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MFM (07-09)
Name: Aditi Mishra
Organization: Lifestyle International Pvt. Ltd.
Project Title: Devising a floor plan to optimize sales

 To study & create a feasible floor layout plan on excel for Goregaon stand alone- HC (matched to
scale with the actual floor plan) to work as a monitoring tool to identify problem areas.
 To calculate & analyse the Hit ratio for Jan-march period age wise & department wise for both the
warehouses of LS for Goregaon store to confirm if the low SPF pockets are due to absence of
merchandise on floor.
 GAP analysis for product- Furniture & Household in terms of FMS, SMS.
 To do a service gap survey with the help of SERVQUAL system.
 Competitor’s survey (Home stop & Hyper city) on options, retail space allotted & brands present
to study their focus areas.
 All location Inventory controllers should send the damages and loss data to the corporate office
every Saturday.
 While sending the data, Inventory controllers should discuss the circumstances under which the
loss or damaged occurred with the Store manager.
 The review of cause, analysis of data should be done to find out the lapse in the control system.
 Drill down the exact cause and recommend penalization of the concerned staff in case of frequent
damage by staff.
 Overall stock holding was less in the off sale period since most of the expected consignments
were delayed & more discounts were required for certain categories. All of this boils down to
three simple things:
 A better co ordination between the Buying-Merchandising-Front end to give timely & appropriate
discounts & discontinue the slow movers; the front end staff should be intimidated about the
discounts A.S.A.P. so that they can display stocks on floor accordingly.
 Constant movement of information from merchandiser to supplier via buying to inform the former
about in demand styles & the flaws with old styles along with any consignment related stock
issues esp. during sale period.
 Streamlining the supply chain flow to ensure that the aging stock reaches the floor in the first
couple of days. Warehouse should target at least 80-90% hit ratio; floor staff should make sure
that stock is highlighted on the floor for a speedy clearance.

Project Title: Preparing An Optimum Core Mix Of Shirts &
Trousers For Peter England
 Arriving at an optimum core assortment plan for all the 119 PE stores across
• Store profiling in terms of the brand/ category mix (PE, Elite, Elements,
• Store categorisation wrt overall core behaviour in PE
• Detailed analysis of core range across various parameters of core category,
MRP, colour, sizes, sleeves and pleats


 The assortment plan for each individual store has been developed on the
basis of detailed analysis of core merchandise at various levels.

 Since Core sales are expected to be flat, only the best sellers have been
allocated in each category.

 Hence the stores do not have to contend with weak sellers which usually
end up in seconds stores thereby lowering profitability.

 This assortment plan works on ideal option capacity rather than actual
capacity thereby increasing sell- thru’s and also profitability.

 Space Rationalization has been done to align the space allotted to the brand
with the sales to arrive at an optimum space mix for the stores.
Name: Amitesh
Project Title: Comparative analysis of sale of gift vouchers
and analysis of loyalty program

 To Understand the elements involved in successful launch of sale of GIFT VOUCHERS at
store as well as online.
 To determine the critical success factors involved in sale of G.V’S.
 To design a process for sale of gift voucher for BENETTON INDIA stores
 Design the life cycle of GIFT VOUCHERS.

 To design a TRAINING MODULE for retail staff
 To determine the standard operating procedure for staff
 To incorporate requisite product knowledge for staff
 To incorporate theme knowledge for the current season (subject to change every season)
 To include system training .
 To develop a system for periodical checks on learning of store staff

 To compare and analyse various brands offering loyalty programs and suggest
improvements in the BENETTON’S LOYALTY PROGRAM
 The LOYALTY card enrollment takes too much of time.
 The customers don’t know what gifts they would be getting.
 There is no incentive for the customer after crossing a purchase slab to another. That is the value of gift stays at 15 % on each
 The helpline no. are in defunct state.
 There is absence of verification of customer details

 Printing the vouchers centrally, without any unique identification code.
 Supply Chain to do a stock transfer to a store, after which each GV shall be bar coded
 After the stock transfer in APDS, the relevant unique bar code numbers will get activated in ETP-POS.
 This unique bar code number will be used as an item at store level to be sold as a regular commodity.
 After the store sells the voucher to ultimate customer, the "issued" vouchers will become activated in all stores for redemption.

 TRAINING MODULE will incorporate the following
 Product knowledge
 Theme knowledge
 Etp-pos system training
 Store operations guidelines
 Guidelines for promotions and scheme launch

Name: Dhruv Sethi

Project Title: Retail Store Operations Femella Fashions Ltd.
Phase i: To study the operating costs and suggest various approaches to meet
them or reduce them.

Phase ii: To study the retail store operations and suggest various promotional
measures to enhance the footfalls.

Phase iii: To conduct a market research survey for the mass designer wear
category and that for upcoming store locations for the brand. (Excluding
signature collection of designer wear)


 The operating expenses at the front-end could be deducted by 75% if the S.O.R. to S.O.H.
Approach is implemented and the lease charges which are included in operating costs can be met
by 85%. (S.O.R. – Space on Rent, S.O.H. – Space on Hire)

 The operating software at front-end need to be changed at first, to maintain customer record,
merchandise movement record, reduce errors in recording transactions, etc.

 The product code on tags need to be changed so as to be more precise on the product features and
add-on to the product.

 The jewelry need to be replaced with a more pleasing collection as it was rated below average by
most of the people surveyed through Market Research.

 The awareness of Plus-Size Category and Extra-Small Category must be increased.

 The gift vouchers should be replaced with the cash redemption vouchers so as to push existing
stock of jewelry.
Name: Karthik.M
Organization: Levis Strauss & Co
Project Title: Analysis of Indian apparel market with
reference to Levis Strauss Signature and to identify key
opportunity areas

 To study the Indian apparel market in detail
 To estimate the market size of various apparel categories in different states
 To estimate the market share of Levis Strauss Signature in different categories across
 different states.
 To identify future investment opportunities for of Levis Strauss Signature.

Urban India has major share in spending and the per capita expenditure of urban India (15750 INR per annum) is
much higher than rural India (8341.92 INR per annum) and also the per capita expenditure on clothing in urban
India is much higher (843 INR per annum) than rural India (509 INR per annum)
 But rural because of huge population (778361700) compared to urban population of (248392500) has a huge market
which is largely untapped.
 But at the current moment even though rural market is very large because of the backwardness in development does
not form a huge market for branded readymade wear.
 Urban India spends about 5% of the total expenditure on clothing while rural India spends 6%
 As India becomes more modernized the percentage expenditure on clothing decreases as other expenses like rent,
education, travel takes a greater share but expenditure on clothing in terms of absolute number increases
 The percapita income of some states like Kerala, Punjab ,Goa ,Chandigarh, Delhi, Kanataka, Haryana have very
high percapita income and higher education levels compared to the other states
 Punjab has the highest percapita expenditure on clothing in rural India followed by Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh and
 Uttar Pradesh has the largest market size for clothing in rural India followed by Bihar, Maharastra, West Bengal and
Andra Pradesh
 Chhattisgarh has highest percapita expenditure on clothing in urban India followed by Punjab, Jammu,Arunachal
Pradesh, Maharastra and Kerala.
 Maharastra has the largest urban market size followed by UP, Tamilnadu, Andra Pradesh and West Bengal.
 LSS mainly has its sales in Maharastra, Delhi, Karnataka, UP and Tamilnadu.
 Denim is the major product category accounting for 51% of the sales followed by Tshirts 26% and Shirts 14%.
 Majority of the denim sales has been to Maharastra, Delhi, UP, Karnataka and Rajasthan.
 Majority of t-shirts have sold in Karnataka, Maharastra, Delhi, Rajasthan and UP
 LSS has a highest market shares in Uttarnchal (Dehradun), Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan
 And least market shares in Chattisgarh, Jharkand, Gujurat, Kerala, West Bengal and Andra Pradesh

Name: Meenakshi Rewaria

Organization: VISHAL RETAIL LTD.
Project Title: To identify gap between customer Expectation
and actual customer Experience at vishal megamart
 Identify the variables that constitute the customer expectations from a hypermarket in India.

 The level of customer loyalty, retention rate at Vishal Megamart

 The gap between customer expectation and actual customer experience at Vishal Megamart


 Most important factors that a customer consider while making a hypermarket as a
shopping destination are price factor which explains 26% variance, product- 18.3%, time
factor- 17.8%, entertainment- 16.4%.
 Loyalty program is in critical area and needs the immediate attention because it is high on
expectation and low on performance
 Factors which are in the moderate area of improvement are Discounts, Variety of
merchandise, Quality of apparel, Billing, Display, Parking facility, employee service,
 Values for money, Variety in price are the strengths of Vishal Megamart while Proximity
to home performance is at par with the expectation levels
 Majority of customers visiting vishal megamart fall in the age group of 18-40 which is 70
 Majority of customers fall in the income group of 10000-20000 which is 48%. Next
income group is 20000-30000 which is 22.5%.
 Majority of customers 89.5% are buying monthly. Thus the frequency is good to
 From the finding it is evident that 51% customers probably would not recommend the
company to others although 80% claims that they will repurchase. These customers are
satisfied but not loyal to the company.
 Even 15% say that they would not visit other stores but also none of the respondent said
that they would definitely recommend the company to others. Thus we cannot say that
these 15% are loyal customers.
Name: Preeti Choudhary
Organization: adidas INDIA MARKETING PVT. LTD.
Project Title: “Analysis of sales performance of brand adidas”

 To Understand the elements involved in promoting a business, including sales promotion,
visual merchandising, and publicity.
 To determine the role of VM in the increase the sales.
 To conduct a market survey to analyse the current Store Promotion Strategies of different
brands in the market followed by suggestion to increase the visibility of a store.
 To analyse the effectiveness of Promotional Schemes.
 To Conduct a Market Survey to analyse the popularity and effectiveness of current promos
by adidas.

• To analyse the stocking of merchandise at store level to boost sales

 To determine the Top Ten Articles in all categories and to analyse their balance stock in
terms of availability popular sizes.
 To determine the Sales through percentage (sports category-wise)
 To conduct a comparative analysis of 4 stores of Chandigarh in terms of Top Selling
Articles contribution.

• To maintain updated 2009 Target Sheet to keep control on achieved Primary Sales.

• To design SOP for Claim Management.

 Visual Merchandising Change in the store leads to increase of the secondary sales, which
proves the effectiveness of Visual Merchandising. Hence VM Concepts and Standards should
be followed seriously.
 As the Secondary Sales Data shows the positive effect of Bag and Voucher promo, we can
conclude how important it is to keep offering such promotional schemes. Update of the market
is also required to choose best of the scheme for the specific period.
 Customer feedback also required to judge the success of a promo. It is beneficial to fill the gap
to meet customer expectations.
 We could see that top ten sellers contributes 20 to 40 percent of the business sales. Hence
inventory check is required every week so that refill orders could reach the store on time
without hampering the sales.
 As we analysed in the target sheet that there is a gap, which could be filled by additional orders
left for primary sales. Hence Targets Sheets are really important to keep a track of where we
are moving and where we are facing shortfalls, a corrective plan will help in such cases.
 Standard operating procedure are really important for franchisee/distributors to understand, so
that loses can be controlled by keeping standardize formats.
 Apart from that, the Loyalty program should be employed in the stores of RON to Boost Sales.

Name: Richa Pant

Organization: Central ,Bangalore (Pantaloons India Private Ltd.)
Project Title: “Analysis of sales performance of brand adidas”
 Category Analysis of Mens wear in Central, Bangalore for the period
Sept’08 to Dec’08
- Analysis of sales contribution (qty wise, value wise, brand wise, merchandise
category wise)
- Calculation of Top 5 and bottom 5 contributing brands volume wise.
- Gap analysis in Service quality.


 Top 5 brands
 John Miller
 Allen Solly
 Louis Phillipe
 Bottom 5 Brands
 Indian Terrain
 Wills Classic
 John Player
 Fastest moving category – Formal Shirts
 Slowest moving category- Blazers
 September was the month of Maximum sales.
 Reliability is the most preferred factor in service quality by customers. Central Needs to focus more on
 Customers feel that the billing counters need to be more efficient.
 They also need to focus on timely service.
Name: Rishika Sharma
Organization: Central ,Bangalore (Pantaloons India Private Ltd.)
Project Title: “Category Analysis of Kids wear in Central,
Bangalore for the period Sept’08 to Jan’09”

 - Analysis of sales contribution (qty wise, value wise, brand wise,
merchandise category wise and age wise)
 - Analysis of stock mix (qty wise, value wise, brand wise, merchandise
category wise and age wise)
 - Analysis of Average Selling Price
Highest ASP : Barbie (Rs. 827)
Sales contribution Age wise sales contribution
• Highest • Highest
- Qty wise – Gini n Jony and - Qty wise – Kids(46%)
Meemee(11%) - Value wise – Kids(45%)
- Value wise – Gini n Jony (14%) • Lowest
• Lowest - Qty wise – Toddlers(2%)
- Qty wise – Kanz (1%) - Value wise – Toddlers (1%)
- Value wise – Kanz (1%) Age wise Stock Mix
Stock contribution • Highest
• Highest - Qty wise – Kids (39%)
- Qty wise – Gini n Jony(19%) - Value wise – Kids(40%)
• Lowest
- Value wise – Gini n Jony(21%)
- Qty wise – Toddlers(2%)
• Lowest
- Value wise – Toddlers(2%)
- Qty wise – Kanz (2%)
- Value wise – Kanz(2%)

Name: Sania Dewan

Organization: Levi Strauss and CO.
Project Title: Analysis of Sub-Brand’s Region-wise and thereby
create a Business Tool to Assess Brand Growth

 To Understand Levi’s® as a Brand

 To Comprehend and Analyze its performance over the past year, 2008.
 To Develop apt Business Tools to Analyze Brand Growth over 2009 so far
 Find the possible weak links in the Business
 To give Suggestions to further strengthen the Brand


 501® has had large growth.
 Premium brands do not have much growth. It is the higher priced
merchandise which is contributing to the over all Gross Margin.
 Red Tab has good growth though the Average MRP has not grown much.
 Sykes has potential but something is going wrong with the final outcome of
the merchandise. Greater publicity may help.
 Workers’ has extremely low sales.
 Levi’s® is a male-dominated brand.
 Despite being a bottoms centric brand, the Tops market shows some
Name: Saima Khan
Project Title: Retail Planning for Private label business of

 To streamline the process of store level assortment planning and
replenishment for private label brands.

 To suggest practices to improve inventory turns, reduce out of stocks

and better customer service for a value retail format.
 -Model store-stock mix
 -Point of sale analysis

 To map the performing and non-performing private brands in Bangalore

Peenya store and study the effects of Planogram implementation.
 The regions exhibit a sales pattern with Bangalore the highest, contributes 40 % to sales.

 The category wise sales analysis reveals that menswear is the highest selling category.

 Frequent replenishments lead to less cycle inventory.

 An increase in forecast error accuracy decreases both overstocked and under stocked
quantity and increases firm profit.

 There are a number of cases of bar code mistakes due to wrong printing or tagging.

 Ruggers is the performing brand of the store and Bay Island is a non performing brand for
the store.

 The store is facing problem of stock out in certain brands and excess stock in other which
needs to be balanced.

Name: Shilpi Choudhury

Project Title: To Study Front-End Retail Operations at Levi
Strauss Signature
 At LSS Brigade Road:
 Objective: To find what is lacking in the store and to suggest ways to
improve conversion
 Sub-Objective 1: To understand customer requirements and customer
satisfaction level at the store
 Sub-Objective 2: To understand sales staff performance

 At LSS Kempfort
 To understand and study the store and to suggest ways of improvement.
 Sub-Objective 1: To understand the kind of customer walking into
the store and into the mall.
 Sub-Objective 2 : To analyse the sales data of the store

 Sub-Objective 3: To understand the various ongoing promotions and

to suggest some innovative promotional tools to drive sales.


LSS Brigade Rd.- Flagship store (Old Format)
LSS Kempfort- Latest store in Bangalore (New Format)

LSS Brigade Rd.- Situated in a high street

LSS Kempfort- Situated in a mall

LSS Brigade Rd.- Has a regular customer base

LSS Kempfort- Mostly first time visitors to the store

LSS Brigade Rd.- Customer- upwardly mobile, cosmopolitan

LSS Kempfort- Customer- traditional,family- oriented,
middle class

LSS Brigade Rd.- Brand- conscious customer

LSS Kempfort- Price-conscious customer

LSS Brigade Rd.- High walk-ins, Low conversions

LSS Kempfort - Low walk-ins, High conversions

LSS Brigade Rd.- Strategy should be to keep on re-inventing

and bringing newness to the brand
LSS Kempfort – Strategy should be to create more
awareness about the brand
Name: Tanya Kalra
Organization: Texmode
Project Title: To conduct gap analysis between buyer’s
expecations and the actual working of texmode

 To study the working of texmode

 Identify the parameters that are vital in the order execution.

 Analyze data to find the parameters for which the gap is quite wide.
 The top four parameters with major gaps are :
 Lead time
 Product development
 Showroom Arrangement.

 Negative gaps can also be seen in the chart which imply expectations of the
buyers have been exceeded for the following parameters:

Name: Vineeta Khanna

Organization: United Colors of Benetton
Project Title: In depth analysis of Menswear at UCB vis- a- vis its
competitors and customer profiling for the brand
• Product – style analysis of various brands.
• Price and option analysis of various Brands.
• Customer Profile- demographics and psychographics of UCB
• Finding gaps and developing strategies to increase the sales.


 Popular brand in the 18 -22 age group.- increased focus will deliver incremental value
 93% spend less than Rs 5000 on a single purchase at UCB
 T shirts cut across all age groups
 Availability of sizes is an issue
 Perceived as a casual brand
 Focus on MRPs between Rs 1000- Rs 3000
 Average bill amount peaks in age group 22-26 and then declines
 Ranked highest in terms of fit, style and quality
 Sales staff and the store front team are a comparative advantage
 3 million young earners in the age group 20-24 annually in India
 UCB is a brand for youth they have very few styles especially targeted at them
 Knits and denim have below average sell thr
 Merchandise targeted at the youth has the potential to improve company sales
Name: Swati Kochhar
Organization: Benetton India Pvt Limited
Project Title:Strengthening the performance of the Ladies Wear
Department for Benetton


 “ Market Mapping and Competitor analysis "for UCB Ladies Wear in terms
of merchandise offering, options and pricing.

 “Customer profiling and Analysis of shopping behavior”.

 “Analysis of Sales data and Category – wise performance

 Occasion Wear for the 26-35 yrs age bracket :

 Suggested categorizing the range into Casual, Work wear/Semi formal&

Evening wear as was done by many other International competitor brands like
Mango and Esprit.

 Introducing skirts & dresses as a separate category.

 Stand alone Youth Stations for the 18-22 years age bracket :

Category Mix Suggested :

 Knit Tops : T shirts

 Denim : Jeans, Shorts and Capri

 Casual Woven tops

 Funky Accessories

 Focus on Denim as a separate category

 Introduction of clearly demarcated fits
 Embellishments and detailing

Name: Paridhi Joshi

Organization: ColorPlus fashions Ltd
Project Title: “Data Analytics to Enhance Retail Operations”
 To devise decision making tools with a focus on retail buying analytics for
improving the front end and back end retail operational processes in

 To study, analyse and suggest improvements in the current buying process at
 To suggest a strategic plan for merchandise allocation
 To track planned vis-à-vis actual sales data store wise and category wise.
 To increment retail efficiency by monitoring Key Performance Indicators.
 To develop a comprehensive rating methodology for front end sales staff.


 Implementation of a Retail Intelligence software to address the lacunas
identified in the current buying process at ColorPlus
 Proposed and implemented Retail Performas to increase operational
efficiency in the Retail Environment
 Monitoring of Key performance Indicators
 Tracking Planned vis-à-vis Actual store wise sales data
 Comprehensive Rating methodology for front end sales staff
Name: Latika Mundhra
Organization: Pantaloons Retail India Limited
Project Title: SAP & Business Process Reengineering

 Sap implementation to streamline sales and distribution processes in
central pan India.
 Integration among different functional areas to ensure proper
communication, productivity and efficiency .
 Order tracking, from acceptance through fulfilment
 The revenue cycle, from invoice through cash receipt
 ERP Systems centralize the data in one place. This eliminates the
problem of synchronizing changes and can reduce the risk of loss of
sensitive data by consolidating multiple permissions and security
models into a single structure.

Name: Mannat Atwal

Organization: Benetton
Project Title: Option Planning
 The primary objective is to identify the limitations and lead to
profit improvement.
 To study the trends of the previous season and identify the
limitations and opportunities and prepare an option plan for the
upcoming season.
 To have a better insight on potential profitability.
 To provide the opportunity to the dept. to fine-tune their plans,
allowing investments to be redistributed among categories in
order to achieve dept goals and objectives.


 Each category behaves differently in each season on changing the
 The analysis of the previous season is the main source of data in
making the merchandising plan.
 Benetton is moving from a Knit top brand to a wardrobe brand.
Name: Neha Kesarwani
Organization: Wills Lifestyle, ITC Limited.
Project Title: Studying the potential of indian casual men’s wear
in the premium segment

To study the consumer perception in general.
Demographics of the target customer.
Consumer perception of Wills Sport
What are the most/least accepted product categories of Wills Sport,
Amount the customer is ready to shell out of their pockets.

Based on first survey the second survey was conducted to get into the details of
styles, designs, fits, fabrics, Colors and patterns for Wills Sport T-Shirts,
Shirts, Denims and Trousers preferred by the customers walking in to the
Wills Lifestyle store at various locations in NCR.

Studied 14 competitive brands in terms of Fits, Fabrics, No. of options, No. of

Styles, Colors, Patterns, Most/Least selling styles and Theme of the stores in
the season Spring/Summer ‘09.
• The most popular categories for Wills Sport Men are Shirts and Trousers.

• T-shirts at Wills Sport are considered expensive.

• Subtle detailing in the casuals are preferred

• Fit ,Style and Quality are the most important attributes according to a target customer

• There is no external branding in Wills Lifestyle. Customers wearing a Premium brand wants to flaunt
the brand and logo he endorses.
Category Highest Rated Brand
• Maximum people purchased once a month.
• They were ready to spend : TROUSERS Allen Solly, Color Plus
and Wills Sport
Rs. 1399- Rs. 1699 on Trousers.
Rs. 1599- Rs. 2099 on Denims.
Rs. 899- Rs. 1699 on Shirts. SHIRTS Wills Sport, Color Plus
Rs. 799- Rs. 1099 on T- shirts.
T-SHIRTS Unitd Color Of
Benetton, Tommy,
• Most popular categories for Wills Sport are Shirts and Trousers.

• T-Shirts at Wills Sport are considered expensive.

Name: Prashant Pandey

Organization: Shoppers Stop
Project Title: Analysis of Receiving Bay In charge office to
increase the efficiency of Resource utilization
 To identify the problems faced by Shoppers Stop in the present Retail scenario.
 To suggest measures to improve the working of Shoppers Stop.
 To study the RBI process.
 To identify the problems faced by the RBI process.
 To suggest measures to improve the efficiency of RBI office.


 Sending of the stock should be done in sync with the system feeded indent.
 Consolidation of stock transfer should be done to achieve the optimum usage of
 Packing slip should be pasted on the carton with the following details:-
 Style code
 Product hierarchy
 Size wise and color wise breakup
 Weight of the carton
 No. of pieces per carton.
 Inwarding should happen directly at the floor.
 Different color coded stickers can be used.
 The goods can be outwarded in the same truck.
 The stock issue note should be acknowledged by the floor manager.
 Stock transfer note should contain reasons for transfer.
 ROM should decide the goods to be outwarded and same should be inform to the floor
Name: Kumari Pooja
Organization: Arvind Brands - Arrow
Project Title: Primary Sales Analysis for Men’s Formal Shirts &
Trousers for MBO channel (SS’07 to SS’09)

 To analyze the primary sales data of last 5 seasons for MBO
channel on the following parameters- location, season, category,
Sub-brands, Fit, weave & MRP

 To study how the lifestyle aspirations of men influence their

preferences for apparel products

 To explore how these preferences are affected by relationships

with choices of products in other categories that together are used
to express a desired lifestyle
 Sub-brands Classic & Premium performed well in all the seasons
and across all the four zones
 Flat front trousers are gaining popularity season after season
 Striped shirts are more popular than solids & checks
 Shirts in the price range Rs. 1195-1595 & trousers in Rs. 1495-1795
range sells more

 Top of mind recall is less for ‘Arrow’

 Men generally shops every 3 months at MBO in malls either with
family or friends
 Brand name, Fit, style/design influence the buying decisions
 Friends, colleagues etc are the source of inspiration for formal
 Relaxing at home is the favorite pastime activity
 Business & Automobile magazines are more popular among men
 Laptop & Mobile phones are favorite gadgets

Name: Thangchinmuan Hangzo

Organization: Central ,Bangalore (Pantaloons India Private Ltd.)
Project Title: Category Analysis of Youth Wear in Central,
 Category Analysis of Youth Wear in Central, Bangalore.

 An in-depth analysis of the youth wear category at Bangalore central and give
suggestions on ways of improving the performance of various brands.
 Profiling the city of Indore to find out its feasibility in terms of opening up a
“Central Mall”.


 A number of options, but non-availability of variety within them.
 Bad display because space is the key as far as a retailer is concerned.
 Brands do not have their own sales staff, which leads to lack of knowledge
about the product and no assistance to the customers.
 Lack of availability of core merchandise.
 Brands like Levi’s and Lee which are known as the best Denim brands
across the nation are also not justifying their capacities.

 Indore will be a promising market for opening up a Central

 Central in Indore should most definitely come up with a Multiplex Cinema
which would increase the footfalls of the Mall.
 Food Court in Indore would also be a major attraction as there are a huge
number of eating joints in the city, which indicate that the people of Indore
are fond of eating out.
Name: Tamanna Chaudhary
Organization: United Colors of Benetton
Project Title: Suggesting Product Extension

 Competitor analysis for Benetton, identifying gaps and
suggesting product extension.
 Maternity wear

Name: Amrita Sharma

Organization: PUMA sports india Pvt Ltd
Project Title: Assessment of stores based on their past performance
and their evaluation in case the contribution is less than the targets set.
 Assessment of stores based on their past performance
and their evaluation in case the contribution is less than
the targets set.


 The concept PUMA Women’s was not selling well in both the stores
because it was not displayed properly. Amongst all the product types in the
concept, women’s dresses and shorts made in viscose and polycotton were
not selling at all.
 Post the End of Season sale, articles in the Motorsport concept saw a sharp
drop in their sales.
 Crews with large logo graphic prints were not selling well. As per the store
manager, it did not appeal to the customers coming to the stores.
 In order to remain in the minds of the consumers, a catalogue was made
and periodically it will be updated and customers will have access to the
brand even when the store is in the process of re opening
 A special pre launch party should be held for existing customers.
 Focus of re-launch should be on ‘we are now located better’
 Templates to ensure smooth functioning of the store at all times are
made. These templates have been effectively implemented and used in
other operating stores
 Store Operation Audit Template
 Loss of Sales Record Template
 Store Operation Checklist
 Customer Needs and Preferences Record Data

 Create a detailed needs and preferences chart of top 50 clients such that
when the new store opens, they feel equally cherished and welcome and
are not alienated by the new sales staff.

Name: Raj Kamal Singh

Organization: Home centre
Project Title: To study the feasibility of opening a new Home
Centre (Lifestyle) store in Malleswaram
 To study the competitors in Malleswaram and its surrounding areas .
 To study the customer base i.e. the kind of customers that would come to
the store.


• Unorganized market in Malleswaram usually small players.
• Very few players in the surrounding areas usually mom and pop stores operating on a
small scale.
• Most customers come from the nearby areas and most of them prefer not very
expensive range of furniture or home furnishing.
• Most of the stores have only mid range to low range of furniture and home
furnishing, only a few have high end products.
• According to the sources in the income tax departments the income range of people
in the service class in the region of Malleswaram is from 3-5 lakhs and the income
range of businessmen in that region is more than 5 lakhs.
• The new apartments and projects like Brigade Gateway and Mantri Greens promise
to be a big customer base for organized retail players like lifestyle.
• As there is unorganized market in Malleswaram area Home centre (Lifestyle) would
be the first of its kind big multi brand outlet and thus it should take advantage of this
fact to capture the market initially.
• The competition for Home Centre in Malleswaram and the surrounding areas consist
of small mom and pop stores which do not pose any sort of major threat to lifestyle
which comes to its advantage, yet it has to do the proper promotion of the store to
attract customers.
Name: Shwetha S.
Project Title: Product gap analysis and re structuring the line plan
for levi’s red tab® and levi’s sykes®

To identify the gaps in various product variables through market studies and sales data and suggest logical re-
structuring of the line plan for S/S 09, for Levi’s Red Tab® and Levi’s Sykes®

• To study the consumer preferences and determine their specific needs with respect to the product line and sub-brands
under study.

•To analyze and compare the S/S ’09 Line plans of the key identified competitor brands, with the existing S/S ’09 Line
plan of the sub-brands under study.

•To observe trends in past sales data and draw inferences to aid in re-structuring the existing line plan of the sub-
brands under study.

•To suggest a re-structured line plan for S/S ’09 for the sub-brands under study.

To develop training modules for Phase 1 of Levi’s Strauss Signature® training programme.

•To study the brand architecture, its product portfolio and customer service practices.

•To develop training modules for brand knowledge, product knowledge (fabric, fit, finish), customer service basics,
ensemble selling and Key Performance Indicators.

•To conduct a pilot training in select stores to fathom the level of ease in training and understanding and administer
questionnaires for confirmation of understanding and recall.

•To analyze pre and post training Key performance indicators, as a measure of training effectiveness.

• Gaps were identified in the existing line plan of Levi’s Red Tab® and Levi’s Sykes® for S/S ’09, based on
- Consumer preferences
- Competitor brands’ product offering
- Past sales data of Levi’s Red Tab® and Sykes®
- Existing line plan of Levi’s Red Tab® and Sykes®


• Training has a limited impact on the quantitative performance of the stores and not a consistent one.

• Hypothesis testing indicates that training has a positive impact on KPIs. But, more reliable methods to analyze the
effectiveness of training should be formulated. Mystery shopping scores, Training Test scores, Comparing KPIs
against KPIs of the same period of the past year and individual staff KPIs are some means to better record and
evaluate training.

• Staff must be provided with individual training material to study in their spare time and refresh what they know.


• The common portal must be accessible to the stores to make it considerably easier to share information.

• A newsletter can be developed to keep all employees abreast of company information.

Name: Sanjana Narendran

Organization: Arvind Brands – Arrow
Project Title: “Sell Through Analysis of Arrow formal menswear
for Key Accounts (Spring Summer ’07 – Spring Summer ’09)”
& “Men’s Lifestyle Trend Analysis”
 To measure the merchandise performance and velocity of Arrow
Formal menswear (Shirts & Trousers) for Key Accounts (Lifestyle
& Shoppers’ Stop) for five seasons (SS07 – SS09) by means of sell
through analysis.
 To study the lifestyle trends and buying behavior of men and how
they influence their preferences for apparel products


 Shoppers’ Stop a better performer than Lifestyle
 The south zone has the highest sell thru followed by west, north and east
 Core merchandise in Premium and President collections and fashion
merchandise in Classic and Urban collections in the 1295-1695 price range
have highest sell thru.
 Core merchandise in dobby and fil-a-fil, and fashion merchandise in checks
and stripes have the highest sell thru

 Arrow has poor brand recall

 Men shop mostly in EBOs and MBOs in malls, once every 3 months
 Fit, style, and fabric quality are factors that affect buying
 Men draw inspiration from people in making apparel choices. They also
prefer shopping with friends or family
 They prefer gadgets like mobile phones and spend about 10-20% of their
income on the same
 Only few men are influenced by advertising and loyalty programs while
buying formal wear
 Men prefer relaxing at home in their leisure time
Name: Amrita Mishra
Organization: Shoppers Stop
Project Title: Customer Profile & Catchment's Study


 To understand the customer profile.

 To find major catchments areas ,Catchment’s Characteristics,
Tertiary areas Customer Profile ,Major happening joints and
competition .
 To study effective communication medium in catchments and city,
Tools to reach customer in catchments & Competition in
 Tie ups with event management companies. – This will provide great deal
of flexibility in terms of events which members can attend.

 Discotheques – Complimentary entry for a couple once every half yearly.

 Multiplex chains (PVR ,INOX ,Fun Republic etc.)– Complimentary movie

tickets or discount on gold class in PVR can be provided to members.
Information about coming up new movies in advance

 Half yearly newsletter from shoppers stop on fashion, lifestyle and youth to
FC members.

 Information on places to visit (Tourism / adventurous Places)

Name: Swati Ravi

Organization: Raymonds
Project Title: Competitor Analysis and Consumer Buying
Behaviour Analysis for Raymonds Apparels Limited

 To identify the competitors of Raymonds so as to keep an eye on the

other market players as this would help in maintaining an edge over
the competitors.

 To analyse the consumer buying behaviour pattern so that the brand

can cater to the needs of the market effectively and profitably.


 The area they need improvement is their alertness towards
maintaining browsers so that they are able to convert more
 The store should maintain its assortment since the customers
coming in give more emphasis on fashion, design and fit rather
than price.
 Accessories like eye wear and footwear could be added to the
already existing collection. To up sell and cross sell and thus
increase the footfall and also the average bill size of the store as
a whole.
 Customer loyalty programme should focus more on discounts
rather than gift vouchers
 The accessory counter could be merged along with the cash
counter to increase browsing.
Name: Ashwini S Raju
Organization: Pantaloons
Project Title: “Category management – study, analyze and design
a standard operating procedure”

o The objective of the project is to design a Standard Operating
Procedure for Category Management which can serve as a guideline
to follow an effective and efficient process in order to bring about
positive changes in customer conversion ratios and profitability.
o To study the theoretical aspects of category management and
analyze the present category management process at Pantaloons
o To study and understand the Supply Chain Management at
o To conduct a Marketing Research to determine the city profiling,
customer demographics and customer preferences with respect to
accessories category at Bangalore Central mall
o The location of the store is excellent in terms of accessibility; there is a
good trade area atmosphere around the store with the presence of Garuda
Mall, Lifestyle and other large retail formats
o Bangalore Central was the second most preferred shopping destination after
The Forum mall, although it did not have movie theatres
o The brand basket of Bangalore Central was its major strength
o Nike, Fastrack and VIP were the most preferred brands in the sportswear,
watches and innerwear category
o A majority of the respondents preferred to shop for sportswear more
frequently than other categories of accessories
o PRIL should focus more on youth wear as youngsters aged between 18 to
25 years of age acounted for 42% of the respondents

Name: T.Tawnkhum Kopsiam

Organization: HOME CENTRE
Project Title: Warehousing and standardizing price review of
home centre products
o To ensure consistency and standardized format for price revisions
for better internal control & system.


o Perpetual Inventory :
o Perpetual inventory will be done only for top 15 suppliers/brands having high
variance/high value in the previous stock take. As per experience, it is noticed that top 15
suppliers contribute 75% of variance. ( i.e. Category- A).
o It will be done by Inventory with the help of concept based on the schedule prepared by
o Perpetual for these brands will be done every alternative month.
o One day before perpetual, Global count will be done by inventory in coordination with
concept. This will help in doing a successful perpetual stock take in the first instance.
o Perpetual inventory will be done with the full ownership of Concept-in-charge.

o Global Count :
o It will be done as per the schedule by Inventory Team with the help of Concept staffs.
o Schedule will be prepared based on Category A B C & D. Category will be defined based
on the value of variance starting higher to lower value. A will be assigned to
brand/supplier having higher variance/high value and “D” will be assigned to brand
having lower value variance.
o Global count variance will be generated by inventory based on the system qty.
o Concept staffs to continue the global count which they do as of now but only for Category
A and B as per the same periodicity mentioned above but in such a way that it does not
overlap with the schedule Inventory Team.
Name: Supreet Gandhi
Organization: Pantaloon Retail India ltd.
Project Title: To Study Front-End Retail Operations at Levi
Strauss Signature

 To find out the performing key brands in the women’s western wear category in
Central thereby finding out the fast and slow moving merchandising categories.
 A marketing research for customer profiling of the women’s wear category.
 The top most brands in the category are AND, Jealous and Provogue while Anjanne is the least
performing brand.
 Most of the brands have declined in their sales across the period of four months .Only some brands
like Anjanne, Color Plus,Provogue and Remanika have shown growth.
 While Jealous has been the consistent performing brand across all the months.
 Casual tops and casual bottoms are the fastest moving category
 Formal bottoms are the slowest moving among all the brands.
 Brand wise findings-
 109 F-Casual tops is the top most selling category.
 Findings for market research
 Jealous -Jeans is the fastest moving & performed best in November. Winter wear and formal
bottoms perform the least in the brand.
 Most people prefer both Indian and western wear.
 Maximum respondents’ wardrobe consists of more than 75% of western wear.
 Most people have 0-25% of formals in their wardrobe.
 75-100% of the wardrobe consists of casual wear for most of the respondents.
 25-49% of the wardrobe consists of the party wear for most of the people.
 Maximum people prefer Central as the store for shopping followed by Shopper’s Stop and lifestyle.
 Fit is the most important criteria while purchasing while price has been ranked lowest by
most of the people.
 Central is the most preferred store on the basis of western wear department.

Name: Nitin Dobre

Organization: : OMA
Project Title: To analyze develop Standard Operating
 Developing SOP Manual

 Defining Roles and Responsibilities of individuals


• SOP Manual consisting of
• Opening SOP • Buying
• Store Opening checklist • Buying Process SOP
• Closing SOP • Buying Process flow
• Store Closing checklist • Selection of merchandise
• Customer Interaction SOP • Goods receipt
• Grooming SOP • Goods Receiving Process
• Inventory Control SOP • Warehouse Process
• Price Revision • Stock movement process from
• Price revision SOP warehouse
• Price revision flow chart • SOP for warehouse control
• Damage Process • Stock movement process in store
• Store delivery Process • Accounting procedure and

• Defined roles and responsibilities of various position in organization

Name: Jitesh Kumar Nenwani
Organization: : Shoppers Stop
Project Title:To improve the sales of in-house brands

 To improve the sales of in-house brands
 To work on display and v.m of inhouse brands to attract
the customers
 To organize the events in store.

 To help customer care associate in v.m and display.

 Sale tracking of merchandise which is on display.

 Customer care associate doesn’t take care of display of
particular brand section.

 In some of in house brands there are cut sizes so

merchandise which is looking good for display on focal
points does’t have enough pieces.

 Sale tracking of many in-house brands is not done to

know which merchandise is moving fast which is slow

 Display of many section is conjusted gondolas are not

kept properly.

 Color blocking is not done properly of many sections.

Name: Vikrant Sharma

Organization: : ColorPlus
Project Title: “Development and implementation of
Customer Loyalty programme for ColorPlus.”
 To develop and implement Customer Loyalty
programme for ColorPlus that would ensure zero drift
from the brand and also ensure increase in repeat
customers thus Generate incremental business for the


 The number of tiers can be increased .
 Milestone reward values can be increased .

 The occasions and possibilities to earn points can

be increased .
 Spouse cards can be awarded on reaching certain
milestone values .
 Monthly statement of points earned/balance.