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Emulex LightPulse® Fibre Channel Adapters SAN: Other 5%


The SAN Market DAS


Emulex Connects With...

SANs connect approximately
60% of storage
■■  mulex 2Gb/s, 4Gb/s, 8Gb/s Fibre Channel
E ■■ Emulex AutoPilot Installer® for Windows
■■ SANs are extremely reliable;
Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) or Emulex delivering a comprehensive ecosystem SAN: Fibre Channel
■■ Emulex Common Device Drivers 48%

Converged Network Adapters (CNAs) that boasts excellent performance 22%

■■ Emulex HBAnyware® Management Software

What’s driving the use of SANs:

■■  irtualized Environments:
Network Switches Source: IDC 2007

What does this mean and Routers facilitating Scalability and Data
Center efficiencies
for your customers? SAN ■■  rowing companies: looking to
G Contacts
move from Direct Attached Storage
Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel adapters
® Craig Skelton
are installed in the server to provide Fibre Channel LAN (DAS) environments Emulex Channel Sales Director
 racle database servers: SANs
connectivity from the server to the storage area ■■
Mobile: +44 (0) 7780 958 201
network (SAN). enable enterprises to access data
quickly and securely Julie Tatum
■■  mulex LightPulse Adapters (HBAs or CNAs) deliver
E Emulex Channel
powerful performance, advanced data integrity
■■  lade servers: work better with
Marketing Manager
Client a centralised storage solution
and superior quality. With a unique firmware-based Access
architecture Emulex adapters can be remotely installed such as a SAN Mobile: +44 (0) 7793 757 446
and upgraded without downtime. ■■  isaster recovery requirements:
D Thomas Prucker
■■  BAnyware facilitates installation, configuration and
H the need to facilitate quick Emulex Channel Account
troubleshooting through an easy-to-use graphical user and simple data migration Manager – Central Europe
interface (GUI) and scriptable command line interface (CLI) SAN FCoE ■■  mail services: such as
E Mobile: +49 (0) 1729 079 390
for process automation. Only one installation is required Switches Switch
Microsoft Exchange
no matter how many adapters there are in the server. Lydie Doumi
■■  ontent management systems:
C Emulex Channel Account
Also included is Emulex AutoPilot Installer which initiates
such as Microsoft SharePoint Manager – Southern Europe
the entire software stack including drivers and utilities.
■■  upporting all Emulex adapters no matter how old
S Mobile: +33 (0) 675 015 692
or new, the Common Device Drivers guarantee backward
Manu Shankar
and forward compatibility. In addition they support all major Emulex Channel Sales Manager
operating systems including: Linux, Windows, VMware
and Solaris. Mobile: +91-9880 233 128
SAN diagram
or today!
Cross Selling Opportunities Qualifying Your Benefits
Why Emulex? Emulex adapters can be added to the sale of any
of the following products to make a more complete
Questions Selling Emulex fibre channel adapters
Emulex Adapters “Just Work!” enables you to:
solution and help increase your margin: Server customers ■■ Increase your hardware and software sales
■■  o for decades without disruption – with
G “How will you be connecting
30% better MTBF over 10 million hours Hardware: attach rate
your server to a storage area
■■ Servers (HP, IBM, Sun, Dell) ■■ Meet your commission targets faster with
■■ Emulex 8Gb/s HBAs run 20°C network (SAN)?”
■■ Storage Arrays (EMC) increased margin and revenue opportunities
cooler with 166% greater reliability Switch / Array customers
■■ Fibre Channel Switches (Brocade, Cisco) ■■ Earn additional money with the Emulex
■■ 8 Generations – 10 years of shipments “Which HBA do you plan Reseller Program Rewards*
– 6 million ports – field proven with all major Infrastructure software: to use on the server side?” ■■ Increase your company’s profitability with the
server platforms, switches, storage ■■ VMware, Citrix, RedHat,
Software customers Emulex Reseller Program’s Deal Registration
and software Novell, Microsoft; Solaris and Trade-In offerings*
“How is your customer storing
■■ Emulex remains a preferred storage Application software: the information generated from ■■ Help you become your customer’s trusted
connectivity provider to the world’s leading ■■ Oracle, Microsoft, Symantec and SAP these applications?” supplier by selling a reliable, tried and tested
OEMs and their data centre customers solution that you know just works!
Emulex adapters are ideal for any * See the Emulex Reseller Program for more details:

size organisation
Emulex System Number of Operating System
■■  uperior Management: One Command
S Part Number
Adapter Type Fibre Channel Speed
Bus Channels Windows Linux VMware Solaris
Management Framework
LP21000-M-E CNA PCI Express 10Gb/s Ethernet & 4Gb/s FC Single • • • •
■■ Excellent Performance: Better 8Gb/s
dual-channel performance with advanced LP21000-C-E CNA PCI Express 10Gb/s Ethernet & 4Gb/s FC Single • • • •
features and diagnostics LP21002-M-E CNA PCI Express 10Gb/s Ethernet & 4Gb/s FC Dual • • • •
LP21002-C-E CNA PCI Express 10Gb/s Ethernet & 4Gb/s FC Dual • • • •
Emulex does Virtualisation better
LPe12000-E HBA PCI Express 8Gb/s Single • • • •
■■  upports more Virtual Machines (VM)
S LPe12002-E HBA PCI Express 8Gb/s Dual • • • •
per server LPe1250-E HBA PCI Express 8Gb/s Single • • •
■■ N_Port ID Virtualisation (NPIV) gives each LPe11000-E HBA PCI Express 4Gb/s Single • • • •
VM a unique VPort for a secure path LPe11002-E HBA PCI Express 4Gb/s Dual • • • •
to the storage LPe11004-E HBA PCI Express 4Gb/s Quad • • • •
■■ Driver and management support for all LPe1150-E HBA PCI Express 4Gb/s Single • • •
virtualisation platforms: VMware ESX LP11000-E HBA PCI-X 4Gb/s Single • • • •
and ESXi, Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, LP11002-E HBA PCI-X 4Gb/s Dual • • • •
Linux Xen, and Solaris 10 LP1150-E HBA PCI-X 4Gb/s Single • • •
LP10000ExDC-E HBA PCI Express 2Gb/s Dual • • • • LP1050Ex-E HBA PCI Express 2Gb/s Single • • •

LP10000-E HBA PCI-X 2Gb/s Single • • • •
LP101-E** HBA PCI-X 2Gb/s Single • • • •
LP10000DC-E HBA PCI-X 2Gb/s Dual • • • •
LP1050-E HBA PCI-X 2Gb/s Dual • • •
LP1050DC-E HBA PCI-X 2Gb/s Dual • • •
**Single Channel low profile, SMB class

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