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TABELLA 11 {[decorso armonico | | farrangiamento] li wv Tw] fw a] Faz | chiterm (orto) a Ja Yester-day 2A all my troub-les seemed so far_a-way, mila? > re (ee/D9) 3A. now it looks as though they're here to stay, SieDo?>Fa 4A oh a/m) I believe 1e- Sol’- in yester-day. sh > Ae ‘quartetio 1h Sud-den-ly archi 28 I’'mnot half the man I used to be mi-L? > re (co/D) viva 38 there's a shadow hanging aver me, SirDo’> Fa Geparallele) afm) * 4B oh yesterday we’- So] (ter. ise) came sud-den-ly. si) > Fa | [lz B [otate Fight] 1 ic Why she had Lat91> re VieFa 2) Vie: Fa? w1 (Glue note Min) 4c Isaid some- Lan > re thing De wrong, St. Se now Hong 6a for yes -ter-day. Ae la Yes-ter-day 2A. love was such an easy game to pla mila > (co/D) 3A now Ineed a place to hide a-wav, SiDo’>Fa om 4A. ob I believe 1 - So in yes-ter-day. Si) > Fa [Coda] mm mm mm Fa® ‘mm sameemnm-si Si, >Fa @ Vii Las (redateacuto) viva Gepor) (eter) Sols Vie(er.) |