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The Nuclear

World War III

Is Coming Soon

Shocking Time Formula Reveals Exactly When, How & Why

"Learn When & Save Your Family"

By Alex Dvorkin
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Table of Contents
When it comes to predicting the Nuclear World War 3 this book will look at the subject matter in the
following order.

1. The Study Of Time Cycles & Predicting The Future.

2. When Will The War Start & Why It Will Be A Nuclear War.

3. Why Will The War Start & Developments To Anticipate Over The Next 15-20 Years.

4. How Will The War Start.

5. What You Can Do Now To Protect/Save Your Family And Yourself.


Yes, this book should come with its own warning label. The subject matter discussed here is beyond
hard to swallow. For most people. Try telling parents that their kids only have 15-20 years to enjoy life
before their world is turned into a literal hell and you will get a death stare of a thousand knifes. Try
telling Christians that there will be no Rapture before the gates of hell open up and they will curse your
soul to ten thousand years of fiery hell. Try telling religious leaders and scholars that the final war will
NOT originate in or around Israel and they will laugh at you. Finally, try telling the rest of the populous
that the war is coming and they will immediately dismiss you as one of those "The End Is Near" crazy
sign holders with a free WI-FI connection.

Nevertheless, it is a book that I had to write in order to save the very few who will pay attention. For
others, I have a quick message. If you are closed minded enough to dismiss the message in this book
purely on religious grounds or from a vantage point of sheer terror, I demand that you put this book
down and move on. There is no point in reading it. It will bring nothing but frustration and anger into
your life. Then email me at with a proof of purchase and I will gladly refund
the entire amount (direct purchases only, not Amazon).

In essence, I have no desire to argue with people about the validity of my forecasts. My work speaks for
itself and I hope you will see that throughout the book. Finally, before you assume that I am sort of a
doomsayer seeking to build some sort of a cult following, understand something very important. I am a
very well to do and generally very happy. I do not have any interest in doom and gloom, I am simply
reporting what my work indicates. As such, please dont contact me or seek further guidance in regards
to this report. Simply be aware that this is coming down the pipeline and decide what plan of action is
best for your entire family.

"The Future"

I AM, and you are not, most likely my brothers and sisters
Soon, the Earth shall shake and roar in my honor
Shaking the dead weight and dirt of its surface
Draining the blood of the wicked and greedy
Purifying the oceans and the human spirit
Remain in your sleep you no longer my brothers and sisters
Open thy eyes and bask in my light
Open thy ears and hear my thunder
Open thy mouth and taste bitter ashes
Rejoice as the night is now over and the new morning is here
Join with my spirit and prosper forever
No One Can Stop Me

- Universal Consciousness
Predicting the future is a dirty and thankless job. Anyone who participates in financial markets knows
this fact a little too well. Make enough predictions and sooner, rather than later, Mr. Market will make
you look like an absolute fool. In addition, the public dismisses most forecasters and fortune tellers as
charlatans. Even if their forecasts or predictions do come to a fruition, there are rarely any accolades for
being right. Well, at least outside of making a large fortune in the stock market.

That being the case, we did have a number of prophet superstars throughout human history. People
like Michel de Nosterdame and his now famous quatrains, the prophecies of Ezekiel, Oracles of Appolo
at Delphy and clairvoyants such as Edgar Cayce. Even Sir Isaac Newton spent 90% of his time on studying
occult sciences and the bible in an attempt to predict the future. While there have been many other, the
above mentioned psychics have been able to make a successful transition into the very psyche of our
existence. An honor reserved for a very few. Which brings us to an important question.

Is it even possible to predict the future?

Based on my experience and my understanding, the answer is the most definite YES. Now, before we go
any further we must have a clear understanding of one critically important concept. That concept is
TIME. After all, it is a complex topic that strikes at the very heart of having the ability to predict the

With libraries full of philosophy and physics books defining TIME in a million different ways, for our
purposes, we must ascertain if time is linear or cyclical. If time is linear, moving from point A to point B,
it becomes impossible to predict the future. Yet, if time moves in a cyclical fashion, prediction becomes
possible. Which one is it?

Well, nature provides us with a perfect answer. If we study our nature or our 3-Dimensional world we
soon realize that nothing in nature is linear. From the galaxies around us to the individual atoms, from
our solar system to the ocean waves, even our own lives, everything moves in a cyclical fashion.
Everything in our world exists at a certain rate of vibration. For instance, individuals are born, they grow
up, they mature, they decay and then they die. The cycle is now complete.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration..."
-Nikola Tesla

Since everything in nature is cyclical and vibrates at its own frequency, we can assume that time does as
well. A premise I will prove in this book without a shadow of a doubt. If true, it open up a new
dimension in trying to understand the world we live in. For instance, it would mean that all wars, most
significant events, the stock market and even the composition of your own life moves in well defined
time cycles.

When it comes to predicting the future, there are only two ways to gain access and/or the ability to do
so. The first has to do with gaining access to the higher dimension of our universal architecture or
gaining some sort of a clairvoyant power. While this is an extremely powerful method used by most of
the psychics mentioned above, it is an awfully difficult skill to develop.

In a nutshell, either through extensive meditation or through the ability to shift into the higher state of
consciousness (aka...various stages of enlightenment), an individual is then able to make a quantum
jump into the higher dimension of existence. It is in that dimension that all information, including the
future, becomes available. While a fascinating topic, it is outside the scope of this book.

The second way to look at the subject matter is to study the time cycles through the use of
mathematics. If time is cyclical and the time cycles tend to repeat over time, then it should be possible
to determine their sequencing or their rate of vibration in order to gain the ability to predict the future.
That is exactly what ancient Babylonians, Hebrews and Mayans were doing. It was the cornerstone, the
very foundation of their entire civilizations. That's how important it was to them.

Today, we have an amazing tool that gives us an ability to study these time cycles on a daily basis. A tool
that our ancestors could only dream of. For them it was a matter of trying to pick out these time cycles
through the use of acute observation and keeping exact historical records. Sometimes taking multiple
generations just to pick out one simple cycle of famine or war. Luckily for us, we no longer have to wait
for the next famine to show up.

So, what is that tool?

The stock market. It is the only thing in existence that records the totality of human emotions on the
daily basis and presents its findings in an easy to read chart. As the stock market oscillates, up and down
over time, it presents us with everything we need to know in order to study the time cycles. Wars,
panics, periods of growth and economic depression, natural disasters, assassinations, political struggles,
etc.... Everything. It is through the study of the stock market that we are able to pick out such time
cycles and examine them in greater detail. Giving us the ability to pin point the start of the Nuclear
World War 3 in the process.

Perhaps no one was more successful in understanding how the stock market works and the time cycles
associated with it than W.D. Gann. A gifted mathematician and a very successful stock trader who lived
in the first half of the 20th century. Mr. Gann was very well known at the time for his uncanny ability to
predict the stock market with a precision of a surgeon. What very few people know is that Mr. Gann
also predicted the World War 2 in his novel "The Tunnel Thru The Air" first published in the mid 1920s.
And while he had a cryptic way to deliver his message, as you read the book, it soon becomes evident
that he knew the war was coming in the early 1940s.

Luckily for you I have no interest in wrapping this matter in a veil of mystery. It is the purpose of this
book to present you with these time cycles and to show you "why, how and when" the upcoming war
will start. Before I do, allow me to illustrate how powerful this work can be. For instance, if W.D. Gann
was able to predict that General Electric would bottom at $15.25 on January 5th, 1924 at 1:15 pm EST
and do so a few months ahead of time (as a hypothetical example based on the article below), allow me
to assure that he would have had all the tools necessary to predict the upcoming war.

(***I highly encourage you to read the article in its entirety to form your own opinion. The Ticker and
Investment Digest was later renamed "The Wall Street Journal").
The Ticker and Investment Digest
(Ticker and Investment Digest, Volume 5, Number 2, December, 1909, page 54.)

William D. Gann
An Operator Whose Science and Ability Place
Him in the Front Rank

His Remarkable Predictions and Trading Records

By Richard D. Wyckoff:

Sometime ago the attention of this magazine was attracted by certain long pull Stock Market predictions
which were being made by William D. Gann. In a large number of cases Mr. Gann gave us, in advance,
the exact points at which certain stocks and commodities would sell, together with prices close to the
then prevailing figures which would not be touched.

For instance, when the New York Central was 131 he predicted that it would sell at 145 before 129. So
repeatedly did his figures prove to be accurate, and so different did his work appear from that of any
expert whose methods we had examined, that we set about to investigate Mr. Gann and his way of
figuring out these predictions, as well as the particular use which he was making of them in the market.

The results of this investigation are remarkable in many ways.

It appears to be a fact Mr. W, D. Gann has developed an entirely new idea as to the principles governing
stock market movements. He bases his operations upon certain natural laws which, though existing
since the world began, have only in recent years been subjected to the will of man and added to the list
of so-called modern discoveries. We have asked Mr. Gann for an outline of his work, and have secured
some remarkable evidence as to the results obtained there from.

We submit this in full recognition of the fact that in Wall Street a man with a new idea, an idea which
violates the traditions and encourages a scientific view of the Proposition, is not usually welcomed by
the majority, for the reason that he stimulates thought and research. These activities the said majority

W. D. Gann's description of his experience and methods is given herewith. It should be read with
recognition of the established fact that Mr. Gann's predictions have proved correct in a large majority of

"For the past ten years I have devoted my entire time and attention to the speculative markets. Like
many others, I lost thousands of dollars and experienced the usual ups and downs incidental to the
novice who enters the market without preparatory knowledge of the subject."

"I soon began to realize that all successful men, whether Lawyers, Doctors or Scientists, devoted years of
time to the study and investigation of their particular pursuit or profession before attempting to make
any money out of it."
"Being in the Brokerage business myself and handling large accounts, I had opportunities seldom
afforded the ordinary man for studying the cause of success and failure in the speculations of others. I
found that over ninety percent of the traders who go into the market without knowledge or study
usually lose in the end."

"I soon began to note the periodical recurrence of the rise and fall in stocks and commodities. This led
me to conclude that natural law was the basis of market movements. I then decided to devote ten years
of my life to the study of natural law as applicable to the speculative markets and to devote my best
energies toward making speculation a profitable profession. After exhaustive researches and
investigations of the known sciences, I discovered that the law of vibration enabled me to accurately
determine the exact points at which stocks or commodities should rise and fall within a given time."

The working out of this law determines the cause and predicts the effect long before the street is aware
of either. Most speculators can testify to the fact that it is looking at the effect and ignoring the cause
that has produced their losses.

"It is impossible here to give an adequate idea of the law of vibrations as I apply it to the markets.

However, the layman may be able to grasp some of the principles when I state that the law of vibration
is the fundamental law upon which wireless telegraphy, wireless telephone and phonographs are based.
Without the existence of this law the above inventions would have been impossible."

"In order to test the efficiency of my idea I have not only put in years of labor in the regular way, but I
spent nine months working night and day in the Astor Library in New York and in the British Museum of
London, going over the records of stock transactions as far back as 1820. I have incidentally examined
the manipulations of Jay Gould, Daniel Drew, Commodore Vanderbilt & all other important
manipulators from that time to the present day. I have examined every quotation of Union Pacific prior
to & from the time of E. H. Harriman, Mr. Harriman's was the most masterly. The figures show that,
whether unconsciously or not, Mr. Harriman worked strictly in accordance with natural law."

"In going over the history of markets and the great mass of related statistics, it soon becomes apparent
that certain laws govern the changes and variations in the value of stocks, and that there exists a
periodic or cyclic law which is at the back of all these movements. Observation has shown that there are
regular periods of intense activity on the Exchange followed by periods of inactivity."

Mr. Henry Hall in his recent book devoted much space to "Cycles of Prosperity and Depression," which
he found recurring at regular intervals of time. The law which I have applied will not only give these long
cycles or swings, but the daily and even hourly movements of stocks. By knowing the exact vibration of
each individual stock I am able to determine at what point each will receive support and at what point
the greatest resistance is to be met.

"Those in close touch with the market have noticed the phenomena of ebb and flow, or rise and fall, in
the value of stocks. At certain times a stock will become intensely active, large transactions being made
in it; at other times this same stock will become practically stationary or inactive with a very small
volume of sales. I have found that the law of vibration governs and controls these conditions. I have also
found that certain phases of this law govern the rise in a stock and an entirely different rule operates on
the decline."
"While Union Pacific and other railroad stocks which made their high prices in August were declining,
United States Steel Common was steadily advancing. The law of vibration was at work, sending a
particular stock on the upward trend whilst others were trending downward."

"I have found that in the stock itself exists its harmonic or inharmonious relationship to the driving
power or force behind it. The secret of all its activity is therefore apparent. By my method I can
determine the vibration of each stock and also, by taking certain time values into consideration, I can, in
the majority of cases, tell exactly what the stock will do under given conditions."

"The power to determine the trend of the market is due to my knowledge of the characteristics of each
individual stock and a certain grouping of different stocks under their proper rates of vibration. Stocks
are like electrons, atoms and molecules, which hold persistently to their own individuality in response to
the fundamental law of vibration. Science teaches that 'an original impulse of any kind finally resolves
itself into a periodic or rhythmical motion; also, just as the pendulum returns again in its swing, just as
the moon returns in its orbit, just as the advancing year over brings the rose of spring, so do the
properties of the elements periodically recur as the weight of the atoms rises."

"From my extensive investigations, studies and applied tests, I find that not only do the various stocks
vibrate, but that the driving forces controlling the stocks are also in a state of vibration. These vibratory
forces can only be known by the movements they generate on the stocks and their values in the market.

Since all great swings or movements of the market are cyclic, they act in accordance with periodic law."

"Science has laid down the principle that the properties of an element are a periodic function of its
atomic weight. A famous scientist has stated that 'we are brought to the conviction that diversity in
phenomenal nature in its different kingdoms is most intimately associated with numerical relationship.

The numbers are not intermixed accidentally but are subject to regular periodicity. The changes and
developments are seen to be in many cases as somewhat odd."

Thus, I affirm every class of phenomena, whether in nature or on the stock market, must be subject to
the universal law of causation and harmony. Every effect must have an adequate cause.

"If we wish to avert failure in speculation we must deal with causes. Everything in existence is based on
exact proportion and perfect relationship. There is no chance in nature, because mathematical
principles of the highest order lie at the foundation of all things. Faraday said, "There is nothing in the
universe but mathematical points of force."

"Vibration is fundamental: nothing is exempt from this law. It is universal, therefore applicable to every
class of phenomena on the globe."

Through the law of vibration every stock in the market moves in its own distinctive sphere of activities,
as to intensity, volume and direction; all the essential qualities of its evolution are characterized in its
own rate of vibration. Stocks, like atoms, are really centers of energy; therefore, they are controlled
mathematically. Stocks create their own field of action and power: power to attract and repel, which
principle explains why certain stocks at times lead the market and 'turn dead' at other times. Thus, to
speculate scientifically it is absolutely necessary to follow natural law.
"After years of patient study I have proven to my entire satisfaction, as well as demonstrated to others,
that vibration explains every possible phase and condition of the market."

In order to substantiate Mr. W. D. Gann's claims as to what he has been able to do under his method,
we called upon Mr. William E. Gilley, an Inspector of Imports, 16 Beaver Street, New York. Mr. Gilley is
well known in the downtown district. He himself has studied stock market movements for twenty-five
years, during which time he has examined every piece of market literature that has been issued &
procurable in Wall Street. It was he who encouraged Mr. Gann to study the scientific and mathematical
possibilities of the subject. When asked what had been the most impressive of Mr. Gann's work and
predictions, he replied as follows :

"It is very difficult for me to remember all the predictions and operations of W. D. Gann which may be
classed as phenomenal, but the following are a few. "In 1908 when the Union Pacific was 168-1/8, he
told me it would not touch 169 before it had a good break. We sold it short all the way down to 152-5/8,
covering on the weak spots and putting it out again on the rallies, securing twenty-three points profit
out of an eighteen-point market wave."

"He came to me when United States Steel was selling around 50, and said, "This steel will run up to 58
but it will not sell at 59. From there it should break 16 points." We sold it short around 58 with a stop at
59. The highest it went was 58. From there it declined to 41-17 points."

"At another time, wheat was selling at about 89. Gann predicted that the May option would sell at
$1.35. We bought it and made large profits on the way up. It actually touched $1.35."

"When Union Pacific was 172, he said it would go to 184-7/8 but not an eighth higher until it had a good
break. It went to 184-7/8 and came back from there eight or nine times. We sold it short repeatedly,
with a stop at 185, and were never caught. It eventually came back to 17."

"Mr. Gann's calculations are based on natural law. I have followed Gann and his work closely for years. I
know that he has a firm grasp of the basic principles which govern stock market movements, and I do
not believe any other man can duplicate the idea or his method at the present time."

"Early this year, he figured that the top of the advance would fall on a certain day in August and
calculated the prices at which the Dow Jones Averages would then stand. The market culminated on the
exact day and within four-tenths of one percent of the figures predicted."

"You and W D Gann must have cleaned up considerable money on all these operations," was suggested.

"Yes, we have made a great deal of money. Gann has taken half-million dollars out of the market in the
past few years. I once saw him take $130, and in less than one month run it up to over $12,000. Gann
can compound money faster than any man I have ever met."

"One of the most astonishing calculations made by Mr. Gann was during last summer [1909] when he
predicted that September Wheat would sell at $1.20. This meant that it must touch that figure before
the end of the month of September. At twelve o'clock, Chicago time, on September 30th (the last day)
the option was selling below $1.08, and it looked as though his prediction would not be fulfilled. Mr.
Gann said, 'If it does not touch $1.20 by the close of the market it will prove that there is something
wrong with my whole method of calculation. I do not care what the price is now, it must go there.' It is
common history that September Wheat surprised the whole country by selling at $1.20 and no higher in
the very last hour of trading, closing at that figure."

So much for what W D Gann has said and done as evidenced by himself & others. Now as to what
demonstrations have taken place before our representative :

During the month of October, 1909, in twenty-five market days, W D Gann made, in the presence of our
representative, two hundred and eighty-six transactions in various stocks, on both the long and short
side of the market. Two hundred and sixty-four of these transactions resulted in profits ; twenty-two in

The capital with which he operated was doubled ten times, so that at the end of the month he had one
thousand percent of his original margin.

In our presence Mr. William D. Gann sold Steel common short at 94-7/8, saying that it would not go to
95. It did not.

On a drive which occurred during the week ending October 29, Mr. Gann bought U.S. Steel common
stock at 86-1/4, saying that it would not go to 86. The lowest it sold was 86-1/3.

We have seen gann give in one day sixteen successive orders in the same stock, eight of which turned
out to be at either the top or the bottom eighth of that particular swing. The above we can positively

Such performances as these, coupled with the foregoing, are probably unparalleled in the history of the

James R. Koene has said, "The man who is right six times out of ten will make a fortune." Gann is a
trader who, without any attempt to make a showing, for he did not know the results were to be
published, established a record of over ninety-two percent profitable trades.

Mr. W. D. Gann has refused to disclose his method at any price, but to those scientifically inclined he has
unquestionably added to the stock of Wall Street knowledge and pointed out infinite possibilities.

We have requested Mr. Gann to figure out for the readers of the Ticker a few of the most striking
indications which appear in his calculations. In presenting these we wish it understood that no man, in
or out of Wall Street, is infallible.

William D Gann's figures at present indicate that the trend of the stock market should, barring the usual
rallies, be toward the lower prices until March or April 1910.

He calculates that May Wheat, which is now selling at $1.02, should not sell below 99, and should sell
at $1.45 next spring.

On Cotton, which is now at about 15 level, he estimates that after a good reaction from these prices
the commodity should reach 18 in the spring of 1910. He looks for a corner in the March or May
Whether these figures prove correct or not will in no way detract from the record which W. D. Gann has
already established.

William Delbert Gann was born in Lufkin, Texas, and is thirty-one years of age. He is a gifted
mathematician, has an extraordinary memory for figures, and is an expert Tape Reader. Take away his
science and he would beat the market on his intuitive tape reading alone.

Endowed as he is with such qualities, we have no hesitation in predicting that, within a comparatively
few years, William D. Gann will receive recognition as one of Wall Street's leading operators."

END OF ARTICLE....................................

After a decade long research into the subject matter, let me firmly state that everything that was said in
the article above is 100% true. Once the stock market structure is understood in its entirety, the market
or individual stocks can be timed with great precision. Not by some arbitrary technique that cannot be
replicated, but through the use of modern science and mathematics. Math doesn't lie and when the
market turns/reverses at exact mathematical points of force, only one explanation remains. The market
is not a randomly volatile instrument, but a mathematically precise tool that baffles the mind.

What does that have to do with predicting the future?....... Everything.

Again, if one can predict the future movements of stocks, one should also able to use the same
mathematical knowledge to predict the future of our everyday lives. As above, so is below. In other
words, the same TIME cycles that apply to the stock market can be applied towards predicting
everything else. Everything from major disasters to major events in our own lives, from major political
changes to wars. Once you understand that, predicting the future becomes a whole lot easier.

Now, I know what you are thinking. The future is impossible to predict, we do not live in a
"predetermined" world and the very notion of living in such a "pre-programmed" world is
ludicrous.....everyone knows that. Well, do they? Do I really have to remind you that just 500 years ago
99.9% of the Earth's population believed that A. The Earth was flat and B. The Earth was the center of
the Universe. And if you were to suggest otherwise you would be called a heretic and grilled at the

Point being, when it comes to understanding the world we live and/or the multi-dimensional
architecture behind our 3-Dimensional reality, the human race has not even started its ascend. We act
as children in a pitch black room, groping everything and understanding nothing. And instead of arguing
this point further I will leave you with a quote from someone who has a little bit more credibility and a
lot more intelligence. Someone who is basically telling you the same thing.

God does not play dice with the universe.

--Albert Einstein

Buckle up, it's going to be a fascinating journey.

The Study Of Time Cycles & Predicting The Future

In the early January of 2000, the US Economy was booming. The Dow was fast approaching 11,800 and
the Nasdaq was a stone throws away from its improbable benchmark of 5,000. Everyone was making a
ton of money and as far as most people were concerned, the future looked very bright. So much so,
that very few people predicted a bear market of 2000-2003, let alone a secular 2000-2017 bear market
that was about to begin.

The only way to do so was to know and to understand the cyclical TIME structure of the market. For
instance, an analyst working with such time cycles would know that the stock markets 17-18 year cycle
was topping out in conjunction with the 5 year cycle. The bull market that started at the bottom in
August of 1982 was coming to a conclusion. In fact, it would top out exactly 17.5 years after it had
started (for the Dow). On January 14th, 2000 at 11,800. The 5 year cycle that started in December of
1994 would top out at exactly the same time, 5 years and 35 trading days after it had started.

What does this have to do with predicting the Nuclear World War 3?

Again, it is my intention to prove to you, without a shadow of a doubt, that the TIME cycles I talk about
are real. For both, the stock market and wars. The only way for me to do so is to look at the stock
market. It is the only mechanism in nature that allows us to go back in time and study the subject matter
in great detail. Plus, it will allow us to escape the preconceived notion of talking about "predicting the
future" in an arbitrary fashion.

The stock market is a mathematically precise entity. It would be incredibly difficult to apply arbitrary
techniques and then claim that the stock market could have been predicted. In other words, the stock
market will set a top or a bottom on a certain day. That is a 100% undeniable fact. The time cycle will
either be there or it will not. If it is there, time after time, the future is cyclical and therefore predictable.
If it is not, then the entire premise of this book is false.

While there are hundreds of TIME cycles oscillating within the stock market at any one time, I will
concentrate on only two. The 17-18 cycle and the 5 year cycles. We will look at these cycles over the
last 100+ years and I will prove to you, without a shadow of a doubt, that they work. More importantly,
if the stock market can easily be predicted years and even decades into the future (sometimes to the
day and to the point), the same type of analysis can be applied to future wars.


Long-term cycles within the stock market tend to oscillate going all the way back to the first day of
trading, in May of 1790. If you would be inclined, I would encourage you to verify that information for
yourself. For our purposes we will start our analysis a little bit later or exactly 100 years ago. As the chart
above indicates, the stock market tends to oscillate in clearly defined 17-18 year alternating Bull/Bear
market cycles.
17.5 Year Bull Market (1914 bottom to 1932 bottom): The previous bear market terminated in
July of 1914. At that time the US stock market shut down for World War 1. The stock market
remained closed between August of 1914 and December of 1914 (a very rare occurrence). When
the market finally reopened in December of 1914 it immediately began a rally that would not
terminate until October of 1929. Followed by a now famous 1929 stock market crash and a
massive 90% 3 year decline. The cycle terminated at the bottom in 1932, completing the 17.5
year bull market cycle at that time.

*Note: It is important to address the 1929-1932 bear market and its impact on the overall 1914-
1932 Bull Market cycle. It is a complex matter to discuss without sufficient background or
understanding, but the final (short-term) structural composition of this Bull Cycle inverted over
the last 3 years (1929-1932). Mostly due to a massive rally between 1924-1929 and a number of
down cycles converging on this time period at the same time. Regardless, the overall cycle
lasted 17.5 years.

17 Year BEAR Market (1932 bottom to 1949 bottom): The cycle originated at the bottom in
July of 1932 and lasted until June of 1949. During this period of time we had a post great
depression bounce, 1937 crash and World War 2. Yet, despite the overall upward trajectory, this
clearly defined 1949 bottom remained 60% below its 1929 top and well below both its 1937 and
1942 tops.

17 Year BULL Market (1949 bottom to 1966 top): The market surged higher between 1949
bottom and 1966 top. This was the so called "Golden Age" of post war reconstruction and the
American industrial boom. During this time the Dow appreciated over 500% in a clearly defined
bull market cycle.

16.5 Year BEAR Market (1966 top to 1982 bottom): The market stayed relatively flat during this
period of time with a few notable declines of 30-50%. With the 1972-1974 mid cycle decline of
54% being the largest one. This clearly defined bear market completed in August of 1982.
Approximately 25% below its 1966 top.

17.5 Year BULL Market (1982 bottom to 2000 top): A very well known period and a clearly
defined bull market. The market surged higher from its August of 1982 bottom to reach its
historic top in January of 2000. During this time the Dow appreciated over 1,400% in one of the
strongest bull markets in history.

17 Year BEAR Market (2000 top to 2017 bottom): Even though the market is sitting at an all
time high (as of this writing in July of 2014) and even though most people have assumed that
the new bull market has started, in relative terms the market hasn't appreciated very much
since its top in 2000. The Nasdaq is still down. Plus, with the final down leg of this bear market
being ahead of us (based on my mathematical and timing work), the BEAR market of 2000-2017
should complete itself in a negative territory or below its 2000 top.

It is important to note that the small variation (of +/- 1 year) in duration of these cycles is caused by
smaller or larger cycles arriving at the same time. Please note, the stock market is an incredibly complex
entity that requires much further explanation. If you would be interested in learning how the stock
market works behind the scenes I would highly recommend my other book Timed Value for your

The main point I want you to understand very clearly here is this. Based on the cycles above we are no
longer working in an arbitrary fashion when it comes to predicting the future. If movements in the
financial markets can be predicted with precision of a surgeon over a 100 years period of time, the
same type of analysis can be applied towards predicting wars. In other words, if the stock market
repeats a clearly defined 17-18 year Bull/Bear cycle over a 220 year period of time (since 1790) and does
so without interruption, it is safe to assume that the future is cyclical/predictable and not random.


One other easily identifiable cycle within the stock market is the 5 year cycle. These 5 year cycles
represent one completed growth pattern or one completed Bull or Bear cycle. Typically, they tend to
appear for 5 years, disappear and then reappear at a certain point in the future. While they are not
sequential as the 17-18 year cycle above, once their place within the overall stock market is understood,
they show up at exactly the right time.

1914 -1920: Bull Market

1924-1929: Bull Market (followed by a 1929 crash)
1932-1937: Bull Market (followed by a 1937 crash)
1937-1942: Bear Market
1966-1971: Bear Market
1982-1987: Bull Market (followed by a 1987 crash)
1994-2000: Bull Market (followed by a 2000 crash)
2002-2007: Bull Market (followed by a 2007 crash)
2009-2014: Bull Market

One thing to understand about these 5 Year cycles is that they are exact. They have much lower level
variance as compared to their longer counterparts. Essentially, we are NOT talking about 5 years +/- 6
months. We are talking about 5 years +/- a few days. For instance, the 2002-2007 cycle started on
October 10th, 2002 (at 2002 bottom) and terminated on October 11th, 2007. If you are counting, that is
exactly 5 Years and 1 day. In other words, scary accurate. I encourage you to study the other cycles
outlined above in order to prove to yourself how shockingly accurate they all are.


It is my hope that I have proven to you, without a shadow of a doubt, that the TIME cycles I talk about
are real. If the stock market, a supposed volatile and unpredictable entity, moves in accordance to
clearly defined TIME cycles, so does everything else. As everything else in nature and in our 3-
Dimensional architecture, time becomes cyclical. Giving us the ability to predict the nuclear World War 3
with stunning accuracy. And that is exactly what we will be doing in the next chapter. We will look at
the major war cycle to help us ascertain exactly when this war will start.
When Will The War Start?

I first became aware of this information around 2008 and I thought long and hard ever since then if I
should publish it. After all, nothing good is likely to come out of letting people know about the upcoming
war. In the best case scenario, I will be ridiculed. In the worst, well, maybe I will get a visit from the men
in black. Yet, after some careful consideration I have figured that if this information saves just one life
and/or one family, it is worth it.

Report Summary: I plan to spend the 2029-2040 time frame at my beach house on one of the islands
somewhere in the South Pacific as the

Coalition of NATO Members and

Russia/China Alliance

..NUKE each other back to the Stone Age.

Now, before you assume that I am sort of a doomsdayer seeking to build some sort of a cult following,
understand something very important. I am a very well to do and generally very happy. I do not have
any interest in the doom and gloom and I am only reporting what my work indicates. In fact, I make it a
point to tell people not to follow me. I have learned a long time ago that I cannot change violent human
nature nor the future. As such, I ask people not to contact me or seek further guidance in regards to this
prediction. Simply be aware that this is coming down the pipeline and decide what plan of action is best
for your family and yourself.

The Bible calls this period Armageddon, graphically describing its aftermath in the Book of Revelation.
The Mayans, Nostradamus, Edgar Casey and many other clairvoyants throughout human history had
pointed to "Our Time" as the time of this "Final & Devastating War". The end of one age and the
beginning of the next. Some clearly discussing submarines, planes and even the Internet at the time of
this "Great Tribulation". With some of these eerily similar predictions going back thousands of years.
Here is one of my favorite ones.

Then shall there come unto man the great warfare

that shall make the Earth tremble and shake in its course.
Aye, then shall the Dark Brothers
open the warfare between Light and the night.
When man again shall conquer the ocean and fly
in the air on wings like the birds;
when he has learned to harness the lightning,
then shall the time of warfare begin.
Great shall the battle be twixt the forces,
great the warfare of darkness and Light.

Nation shall rise against nation

using the dark forces to shatter the Earth.
Weapons of force shall wipe out the Earth-man
until half of the races of men shall be gone.
Then shall come forth the Sons of the Morning
and give their edict to the children of men, saying:
O men, cease from thy striving against thy brother.
Only thus can ye come to the Light.
Cease from thy unbelief, O my brother,
and follow the path and know ye are right.

Then shall men cease from their striving,

brother against brother and father against son.

While the passage above could be attributed to the World War 2 when it comes to timing, two things
stand out. First, 50% of Earth's population did not vanish in the World War 2 and the weapons described
here are likely to be the nuclear weapons that will be used in the World War 3. In addition, before
humanity can shift into the age/cycle of peace and prosperity a certain kind of a war must be fought. A
war so terrible and so devastating that man will tremble at a thought of ever again lifting a finger against
his fellow human beings.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I was able to figure out the exact time frame associated with the World
War 3. By accident I might add. This chapter of the book will explore the WHEN portion of the equation.
We will study the exact War Cycle associated with all of the major wars throughout the American history
in order to ascertain exactly when the Nuclear World War 3 will start.

I first became aware of the subject matter at hand during my research and analysis of future stock
market cycles. As described in the previous chapter. After years of work with such cycles and getting a
fairly good understanding of how the stock market works (giving me the ability to predict the market
with incredible accuracy), I came across something that puzzled me. When I got into the 2030s
something crazy happened.
After a strong multi-year run up due to inflation (not fundamentals), the stock market proceeded to
collapse to the tune of 90-95% within a 2-4 week period of time. At first, I thought that I might have
gotten some of my calculations wrong, but after some verification my original work was indeed
confirmed. That brought out an incredibly important question.

What can collapse the Dow Jones 90-95% within a four week period of time?

I knew that it had to be something big. Such drops are unprecedented in the history of the stock market.
As a matter of fact, it had never happened before. Even the 1929-1932 collapse of 90% took over 3 years
to play out. So, what in the world could cause such a massive meltdown?

Sure, a natural catastrophe, an earthquake, a giant tidal wave, maybe a meteor strike, etc.are all a
possibility. However, we are not talking about a specific region. We are talking about the entire stock
market which represents every corner of Americana as a whole. Some sort of a war is always a
possibility, but for the market to collapse to such an extent and so rapidly, it would have to be a nuclear

Is that even possible in todays world?

I had to find an answer and so began my research into the subject matter. Using the same cyclical
analysis I use for my stock market work, it wasnt long before I found the answer I was seeking. What I
found shocked me to the core. The nuclear war is indeed coming. It will be fought between 2029-2035
and it will literally destroy the world and impact every human being on the face of the Earth, one way or
another. What I find fascinating is that todays macroeconomic and geopolitical developments are
already lining up for what is to come.

The When?

On the 28th of June 1914, Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand visited the Bosnian capital Sarajevo
where he was promptly assassinated. Ushering in the start of the World War 1. And while the world was
at peace on the morning of June 28th, it was engulfed in the Great War that would last over four years
and claim close to 40 Million lives by June 29th (casualties are counted as KIA, MIA or WIA). This is not
atypical. If you are to study world history you would soon realize that most wars came out of the blue in
a traditional sense. Yet, all of them arrived on time in a cyclical sense.
Every significant* American war has been fought exactly 84 years apart. Based on my work that is not
a coincidence. Since the US and NATO will be the primary players in the nuclear World War 3, we must
study this cycle in great detail. Lets take a closer look.

(*Significant can mean many things. In this case, its the % of the US casualties based on the total
population at the time. In other words, we are looking for massive American wars that have inflicted a
high casualty rate as per the % of the total US population).

Revolutionary War: Started in 1776. Total American Casualties (killed and wounded) 50,000.
Representing 1.25% of the total population. The total US Population at the time. 4 Million (including
700K slaves).


Civil War: Started in 1860. Total American Casualties (killed and wounded) 1.1 Million or 3.2% of the
total population. The total US Population at the time31 Million (12.7% are slaves).


World War II: For the US the war technically started on December 7th, 1941 with the attack on Pearl
Harbor, but the US suffered the highest % of casualties in 1944. Exactly 84 years from the previous
cycle. Total American Casualties (killed and wounded) 1.05 Million or 0.7% of the total population. The
total US Population at the time .... 132 Million.


World War III. 2029-2036. Nuclear War. The war will be fought between the USA/NATO and
Russia/China Coalition. Massive casualties. Most major cities or population centers with +1 Million
people throughout the world will be nuked. Particularly those located in Russia, Asia, Europe and the US.
Most other coalition members, from either side, will be struck by default.

Exact Time Frame Based on My Mathematical Stock Market Work: The war will start off as a
conventional war in 2028-2029. It will then transition into an all out Nuclear War by 2035-2036.

Please note, I am very well aware that there were many wars in between the wars described above.
World War I, Vietnam War, Korean War, Iraq/Afghanistan, etc They do not count because they were
not major wars for the USA. Even though tens of thousands of people have died, as per % of population
such losses were small. For example, the total number of casualties in Vietnam (killed and wounded)
was 200,000 or 0.01% of the US Population at the time. Now, compare that to massive losses as per the
% of population in the wars described above. Once again, the 84 year cycle above applies only to the
major wars associated with the US. Not Europe.

The Reason Why This War Will Be A Nuclear War.

I believe this will be a nuclear war for two reasons.

First, my research shows that weapons that were brand new at the preceding 84 year cycle wars are
used on a massive scale during the next war. For instance, machine guns (Gatling Guns) were first
introduced during the Civil War in 1861. Subsequently, they were used during the World War 2 on a
massive scale, inflicting a devastating casualty count.

As you know, the first Atomic Bomb (Little Boy) was used by the US on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945.
Followed by a bombing of Nagasaki on August 9th. If we take 84 years from those dates, it will bring us
into the summer of 2029. And while I don't believe the nuclear weapons will begin to fly at the onset of
the war, I strongly believe that they will be the weapons of choice towards the end of the conflict.

Second, the eventual use of nuclear weapons becomes the only logical outcome. A war between the
USA/NATO and Russia/China alliance cannot possibly be won by any conventional measure. Despite the
overwhelming might of the US military machine it is still unclear who would have an upper hand in a
traditional war between the US, NATO, China and Russia. The wars that the US has fought over the last
two decades, in Afghanistan and in Iraq, are fairly poor indicators of what will happen when the war
with Russia and China erupts. It is one thing to blow up 1977 Toyota pickups full of unorganized Taliban
fighters and an entirely different thing to fight a real military machine as is the case with China and

Again, while the war will begin as a conventional conflict in the early stages, it will very quickly transition
into a nuclear war. Simply put, the losing side will have no other choice but to defend itself with the use
of nuclear weapons. There could be no other possible outcome. If Russia/China or the USA/NATO find
themselves on the losing side of the battle or at the threshold of a collapse, they will have no other
choice but to push the red button. Yet, once the first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) leaves the
launch pad, it will be all over for the rest of us.

It is also important to understand just how many nuclear warheads each country has in its arsenal. Let's
take a quick look.
In a nutshell, both Russia and the US have enough nuclear warheads to turn this rock we call Earth into a
desolate radioactive wasteland for the next thousand years. Certainly more than enough to kill every
human being on the face of the Earth.

In conclusion, this part of the book has clearly illustrated the main war cycle associated with all of the
major wars in the American history. This 84 year cycle is scheduled to arrive, once again, in the summer
of 2028. Ushering in the Nuclear World War 3 that will be fought between 2029 and 2036 (based on my
stock market timing work). In the next part of the book we will take a look at why this war will be fought
and how today's geopolitical and macroeconomic indicators are already lining up for what is to come.
Why Will the War Start?

All wars repeat in cycles. In the preceding chapter I have identified a clear 84 year cycle associated with
all of the major American (USA) wars. With the Nuclear World War 3 being just 15 years away, I believe
it is important to understand what fundamental factors will set things in motion. Understanding such
benchmarks will help us keep close tabs on exactly when the war will start. And while some people
might assume that this gives us enough time to prevent the war from happening, unfortunately, real life
doesn't work that way. Based on my stock market work, the future is predetermined and cannot be
altered by "spiritually unconscious" population. Simply put, the war is coming and cannot be stopped.

Further, as I write this in July of 2014, it appears that that most of world's geopolitical and
macroeconomic factors are already lining up to usher in the war. Let's take a quick look at some of
these things....

Israel is fighting another war in Gaza.

Civil wars in Syria and Ukraine.
Iraq is about to fall into the hands of a terrorist organization ISIS. Afghanistan will follow the
same scenario in a few years time.
NATO is pushing closer and closer to the Russian border. Russia blames the US and the EU for
being directly responsible for financing the unrest in Ukraine. In order to expand NATO even
closer to Russia.
The US just passed the next round of unilateral sanctions against Russia. Russia promised to
Russia is getting further involved in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine.
Russia plans to reopen its spy base in Cuba to spy on the US.
Cold War 2 between Russia and the US is accelerating.
China is trying to establish its dominance in the South Pacific region by bullying the Philippines,
Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan.
China has already told the US, in no uncertain terms, to get out of the South Pacific region.
China and Russia are already aligning their interest through their military cooperation and the
biggest oil/gas deal that was signed between the countries in the mid 2014.
Massive speculative stock market bubbles throughout the world and an upcoming financial
That is the situation we are facing today. Yet, it is safe to assume that things will deteriorate even
further over the next decade between the USA and Russia/China.

This type of an unrest is not coincidental. What most people don't realize is that the conflicts above are
being perpetuated by the 3 major superpowers. The US, Russia and China. The EU is involved as well,
but to a smaller extent. The countries above are jockeying for position in the fight for limited natural
resources and in attempt to stem their ever increasing irrelevance. For instance, the wars in Ukraine
and Syria have nothing to do with "freedom and liberty" for Syrians or Ukrainians and have everything to
do with a proxy war between Russia and the US. As both countries try to either maintain or exert their
influence in the region.

We are also beginning to see the same type of a behavior from China. China sees the South Pacific as
their turf. Yet, with the US projecting their military might with the help of the Philippines, Japan and
Taiwan, the Chinese government is beginning to act out. This situation is likely to deteriorate further
over the next decade until one of two things happen. Either the US will leave the region or China and the
US will get into some sort of a military conflict. Since the US will never abandon their allies in the region,
we can already ascertain the most likely outcome.

Speaking of China, a fascinating story that shows, once again, how immense wars can appear out of
nowhere and literally overnight. Taiping Rebellion, a massive civil war in the Southern China that was
fought between 1850-1864 was just as incredible in its origin as it was infamous for the amount of
bloodshed that it had spilled. Yet, despite being one of the bloodiest conflicts in the human history,
with 20-40 million people dead, very little is known about it in the western world. Perhaps because the
origin of the conflict is so unbelievable.

On what surely was a beautiful morning sometime in the 1850, Hong Xiuquan, a Chinese peasant woke
up from an interesting dream. In that dream he learned that he was Jesus' younger brother. Taking this
dream at face value, Hong forged a giant "demon slaying sword" and then went on a rampage civil war
against the Qing Dynasty and even the British. Capturing a large territory and ruling over 30 million
people. Proving, once again, that human stupidity and thirst for bloodshed knows no bounds.

Fundamental Reasons For The War:

To further comprehend what will happen over the next 15-20 years we must first have a better
understanding of the parties involved. Let's begin by taking a look at the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization (NATO).

NATO is a military alliance organization that consists of 28 countries. You can see the full list HERE. Its
membership consists mostly of the EU countries and North America. Obviously, the US is the largest
superpower, force multiplier and policy driver. More or less, the treaty works in the following way. If any
of the NATO members are attacked, all other members must provide military support, assistance and
equipment. Basically, if any of the member states is attacked, the entire NATO goes into war. NATO was
originally created to counterbalance Soviet Russia after the World War 2.

As was mentioned earlier, over the last 20 years NATO has been on quite an expansion drive, pushing
closer and closer to the Russian border. For reasons that shall remain "officially" unknown. As the
picture above illustrates, NATO has been able to penetrate a number of the former Soviet Union states
and satellite countries and now finds itself right next to the Russian border. While a number of fictitious
reasons are typically given, to mask the expansion, the reality has to do with the nuclear shield that
NATO and the US would like to build around Russia. Rendering Russian nuclear forces obsolete.
Understandably, Russia is furious with NATO's expansion.
If you live in the USA, NATO's build up on the Russian border would be equivalent to either Russia or
China opening a number of massive military bases either on the Mexican or on the Canadian border.
Surely, if such action was to occur, it is highly probable that the US would see this move by either Russia
or China as a declaration of war. It is unclear why the US Government, the US Industrial Military
complex and NATO don't believe that the same rules apply to them when they begin to play in
somebody else's backyard.

Point being, there is only so far the US and NATO can push Russia before Russia snaps back. That is why
today's war in Ukraine is so significant. In simple terms, it is a proxy war between the US and Russia. It is
a war that the US has no reason in fighting and it is a war that Russia cannot afford to lose. While the
majority of the US population remains blissfully unaware, only one question must be asked. What is the
US Government doing in a small "Russian Empire" nation that is 6,000 miles away from the closest
American shore? Is it bringing freedom, liberty, rainbows and unicorns to the Ukrainian people? If you
truly believe that, please give me a call as I have some stock to sell you.

Why is this so important? Answering this question in a proper fashion is crucial to understanding why
the Nuclear World War 3 will develop. Whatever your political or nationalistic affiliations are, all
conflicts develop in the same fashion. Typically there is an aggravating or an invading force that sets
things in motion. Basically, today's war in Ukraine will be viewed as a trigger point for how things will
unfold over the next 15 to 20 years. That's how long it often takes for things to boil over.

While most people are aware of singular events throughout history, they often have a difficult time
connecting events all the way back to their origin. September 11th, 2001 presents us with a perfect case
study. And while most people believe that the crimes that were perpetrated on that day had originated
in the late 1990's, the actual trigger point had occurred much earlier than that. In 1979 to be exact.

Let us now follow this chain of events from the start.

The US and the Soviet Union continue on with their proxy and covert wars throughout the world
(1945-1979). In the late 1970s, the Middle East region becomes increasingly important.
In the late 1970's Afghanistan goes through a number of rapid regime changes. A number of
Soviet politicians are captured and decapitated by "Islamic Militants"
The Red Army floods over the border in 1979, the Afghans are no match for the Soviet military
Hundreds of thousands of Mujahedeen flood into Afghanistan from all over the Middle East to
fight in the name of Allah and against the Soviet "nonbelievers".
The Soviet Union proceeds to level the country over the next 5 years. The Mujahedeen forces
are decimated. The Red Army is nearly in full control of the country.
In 1986, the CIA introduces Stinger Missile system to Afghanistan as it begins to supply the
Mujahedeen with the weapon. It's a game changer. Soviet planes and helicopters start to drop
from the sky, reversing the tide of the war.
With the financial, arms and logistics support from the US, Osama Bin Laden quickly rises
through the ranks to become one of the leaders within the Mujahedeen movement.
The USA drops Afghanistan and any support for the Mujahedeen, like a hot potato, as soon as
the Soviet Union decided to withdraw from Afghanistan in 1988-1989. Enraging Osama Bin
Laden in the process.
The Gulf War. The US sends a large contingent of troops to be stationed in Saudi Arabia in the
1990. Osama Bin Laden becomes further enraged and vows to wage war against the US.
Between 1990 and 2000 Osama Bin Laden launches a number of smaller terrorist attacks against
the US and its interests.
September 11th, 2001.

Point being, September 11th, 2001 didn't come out of the blue. A direct lineage to that horrible event
can be traced back to at least 1979 and the power struggle between the US and the Soviet Union. The
World War II can be easily traced back to the World War I in the very same fashion. In fact, historians
who can see such lineages should be incredibly concerned of what is happening between the US and
Russia at the present moment.

Political Reasons for the War:

We dont have to go very far to see the tensions between Russia and the US -or- China and the US. All
we have to do is turn the TV on. As I write this today, the relationship between Russia and the US has
cooled to the point we havent seen since the 1980s or before the Soviet Union broke up. And while the
two superpowers continue to position themselves throughout the world, the situation in Ukraine
requires further attention as it clearly displays the power struggle between Russia, the US and NATO.

Just a few days ago the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 struck over Ukraine. And despite plenty of
evidence to the contrary, the Western World and the Western Media were very quick to condemn
Russia for the attack. Certainly before any investigation can begin and in many cases just 10 minutes
after the crash had occurred. With very little physical, radar and other verifiable evidence, the President
of the United States had the audacity to blame Russia and Mr. Putin directly for the crime committed
over the skies of Ukraine. A troubling trend that relies entirely on the "Believe Us" premise so often
used by corrupt politicians. While it is highly probable that we will never know who shot down Flight 17,
the incident clearly displays just how much the US and Russia relationship has deteriorated and just how
close NATO and Russia are to getting involved in an all out conflict.

To most, Ukraine might appear as an irrelevant nation somewhere in the Eastern Europe. To the US,
NATO and Russia it is of incredible importance. As the NATO expansion picture above illustrated, NATO
continues its eastward expansion and now sits directly on the Russian border at multiple locations in
Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. As it is right now, many high ranking Russian military generals see this
expansion right up to the Russian border as a clear declaration of war by NATO.

That is why NATO's push for Ukraine becomes so important. If the Western powers and NATO are able
to get a major foothold in Ukraine and eventually have Ukraine join the EU and NATO, that in itself
would deal a major defeat to Russia. NATO would now have a massive border with Russia and it would,
in theory, be able to deploy a missile shield rendering Russian nuclear forces obsolete. In other words,
the conflict in Ukraine is a lot more complex and a lot more important than most people are led to
believe. Basically, it is a conflict that Russia cannot afford to lose and it is likely to go into an all out war
to make sure Ukraine remains under Russia's influence.

The major point to take away from our Russia Vs. the USA discussion is as follows. Russia is fed up with
the US for a number of reasons. First, the Russian leadership and top military commanders see NATO's
expansion up to the Russian border as a declaration of war. The US meddling in Ukraine, Georgia and
even Belarus over the last 5 years is a clear indication of that. Second, the US keeps lecturing Russia on
what to do and how to do it. Since no one likes being lectured, Putin is not only fed up with the US
foreign policy, he is furious with it. His televised speech on March 18th, 2014 proves that without a
shadow of a doubt. Finally, with the US hitting Russia with multiple rounds of sanctions throughout
2014, the Russian leadership, media and population clearly decry such actions as a form of economic
warfare. Rightfully so.
When we combine the factors above we can safely conclude that the Cold War 2 is now in full swing.
What's more, we can anticipate Putin to remain in power in Russia for as long as he wants. Therefore,
for as long as the US continues with this foreign policy against Russia, a policy that is unlikely to change
anytime soon, the US relationship with Russia will continue to deteriorate. So much so that at a certain
point it will be too late for either party to prevent the Nuclear World War 3 from happening.

China finds itself in a very similar situation. If you have ever been to China, you very well know that the
Chinese are very proud people. Just as Americans are. Yet, America cannot help itself but to shove its
god given Righteousness, democracy and politics down the Chinese throats. One thing is certain. This
policy infuriates the Chinese to no end. Plus, China sees itself as a rising global superpower who is trying
to assert its presence in the region through its military buildup, only to be constantly undermined by the
US directly or with the help of Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.

While many will argue that China is acting out as a big bully against its less powerful neighbors, and that
might very well be the case, one thing is certain. China feels powerful enough to challenge the US
directly by suggesting, in no uncertain terms, that the US should get out of the South Pacific region. With
the latest threat occurring in May of 2014 when Beijing accused the US Secretary of Defense Chuck
Hagel of threats and intimidation. Here is just a brief summary of the conversation.

The US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel: "In recent months, China has undertaken
destabilizing, unilateral actions asserting its claims in the South China Sea. The US will not look
the other way when fundamental principles of the international order are being challenged".
The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Chinese Army, Lieutenant-General Wang Guanzhong
responded with: "We firmly oppose any nation's use of intimidation, coercion, or the threat of
force to assert these claims. I felt that Secretary Hagel's speech is full of hegemonism, threat
and intimidation."

In other words, both Russia and China are fed up with the US and NATO at this point in time. Further,
given todays geopolitical and macroeconomic situation there is very little hope for the situation to
improve. Quite the opposite. It is highly probable that the US relationship with both countries will
continue to deteriorate as all 3 superpowers fight for their own interests.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

If you were unaware, both China and Russia are ex-communist countries that have a long history of
working together. Until China reluctantly opened up its doors to the West after Richard Nixon's visit in
1972, it was always expected that China and the Soviet Union would stand together. Vietnam War,
North Korea, Communism Ideology, etc. In fact, it wouldnt be at all wrong to describe China and
Russia having a brotherly relationship. You consistently see the evidence of that at the United Nations,
where Russia and China tend to support each other on important international issues.

Most recently, while both the US/Russia and the US/China relationships have been strained, the
relationship between Russia and China has never been better. In May of 2014 Russia and China signed
the biggest ever gas and oil deal valued at more than $400 Billion. Around the same time Russia and
China conducted joint naval drills. Further, the working relationship between President Putin and
President Xi Jinping is incredibly strong. In other words, both Russia and China see their close ties and
their ever improving relationship as a must to counterbalance the US and NATO.

In conclusion, both China and Russia are fed up with the US. On multiple levels. As the US and
China/Russia relationship continues to deteriorate over the next 10-15 years, Russia and China will, once
again, be forced to form an alliance. With the US and NATO flexing its military muscles on the Russian
and Chinese borders, the alliance between Russia and China will eventually become a military alliance
similar to NATO.

Economic Reasons:
Most wars are triggered by economic reasons, not ideology. For example, the Civil War was fought over
the cotton trade and not slavery, the Revolutionary War was fought over excessive taxes and not the
British rule and the WWII was triggered by an economic depression and war repatriations in Germany in
the 1920s and the 1930s.

If you are unaware, the US owes China $1.3 Trillion. With the US National Debt at over $17 Trillion, the
US is one recession away from not being able to cover its interest payments. In a nutshell, the US
doesn't have the money to repay the Chinese. The only way out of this mess is for the US is to inflate its
currency away. The FEDs have been trying to do just that over the last 10 years, thus far, without too
much success. Mostly due to a number of deflationary forces within the economy.

Based on my stock market timing and mathematical work, that is about to change. The FED will be
successful in getting real inflation going after 2017. Slow at first, much faster after 2022. Basically, the
US Government and the FED will be able to inflate away China's $1.3 Trillion (or more) over the next 10-
20 years.

That might not be a problem if China didnt face a massive economic slowdown of their own. Sparked
by malinvestment, a massive housing bubble, an immense shadow banking sector and a host of other
issues. When commenced China's financial crisis will take decades to fully play out and it will, in no
uncertain terms, devastate the Chinese economy. The Chinese leaders will need someone to blame in
front of their population and since the US will inflate its $1.3 Trillion away, China will point its finger
where it belongs. Rightfully so. Understandably, this will cause significant friction between the US and
China. In fact, it is highly probable that this economic issue will act as the major trigger point that will
eventually set this Nuclear World War 3 off.


As recent developments in Ukraine have clearly illustrated, the relationship between the USA and Russia
can go from a "good working relationship" to the "brink of hostilities" in a matter of months. With both
Russia and China increasingly seeing the USA and NATO as an invading and a hostile force, it becomes a
matter of time before China and Russia announce a formal military alliance to counterbalance NATO.
That is the primary reason as to why the macroeconomic and geopolitical issues between China/Russia
and the USA/NATO will becomes a major trigger point. In fact, we will see most of the issues above
come under increased scrutiny over the next few years. They will not get better. They will continue to
deteriorate until early stages of the war are triggered around 2029.
Developments to Anticipate Over the Next 20 Years

Most people react in one of two ways when they first hear about my prediction. The first group
dismisses me with outmost disrespect. They challenge my credibility, call me really nasty names and
assure me that in today's world any nuclear conflict is simply impossible. In fact, I am certain that at
least half of this group believes that I do most of my writing from a mental asylum.

As accurate as their presumption might be, the other half of folks try to assure me that the war is
coming much sooner than 2029 and that it has already started. Believing that the war will come out of
the Middle East and Israel. While it would be impossible to address all of such issues, allow me to leave
you with the following thoughts on the subject matter.

First, my time cycle work is as accurate as anyone can get to making future predictions. After working
with such cycles for over 10 years, both long-term and short-term, I have not seen them miss once and I
don't believe they will start now. And that is going all the way back to 1776. Second, while wars can
spring out over a very short period of time and seemingly out of nowhere, the conditions must right.
Such conditions call for a significant amount of discontent and hate between the parties. While the
relationship between the US and Russia/China is heading downhill, it is far from being in a critical phase.
We need another 10-20 years to fully nurture the hate between the parties and to brainwash the

Here are the developments we will have to look for over the next 20 years.

The relationship between the USA and Russia will deteriorate significantly.
NATO will continue with its attempts to move right next to the Russian border. Further
destabilizing the region in the process.
Western Media and political leaders will continue to accelerate their propaganda portrayal of
Russia as an "Evil Empire" with a madman (Putin) at the helm. Putin will portray the US in the
very same fashion.
China will face a massive financial crisis due to its housing, shadow banking, credit and economic
bubbles. Resulting in unrest that might lead to an all out regime change.
China will continue to exert its dominance in the South Pacific Region while building a powerful
military machine. Pushing the US and China relationship to a new low.
The relationship between Russia and China will continue to improve.
Russia and China will be forced to form a military alliance to counterbalance NATO.

As soon as the points above are fulfilled, particularly the last one, know that the war is drawing closer. In
the next section we will take a brief look at how the war might start.
How Will The War Start?

On October 24th, 1962 a convoy of Soviet ships was steaming towards a Cuban port. In their wake laid a
large contingent of the US vessels enforcing the blockade. Everyone was on edge. If the Soviet ships
where to cross the blockade line, they would likely have sparked a military confrontation that could
have quickly escalated to an all out nuclear exchange. The sense of doom was in the air. So much so that
the U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara was quoted as saying "I thought it was the last Saturday
I would ever see."

A few days prior, on October 14th, 1962, a U-2 spy plane flying over Cuba discovered nuclear missile
sites under constructions. Missiles that would have had the capability of reaching the US within minutes.
President Kennedy immediately gathered a small group of senior officials to debate the crisis. Known as
ExComm, the group met continuously for the next two weeks. Deeply divided between those who
wanted a peaceful political solution and those demanding that President Kennedy uses the opportunity
to strike at the Soviet Union first.

Eight days later, Kennedy ordered a naval blockade of Cuba while putting all of the U.S. military forces
on DEFCON 3. The US B-52 bombers were placed on the highest state of alert, Polaris class submarines
were told to expect launch orders and ICBMs were prepared for their countdown sequence. President
Kennedy's adversary Nikita Khrushchev responded by putting Warsaw Pact military forces (Soviet
Military Machine) on full battle alert. The U.S. was forced by respond with DEFCON 2.

As the Soviet ships appeared on the horizon the stage was set. If they were to cross the blockade line,
the nuclear war was imminent. In fact, both the Soviet Union and the US bombers were already in flight
to their respective targets. In essence, Kennedy and Khrushchev had their finger on the proverbial red
button in the highest stakes game of chicken ever played. The world was just a few minutes away from
an all out nuclear inhalation.

One simple mistake, one miscommunication, one shot, one dirty look, one wrong word, one loss of
communication, one lost nerve or one person buckling under an immense amount of pressure is all that
stood between peace and an all out nuclear war.

That is exactly what had happened on October 27th when one brave soul, Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov,
flat out refused a direct order to launch a nuclear torpedo against the American forces. On that day a
group of United States Navy destroyers and the aircraft carrier USS Randolph located the diesel-
powered nuclear armed Soviet class Foxtrot submarine B-59 near Cuba.

Despite the submarine being in the international waters, the US Navy started dropping depth charges to
force the submarine to surface for identification. What the US Navy didn't know is that the submarine in
question was radio silent, had no contact with Moscow for several days and was too deep to pick up any
outside radio traffic. The captain of the submarine, Valentin Savitsky, believing that a war might have
already started and that the American Navy was trying to sink his submarine ordered to launch a nuclear

At the time three officers on board the submarine had to agree unanimously to authorize the launch.
Captain Savitsky, the political officer Ivan Maslennikov and the second in command Arkhipov. While
Savitsky and Maslennokov had agreed to launch a nuclear torpedo against the American forces,
Arkhipov firmly stood his ground against it. Eventually persuading the duo to surface and to await
further orders from Moscow. That is how close we came last time. One man with the nerves of steel is
all that stood in the way of a nuclear holocaust.

How will the nuclear war of 2029-2036 start?

Unfortunately, no one knows as the events surrounding the war can unfold in a billion different ways. It
is also important to remember that the conflict will start as a conventional war between the USA/NATO
and Russia/China alliance. In fact, it is highly probable that the war will have its early days as some sort
of a proxy conflict between the superpowers. A proxy conflict that will eventually turn into a direct war
and then into an all out nuclear exchange.

A trigger might be as simple as a number of small skirmishes or a short firefight between a Chinese and
an American soldier. Whatever it might be, the outcome will be the same. Once the nuclear exchange
begins, closer to 2036, it will be all over for the rest of us.

If you are unaware, the second the first nuclear weapon is used or an ICBM is launched, it assures
mutual destruction. If Moscow decides to launch a single missile against a NATO target, Washington will
have to unleash its entire arsenal against Russia. Moscow responds in kind against all targets in a matter
of minutes and by the time the dust settles half of Earth's population will be turned into ash. With the
other half wishing they were dead. A truly troubling proposition.
If you still believe that nuclear war is impossible and what had occurred in 1962 is now ancient history,
consider what had happened just 30 years ago. On September 26th, 1983, the Soviet Union's early-
warning system detected an incoming ballistic missile launch from the United States. At the time
computer readouts suggested that no less than five ICBM's have been launched by the Americans. The
Russian response should have been clear. "Dead Hand" protocol instructs Russian military forces to
retaliate immediately with an all out nuclear attack of their own.

Yet, the officer of duty, Stanislav Petrov, whose job it was to register apparent enemy missile launches,
decided not to report them to his superiors. Instead, dismissing them as a false alarm in what was a
major breach of his orders and a dereliction of his duty.

"I had all the data showing an ongoing missile attack. If I had sent my report up the chain of
command, nobody would have said a word against it. The siren howled, but I just sat there for a
few seconds, staring at the big, back-lit, red screen with the word 'launch' on it. A minute later
the siren went off again. The second missile was launched. Then the third, and the fourth, and
the fifth. Computers changed their alerts from 'launch' to 'missile strike'. All I had to do was to
reach for the phone; to raise the direct line to our top commanders - but I couldn't move. I felt
like I was sitting on a hot frying pan" he told the BBC 30 years later.

The system was clear in showing him the "highest" level of alert and there should not have been a doubt
that Americans had launched an attack. A quick report up the chain of the command and a push of a few
buttons is all that stood in a way of an all out Nuclear War. Subsequent investigation showed that if he
was to pick up the phone and present his data, a duty he was required to do, a retaliatory strike would
have been immediately approved by the chain of command. Anyone else in his seat would have
followed directions. Yet, for some unknown reason Mr. Pertrov did not, saving the world in the process.

While you might believe it is only the Russians who are playing with fire, recent 60 Minutes and other
reports showed just how out of touch with reality the U.S. nuclear forces are. Run by the U.S. Air Force,
the American nuclear arsenal readiness and security has been questioned after a number of recent
scandals. Much of the controversy involved test cheating scandals, personnel problems, lack of security,
complacency, missiles and missile silos that are falling apart and the command/control equipment that
hasn't been updated since the 1970s.

When it comes to China the situation is quite interesting. The Pentagon does not see China as a major
nuclear force or a threat. For instance, while the US has in excess of 2,000 warheads capable of hitting
China on short notice, China deploys an estimated 20 ICMBs capable of targeting US cities. In fact, if a
military conflict between the US and China was to develop, the US plan of action calls for an immediate
tactical nuclear strike against China's nuclear forces, rendering them obsolete.

"In the first hypothetical nuclear attack scenario, U.S ballistic missile submarines stationed in the
Pacific Ocean will fire Trident II D5 submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) at Chinese DF-
DA missile silos. As discussed above the U.S. Trident force has evolved to become the main
element in the US nuclear war plans against China. U.S. long-range bombers based in the Pacific
region or flown from the United States would require a relatively long time to reach their targets
and would have to penetrate China's airspace. The US ICBM force, based in silos in the upper
Midwest, would have to over-fly Russia and risk triggering the remnants of the Soviet early-
warning system, or worse. Since the end of the Cold War, US nuclear forces have been shifted to
the Pacific in the form of additional Trident SSBN's based at the Submarine Base at Bangor,
Washington. For these reasons, we developed a scenario involving a Trident strike against the
DF-5A, the sole Chinese nuclear weapon system capable of hitting the continental United States
(CONUS) and China's primary deterrent against the United States. "

As you continue to study this Pentagon document, it soon becomes evident that the top US military
brass does not view China as a legitimate nuclear threat. If anything, the Pentagon expects to neutralize
China's nuclear forces within minutes. As accurate as that view might be, they are missing one crucial
point. An eventual Chinese and Russian military alliance. Turning any strike against China, into a strike
against Russia.

As was suggested so many times throughout this book, it is highly probable that we will see an official
Russian and Chinese military alliance by the late 2020's. To counterbalance the US/NATO and ensure the
survival of both countries. China will view Russia's nuclear forces as a major deterrent against the US
and Russia will see China's potential 100 Million men army as a major asset against NATO. Making this
alliance a brilliant strategic military move for both countries. In essence, in the very near future a war
against China would lead to the same outcome as a war against Russia. A mutually assured annihilation.

In summary, it is next to impossible to predict which exact event will set us on the path to the Nuclear
World War 3. The cause might be as simple as escalating economic sanctions or a short firefight
between a Chinese and an American soldier. If anything, the history has thought us that we have
already come, a number of times, within an inch of initiating a full out nuclear war. Whatever that
trigger point might be in the future, one thing is certain. One way or another, the war will be triggered
during the proposed time window.
Who Will Win?

When people first learn about my forecast, they typically follow up with the following questions.

Who will win?

Will the US prevail? Will China rule the world? Will Russia be the only country left standing?

Everyone is missing the point. No one will win. The prophecies of the past are quite clear in this regard.
They oftentimes portray the final war so terrible, that those who survive the initial nuclear exchange
would wish that they didn't. Famine, utter collapse of society, violence, mobs, disease, etc.... Basically,
the life as we know it today will come to a screeching halt. Only to be replaced by chaos, violence and
human drive for survival at any cost.

Remember, if the scenario outlined in this book does come to a fruition, as my stock market work
suggests, billions (not millions) of people will die. With most population centers throughout the world
(particularly those in China, Russia, the EU and the US) ending up as radioactive wastelands, no one on
this planet will be able to avoid the consequences. Even those living off the grid will be impacted by the
climate change, radioactive fallouts and subsequent changes in the world order.

Nation shall rise against nation

using the dark forces to shatter the Earth.
Weapons of force shall wipe out the Earth-man
until half of the races of men shall be gone.
Then shall come forth the Sons of the Morning
and give their edict to the children of men, saying:
O men, cease from thy striving against thy brother.
Only thus can ye come to the Light.
Then shall men cease from their striving,
brother against brother and father against son.

Again, no one will win. Humanity as a whole will lose. Big time. The only consolation prize comes from
a number of religious texts and various prophecies that discuss the subject matter and its aftermath.
Most prelude to the fact that this war will be so terrible and so damaging to the human psyche that
future generations will tremble at a thought of a war or harming another human being. Propelling the
human race of the future towards peace, prosperity, harmony and higher consciousness. For now, we
can only hope that such an outcome becomes a reality.
Saving Your Family & Yourself

Most people will dismiss this forecast as highly improbable or even impossible. While some will quote
the Bible in anticipation that "Armageddon" will come out of the Middle East, others will outright refuse
to believe that the Nuclear World War 3 is even possible. And while some will verbally attack me, others
will go as far as calling various mental facilities in California, demanding that they commit me without

Whatever your view is, I want you to pay attention and do the following if you want to

A. Survive this turbulent time period.

B. Save your family or those close to you.

Once again, it is incredibly important that you start paying very close attention to macroeconomic and
geopolitical developments over the next 10-15 years. You will begin to see that the things that were
discussed in this book are being fully realized. Particularly,

Chinese economy will go through a very difficult time. Leading to a possible regime change.
Chinese and Russian relationship will improve dramatically.
China and Russia will come together to form a military alliance.
The US/NATO relationship with Russia/China will deteriorate significantly.
Economic warfare.

Such developments should bring us into the 2028-2029 time period. It is at this stage that some sort of a
conventional military conflict between Russia/China and the US/NATO will begin. If you are still
dismissive of this forecast at that juncture, the law of natural selection demands your ultimate demise.

Yet, if you have a tiny bit of common sense you will immediately start making preparations for what is to
come. And thanks to this book you will now know exactly what that is. Conventional and economic
warfare between the superpowers will deteriorate by 2035. So much so that one of the sides will be
forced to use nuclear weapons. Leading to an all out nuclear exchange that will wipe out half the Earth's
populations in a matter of hours. The other half will go through unimaginable struggles and horrors as
they try to put the pieces together.

Unfortunately, no one will save you. There will no rapture and no baby Jesus (or Buddha or Allah or
Krishna or Yahweh or Ronald Regan) will come down from the sky to save you. Your government will no
longer exist. Your prayers will not be answered and rich or or white, all will get vaporized
in the very same fashion. Point being, the life of your family is in your hands. No one else's.

"God helps those who help themselves"

-Someone smart

Fortunately, it is possible not only to avoid the carnage and subsequent struggles, but to position
yourself as a beacon of hope for future generations. Yet, before that happens you MUST survive.

Survival Requirements:

REQIREMENT #1: Do NOT join or affiliate yourself with any sort of a military branch. If drafted, dodge

Whether you live in the US, Russia, China or Timbuktu understand one simple truth. War is for idiots. As
Herbert Hoover so famously said, "Older rich men declare war, but it is the youth that must fight and
die." I oftentimes look in disbelief as people around the world continue to kill each other over a piece of
desert land that has no value or some superficial belief that has room in today's society. Freedom,
liberty, honor, beliefs, flags, patriotism, pledges, religions, national service, neighborhoods, borders,
nationalism, etc..... All meaningless keywords and ideals created by the "Older Rich Men" to lead the
"Young Fools" into battle.

Further, clearly understand the following. If you do feel extra patriotic and you do end up joining a
military service of any kind, you will not be coming back. No one will be coming back from this war. It is
as simple as that. As such, avoid military service at all cost. If drafted, dodge it. Get out of the way and
let the fools fight and die at the hands of their own ignorance.

REQUIREMENT #2: Find a safe location that is far from major population centers.

As was mentioned earlier in the book, most major population centers throughout the world will be
nuked. If you live in the city with a population of over 1 Million or if you live near any sort of a military
installation, chances are, you are on somebody's target list.

For instance, while I tend to travel extensively and live around the world, my home base is in San Diego.
With a population of over 3 Million people and a number of massive military bases at Miramar, Camp
Pendleton and Coronado, San Diego is definitely getting nuked. Multiple times. In other words, when
the war finally starts and accelerates you don't want to be anywhere close to such a city.

Further, you don't want to find yourself in small population centers either. As a matter of fact, if at all
possible you don't want to be around people at all. Once the order breaks down and the society falls
into disarray you might find yourself in situations that were unthinkable just a few years prior. Looting,
violence, murders and rapes, food scavenging, cannibalism, etc.... All sorts of crazy things will happen as
the society deteriorates and falls into darkness. If you are smart enough you wouldn't want to be
anywhere close to that.

Keep in mind, the survival of your family should be your number one priority. To accomplish that you
have to do the following.

Survival Blueprint:

STEP #1: Research & Select a Country Where You Will Stay:

If you have the ability to travel anywhere in the world with your family, determine which country or area
is your best bet. While some parts of the world will be utterly annihilated, other will be able to make it
through the ordeal without a scratch. Relatively speaking.

Areas That Will Be Destroyed Through Direct Strikes and Subsequent Radioactive Fallouts:

Russia, China, Japan (most of Asia), all of Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most
of the Middle East.

Areas That Will Be, More or Less, Spared

Parts of the South Pacific, Central Australia, parts of New Zealand, Central Africa, Central and
South America's.

If you live in a country that will face the brunt of the attack, you might want to consider moving your
family to locations that will escape the worst of it as 2030 approaches and the war begins. If you already
live in the above mentioned countries, you are well ahead of the curve. At the same time, not many
people can just pack up and move their entire family across the world. If that is the case, consider the

STEP #2: Find a safe location for your family:

This step applies to everyone, regardless of whether or not you live in a safe or impacted area. Just
remember, you don't want to be around population centers. Large or small. As was suggested above,
societies throughout the world will deteriorate. Impacted or not. As such, you want to be as far away
from everyone as possible. Separation from others will become your best weapon for survival.

Best Options If You Have Money and are Able to Move Around

Stick to Western societies. Essentially, you will have two options.

1. Central Australia: Scarcely populated, large open spaces. And while coastal Australia will be
nuked, this large body of land will not be impacted in its center. Making it a perfect location to
setup a small household for your family to wait out the war.
2. Central Canada (some parts of Alaska): If you prefer the cold, would like to remain in North
America and don't mind sharing your habitat with the polar bears, Canada is your best bet.
While large population centers in Canada will be targeted, the rest of the country and its
wilderness will be able to avoid the impact.

Contrary to a popular believe, the USA would not be a good place to wait out the war. For a number of
reasons. First, the U.S. will be the primary target in the nuclear war. If you are lucky enough to survive
initial strikes, subsequent radioactive fallouts are likely to do you in. Second, the US is just too well
connected for you to have the ability to be "off the grid" and far away from all major population centers.
Finally, the US population is heavily armed and it will become violent once the society deteriorates.
Putting your family in an unnecessary danger.

Best Options If You Are Unable or Unwilling to Move Away From Your Home Country.

Yet, if you are unable or unwilling to move away from your home country, the following plan of action is
your best bet. (Please Note: This applies to those who are willing to move as well).
A. Locate an off the grid piece of land that is at least 300 miles away from any population center.
The more difficult it is to get there, the better. Stay away from all major roads. Make sure that a
nearby clean source of water is available. Also, make sure that the land is fertile enough to farm
B. Buy this piece of land. Do not buy it outright; get a loan if you can. By the time the war ends it is
highly probable that neither your bank nor your IOU will exist.
C. Build a simple one story house for your family and yourself. Just big enough to accommodate all
of your needs. Try to hide or camouflage it the best you can. Remember, you wouldn't want to
attract attention. Even from the air.
D. Build a small underground bunker/space on the property. Just in case.
E. Rely on solar power as your primary source of energy. Obtain a backup generator.

STEP #3: Learn How To Hunt, Farm & Filter Water:

Outside of finding the right place to protect your family over a 10-15 year period of time, this should be
your number one priority. As you very well realize, if you don't have food or water, your family will
vanish. That is why locating your property on a piece of fertile land becomes so important. Educate
yourself on all aspects of farming and hunting. When it comes to filtering water, concentrate on one
primary aspect. Filtering as much radiation as you can out of your water supply. It is highly probable that
most fresh water supplies will have various degrees of radiation in it for at least a few years. Due to
radioactive fallouts throughout the world.

STEP #4: Weapons & Protection:

It is important to protect your family and yourself. Even though you should be "off the grid" and
untraceable, it is hard to predict exactly how the events will unfold. Given the circumstances, it would
be a great idea to be in a procession of a few firearms. The more the better. A few handguns (for each
member of your family), one AK-47/74 and one AR-15 would be ideal. Finally, learn how to make your
own ammunition. And while you are unlikely to use your arsenal, it is better to have it and not need it,
than to need it and not have it.

STEP #5: Money & Assets:

While viewed as trivial by others, making the right steps in this area will help you set your entire family
up for a prosperous future after the war. Here is what you need to do.
1. Wait until the conventional war starts in 2028-2029. This will be your first sign that my prophecy
is coming to fruition. If you would like to know the exact timeframes I would suggest you follow
my future works closely.
2. Liquidate all of your assets. Stocks, bonds, 401K, IRA's, etc..... Everything. Even your real estate
holdings. I want you to go into 100% liquid cash.
3. Do not pay off any of your loans. In fact, if you have the ability to do so, borrow as much money
as you can.


By the time the war ends, your currency, your real estate, your banks, your insurance companies
and your debts will no longer exist. They will be wiped out from the face of the Earth.

4. Take whatever cash you have after liquidating everything and maximizing your loan portfolios
and buy the only real money out there. Gold and Silver. I would suggest allocating 75% of your
capital towards Gold and the rest towards Silver.

It is important to understand that Gold and Silver are the only real money out there. They have been for
thousands of years. When the nuclear war hits, the rest of the currencies, monetary systems and
financial markets will collapse overnight. Only gold, silver, guns, ammo, food and water will surge ever
higher in value. Giving your family the ability to be on the right side of a powerful trade.

STEP #6: Find Something To Do:

As you wait out the war, you will need something to do. Pick a number of long-term projects that will
sustain your interests for many years. Learn a new language, write a few books or learn how to play a
musical instrument. I would highly recommend meditation in an attempt to jump to the next dimension
of human consciousness. While it will take quite some time, something that you will have plenty of, it is
the only thing that is truly worth doing in your lifetime.

STEP #7: Come Back and Help Rebuild The Society:

As you monitor the developments in the outside world, return when the time is right. My cyclical work
suggests that things will begin to return to normal around 2045-2050. As the dust settles, find a good
place where you would like to live and return to civilization. Be gentle and never speak of how you were
able to avoid the war. Most of the people would have gone through unimaginable hardships by that
time and you wouldn't want them to resent you. Use your Gold and Silver to rebuild your civilized life
and to help others. In whatever way that you can. This period will represent a new beginning for the
entire human race. Try to make it a good one.

Sample Plan......My Plan:

Personally, I don't like the cold (Canada) nor would I want to live in the middle of nowhere (Australia).
You will find me (well, hopefully you won't) on one of the small islands somewhere in the South Pacific.
Living in a small house with my family and those close to me. Far from any population centers and as far
from the war as you could possibly get. Far from the nuclear explosions and radioactive fallouts. Far
from the pain and suffering that most of humanity will have to go through.

I will enjoy a simple life of eating bananas, drinking coconut milk, fishing and lying on the beach.
Running, meditating, writing books and working with a local tribe. Perhaps I will finally have enough
time to learn how to play a piano. While most will view this period as one of the most destructive in the
history of humanity, I will view it as an opportunity for reflection and immense growth. When the war
ends and the time is right, I shall return and help rebuild.

Is It Possible To Stop or To Prevent This War?

NO. Unfortunately, that is not how the universal architecture nor the wheel of time work. The
war will develop exactly as predicted in this book. Yes, it is possible to avoid the war, but for that to
happen human race must be fully awake, aware and conscious. In other words, human beings must
operate at the same level of consciousness that Buddha was at....that Jesus was at, etc.... Sadly,
99.999999% of the Earth population lives in the deep unconscious. Interested only in greed, cheap
pleasures, trivial Earthy pursuits, etc.... This war must happen. It is unavoidable and it will act as a huge
wakeup call that we need to change our approach to life.

What If I Want to Fight For My Country and/or For My Way Of Life?

You are a fool. There are no countries, there are no races, there are no colors and there are no enemies.
There is only one human race and only one universal consciousness. Borders and hate are drawn by
fools for even bigger fools. I beg you; step aside and let the wicked and the stupid kill each other in the
name of their ignorance. You can't stop them. Step aside and prosper. Fight and die. The choice is
always yours.

Good Luck Everyone.


"The Future"

I AM, and you are not, most likely my brothers and sisters
Soon, the Earth shall shake and roar in my honor
Shaking the dead weight and dirt of its surface
Draining the blood of the wicked and greedy
Purifying the oceans and the human spirit
Remain in your sleep you no longer my brothers and sisters
Open thy eyes and bask in my light
Open thy ears and hear my thunder
Open thy mouth and taste bitter ashes
Rejoice as the night is now over and the new morning is here
Join with my spirit and prosper forever
No One Can Stop Me

- Universal Consciousness
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