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1. Mark the sentences true or false. Then read the text to check.

1. London is the capital of Scotland. T/ F

2. London has got 6 million inhabitants.T/ F
3. New York is more culturally diverse than London.T/ F
4. More than 300 languages are spoken in London.T/ F
5. The different communities living in London keep their cultural identities. T/ F

2. Correct these false sentences.

1. Jia doesnt like learning new languages.

Jia likes learning new languajes.

2. Tokyo is the most culturally diverse capital city in the world.

Tokyo isn't the most culturally diverse capital city in the world.
3. Everybody in New York has the same culture.

Not everybody In New York has the same culture.

4. Many people from Hong Kong live in Finchley.

Many people form Hong Kong live In Barmet.

5. Jia lives in Barnet.

Jia lives in Chinatown.

3. Find words with a similar meaning to these in the text.

1. varied (paragraph 1)

2. routinely (paragraph 1)

3. maintain (paragraph 2)

4. a piece of cloth (paragraph 2)

B) English in use (50 marks)

1. Complete the sentences with at, to, during or past.

a) 7:15 is the same as a quarter 1) ___past__seven.

b) From Monday to Friday is the same as 2) ___during__the week.

c) 8:45 is the same as a quarter 3) __to___nine.

d) At 12 o'clock at night is the same as 4) __at___midnight.

2. Complete the sentences with the verbs in the past continuous or past simple.
1. It was a really nice day, and we 1) __were sunbathing____ (sunbathe). Suddenly a
huge cloud 2) _covered____ (cover) the sun and it 3) __started___ (start) to rain heavily.
We 4) __were picking up___ (pick up) our things when a giant wave soaked our towels. It
also 5) ___took__ (take) our shoes and we had to walk back home barefoot.

2. While the plane 6) ___was landing__ (land), one of the engines 7) __caught___
(catch) fire. I 8)__was sitting____ (sit) in a window seat and I 9)__saw___ (see) the flames
rise. When I was about to scream in panic, I 10) ___felt__ (feel) a thud under my feet. I
suddenly 11) ____woke up_ (wake up). The plane 12) _was moving____ (move) swiftly
along the runway. I had had a bad dream!

3. Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.

1. I have always been very interested __on___foreign languages.

2. Many people are afraid ___of__snakes and spiders.

3. Japanese food is very different __to___Mexican food.

4. As well as her singing, Shakira is famous _for____her charity work.

5. Were going to spend our summer holidays in the mountains this year were tired
___of___the beach.

4. Read the rules for adjective order and then rewrite the phrases.

When there is more than one adjective before a noun, the order is:

1. opinion beautiful, interesting, boring.

2. size small, big, tall, short.

3. weight light, heavy.

4. age young, old, modern.

5. shape round, square, dome-shaped.

6. colour black, blue, pink.

7. material metal, wooden, plastic.

A beautiful, small, light, old, round, black wooden statue.

1. round small an interesting table An interesting, small, round table

2. black large wooden heavy a door A large, heavy, black, wooden door

3. metal a heavy modern sculpture A heavy, modern, metal sculpture

4. cotton old purple a small jumper A small, old, purple, cotton jumper

5. dome-shaped large wooden house a A large, dome-shaped, wooden hause

C) Writing (10 marks)

Read the rules for using capital letters in English.

We use capital letters

- with the names of people and places

- with nationalities and languages
- with days of the week and months of the year
- with titles of films and book
- when we start new sentences

Then, rewrite this letter with capital letters:

Dear Brian, my name is Luigi Maldini. I am from Milan. I am 18 years old and I want
to visit the Uk to learn English. I am into computers and I enjoy reading books. I also
play videogames, usually on Saturday. My favourite games are return of the warrior and
planet xenon. Write to me soon. Yours sincerely, Luigi