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Riau farmers successfully increase goat population by 195%

A group of farmers from Kesuma village in the remote corners of Pelalawan regency in Riau province has managed to
successfully get their livestock of goats to breed, reproduce and sell it to the point where the population has increased 195
percent, from 40 to 118, in just a year.

"The breeding of goats has improved. From just 40 goats, we now have 118 in one year. The local residents even held a
thanksgiving event and sacrificed three of those goats," Kesuma Abadi Foundation chief Tuharno said to Antara reporters at
Kesuma Village.

Kesuma village is located around 160 kilometers away from the city of Pekanbaru. It consists of five hamlets with a total
population of about 8,000 family heads. The residential settlements are located in remote areas, where the infrastructure in
the majority of places still consists of dirt roads. The village is partly located within Tesso Nilo National Park conservation
grounds. Other parts of it are within the concessional areas of a PT Arara Abadi forestry industrial zone. PT Arara Abadi is
a subsidiary of APP Sinar Mas.

Tuharno said the local residents had spearheaded this goat breeding effort with assistance from PT Arara Abadi through a
program called "Desa Makmur Peduli Api (DMPA)." The company's aid has been rolling since Nov. 4 in 2015, and was
specifically delivered with the goat cultivation program in mind, which started off with 40 goats.
Free morpheme Bound morpheme
Words Prefixes compound Connetive Sufixes
Root Derivational Infectional
1. Farmers Farm -er -s
2. Corners Corner -er -s
3. Managed Manage -ed
4. Successfully Success -full -ly
5. Livestock Live + Stock
6. Goats Goat -S
7. Reproduce Re- Produce
8. Poptulation Populate -ion
9. Increased Increase -ed
10.Breeding Breed -ing
11.Improved Improve -ed
12.Residents Resident -s
13.Thanksgiving Thanls+giving
14.Sacrifed Sacrifice -ed
15.Foundation Found -a -tion
16.Said Say -ed
17.Reporters Report -er -s
18.Located Locate -ed
19.Kilometers Kilo- Meter -s
20.Consist -s
21.Hamlets Hamlet -s
22.Heads Head -s
23.Resident Resident -ial
24.Settlements settle -s -ment
25.Infrastructure Infra- Structure
26.Majority Major -ity
27.Roads Road -s
28.Within With+in
29.National Nation -al
30.Conservation Conserve -a -tion
31.Grounds Ground -s
32.Part Part -s
33.Concessional Concess -ional
34.Areas Area -s
35.Forestry Forest -ry
36.Industrial Industry -ial
37.Subsidiary Subsidy -iary