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Date: 01/11/2017

Turbine Defect List (U 5)

TM: -
1) TDBFP 5B oil tanks 3 way filter changeover v/v does not operate properly.
2) TDBFP 5A 3 way filter change over v/v should be checked.
3) GD tank pump no 2 is not available.
4) U5 DR 18 manual iso v/v near deaerator is having gland leakage.
5) Seal oil cooler no 2 (air side) chocked up.
6) MDBFP 5D R/H & S/H spray line NRV is passing.
7) MDBFP 5D discharge vent v/v is passing.
8) DC Seal water pump 5B discharge line NRV leakage.
9) GTR ACW main I/L v/v inoperative.
10) CEP 5A & 5B water leakage through stuffing box.
11) MAL 11, MAL 12 & MAL-13 inoperative (jammed).
12) MAL 52 has no lever.
13) CRH to deaerator line NRV flange leakage (U 6 side).
14) HPBP FOD (Fast Opening Device) is not in service.
15) TDBFP 5B is having water leakage near real journal bearing.
16) HPCV 1 is not closing properly.
17) HPH 6A & HPH 6B loop feed drains funnel choked up.
18) TDBFP 5A & 5B gland drain v/v at 8.5 mtr inoperative (jammed).
19) HPH 6A loop feed drain v/v is passing.
20) BFP feed line NRV is passing.
21) All BFP spray v/vs NRV checking.
22) All cooler should be cleaned.
23) MS drain (Atm. drain) passing.
24) HRH & CRH drain passing.
25) OLCC-B ball collection is less. it requires screen tighting frequently after 2-3
26) MOT filters selector pointer not visible need to clean.
27) MOT oil cooler not maintain temperature need to cleaning.
28) DR-6 control valve leakage from bonnet.
29) HP heaters vent line leakage near HP flash tank.
30) Before deaerator control station NRV leakage from bonnet (in between CD-36
31) LPBP E1 & E2 valve having water leakage.
32) DCSW Pump-B NRV leakage.
33) DCSW Pump-A pump D.E side gland leakage.
34) GTR Pump- A & C having heavy gland leakage.
35) DM-19 valve gland leakage.
36) MOT oil cooler selector pointer not visible.
37) OLCC A & B having gland leakage D. E side
38) Roof drain line need to be replacing T/B side.
39) MAL-52 do not have leaver.
40) H2 gas dryer no.2 O/L valve jam.
41) MDBFP-5C suction valve jam, S/H & R/H vent & NRV passing.
42) Gland steam drain valve passing.
43) MDBFP-5D booster pump mech. Seal cooler not proper cooling.
44) MDBFP-5C motor bearing oil drain line leakage from flange main pump side
(drop by drop).
45) CD-34 valve having gland & bonnet leakage.
46) MDBFP-5c booster pump NDE side bearing oil seal leakage.
47) CEP-5A thrust bearing having abnormal sound.
48) All MAL station motorized & isolating valve need to be servicing.

1) TDBFP 5A COP motor is having abnormal sound.
2) Proper readings are not showing by glass gauge & MOG of main station
transformer (U5).
3) GTR transformer R,Y, B oil level gauge glass is not showing reading.
4) UAT 5A, 5B, 5C & 5D oil leakage drop by drop.
5) Main station transformer is having oil leakage drop by drop near pump no 3 &
6) UAT 5A, 5B & 5C gauge glass is not showing reading.
7) SAT 3A & 3B gauge glass is not showing oil level.
8) MAL station has insufficient illumination.
9) All MAL station motorized valve need to be servicing.
10) GTR R & B needs oil top-up.
11) GTR R, Y, B phase need to be platform near temp. gauges for taking reading.
12) GTR Y phase PCR side cooler has oil leakage drop by drop through flange.
13) GTR R phase PCR side cooler has oil leakage drop by drop through its drain

ODP 2:-
1) ACW 5C & CCW 5C are having gland leakage.
2) ACW 5B & CCW 5B motor is having abnormal sound.
3) ACW R/C v/v line leakage at flange joint.
4) ACW R/C v/v is inoperative.
5) ACW 5C air vent isolation v/v is passing (of discharge line).
6) Suspected underground leakage at area below ACW 6C & ACW 5A.
7) CT fan 5A/6 CCW return line leakage.
8) Cooling tower 5A & 5B hot water pipe & nozzle replacement or maintenance.
9) ACW 5A & ACW 5B thrust bearing cooling line minus level leakage.
10) Painting is requiring to CCW 5 sump level scale.
11) CCW 5 makeup v/v maintenance.

EM 2 (ODP 2):-
1) CCW 5A motor is having abnormal sound.
2) CCW 5B motor is having abnormal sound.
3) ACW 5B motor is having abnormal sound.
4) CT fan 5B/3 motor is having abnormal sound.
5) 11 KV switch gear room is requiring exhaust fan.
6) CW PA board bus coupler is not getting ON on auto.
7) All HT breakers gas pressure should be checked.
8) All CT fans feeders should be checked.

I & C:-
1) Vacuum pump 5A system I/L v/v is not operative on auto.
2) CEP 5A thrust bearing temp gauge faulty.
3) MDBFP-5C CI sealing I/L press. Gauge faulty.
4) Vaccume Pump-5A & 5B air ingress measurement gauge need to be
5) LHS CW temp. gauge I/L not available.
6) Seal oil system (water before seal oil cooler temp., seal oil filter temp. H2 side
& seal oil press. Behind pump) gauges need to be replaced.
7) MDBFP-5C lub oil heater press. Gauge faulty.
8) MDBFP-5C motor gen. bearing I/L press. Gauge faulty.
9) MDBFP-5C booster pump gen. bearing DE side oil I/L pressure gauge faulty.
10) MDBFP-5D balancing leak off press. gauge faulty.
11) MDBFP-5D C.I. seal water D.P press. Gauge faulty.
12) All pumps pressure gauge calibration (ODP 2)
13) All HT breakers gauge calibration (ODP 2).
14) All transformers gauge calibration (ODP 2).

1) CW PA board bus coupler is not getting ON on auto.
2) 3.3KV, 5A board tie from station (E-19) energy meter faulty.