Hallettestoneion SeaZoria Dragons. Advanced pre-historic marine biology.

Thank you for visiting the Hallettestoneion Research Projects SeaZoria educational and informational public access internet address, providing the very latest scientific news and overall current understanding of the Hallettestoneion SeaZoria Dragons. The SeaZoria knowledge contained within this educational web site were obtained directly out of the Hallettestoneion Heights graveyards by researchers working on actual Hallettestoneion SeaZoria Dragon remains. Conclusions are obtained through the evolving process of discovery, mapping, study, comparison, analisis, discussion and excavation. Due to the size, age and complexities, of the Hallettestoneion SeaZorias the Hallettestoneion Research Project has been concentrating its efforts and resources specifically into SeaZoria skull matrix excavations. Due to the Hallettestoneion SeaZorias extreme compounded generational evolutionary development and large-scale size, a typical partially exposed surface example SeaZoria skull should contain at least 8,000 individual componants within the SeaZoria skull burial matrix. The primary rule when excavating an ultra complex SeaZoria skull burial matrix it that with respect to all of the individual componants with in the skull matrix form matches function to perfection based on location. Translated that means all of the individual componants within the skull matrix look exactly like they are supposed too. For example front teeth look like front teeth. Back teeth look exactly back teeth for that position and location in the mouth. And the progressive genetic identical replacement teeth are in the correct biological format and physical location. Hallettestoneion SeaZoria skulls located in the un-disturbed sections of the Hallettestoneion Heights graveyards and are still partially buried should have a full and complete set of teeth. (Some teeth may have been reclaimed back into dirt depending on how close the teeth are to the surface, teeth that were broken or cracked at the time of death are especially prone to accelerated reclamation). As a general rule Hallettestonion SeaZoria skulls that are still partially buried should be intact. And the un-disturbed semi exposed SeaZoria skulls should have a full and complete set of teeth. Teeth come in rights and lefts and tops and bottoms including geneticly identical progressive replacement teeth. Primary row mature teeth average 27 inches long, however 30 and 40 inch mature teeth are common place with among many species of Hallettestoneion SeaZoria dragons. All SeaZoria teeth are extremely specialized and massively evolved and all teeth are created in distingtive rights and lefts only no exceptions. Hallettestoneion SeaZoria teeth are always created dirversified complex repeating biological structures. Each individual tooth is created to perform a specific function in an exact location within the mouth. The Hallettestoneion SeaZorias had evolved a very specialized and progressive diversified set of teeth throughout the entire mouth. Front teeth - top and bottom, side - teeth, top and bottom, and rear_ teeth top and bottom. The specialized Zoria repeating biological structural growth format. There are several main key points to keep in mind while excavating a Hallettestoneion SeaZoria skull matrix. First of all categorizing the surviving hardend componants into 4 main groups. (#1) The Hallettestoneion SeaZoria skull. (#2)The crown spikes. (#3) Facial spikes. (#4) Teeth. Always remember skull has survived, the teeth have survived, and the jaw bone has not survived. Never forget that the jaw bone has not survived. After 540 million years we are left with the spikes (above ground), the SeaZoria skull,

and the teeth (below ground). So remember all that remains for us is the crown and facial spikes, the central skull itself, and the teeth located 50 inches below the skull in a horseshoe ductbilled configuration. The jaw has not survived this point cannot be over emphasized enough. The teeth are all individual componants. Don’t ever expect to excavate down into the teeth of a Hallettestoneion SeaZoria and find the teeth sitting all nice and neat like the SeaZoria died yesterday. Pre-historic biology does not work that way. You must factor in the fact that the Hallettestoneions were frozen alive 540million years ago. The hardend teeth have survived however the jaw did not have enough structural integrity to survive 540-million years and has been reclaimed back into “dirt” through the natural reduction and reclamation process reclamation and reduction process that all biological life forms are subjected to after death when the body stops producing life and the soul leaves the body this event starts the third and final phase of the life entity cycle of existence. At death when the soul departs the body the physical body begins the reclamation process. All biological life forms unless eaten or destroyed will be reduced to dirt and stones that is the natural cycle of existence. You must return from that which you came, the earth. If you look at the Hallettestoneion SeaZorias and you just see dirt and stones just think if we could dig your body up out of the ground millions of years from now your former life entity would be deep into the natural reduction and reclamation process and your remains would be just dirt and stones almost completely reclaimed back into the earth. However if a scientist found your remains sometime in the future and your remains were just small rocks and dirt the scientist would be able to confirm that your remains that have been reduced to rocks were in fact produced biologically because with comprehensive scientific examination and comparison to other known examples of biology, your remains would clearly demonstrate the complex creation growth characteristics found only in biology life. It’s this simple; geology (rock) is formed. And biology (life) is created. The difference between geology- (rock) natural rocks is created through the process of formation, (inconsistent and lacking accurate predictability). Biology is created Hallettestoneion remains are specifically created though the process of biology. Very complex predictable repeating biological structures, featuring right and left handed configurations with the same basic consistent internal genetic sub-structure framework. To summarize geology is formed naturally over time featuring a layering formation. The difference between the two sciences is massive. Geology is formed and biology is created. *Hello if you have just scrolled into the SeaZoria web site you are probably interested in obtaining a greater understanding of the pre-historic Hallettestoneion discovery. And the Hallettestoneion SeaZoria Dragons crystallized remains buried within the 17 known Halettestoneion Heights graveyards located in northern Utah U.S.A. L Discovery: Hallettestoneion SeaZorias - Advanced Pre-historic Marine Biology

Discovery: Advanced Pre-historic Marine Ecosystem frozen in time

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