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a Indic Renaissance
R.I.D Framework & Preserving , Protecting and Promoting Hindu Identity

Understanding the problem Assaults on Hindu Identity, Three Options

Four Paths
their targets & effect.
Different agencies are seeking to Hindu Public Intellectuals or Iks* Once the career path is chosen, IKs can further
There is a clear and present danger of can chose any of the four career develop specific strategies & tactics to reach out
get R.I.D of Hindus by assaulting
conversions of the targeted Hindus path options and formulate their to the target Hindus to counter the propaganda
their Rights, Identity and
(Occasional, Ambivalent & SBNR) into response to Preserve, Protect and or promote the narrative. They can also take
Non Hindus Promote Hindu Identity steps in preserving our knowledge systems and



Artist Promote


*Intel lectual Kshatriya is a term mainstreamed by Shri Raji v Malhotra. The ideas presented in the above chart are a synthesis of his and other contemporary stalwarts like David Fra wley , Koenraad Elst
etc. I have only taken the liberty to give a visual form to their ideas..
Public Intellectuals should seek to discover, nurture and fulfill their Svadharma while they serve their Dharma

Discover your Svadharma Chose your

Serve your Dharma Be in your
career path Element

Temperament Passionate Capability Nature of work Area of work


Language Thinker Academic Rights

Sensitive Preserve

History Author
Promote Identity
Detached Scriptures Nurturing
Relationships Protect Demographics

Be prepared for debates

Innovation Operations Customers with other Also Ref :
Hindu Intellectuals Jim Collins Good To Great
Ken Robinson: Elements

Unbundling Individual competencies

like that of a Corporation

Ref :
Road Map by Indic Book Club to bring a renaissance by nurturing a network of Public Academy
Intellectuals & enabling their transformation into leaders of cultural thought & expression. Awards
Identify and Nurture
Literature Festivals Build a marquee Public Intellectuals to
brand for Awards enroll into PhD and
Establish own become scholars
Sponsor Panels at Grateful2Gurus

Promotions other Indian

Social Media Sponsor
Campaign individuals to
Feature International
Global Endorsement Scholar
Network Excerpts
Reviews International Edition
Campus Interviews
Cities Podcasts Main Stream
Establish FB Live Chat Publishers
Publishing Specialized Talk
Networks Book Launches Boutique Publisher
Act as a Literary
Seek Alliances
Publish curated Self Publishing
TRMF Editions
Training Invest in I-MSM
Own+ Third party Associate
On line+ Publishers MSM
Reading Research New Age
JSTOR Digital Platforms
Curate & Mentor
distribute Exchange Blogs
Run review Year round
Contests Fellow program
Reviews Through various interventions IBC seeks to bring about a single or a multi
Encourage book
step transformation in a Public Intellectual from a social media activist to a
Reading scholar
Social Media Activist
Road map by Indic Academy to preserve protect and promote Indic Civilisational thought,
identity and values and to integrate tradition with modernity, humanities with science and Skill Impact
Build Incubator
Development Investment
eastern with western thought. Multiple
Competencies 1. Training writing skills , research methodology,
academic rigor as the immediate need
2. Nurture specialized networks / Develop Event
Horizon 3 management capabilities
3. Venture investing to build a multiple platforms and
Promoting IKS globally to
Integrate East & West
Horizon 2
Promoting IKS to Leverage
Manifest Existing Scholars PhDs
Horizon 1 Civilisational DNA Resources
Preservation of study of 1. Help complete unfinished efforts by leading scholars.
Shastra & Protection 2. Initiate multiple XYX Schools of Thought.
against distortions 3. Focus on Stools instead of Chairs
4. Identify & Re-career bright PhDs
5. Nurture passionate Public Intellectuals into PhDs
3 years Focus 3-8 year Focus Focus 8 years & beyond

Primary focus on Preservation & Primary focus on Promotion in India Primary Focus promotion &
Protection by generating a pull from students integration in Global markets
Actively Own Joint
Third Parties
and parents Seek
Build technology platforms to IB/Cambridge
promote IKS Middle School Undergraduate Collaborations
Senior School Graduate 1. Connect. Cooperate. Collaborate
Use present CBSE IKS material for Graduate 2. Ego less pursuit of building a keiretsu with
Graduates & Executives Indic Executive programs Continuously develop new
specialized IKS modules covering cross nominees on boards.
Build new IKS modules for higher Develop new specialized IKS modules various in demand themes for 3. Offer financial, brand, infrastructure, certification
studies using the above framework covering various in demand themes India & Global markets
for India & Global markets
support to third party initiatives
Output Output Output
Impactful Grants Programs Events Publications
Institutional systems & process for Natural Demand for IKS at Senior Blurred distinction between
preservation of Shastra studies School / Graduate. IKS is now Eastern vs Western. Different
established mainstreamed. Indic Knowledge streams &
integrated into the respective 1. Design a transparent process of offering grants to Scholars, Students &
All distortions mapped & countered Blurred distinction between subjects of the main stream
Services Platforms for crowdsourcing funds from a larger pool
by leveraging existing resources traditional vs modern .Manifesting syllabus, chronologically and
the Civilisational DNA without any eastern/western 2. Offer unique online or a combination of online & offline courses
Indic Khan Academy launched dichotomy. across various themes. Introduce Indic Fellow Programs for all ages
E-IKS glues Humanities with E-IKS glues Humanities with
Sciences for Self discovery, holistic Sciences for Self discovery,
3. Build marquee annual events across US, Europe & India inter spread
approach to management, design holistic approach to management, with mini thematic workshops
thinking, sustainable living etc. design thinking, sustainable living 4. Nurture viable digital publishing & enable open access of scholarly
etc. at Global MBA Schools
output for wider reach.