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English Language and Local Culture

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and my beloved friends. First of all, lets
pray and thanks to Allah swt who has been giving us mercies and dessing so we can
attend and gather in this place in a good condition and happy situtation.

Secondly, my peace and soluation always be given to our prophet Muhammad

SAW, the last massanger of God who has guided us from the darkness to the
brightness, from stupidity to the cleverness and from Jahiliyah to Islamiyah.

Let me introduce my self, well my name is Annisaush Sholihatul Qoriah. Here I

will speech with a theme The Role of English Language to Introducing Local
Culture in Global Society.

The Culture is a habit who makes by our forefather, from one generation to the
next generation with spoken, and intergration on local people. Generally, local
culture always obeyed by local people without anyshortcomings.

Meanwhile, the language can be used to spread culture to other country.

Certainly with international language. One of international language which have
controllable by many people are english language.

Now, english language have be a important language for our life. Without this
language, certainly we will feel difficult to communication with other people
especially if we there in other country. We also difficult to expand our self. English
language also have the important role to introducing local cultue to global society.

As we know, our country has diverse cultures. Languages diverse, race, culture,
or religion. But the difference was not made the Indonesian people become
Moreover, many tourists who come to Indonesia to witness the local culture of
Indonesia. With so many tourists visiting Indonesia it can be easier for us to
introduce the local culture to the global society.

Therefore, English language skills are needed in this matter. As we know,

English is an international language. If we go abroad, although we do not know the
language of that country, we can use English to communicate.

In introducing the local culture to the global society, the English language has its
own role. If we dominate the English language, it is easier to communicate with
other countries. We can introduce our culture to them. Abroad people certainly will
not understand if we explain it by using Indonesian.

Just by looking at the local cultural performances, those foreign countries are
interested with our culture. Moreover when coupled with an explanation of us, surely
they would be interested also to learn our culture.

We can also organize cultural performances by using the English language.

Surely they could have caught the message contained in the stage. So, the target can
be reached wider if we use English. Not only Indonesian people who will understand
the cultural performances, but the tourists who watch too wil be easy to understand.
And I think, even now many Indonesian people who can speak English.

If the tourists understand and they are interested in our local culture, so they can
tell their friends or family. Automatically, the local culture that has been spread to
global society, although only a few countries only.

That is all from me, hopefully can be usefull for all. Please forgive me for the
mistakes on my words. Thank you for your attention.

Wassalamuaalaikum wr.wb