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Post Lesson Reflection

Lesson Fractions (Subtracting fractions Student teacher

unit/page Khadija Mohammed
with same denominator)

MST/MCT Nina Thomas Al Asalah (Girls)


Class 5 E/F Date 25th October 2017

Overall aim and context of the lesson:
The aim of this lesson is to ensure that students are capable of subtracting fractions with same
denominator to ensure that they are confident with the topic. Therefore, if students are confident
with subtracting fractions with same denominator, they will be introduced to simple fraction word
problems/equations that contain unlike denominator. Hence, unlike denominator will be the
following numbers (1, 2 and 5) because students are only familiar with the mentioned multiples.

Choose two aspects from the competency areas to evaluate and discuss (one paragraph
each) according to following
Firstly, discuss one aspect that YOU feel you did very well. Try to analyze why you think
it worked well and what hints you would share with other teachers about the successful
strategy/ resource/activity/management style etc.
Secondly, elaborate on the aspect identified by YOU that requires attention. Discuss what
the problem was, why it occurred and what action you intend to take to be more
successful in the next lesson.

Planning for activities and lesson aims, was the most aspect I think that I have succeeded
with. This is because, I have created an attractive story about subtracting fractions with same
denominator and added Disney characters into it as a way to hook the students as well as engage
them at the beginning of the lesson. Students were interacting and responding effectively towards
this story because all of them participated and shared their answers with their teacher. In addition,
students also provided a reason that supports their answer in order to show their teacher that they
understand the topic. Moreover, students had worksheets to complete in the core of the lesson and
most of them thought that the worksheets are hard to solve since they contain word problems.
However, I informed them to refer to the steps that they have followed while answering the
questions that were mentioned in the story. To elaborate, I gave specific hints to the students in
order for them identify the way of solving the word problems, and most importantly that they
solve the word problems by themselves. For example, one of the hints was When we have two
same denominators, will the denominator in the final answer change or stays the same?. In such
way, students began to process the information that they learnt throughout the story and applied it
while solving the given word problems.
In my opinion, I would share with other teachers that adding creative activities into their
lessons ensures that students engagement and activeness are found and exist within the lesson.
Whereas, communication skills is the aspect that requires attention and improvements. This
is because, I noticed that some students found some difficulty with processing the given
information since more advanced words were used by me. For example, I used the word Out of
in order to show them the denominator but then students had doubts and asked for the meaning of
that word. Such thing caused confusion for the students understanding and learning.
However, this misconception could be enhanced by using simple and easy words instead of
using advanced words in order to ease students understanding. Therefore, grade 5 students are
young and they are not ready yet for coping and using more advanced words when it is related to

Personal focus for next lesson:

In my future lesson, I will ensure that I use simple and easy words as much as possible in
order to ensure that students are capable of receiving and processing the information so as to
apply it within their given tasks.