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Media Studies

OCR Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Media Studies H009/02/03 Creating Media

Statement of Intent

Centre number Centre name

40131 Priestley College Warrington

Candidate number Candidate name

Tom Hanley

Brief chosen:
Brief 1 Television: You have been given the task of producing the first two of what your agency hopes

will become a series of 30 second television adverts to promote a new unisex deodorant from UK
deodorants, an existing agency client.

How do you intend to use the four areas of the media theoretical framework to communicate meaning
and meet the requirements of your chosen brief? (approx. 350 words)

Media Language

will communicate meaning through various codes and conventions. Firstly, I will incorporate a variety
of shot types and camera movement in my advert. This will make my advert visually interesting and
varied to immerse the target audience within the narrative as well as make the advert memorable.

Secondly, I will incorperate fast paced editing into my advert. This will allow the advert to be
understood and will engage and maintain the attention of a young audience. Furthermore, I intend to

use various editing techniques such as crosscutting and match on action Thirdly, in my advert, I will
use audio to add another layer to my advert. This will be done by the inclusion of non diegetic

soundtrack and enhanced sounds such as an alarm. I will also include a voiceover to provide
information on the product during the ending pack shot. Finally, I will use graphics to my advert. This

will be done through the ending pack shot in which i will include a superimposed slogan.

Media Representations

In order to appeal to a young, active audience, I will present the target audience positively in my advert.
To do this, will convey them as happy, optimistic and successful members of society. This includes

having happy expressions and lots of confident movement. It is important that i present my target
audience positively as this will encourage them to buy the product.. Furthermore, I will have to present

my product as good yet realistic. This means I will emphasise the positives of my product but not
mislead the audience by including things which use of the product won't achieve.

CCS437 Statement of Intent CCS/H009

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations
Media Industries

In order to appease the ASA and make my advert safe for TV broadcast, there are guidlines I must follow.
Firstly, I must not mislead the audience into beliving the product can do something that ot can't. I should

therefore only include content that would be realistic to the use of the product.This will comply weith the
ASA's code on misleading advertisment. Additionally, i should make my advert safe for children and not
encourage negative or anti-social behaviour. This will comply with the ASA's codes on children an harm

and offence

Media Audience

The message of my advert is as follows: wave deodorant is a unisex deodorant which prevents sweat
and allows users to stay fresh within an active lifestyle. During my target audience research survey, I
discovered that from 28 participents, the majority favoured ITV 1, followed by channel 4 and channel 5. I
will air my advert on that channel between 6pm - 9pm as the young target audience watch TV the most at
this time.

CCS437 Statement of Intent CCS/H009

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations