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Performing Backorder Processing Runs



Would you like to know more about how an order fulfillment manager
schedules and monitors a backorder processing (BOP) run?

If so, please follow the interactive demo.

(1) To open the app, select the Schedule BOP Run tile.


3 . Enter Test 456 and press Enter.PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (2) To create a new BOP job. choose New. (3) You need to define a name for your BOP run.

(5) Enter VAR_01 as the variant name and press Enter. 4 .PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (4) Select Start Immediately.

PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (6) To verify whether the data entered for scheduling the BOP run is valid. choose Check. 5 . A success message confirms that scheduling the BOP run is possible with the current data.

6 . Now that the BOP run Test 456 is complete. you can access the log for more details.PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (7) Choose Schedule.

reoccurring BOP run. 7 .PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (8) You now want to create a new. Choose New. (9) Enter Test 789 as the job name and press Enter.

(11) To define a start date. 8 .PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (10) Choose Add More Scheduling Options. open the date picker.

2017. (13) Enter 18:00:00 as the start time and press Enter. 9 .PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (12) Select the current date. May 10th.

PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (14) Select Recurrence. 10 . (15) To define the end of the recurrence pattern. open the list.

2017 at 6pm UTC time  Ending after ten occurrences 11 .PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (16) Select After. You can see that the BOP run will reoccurr as follows:  Repeating every day  Starting on the current date. May 10th.

choose OK.PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (17) To save the scheduling information. you can return to them at any stage. If you want to change the scheduling options again. 12 .

choose Check.PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (18) Enter VAR_01 as the variant name and press Enter. (19) To verify if the data entered for this recurrent BOP run is valid. 13 .

14 . (20) Choose Schedule.PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS A success message confirms that you may schedule the BOP run with the current data.

15 . choose Home.PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (21) The Application Jobs screen displays the ten recurrent BOP runs you have scheduled. you want to view it to check the results of this BOP run. Now that you have successfully scheduled a BOP run. To return to the launchpad.

(23) Choose the line item that corresponds to your previously scheduled BOP run.PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (22) To open the app. select the Monitor BOP Run tile. 16 .

the confirmation strategy. 17 . The Requirement List screen displays detailed information about each requirement. the name of the BOP segment. and the confirmation key figures. for example. Choose the material TG11.PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (24) The Run Overview screen displays.

Confirmation details display.PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (25) You want to view the requirement that corresponds to your previously scheduled BOP run. Choose the line item. 18 .

PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (26) Choose Exit. (27) Choose VAR_01. 19 .

20 . Choose SOLD-TO- PARTY. among other details. (29) Here you can see the processing status.PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (28) Choose CONFIRMATION STRATEGY.

To return to the launchpad. choose Home. about on-time confirmation. 21 . for example.PERFORMING BACKORDER PROCESSING RUNS (30) Here you can see the details for each sold-to party. You have successfully scheduled and monitored a backorder processing (BOP) run. This concludes the interactive demo.