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2017-18 Season at a glance
28/09 Omar Kamal Performance in Beirut, Lebanon

18-20/10 Residency at the Conservatoire de Romans, France
21/10 Les Voix de Maguelone Festival with the Chiltern Chamber
22-24/10 International Conducting Academy

21/11 Film and audio recording with Omar Kamal at Angel Studios
in London

23/12 Closing concert of the Beirut Chants Festival

04/01 Recording for Auddict at Angel Studios, London

20-28/02 Concerts and educational residency in Lebanon

12-15/03 Residency with the composition class at the Conservatoire
Populaire de Musique in Geneva
17/03 Performance with Omar Kamal at Emirates Theatre, Abu
19/03 Premiere of Arturo Corrales Mono Espacial for string
orchestra in Geneva

14-20/05 Residency International School of Geneva and concerts
The United Strings of Europe (USE) is made up of Formed in 2012 at the Royal Academy of Music in
young professionals from across the European London, all the members of the United Strings of
Union and Switzerland who celebrate cultural Europe are distinguished chamber musicians,
diversity through musical performance, orchestral players and soloists who share a
interdisciplinary collaborations, and educational passion for ensemble playing. The 2017-18
initiatives. season includes appearances at Les Voix de
Maguelone Festival in France, performances in
Under the direction of Artistic Director Julian
the U.A.E., the Beirut Chants Festival, recordings
Azkoul and Principal Conductor Franck
for Auddict, conducting masterclasses, as well as
Fontcouberte, the ensemble has gained
educational and performance residencies in
recognition for its exciting performances, diverse
Switzerland, France, Lebanon and the UK.
programming, and wide-ranging pedagogical
activities. Education
Inspired to share their art with more members of
With a track record of bringing music to new
the community, USE has developed an innovate
audiences, USE has worked closely with a number
programme of workshops tailored to young
of composers and festivals. Recent premieres
people, budding and confirmed musicians, as well
include works by Stevan Hristic, the world
as university students in the UK, Switzerland,
premiere of Mateja Marinkovic's Violin Concerto
France and Lebanon. USE has visited a number
Balkan Tales in 2013, works by Arturo Corrales,
of institutions including the Conservatoire in
Bechara El-Khoury and Charbel Rouhana, as well
Romans and Montpellier, the International and
as the world premiere of American composer
Eden schools in Geneva, as well as Brummana
David Winkler's Double Concerto No. 3 written for
High School, International College, Al Ahliah
pianist Walter Delahunt, violinist Julian Azkoul and
School and Notre Dame University in Lebanon.
the United Strings of Europe in 2016.

United Strings of Europe

String E
Franck Fontcouberte (principal conductor), France
Violin I Viola
Julian Azkoul (concertmaster), UK/Lebanon Matthew Maguire, UK
Ariel Lang, France/USA Elitsa Bogdanova, Bulgaria
Guillaume Jacot, Switzerland/Czech Republic
Tamara Elias, Switzerland/Canada
Alexander Rolton, UK/Netherlands
Violin II Raphael Lang, France/Italy
Kirsty Lovie, UK
Double Bass
Theodor Kng, Switzerland/USA
Vera Pereira, Portugal
Anne Hopfmller, Austria
Sample Concert Programme for the 2017/18 Season

BOCCHERINI La Musica Notturna delle Strade di Madrid

MOZART Piano Concerto No. 12 K. 414 OR ARNOLD Concerto for Two Violins


SCHUBERT Quartettsatz D. 703 (arr. Azkoul)

BRITTEN Variations on a Theme by Frank Bridge Op. 10

Stand-alone concert
Concert with education workshops

Educational and interactive workshops for children and adults (bilingual FR/EN)
presentation of the musical instruments
the different roles in the ensemble
emotions, style and musical communication
instrumental techniques and compositional tools
the art of conducting (inviting participants to conduct the ensemble)

Representation in Switzerland Representation in France Representation in the UK

Jad Azkoul Franck Fontcouberte United Strings of Europe

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