9:43 am, Sunday, 8/15/2010 1st, Mayan day 3 Imix/Alligator or Crocodile

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♥ This video ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ Blip.tv channel All Life is Light. Even the darkness is Light - it just forgot this. In coming ‘down’ to the lower realms - into 3D - the Light, itself, separated out into the light and the darkness. This manifests the polarity that IS the 3rd density, the 3rd dimension. Then we came along to inhabit that schoolroom. We came along for the ride. Well, so did the dark ones, the so-called fallen ones, my friends. They, too, play their part. They are equal to us. Never let us get the swelled head that is mind in this. Never think that you’re better than any part of Life, whatsoever. It doesn’t work like that. If you go there, then you’re just on the surface of things. Come with me, instead - into the heart of them. When you’re in heart, you’re in the heart of all Life. None is excluded from your presence there. You are the I Am that that one is - the I Am That I Am. All are One. You are That - but only from heart, or center, or whatever you call it. Not from the mind is this so. As I’ve said so often, before - echoing so many that came before me - mind cannot cross this threshold. So, where does that leave us? Where are you in all that? Do you know? Have you spent some recent time questioning your identity? Who am I? What am I? How far back have you followed your ray? What have you found, if anything? And have you journaled your experience with that?

I ask you this because this question will take you into unfamiliar territory - places where mind hasn’t been. Mind will want to restore what it calls balance to you - mind will try to take back control. Thus, when you return from your journeyings, mind will have a tendency to make it seem so unreal. Do you see what is happening, here? Do you see why it is so important that you realize you’re not the mind? If you take on mind’s way of looking at things - at this - you will not enter and remain. It is not possible. Stay out of mind and do not question that, just now. You can question things later. While you’re here with me just step for a while out of the mind. Look at the questions, then just let them pass. They will, you know. It’s only your belief in them, your endless curiosity, that keeps you pinned down like that - to the mind - thinking that’s who you are. Well, your freedom is calling to you, my friend... but it calls from the heart. There is a price you pay to enter in here. It is the price of your mind. Give it up. Leave it there. It will be there, safe, when you return. Meanwhile, come with me on these trips we take. Enter your own Kingdom of Heart. Try your crown on a while. See how that feels - and if you want to remain. The price of entry into your interior Kingdom is disidentification from the mind. Only that. It’s a price all have paid who went before you, you know - a price all have in their pocket to pay. None are excluded from entering in. Unless you exclude yourself - by believing the mind. It’s a choice you can make. But you can’t do this until... you’ve spent some time with the question... Who or What am I, then. Time spent in observation is or can be fruitful, as well. But the trick is still this: there is no one way, no method, no list of do this and do that.. that will let you enter in here. Oh, you can see and be told of the signposts along the way that are pointing you here. But until you make the choice to enter, you’re stuck. No one else can do this for you - there’s no magic key that lets you come in.

This choice must be made and made consciously. Whether you know it as leaving mind behind, or whether you know it in some other context, from some other perspective, matters not at all. The choice has to be made. The surrender is required. The eye of the needle requires that. This is where we see how the rich man cannot easily enter in here. His riches - his mind and thoughts and beliefs - keep him without. All the reading, all the studying in the world - even memorizing the Sutras and sacred scriptures won’t help. That’s just mind performing for you. Mind cannot enter. Until that is accepted you’re screwed. I’ll quite saying the Mantra for Mind allowed *- I don’t want to have to rate these all PG - but I’ll provide the link to the journal that introduces that - the Open Letter to Mind. Only the real You can say that to mind, you know. Mind won’t join in the saying - why would it? Thus, this mantra gives you the split second of freedom from the mind. It helps you step out and just look. The more you take it into heart and just ponder with it the more it helps you step back from mind. Mind won’t help you with this, so don’t expect it to. Mind will fight its best fight. But so what? You are not that. You can sit back and just watch. You’ll be amazed at the creativity, at the wiliness, at the resourcefulness of the mind - in trying to pull you away from this meditation. You’ll be able to see, then, how under that mind is just simply terrified. You’ll bet better and better at spotting mind’s tricks. It’s an interesting experience. At first you feel disidentified from your life... and that feels so strange to you. But just watch that, too and see where it leads. Be willing to enter some strange states in your consciousness. Be unafraid to explore. Remember - your old beliefs and all that can still be returned to you, if you like. No one will take them from you. None compels - now or ever. This is always a choice you can make. Let no one make your decisions for you.

I’ll take my pondering, my talk of the dark ones to the next journal, then. This is a good place to leave you, right now. Many have entered in deeply, here. They’re in an excellent space. So stay here and enjoy where you are. Don’t be in a hurry returning to mind. Mind is all busyness, you know. There’s a peace, here, that’s divine. You’re tasting some of that, now. A quiet silence - an empty space. Space opens up for you, here. You’re no longer bound by the strictures of mind. So relax. Take off your shoes, put on your slippers, rest back for a while, and just be. * What a funny set of ‘typos’ in this phrase: “I’ll quite saying the Mantra for Mind allowed.” OMG. (Of course, what was meant - consciously - was “I’ll quit saying the Mantra for Mind aloud.”) The body types very fast - or it can - sometimes close to 90 or so WPM. I don’t fix typos on the fly - that is done later. So I’ve gotten to where I don’t really notice them on the way. This comes from staying with the Now, of course. This is just such an odd one - I’m looking for what it is telling me. It appears to be saying that the Mantra for Mind is “quite allowed. “ Hmmm. Interesting. Ok. I’ve put it into heart. We’ll see what comes. :) ~~~~~~~~~~

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