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A Detailed Lesson Plan in English Grade 7

I. Objectives
1. Give the meaning of the unfamiliar words taken from the story
2. Analyze the plot of the story
3. Identify the story pattern of fable
4. Perform a pantomime that will portray the moral lesson of the story
5. Write a story pattern of a fable that reflects the moral lesson in the story.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Monkey and the Turtle
Skills: Reading, writing and comprehension skills
Materials: Non-projected visual such as pictures and cartolina and printed material
References: Lapid M. G. & Serrano J. B. (2012). English Communication Arts and Skills
through Filipino Literature
Time Frame: One Hour

III. Procedure
Teachers Activity Students Activity

A. Preliminary Activities

Good Morning Class! Good Morning Sir!

Please arrange your chairs properly. (students will arrange their chairs)

Everyone, please rise for the opening (the students will rise)
_______, please lead the prayer. (a student will lead the prayer)

You may now take your seats. (the students will sit)

By the way Im Emmanuel B. Chavez your

English teacher for this morning.

So hows your day? It was great Sir.

Thats good to know, because we will have

a new lesson. But before we start the lesson
for this day lets check first the attendance.

Is there any absent for boys? (students will tell who are absent for
boys and girls)
How about for girls?

B. Motivation

(Teacher will show picture of a crown)

Does a crown symbolize something? (students answer will vary)
Or does it ring a bell?
To whom can you associate a crown?

(teacher will show again a picture of the big

three in Philippine pageant KYLIE,

Who of you want to grab the chance meet

and greet them? (student answer will vary)

Pack up your things were going to Puraran

beach because I heard that they will promote
Catanduanes as pone of a tourist destination
here in our country.


Before we go I will divide the class into

three groups. So count 1-3 that will serve as (students will group themselves)
your groupings.

Set with your group mates because along the

way there are task or challenges that we
need to face. Each challenge will be
converted to point and at the group with the
highest score will win. Is that clear? Yes sir.

Fasten your seat belt were ready to go.

Task 1
Here is the first task each group need to
arrange the letter to form a word. The
definition of the word will serve as a clue.
The first group to post their answer on the
board with the correct answer will get 3 the (students will work with the given
next group with 2 and the last with 1 point. activity)

(students will arrive with the following




Very good you got it guys. Those words will

help you to understand the fable that we are
about to read it is entitled The Monkey and
the Turtle. As we read the story you need to
get the important information because
afterward I will ask several questions.

(students will read the selection)

(Teacher will call volunteers to read each
paragraph of the selection)


Assign each member from the group a

number Before I ask the question I will call
a number and the persons that hold will be
the one to answer (Teacher will give the
students white and red flag)
The first one that will raise the red will be
the one who will answer, then the remaining
two students will decide if they will raise red (students will assign number to each
flag to challenge the answer and white if member)
they agree. The group with the correct
answer will get 3 points.
Monkey and the turtle
1. Who are the main characters in the story?
a. The Monkey is cunning, powerful, the
2. What are the characteristics of the main monkey also represents the opportunist,
characters? self-serving people of the society, ready to
get more and have more, be always on the
top and greedy
b. Turtle she believes in equality
practiced by cutting the banana tree on the
center, having the less-looking.
Hence, being left with the less productive
looking half of the tree, the turtle did her
best to make the most out of it by patience
and perseverance. With unfair results,
the turtle showed vengeance as result of
pain and disappointments. Nevertheless,
she learned her lesson and never trusted
the monkey and deceived it for survival.
She is also resourceful.

There lived friends a monkey and a turtle.

3. What is the situation at the beginning of the They found a banana tree and decided to
story? divide it in a half across the middle

The greediness of the monkey is the

4. What is their problem? problem in the story.

The turtle tried to solve it by being

5. How did they try to solve their problem? resourceful

The monkey eventually died.

6. What is the result?
It is a short story, usually using animal
7. Base from the story that we read what is characters to represent human natures,
fable? and always contains a moral lesson.

8. What do you think is the story pattern of

Situation problem Attempted
Solution result
9. What are the moral lessons from the story? Greediness and selfishness will bring you
big trouble
Resourcefulness will help one to survive
Very good guys.
Okay, so lets have a stop over by having the
next set of activity.

F. Group Activity

Choose one from the moral lessons in the
story. Perform a pantomime that will portray
the moral lesson of the story perform. Then
you will present it to the class. Make sure to
use a clear facial expression.

Be guided by the criteria:

Content 5
Creativity 3
Teamwork 2
Total 10

G. Generalization
So, what do you think is the importance of We will learn moral lessons that we can
reading a fable? apply and use in a real life.
Great you got it.

Lets go back to the crown what do you Crown without an owner is nothing its
think is the similarities of the crown and fable. useless but if it has an owner it can work
as one to influence and move people. Just
like fable we learn lesson that we can use
in life thus will influence we will be a
Very well said. better version of our self.

Again, what is fable? It is a short story, usually using animal

characters to represent human natures,
and always contains a moral lesson.

What do you think is the story pattern of Situation problem attempted

fables? Solution result

Finally, we arrived at our destination

Puraran Beach wherein we can have a chance to
meet and greet the big three. Grab this chance to
enjoy and make good memories.

IV. Evaluation
In a one whole sheet of pad paper. Write a fable that reflects the moral lesson in the story.
Be sure that it follows the story pattern and the unique features of fables.
Be guided by the following criteria:
Content: 50%
Uniqueness: 20%
Grammar: 20%
Cleanliness: 10%
Total: 100%
V. Assignment
For your assignment, write it on your Crosswise sheet of pad paper.
In not more than 2 paragraphs but not less than 1 explain the following sentence
He who aims to grab a foot loses a yard.