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Shelley Mortimer

Professor Cris Longhurst

English 2010

Fall 2017

e-Portfolio Reflective Cover Letter

In taking Intermediate English I have learned the importance of audience and purpose. I

have also learned how to take a problem, analyze and research it, and then propose a solution.

I learned something from each genre piece and the corresponding lessons teaching how to

write a specific paper. From the Report I learned how to convey information that my intended

audience should find accurate, credible, and reasonably comprehensive. From the Profile I

learned how to effectively describe interesting people, their significance, and their contributions;

focusing on the person as a representative of a larger issue. The Causal Argument taught me how

to identify the causes and or possible consequences of an issue, and take a strong causal position.

The Proposed Solution taught me how to present a problem with a clear solution backed with key

supporting points and organized evidence so as to present a persuasive and informative paper

that calls the reader to action or to support a particular perspective.

In each assignment I thought about its purpose and who my audience was, their values,

beliefs, and needs. Knowing your purpose and your audience is important to present your

information most effectively and persuade them to support your perspective.

My signature assignment is the Causal Argument. It is a strong persuasive position paper.

It was beneficial to developing my writing since the structure is very methodical and effective. It
is a well formatted argumentative structure that could be used with any problem whether in

writing or speaking. I started with an introduction to technology addiction and examined the

causes and effects and contains the thesis. Second, the background context helped the audience

understand the issue. Next, evidence is presented to support the thesis and causes of technology

addiction. After this is the counter argument where I was able to look at the issue from a

different perspective and find its flaws. Lastly, ending with a conclusion that reiterates the key


The skills I have learned in this class are also applicable to other general education

courses and to everyday communication. This semester I have written informative, position, and

analysis papers for my Humanities and American Civilizations classes. General education classes

enhance my knowledge by giving me an understanding in various studies so I can have basic

knowledge of general things that I won't go into depth in like those pertaining to my intended

major of business management. In all of the general education classes I have taken, each requires

critical thinking which is needed in any course or job.