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The Association of Secondary School Heads of Pili (AASAP) organized a 2-day In-Service
training program for the Pili district secondary school teachers through the efforts of Mrs. Fe F.
Peralta, the principal of Altamarino-Clasio High school together with the different secondary
school heads in Pili namely; Mrs. Lourdes R, Nopre of Rodriguez national High school; Mrs. Edna
F. Aladano of Binobong High School; Mr. Miguel P. Barcia of San Jose Pili National High School;
Mr. Jim B. Guarnes of Gov. Mariano E. Villanueva High School; Mrs. Noemi B. Callope of
Sagurong High School and Mr. Vincent Rabeje III of Dona Basilia Quilon Memorial High School
on October 29 and 30 at Avenue Plaza Hotel, Naga City.

The program started with the singing of national anthem conducted by Mr. Greg Cortez,
a Mapeh teacher of Rodriguez National High School followed by a community prayer. Mr.
Miguel P. Barcia as the president of the Association of Secondary School Heads of Pili (AASAP)
gave the opening remarks and Mrs. Noemi B. Callope presented and had a roll call of the
participating schools of Pili District. Moreover, Mrs. Fe F. Peralta as the overall chairman of the
In-service training had the orientation for the 2-day activity followed by an Inspirational talk
given by the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Susan S. Collano and a message
from Mr. Ben P. Saluna, the Public School District Superintendent of Pili District Secondary.

On the first day, the session started with a spiritual development with Rev. Fr. Fausto
Rodel Malanyaon whose talk focused on life journey and knowing ones self emphasizing that
each one is IALAC which means I am lovable and capable. The spiritual exercise ended in a
mass celebration. Also, Mr. June F. Dela Pea, the director of the Childrens Laboratory
Foundation discussed the childrens rights and the integration of drama in education.

On the second day, teachers were divided into two groups for a workshop. Group one
encompasses English, Filipino, Mapeh and ESP and group 2 encompasses Math, TLE, Science
and AP. The group one was ask to integrate art in lesson with the use of songs, poems, dance,
and sketches were groups had their artistic presentation of certain topic in a chosen subject.
After which Mrs. Fe F. Peralta had taught the teachers on how to make an improvised white
board graphic organizers where teachers also made their own presented in a gallery walk. The
group two however, had their session with Ms. Ana E. Mirana on modern strategies in teaching
Mathematics, TLE, Science and AP. There was also a discussion of the Effective Classroom
Management Practices and Positive Discipline by Mrs. Gilda A. Oliver as the resource speaker
emphasizing the rights and obligations of a child and positive practices in teaching.

The program ended with the sharing of impression of some teachers and awarding of
certificates to the people behind making the event a successful one.

Prepared by:

Vilclinton L. Ferrer
Teacher 1
Noted by:

Lourdes R. Nopre Ph.D.

Secondary School Principal II