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Rectilinear motion, Projectile motion,

Relative motion, Geometrical optics
(Introduction, Laws of reflection, Plane
mirror, Motion of object,Reflection
through curve surface and Focal length of Fundamentals of Mathematics, Quadratic Mole concept, Quantum Mechanical
1 16-Jul-17 PT-1 IUPAC Nomenclature & Structural Isomerism
mirror,Mirror formula, Examples on Equation model of atom (QMM)
spherical mirror, velocity of image and
magnification,Combination of curved
mirror & Plane mirror, Refraction at plane
surface, Slab,Total internal reflection)

Fundamentals of Mathematics, Quadratic

Equation, Matrices & Determinant,
IUPAC Nomenclature & Structural Isomerism,
Statistics,Straight Line (Coordinate System,
Structure Identification, Phisicial organic
Distance Formula, Section Formula and
Chemistry ( POC-I),General Organic
associated examples, Notion of slope,Std
Mole concept, QMM, Periodic table, Chemistry (GOC-1) (I effect : (+I, I) & their
Rectilinear motion, Projectile motion, equation,slope form,two point form, area of
Real Gases, Chemical Bonding (Ionic order,Resonance : Definition, condition and
2 06-Aug-17 CT-1 Relative motion, Geometrical Optics, triangle,area of quadrilateral,
Bond & Characteristic of ionic writing resonating structures,Stability of
Newton's laws of motion (NLM), Friction Determinant form,Parametric form of line and
compound. Fajans rule.) Resonance structure & resonance
its examples, Angle between the lines,Point
energy,Mesomeric effect : (+m, m),
and Line-position,linear inequalities,
Application of m effect, electron density in
perpendicular distance,image and foot,
ring and SIR effect)
Centroid, orthocenter, circumcenter,
incenter,Locus problems)

GOC-I (I effect : (+I, I) & their

order,Resonance : Definition, condition and
Periodic table, Real Gases, Chemical writing resonating structures,Stability of
Bonding (Ionic Bond & Characteristic Resonance structure & Resonance energy,
of ionic compound. Fajans rule,Types Mesomeric effect : (+m, m), Application of
of chemical bond and octet m effect, electron density in ring and SIR
Matrices & Determinant,Statistics, Straight rule,Limitations of octet rule, formal effect, Hypercongugation and their
Line, Circle, Binomial Theorem (Binomial charge, lewis dot structures, application : bond length, stability of alkenes
Geometrical Optics (G.O), NLM, Friction,
Theorem for positive index,Theorem + basic resonance,Bond order in oxoanions and heat of hydrogenation, Application of
Work, Power, Energy(WPE), Circular
properties, General term, middle term, and corresponding acids, VBT, electronic effect, Aromaticity, definition,
3 27-Aug-17 PT-2 motion, Electrostatics (Electric charge,
Coefficient of xk in (ax + b)n, Overlapping of orbitals,VSEPR condition, Aromaticity in cations and anions,
Coulomb's Law,Problems of Coulombs
Remainder, Sum of series (upper index is theory,Hybridisation, Bond angle, Annulenes, Azulene and anti aromatic
constant),Upper index is variable, Product of bond length compounds) & GOC-II (Carbocations :
binomial coefficient) comparison,Multicentered species. Structure, shape, hybridization and stability
Lewis acids, coordinate of carbocations, Rearrangement of
bond,electrondeficient bond, Back carbocations, Stability of free radical,
bonding, Molecular Orbital Theory carbanions & carbene,Acidic strength of
(MOT ), Applilcation of MOT) organic compounds,Basic strength of organic
compounds,Definition & conditions of
tautomerism, % Enol content)

Mole concept, QMM, Periodic Table,

Fundamentals of Mathematics, Quadratic
Real Gases, Chemical Bonding,
Equation, Matrices & Determinant, Statistics,
Rectilinear motion, Projectile motion, Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic
Straight Line, Circle, Binomial Theorem,
Relative motion, Geometrical optics, NLM, Equilibrium (Elementary) (Acid base
4 17-Sep-17 CT-2 Permutation & Combination (P & C), Probability Structure Identification, POC-I, GOC-I & II
Friction, WPE, Circular motion, concept, Ostwald dilution law,
(Basics definitions, Classical definition of
Electrostatics , Gravitation Properties of water, pH calculation of
probability ,Addition theorem of probability,
Acids & Bases,Salt hydrolysis (WA +
Conditional probability)
SB, SA + WB,WA + WB))

Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic

Equilibrium (Elementary) ,
Coordination compound (General
Introduction, ligand & Oxidation
Current Electricity, Capacitance, Centre of P & C, Probability, Sets & Relations, Function &
5 08-Oct-17 PT-3 Number & Denticity of ligand, GOC-I & II, Stereoisomerism
mass Inverse Trigonometric Function (ITF)
Nomenclature of coordination
compound,Theory of co-ordination
compounds (Werner theory&
Effective atomic number)

Rectilinear motion, Projectile motion, Mole concept, QMM, Periodic table,

Fundamentals of Mathematics, Quadratic Stereoisomerism, Organic reaction
Relative motion, Geometrical optics, NLM, Real Gases, Chemical Bonding,
Equation, Matrices & Determinant, Statistics, mechanisms-I (ORM-I) (Electrophile,
Friction, WPE, Circular motion, Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic
6 05-Nov-17 CT-3 Straight Line, Circle, Binomial Theorem, P & C, Nucleophile & Nucleophilicity, Leaving group
Electrostatics , Gravitation, Current Equilibrium (Eleminatry),
Probability, Sets & Relation, Function & ITF, ability & Solvent, Introduction to reaction
electricity, Capacitance, Centre of mass, Coordination compounds, Surface
Limits, Continuity & Derivability mechanism & Reaction of acidic hydrogen)
Rigid body dynamics (RBD) Chemistry, s-Block Element
Stereoisomerism, Organic reaction
mechanisms-I (Electrophile, Nucleophile &
Nucleophilicity, Leaving group ability &
Solvent,Introduction to reaction mechanism
& Reaction of acidic hydrogen, Nucleophilic
addition reaction of carbonyl compounds
(NaBH4, LiAlH4, HCN),Nucleophilic addition
reaction of carbonyl compounds (GR, H2O,
Electrostatics, Gravitation, Current Limits, Continuity & Derivability, Application of ROH, NaHSO3, ammonia
electricity, Capacitance, Centre of mass, Derivatives, Indefinite Integration (Standard Surface chemistry, s-Block Element, deratives),Beckmann rearrangement and
7 26-Nov-17 PT-4
RBD, Simple Harmonic motion (SHM), Formula, Theorems on integration,Simple Metallurgy, Electrochemistry SN2Th reaction of acid (Esterification),SN2Th
String wave problems on substitution,Integration by part) reaction of acid derivatives with (RMgX,
Hydrolysis),Preparation & other reaction of
GR,Electrophilic Aromatic substitution
reaction (Halogenation, nitration
sulphonation)) Organic reaction mechanisms-
II (Directive influence & o/p ratio, Friedel
craft Alkyalation, Friedel craft Acylation
reaction & its limitations)

Stereoisomerism, ORM-I & ORM-II (Directive

influence & o/p ratio, Friedel craft
Rectilinear motion, Projectile motion, Fundamentals of Mathematics, Quadratic Alkyalation ,Friedel craft Acylation reaction &
Relative motion, Geometrical optics, NLM, Equation, Matrices & Determinant, Statistics, its limitations,Free radical substitution of
Mole concept, QMM, Periodic table, alkane, Free radical substitution by NBS &
Friction, WPE, Circular motion, Straight Line, Circle, Binomial Theorem, P & C,
Real Gases, Chemical Bonding, Free radical addition reaction,Electrophilic
Electrostatics , Gravitation, Current Probability, Sets & Relation, Function & ITF,
Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic addition reaction of alkene (X2, HOX,
electricity, Capacitance, Centre of mass, Limits, Continuity & Derivability, Application of
8 10-Dec-17 CT-4 Equilibrium (eleminatry), HX),Electrophilic addition reaction of alkene
RBD, SHM, String wave, sound Derivatives, Indefinite Integration, Definite
Coordination compounds, Surface
wave,Electro Magnetic Effect (EMF) Integration & Its Application (Newton-Leibnitz (H2O / H+, (CH3COO)2Hg,H2O / NaBH4 & B2H6
Chemistry, s-block elements,
(Magnet, Magnetic field due to moving formula and graphical interpretation of / H2O2),Electrophilic addition reaction of
Electrochemistry, Metallurgy
charge, biot Savarts law, Magnetic field definite integration Properties of D.I. (P-1 to P- alkyne (X2, HOX, HX, H2SO4 / Hg2+ & B2H6 /
due to straight wire,arc, ring ) 5) H2O2),Metal hydrides reduction &
Miscellenous reduction , Oxidation reaction
of hydrocarbon

Chemical Kinetics, p-Block (13-14),

Application of Derivatives, Indefinite Solution & colligative properties
9 31-Dec-17 PT-5 String wave, sound wave, EMF Integration,Definite Integration & Its (Solutions of Solid and Gases in ORM-I & II, Reduction,Oxidation & Hydrolysis
Application Liquids, General Introduction & types
of solution,Osmotic pressure)

Fundamental of Mathematics, Quadratic

Equation, Statitics, Matrices and Determiants,
Straight Line, Circle, Binomial Theorem, P & C, Reduction,Oxidation & Hydrolysis, ORM-III
Rectilinear motion, Projectile motion,
Probability, Sets & Relations, Function & ITF, (Nucleophilic Substitution Reaction SN1 (Alkyl
Relative motion, Geometrical optics, NLM,
Limits, Continuity & Derivability, Application of
Friction, WPE, Circular motion, halide, Alcohol and Ether),Nucleophilic
Derivatives, Indefinite Integration, Definite Metallurgy,Chemical Kinetics, p-Block
Electrostatics , Gravitation, Current Substitution Reaction SN2 (Alkyl halide,
10 14-Jan-18 CT-5 Integration & Its Application , (13-14), Solution & colligative
electricity, Capacitance, Centre of mass, Alcohol and Ether),Nucleophilic Substitution
Differential Equation, Properties. P-Block (15 & 16 groups)
RBD, SHM, String wave, sound wave, EMF, Reaction SN2 & SNi,Aromatic Nucleophilic
Vector & 3D (Addition of vectors, position
Electro Magnetice Induction (EMI), Substitution Reaction SN2Ar, & ORM- IV
vector, distance formula and section
Alternating currrent (AC) (Elimination Reaction E1 & E2 & E1cb)
formula,Vector equation of straight line, Scalar
product of two vector,Vector product of two

11 28-Jan-18 AIOT Full Syllabus Full Syllabus Full Syllabus Full Syllabus

Differential Equation, Vector & 3-D, Complex

Number, Conic Section (Parametric equation of
parabola (Standard),Chord joining t1, t2 ,
Position of a point w.r.t. parabola,Position of a
line w.r.t. parabola, Length of intercept,
Tangent,Normal, Length of tangent, Normal, ORM-III,ORM-IV, Aromatic
Modern Physics-I, Nuclear Physics, Wave Solid State, p-Block (17-18) group,
12 11-Feb-18 PT-6 Subtangent,Subnormal, Pair of Tangents, Compound,Hydrocarbon, Carbonyl
optics, Fluid mechanics, Surface Tension Thermodynamics
Director Circle,Chord of contact, Chord with Compounds
middle point, Important properties of
parabola,Definition, Properties i.e. focal
property, General Ellipse,Auxillary Circle,
Parametric Equation, Equation chord joining a,

13 04-Mar-18 MT Full Syllabus Full Syllabus Full Syllabus Full Syllabus

14 11-Mar-18 JPT-1 Full Syllabus Full Syllabus Full Syllabus Full Syllabus

15 18-Mar-18 JPT-2 Full Syllabus Full Syllabus Full Syllabus Full Syllabus