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Performance Assessment Rubric

Level of Student Student Student rarely Student never

engagement proactively proactively contributes to contributes to
contributes to contributes to class by class by
class by class by offering ideas offering ideas
offering ideas offering ideas and asking and asking
and asking and asking questions. questions.
questions questions
more than once per class.
once per class.
Listening, Respectfully Respectfully Has trouble Does not
questioning listens, listens, listening and listen and is
and discussing discusses and discusses and takes over not involved
asks questions asks discussion in dissections,
and helps questions. without letting questioning
direct the other people and helping
group in have a turn. the group.
Teamwork Works to Usually helps Occasionally Shows no
complete all complete helps to interest in
group goals. group goals. complete completing
All team Assisted team group goals. group goals.
members members in Finished Does not
contribute finishing the individual complete
equally. project. task but did individual
not assist team task.
Behavior Focused on Student rarely Student Student
discussion and displays occasionally almost always
group disruptive displays displays
activities and behavior disruptive disruptive
is not during class behavior behavior
disruptive to discussions during class during class
their peers. and group discussion and discussions
activities. group and group
activities. activities.