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Submitted By: Kushal Nagar

PGNO.: PG20163129

Q1. What kinds of Mutual Funds we should invest as a Fund Manager and Why?

Answer: As a Fund Manager, the companies we should invest are:

HDFC Balanced Fund (Growth):

Investment Objective: To generate capital appreciation along with current income from
a combined portfolio of equity & equity-related and debt & money market instruments.

Investment Strategy: The money having been invested in more than one investment
option will diversify the risk and will provide a sustainable growth in the returns.

Time Period: This fund is beneficial for the investment for more than 3 years as it will
provide a sustainable return for longer period and the loss from one source will be
compensated by the profit from other.

Tata India Tax Savings Fund - Direct Plan:

Investment Objective: The scheme seeks long-term capital growth. Investments in

equity would be at least 80 per cent of the corpus, while allocation to debt and money
market instruments can go up to 20 per cent.

Investment Strategy: This fund is basically meant for the tax planning and tax
management. It is a good option for getting tax benefits.

Time Period: For the next 3-5 years, Domestic manufacturing recovery and sectors
influenced by the same would be interesting to watch out for. This includes industrials,
construction, cement, auto and services linked to domestic manufacturing.

HDFC Small Cap Equity Fund:

Investment Objective: To provide long term capital appreciation by investing

predominately in Small-Cap companies.

Time Period: For the next 3-5 years, GST can shift market share from the unorganised to
the organised sector. Emphasis on infrastructure creation will also throw up opportunities.