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Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) Frequently Asked Questions

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1 In R12 can TDS functionality work at Legal For R12 TDS is at operating unit level only.
entity (LE) level?
2 What is the relevance of rounding factor For TDS invoices the rounding will happen based
given at TDS Year Info Form? on the rounding factor set at the TDS Year Info
form. Even if it is not set system will by default
round all invoices to nearest Rupee.

Note the rounding factor given at Tax code

definition form level is irrelevant for the TDS
type of Tax.
3 Can exception threshold be defined without Exception setup is defined for the purpose of
normal threshold setup? deducting TDS other than normal rate. System
will allow defining exception setup only if normal
threshold setup is in place.
4 Can Threshold be defined from back date? Threshold need to be defined based on the
current date. Current functionality do not allow
defining threshold in back date.
5 What should be the value to be provided in As per the income tax rules the value to be
field Vendor Additional Information form if provided is PANNOTAVBL. This is only value to
the Supplier does not have PAN number? be provided for suppliers not having valid PAN so
that Application can deduct TDS at higher rate.
6. Thresholds are not appearing post Please perform the following steps to resolve the
performing supplier/vendor additional issue:-
information setup? 1. Query the Regime Registration setup for the
problematic Operating Unit.
2. Delete the value of the TAN# attached. (Copy
pastes this value in some notepad file).
3. Save the record.
4. Clear the Form.
5. Re-query the Operating Unit again in the same
Regime form.
6. Navigate to the Regime Registration form.
7. Re-enter the value for TAN# Attribute. (copy
paste the stored value). Save the record.
8. Then, check the Additional Supplier
information afresh.
7. On what line types TDS is deducted? The current functionality deducts TDS on Item,
Miscellaneous and PPV Lines.
8. Can TDS be deducted on negative Line? No TDS cannot be deducted on negative line.
9. Getting error INVALID PAN Deduction At The errors comes up if PAN Number is defined as
Higher Rate Is Not Selected while validating "PANNOTAVBL" but the tax rate attached is not
invoice. How to resolve? 20%.

So please create a tax code of 20% and attach

the same to the invoice and validate it...
10 While validating invoice application is The cause of the errors can be either of the
showing either of following errors:- following:-
Threshold is not defined for the applicable 1. TDS Fin year not defined or
TDS section OR 2. Threshold are not setup or
Fin Year must be specified as threshold 3. GL Date of the invoice was picked pre
group identifier date before Start date of threshold. E.g.
What is the cause? Invoice GL Date is 18-MAR-2013 but
threshold are starting from 20-MAR-
2013. or
4. If the vendor is attached to an exception
setup and if the normal threshold is end
dated and there is no active normal
threshold then also the error may come.
So make sure that normal threshold is
also active when vendors are attached to
exception setup.
11 How to Enter Tax id in Invoice Distribution In R12 Invoice distribution DFF is replaced by
for TDS deduction in R12? GDF. TDS tax ID should be given in the GDF. For
more details please refer metalink note
12 What conditions will make Prepayment For successful prepayment
application/unapplication successful? application/unapplication the following pre
requisite should satisfy:-
1. Both Prepayment and standard invoice should
have TDS rate applied.
2. Rate applied should belong to same section
13 Will RTN invoice generate if user applies RTN invoices are the reversal invoice created to
prepayment to never validated invoice? knock of the effect of duplicate TDS generated at
prepayment level. Since in case of never
validated invoices since no TDS invoices
generated there is no duplicate TDS deduction
and hence no RTN invoices will be generated by

System will calculate TDS on differential amount

and create TDS invoices provided prepayment
amount is less than invoice amount.
14 Why application is showing error Cannot The error is intended provided user tries to
unapply the prepayment as it was applied unapply prepayment applied on a never
before validating the standard invoice? validated invoice. The intention of the error is to
stop user to unapply prepayment as to avoid
compliance issue. Consider the following
1. Prepayment created for Rs 1000 with
2. Created standard invoice of Rs 2000 with
3. Applied prepayment before validation of
standard invoice. System will calculate
TDS on differential amount i.e 1000
(2000-1000) and will generate invoice
4. If application allows this prepayment to
get unapplied then there will be short
TDS deduction on Rs 1000 of standard
invoice. Current functionality allows TDS
generation only of first validation.
15 What is the recommended approach of The recommended approach is to apply
prepayment application out of the prepayment on validated invoice. This will help
following:- in prepayment unapplication if required in
1. After validation future. Currently functionality stops prepayment
2. Before Validation? unapplication on never validated invoice. For
more details please review Question#14.
16 In the current functionality do system As per the intended product behavior TDS will be
generates TDS invoice every time when an deducted only on first validation. If post
invoice line/distribution is added or validation user wants to add or modify Invoice
modified? lines/distribution then the only way is to cancel
the invoice and create fresh one.
17 RTN Invoice not generated when few Invoice Consider the following example:-
lines does not have TDS? Invoice Amount Rs 20000
Line 1 Rs 10000 without TDS
Line 2 Rs 10000 with TDS
Prepayment of Rs 13000 on which TDS is
deducted getting applied on the above invoice.
Here the core AP applies prepayment on FIFO
basis and hence the out of Rs 13000
prepayment, 10000 will be applied to first line
where no TDS is applied and hence no RTN will
be generated. Balance 3000 will be applied to
second line which contains TDS and hence TDS
will be generated.
Recommended approach in this scenario is to
have 2 different site one for TDS and another for
no TDS to avoid this issue.
18 In R12 unable to find India Payment In R12 DFF is replaced with forms. For India
Information DFF at payment workbench? Payment Information DFF new form called
India TDS Challan is introduced to capture the
payment information with respect to TDS.
19 What are the setups to be performed for For generating ETDS returns certain information
generation of ETDS returns? is required to be captured. Oracle Application is
capturing the information in regime registration
Please refer metalink note 888067.1 - Changes in
TDS & TCS relating to electronic filing in India
Income Tax from 1st October 2009 to know the
setup to be performed at regime registration
20 Section Codes Covered In Concurrents 'India India - Program to Generate eTDS Quarterly
- Program to Generate eTDS Quarterly Certificate 27Q will takes care below section
Certificates 26 Q & 27 Q' codes.

SEC. 194(E),SEC. 195,SEC. 196(A),SEC.

196(B),SEC. 196(C),SEC. 196(D)

All other sections will be taken care by India -

Program to Generate eTDS Quarterly Certificates
21 What are the steps to be followed for Following are the pre requisites for generating
generating ETDS (26Q/27Q) Returns? ETDS return:-
1. Creation of invoice with TDS. TDS invoice
should be successfully generated
2. Pay invoices to tax authority
3. Update payment information in form
India TDS Challan
4. Run concurrent India Process TDS
5. Run the respective ETDS concurrent i.e
26Q or 27Q.
22 Is it require to generate TDS certificates from As per the CBDT circular No-01/2012 with effect
Oracle Application? from 01-APR-2011 TDS certificates need to be
generated through TIN Central system and which
downloaded from TIN website.

For more details please refer NSDL & TDS


Hence now it is not required to generate TDS

certificate through Oracle Applications.
23 TDS is not getting deducted on Service Tax Please make sure the TDS Section Code (Example
Miscellaneous Lines..Why? SEC 194(I)) associated with the TDS Tax ID
attached to invoice is being mentioned in the

India Local Payables --> Asia/Pacific Lookups..

If the section code is not mentioned in the
lookup then TDS will not be deducted on service
tax lines.
24 What can be the reason for TDS Deductions It is a pre-requisite to run the 'Generate TDS
not appearing in 'India - TDS Certificates' to view the data in 'India - TDS
Prescribed Rates Report' and 'India - TDS Prescribed Rates Report' and 'India - TDS Lower
Lower Rates Report'? Rates Report'.
25 Is there a report where one can see all TDS You can run 'India - TDS Related Invoices' Report
related Invoices and Credit Memos to view details of all TDS related
Created for an Invoice? Invoices created for an Invoice. This report has to
be run for a specific period.