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Annotated Bibliography

Is Social Media for Students Good or Bad

Bassam Alharbi

Professor Malcolm Campbell

UWRT 1104

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Annotated Bibliography

Karadkar, Abhishek. The impact of social media on student life. Technician, Newspaper of NC Commented [ck1]: Needs to be capitalized

State University 4 Oct. 2015.

This newspaper article indicates a variety of reasons that social media is a method that

could be used positively or negatively for students. First of all, the author used many

sources to define the point that he wants to reach, in the beginning, he quoted what

Marshall McLuhan said about the internet, and then he says that internet illuminates the Commented [ck2]: Who is Marshall McLuhan?

lives of thousands of people by spreading knowledge internationally, thereby making us

global citizens. Secondly, the author gave a brief overview of the history of

communicating with people in the past generations, and how it looks easier now than

before because of social media impact on the society. According to the article, the social

needs of humans becomes the third most requirement thing in our lives, and that shows Commented [ck3]: Awkward wording

how much social media could develop in the society through this point. Facebook became

one of the top two population in the world by 1.49 billion active users and the number is

increasing every year, another study by Pew Research Center shows that 72% of high

school students and 78% of college students are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

these numbers show how much are students involved in the social media environment,

and there are many reasons exist that students involved in these sites such as freedom,

making new friends, and creating other identities. The other side of this subject is how

students academic performance become with social media, students attend to use social

media more than they spend time studying their school material, and that relates

negatively to their GPA, or more than learning new skills which could help them in their

future career. Nowadays, people judge each other on how many friends you know? Or
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how many likes you got in pictures in Instagram, these reasons didn't exist before social

media, social media changed how people start looking at each other. Finally, social media

is an effective way to improve each person individually, however, students should find

the balance of using social media without affecting their academic performance

negatively. This article was written by college students which means that he knows how

much of impact does social media do for students and how to organize the time between

social media and school. The author used several reliable sources to indicate his point and

mentioned the history of communication and how it might reflect our modern life, and he

gave a solution that students should attend to use without affecting their social life. I will

use this article as one my sources because it supports my theory on social media with

evidence. Commented [ck4]: It sounds to me like this source has a unique

perspective. I like that you discuss both the positives and the
negatives in the article and how each of these points will be useful.
My only note would be that some of the wording is slightly
awkward. Try possibly re-reading out loud to make sure it flows a
little better.
Alwagait, Esam., Shahzad, Basit., and Alim, Sophia. Impact of Social Media Usage on Students

Academic Performance in Saudi Arabia Commuters in Human Behavior. Part B (2015).

Web 18 November 2014.

This Journal article studied the relationship between social media and students academic

performance in Saudi Arabia. In the beginning, they show that social media plays a big

role in the education system and students live based on many sources they have been

following through their study. The authors attend to use their study on college students

between 2012-2014 to take exact numbers that could show the relationship between

social media and GPA. They chose these years because these years were the time that

social media started to become a role in Saudi college students. They have found

disadvantages for social media on students that could impact their lives negatively such
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as cyber bullying, personal data leakage, and wasting time. Although their study is about

social media with education, therefore, they published a survey through students email to

find answers for their questions which are how can students so not get negative impact

from social media, how your GPA changed through these years, whats the most popular

website, and how many hours you spend on social media per week, Their survey was

from Feb 2014 until Apr 2014. They have found that students had higher GPA in 2012

than it is in 2014 which means that social media impact negatively on their academic

performance. Moreover, the time spends on social media per week is increasing by 3.4%

annual. Twitter was the most popular site between Saudi students. The article shows a

variety of sources and many studies that have been done in this field. The authors tried to

cover the impact of social media on students in specific years to indicate the relationship

between them. They have used a survey to show the figures based on students usage. I

think this would fit perfectly into my EIP project because it gave me a variety of sources

to read and explore more about my topic. In addition, this study based on students in my

country which means I can understand more clearly the way students responded to this

survey. Commented [ck5]: I like that this source is from your country. I
think most people would stop and think, Wait, this isnt a study
done in the United States. But, I like how it relates to YOU and
YOUR EIP Project. I think it might be useful to phrase what
questions were asked specifically, when, and how often. This study
looks valuable to your paper. However, I am still curious about
Walton, Alice G. 6 Ways Social Media Affects Our Mental Health. Forbes, Pharm and what the exact process was for this study and the order of
Healthcare. 30 Jun 2017.

The web article illustrates the way that social media could affect our mental health

specifically. The article started to compare social media with sitting and says that sitting

is one of the ways that many people die these days, moreover, sitting becomes more

dangerous nowadays because it includes social media, and people tend to use social
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media to kill time while they are sitting. According to The American Academy of

Pediatrics, social media could have a potential negative impact on the mental health of Commented [ck6]: Good credible source

kids in many ways such as Addictive to social media, teens spend many hours on social

media and according to many studied it could stop their brains from developing and kills

many skills. The second point is when teens or even adults use social media it could be Commented [ck7]: What kind of skills?

because they are less happy in their real life, that what leads people to use alternative

identity so they can run from reality. Moreover, one study shows that people compare

themselves to others through posts on Facebook, which leads sometime to depression and

jealous which is the fourth way that lead to mental health problem, whenever people took

a vacation or got a new car they would post pictures on Facebook, other people cannot

afford that, teens get affected through this point, because their friends would post and

some cannot get what their friends have gotten, that resulted from endless feelings of

jealousy. More friends on Facebook does not mean more friends, it is obvious that some

teens would like to have more friends, however, when you have a big list of friends on

Facebook that does not mean you are a social person or you have gotten many friends

into your life, they are called digital friends. In addition, teens and adults think to be

caught in a delusion of thinking would help, many of us go to social media think it would

make us feel happy but it is not, and we know that, however, we cannot stop it because

we are addicted to it. Although social media has all these problems, it is important in our

lives and we should use it, however, we have to understand the consequences and try to

avoid it. The article is valuable because it used many sources that help to understand the

issue more clearly. It illustrates where is the problem that teens and even adults could get

affected negatively from social media and provide the solution and ways to avoid these
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issues. The article would be helpful for my project because it gives me a step to start to

study these issues and how it related to students and their academic performance. Commented [ck8]: This source seems incredibly useful because
it discusses both teenagers and adults. I like that it talks about the
negative effects on two different generations. Still curious about
what skills are being killed and what in the brain is not being
developed correctly?

Yeager, Joe. How Kids Can Be Save On Social Media. Social Media Club, Blog 28 August


This article from the Social Media Club blog indicates the potential risk of social media

on kids, which transferred to be a worldwide issue. The author was concerned about his 8

years daughter that she started using a smartphone, which he was proud of somehow, the

other side of the article is how he was concerned about Snapchat app, that became one of

the fastest growing apps on the internet, Snapchat has 200 million users, designed to be

about pictures and videos that will appear only for 10 seconds, sounds safe. Some teens

started to use the app to send inappropriate images among each other, in addition, hackers

found a way that you can save those pictures and videos without taking a permission

from the other person and even more they will not be able to know that you saved them.

These issues appear to the fact that social media is a dangerous platform for kids, and

parents have to watch their kids and making sure they do not go the way that could put

them at risk. However, saying all that scary point, social media is bigger than imagine it

in one point only, social media is a digital world that has pros and cons, so if you want to

make sure everything goes well with your kids you have to watch what they are doing.

This article showed that social media is a dangerous platform, however, it showed the

solution that people have to use in addition, to approximate the most benefits from social

media. The article shows me a way to find solutions, and how to break down the issues
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into pieces, therefore, I would be able to understand the problem, that the only benefit,

other than that it will not be helpful for me in my project.

Commented [ck9]: Make sure your sources are in alphabetical


All of these articles seem incredibly useful when it comes to the EIP topic. I think it might be a
little more useful to look into another positive aspect. Each source holds a unique perspective.
I like how you realized what aspect of each article will be useful for your overall paper. I would
say that I do have a couple question, but they are nothing major. The wording is a little
awkward at times. Try reading out loud, and I think that might help you realize how to phrase a
couple sentences better. Overall, good though!