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Rev: 00, Issue Date 07.10.09

In Nishchintpur, Hoogley river flows through western part of the
Sundarban Delta in West Bengal. As per oceanography studies of Jadhavpur
university, it came to know by the tide gauge record that the sea is arising at the
rate of 3.14 mm every year. Due to the rising of sea level and high rise tides, part
of the river bank has lost about 80 Sqkm of land during last 20 years. Homes and
lands washed away with water and life of the people is badly affected due to the
hungry tides of the river.

To overcome from the above problem, different types/ combinations of bank
protection measures needed to be adopted.

In order to protect bank from waves and current, transverse structures
needed to be provided which will deflect the water away from river bank. Spurs are Fig 1. Site eroded due to wave effect
best option to reduce impact of water on the bank. As affected bank is so long i.e
5-6 Km, Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) has suggested to construct spurs in series to resist
the current. Another advantage of this arrangement is, after time elapses, silt will
accumulate in between spurs thus forms permanent bank. For construction of spurs,
following methodology is adopted.

Wherever construction of bank, sufficient land is not available, KoPT has
suggested to provide polymeric gabions filled with geotextile bag for the stretch
of 750m.

The construction steps shall be listed as below:
• Multifilament woven Geotextile as a filter is placed with the help of fas-
cine grid having side lapping of minimum 400 mm & horizontal of mini-
mum 250mm.
• Building of new spurs & Nourishment of existing spurs with geotextile
bags, so that they can get almost a permanent bank after certain time due
to siltation.
• Geotextile bags Suggested which are made of Polypropylene multifila-
ment woven fabric.
• Laterite blocks to cover and protect the spurs made from geotextile bag.
Fig 2. Erosion effect on site
Maccaferri Product:

Client name:
Kolkata Port Trust
Main contractor name:
Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Private Ltd.

Products used:
GeoBags - 600000 Nos
Geomattress - 56000 sq.m

Construction info:
Construction Start: 7/01/2009
Construction end: On Going Project Fig 3. Eroded river bank before construction

Arrangement Drawing .Fig.5.4. Spurs Location on Construction Site without any wrinkles on the Fig. Laying of Geo-mattress with Fascine by Barge Project section drawing Diagram 1. River Bank Protection Length covered Fig.6 & 7.

O. Function of Laterite Block: Laterite is normally not considered as perfect material for construction due to the weathering characteristics. 8.S):. • Tensile Strength: 40 KN/m or equivalent both warp and weft at 15% elongation. prepared layer of Specifications of MacBag: • Mass per Unit Area: 240 Gsm (min).9 Placing of MacBags Specifications of Geotextile Filter: • Mass per Unit Area: 240 Gsm (min). • Apparent opening size (A.O.200 microns. • Apparent opening size (A.S):.100microns (maximum). However KoPT’s experienced engineers selected laterite blocks as they are seasoned laterites as well as they are having good characteristics of attracting silt towards it.150 . • Tensile Strength: 40 KN/m or equivalent both warp and weft at 15% elongation. thus nourishing spurs .Fig.

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