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When You Say You Miss President Obama . . .

October 28 Public

Do you mean his bombing 7 Muslim countries?

Do you mean the terror he caused from his drones buzzing over so many foreign lands?

Do you mean the failed state he created in Libya?

Do you mean his support for Saudi Arabias destruction of Yemen?

Do you mean not condemning the coup in Egypt and providing aid thereafter in violation of U.S. Law?

Do you mean how his approval of the Honduran coup led to rampant crime and murder?

Do you mean supporting the coup in Ukraine and the Neo-Nazi Svoboda who provided the muscle for it?

Do you mean initiating the plans to spend $1 trillion on modernizing the nuclear triad?

Do you mean not prosecuting the war crime of invading Iraq without defensive justification?

Do you mean dismissing the prosecution of torture?

Do you mean the erosion of civil liberties while letting the NSA, FBI and CIA run wild?

Do you mean signing the NDAA which allows the military to hold an American citizen without charge or legal
representation under the Executives determination as a terrorist?

Do you mean the reauthorization of the Patriot Act?

Do you mean the assassination of American citizens without Due Process?

Do you mean the repeal of decades-old Smith-Mundt Act allowing for the government to propagate propaganda
in the USA and towards American citizens?

Do you mean prosecuting whistle blowers instead of following up on their exposes? Like when whistle blowers
such as Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Julian Asange, Bill Binney, John Kirakou were deemed criminals
and not patriots?

Do you mean Obamas disappointing record on free speech, including his 7 year prosecution of two-time
Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist James Risen, who helped reveal Bush's program of
warrantless wiretapping?

Do you mean the continued militarization of the police?

Do you mean nominating a cabinet almost entirely chosen by Citigroup?

Do you mean the way he provided $16 TRILLION of low or no cost capital to essentially bankrupt companies
during the financial crisis?

Do you mean NOT prosecuting Wall Street executives who defrauded mortgage backed investors of billions,
laundered drug money and rigged the $400 - $800 Trillion LIBOR index?

Do you mean having a "Green President" who was actually globally neutral with all the fossil fuel projects
supported around the world, including the Sec. State's export of fracking to 30 countries?

Do you mean giving BP a permit to drill in Alaska after destroying the Gulf of Mexico?

Do you mean standing idly by while protestors were doused with water cannons in freezing temperatures at
Standing Rock?

Do you mean giving $400 billion a year to the health and pharmaceutical industries while dismissing single
payer and public option on the first day of raising the issue?

Do you mean the continuation of essentially all income gains going to the top 10% of income earners and an
unprecedented 95% of income gains going to the top 1% of earners?

Do you mean making permanent the taxation of investment income (which is especially applicable to the 0.1%)
at lower rates than middle class wages?

Do you mean deporting over 2-1/2 million undocumented immigrants?

Do you mean changing U.S. policy to detain women and children seeking asylum and giving Corrections Corp.
of America a $1 billion no-bid contract to do so?

Do you mean his not removing cannabis from Schedule 1 Controlled Substances?

I would say he earned the $65 million for his book deal. The 0.1% and their industries made fortunes with him
in office.
Ian Berman is an entrepreneur and former corporate banker at leading global banks in New York City. He now
focuses on renewable energy, financial advisory services and writing about representative government,
equitable public policies and ending American militarism and Israels continuing colonization of Palestine. He
is the Co-Founder of Palestine 365, the Ongoing Oppression and its predecessor, Palestine 365, on Facebook.
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