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Internship Report

Financial Statement Analysis Southeast Bank

Submitted To:
Sayma Sharmen
Department Of Business Administration
Dhaka International University

Submitted By
Ahsan Arif
Roll No:37
ID No: 243484
Batch: 26th (B)
Major: Finance
Department of Business Administration
Dhaka International University


Date of Submission: November, 2017

Letter of Transmittal

Date: November, 2017

Sayma Sharmen
Department of Business Administration
Dhaka International University

Subject: Submission of Internship Report on Financial Statement Analysis

Southeast Bank Limited.

Dear Madam,
I am pleased to submit my Internship report on Financial Statement Analysis Southeast
Bank Limited. that I was assigned by you. It was a great opportunity for me to acquire
practical knowledge of banking I have concentrated my best effort to achieve the
objectives of the report and hope that my endeavor will serve the purpose.

I believe that the knowledge and experience I have gathered during the internship period
and preparation of report as well will immensely help me in my professional life. I will be
obliged if you kindly approve this effort.

Yours truly,

Ahsan Arif
Roll No:37
ID No: 243484
Batch: 26th (B)
Major: Finance
Department of Business Administration
Dhaka International University

Supervisor Certificate

This is to certify that Ahsan Arif, Roll No:37, ID No: 243484, Batch: 26th (B), Major:
Finance, Department of Business Administration, Dhaka International University has
done an Internship program in Southeast bank Ltd. and submitted the report titled
Financial Statement Analysis Southeast Bank Limited. under my supervision and

I wish his every success in life.

Sayma Sharmen
Department of Business Administration
Dhaka International University


I, Ahsan Arif, Roll No: 37, ID No: 243484 hereby declare that the work presented in this
Internship report has been carried out by me and it has not been previously submitted to
any other university/college or organization for an academic certificate or degree.

I further undertake to identify the university against any loss or damage arising from the
breach of the foregoing obligation.

Ahsan Arif
Roll No:37
ID No: 243484
Batch: 26th (B)
Major: Finance
Department of Business Administration
Dhaka International University


First I would like to thank almighty Allah for giving me the ability to complete this
report. Then I would like to take opportunity to express my gratitude to my honorable
supervisor Sayma Sharmen, Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Dhaka
International University for giving guidelines and suggestions to complete the report.

Her suggestions were really a great source of spirit to make the report good one. At last, I
shall be grateful to those persons who will read this report and who shall get benefit from
this report at present and in future. Practical experience and situation can give the proper
knowledge of total environment. My report will be the greater example of that.

I would like express my gratitude to all officials of Southeast Bank Ltd. for giving me the
opportunity as an intern at the bank. I also express thanks to the manager. They
influenced and suggested me to know and make understand the banking activities for my
future career opportunity.

Ahsan Arif
Roll No:37
ID No: 243484
Batch: 26th (B)
Major: Finance
Department of Business Administration
Dhaka International University

Executive Summary
Internship program is a scope for acquiring practical knowledge after successful
completion of academic curriculum. Theoretical knowledge gets a complete shape only
when it is applied in a practical field. To breeze up the gap between theory and practice,
Department of Business Administration of Dhaka International University has made the
internship program mandatory for BBA course to bring the students closer to the practical
work. This is undoubtedly a valuable appreciable addition to the institutional education. I
have accomplished my internship program at Southeast Bank Limited. Here I have done
my internship report on the title of Financial Statement Analysis of Southeast Bank
Limited: where I have tried to heart on Financial Statement analysis of Southeast Bank
Limited along with the overall practices and management of SEBL which is one of the
most well-known bank in our country by undertaking all types of banking transactions to
support the expansion of trade and commerce in the country.

Some Findings are: From the current ratio Analysis we have seen that SEBL has not
enough current assets to pay their short term obligations and the current ratio is
decreasing year by year. Cost income ratio is increasing. This is not good position that is
they are not able to minimize their operating cost. Total asset turnover of Southeast Bank
Ltd is in good position. Its total asset turnover ratio increasing day by day. Debt ratio is
decreasing. We knows that lower the debt lower the risk. So that is good sign for the
organization. Bank Equity Capital Ratio gradually increasing. Bank has seen that
investment to deposit ratio in fluctuating mode. That means SEBL depends on deposits
than the share capital.

Some Recommendations are: SEBL should increase skilled manpower to do its financial
activities more efficiently, so that many of the employees do not have to do extra work.
The authority of SEBL should introduce more innovative and modern Banking service.
SBL should initiates different investment modes according to changing /diverse needs of
clients by conducting huge Research and study. SEBL should increase their profit rate on
different deposit scheme. Maximum clients do not know about SEBL loan scheme. They
should carry out more promotional activities to make clients aware about their offer. To
avoid bad debts SEBL should more emphasize on landing risk analysis (LRA) and try to
conduct sensitivity analysis. In the branch level employee is working so many extra time.
So management should provide some extra incentives to motivate the employee. On-line
banking is coming soon so the responsible employee should be trained effectively.

Table of Contents
Name of Topics Page No:
Title page
Letter of Transmittal
Supervisor Certificate
Executive Summary
Chapter- One: Introduction 01-04
1.1 Introduction of the Study
1.2. Background of the Study
1.3 Objectives of the Study
1.4 Statement of the Research Problem
1.5 Scope of the Study
1.6 Limitations of the Study
Chapter- Two: Methodology 05-06
2.1 Methodology of the Study
2.2 Sources of Data:
2.2.1 Primary Sources:
2.2.2 Secondary Sources:
2.3 Sampling Plan
2.3.1 Study population
2.3.2 Sampling strategy
2.4 Data collection Techniques
2.5 Data analysis
Chapter- Three : Profile of the Southeast Bank Limited 07-13
3.1 History of Southeast Bank Ltd.
3.2 Profile of Southeast Bank Ltd.
3.3 Vision of Southeast Bank Ltd.
3.4 Mission of Southeast Bank Ltd
3.5 Objectives of the Southeast Bank Limited:
3.6 Core Values & Strengths
3.7 Commitment to Clients
3.8 Management of Southeast bank Limited
3.9 Organizational Structure
Chapter- Four: Conceptual Framework 14-21
4.1 Definition of Bank and Banking
4.1.1 Banking
4.2 Definition of 'Financial Statement Analysis

4.3 Kinds of Financial Statements
4.4 Scope of Financial Statement Analysis
4.5 The major objectives of financial statement analysis are as follows:
Chapter- Five: Analysis And Findings 22-35
5.1 Performance at a glance
5.2 Common-size Statement (Balance Sheet)
5.3 Quantitative Analysis of Southeast Bank Limited
5.3.1 Liquidity Ratio
5.4 Analyzing Activity Ratios
5.4.1 Cost Income Ratio
5.4.2 Total Asset Turnover Ratio
5.5 Analyzing Debt Ratios
5.5.1 Debt ratio
4.5.2 Equity capital ratio
5.6 Analyzing Profitability Ratios
5.6.1 Investment to Deposit ratio
5.7 Net Profit margin
5.8.1 Return on assets
5.8.2 ROE
4.9 SWOT Analysis of Southeast Bank Ltd.
5.10 Findings of the Study
Chapter- Six Recommendations & Conclusion 36-44
5.1 Recommendations
5.2 Conclusion