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Volume 13 Issue 16 FREE November 24, 2017

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n a balmy October
afternoon, event attendees
lined up outside eight
homes on Sullivans
Island for Art on the Beach-Chefs
in the Kitchen, a unique event
benefiting Charleston Pro Bono Renowned Photojournalist, Joe Benton, displays his local images.
Legal Services. Nearly thirty local
artists displayed their talent
throughout the coastal homes
while local chefs took charge in
the kitchens, serving up both
classic and unusual dishes.
918 Middle St. featured the
work of Mulu Designs, Ryker
Restorations, Oysters All
Around, and Modern South
Studio-Cory McBee. Oysters All
Around displayed their wooden-
beaded oyster shell necklaces, all
of which are made from locally-
sourced materials. The showcase
pieces of Mulu Designs display
were their one-of-a-kind clutch
purses. Upstairs, Bulls Bay
Saltworks served Charleston sea
salt chocolate chip cookies while
educating guests on how they
harvest ocean water and filter out
the sea salt. Their salts are used
at many downtown restaurants
and sold in over twenty states,
said Teresa Gooden, co-owner of
Bulls Bay Saltworks.
1401 Middle St. was the most
highly anticipated stop on the tour
route; Mugdock Castle has been
featured in many publications
and is referred to by many as
the castle house. As if stepping
through time into another world,

Event continues on page 5 Homeowner and artist, Michelle Owenby. CRU Catering rocked the house.


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CIVIC November 24, 2017

Letter from the Mayor of Sullivans Island

Dear Island Neighbors, Fire Station Lighting opening celebration. The 27th presentation of
this great program will be on Friday, Dec. 1, starting at 5:30 p.m. We
I could lead with a Happy Thanksgiving! line, but I can do that look forward to our annual performance by the outstanding Wando
every year. This years holiday season column is the only one in which High School Chorus and a Special Visitor from northern climes. Also
I can lead with: for snacking: pizza, cookies and beverages.
HAPPY 200TH BIRTHDAY, MOULTRIEVILLE Thanks to our Fire and Maintenance Departments staff, our Fire
And to find out what on earth I am talking about, you will just need and Rescue volunteers, and Fire Chief Anthony Stith, for all they do
to read (OK, or skip) all the way down. to produce this event. Remember: that includes many hours erecting
But pending that, I will return to our November holiday the decorationsand many more taking them down.
Speaking of Thanksgiving Is it art, or a house, or a cookie, or all of the above?
Recently our Town Administrator, Andy Benke, was contacted by Another growing Island tradition is the Gingerbread House
a teacher from R. B. Stall High School, on Ashley Phosphate Road in Decoration Party, to be held at the Island Club on Sunday, Dec. 3,
North Charleston. The students in her class, who have various special starting at 2 p.m. Bring the kids (its their deal, of course) and your
needs, wanted to volunteer their services to the Island by doing some own fully assembled gingerbread house to decorate at the event.
cleaning up at Stith Park and on the beach. Andy of course worked OK, whats with the 200th Birthday of Moultrieville business?
it out, and the 25 or so students arrived full of energy and optimism. The first municipality to be incorporated on the Island was the
They completed their cleaning in the park and then moved on to the Town of Moultrieville, established by Act 2155 of the South Carolina
beach. General Assembly on Dec.17, 1817. Yep, Island residents have been
When they arrived at the beach the students were exceptionally aggravated by a town government for nearly 200 years!
exuberant, prompting Andy to ask, How many of you are seeing the The Battery Gadsden Cultural Center is hoping to commemorate that
Atlantic Ocean for the first time in your life? anniversary with one or more events. We have had some uncertainty
About half of the students raised their hands. regarding whether the Legislatures passage of the Act represented
If you ask Google Maps how to get from R. B. Stall High School to its actual enactment without ratification by the then-Governor (turns
Sullivans Island Town Hall, you will be told the trip is 24 miles and out, the answer is Yes), and therefore uncertainty about the actual
34 minutes. date of Incorporation, but now that this question is settled the great
It may be hard to believe, but 24 miles and 34 minutes to get to the folks with the Battery Gadsden Cultural Center are working hard to
Atlantic Ocean is a trip too far for the circumstances in which many produce an appropriate program for this occasion. Please check out
of these good-hearted kids find themselves. the Towns website for up to date info at
And how many others are in the same landlocked boat? I hope you will join us in noting this 200th birthday of the first town
So on Thanksgiving morning I will look out my windows and be on the Island.
thankful for the wonderful community and environment in which I And in any event, heres hoping you have a great and warm
find myself. Thanksgiving that allows you to appreciate our great good fortune to
And I hope I never again complain about the occasional gnat or live where we live with the neighbors we enjoy.
mosquito or puddle I have to endure on my four-block trek to the See you around the Island!
beach. Pat ONeil, Mayor
Holiday fire station lighting event 843 670 9266 | @oneilpm1
One of our long standing, much-awaited holiday traditions is the

We now
November 24, 2017 3
letters to the editor Lucky Dog Publishing
Fair and equal treatment Dear Editor risk of future hurricanes. Under o f SC, LL C
A first- term councilman, the circumstances, the civilized Publisher of the
Dear Editor, relatively new to the charms and equivalent to a naval call to The Island Eye News
The Island Eye News did an challenges of Southern living, arms was recently put to vote.
outstanding job covering the cavalierly attempted in a recent In context, the question was: and The Island Connection
public meetings concerning op-ed to minimalize the need for Should the mere plopping of
the candidates and the marina responsible community planning. a small acorn onto the head of
referendum on IOP. Also, the He did so in the context of urging Henny Penny ever be equated to
two issues with questions and a vote in favor of the $5.5 million the horrific devastation caused
answers "In their own words" debt referendum (actually more by exceedingly powerful Atlantic
were informative and helpful to than $8.7 million once non- Basin storms? The threat to
the voters. transparent costs were added human life? Destruction of our
So the Oct. 27 final edition in). To support his argument, beach and homes? And yes, we
before the election Letters to the councilman unfortunately know from the crows nest of Lynn Pierotti
the Editor section surprised attempted to interject humor into NOAA, that the sky will actually
this reader by being totally a serious matter and trivialized fall as hurricanes powerful 140 publisher

unbalanced. the consequences of devastating mph winds drive and slam heavy Katy Calloway
There were 3 long letters, hurricane risks faced by barrier rains and flotsam onto Isle of
totaling 1,672 words, in favor islanders each year. Perhaps it Palms. Grace, Hazel and Hugo managing editor
of the marina, one written by was unintentional, but at the are but a few reminders.
a non-resident property owner same time, the councilman made Some proponents of the Jennifer Tuohy
who is not even eligible to vote. light of our deep abiding love marina debt referendum tried
contributing editor
There was a poison pen letter for our neighbors by comparing to seduce the public with the
of 616 words from Brian Duffy those who favored priorities as a lure of glitz and what amounted Swan Richards
regarding Jimmy Carroll, which first order of business to Chicken to trinkets. It was a fools senior graphic designer
precluded any rebuttal since it Little of fairy-tale folklore. gold distraction. There was
was published at that late date. I do not wish to cast dispersions, not an anchors semblance of Alejandro Ferreyros
graphic designer
Another letter of 367 words but the councilmans siren stability in their kinked lines.
lauded candidate Loftis. call that tourists will pay for Even if they were ignorant of Lori McGee 843-614-0901
I sent a postcard of only 169 everything has always been an weather, our voters were not. By advertising executive
words taking candidate Loftis inaccurate narrative. Using a comparison, islanders knew that
Christian LeBlanc
to task for claiming credit for local angling colloquialism, if over two hundred and fifty major
parking plan C.I quoted City you are not already filled to the storms have made landfall in the
social media
Council minutes, date and gills with politics, one cannot Southern USAs recent past. A
page included, which credited fish or cut bait in these waters fiscally responsible public knew Steve Rosamilia
Councilman Jimmy Carroll with such jigs. that our municipality would be photographer
for same.This letter was not If intended as comedy, engulfed in debt in consequence
published. the councilmans cocksure of the next hurricane if we were to Mimi Wood
Jimmy Carroll's ex-wife's letter pronouncements would have approve the marina referendum. Senior Staff Writer
of 429 words endorsing him for been funny - like a combination IOP would then have to,
Emma Woodham
mayor did make the cut. of Gilligans Island sit-com nautically speaking, give way to
staff writer
Catherine Malloy's fine letter characters - recklessly failing unsympathetic creditor financial
of 429 words encouraging people to heed weather reports, pirates to whom we would owe
to vote was a great success: floundering the S.S. Minnow onto our treasure. We would have CONTRIBUTORS
approximately 50% turnout of a remote reef; then idly making been much worse off than simply Andy Sinwald
voters - the best since 2007.She cream pies, ironing the finery of being up Shem Creek without a Carol Antman
said, "When low voter turnout the wealthy and thoughtlessly paddle. Sarah Reynolds
occurs we get what we deserve."I parroting inane lines from old Our experienced islanders Jeanie Murray
endorse that sentiment along movies. have always known that Dawn Davis
Dimi Matouchez
with her,big voter turnout However, instead of being a hurricane season runs from the
engendered a big win for IOP. joke, the councilman and some beginning of June through the
It is a shame that mainly the of his allies were apparently
long-winded got to be heard. serious. They repeatedly Letters continues on page 21 Lucky Dog Publishing
Diverse opinions need to be aired squawked that there is little of South Carolina, LLC
with an aim toward balance and P.O. Box 837
fair-play. All letters submitted to The Island Eye News must bear a full name, address and
Sullivans Island, SC 29482
phone number for verification. Only the authors name and city will be printed.
Submissions are accepted via email to or mail to PO. Box 843.886.NEWS
Laura McMaster,
837, Sullivans Island, SC 29482.
Isle of Palms Letters may be edited for length and readability. The Island Eye News reserves the
Submit your letters to the editor to:
right to reject letters that are libelous, unseemly, not individually addressed to The
Island Eye News or that have been previously published elsewhere.

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4 November 24, 2017

IOP Street Fest

celebrates the


ead down to Front Beach on Isle of Palms and help
bring in the holiday season island style. The 6th
Annual Isle of Palms Holiday Street Festival will be
held on Saturday, Dec. 2 from 2 - 7 p.m. on Ocean Blvd.
This free event will have live music, carnival rides, local
handmade gifts, restaurants and even a visit from Santa
Claus. Sullivans Island Elementary Chorus kicks off the
event at 2 p.m. followed by the talented Haley Mae Campbell
from 2:30-4:30 p.m. and finishes with local favorite Plane
Jane from 5-7 p.m.
The City of Isle of Palms will officially light the 24 tree at
approximately 5:30 p.m. and Santa Claus will stop by to
visit with children from 4-6 p.m.
Isle of Palms restaurants, Mac Daddy food truck and other
local food and snack vendors will be on site serving up some
of the best food in town.
Throughout the event local crafters will be on the street
selling some of their specialty handmade gifts that are great
for the holiday season. In addition to the free carnival rides
there will be free jump castles, a mechanical bull, face
painting, photo booth, balloon artist and more.
For more information please go to or call
the Isle of Palms Recreation Department at 843.886.8294.

November 24, 2017 5
of the goods that local craftsmen many guests of Art on the Beach-
Event continues from cover and artisans in the area produce. Chefs in the Kitchen lingered in
We have so much talent locally the last home on their tour map,
guests moved slowly throughout that I never feel like I need to go reluctant for the event to end.
the home, speaking in hushed online to find a gift, Bowman Many were eager to share with
tones as they marveled at the said. others about the different pieces
gothic architecture. High ceilings, 2820 Middle St. hosted Holy of art they had purchased along
exquisite granite stonework, City Waffles as the highlight. the tour or features of specific
and a rooftop patio with a view The food truck-based business houses that they had admired.
of both the Atlantic Ocean served up samples of their Brittany Sutton, an event
and the Ravenel Bridge awed warm cinnamon roll waffles to volunteer who works at
event attendees. Throughout guests perusing the impressive Charleston Pro Bono, said that
the main part of the home, craftsmanship of That Wood this was her second year working
sweetgrass baskets, jewelry, and Guy. In the next room, Charlotte the event and that she volunteers
other creations from Momma Fraser worked diligently on a because Art on the Beach benefits


Maddies Sweetgrass Baskets painting of a ghost crab. She a good cause and because she
and paintings by Morgan Cole was eager to share her love of likes the way that it brings so
Art were displayed. Outside, on painting on wood panels, rather many locals together.
the poolside patio, local artist than canvases. While Sno-Bar For me, the best part is seeing
Briahna Wenkes paintings were served up alcoholic snow-cones peoples expressions as they walk
exhibited for attendees to peruse. at the poolside bar, Jason Ogden into the house and take it all in,
Her colorful acrylic portrayals of of Station 28.5 Photography Sutton said.
oyster shells, cotton blossoms, humbly discussed his unique Alissa Lietzow, co-director of
and beach scenes captured the Cory McBee poses with her work, A Study shots of the Charleston area, all Art on the Beach-Chefs in the
attention of many while they In Blue, which graced the cover of this taken with a drone. Kitchen, felt that the event was
enjoyed sweet treats from Wich year's program. At 3024 Marshall St., the an absolute success.
Cream and Pure Fluff. coastal breeze drifted through Not only did we sell out
Maria Mansfield Richardson,
a Charleston resident who has Writers Top Picks the open home as guests sampled
Wood Fired Ember Kitchens
in advance, but the homes,
art, and cuisine all exceeded
attended Art on the Beach in Best Artist: Art by Bri scallops with butternut squash expectation. We were pleased to
previous years, was eager to in the kitchen. Passing through provide enormous exposure to
explore the intriguing Mugdock Best Food: Holy City Waffles the home theater room, guests both the art and food industry
Castle, but also to examine the Best House: 3024 Marshall St. found themselves on the back participants, Lietzow said.
assembled artwork and chefs. porch, gathering around the She added that Charleston
Ive been to the event before, elevated pool while admiring Pro Bono truly appreciates the
and I just love the homes and the from Michelle Owenby, who was work by Anchor Down Art. Work support the community showed
art and the combination of the also the homeowner. This year by Tammy Medlin Fine Art and for the cause and that she is
two, Mansfield Richardson said was Owenbys first time featuring Chelsea Edwards Art both graced already looking forward to the
as she climbed the winding stone her home and her artwork for the living and dining area, giving event in 2018.
staircase inside the castle. the event. As guests entered guests a chance to examine the Following the conclusion of
2320 Raven St. possessed a the house, they were greeted by artwork while they nibbled on the event, Mex 1 hosted an after-
captivating view of the marshes a large painting of an octopus, their appetizers. party at their Sullivans Island
that separate Sullivans Island created by Caroline Staley of As the shadows grew long and location.
from the mainland and was the Gallavantor Art. In the dining the afternoon drew to a close,
ideal setting to view the creations room, Dee Ruels handcrafted
of Hermosa Jewelry, Melting & sea-glass jewelry caught the eye
Market Candles, Charleston Fish of many women on the tour, and
Man, Claire Kendall Art, and 5th they crowded around to study it
Spark. While the chef from Mex 1 closer.
whipped up appetizers and served Salthouse Caterings full
a cold cocktail in the kitchen, spread in the kitchen attracted
attendees browsed the beautiful a large crowd, tempting guests
handiwork of Haley Keisler, with their mini pumpkin and
owner and designer of Hermosa chocolate pies, smoked salmon,
Jewelry. Keisler first experienced fresh fruit, deviled eggs, bite-sized
Art on the Beach as an attendee ham biscuits, and a charcuterie
herself and was fascinated by board. With full plates, guests
how the event brings together drifted out towards the pool to
so many locals for such a good chat and enjoy the delicious
cause. appetizers.
I think its really cool how this On the porch, Sally Bunting of
event showcases local homes, Sally B Art drew attention with
artists, and chefs, Keisler said. both her multi-colored paintings
Outside, on the porch, the and her eight-week old Boykin
marshlands provided the perfect Spaniel who slept soundly in
background setting for the her lap while she discussed her
Charleston Fish Mans paintings. work, particularly her wildlife
Upstairs, Claire Kendall chatted paintings.
conversationally with visitors as Each animal is painted from
she worked on another painting an animal I actually saw. Each
in one of the guest bedrooms. painting has a story, Bunting
At 2424 Jasper St. the smell said.
of a traditional Lowcountry 2614 Bayonne St. Cru Catering
Boil wafted through the house, took over the kitchen serving
greeting guests at the front guests braised short-ribs on
door. In the backyard, Fat Hen steamed bun with a carrot slaw.
Chef Fred Neuville was serving Danielle Cather-Cohens colorful
up plates of the coastal classic paintings captured the beauty of
dish. Upstairs, on the veranda, the Lowcountry in vivid, bright
Joe Bentons vibrant photos of colors while Rick Sargents
iconic Charleston locations were lifelike graphite, pen-and-ink,
showcased, and guests were and pencil portraits graced the
particularly drawn to his once- dining room of the home.
in-a-lifetime shot taken during In the living room, Melissa
the recent solar eclipse. Bowman was eager to share her
2614 Goldbug St. seemed to be passion for her business: The
one of the most popular homes Blue Root. Melissas specialized
along the tour. Artwork from gift box service features only
four different artists filled the locally-sourced Charleston
bright home, including pieces products. She praised the quality
Butchers of
6 November 24, 2017 7

America raise


eat on Goat was an outstanding culinary
event that took place on Oct. 14. The
event raised funds for the US Butchers
team to travel to Belfast, Ireland and compete in
the World Butchers Challenge in the spring on
Goat Island.
US Team members include Charleston chef
and charcuterie master Craig Diehl formerly of
Cypress and Artisan Meat Share, Paul Carras
of Taylors Market (Sacramento), John Fink of
The Whole Beast (San Francisco),Lothar Erbe of Fans of Lothars Sausages drove from Leesburg, VA.
Lothars Sausages (Virginia), and Bryan Butler
of Salt & Time (Austin).
Fans of the chefs travelled from as far as
Virginia to sample the rock-star chefs creations.
Others heard about the event through social
media. The James Island High School class of
1987 was there celebrating a most unique 30th
high school reunion in the beautiful Goat Island
Gatherings event space, to the sounds of local
band Minimum Wage, with the delicacies of
world renowned butchers.
The team continues to raise money for their
trip to Belfast, where they will represent the US
on the world butcher stage. To make a donation James Island High
visit their gofundme page: School class of 1987.
Joel Smith, volunteer and friend of Craig Deihl mans the Cowboy Cauldron. butchersofamerica.
Local celebrity chef Craig Diehl prepares food for the event. PHOTOS BY KATY CALLOWAY
8 November 24, 2017

Bette Griffith legacy more than just soup



ith all due respect to the
Stella Maris Womens
Club, The Bette Griffith
Food Fest is a misnomer. Sure,
you can purchase the clubs to-
die-for Okra Soup, reportedly
the finest in the Lowcountry,
along with delicious homemade
casseroles, cakes and pies.
But its the Silent Auction
thats been the islands best kept
secret, until now. If you missed
it this year, held Nov. 19 , do not
despair; just be sure to mark your
calendar for Nov. 18, 2018. As
tradition holds, the annual Fest
occurs in November, the weekend
just before Thanksgiving.
Oh, at least 15 years,
approximates Sandra Tawes, as
to how long the Fest has been
held. The Womens Club started
selling homemade cakes and
pies as a fundraiser, netting
approximately $1000 annually, in
the early days. Along came Bette Dr. Lauren Graham, in the blue jacket, peruses the art offerings at the Bette Griffith
Griffith, leaving the Cathedral Food Fest. PHOTO BY JOE BENTON
downtown to join Stella Maris, as
she and her husband, Joe, moved 140 quarts before the 11:30 Mass
Msgr. Lawrence McInerny. Not to
to the Isle of Palms in 1999. last year! mention gift certificates galore.
Bette mentioned they sold okra As enticing as the savory Im in awe of the generosity
soup at the Cathedrals annual soup is, the Silent Auction may
and talent of our contributors,
fundraiser, and we decided to give be the real draw. The auction
starting at the top with Bette,
it a try, Tawes recalls. Quarts of is first class, purrs Tawes,
Fournier, in her fourth year as
the soup, individually made, sold as she commends co-chair
Auction Chair, exclaims, thats
out immediately, more and more Patricia Fournier for taking it to
what keeps me motivated, and
each year. In 2005, the year after a new level. Fournier and her
coming back. The people, and
Griffith passed, the Womens committee work diligently from
their stories.
Club began gathering as a group May until February, enlarging
Proceeds this year are
to make the soup, using an old and improving it every year.
expected to approach $10,000.
Charleston recipe. That was As of last year, the Bette Funds raised help a myriad of
also the year the Fest was given Griffith Food Fest has its own
organizations, from as close by
its official name, in honor of Facebook page, where you
as the Stella Seniors and the
Griffith,a saint, according to can scope out the auction
churchs Youth Group, to as
Tawes, and everyone else who items; everything from original
far away as Food for the Poor,
knew her. paintings from locally renowned an organization that serves
Its gone unbelievable, artists such as Chris Rutigliano,
the destitute in the Caribbean.
drawls Tawes, in her delightfully to autographed copies of locally-
And of course a portion goes to
thick, Gullah-Geechee accent, themed childrens books by
the Hollings Cancer Center at
people love soup!. Cathy best-selling authors like Julie
MUSC, in loving memory of the
Curtis, co-chair of the event and McLaughlin and Catherine inspirational woman for whom
coordinator of the soup making, Farley, to a crab net hand-knit Msgr. Lawrence McInerny chats up a
the Fest is named.
concurs. We made over 225 by the congregations pastor, parishioner the Bette Griffith Food Fest.
quarts this year, after selling out PHOTO BY MIMI WOOD

Home Sweet Homestay


propos of the connectivity of
our world today, I booked a
home stay with a Quechua
family in Ecuador through
Airbnb. From my first-world home
on Sullivans Island, it seemed
like a soft adventure for solo
travel and a good way to practice
speaking Spanish. Especially for
$10 a night. But as I rambled
into the dark countryside in a
cab that kept stopping to ask
directions, I became concerned.
Especially when my cabbie gave
up. He hailed another driver and
directed me to Get in his cab.
Maybe he can find it.
I was dropped off at a steep
The entrance to the compound.
rock staircase. On a boulder, the
words Loma Wasi and welcome
in three languages were scrawled as she fed stalks into a smoky a flush toilet and a shower But the next day I mellowed.
in chipped paint. I bolstered fireplace and mixed dough with occasional hot water. The Andy, the volunteer, admonished
my courage and schlepped my to make tortillas. Diana, her silhouette of Imbabura Volcano me about the rats Thats life on
suitcase up the stairs. Hola, I daughter, was grinding roasted filled my window, the towns lights a farm!
called as I entered the courtyard pumpkin seeds with a mortar and far below. Piles of finely woven The family entranced me. They
full of hanging laundry. pestle to make a sauce for purple Ecuadorian blankets covered never stopped working. They
Puppies scampered underfoot. potatoes. I offered to help and the bed. Although it was July, I swept the dusty courtyard, did
A tarp covered with corn husks soon we all sat around the dinner needed them all. There was even washtubs full of laundry by hand
covered the ground. Mercedes, table: a family of four visiting from strong Wi-Fi. But that night, loud and tended animals. Making
the family matriarch, greeted me Quebec, a volunteer from Toronto skittering sounds from inside my breakfast involved picking fruit to
and the five family members. ceiling made me pull the blankets juice, milking the cow for coffee,
After dinner, they showed me over my head. I may leave early, gathering eggs for omelets and (if
IF YOU GO: to my room. I had a comfortable I wrote in my journal. I draw the it was the right weekday) hiking bed, a private bathroom with line at rats. up the hill to the neighbors to
November 24, 2017 11
get fresh bread. Then it was time to start hour walk into the nearest town, I saw
Mercedes making tortillas at Loma Wasi. dinner. several pits from which clay has been
One day Andy was tasked with moving excavated. Cows are yoked together to
big boulders from the garden, putting stomp and mix the ingredients. Then
them in a wheelbarrow and dumping them blocks are cut, often by families including
across the yard. As he began, Mercedes children, and left to dry in the sun.
filled a burlap sack with boulders and Occasional trucks grunt up the hill to carry
slung it heavily over her shoulder. Isnt them away. But at Loma Wasi, they had
there something easier you can do today begun this home stay enterprise instead.
Mercedes? he asked her. But she kept on. An English speaking relative made them a
Mario, the patriarch, was proud of his slick website and took care of the bookings.
youthful travels to Europe with his pan His responsiveness was much better than
flute band and his ability to cure diseases the lackadaisical approach I found at many
through shamanic ceremonies involving tourist offices in the country. Appreciative
guinea pigs. A box of the squealers was in comments by visitors from around the
the backyard awaiting roasting on special world attest to their success.
occasions. On a particularly clear day he We were mutually curious. Mercedes
took us up the hill to see Cotacachi Volcano. and I discovered that we were both
Its said that the snow on its peak means grandmothers about the same age. Tell me
that the mountain had sex with Imbabura about your animals, she asked. I have
Volcano. Dont go in that ravine at night, none, I replied which left her wondering
he pointed out along the route, there is if I was really as rich as she supposed.
bad energy there. He told us about a guy One night in a bit of exuberance fueled by
who followed a blond gringa and went a little rum another visitor had brought,
missing for fifteen days. Phantoms roam I instigated a dance session to Uptown
the mountainsides. Funk. Diana was so amused, she videoed
The surrounding community of it and showed it to the neighbors.
Tunibamba builds bricks. Along the one- I was glad I had bucked up and had
such an authentic experience. This is a
crazy special opportunity to see a different
world, I wrote in my journal. Isnt that the
goal of traveling?
Roadtrips Charleston highlights
interesting destinations within a few hours
drive of Charleston, S.C. as well as more far
flung locales. Carol Antmans wanderlust is
driven by a passion for outdoor adventure,
artistic experiences, cultural insights and
challenging travel. For hot links, photographs
and previous columns or to make comments
please see
November 24, 2017 13

W hen asked if theyd

over the course of their 70-year
marriage, Margie Sexton coyly
replies, Someone once asked
Reverend Billy Grahams wife if
shed ever thought of divorce. S I X T Y- O N E O F T H E M L I V I N G ON IOP
Divorce?, Ruth Graham
responded demurely, oh, BY MIMI WOOD
heavens, no! Pausing briefly,
she resumed, Murder?? Yes!!
Margies eyes twinkle merrily as
she recites the anecdote.
Come December 6, Margie
Sexton and her husband, Jim,
will have the Grahams beat by 6
years, when they celebrate their
70th wedding anniversary.
They met on a blind date, in
1945. Jim had just returned to
Spartanburg, their hometown,
after serving in the Navy Air
Corps during World War II. I
was 18, and Jim was 22, Margie
reflects. Jim responds with a
quick and definitive YES! to
the query, Was it love at first
sight?, while Margie, smiling
broadly, slowly drawls, Well
sort of.
Jims career brought the
couple to Isle of Palms in 1956,
with their two young children,
Jim Jr. and Sally. After renting
several homes, they landed on
21st Avenue, near Waterway.
Twenty-first was pretty much
the end of the island back then,
Jim explains.
Jim always said his idea of
heaven was to be a housewife on
Isle of Palms, Margie laughs. If
the tide was right, we took the
children to the beach. If it was
raining, we played bridge, she
The Sextons were very Margie and Jim Sexton in their home on Isle of Palms.
involved in the community, in PHOTO BY STEVE ROSAMILIA
the Exchange Club, and in their
church, First United Methodist. one, he recounts, we held Jim continues, Henry Finch after retiring as the Director of
We called the church The regattas all summer long. approached me with an offer to Membership Services at Wild
Country Club, because thats The family moved again prior purchase a lot in a community Dunes, states Sally Sexton. Still
where all the activity happened, to 1989, after Jim developed he was developing on the north actively selling after 40 years,
quips Margie. The playground three lots on Breach Inlet. I sold end of the island. Now why Margie exclaims, Once our
was also very busy. We had a two of the homes and we lived would I want to buy in that house sells, I think Im done!
Playground Auxiliary, and held in the third. The remains of that mosquito-infested jungle? I With regard to the remarkable
bake sales to raise funds to build home is pictured on page seven of asked him. Because Im putting longevity of their marriage,
the ball fields. the book,Hugo Was His Name, in 21 clay tennis courts, Henry theres no mystery.We made
I remember one summer my Jim recalls. Hence, the reason responded, and with that the a commitment, Margie states
father bought a bunch of little they have no wedding pictures. Sextons became some of the first matter-of-factly. Were very
sailboats, recalls Sally Sexton. In some ways, it was easier for residents of Wild Dunes. compatible, she elaborates,
Jim expounds, Sea Snarks. us, Margie offers optimistically, Jim attributes his vitality smiling at Jim, we enjoy
They were very inexpensive, $99 many of our friends had to dig to tennis, and a healthy diet. the same things. From all
each. I bought 20 and sold them out the pluff mud for months. I outlived all my siblings by appearances, what they truly
to all the neighbors, for what Id All we had to do was bulldoze 20 years, he states proudly. enjoy is each other, which may
paid for them. Everybody wanted the house. We were able to start No slacker herself, Margie re- be the secret to their enduring
fresh. invented herself as a Realtor, and happy marriage.
Let your heart be light


he beloved Holiday Festival of Lights returns to James Island
County Park in

Whispering Palms
November for its 28th year. Featuring an estimated two
million shimmering lights, Charlestons most popular holiday event
opened for nightly admission Nov. 10.
More than four million people have toured the Holiday Festival
8 31ST AVENUE, ISLE OF PALMS of Lights, which is hosted by the Charleston County Park and
Recreation Commission. The event has received many awards and
5 BEDROOMS 4 BATHS SLEEPS 10 mentions in publications throughout the country, and the three-mile
driving tour delivers more excitement every year. The event is open
nightly starting at 5:30 p.m. through Jan. 1, 2018.
The Holiday Festival of Lights is known for its three-mile driving
tour, but there is much more to see and do. Visitors are encouraged
to park the car and experience family attractions, shopping, dining
and more. Some of the other celebrated attractions and activities
Marshmallow Roasting
Festival Train Rides
Interactive Lakeside Lights
The Amazing Dancing Light Display
Enchanted Walking Trail
Old-Fashioned Carousel
Portable Climbing Wall
Santas Sweet Shoppe
Four Gift Shops, featuring the childrens toy emporium Prancers
Daytime photo opportunities to Mingle with Kringle (register in
Entertainment on select evenings
In Winter Wonderland, see a meticulously crafted sculpture
constructed with 50 tons of sand. Wander through festival shops for
unique gifts, official 14-kt gold on brass collector series ornaments,
toys, personalized items, decorations and stocking stuffers. Hop
aboard the festival train for an intimate look at the festival, only seen
on this enchanted ride.
Explore Santas Village, where the man himself is available for
photos on select dates, starting the day before Thanksgiving. Take
a whirl on the traditional 18-animal carousel, make smores at the
marshmallow roasting pits, and marvel at giant 4-by-8 holiday
greeting card designs created by local students for the annual art
competition. Enjoy entertainment on select nights, including live
music, storytelling, visits with Mrs. Claus, carolers, outdoor movies
and more. Whats every familys best bet for savings at the
Holiday Festival of Lights? Join us on our evenings benefitting the
Lowcountry Food Bank every Monday through Thursday! Bring a
canned food item (dog and cat food also accepted) on these nights to
receive discounted admission.
For more information on the Holiday Festival of Lights, including event
hours and fees, call 843.795.4386 or visit
This event is presented by The Boeing Company and your Charleston
County Parks.

Exclusive Properties
Luxury island getaways

Luxury Vacation Home Management

Holiday Festival of Lights
Nov. 25: The Footlight Players, performing an excerpt from Annie.
Nov. 26: Visit with Mrs. Claus, 6-10 p.m.
Nov. 29: Starlight Yoga - The moon and stars enhance this flowing
yoga class. 6:30 p.m.
Nov. 30: Ask a Naturalist, 6 p.m.
Dec. 1: Storytelling with the South Carolina Stingrays, 6:30 and
7:30 p.m. Visit with Mrs. Claus, 6-10 p.m.Ask a Naturalist, 6 p.m.
Dec. 2: School of the Arts performance, 6 and 7 p.m.
Dec. 3: School of the Arts performance, 6 and 7 p.m.
Dec. 5: School of the Arts performance, 6 and 7 p.m.
Dec. 7: Visit with the South Carolina Aquarium, 6-8 p.m.
Lowcountry Power Brass performance, 7- 9 p.m.
Dec. 8: Storytelling with the Charleston Animal Society, 6:30 and
7:30 p.m. Visit with Mrs. Claus, 6-10 p.m.
Dec. 9: Holiday Carolers, 68 p.m.
Dec. 10: Juggling Elves, 7:30 8:30 p.m.
Dec. 11: Visit with Mrs. Claus, 6-10 p.m.
Dec. 13: Visit with Mrs. Claus, 6-10 p.m.
Dec. 14: Lowcountry Power Brass performance, 7-9 p.m. Ask a
Naturalist, 6 p.m.
Dec. 15: Storytelling with the Charleston County Sheriffs Office,
6:30 and 7:30 p.m. Visit with the South Carolina
Aquarium, 6-8 p.m. Ask a Naturalist, 6 p.m.
Dec. 16: Holiday Carolers, 68 p.m. Little Dickens Carolers, 6:30
and 7:30 p.m.
Dec. 17: Walk Around Magic with Julie, 7-9 p.m.
Dec. 20: Visit with Mrs. Claus, 6-10 p.m.
Dec. 28: Ask a Naturalist, 6 p.m.
Dec. 29: Ask a Naturalist, 6 p.m.
Dec. 31: Balloon Artist, 6-9 p.m., and Fireworks at the Holiday
Festival of Lights, 9 p.m.
16 November 24, 2017

At the Rec... 843.886.8294

Saturday, Dec. 2
Front Beach Isle of Palms I am an Artist: Holiday Painting Class (5-11yrs)
Local Entertainment Restaurants Carnival Rides Holiday Wednesday, Dec. 13 4 p.m. 5:30 p.m.
Shopping - Santa Claus Light displays & more. $25 resident/ $30 non-resident
Tree Lighting @ 5:30 p.m. Join Back Porch Art for holiday painting classes. Each child will take
home a complete canvas. All materials provided. Register by Friday,
December 8.
Instructor: Diana Connors

The Isle of Palms Recreation Department offers programs for children
of all ages. If you are looking for fun, you have come to the right
place. Patrons are welcome to participate in structured activities
or are invited to socialize with friends. The Isle of Palms Recreation
Department has everything you are looking for under one roof.
Gather Knit & Stitch
Mondays 10 a.m. 12 p.m.
Work on any types of needle work and meet new friends. Free.
Mah Jongg
Mondays 12 3 p.m.
Socialize and play with friends. Bring a Mah Jongg set if you have
one. Free.
Over 50 Fitness
Tuesday & Thursdays 3 4 p.m.
Strengthen muscles, tighten core, increase flexibility and balance.
Open to all exercise levels. $64/month, $10 walk in fee.
Instructor: Judy Fischer
Tai Chi
Tuesdays 10:45 11:45 a.m.
Ancient form of meditative, low impact activity originating from
China. Tai Chi is especially effective in assisting older adults achieve
a good quality of life. Reduces symptoms of hypertension, stress,
anxiety and depression while boosting feelings of peace and joy.
Physical benefits include flexibility, joint health, lower body strength
and balance. $35/month, $10 walk in fee.
Instructor: Connie Cossetti
Line Dancing
Thursdays 9:30 10:30 a.m.
Join other dancers and learn dances or come out for the exercise.
$5 per class.
Instructor: Trisha Leonard

Keenagers are a group of 40-60 Senior Citizen, both residents and
non-residents that meet at the Isle of Palms Recreation Department.
The Recreation Department provides a place for the group to gather
with friends both old and new.
1st Wednesday of the month:
Covered Dish Luncheon
& Entertainment. Bring a
dish to share, not required.
Entertainment includes: Bingo,
Trivia and Guest Speakers
2nd Wednesday of the month:
Lunch Bunch (lunch outing at
local restaurant).
3rd Wednesday of the month:
Trip or special activity.
Next Luncheon: Wednesday,
December 6 at 12 p.m. Free.

Includes 2 Treadmills, 2 Elliptical Trainers,
2 Recumbent Bikes, 1 Lateral X and 1 Spin Bike.
Check in at the Front Desk upon arrival. Cardio Room is Free.

Cardio Room Hours

Monday 7 a.m. 6 p.m.
Tuesday 7 a.m. 6 p.m.
Wednesday 7 a.m. 7 p.m.
Thursday7 a.m. 6 p.m.
Friday 7 a.m. 5 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. 5 p.m. | 843.886.8294

November 24, 2017 17

IOP Garden
Club at
Carolina Fair and
Garden Show

he Isle of Palms Garden Club won 2nd
place at the Coastal Carolina Fair and
Garden Show at the Ladson Exchange
Park.The entry was a vignette featuring
Springtime.The clubs horticulturist,
Seiko Smith, and local artist, Mary Clarkin
Taylor, designed the display.
The club will also be participating in The
Wreaths, Trees and Teddy Bears program
to benefit MUSC patients. Club members
will donate decorations for the wreaths and
trees and purchase teddy bears for those
who will not be home for the holidays.
Stop by the Isle of Palms Holiday Street
Festival on Saturday, Dec. 2, where
club members will be selling beautiful
poinsettias, handcrafted jewelry, plants,
paintings and other goodies.Make your
holiday shopping easier and enjoy other
festivities at the Street Festival.

Springtime, designed by Seiko Smith and Mary Clarkin Taylor. PHOTO PROVIDED.
November 28 Is l a nd E y e C a l e nda r December 11
ONGOING 5 p.m. 2-3 with adult) 843.883.3914. explore questionsof intolerance,
Friday Dec. 1 Friday, Dec. 8 Sunday, Dec. 10
WHAT: Festival of Lights MORE INFO: A chance for citizens understanding our nations WHAT: DIY Crafts (children)
WHERE: James Island County to meet with the Mayor one-on- WHAT: Team Trivia history, diversity and inclusion. WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch WHAT: V-tones 13th Annual
WHAT: That Holiday Book Sale WHAT: Porkchop Productions: Holiday Extravaganza
Park one for five minutes about any WHERE: Hometeam BBQ on The event is free. WHERE: Mt. Pleasant Regional Library, 1921 Ion Avenue Holly and the Christmas
WHEN: 5:30-10 p.m. nightly topic. Meetings are held on a Sullivans WHEN: 10:30 a.m. WHERE: Charleston Public
Library Kerfuffle (children) Library
MORE INFO: Award winning light first come, first served basis. WHEN: 8-9 p.m. MORE INFO: Mrs. Grace helps
show celebrates 28th season. For MORE INFO: If you can think, Nov. 29-Dec. 30 WHEN: Dec. 1 & 2 from 9 a.m. -
5:30 p.m. small hands make fun paper
WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch
Library, 1921 Ion Avenue
WHEN: 3 - 4:30 p.m.
more information, including event walk, and write (you dont have crafts. 843.883.3914. MORE INFO: Charlestons
WHAT: A Christmas Carol MORE INFO: The Charleston WHEN: 3:30 p.m. premiere ukulele-led band brings
hours, fees, and nightly special Mondays to do it all at the same time), WHERE: Dock Street Theater Friends of the Library is a non- MORE INFO: With only a week
event schedule, call 843.795.4386 then you are are qualified to WHAT: Animal Adoptions the holiday festivities to the Main
WHAT: Memoir Writing Circle WHEN: select nights, 7:30 p.m. profit volunteer organization that left before Christmas, toys Branch of the Charleston Public
or visit the official website: WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch play. Whether youre a TV-buff, a MORE INFO: For tickets to this raises money through book sales WHERE: PetSmart, 676 Long are disappearing from Santa's History major, the guy who knows Point Rd. Library for the 13th consecutive
Library, 1921 Ion Avenue inspiring holiday tradition visit to help fund Library services, Workshop and Holly has to catch year. Visit for details.
WHEN: 10:30 a.m. everything about sports, or the equipment, training, materials WHEN: noon-4 p.m. the toy! Big laughs,
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays MORE INFO: Come and share one who can remember lines from and public programming. That MORE INFO: Charleston Animal crazy costumes and an important
WHAT: Yoga your stories. 843.883.3914. every movie youve seen, TEAM Saturday, Nov. 25 Holiday Book Sale is one of five Societys animal adoptions just in lesson about believing in yourself Monday, Dec. 11
WHERE: IOP Rec Center TRIVIA is right for you. book sales held throughout time for the holidays! For details highlight this holiday favorite!
WHAT: Tea Light Holiday visit WHAT: World Affairs Council of
WHEN: 9:15-10:15 a.m. Tuesdays Ornaments (children) the year. For details visit 843.883.3914.
MORE INFO: Strength and Thursdays Charleston
WHAT: Tango Lessons/Practice WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch WHAT: The Nutcracker
flow yoga class focuses on core WHAT: Mah Jongg Nights WHERE: The Citadel Holliday
muscles and balancing with
WHERE: MUSC Wellness Center,
45 Courtenay Dr. (adults)
Library, 1921 Ion Avenue
WHEN: 10:30 a.m. WHAT: Christmas Tree Lighting
WHERE: The Gaillard Center Saturday, Dec. 9 Alumni Center
breathing and relaxation. $85/12 WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch WHEN: 7-8 p.m. WHEN: 5:15 - 8 p.m.
WHEN: 7:30-8:30 MORE INFO: Make an ornament WHERE: Colonial Lake WHAT: Shuckin on the Cooper
classes/month. $64/8 classes/ Library, 1921 Ion Avenue. MORE INFO: Charlotte Ballet MORE INFO: WACC member and
MORE INFO: Charleston to brighten the holiday season. WHEN: 5:30 p.m. WHERE: Mount Pleasant Pier
month. $10 walk in fee. WHEN: 5:30-8:00 p.m. presents The Nutcracker, former Acting U.S. Ambassador
Argentine Tango Society offers a 843.883.3914. MORE INFO: Tree lighting WHEN: 5-9 p.m.
MORE INFO: Learn to play the featuring student dancers from in Ukraine, Estonia, Iceland
free one-hour tango lesson and celebration in the middle of MORE INFO: Scenic views of the
Monday-Friday fun and fast-paced game of Charleston. for and Norway, Jon Gundersen will
practice. The MUSC gym charges WHAT: A Motown Christmas Colonial Lake. Food trucks will Charleston Harbor and the City
American Mah Jongg.Beginners tickets and details. speak on "Russia and the Baltic
WHAT: Total Body Challenge $5 at the entrance, but lessons WHERE: Charleston Music Hall be on site serving snacks and of Charleston's Holiday Parade of
welcome. 843.883.3914. hot beverages along with a DJ countries: Anxieties mount as
WHERE: IOP Rec Center themselves are free. Everyone is WHEN: 8-9 p.m. Boats while dancing to live music
WHEN: 8-9 a.m. welcome, not just couples. MORE INFO: Performance playing everyones favorite holiday Sunday, Dec. 3 from Ellen Drive and shuckin'
Putin steps up pressure and
NATO and the U.S. deploy military
music. For more information, visit
MORE INFO: Group fitness
classes, different class style daily. WHAT: Toddler Storytime
Tuesday, Nov. 28 contains that unmistakable
Motown stamp, including flashy WHAT: The Path Taken oysters.Admission $8 per person,
$10 on site (if available). Buckets
forces."For more information visit
WHERE: City Waterfront Gallery
Monthly packages available, $8 WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch WHAT: A Charlestonian in suits, great singing and dancing, WHEN: 6-7 p.m. of oysters $10 each. Beverages
walk in fee. Library, 1921 Ion Avenue
WHEN: 10:30 a.m.
WHERE: Charleston Public
and a polished show that has set
the bar for every vocal artist since
Saturday, Dec. 2 MORE INFO: The Annex Dance available. For more information or
to purchase advance tickets, visit
Companys site-specific piece
First Monday of the month MORE INFO: Enjoy picture Library the late 1950s. For tickets and WHAT: 6th Annual IOP Holiday
explores themes of personal
WHAT: Mayors Night In books, flannel board fun, sing-a- WHEN: 6-7 p.m. info visit CharlestonMusicHall. Street Festival journey and crossroads and
WHERE: Charleston City Hall longs, poetry and activities that MORE INFO: Barbados looms com. WHERE: Ocean Blvd. was created for the City Gallery
WHEN: Registration 4:30, Meeting encourage language skills. (Ages large in South Carolina history. WHEN: 2-7 p.m. at Riley Waterfront Park and
Join CCPLs historian, Dr. MORE INFO: Live music, games,
Nic Butler, for an illustrated Friday, Dec. 1 rides and food. Even a visit from
premiered in the 2015 Piccolo
Spoleto Festival. Pathtaken.
discussion of his recent trip to WHAT: Charleston Gallery Santa himself. for
the island of Barbados, with an Association Artwalk Official tree lighting will take tickets.
emphasis on historic sites and WHERE: various locations place around 5:30 p.m. For details
the deep cultural connections downtown please visit or
between our two communities. WHEN: 5-8 p.m. call 843.886.8294. Monday, Dec. 4
For details visit MORE INFO: Over 40
WHAT: Seashore Exploration WHAT: Holiday Carol Fest
galleries participating. WHERE: The chapel at Franke at
WHAT: We Are Charleston The event is free. Visit WHERE: Isle of Palms County
WHERE: The Citadel, Bond Hall Park Seaside, 1885 Rifle Range Rd. WHEN: 7 p.m.
165 campus auditorium for a list of participating galleries WHEN: 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
WHEN: 6:45 p.m. MORE INFO: For ages 9 and MORE INFO: The Charleston
and info. Music Club directed by Dr.
MORE INFO: AuthorsBernard up. A naturalist will help
Powers,Marjory Wentworth, familiarize you with things Christopher Selby. Student
WHAT: The Nutcracker and adult instrumentalists are
andHerb Frazierwill speak WHERE: Sottile Theater like shells, sponges, and corals
to cadets, students, faculty, while revealing the tumultuous invited to sight-read carols.
WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Call843.224.9933for additional
staff and members of the MORE INFO: The South Carolina life story that led them there.
Charleston community about Registered and paid chaperone information. Anyone not playing
Ballet presents the holiday season an instrument is invited to sing.
the ideas represented in their classic. Tickets available at is required for participants ages
new bookWe Are Charleston: 15 and under. Pre-registration New members are welcomed. Visit or by or email
Tragedy and Triumph at Mother calling 866.811.4111. required, course #53607. $7 fee.
Emanuel.Discussion will
20 November 24, 2017

Ft. Sumter seeking public comment on

access changes


ort Sumter National Monument is seeking public comments consideration of historic resources. Archaeological monitoring and
for the proposed replacement of the existing and inoperable mitigation will occur during construction.
accessibility chairlifts with a combination of ramps and an Written comments will only be accepted during the 30-day public
enclosed elevator that will meet guidelines with the Architectural review period from Nov. 13 through Dec. 12, through the NPS Planning,
Barriers Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as the Environment and Public Comment website (
National Historic Preservation Act. This project is an effective and fortsumteraccessibility), or written comments may be mailed to Fort
more reliable approach to improving accessibility by providing Sumter Accessibility Project, Fort Sumter National Monument, 1214
greater access at Fort Sumter while being mindful of Middle Street, Sullivans Island, SC, 29482.
the historic resources of the fort. The 30-day Before including your address, phone
public comment period starts Monday number, e-mail address, or other
Nov. 13 and will close at the close personal identifying information
of business on Dec. 12. in your comment, you should be
The design of the enclosed aware that your entire comment
elevator and the ramp will including your personal
complement the existing historic identifying information may be
faade. made publicly available at any
The proposal includes a ramp time. While you can ask us in
leading from the parade ground your comment to withhold your
of Fort Sumter to the lower level personal identifying information
of Battery Huger. An enclosed from public review, we cannot
elevator from the lower level guarantee that we will be able to
to the middle level will provide do so.
access to the museum and At the conclusion of the review
museum store. A second ramp period, comments received
system will provide access from will be incorporated into a
the middle level to the top of the Memorandum of Agreement to
fort in the south Endicott era gun resolve the adverse effects of
emplacement for a view from the this undertaking. The National
top of the fort and surrounding Park Service values the public's
landscapes. This design balances interest in Fort Sumter.
the need for accessibility with the
November 24, 2017 21
Letters continues from page 3

Charleston County middle of November and that

it encompasses the height of
with a community marina so
that the uber-privileged would

SWAT called to IOP

the lowcountry tourist season, have a convenient overnight
a period when IOP is most mooring site for their outsized
challenged. The responsible yachts cruising back and forth
voting public was also keenly between Hoboken, New Jersey
HOME RENTER CHARGED WITH aware that when, not if we are and Ft. Lauderdale as well as
again faced with circumstances a walking trail promenade on
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE similar to what happened in the which to stretch their sea legs. If
aftermath of Hugo, a fickle group we had followed the councilmans
BY EMMA WOODHAM of transients and day-trippers wayward, waypoint plotting, IOP
STAFF WRITER will unfortunately crab and taxpayers would have been forced
scuttle way. Long term residents to pay for the fun and games of

n Monday, Nov. 13 at 1:16 a.m., the Isle of Palms such as our newly elected mayor the richest, day trippers and
Police Department responded to a complaint regarding and council persons having transients who contribute little to
a domestic incident. When officers arrived at the home, considerable real life experiences our citys welfare by comparison.
they could hear two individuals arguing. In an attempt to as well as substantial business Priority issues such as adequate
make contact, the officers knocked on the door and identified backgrounds, were mindful that drainage, beach re-nourishment,
themselves as IOP police officers. At that time, the arguing FEMA, HUD, SCDOT, SCNG and parking and neighborhood
coming from the house ceased and all lights in the house SCE&G will not bail us out in welfare would have been placed
were turned off. After half an hour of attempting to contact consequence of a disaster, as the aft, if not keelhauled. Notably,
the individuals, Police Chief Thomas Buckhannon, Captain nave councilman had opined. IOP already actively welcomes
Kimberly Usry, and Captain Jeffery Swain were all notified of Educated voters recognized tourists and generously permits
the situation and responded to the scene. After evaluating the that what limited relief FEMA day trippers to inundate the
situation, Charleston County Special Weapons and Tactics might provide has never been marina, recreation center and
team and Negotiation team were requested to assist due to
for commercial purposes. All neighborhoods with free day
the unknown situation inside the residence.
At approximately 6:50 a.m., the negotiator was finally able one had to do was to ask our and overnight parking for their
to make contact with the female occupant and discussed neighbors in Marion Countys vehicles and luxury pleasure
a plan for the two individuals to exit the residence safely. Nichols, SC how much the craft often exceeding the
Around twenty minutes later, both individuals emerged and government and corporations length of tractor trailers hauling
were detained. They were transferred to the IOP Public Safety could and would actually do shipping containers to port. To
Building for questioning. The male subject, identified as Derek in context: two years in the be fair, the councilman did have
Towe, was arrested and charged with Domestic Violence 2nd aftermath of Matthews floods, at least one point relative to his
Degree and Hindering and was transported to the Charleston more than 50 percent are still proposed multi-million dollar
County Detention Center. According to Captain Usry, the left without their homes. More marina parking lot it, as well as
individuals are currently renting the residence where the than 70 percent of businesses Palm Boulevard, Waterway 41st
incident occurred. have not reopened. Retirees and and 21st Avenues, are frequently
the most vulnerable have been littered with large tour buses,
particularly hard hit. Nichols self-contained RVs and/or triple
municipality is reportedly on the axle boat trailers hauled by
verge of bankruptcy collapse. diesel trucks longer than most
Leading us to believe that island homes are wide.
some amorphous, acronymic Intelligent, fair-minded and
organizations would take care of informed voters recognized the
our every need was a myth at the serious threats and consequences
very least. of the political choices with
IOP residents were cognizant which they were faced and
that they already pay the gave wide berth to the marina
marinas existing debt deficit debt referendum on Nov. 7. In
with hospitality taxes on top doing so, the electorate replaced
of other taxes. In addition, incumbent councilmembers who
island investors have shelled had supported a profit-over-
out hard earned money for people agenda and selected a
accommodations, property new mayor by a 70-30% margin.
and business taxes. Higher In the lens of reality, it has
government levies and more always been a dream to believe
debt would undoubtedly follow that we could blithely surf along
if tourist revenues were no on never ending balmy days.
longer realized. IOP homeowners In essence, the op-ed fable was
would then be gutted as chum rightly put to sleep as a fairy-
for sharks if we had opted to tale political narrative. Hopefully
navigate into the eye of future thats the end of the story and
storms. The terrible impact of with a new administration
past and the next disaster is no having a sunny disposition, we
red herring as the councilman can get back to things that are
lobbied. Simply stated, the truth certainly important and surely
cannot be hidden under the more enjoyable. With that in
booby hatch, by burying our mind, my wife has reminded
heads in the sand or heaving ho me that a walk on the beach is
to the recitation of a childrens worth a thousand words (and
bedtime story. sometimes more). God bless.
Finally, it is not without
irony that, in the councilmans Doug Truslow
op-ed argument, Chicken Isle of Palms
Little was eaten by the sly fox
who proposed to guard our
proverbial hen house. It is
also no coincidence that the
author of the previous op-ed
repeatedly urged IOP taxpayers
to underwrite and subsidize the
considerable costs associated
island eats
Acme Lowcountry Kitchen week. Delivery available. $ plus breakfast & coffee. $$
Specializing in local and 882-8088 2213-B Middle St, Sullivan's
sustainable seafood. All Altantic Island
Ocean sourced Seafood. $$-$$$ 2019 Middle St, Sullivan's Island
886-FISH (3474) The Dinghy 843.789.4107
31 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms Laid back Key West Vibe, great
food options, unique beers on Pizza Hut
Banana Cabana tap, spacious side porch, and live Now serving Isle of Palms in the
A casual menu suits its music. $-$$ Harris Teeter shopping center.
beachfront setting. Nibbles like 242-8310 Deliver right to your door or get
peel and eat shrimp and nachos carryout. $
alongside heartier platters of 8 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms 886-5759
seafood. $-$$
886-4361 High Thyme 1515 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms A small island bistro, with a wide
1130 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms range of dishes, from seafood, Poes Tavern
tapas on Tuesday, and a Sunday Famous for their gourmet
Beard Cats brunch. $$-$$$ burgers and chicken sandwiches,
Gelato made from locally sourced 883-3536 this Poe-inspired eatery also
ingredients, and coffee shop that features great deals on fresh fish
sits below Obstinate Daughter. $ 2213 Middle St, Sullivans Island tacos. $$
your island hair salon 416-5020 883-0083
2063 Middle St, Sullivans Island
Home Team BBQ
Not limited to barbeque, this
2210 Middle St, Sullivans Island
2205 Middle St, Sullivan's Island casual eatery also serves salads,
Ben & Jerrys wraps, tacos, and quesadillas, Refuge
Enjoy an array of ice cream Sunday Brunch. $$ Enjoy morning coffee with fresh
flavors, from Chocolate Therapy, 883-3131 bagels and pastries from the
to Peach Cobbler on Isle of Palms coffee bar and dinner or lunch
Front Beach. $ 2209 Middle St, Sullivans Island at the restaurant along with
886-6314 signature cocktails. Island Ice Frozen Yogurt
1009 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms All organic frozen yogurt, with 1517 Palm Blvd., Isle of Palms
gluten free and vegan options.
The Boathouse Toppings are all natural or Saltworks Dockside Deli
Fresh, local seafood, and organic. Local coffee and teas. $ Located inside the Isle of Palms
phenomenal sunset views from 885-7079 Marina Market, come enjoy
the upper deck on Breach Inlet. breakfast, smoothies, and
$$-$$$ 1515 C Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms sandwiches. $-$$
886.8000 883-3355 Morgan Creek Grill
101 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms Relax with a front row seat on 50 41st Ave, Isle of Palms
the Intracoastal Waterway while
Coconut Joes & enjoying fresh seafood and Sullivans
Island Joes Coffee southern hospitality. $$ Grab a casual dinner of fried
Spectacular views of the Atlantic 886-8980 flounder or crab cakes in a cozy
on the rooftop bar and live music atmosphere as well as lunch on
every night during the summer. 8040 1st Ave, Isle of Palms the weekends. $$
$-$$. Island Joes next door 883-3222
featuring coffee and ice cream. $ The Obstinate Daughter
886-0046 Restaurant serving contemporary 2019 Middle St, Sullivans Island Southern cuisine, pizza & pasta
1120 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms in a rustic, coastal-inspired Windjammer
space. Lively spot with a bar menu,
The Co-Op $$-$$$ a deck overlooking the water,
A gourmet deli specializing in 416-5020 and beach volleyball court out
breakfast and lunch sandwiches back.$-$$
as well as local coffee. Enjoy 2063 Middle St,Sullivans Island 886-8596
pantry staples including beer
and wine along with locally made Pizza 450 1008 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms
products and house made take Sizable pizza joint serving hefty
and go meals. Open 7 days a pies and housemade ice cream,

off-island eats
breakfast, burgers & sandwiches in 3563 N Hwy 17, Mt Pleasant
Regional Italian restaurant featuring a colorful setting. $-$$
fresh pastas, fior di latte mozzarella 388-3654 Sewee Restaurant
and Neapolitan style pizzas from the Southern-style seafood & other fried
wood burning oven. $$$ 2664 Highway 17 North, fare in a casual joint with checkered
843.884.6969 Mt. Pleasant tables & homey decor. $$ 843.928.3609
976 Houston Northcutt Blvd., Mt. Ghost Monkey Nano Brewery
Pleasant Features a consistent rotation of 4808 N Hwy 17, Awendaw
locally brewed beer made in Mount
Calders Buffalo Pub Pleasant. Taproom, live music, food. Stacks Coastal Kitchen
Friendly neighborhood pub that has $$ Join us for lunch, where we offer
the best wings in Charleston, 843.352.3462 fresh soup, salads, and sandwiches.
maybe the coldest beer and of course Enjoy dinner in a casual bistro-style
plenty of sports on TV. $$ 522 Wando Ln, Mt Pleasant setting, nice selection and outdoor
843.881.0049 seating. $$ H&R Sweet Shop 843.388.6968
1971 Riviera Dr, Mt Pleasant Famous redfish and rice, fried
chicken, shrimp, bbq ribs. $ 1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd,
Deromas Pizza 843.884.2118 Mt. Pleasant
Square pizzas (specialty & create- 102 Royall Ave, Mt Pleasant
your-own) plus a few sandwiches & The Wine Bar
salads in a simple eat-in space. $$ Rusty Rudder Wine, unique variety of 40 + cheeses
843.972.1780 Easygoing hangout offering and charcuterie meats from around American eats such as BBQ, seafood the world., chocolate, bon-bons. $$
1948 Long Grove Dr, Mt Pleasant & steak, plus a bar & outdoor seats. 849-5185
Eggs Up Grill 843.388.3177 664 Long Point Rd, Mt. Pleasant
Relaxed chain serving a menu of
November 24, 2017 23

Share your financial abundance with family


hanksgiving is here. Ideally, of attorney, which would enable
this day should be about someone possibly a grown child
more than football and the to make financial decisions
imminent arrival of Black Friday for you, should you become
mega-sales. After all, the spirit incapacitated. Also, you may
of the holiday invites us to be want to guard yourself against
grateful for what we have and for the devastating costs of long-
the presence of our loved ones. term care, such as an extended
But its important to look nursing home stay. Medicare
beyond just one day in November typically pays very little of these
if you want your family to take expenses, but a financial advisor
part in your abundance. If you may be able to suggest techniques
want to ensure your financial or products that can help.
resources eventually are shared Communicate your
in the way you envision, you will wishes.Once you have all your
need to follow a detailed action plans in place, youll want to
plan, including these steps: communicate them to your
Identify your assets.If you loved ones. By doing so, youll
havent done so already, its a be sparing your loved ones from
good idea to take an inventory of all your financial assets: your unpleasant surprises when its time to settle your estate. And,
retirement accounts (401(k) and IRA), other investments, life second, by making your plans and wishes known to your family
insurance, real estate, collectibles and other items. Once you well in advance of when any action needs to be taken, youll
know exactly what you have, you can determine how you would prepare your loved ones for the roles you wish them to assume,
like these assets distributed among your loved ones. such as taking on power of attorney, serving as executor of your
Get professional help.To ensure your assets go to the right estate, and so on. And youll also want to make sure your family
people, you will need to create some legal documents, such as a will is acquainted with the legal, tax and financial professionals
and a living trust. The depth and complexity of these instruments youve chosen to help you with your estate plans.
will depend a great deal on your individual circumstances, Thanksgiving comes just once a year. Taking the steps described
but in any case, you certainly will need to consult with a legal here can help ensure your family will share in your financial
professional because estate planning is not a do-it-yourself abundance as you intended.
endeavor. You may also need to work with a tax professional
Dimi Matouchev is a financial advisor with Edward Jones, located
and your financial advisor, as taxes and investments are key
components of the legacy you hope to leave. at 1505 Palm Boulevard, Isle of Palms. For more information, call
Protect your financial independence. If your own financial 843.886.9229 or visit
resources were to become endangered, you clearly would
have less to share with your loved ones, and if your financial
independence were jeopardized, the result might be even worse;
your adult children might be forced to use their own resources to
help support you. Consequently, you will need to protect yourself,
and your financial assets, in several ways. For one thing, you
may want to work with your legal professional to create a power

Breac h Inlet Tide Char t

Date High Tide Low Tide
Nov 24 11:23am/11:37pm 4:44am/5:39pm
Nov 25 12:10pm 5:32am/6:27pm
Nov 26 12:30am/1:03pm 6:27am/7:19pm
Nov 27 1:27am/1:59pm 7:29am/8:13pm
Nov 28 2:26am/2:57pm 8:35am/9:08pm
Nov 29 3:24am/3:53pm 9:38am/10:02pm
Nov 30 4:20am/4:48pm 10:38am/10:54pm
Dec 1 5:15am/5:42pm 11:34am/11:46pm
Dec 2 6:08am/6:35pm 12:29pm
Dec 3 7:01am/7:28pm 12:37am/1:22pm
Dec 4 7:54am/8:21pm 1:28am/2:14pm
Dec 5 8:48am/9:16pm 2:20am/3:07pm
Dec 6 9:43am/10:13pm 3:13am/4:00pm
Dec 7 10:39am/11:13pm 4:08am/4:55pm

Hurricanes, storms etc., are NOT included in the

predictions. Tidal current direction changes and tide time
predictions can be very different. Tide predictions are
PREDICTIONS; they can be wrong so use common sense.

2402 Palm Boulevard | Isle of Palms 33 Cypress Street | Charleston
$5,717,250 | 7 bedrooms/7.5 baths $599,000 | 4 bedrooms/2 baths
MLS#17018485 - Mel Miles 864.363.3049 MLS#17017022 - Troy Gandee 843.817.4431

3501 Palm Blvd | Isle of Palms 159 Revolution Drive | Mount Pleasant 2923 Brownell Avenue | Sullivans Island
$1,100,000 | Clear Corner Lot $452,000 | 3 bedrooms/2.5 baths $1,450,000 | 3 bedrooms/2 baths
MLS#17017673 - Mel Miles 864.363.3049 MLS#17026693 - Chuck Mimms 843.224.9507 MLS#17002688 - Marci Shore 843.276.2283

Recent transactions:
614 Ellingson Parkway, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 MLS# 17013128 - Buyers Agent
3121 Treadwell Street, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466 MLS# 17016019 - Listing Agent
1300 Park West Blvd 408, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466 MLS# 17011372 - Listing Agent
2763 Waterpointe Circle, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466 MLS# 16031769 - Listing Agent
1422 Oaklanding Road, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 MLS# 17012501 - Buyers Agent
196 Harbour Watch Way, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 MLS# 16016869 - Listing Agent

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