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Windows is a single user multi tasking operating system that is developed by

Microsoft corporation. It is GUI (Graphical User Interface) software.

The first screen of windows operating system is called as desktop. It contains 4
1. Icons:
An icon is a graphical picture that represents a file, folder or any program.

2. Taskbar:
The horizontal bar seen at the bottom of the desktop is called as Taskbar. It will
display the currently working tasks in windows.

3. Start Button:
The button that appears at the left corner of the taskbar is called as start
button. It is the gateway of the computer.

4. Desktop Area:
The empty area without icons on desktop is called as desktop area.

A folder is a place where we can store the similar types of files.

1. Creating a Folder
1. Put the mouse pointer on the empty area of the desktop
2.Click on Right Mouse Button
3. Click on New option
4. Click on "Fodler" option
5. Type a name to the folder
6. Press ENTER key

2. Creating a Sub Folder

1. Open the folder in which you want a sub folder by double clicking
2. Click on "New Folder" icon in Home Tab
3. Type a name to the folder

3. Renaming a Folder
1. Select the folder
2. Click on right mouse button
3. Click on "Rename" option
4. Type another name to the folder
5. Press ENTER Key

4. Deleting a Folder
1. Select the Folder
2. Click on Right Mouse Button
3. Click on "Delete" option
4. Then Confirm Dialog box will appear
5. Click on "Yes"