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Unit Plan Template

Unit Author
First and Last Name Anna Osgood, Brynna Rogers, Brittany Mahan
Authors E-mail Address,,
Course Name(s) ELRC
Course Number(s) 2507
Course Section(s) 001
Instructor(s) Name(s) Monroe

Unit Overview
Unit Plan Title Its Turkey Time!
Curriculum-Framing Questions
Goals Have students understand the significance of Thanksgiving.
Why is Thanksgiving important?
What do people usually do on Thanksgiving?
Content Questions
What are some symbols of Thanksgiving?
What do you know know about the history of Thanksgiving?
Unit Summary
The students will learn about the symbols, the history and the usual family traditions found in
todays society, while still learning the overall importance of Thanksgiving. This will be shown
through math, history and writing.

Subject Area(s) (List all subjects that apply)

English, Math, and History

Grade Level [Click box(es) of all grade level(s) that your Unit targets]
K-2 3-5
6-8 9-12
ESL Resource
Gifted and Talented Other:

Targeted State Frameworks/Content Standards/Benchmarks

A prioritized list of standards that are addressed in your unit. Go to the Common Core

standards on the LA State DOE website. You don't need to list everything, just the ones that
pertain to your lesson.
English: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.9-10.4
Math: CCSS.Math.Content.3.MD.B.3
History: History and Social Studies standards start at grade 6.

Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes

Use technology tools to access. explore, and synthesize information about Thanksgiving.
Compare and contrast your personal experiences of the holiday with peers.
Interpret information from chronological history and timelines.
Reflect on what has been learned by formulating ideas and personal expressions.

Create a label (e.g., Lesson 1 Weather Math Will Monroe) and link to individual lesson plans
Lesson 1 - History - Brynna Rogers
Lesson 2 - Math - Brittany Mahan
Lesson 3 - English/Writing - Anna Osgood

Approximate Time Needed

3 class periods (intro, mid, final)
Prerequisite Skills
General knowledge on the American holiday,
Conceptual knowledge and technological skills that students must have to begin this unit.

Materials and Resources

Technology Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed)
Camera Laser Disk VCR
Computer(s) Printer Video Camera
Digital Camera Projection System Video Conferencing Equip.
DVD Player Scanner Other:
Internet Connection Television

Technology Software (Click boxes of all software needed.)

Database/Spreadsheet Image Processing Web Page Development
Desktop Publishing Internet Web Browser Word Processing
E-mail Software Multimedia Other: Application

Encyclopedia on CD-ROM

Printed Materials Worksheets, Reading Materials

Things that need to be ordered or gathered to implement your


Internet Resources URLs that support the implementation of your unit.

Others Guest speakers, mentors, field trips, etc.

Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction

Students will work with partners to receive assistance on
Resource Student
Work and assignments will be translated to the non-native
Non-Native English Speaker
Students will be asked to go above expectations for
Gifted Student