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Media Studies

OCR Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Media Studies H009/02/03 Creating Media

Statement of Intent

Centre number Centre name

40131 Priestley College Warrington

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Brief chosen:
Brief 1 Television: You have been given the task of producing the first two of what your agency hopes

will become a series of 30 second television adverts to promote a new unisex deodorant from UK
deodorants, an existing agency client.

How do you intend to use the four areas of the media theoretical framework to communicate meaning
and meet the requirements of your chosen brief? (approx. 350 words)
With the media language I intend to use the youthful and active area of my brief to use a variety of

shots and movements to create it an interesting and active Advertisements for a youthful advert.
The editing will be will be fast paced with 1 second shots to make it fast paced and to make it

mostly simple shots to reflect the codes and conventions of TV advertisements this will show that it
is for an active audience and is in both of my adverts. The sound will be quiet but upbeat and won't

drown out the voiceover I will use in both of my adverts to make sure that it gets the message
across and the benefits of the advert. I will also use graphics to show what the deodorant will do

keeping in with the codes and conventions this will be used in both of my adverts to make sure the
benefits and the slogan will be seen.

With the Media Industries I will follow ASA guidelines making sure i will not false advertise or harm

or condone anything harmful or use anything against anyone and make sure i will not discriminate
which if I do will go against the young audience. This will be shown in both adverts and they both

will not false advertise for example improving performance which isn't possible for a deodorant but
keeping in with the brief it will show it will be a deodorant. To also make sure we do not represent

violence which will go against the target audience without a positive message behind it so it also
fits in with the target audience and to make sure we do not have any environmental claims. To also

not invade anyones privacy or give out any private information.

CCS437 Statement of Intent CCS/H009

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations

With the media audiences my adverts will target a young active audience of the ages 15-25 as
both of my adverts will make sure that it is target towards them being active showing jogging or

running. It will reach this audience by going on the channel E4 at prime time at 7pm-9pm as in
my target audience research that is the prime time for that audience on weekdays when it will

hit a wide audience as that is when most watch it

I will make sure with media representations I will portray my product positively without saying

anything bad about anything else we need to represent it as a unisex product and to make sure the
advert is represented towards a unisex audience we will not mislead so we make sure its accurate
and to make sure it fits in with the representation with our graphics we will show how effective it is to
make it represent with the audience

CCS437 Statement of Intent CCS/H009

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations