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SST Pre- Referral Flow Chart

Step 1: Universal screener (Baseline Data)

Step 2: Discuss the students concern based on data at your grade level PLC meeting. Gather research based
interventions/strategies on how to support the student(s) that you placed in Tier 2 using the AUS Data Team
Process and implement your teams suggestion.

Step 3: Implement and document the results of your teams research-based intervention for a minimum of 4
weeks. Concurrently, collect data/evidence through progress monitoring of the students performance. Provide
the student with multiple opportunities to practice the skill and assess the skill weekly.
Examples of evidence:
*Assessment based on the intervention * Curriculum based measures
*Work samples *Classroom behavior chart/records
* Anecdotal records *Formative assessments
Address the concern(s) with parents during this step.

Step 4: Evaluate effectiveness of the intervention(s)

If successful, closely monitor If unsuccessful, Academic (Intervention

and gradually release the -Continue supplemental Specialist)
student from Tier 2. intervention, more time is needed
-Access coaching for added Personal, Social/Behavior
support (Counselor)

Step 5: Meet with parents and discuss the following: (utilize a Parent Teacher Conference Form)
A. What youve observed?
B. What youve done?
C. What you recommend?
D. How to move forward?
E. Discuss a timeline (usually an addition 2-3 weeks of supplemental intervention is needed)
F. Explain to the parents about the possibility of recommending the student to the SST for added support

Step 6: Deadline-Review for effectiveness (It usually takes 6-8 weeks for an intervention to work.)

If successful, continue to monitor the If unsuccessful, complete the SST Referral

student and gradually release the student Form. Submit it and the supporting
from Tier 2. documents to the Intervention Specialist via