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11/27/2017 Document 1151373.

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How to set "AR: Maximum Lines Per AutoInvoice Worker" profile option (Doc ID 1151373.1) To Bottom

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APPLIES TO: Last Major
Update: 01-Nov-2012
Last 25-Aug-2016
Oracle Receivables - Version 12.0.6 and later
Update: English
Information in this document applies to any platform.
***Checked for relevance on 09-APR-2014***

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Oracle Receivables
In Note 1083467.1, How To Setup AutoInvoice For Optimal Performance it mentions:
AR: Maximum Lines Per AutoInvoice Worker
Information Centers

How do you determine the correct value to enter into this profile option? If you set the value to 30,000 lines per worker and later Information Center: Overview
there is an invoice which has 50,000 lines what is the impact? of the Receipts Workbench in
Oracle Receivables (AR) 11.5
and later [1362278.2]
SOLUTION Information Center: Month End
Processing in Oracle
Receivables (AR) [1370198.2]
The lines per worker setting is a guideline and not a hard and fast rule. If the profile option is set to 30,000 lines per worker, and Information Center: Overview
an invoice has more than 30,000 lines, then all the lines on the invoice would be assigned to a single worker. of AutoInvoice in Oracle
Receivables (AR) 11.5 and
This is why it is important that you understand and know the makeup of the AutoInvoice data being processed. This profile option later [1137414.2]
allows you to give AutoInvoice a "tip" on how it should group the records so that all lines for an invoice can be assigned to a Information Center: Overview
single worker. For extreme cases where the lines of an invoice exceeds the value you provided in the profile option, AutoInvoice of the Transactions Workbench
will still assign all lines to a single worker. in Oracle Receivables (AR)
11.5 and later [1320546.2]
The columns used, to assign lines to workers, include the following: Information Center: R12
Critical, Rollup and
orig_system_bill_customer_id Recommended Patches for
Oracle Receivables (AR)
orig_system_bill_customer_ref [1433375.2]
orig_system_bill_address_ref Show More
purchase_order Document References
How to Setup AutoInvoice For
conversion_type Optimal Performance
org_id [1083467.1]

If all of the lines of an invoice have the same values for these columns, they will be assigned the same worker regardless of the
maximum lines per worker. Recently Viewed


REFERENCES [1607921.1]
COGS Dataflow and
NOTE:1083467.1 - How To Setup AutoInvoice For Optimal Performance Diagnostics [Video]
COGS and DCOGS Workflow
Example of a Revenue /
COGS matching for a Sales
Order [867912.1]
How to Setup AutoInvoice
For Optimal Performance
How to set "AR: Maximum
Lines Per AutoInvoice
Worker" profile option
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11/27/2017 Document 1151373.1
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