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Provide the definition Key Performance Discuss at least two important of

What is performance management and

Indicator (KPI). performance appraisal in managing
performance appraisal ?
Give five main characteristic of effective employee performance.
It is different ?

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Explain two factors influencing the Give three performance criteria in

Give four factor related to performance
reliability of performance measure. assessing performance appraisal of
appraisal politics in organization

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What are three disadvantages of

What are the challenges in implementing What are three advantages of behavioural
behavioural based performance
performance appraisal? based performance appraisal?

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360 degrees feedback is an example of a
recent evaluation method. Discuss three What is three common mistakes that the
State four characteristic of an ideal
differences between 360 degrees appraiser make during performance
appraisal system
feedback and the traditional evaluation appraisal interview

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Suggest one appropriate measure to What is implications of poor

Discuss two actions that manager can to
evaluate the performance of employees implementation of performance
do reduce the negative impact of the
working in the HR Manager and Sales management to employees physco-
Representatives social

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State three benefits of performance State three benefits of performance State four challenges in implementing
management to employees management to manager performance management

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There are two major types (i.e. intentional
There are various importance of job
error and unintentional error) of errors
analysis in human resource management State the approaches that can be used to
that rater may make in assigning
programs. measure performance.
performance ratings to employees.
State and describe any four of them.
List the three errors under each type.

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Effective communication plan on
performance management system leads
State two performance appraisal greater employee acceptance and
State four usages of administrative
methods from each of traditional and satisfaction with the system.
purpose of performance appraisal.
modern performance appraisal system. State four characteristic/activities of an
effective communication plan in relation
to performance management system.
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Give three criteria for measuring

What is psychological implication due to
performance objectives and standard State three types of organizational justice
ineffective implementation of
that organizations need to have in performance appraisal
performance appraisal?
designing performance appraisal.

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Both appraiser and appraise have Both appraiser and appraise have
State three purpose of performance important roles in conducting important roles in conducting
appraisal performance appraisal. Suggest three performance appraisal.
roles of appraiser. Suggest three roles of appraise.

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How organizations can improve the

Three ways how managers could
effectiveness of performance appraisal Identify the performance appraisal
increase procedural justice in the
through the types and accuracy of method.
appraisal process.
performance measurement?

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State five common human errors made by Why the implementations of performance
Two suggestion on how manager can
managers in executing performance appraisal cause anxiety among
minimize appraisal politics
appraisal employees?

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