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Informatics College Caloocan

Faculty Development Plan


The following personalized, 1-year faculty development plan has been mutually negotiated between
_______________and the Officer-in-charge of the Academics Department. The purpose of this plan is to
help enhance professional growth, development and vitality and successfully fulfill the requirements of
her/his position at Informatics College Caloocan. The faculty member and the department recognize
that the following is a guide for identifying and managing professional growth opportunities.

The plan will begin on the First Trimester of 2016 ( May ) and continue for one year. It should be
reviewed at set intervals throughout the Academic Year.

Use in Development and Annual Statement of Responsibilities

It is expected that the plans Development, Instructional, Scholarly, and Service activities will be used
to establish priorities and expectations for the faculty member. Some activities may require more than
one year. Both faculty members and the department head should review the development plan to
ensure consistency with the College and Departmental Tenure and Promotion requirements.

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Informatics College Caloocan
Faculty Development Plan

Development Activities towards student and organization

Goal: Adoption of the Outcome-based Education policy as cornerstone for
Objective 1: Set expectations and corresponding contexts according to the needs of the
Objective 2: Reinforce participative learning in class for students, such as, cooperative
learning activities, active student-student interactions, pro/con debates or
comparison/contrasts, analyzing materials, strategies, methods, etc.
Objective 3: Promote Student-Teacher interactions and strategies that encourage
student independence, self-efficacy, and self-reliance.
Objective 4: Utilize contemporary Technical and Business/Marketing orientations for
better dissemination of information to students thus encouraging student

Expected Outcomes:
A. Pragmatic application of projects and course work in line with the demands of the industry
B. Evidence of increased use of participatory activities for students in class and evidence of
improved student self-reliance, independence, and self-efficacy.
C. Significant improvement indicated on SFF evaluations by students during improvement
D. Significant improvements on students capabilities through debate in the IB-International
Business approach though the application of both local and international.

Instructional Activities
1. Attend seminars and training to improve classroom assessment techniques.
2. Enhance ability to deliver instruction via interactive multimedia e.g.; emails, social networking
sites and the likes
3. Improve academic counseling by attending pertinent workshops and various seminars.

Scholarly Activities
1. Avail of Scholarship programs offered by diverse agencies of the government and other
private institutions catering to Information Technology, computer Science, Business related
courses that can directly improve teaching methodologies and other techniques.
2. Complete Graduate Studies Program (Masters degree should be aligned with the undergrad
3. Attend other forms of training and seminars that can be useful for the advancement program.

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Informatics College Caloocan
Faculty Development Plan
Service Activities
1. Increase interactivity and collaboration with other academic institutions, social work
professionals and other public sector agencies in CAMANAVA area.
2. Learn about fundamentals of Public Information Systems to assist local public agencies with
policymaking activities.

Campus Commitments

As part of this faculty development plan, the department, and the College will do the following:

1. An Academic Audit will be conducted at least twice each semester during the prescribed
period period and debriefings with faculty member to be held following each observation.
2. Department Head will meet with faculty member at least once each semester during the
improvement plan period.
3. A Focus Group Discussion will likewise be conducted as part of the holistic monitoring

(Name of Faculty Member) (date)

(Name of Academic Head) (date)

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