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About Supply Chain Management Software
An efficient and agile supply chain is critical to success. Companies must be able to quickly respond to the rapidly changing needs of customers, while keeping the cost of goods produced down to increase profit margins and ensure maximum profitability. Supply chain management (SCM) software can help businesses achieve this by enabling them to better predict demand trends, negotiate the best possible deals with suppliers, optimize inventory levels, and better coordinate distribution channels. The need for SCM solutions is so great that the market continues to grow at a rapid pace. The worldwide market for supply chain management (SCM) software topped an estimated $6 billion in 2006, and is expected to reach or exceed $8 billion by 2010, according to the most current estimates from AMR Research What is Supply Chain Management? SCM is a combination of science and software that encompasses all operations within the supply chain, including the sourcing, acquisition, and storage of raw materials; the scheduling and management of work-in process; and the warehousing and distribution of finished products. With SCM solutions, businesses can streamline and automate the planning, execution, and control of these key activities. Additionally, since there are often many third-parties involved throughout the end-toend supply chain, SCM software is designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and coordination with vendors and suppliers, transportation and shipping companies, intermediaries, and other partners by enabling faster bi-directional information sharing. AMR’s research found that the typical U.S. manufacturer is managing on average more than 30 contract relationships. Supply chain management solutions allow enterprises to handle that complexity while still responding to increasingly demanding customers. Key Benefits for Your Company With a supply chain management solution in place, a business can: * More effectively manage its entire network by overseeing all activities across all suppliers, production plants, and storage and distribution facilities. * Streamline and centralize their distribution strategy, to eliminate the logistical errors and lack of coordination that can lead to delays.
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About Supply Chain Management Software
* Increase visibility and enhance collaboration across the entire supply chain by sharing valuable information such as demand trend reports, forecasts, inventory levels, and transportation plans with suppliers and other partners. * Minimize storage costs and improve cash flow by better managing inventory levels. * Improve logistics tracking, to correct break-downs, inefficiencies, or problems in the supply chain before they become unmanageable. A recent benchmarking study by AMR Research demonstrates that companies with better demand forecasting accuracy (something that can be easily achieved with SCM software), can reduce unneeded inventory by as much as 15%, improve perfect order ratings, and shorten cash-to-cash cycles by 35%. Does My Company Need Supply Chain Management? Supply chains are becoming more and more complex, and as a result, companies are finding them increasingly challenging to manage. Any manufacturer with a multifaceted supply chain can realize dramatic benefits from SCM software, which facilitates smoother, more efficient, and more timely execution of supply chain activities by connecting all vendors and other partners into one cohesive, cooperative network. But, SCM isn’t just for factories and production plants anymore. Retailers across the globe are also putting SCM applications to good use, boosting supply chain efficiency and gaining greater visibility into their distribution networks and inventory levels across stores and outlets. Additionally, many types of service providers today maintain sophisticated delivery channels that include numerous partners. Businesses like these can also achieve significant return on investment from the use of SCM software. Common Supply Chain Management Features SCM solutions offer a comprehensive suite of modules and features to support end-toend supply chain processes, including: * Inventory management to ensure optimum stock levels of components for production plants, finished goods for customers, and spare parts for field service technicians (if applicable), while minimizing related storage costs. * Order management including automated order entry, dynamic supplier scheduling, and pricing and product configuration to accelerate the order-to-delivery cycle.
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About Supply Chain Management Software
* Procurement to streamline all sourcing, purchasing, and payables across the entire supplier network. * Logistics to enhance the way warehouses are managed and transportation channels are coordinated, so on-time delivery performance can be dramatically improved * Supply chain planning to improve all related operations by enabling accurate demand forecasting, improving order promising, and eliminating manufacturing over-runs. * Return management to accelerate the inspection and handling of defected goods, and automate the processing of claims with suppliers and insurance companies. * Incentive management to help companies better manage vendor negotiations, discounts, incentive plans, and commissions. Some SCM offerings on the market today also include capabilities for contract management, product lifecycle management, and asset management. What to Look for When Choosing a Supply Chain Management Solution Because truly effective supply chain management requires rapid, unhindered information sharing both inside and outside a company, integration is the most important feature of any SCM software package. Choose a solution with an open data model, so data can be dynamically shared with other back-end systems across the business, as well as with the systems of suppliers, manufacturers, and customers across multiple sites and locations. Additionally, there are many emerging technologies that will have a significant impact on supply chain management in the near futures. These advanced solutions, such as, radio frequency identification (RFID), are poised to transform the way supply chains across the globe are managed. Ask each vendor what their plans are for incorporating these technologies into their solutions as their use becomes more prevalent. Top Supply Chain Management Software Vendors You have many options when choosing a supply chain management software vendor. To make it a bit easier, we’ve featured some of the leading ERP supply chain management solutions in this paper. Review these vendors, and you’ll be well on the way to finding the right supply chain management software for your business.

© 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. | | 877-549-2149 HigHligHts * Software for general, custom and project-based manufacturing, and industryspecific products and expertise for metals and printed circuit boards. * Satisfying customers through customer-focus, commitment, and professionalism. * ERP, BI, CRM, APS, MES and configuration from one supplier. * Active product support and enhancement deliver the capabilities and technologies that customers want and need in their specific industries.

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FOuNDeD: Individual products: 1980s, 1990s

supplY Chain solutions: * Intuitive ERP * Made2Manage ERP * Encompix ERP * AXIS AXIOM ERP * Cimnet Systems ERP and Engineering * Configuration Solutions

SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: All Flex, Inc. (Cimnet Systems); Andersen Power Products (Intuitive); Advanced Scientifics, Inc (Made2Manage); ATI Industrial Automation (Intuitive); B&K Corporation (Encompix); Coretec, Inc. (Cimnet Systems);Haynes Wire Company (AXIS); Johnstown Wire Technologies (AXIS); Kvichak Marine Industries, Inc. (Encompix); Smeal Fire Aparatus Co. (Made2Manage)

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* Cimnet Systems offers comprehensive support for printed circuit board engineering and fabrication. including electronics. Business-Software. * Made2Manage provides full ERP capabilities for custom manufacturers centered on a “casual” bill-of-material for making complex products. costs and schedules. * Configuration solutions’ rules-based configurator integrates with Consona’s ERP offerings and others. Consona products support the needs of a wide range of manufacturing companies. Professional services and outsourced engineering services are also available. * encompix goes beyond standard ERP to offer project scheduling and management for engineer-to-order projects that involve complex manufacturing and close tracking of projects. wire and cable. fabrication.  . including design. All Rights Reserved. while continuing with design and engineering activity. and certification. as well as metals service centers. * AXiS is the premiere solution for manufacturers of metals. aviation and others. * intuitive offers rich functionality for a broad range of manufacturing environments. © medical devices. Reproduction Prohibited.Consona products With comprehensive functionality and top-notch support. and makes implementation easy for small to midsized companies.

* Integrated customer service. Plus. Consona Key Strengths * By integrating data across the enterprise. incorporating deep industry knowledge and experience. Consona’s family of ERP solutions help manufacturers see all areas of their business more clearly—from the top floor to the plant floor. sales. © 2009. 7 . quality. and high-fit solutions into a value proposition unmatched by other vendors.About Consona Consona software and services are matched closely with specific customer needs. solid customer relationships. they are continually enhanced to meet evolving customer requests and suggestions. manufacturing. Backed by an experienced management team and deep financial resources. complex engineering-driven. Notable for ease-ofuse. making it easy to pinpoint problems before they happen and identify opportunities for performance improvements and cost savings. Consona software products are designed to bring the entire company together by offering broad application coverage that allows all departments to use the system effectively. including management. not more cumbersome. and costs. * Industry-specific solutions deliver unmatched capabilities tailored to the exact needs of specific users. accounting. Consona combines an aggressive acquisition program. All Rights Reserved. finance. engineering. based on longstanding experience and knowledge in metals. Consona applications deliver the functionality without the fuss – solid applications that make users’ jobs easier. and human resources. tailored views and tight security. supplier management. * Manufacturing applications provide insight into production. wire and cable. e-commerce and configuration provide the broadest range of coverage in the industry. purchasing. inventory. customer service. fast navigation. scheduling. Business-Software. planning. engineering. strong balance sheet. project-based. accounting. Reproduction Prohibited. printed circuit board. and small and midsize-company manufacturing segments.

Consona erp Module Capabilities Consona enterprise systems integrate a broad array of functionality across the enterprise. All Rights Reserved. adaptability. Manufacturing Procurement. Microsoft technology forms the backbone of Consona’s applications with wide use of the latest service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles to provide flexibility. With multi-language and multi-currency capabilities built-in. 8 .com. connectivity. Time-and-Attendance.About Consona * Consona applications are designed to support businesses that operate locally and globally. Business-Software. including: * * * * * * * * * * * * Business Intelligence Planning and Scheduling Engineering Product Configuration Estimating and Quoting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Inventory. Payroll Consona Technology Manufacturers want to focus on building their business and satisfying their customers. Accounting and Finance E-commerce Human Resources. wherever they might be. Reproduction Prohibited. Consona insulates manufacturers from technology worries by making use of the latest proven technologies to support evolving needs and emerging innovations. Supplier Management Quality Costing. Production Control. not running IT operations. © 2009. and ease-of-use. Consona customers can deal easily with corporate parents and siblings. customers and suppliers.

and through your customer account manager. live or pre-recorded. and ahead of the competition in today’s rapidly changing market environment. 9 . customers have access to educational resources that assist in training employees on their software solution. product and process experts. We provide services that focus on our customers’ needs. with live support technicians. Instead. © 2009. * Education: Whether online or in a classroom. * Implementation: Consona’s unique philosophy for implementation ensures that you have the people. and then take responsibility for the ongoing results. * Other services. such as customizations and engineering. * Support: Ongoing support of your Consona solution is available online. Our software solutions are each augmented with a broad range of both traditional and non-traditional services delivered by industry. and resources you need to implement your software solution and begin achieving return on your IT investment. Consona does not move on after implementation. * Consulting: Technology experts in your industry are available to help your company achieve maximum business process improvements and efficiencies. All Rights Reserved.Manufacturing Solutions for Today Consona is ready to provide the information management solutions and support you need to keep your business lean. Consona erp . productive.About Consona Consona professional Services Consona strives to achieve the highest level of customer intimacy. More information on the services available for each Consona solution can be found at Reproduction Prohibited. are unique to each product that Consona support websites. Give Consona a call today to learn more. Business-Software. we remain actively aligned with our customers’ business through ongoing communication and collaboration. via our awardwinning Expert.

Symmetry Medical. Bruno Independent Living Aids.0 concepts with Epicor True SOA™ to provide unprecedented scalability and flexibility on almost any device. COLT Defense. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. © 2009. OWNerSHip: Public (NASDAQ:EPIC) FOuNDeD: 1984. services. including manufacturing workflow. General Dynamics. Alphatec Spine. California HeADquArTerS: Irvine. California supplY Chain solutions: * Epicor 9 * Epicor Manufacturing * Epicor Distribution CuSTOMer FOCuS: Epicor’s ERP solutions help midmarket organizations and divisions and subsidiaries of the Global 1000 maximize their most important resources for profitable growth. Apogee Enterprises. * Based on the most agile and adaptable business architecture available. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Ace Clearwater. Symetrics Industries.0.epicor.www. Aqua-Aerobic | info@epicor. Epicor ICE 2. 10 . distribution. * Provides global solutions available in over 150 countries and over 35 languages that comply with legal and industry standards. Solutions are available for a number of industries including manufacturing. hospitality and retail. combining collaborative Web | 1-800-999-1809 HigHligHts * Offers next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions providing capabilities across the entire enterprise. Cold Jet. Business-Software. TEAM Industries.

collaborative architecture that satisfies the needs of any manufacturer regardless of country. © 2009. supply chain management (SCM) and enterprise retail software solutions that enable companies to drive increased efficiency and improve profitability.0.About epicor Epicor Software is a global leader delivering business software solutions to the manufacturing. Epicor provides integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP). industry or device. engineer-to-order (ETO). in-context business insight throughout any manufacturing environment. Founded in 1984.0 technologies with True SOA ™ . customer relationship management. Epicor extends tools across backoffice processes including financial management. make-to-stock and discrete manufacturing. enabling business anywhere – business without barriers. At the core of Epicor is an adaptable. encompassing processes outside the production and distribution cycle. Epicor is a multidimensional solution uniquely equipped with rich feature sets supporting any environment including make-to-order (MTO). providing real-time. hospitality and services industries. Epicor delivers unprecedented business management. sales and customer service. Internet Component Environment (ICE) 2. Built on the second-generation service-oriented architecture (SOA). Business-Software. whether operating business on a local. 11 . Epicor provides a comprehensive range of services with a single point of accountability that promotes rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership. distribution. All Rights Reserved. customer relationship management (CRM). mixed-mode. With 20.000 customers in over 150 unprecedented flexibility and visibility across multiple departments. In addition to a full range of manufacturing capabilities. in context information to employees from the shop floor to the top floor. retail. Epicor celebrates 25 years of technology innovation delivering business solutions that provide the scalability and flexibility businesses need to build competitive advantage. Epicor fuses modern Web 2. regional or global scale. Reproduction Prohibited. Epicor’s ERP solutions go beyond traditional ERP. configureto-order (CTO). providing real time.

service and support. Reproduction Prohibited. epicor Key Strengths * Epicor is a global leader dedicated to providing business software solutions to companies around the globe. * Epicor solutions are built to comply with local governmental and industrial requirements in a majority of countries around the globe.000 of the world’s best companies run their business more efficiently and effectively. Epicor provides the connectivity. providing a single point of accountability to promote rapid return on investment and lower total cost of ownership. inventory and manufacturing management capabilities. All Rights Reserved. customer relationship management. responsiveness and access to data needed to compete in today’s global economy. Epicor delivers a single end-to-end software solution for * Epicor’s ERP solutions automate and optimize business operations by integrating data and processes into a single unified solution to maximize profitable growth. the company helps more than 20. most flexible and collaborative architecture available. Business-Software. epicor Technology Epicor provides the latest. Whether in the back office or on the manufacturing floor. flexibility and configuration to modify software to fit the workflow – rather than modifying workflow to fit the software. 12 . © 2009.0 provides unprecedented levels of scalability. Epicor’s ERP solution delivers in-depth supply chain management. business intelligence and enterprise performance management functionality. The company’s managed services deliver a unique value-add to customers.About epicor Epicor continues to earn accolades and global recognition for its products and innovational impact in the marketplace. Epicor’s hosting services provide the first step towards the end-to-end management of mission-critical IT environments. * The company offers a comprehensive range of professional services with its solutions. providing total peace of mind by ensuring that business systems and processes stay up and running and operating at peak levels at all times. With comprehensive solutions. Epicor ICE 2. * In addition to award-winning financial.

Business-Software. planning. Epicor 9. Complimented by a full-range of enterprise capabilities. Epicor Distribution * Epicor Distribution is an end-to-end solution providing tools to efficiently assemble. combining a full range of enterprise. enabling business anywhere . supply chain and warehousing capabilities built on a single business platform based on industry-leading Web services architecture. sourcing and procurement to installation. Epicor Manufacturing * Epicor Manufacturing is designed to meet the needs of progressive manufacturers. As the first solution built on ICE 2. service and financial recognition. Epicor Manufacturing helps achieve maximum efficiency at each plant. manufacturing and distribution functionality with the most collaborative. regardless of shop environment. flexible service oriented architecture available. while providing innovative technology to span the entire enterprise. Reproduction Prohibited. Epicor Distribution supports the needs of truly agile through production. sales and customer relationship management. ship and deliver the finished goods. Epicor Manufacturing delivers built-in workflow processes to manage the entire order cycle: from marketing. Complimented by a full suite of enterprise functionality. Epicor 9 eliminates the technological and industrial boundaries that stifle productivity. All Rights Reserved. 13 . represents the convergence of Epicor’s rich tool sets into a single without barriers. Epicor Distribution offers a full range of order management.About epicor epicor Supply Chain Management Solutions Highlights Epicor 9 * The latest Epicor ERP solution.0. © 2009. Epicor 9 redefines the ERP experience.

Georgia supplY Chain solutions: * Infor SCM * Infor SRM * Infor SRM Supply Web CuSTOMer FOCuS: Infor’s customer base is comprised of mid-market and larger enterprises predominately in the aerospace. Business-Software. All Rights Reserved. Serves mid-market companies. London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. Sypris Electronics. with a long history. Tenth largest software company in the world.www. OWNerSHip: Private FOuNDeD: 2002. Rodgers Instruments. Georgia HeADquArTerS: Alpharetta. 14 . high-tech. Solution set is built on the Infor Open SOA (service-oriented architecture). * Infor Supply Chain Management is a global solution with implementations at over automotive. City of San Jose. © 2009. | sales@infor. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Hallmark Cards. metal and plastic fabrication. and industrial equipment sectors. American Airlines.infor. Young company. Hankyu Cargo. Reproduction Prohibited. Hartford Hospital. Hitachi. Grady Memorial Hospital.600 customer sites in 40 countries. | 1-866-244-5479 HigHligHts * * * * 95% customer retention rate.

more accurate insight into an organization’s supply chain. 15 . Infor SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) enables rapid demand fulfillment and performance evaluation by presenting a single face to suppliers based on information combined from disparate enterprise resource planning systems. and by providing the most innovative solutions and services globally.000 new customers chose Infor last year for its unparalleled application breadth. with approximately $2. increase order accuracy. A company unparalleled in application breadth. and over 70.200+ employees. open technology. reduce inventory levels. It has the stability. and the resources to meet the business demands of a rapidly changing world. and gain the flexibility to respond immediately to changes in customer demand.About infor Infor is one of the world’s largest providers of business software. market experience. open technology and global reach. the agility. Business-Software. over 1. and the 10th largest software company in the world. and global reach. The thought leaders at Infor understand that their customers want to reduce the number of vendors they work with and Infor strives to continue as their trusted “vendor of choice.1 billion in revenue. Infor is a unique software company — four years old with more than thirty years experience. © 2009. The company is committed to continuing its growth by broadening its best-in-class focus. This advanced electronic data interchange (EDI) and web-enabled solution delivers faster. * Infor SRM creates a real-time supplier collaboration environment. Businesses run more efficient supply operations. Customers can expect Infor to continue adding solutions based on market need and customer demand. infor Key Strengths * Backed by domain experts who understand the supplier collaboration requirements of manufacturers. direct offices and implementation and support capabilities in 100 countries. Infor has 9. All Rights Additionally.000 customers worldwide.” Infor has a consistent 95% customer retention rate — one of the highest in the industry — and 72% of its license revenues are generated by its current customers. Reproduction Prohibited. * The company’s solution suite complements a customer’s ERP software system with electronic communication of demand to all suppliers and helps deploy lean replenishment methods with its electronic Kanban and supplier-managed inventory capabilities.

increase productivity and cash flow. * Infor’s SRM solution helps companies achieve technology-enabled business process excellence. more accurate insight into the supply chain—insight that enables customers to save millions of dollars by replacing fax and value-added network (VAN) communications. * Infor Supply Chain Management is a global solution with implementations at over 1. 16 . * The company’s solutions suite allows organizations to respond faster to change and opportunity. Transportation and Logistics Planning. improve customer service to enhance competitiveness. improve operational efficiency and quality. infor Supply Chain Management Solutions Infor SCM (Supply Chain Management) * Infor SCM’s supply chain logistics and inventory management software solutions help companies reduce supply chain operational costs for increased profitability. Reproduction Prohibited. extend. Business-Software. © 2009. Infor SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) * This advanced electronic data interchange (EDI) and web-enabled solution delivers faster. minimizing premium freight charges. Distribution Planning. improving supplier performance.Production Scheduling. and Event Management. Demand Planning. All Rights Reserved. as well as compliance solutions for retail. lean supply chain. Warehouse Management. and lowering administrative expenses. and others. and evolve” product strategy and Infor Open SOA (service-oriented architecture). flexible.600 customer sites in 40 countries * Infor SCM delivers a smart solution suite that comprises Strategic Network Design. pharmaceuticals.About infor infor Technology Infor’s enterprise SaaS platform is anchored on Infor’s “enrich. and increase supplier visibility. . and manage growth and expansion to improve revenues and market share. * RFID—Infor SCM provides a comprehensive RFID-enablement framework delivering business value through process optimization for manufacturers and other companies. the US Department of Defense. and profit from a strong. enable Manufacturing Planning.

and demand and order management. * With Infor SCM. For customers. SupplyWeb significantly strengthens the relationship between suppliers in the supply chain with the addition of new modules.About infor * Infor SCM complements an existing ERP software system with electronic communication of demand to all suppliers and helps deploy lean replenishment methods with its electronic Kanban and supplier-managed inventory capabilities. extend their core ERP applications with new business-specific solutions and evolve the Infor product line to produce next-generation solutions. Production Invoicing and Purchase Order Collaboration. Reproduction Prohibited. reduce inventory levels. Purchase Order Collaboration facilitates a purchase order negotiation process. SupplyWeb offers manufacturers the benefits of a proven SRM solution that is easily integrated into their existing ERP system. Infor SRM SupplyWeb * Infor SRM SupplyWeb is the leading supplier relationship management (SRM) solution in the automotive industry. increase order accuracy. and gain the flexibility to respond immediately to changes in customer demand. 17 . which automate specific business functions related to order processing Production Invoicing improves data accuracy between customers and suppliers. Infor SRM SupplyWeb version 10 includes new features to improve collaboration between customers and suppliers. Business-Software. this new version of SupplyWeb demonstrates Infor’s commitment to enrich the value of their current investments. allowing customers and suppliers to set terms before committing to an * * * * © 2009. businesses run more efficient supply operations. providing new tools designed to enhance data accuracy. eliminates discrepancies in pricing and payables and allows for more timely payments from the customer. All Rights Reserved.

18 . Reproduction Prohibited. All Rights Reserved.About infor infor Supply Chain Management Modules Infor SCM (Supply Chain Management) * Strategic Network Design * Demand Planning * Distribution Planning * Manufacturing Planning * Production Scheduling * Transportation and Logistics Planning * Warehouse Management System * RFID * Event Management Infor SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) * Demand Fulfillment and Performance Evaluation * Electronic Kanban and Supplier-Managed Inventory Capabilities * Advanced Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Web-Enabled Solution Infor SRM SupplyWeb * Production Invoicing * Purchase Order Collaboration * Supplier Cumulative Quality Management * Flex Fields * Receipt Reconciliation © Business-Software.

wholesale and distribution. Tsar Nicoulia Caviar. All Rights Reserved. “5 Star Rating” – CPA Technology Advisor. Teleca. * Thousands of customers globally. Explore Consulting. * Awards: “2008 Product of the Year Award” – Customer Interaction Solutions magazine. Domin-8 Enterprise | 1-650-627-1000 HigHligHts * #1 on-demand accounting/ERP software application. and retail sectors. California HeADquArTerS: San Mateo. 19 . software. Oakland A’s Asahi Kasei. Accounting Today Top 100 Products. Business-Software. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Cash Edge. * The world’s most customizable ASP.netsuite. Cartridge World. Virgin Money. Premiere Global Services © 2009. spanning a wide range of industries and business sizes. OWNerSHip: Public (NYSE: N) FOuNDeD: 1998. Reproduction Prohibited. Six Apart. CA erp SOLuTiONS: * NetSuite Accounting/ERP * NetSuite OneWorld – Global ERP CuSTOMer FOCuS: NetSuite’s main customer base consists of growing and medium size businesses predominately in the eCommerce.

the entire business can run in real time. with inventory levels updated in real time. customer communications. With thousands of customers globally. 20 . and The CPA Technology Advisor among others. NetSuite has earned numerous awards for its market leadership and innovation from such leading publications as eWeek. Web presence. What this means is that. time and billing. NetSuite’s software handles such functions as sales. e-commerce. along with the capability to automate business process across the company. giving businesses access to real-time intelligence to make better decisions. with the NetSuite solution. All Rights Reserved. Customers are served better. © 2009. And with full visibility into inventory by sales reps for order promising and by planners for purchasing. inventory. and ecommerce in one powerful application with the modularity and flexibility necessary to meet your specific business needs NetSuite is the #1 on-demand Accounting/ERP software application available on the market today. Reproduction Prohibited. organizations can manage financials. inventory management. NetSuite is the first and only company to give growing and midsize businesses on demand web-based business applications to run their entire company. back-office enterprise resource planning (ERP). The Accounting/ERP software system components are tightly integrated. time and billing. PC Magazine. payroll. While some accounting software provides one or a few pieces of ERP software. purchasing. analyze inventory costs and collaborate with vendors more effectively. With NetSuite. employee self-service. finance. Business-Software. InfoWorld. order Orders can be filled and tracked more quickly and easily. CRM Magazine. companies can lower inventory levels. Employees can move faster and smarter. and Web site management. order management. NetSuite offers a comprehensive business suite with everything its customers need in one powerful solution. and more. NetSuite alone provides integrated front office customer relationship management (CRM). hosted customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed to help small and midsized companies manage their businesses and automate their processes.About NetSuite NetSuite provides online.

* NetSuite is the world’s most customizable ASP. NetSuite enables you to make better and faster decisions.About NetSuite Most important. In addition. All Rights Reserved. As a result. * With 21 . implementations are both faster and less expensive than traditional business applications. Advanced customization with simpler. And because NetSuite is an open system. © 2009. Click not code configuration and modular implementations jumpstart your business on NetSuite. As a web-based on-demand solution. real-time dashboard. giving you access to your key performance metrics on a customizable. industry standard tools allows you to tailor business practices and processes to meet your specific company and industry requirements. web-based services and solutions are delivered on demand for robust. NetSuite Key Strengths * NetSuite is the first and only online business application that supports all of an organization’s back-office operations – from customer relationship management (CRM) to enterprise resource planning (ERP) to eCommerce. NetSuite erp Technology NetSuite’s hosted. customers can also seamlessly integrate with third party. NetSuite significantly reduces your total cost of ownership. Reproduction Prohibited. end-to-end ERP and business process management. click not code and advanced customization supports business as you define it. Business-Software. industry-specific and legacy software. NetSuite Accounting/ERP is seamlessly integrated with CRM and ecommerce for end-to-end business process management across the business. * NetSuite holds all corporate data in a single database. Modularity enables phased implementations according to your company’s need.

Netsuite . * Cost reduction. 22 . Business-Software. auditable accounting. Reproduction Prohibited. Netsuite OneWorld – Global Accounting/ERP * Consolidated reporting. CRM. © 2009.About NetSuite NetSuite erp Highlights NetSuite is a comprehensive Web-based solution for midsize businesses that integrates Accounting/ERP. Multi-currency management with automated currency rate updates ensures reports accurately reflect currency All Rights Reserved. Graduates customers from simple desktop accounting packages or from standalone accounting/ERP to powerful Accounting/ERP that’s integrated with CRM and ecommerce. You can staff back-office operations centrally — or in low-cost locations — and the same employees can handle operations across multiple subsidiaries. Real-time management and financial automation capabilities can significantly reduce time to close. Ensures accountability and compliance with robust. * Rapid financial close. NetSuite OneWorld is the first and only on-demand system to deliver real-time global business management and financial consolidation to mid-sized companies with multinational and multi-subsidiary operations. NetSuite business software gives growing businesses a competitive edge. Improves productivity with greater visibility and automation of back-office processes. * Eliminates IT costs and hassles associated with maintaining and upgrading traditional client-server software applications.Accounting/ERP * * * * Improves decision making with real-time metrics and role-based dashboards. * Global order management and sourcing. You can manage inventory and fulfillment across multiple locations with product items represented globally or by each subsidiary. * Enables customers to customize and extend the NetSuite platform easily to meet their exact needs. Ecommerce and partner collaboration capabilities.

* Unprecedented worldwide visibility into operations. * Unparalleled Local. NetSuite OneWorld’s tax engine accommodates multiple tax schedules for local taxes across subsidiaries. consumption tax or general sales tax. 2 . and more. VAT.About NetSuite * Simplified tax management across borders. Role-based dashboards and “drill-down everywhere” provide instant insight across the corporate hierarchy of subsidiaries. Reproduction Prohibited. eliminating the need for data warehouses or multiple systems at each local site. Business-Software. All Rights Reserved. * Management beyond financials. One database provides a repository of all your worldwide business data. GST. NetSuite erp Modules NetSuite Small Business * Financials/Accounting * Time & Billing * Order Management & Fulfillment * Purchasing Management * Inventory Management * Front & Back Office Integration © 2009. regional and global metrics cover all aspects of the business in real-time.

World Duty Free. increase profitability and improve customer service. Foschini Limited. © 2009. cut costs. * Focus on the retail industry. wholesaler-distributors and manufacturers. Arizona supplY Chain solutions: JDA Supply & Demand Optimization CuSTOMer FOCuS: As a partner to the world’s leading retailers. The Co-operative Group. * Offers several hosting and on-demand managed services. grocery. Reproduction Prohibited. wholesale distribution. Essar Group. 2 . SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Australian Pharmaceutical Industries.www. Cadbury Schweppes. All Rights Reserved. and manufacturing. Industries served by JDA solutions include mid-tier and larger enterprise customers in more than 60 countries streamline operations. Alberta. Northern Tool & Equipment Company. Business-Software. OWNerSHip: Public (NASDAQ:JDAS) FOuNDeD: | 1-800-479-7382 HigHligHts * Deep experience . VF Corporation. Canada HeADquArTerS: Scottsdale. Pharmavite | info@jda.JDA has been serving the supply and demand chain for nearly 30 years. JDA has helped more than 5. Edgars Consolidated Stores Ltd.

Across the global ERP landscape. supply chain collaboration. Inc. and down to the store level. * The company’s Supply & Demand Optimization solution set is powered by a collection of best-in-class products designed to enable retailers. JDA Key Strengths * JDA has been serving the supply and demand chain for nearly 30 years. Asia and customers worldwide. is a global leader in delivering integrated software and professional services for the retail demand chain. for seamless integration and interoperation spanning a wide range of processes across the Customer-Driven Value Chain. 25 . * This comprehensive solution integrates JDA’s proven planning. With North American operations established in 1985. South America. Reproduction Prohibited. store operations and pointof-sale. JDA Software Group supplies the links in the supply chain. and returns. By capitalizing on its substantial market position and financial strength. © 2009. JDA is headquartered in Scottsdale. Other products include analytic applications for decision support and collaborative tools for maintaining product and catalog information with partners. distributors. decision makers can work together to reduce operational costs and increase top line revenues across the enterprise. Business-Software.About JDA JDA Software Group.200 associates operating from 32 offices in major cities throughout North America. The company also offers point-of-sale applications to handle back-office functions. JDA boasts more than 5. including inventory management. optimization and execution capabilities with collaborative workflow. All Rights Reserved. manufacturers and wholesaledistributors to more profitably anticipate. Arizona and employs more than 1. The company’s supply and demand optimization (SDO) software helps retailers and other businesses manage supply and demand chains. JDA commits significant resources to advancing its best-of-class collection of solutions that address a wide array of critical business functions including merchandise and inventory management. create and satisfy customer demand. and business analysis. as well as business processes ranging from planning and forecasting to e-commerce and store operations. and suppliers. Europe. * With Supply & Demand Optimization. receipts. analysis.

JDA Technology JDA offers several hosting and on-demand managed services to ensure a fit tailored specifically to the needs of its customers. a testament to the real demand chain results that JDA repeatedly delivers. channel and key item planning so that customers can better manage their inventory. © 2009. workflow-driven planning solution that synchronizes all planning metrics. All Rights Reserved. JDA Supply Chain Management Solutions JDA Supply & Demand Optimization Enterprise Planning * A collaborative and configurable. * Enables rapid response to changing market conditions leveraging a proactive. including sales. It can help its customers to optimally plan various aspects of their business – from raw materials acquisition. This provider of demand and supply chain solutions enabled JDA to grow its product line with supply management. * Provides a single. financial and operational planning activities across the Customer-Driven Value Chain so that customers are better equipped to meet sales and revenue targets. Whether an organization’s needs are as simple as hardware hosting or as substantial as complete application management. through manufacturing and replenishment. * JDA acquired Manugistics in July 2006. to the shelf. 2 . JDA provides a full-spectrum technology platform and support. merchandise. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. integrated solution for financial. * Supports and optimizes the strategic. * Enterprise Planning ensures that strategic goals and objectives are met by providing all participants with visibility to corporate goals so that they can align their plans accordingly. demand management and pricing. across functional organizations and reconciles them up and down the enterprise hierarchies. margins or and transportation and logistics applications. eventdriven environment so that customers can improve productivity.About JDA * JDA customers represent more than 65% of software license sales each quarter. * JDA is uniquely positioned to support an optimized Customer-Driven Value Chain.

* Increases movement at full retail value while lowering carrying costs and decreasing out-of-stocks and excess inventory.About JDA Space & Category Management * Enables retailers and manufacturers to plan and execute category and merchandise plans designed to achieve demand-based precision merchandising. JDA Supply Chain Modules JDA Supply & Demand Optimization * Enterprise Planning * Space & Category Management * Price & Promotion Management * Demand Planning * Allocation & Replenishment * Supply & Manufacturing Management * Network & Inventory Optimization * Collaboration © 2009. Business-Software. ultimately taking the guesswork out of price setting and promotions planning. * Tailors assortments including product launches and group-specific go-to-market strategies. responsiveness and accuracy. All Rights Reserved. Price & Promotion Management * Optimizes pricing (taking a competitors’ pricing into account) and promotions planning and execution to generate maximum sales and margin dollars – to better shape demand and match supply. delivery and measurement. * Improves financial predictability. 27 . so that customers can enhance their overall profitability. so that customers can maximize their return on promotional spend. end-of-season and excess inventory. so that customers can improve cluster results and meet true local demand. so that customers can drive up overall margins. * Generates maximum value from end-of-life. so that customers can determine the best mix of price and promotion to help them drive revenues and better understand impact on the forecasts. * Improves utilization of promotional dollars at all levels of the organization. Reproduction

© 2009. Wisconsin HeADquArTerS: | 1-877-733-7724 HigHligHts * * * * Advanced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).com. TNT Logistics. Accel. retail and wholesale. Wisconsin supplY Chain solutions: RedPrairie’s E2e™ suite of Supply Chain Management CuSTOMer FOCuS: RedPrairie delivers measurable results for customers in many markets.redprairie. service parts. Access Business Group. food and beverage. and make-to-order manufacturing. Cummins Filtration. Sony. consumer goods. Reproduction | info@redprairie. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Foster’s Group. including high tech and electronics.30 years of experience.www. The Finish Line. Bob’s Discount Furniture. Business-Software. Farmacia Guadalajara. OWNerSHip: Private FOuNDeD: 1975. 28 . All Rights Reserved. “Green” commitment. Logiwiz. 20+ global service sites and standard service. third party logistics. A global leader in supply chain technology solutions . The Carphone Warehouse. Solutions and strategies to create more cost-efficient – and environmentally sustainable – supply chains and store operations.

it means having the least amount of inventory. And in the back room of the RedPrairie was acquired by private equity firm Francisco Partners Management for approximately $240 million in 2005.000 sites worldwide for many of the world’s largest companies. In the production cycle. store management. Reproduction Prohibited. It also provides collaboration tools to help companies interact with trading partners. * RedPrairie delivers superior logistics results by driving out more logistics costs than anyone in the industry. improving customer service and creating competitive advantage. and warehouse management software that companies use to manage their supply chains.About redprairie RedPrairie provides supply chain execution. logistics. the RedPrairie integrated E2e™ solutions offer on-demand capabilities to over 32. At the point of sale. RedPrairie’s E2e solutions synchronize people and products throughout the customer buying cycle to ensure goods reach the right place at the right time. This is accomplished through an integrated suite of DigitaLogistix solutions that provide the industry’s leading transportation. productivity. Its applications monitor and control all phases of the supply chain. and enabling customers to consistently achieve their supply chain objectives. solving the “last yard” problem of the retail supply chain. it means suppliers and manufacturers time and synchronize shipments and production based on demand signals from the retailer. RedPrairie is a world leading consumer-driven optimization company. and distribution management capabilities. Founded in 1975. RedPrairie provides unparalleled service and support. from inbound logistics and inventory management to order fulfillment and transportation. © 2009. 29 . Built on an advanced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) developed over the past 15 years. end-to-end across their extended supply chains. Business-Software. this means consumers have access to desired products and that the store is staffed with the right people to help them make their purchases. redprairie Key Strengths * RedPrairie is a global leader in supply chain technology solutions that help customers achieve measurable logistics results. enhanced with action-oriented components for real-time control and performance measurement. All Rights Reserved. With 20+ global service sites and standard service methods that have been validated over the last 30 years. driving out costs.

Labor Management. quality control.About redprairie * These solutions are deployed through an end-to-end value delivery system (the RedPrairie Approach) that ensures results achievement. improve on-shelf and just-in-time performance. and synchronizes the flow of products and information all the way to the retail shelf . streamlined operations. * Delivers the robust functionality to optimize each and every node. redprairie Supply Chain Management Solutions RedPrairie’s E2e™ Supply Chain Management & Supply Chain Execution * Manages multiple flows of goods and information across complex networks of suppliers. integrated with process management components for real-time visibility. carriers. * RedPrairie breaks down the Supply Chain Management suite into functional groupings based on the movement. * Modules include: Transportation Management. storage. supplier collaboration and performance measurement. productivity. logistics service providers and many other players. co-packers. freight forwarders. event management and resolution. redprairie Technology RedPrairie’s RFID-enabled suite of supply chain execution solutions provide the industry’s leading Business Process Integration © 2009. and improve top line growth and profitability. * The effectiveness of the RedPrairie solution suite of applications is enhanced through an industry-exclusive tactical optimization layer that enables lowest cost. supply chain security and inventory optimization to address the broader needs for global supply chain management and security. and the workflow. * RedPrairie also provides applications for international trade logistics. Reproduction Prohibited. 0 . people and process components common to supply networks. * Optimizes every node in these extended networks. Workforce Management. Business-Software. and distribution management capabilities. Warehouse Management. All Rights Reserved. visibility and control capabilities needed to synchronize the entire supply chain network. mobile resource chain management solutions reduce inventory levels at each stage.

Rich Foods Corporation. Tanner Companies.www. All Rights Reserved. application developers. supply chain. Pebblestone Fashion International. Festool. and online services. project accounting. CRM. Its Supply Chain Management products are an integral part of its Dynamic ERP solution suite. distributors and resellers. educational institutions. Reproduction Prohibited. * Uses familiar Microsoft interface. Business-Software. 31 . and OEMs. Aspen Marketing. © 2009. Internet Service CMC Motors. * Complete business management software: e-commerce. OWNerSHip: Public (NASDAQ: MSFT) FOuNDeD: 1975. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Allchem | 1-888-477-7989 HigHligHts * Backed by the strength of Microsoft. * Comprehensive supply chain management solutions for mid-market companies. WA supplY Chain solutions: * Microsoft Dynamics AX * Microsoft Dynamics NAV * Microsoft Dynamics GP * Microsoft Dynamics SL CuSTOMer FOCuS: Microsoft distributes its products primarily through the following channels: OEM. governmental institutions. manufacturing. HR. Kwik Fit Netherlands. New Mexico HeADquArTerS: Redmond. which is used by small and medium-sized Bestseller. Giant Bicycle. enterprises.

000 people. Microsoft Business Solutions offers e-business applications for financials. Success includes the flexibility to respond to emerging markets. California. electronic commerce. In early 2008 the company made an unsolicited bid to acquire Yahoo! for about $44. Microsoft’s research and development facilities are located primarily in Redmond. project accounting. As of June 30.6 billion. and customer service and support. and digital music players. Microsoft Business Solutions. The world’s number one software company provides a variety of products and services. Dublin etc.About Microsoft Dynamics Founded in 1981. These integrated solutions—delivered through © 2009. The company has expanded into markets such as video game consoles. such as today’s growth opportunities in China and Eastern Europe. All Rights Reserved. manufacturing. Washington with smaller facilities located in Mountain View. is a global provider of enterprise business solutions for the midmarket. Business-Software. including its Windows operating systems and Office software suite. Microsoft offers Microsoft Dynamics. and to the ever changing needs of customers. China. Fargo. In response to these global challenges. Reproduction Prohibited. distribution. Microsoft employed approximately 61.800 employees worldwide. Microsoft Business Solutions employs more than 3. Microsoft’s ambitions are anything but small. Named for the third time to the “Top 100 Companies to Work for in America” list. human resource management. Microsoft Business Solutions products are sold and implemented by a unique worldwide network of independent partner organizations that share the company’s commitment to lasting customer relationships. Beijing. servers and storage software. Inc. 2 . North Dakota. sales and marketing management. a suite of integrated. Like its size. The company’s products and services automate essential business functions and enhance the strategic value of financial and operational information. adaptable business applications for small and medium-sized organizations and divisions of large enterprises.

About Microsoft Dynamics a worldwide network of experienced Microsoft Certified Partners—work like and with familiar Microsoft software and help automate and improve financial. with minimal time spent on product training and learning. Companies realize a strong return on investment as a result of better individual and team productivity. helping sustain optimal item levels without tying up funds in the warehouse. built on familiar and widely used Microsoft technologies. an organization can connect its entire supply chain in a productive. people can effectively improve supply chain efficiency. And they can connect closely with operations to make sure manufacturing has the materials it needs to deliver products on time. The user interface is familiar. a team can easily can keep tabs on inventory. The business value of vendors and business partner relationships is enhanced significantly.  . better business decisions and take the best course of action when adjustments are necessary. Reproduction Prohibited. Using Microsoft Dynamics. and more effective collaboration. All Rights Reserved. and deliver the products and services customers want. when they need them. Microsoft Dynamics Key Strengths * With Microsoft Dynamics. © 2009. * Microsoft Dynamics solutions provides employees with a multitude of ways to plan. offers a wide array of full-spectrum ERP solutions for Supply Chain Management. coordinate. and executive delivery of goods and services productively. Business-Software. With features such as automatic notification. controlling costs and ensuring that the organization meets its customer commitments. streamlined operations. fast-moving flow. And these increased efficiencies in distribution translate to improved customer satisfaction and reduced cost of doing business. Microsoft Dynamics gives people across the supply chain visibility into customer demand and the delivery of goods—helping them make and comfortable—just like that of other Microsoft programs people work with. customer relationship. and supply chain management. consistent. * * * * Microsoft Dynamics Technology The Microsoft Dynamics licensed suite of software products and applications. Microsoft Dynamics’ supply chain strengths can help the team fulfill customer commitments with greater reliability and accountability. They can plan purchasing at favorable terms and in a timely manner.

fill orders faster. * Helps manage a broad range of other business areas according to the particular needs of the organization. * Maintains tight control over distribution and streamlines the pick/pack/ship cycle to gain competitive advantage. * Enables Web access so that the sales team to exchange accurate and up-todate information with vendors. * From forecasting to delivery. and handles order processing and demand planning. exchange information with and speeds fulfillment. © 2009. and improve profitability by working efficiently with trade partners. sell products and services. Microsoft Dynamics GP * As an ERP software solution. Business-Software. * Tightens the distribution processes and improves inventory management for single. minimizing the need for multiple systems. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help accelerate sales order processes and reduce costs per transaction. * Helps manage a broad range of other business areas.or multi-site warehouses.  . Integrated applications help manage inventory more effectively. Microsoft Dynamics NAV * Delivers the tools a business needs to respond quickly to customers. anywhere. * Enables a company to meet customer demand efficiently. and configure complex products company information--anytime. Reproduction Prohibited. Microsoft Dynamics for distributors manages inventory and goods to keep distribution moving smoothly.About Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics Supply Chain Management Solutions Microsoft Dynamics AX * Automates sales and purchasing and streamlines intercompany operations. improves accuracy. with inventory and order management that reduces cost. rapidly pursue new market opportunities. All Rights Reserved. and improve customer service with ecommerce.

Reproduction Prohibited.About Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics SL * Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions–Solomon) offers systems for the distribution industry. Microsoft Dynamics Supply Chain Modules Microsoft Dynamics AX * Commerce Gateway * Enterprise Portal * Logistics * Master Planning * Product Builder * Production * Supply Chain Visibility * Trade * Warehouse Management (WMS) Microsoft Dynamics GP * Distribution II Microsoft Dynamics SL * Advanced Shipping Manager * Bill of Materials * Inventory Management & Replenishment * Landed Cost * Order Management * Order to Purchase * Purchasing * Work Order Microsoft Dynamics NAV * Inventory Management * Warehouse Management * Supply Planning * Business Notifications * Sales and Purchase Document Workflow Approvals © 2009. including accounting. All Rights Reserved. and purchasing management. * These applications connect directly with dozens of other business management systems to help organizations meet the diverse needs of their business. Business-Software. 35 . Integrated applications help efficiently manage inventory. sales forecasting. supply chain management. human resources and payroll. e-commerce. CRM. order. and warehouse management. and more.

CA supplY Chain solutions: * Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management * Oracle Service Optimization Suite * PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management * JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Supply Chain Management * Oracle Transportation Management CuSTOMer FOCuS: Thousands of small to mid-size companies and larger enterprises across a broad range of public and private sector industries use Oracle’s enterprise-class business products and solutions to reduce cost and improve performance. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Schneider National. * Winner of several awards: Best Supply Chain Management System. Intersil. * Broad range of supply chain management applications fit the needs of companies of all sizes. Reproduction Prohibited. California HeADquArTerS: Redwood Shores. © 2009. New York City Housing | 1-800-633-0738 HigHligHts * Backed by the strength of one of the world’s largest software application Business-Software.www. OWNerSHip: Public (NASDAQ: ORCL) FOuNDeD: 1977. in all industries.  . Panasonic Factory Pella Corporation.’ Supply Chain Excellence Awards organized by SCMLogistics World 2006.’ Intelligent Enterprise 2007 Readers’ Choice Award. All Rights Reserved. ‘The Supply Chain Software Award. Doskocil. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

support for enterprise Linux. The organization’s goal is to continue to innovate and to lead the industry—while always making sure that it stays focused on solving the problems of the customers who rely on its software. Oracle will strive to become number one in middleware and number one in software applications.About Oracle After 30 years of providing leading-edge solutions to a vast and growing base of customers. 20 of the world’s top 20 telecom companies. just as the company has done in database applications. 10 of the world’s top 10 banks. With the release of Oracle Fusion Middleware. Oracle Grid Computing.500 public sector organizations. Oracle is the first software company to develop and deploy 100 percent internet-enabled enterprise software across its entire product line: database. The company’s success speaks for itself. It is innovation that drives Oracle’s success. and 10 of the top 10 academic universities Oracle has begun debuting new products and functionality that reflect the company’s goal: connecting all levels of enterprise technology to help customers access the knowledge they need to respond to market conditions with speed and agility. Oracle technology can be found in nearly every industry. Looking ahead. Reproduction Prohibited. and application development and decision support tools. Oracle applications run in more than 1. and Oracle Fusion all fuel a commitment to innovation and results that has defined Oracle for thirty years. business applications. © 2009. 37 . Oracle E-Business Suite. Oracle Real Application Clusters. All Rights Reserved. and the world’s second largest independent software company. Oracle remains the gold standard for database technology and applications in enterprises throughout the world: The company is the world’s leading supplier of software for information management. Business-Software. and in the data centers of 98 of the Fortune 100 companies. Today.

© 2009. analytics. Business-Software.’ Intelligent Enterprise 2007 Readers’ Choice Award. * Oracle Fusion Middleware for Applications applies Oracle’s market-leading middleware portfolio to the leading business applications. With Oracle SCM.’ and winner of the Supply Chain Excellence Awards organized by SCMLogistics World 200. * Oracle delivers best in class capabilities including demand management. * Among the honors and awards bestowed on Oracle for its world-class enterprise solutions include ‘Best Supply Chain Management System. Agile. Oracle Application Integration Architecture enables you to create streamlined business processes that span application boundaries. 38 . while greatly shortening time to value. companies can predict market requirements. and supply management. integrated solution that powers information-driven supply chains. * Oracle provides best-in-class global transportation management and supply management. sales and operations planning. and other business applications. Reproduction Prohibited. demand management.’ Winner of Supply Chain Asia Logistics Awards 2007. transportation management.About Oracle Oracle Key Strengths * Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the complete. innovate in response to volatile market The only comprehensive and integrated middleware foundation certified with Oracle HCM. Extend the business value of your applications across user communities. * Oracle SCM provides industry-specific solutions based on best-in-class applications that span product development. and 360Commerce. lines of business. standards-based foundation. ‘The Supply Chain Software Award. CRM. and organizations. and integrated manufacturing execution systems (MES). third party and custom applications. ‘Best Supply Chain Software Solution Provider. and optimization via strategic acquisitions including Demantra. financial management. With its open. product design. and align operations across global networks. All Rights Reserved. Oracle Technology * Oracle Application Integration Architecture is a comprehensive set of products that deliver sustainable business process based integrations across Oracle.

All Rights Reserved. * Provides integrated spend management for all categories of goods and services. adapt and innovate to respond to volatile market conditions. Companies can implement lean. * Delivers embedded analytics to monitor supply chain performance and adjust as conditions and business goals shift. demand driven principles and manage their increasingly Oracle Service Optimization Suite * The Oracle Service Optimization Suite (OSO) features a best-of-breed. through vehicle. configurable design that allows customers to choose the right components that meet their unique business requirements. * From capacity planning. Business-Software. * Extends a company’s supply chain in real time by connecting suppliers and customers with company business processes. Reproduction Prohibited. PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management * Provides a cohesive yet flexible solution for the synchronized supply chain. technician and customer scheduling. global supply chains. * Companies can anticipate market requirements and risks.About Oracle Oracle Supply Chain Management Solutions Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management * Integrates and automates all key supply chain processes. accurate view of a customer’s entire supply chain. 9 . from design. modular. and align operations across global networks. providing a complete solution set to enable companies to power information-driven value chains. planning and procurement to manufacturing and fulfillment. to dispatch management and mobile operations. Oracle Service Optimization Suite can help customers take their service delivery business to the next level of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. © 2009. driving efficiencies in cost savings over the entire supply chain—including plan-to-produce and order-to-cash business processes. * PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management is a family of applications in Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise product suite. Field Service and Facilities Management. * The highly configurable nature of OSO enables it to be deployed in a broad range of supply chain sectors such as Home Delivery. * A unified data model provides a single.

execution. and achieving overall costof-goods improvements. Oracle Transportation Management * Delivers robust transportation planning and execution capabilities to shippers and third party logistics providers. from full truckload to complex multi-leg air. Oracle Supply Chain Modules Oracle Supply Chain Management Suite * Advanced Procurement * Logistics & Transportation * Product Lifecycle Management * Asset Lifecycle Management * Manufacturing * Supply Chain Planning * Order Fulfillment * Order Management Oracle Service Optimization Suite * Oracle Real-Time Appointment Scheduler * Oracle Real-Time Dispatch Manager * Oracle Real-Time Resource Manager * Oracle Real-Time Resource Scheduler © 2009. * Lowers transportation costs. Business-Software. * JD Edwards Supply Chain Management is part of Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne family of applications. freight shrinking lead times. All Rights Reserved. ocean. and provides flexible. improves customer service and asset utilization. * Integrates and streamlines transportation planning. and business process automation on a single application across all modes of transportation. allowing better asset and capacity utilization and expanding market dominance while reducing inventory. 0 . global fulfillment options. Reproduction Prohibited.About Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Supply Chain Management * These software modules promote revenue growth and cost reduction by improving fulfillment rates. and rail shipments.

Reproduction Prohibited. Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management * Customer Order Management * Supply Chain Planning * Inventory and Fulfillment Management * Manufacturing Solution JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Supply Chain Management * Food and Beverage Producers * Manufacturing * Supply Chain Execution (Logistics) * Supply Chain Planning (SCP) * Supply Management (Procurement) ORACLE Transportation Management * Forwarding and Brokerage Operations * Freight Payment. 41 . and Claims * Fusion Transportation Intelligence * Logistics Inventory Visibility * Transportation Operational Planning * Transportation Sourcing © 2009. Business-Software. All Rights Reserved.

S. * Licensed and on-demand solutions. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Cat Logistics. headquarters) supplY Chain solutions: * SAP SCM * SAP Business One * SAP Business ByDesign * SAP Business All-in-One * SAP SRM CuSTOMer FOCuS: SAP Solutions are global software applications delivered for small businesses. DuPont de Nemours and Co. Reproduction Prohibited. Sony Marketing Asia Pacific. E. Walldorf. | 1-800-872-1727 HigHligHts * Backed by the strength of SAP. * Recognized by Gartner Group as the world’s leading SCM vendor with total market share of 19. Germany HeADquArTerS: Walldorf. Porsche AG. and pharmaceutical sectors. Kraft Foods * Highly customizable. LSI Logic. BASF AG. Airbus Spares Support and Services. manufacturing. © 2009. OWNerSHip: Public (NYSE: SAP) FOuNDeD: PA (U.I. Germany Newtown Square. Siemens Medical Solutions. Business-Software. the largest business software company in the world. Inc.www. midsize companies. All Rights Reserved. and large enterprises predominately in the retail. 2 . service.7%.

” SAp Key Strengths * The SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) application can help an organization transform a linear supply chain into an adaptive supply chain network. Founded in 1972 as Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. knowledge. the world’s largest business software company and the third-largest software supplier overall. improve performance. All Rights Reserved. SAP is listed on several exchanges. The company. By deploying the best technology. employs more than 46. headquartered in Walldorf.100 people in more than 50 countries. and proactively respond to shorter. under the symbol “SAP. and development resources. including the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. SAP has successfully leveraged its extensive experience to deliver a comprehensive range of solutions to empower every aspect of business operations. services. and serves more than 43. © 2009.400 customers worldwide. and builds strong customer relationships. in which communities of customer-centric. and gain the agility to respond to changing business improves supply chain efficiencies. Reproduction Prohibited. Germany. And through the Global Solution Center. Business-Software. The company’s officers and executives lead a team of professionals dedicated to delivering high-level customer support and services. SAP Americas identifies customer needs and develops solutions to meet these needs. SAP Americas’ corporate headquarters is located in Newtown Square. PA. With a mission statement that emphasizes experience.About SAp SAP Americas is a subsidiary of SAP AG. SAP has delivered a business platform that unlocks valuable information resources. a suburb of Philadelphia. Organizations of all sizes can use SAP solutions – including small business solutions and solutions for midsize companies – to reduce costs. demand-driven companies share knowledge. SAP has a rich history of innovation and growth that has made it the recognized leader in providing collaborative business solutions for all types of industries – in every major market. less predictable life cycles.  . intelligently adapt to changing market conditions. and technology for maximizing business.

The company’s Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (Enterprise SOA) is a blueprint for an adaptable. configurable components allow customers to balance push and pull network planning processes.000 small and midsize companies have selected SAP to drive operational efficiency and profitable growth. and logistics processes that are integrated with real-time planning processes. and open IT architecture for developing services-based. so they can respond to customers faster and grow the business more profitably. With SAP NetWeaver as a technical foundation.About SAp * The SAP solution synchronizes supply to demand – robust. * SAP’s SCM solution suite provides network wide visibility. * More than 25. and financials. collaboration. SAp Supply Chain Management Solutions SAP Business One * An affordable. * Enables customers to manage their critical business functions across sales. companies can instantaneously access a complete and upto-the-minute view of the business. easy-to-use business management software designed specifically for small and midsize businesses. enterprise-scale business solutions. Business-Software. and execute production based on actual demand. Reproduction Prohibited. and analytics – as well as full capability to monitor and analyze the extended supply chain. distribution. SAP Business ByDesign * Streamlines processes and eliminates departmental silos. © 2009. * Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of employees. SAp Technology The SAP solutions suite comprises licensed and on-demand applications and services. transportation. all in a single integrated system. enterprise SOA moves IT architectures to higher levels of adaptability – and moves companies closer to the vision of real-time enterprises by elevating Web services to an enterprise level.  . All Rights Reserved. * Customers can sense and respond to changing environments with an adaptive supply chain network – and drive distribution. * With SAP Business One. replenish inventory quickly.

* Delivers rapid time to value and the flexibility to adapt as an organization’s needs change. more proactive decisions. All Rights Reserved. and quick time-to-value. Reproduction Prohibited. 45 . contract compliance. * Activities such as spend requisitioning. sourcing. SAp Supply Chain Modules SAP Supply Chain Management SAP Business One (SAP Small Business Solution) * Sales opportunity management * Business partner management * Inventory * Production * Material requirements planning (MRP) * Service management * Reporting © 2009. operational contracts. Business-Software.About SAp * * * * Helps customers make better. SAP Business All-in-One is an affordable and safe long-term investment. SAP Business All-in-One * Configurable and extensible business solution for midsize companies. and supplier management are part of an integrated platform. Simplifies IT by allowing SAP to manage software-as-a-service. SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) * Provides strategic value through sustainable cost savings. invoicing. Adapts to changing market requirements-quicker than competitors. Lets customers gain control and visibility over their entire business. * Fast-Start Program provides innovations that let customers configure their SCM solution online and receive an immediate cost estimate for a cost-effective deployment. Best of all. category management. * Equips customers with tools to optimize procurement operations and drive superior results through an end-to-end source-to-pay process.

Supply Planning -Supply and Logistics Control * Manufacturing.About SAp SAP Business ByDesign (SAP Midsize Business solution) * Supply Chain Management * Supply Chain Setup Management -Supply Chain Design -Production Modeling -Resource Planning and Allocation * Supply Chain Planning and Control -Demand Planning . Tracing. and Identification -Task Management and Automation Supplier Relationship Management * SAP E-Sourcing application * SAP E-Sourcing on-demand solution * SAP Spend Analytics * SAP Contract Lifecycle Management * SAP Cost and Quotation Management © 2009. and Logistics -Inbound and Outbound Logistics -Internal Logistics -Inventory Management -Production -Quality Assurance -Tracking. Reproduction Prohibited.  .Demand Management and Order Confirmation . All Rights Reserved.Exception Monitoring and Control .com. Business-Software. Warehousing.

* Deep investments in supply chain research and development—in excess of $45 million in 2007. including the retail. © 2009. food. industrial. Dalepak. All Rights Reserved. consumer | info_americas@manh. Reproduction Prohibited. The Co-op.www. high tech. Deep commitment to offering the best and deepest supply chain solutions to its customers.. Woolworths. government. Cabela. 47 . Vera | 1-877-596-9208 HigHligHts * Focus on supply chain management software.1. MOL and life sciences sectors. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Meteor Electrical. Business-Software.200 clients. Kenco. OWNerSHip: Public (NASDAQ:MANH) FOuNDeD: 1990.manh. * Focus on small to mid-sized companies . Crocs Inc. California HeADquArTerS: Atlanta. GA supplY Chain solutions: SCOPE Platform Applications * Supply Chain Intelligence * Supply Chain Visibility * Supply Chain Event Management * X-Suite Solutions * Supply Chain Process Platform CuSTOMer FOCuS: Manhattan Associates successfully draws on its extensive experience with small to midsized companies in a broad range of industries. Global Shipping & Logistics. Weetabix.

The company’s supply chain planning. reconfigure their processes and optimize their performance. business intelligence and business process platform capabilities enable its more than 1. Looking to the future. The company’s investment in research and development continues to exceed any other company’s. All Rights Reserved. Business-Software. Since that time. These solutions are designed to help customers run their businesses more efficiently. Manhattan Associates gained a reputation for providing world-class warehouse management solutions. to a 2007 total of $45 million. © 2009. By combining planning and execution expertise with the highest level of customer service. In 200 alone.200 customers worldwide to enhance profitability. to integrated supply chain execution -. the company has continually expanded its products and added capabilities to better serve its customers. which brings together all the tools businesses need to integrate. Manhattan Associates added 400 employees to help it initiate 260 implementations. to advanced forecasting and replenishment. supply chain execution. since 1990. Their customers have the opportunity to leverage a single solution provider for all their supply chain needs to make their jobs easier and serve their customers better. California.and beat competitors.Manhattan Associates provides a comprehensive range of easy-to-use solutions. The company’s team of experts offers years of real-world experience and is committed to helping companies solve the everyday problems they face. From flexible. Today Manhattan Associates offers a holistic approach to supply chain with SCOPE: Supply Chain Optimization—Planning through Execution. Reproduction Prohibited. and has increased 250% in the last five years. grow profits. 48 . delight customers -. Shortly after its inception in 1990 in Manhattan Beach. Globally. upgrade and optimize their supply intuitive planning.About Manhattan Associates Manhattan Associates is a leading supply chain solutions provider. Manhattan Associates helps companies manage their entire supply chain more efficiently than ever before. Manhattan Associates is aggressively pursuing the dynamic level of growth it must achieve to meet the needs of its global customers. performance and competitive advantage. Manhattan Associates has helped customers use technology to identify the weak links in their supply chains.

address new economic developments and identify fruitful areas of research. * For 17 years. © 2009. * In addition to its many PhDs and other experts. These solution suites are enhanced by Platform Applications Virtually all of the company’s 2. implementation and ongoing support. * Manhattan Associates is committed to offering the best and deepest supply chain solutions to its customers. All Rights Reserved.200 customers worldwide use Manhattan Associates’ global.About Manhattan Associates Manhattan Associates Key Strengths * The company’s software portfolio includes five key Supply Chain Solution Suites: Planning and Forecasting. Manhattan Associates has concentrated exclusively on helping companies streamline their supply chains to achieve lower costs.that organize and deliver the information and processes needed to optimize supply chains across functions and locations within and outside an enterprise. Inventory Optimization.200 customers through research and development. on-demand and licensed supply chain solutions to enhance profitability and build sustainable competitive advantage. More than 1. higher profits and happier customers.including Supply Chain Intelligence. evolution and support costs. Supply Chain Visibility and Supply Chain Event Management -. Reproduction Prohibited. * Manhattan Associates builds its knowledge of supply chain optimization every day so that it can bring its customers the best possible solutions for their needs.300 employees focus on supply chain optimization. Each year Manhattan Associates invests more in supply chain research and development than any other company in the world—in excess of $45 million in 2007. Columbia University and Georgia Tech to discuss advances in the underlying science. They work directly to bring value to 1. Business-Software. Transportation Lifecycle Management and Distribution Management. Manhattan Associates Technology Manhattan Associates’ Supply Chain Process Platform provides a unifying architecture that fosters agility and scalability while minimizing solution implementation. the Manhattan Science Advisory Board brings together thought leaders and international researchers from outstanding academic institutions such as MIT. 9 . training. Order Lifecycle Management.

Demand Forecasting .About Manhattan Associates Manhattan Associates Supply Chain Management Solutions Manhattan’s SCOPE: Supply Chain Optimization * Planning through Execution optimizes all the links in the supply chain from order placement to delivery.Assortment Planning . Lets customers see buyers’ changes immediately so they can reach their business goals with the right mix of products. * Multi-Channel Planning integrates planning for the organization’s web. Demand Forecasting is designed and synchronized to produce the optimal forecast input for Inventory Optimization. channels and time periods.Promotion Planning . 50 . Business-Software. * Item Planning synchronizes with assortment planning to support time-phased planning and tracking for multiple key performance indicators.Multi-Channel Planning . Reproduction Prohibited. * Assortment Planning customizes assortments by channel. Manhattan Associates Supply Chain Modules Manhattan’s SCOPE: Supply Chain Optimization * Planning and Forecasting . All Rights Reserved.Item Planning . * Promotion Planning coordinates all aspects of promotions from one solution. * Demand Forecasting lets decision makers predict demand at any combination of product and location nodes. financial or assortment catalog and store channels to reduce redundancy and increase efficiency. but powerful solution that manages multiple versions of plans across categories. * Planning and Forecasting provides the crucial front end to an organization’s supply chain that takes a customer’s business to a higher level.Store Clustering © 2009. while still respecting the unique characteristics of each channel. * Financial Planning delivers top-down or bottom-up planning with an easy to use.

Collaboration Gateway * Order Lifecycle Management .Distribution Order Management .Warehouse Management .Slotting Optimization .Hub Management © 2009.Appointment Scheduling .com.Multi-Echelon . Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited.Collaboration Gateway * Transportation Lifecycle Management .Transportation Procurement .Vendor Managed Inventory .About Manhattan Associates * Inventory Optimization .Transportation Planning & Execution .Labor Management .Supplier Enablement . 51 .Replenishment .Logistics Gateway .Reverse Logistics Management .Yard Management * Distribution Management . All Rights Reserved.Billing Management .Fleet Management .