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Government Types:

what is the role of the citizen in choosing the

leaders of the country?
Government/Civic Understandings
SS7CG3: Compare and contrast various forms of government.
a. Explain citizen participation in autocratic and democratic governments [i.e., the role of
citizens in choosing the leaders of Israel (parliamentary democracy), Saudi Arabia
(autocratic monarchy), and Turkey (parliamentary democracy)].
b. Describe the two predominant forms of democratic governments: parliamentary and
Types of governments are based on two
key questions:
1. Who governs?
2. What is the level of citizen participation?

There are three types of governments: (2 we

will talk about)
- Autocracy, Oligarchy and Democracy
Citizen Participation
In each country, the people have different rights
to participate in the government
In some countries, any citizen can run for office or
vote in elections
In other countries there are restrictions placed on
who can run for office and who can vote
There are also countries where no citizen can vote
and there are no elections
Oldest form of government
one of the most common forms of
1. Dictatorship- force
2. Absolute Monarchy- king,
queen, emperor
3. Constitutional Monarchy*
Autocracy- Who Governs?
Single ruler with unlimited
power through inheritance or
ruthless use of military and
police force.
Autocracy- What is the level of citizen
No ability to participate
in the selection of the
ruler or in the creation
of laws.
Autocracy- Benefit
Decisions for a country
can be made quickly.
Because only 1 person is making the decisions
Autocracy- Drawbacks
Needs of the people may
be ignored
or unheard.
We will draw the picture at the end!
Autocracies of the World:
puts power with the citizens
Individual freedom is encouraged
Free elections held
Majority rules
Democracy- Types
1. Parliamentary
2. Presidential
(you will need to be able to
spell these correctly)
Parliamentary Democracy
Real executive power held in a cabinet
composed of members of the legislature.
People in the cabinet are responsible for the
legislature (Prime Minister may be elected by the
Parliament may have a different name (Knesset
of Israel)
Parliamentary Democracy-
Elect the legislative branch
who then select the executive
Presidential Democracy
President is independent from the legislature.

executive branch exists separately from the

Presidential Democracy- voters

Elect legislators and elect

(indirectly) the president
Parliamentary Presidential
System System
Executive Legislative



Citizens Citizens
Go back and draw the following
pictures for autocracy, oligarchy,
and democracy.
How Governments Determine Citizen Participation
High Participation High Participation

Citizen Participation

Citizen Participation
Government Power

Government Power
Low or No Participation Low or No Participation

Autocracy Democracy
Remember there
are 3 types of
Autocracy- Dictatorship
Ideas of a single leader glorified.
Leader has not been elected and uses force to control social
and economic life.
Government is NOT responsible to the people.
People lack the power to limit their rulers.
- Adolf Hitler
- Saddam Hussein
Autocracy- Absolute Monarchy
A Monarchy has a king or a queen, emperor, etc.
power is usually inherited or passed down from family
monarch has absolute power.
(dont have to consult anyone)
People lack the power to limit their rulers
EX: King of Saudi Arabia
Autocracy- Constitutional Monarchy
Kings, queens, emperors share power with
elected legislatures.
generally the Kings are nothing more than
figure heads.
the government is a democratic one that
limits the monarchs power.
EX: Great Britain