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Every nation needs a president to lead them. Every sports team needs a captain
to take charge. Every corporation needs a CEO who heads the operations of the
company. Excellent leadership is one of the most vital aspects in a successful
organization. Ley La Salles Apprenticeship Program is a year-long training
program where participants can bring out their potential as future leaders.

L EY L A SA L L E A P P RENT I C E S H I P P R O G R AM 20 1 7- 20 1 8

The purpose of this program is not only to train and hone the next set of officers
for Ley La Salle, but also to train the apprentices as future leaders of this nation.

The most important component of an organization are the members who run it.

L EY L A SA L L E A P P RE N T I C E S H I P P R O G R AM 20 1 7- 20 1 8

The organization is divided into different departments each with their own
purpose. For the organization to be able to reach its goals, each department
will have to work as one. Here, the apprentices will not only be introduced to
the different departments and their specific tasks, but also to focus on how to
work effectively as a team.

L EY L A SA L L E A P P RENT I C E S H I P P R O G R AM 20 1 7- 20 1 8

Being called every Friday to report Ley La Salles apprenticeship program Joining Ley La Salle is one of the best
for the apprenticeship program is no helped me grow as a person. There, my decisions Ive made in college and Ill
joke. However, being appointed as fellow apprentices and I were able to always be thankful to be a part of the
a project head before the term even see our true potential and experience one and only FamiLEY!
starts is no joke either. From what I have what it means to be a true Lasallian
experienced, the end result is what leader. -Aihra Diestro, Executive Officer -
always matters: start low, end high. Training and Development
-Jam Concepcion, Associate Vice
-Marc Magbuhat, Vice President - President - Training and Development

L EY L A SA L L E A P P REN T I C E S H I P P R O G R AM 20 1 7- 20 1 8