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Are moble phones too good to be true?

ffi Onry t"n years ago, if you were meeting your Luckly, these days, there are lots of ingenious ways to
frends, you'd arrange the tme and place beforehand. hde masts. ln the countryside, one of the best deas s
Today, thanks to moble phones, the place or Ume to put the antennas nside tall artifrtial pine trees' ln
can change as the meetng gets nearer. There are now cties, hundreds of everyday objects such s church
5 more than 1.5 bllon moble users around the world; zo towers now conceal antenna.
mobles are unstoppable. Or are they? The technology n:
.lI Unfortunately, there s a thrd flaw of moble
has at leastthree majorflaws, onlytwo of which have
phones that won't go away - and t could become a
obvous solutions.
huge problem. Moble phones and masts emt
ffi flrrtly, the use of mobile phones can be radiation of a pe which could cause cancer. Ths
ro dangerous. Even though t is llegal n many countres zs radiaton is all around us - the same varie s also
to use a moble whle drivng many people have ded emitted by mcrowave ovens and cordless digtal
because they were usng ther phone n the car. phones. There is as yet no incontrovertble evdence
that mobles cause cancer, but as tme goes on some
ffi Se.ondly, moble phone masts are everywhere, experts predict that ths evidence will be found. And
and there'll be even more, about 32,000 n the UK, o when t is found, t could be the end of the moble
rs when 36 (third generation) mobiles are the norm. phone phenomenon.

Read the text and answer the questions in your own Connect the two pairs of sentences usingwhich.
words. (4 marks) (4 marks)

1 Which is probably the most serious problem wth 1 You were tatking about a 3G phone. ls that it?
mobites? Why? ls that...
2 What does'it could be the end of the mobile 2 My mobile is 3G. lt can record video clips from the
phenomenon' mean? Why does the author say this? internet.
My mobile,...
Find synonyms in the text forthe fo[towingwords.
(7 marks) 4 Summarize the text usingyour own words. Write 50
1 defects porograph A words. (5 marks)
2 clever porogroph C
3 hide porogroph C Writing EdMARGI
4 man-mad e parograph C
5 verybig paragraph D Choose one of the essay tasks. Write 80-120 words.
6 unquestionable porograph D 1 You are the head teacher of a school. You have
7 proof paragroph D decided to ban mobile phones at the school. Write a
letter explainingyour decision to the parents of your
2 Discuss some ofthe advantages and disadvantages
of mobile phones.
Are you looking for a noun, a verb, an adverb or
an adiective?
ls there a prefix or a suffix? The same prefixes or
suffixes (inctudingverb endings) may be
repeated in the word you are looking for.
3 ldentify any possible matches in the paragraph.
4 Check: do the words mean exactly the same?