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Bank Titil An Economic Reality In Society


Bank titil is a term that refer to peope lend money to other with very high interest. The user of
bank titils servie comes from middle to lower level. There are reasons borrower use bank titils
service that is borrowing and payments process are easy and loan money will get immediately. The
writer choose this topic because the problem about bank titil and bank plecit is urgent. Bank titil and
bank plecit make their clients are poorly and this activity is not new problem. It is an old problem.
This writing consists two main discussion, that is definition about bank titil and bank plecit and
reason people use service of bank titil. Ban titil can not be solved until low to middle society get the
lender can provide loans quickly and not complicated, then during that bank titil will still be there.


Bank titil or bank plecit is not new problem. It is an old problem. With the high interest rate bank
titil make the borrower is poor. This problem can not be solved until

Bank titil or bank plecit is a term that refers to an individual or group of people or institutions
that provides loan money to people who have needs that are not fulfilled only of their income, with
consequences for interest (interest rate about 30%), paid weekly or daily and personal because the
status of this bank is not accredited. (Madakaripura, 2007) Bank plecit is a term for money lender
who provide service on lending without collateral and wandering door to door in the village would
also city. (Sugiastuti, 2015)

This bank has borrower that usually called patient. The patient comes from middle to lower
level that mostly work as market seller until common society who very need money. Bank Titil
working practices differ from commercial banks1. Bank titil is a mobile bank (always moving) to go
around in traditional market for offering its service. The performer of bank titil will bring a record
shaped big book (like books that are usually used for accounting). With this practice seller (for
example) does not need for going to bank titils place and leave their marchandises with have a risk
lost their buyer. The commercial bank open its operasional only at 07.00 a.m 04.00 p.m., but in
bank titil there is no operasional time. The patients can borrow money anytime. Furthermore, for
borrowing seller only need to show identity cards and make a agreement about time to pay, amount
to pay and guaranty. Guarantees may be form merchandise (seller) or households tools (household).
When to pay his debt patient does not bother for going to bank titil. Bank titil will come to the kiosks
for collecting. After the agreement on the loan was approved by both parties, patients will receive
money at that time.
This is making easier for patients because they do not need to wait for days to days for obtaining
a loan. If they borrow from commercial banks will take someday until the capital received whereas
they need capital immediately. Usually demands process of debt in commercial banks requires more
or less 2 week depend on amount of loan. The borrowing money from bank titil no accepted 100%
by patients, money will be cut by administrations cost and for saving (tie patient)

Not everyone has the good fortune to enjoy a comfortable life with a considerable treasure. There
are among those who live very simple and even too simple. Neither the patients of bank titil, they
need money quickly even very fast and almost without conditions or warranties of any kind. It
sounds trivial but if studied in greater depth can be seen that the existence of bank titil become one of
the stumbling for seller to expansion because of high interest. And as economics law 'while there is
a scarcity then there will be created the market'. During the seller / society can not discover a place
that can provide loans quickly and not complicated, then during that bank titil will still be there.

1. Commercial banks : Private or public banks in Indonesia, such as BNI, BRI, BCA, Mandiri


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