside linebacker outside of the TE. and trap) or with our passing game (the waggle). Once the defense shifts. (GAP) 2. (DOWN) 3. (BACKER) • Always remember these rules: GAP. block the first inside linebacker you come to.

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