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controlling cost and time. to support the sector. Recognizing the importance of water to Saudi Arabia OCE is developing its professional design and supervision capability. best value. With the present attention on climate change and population growth OCE have developed in a number of specialized areas particularly environmentally driven. when required from a number of local and international specialists. Engineer Abdulaziz Bin Turki Al-Otaishan. able to provide the full range of professional services. OCE have developed a capability in Environmental Management Systems and Environmental Impact Assessment studies. looking at low carbon footprint. This would not have been possible without the wealth of knowledge. low operation and maintenance solutions.INTRODUCTION Otaishan Consulting Engineers (OCE) is a multi-disciplinary firm of professional Architects. In recognition of its Quality Management System. talents and dedication of its multi-disciplinary human resources in optimizing the latest technology information and network system to maximize productivity and accuracy for the best interest of the projects and Clients. Geographic Information System and Value Management studies. OCE is considered today one of the leading Consulting Engineering Firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Planners and Engineers which was founded in 1992 by Dr. Otaishan Consulting Engineers (OCE) . calling on support. OCE has successfully undertaken the design and supervision of a large number of distinguished master planning. These include: Project Planning and Management services. well field and sanitary works. architectural and engineering projects and has developed in the process tremendous experience in conceptual design. OCE have a sound understanding of the Saudi Arabian development and construction sector and has a keen awareness of environmental issues. infrastructure. The team is developing a track record on number of recent water and waste water projects which include treatment plant. Technical & Administrative staff. engineering and supervision that enabling it to participate in many local and international competitions. For the past fourteen years. OCE have technical expertise. OCE continued success has been hinged on recognizing the clients need for quality. OCE has been one of the first Consulting Engineering Firms in the region to earn ISO 9001:2000 certification. the Gulf Countries and the Middle East consisting of over 120 staff that form a team of Professionals.



MAJOR CLIENTS The following are some of the major Clients whom OCE satisfactorily served either by its own team of professionals or by collaboration with reputed international firms: Name of Clients • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Prince Sultan Charity Foundation.. Al Khafji Joint Operation ARAMCO Gulf Operations.. Riyadh King Faisal University . Riyadh Al-Wataniah Consolidated and Distribution Co. Al-Khafji Al Riyadh Development Authority (ADA) General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI) SABIC Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu Ministry of Health SAVOLA Group – Al Azizia Panda United.Dammam Ministry of Water & Electricity (MOWE) King Saud University Al Riyadh Development Co. Riyadh Al-Subeaei Commercial for Trading Hassan A. Karim Al-Gahtani & Sons (MODA) Saudi Real Estate Co. Riyadh Al-Mushari Commercial Est. (SRECO) Otaishan Consulting Engineers (OCE) .. Riyadh Ministry of Rural Affairs Prince Salman Charity Housing Ministry of Higher Education Ministry of Education Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Jeraisy The Equestrian Club. Inc.

e.g. Sports and Recreational Centers. etc. Schools and Training Centers. Riyadh Otaishan Consulting Engineers (OCE) . particularly with larger projects. Housing. Although the projects are listed under major category headings such as Master Plans. Al-Kharj Jeddah Airspace Management Complex Taif Air Defense College and Rocket Building General Directorate for Military Works Building Private Palaces/Residences: Prince Mishal Private Palace Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Private Residence Al-Jeraisy Residential Complex Al Majid Flats Suleimaniya Festival Palace Buraidah Oasis Dar Jana Villas.LIST OF MAJOR PROJECTS WITH PHOTOGRAPHS The following constitutes a comprehensive list of all major projects executed and/or currently under assignment by OCE. Clinical and Medical Facilities.. Shopping Facilities. a very wide range of Specialty Buildings are included. Mosques. Military Projects Al-Bayad Radar & Monitoring Project. it is pertinent to note that.

Riyadh Al Saloom Commercial Center Lexus Center Otaishan Consulting Engineers (OCE) . Takasushi Azizia Panda Al Kharj Stores Azizia Panda nos.Jeddah Al-Azizia Panda Supermarket .Commercial Centers: Al-Azizia Panda Supermarket .East Ring Road Azizia Panda Hypermarket . and 30 Azizia Panda Al-Deera Commercial Center Al-Azizia Panda Hypermarket .Al-Shifa IKEA Store. 24.Dammam Al-Azizia Panda Supermarket . 12. Riyadh Riyadh Commercial Strip Al-Mousa Commercial Complex Al-Fanateer Commercial Center Al-Hokair Office & Entertainment Building .AbuBakr Siddiq St.Ras Tanura Azizia Panda Supermarket .Jeddah Globe Square Azizia Panda P114 . 11. Riyadh Azizia Panda Supermarket .Dammam Al-Azizia Panda Supermarket (SACO) .Unaiza Al-Safi Marketing Building Azizia Panda 1 & 3 Azizia Panda 111..North Riyadh Al-Azizia Panda Hypermarket .

Hospitals / Health Care Centers: Primary Care Building .H. Qassim Blood Filtering Building In King Saud Hospital Family Medical Center.Buraydah. Jizan Al-Birr Social Center Otaishan Consulting Engineers (OCE) .Jizan Prince Sultan Cardiac Center for Cauterization King Fahad Hospital . Taif Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center. Riyadh Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Mas’ad Hospital (100 Beds) – Ar’ar Medical Services Directorate Headquarters Buildings (MSD) Sabia Hospital .(RKH) Riyadh Al-Kharj Hospital Program. Prince Sultan City for Humanitarian Services Prince Salman Charity Housing Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center. King Saud University Riyadh Medical Center King Khaled University Hospital King Abdulaziz Univerity Hospital King Saud – Malaz Dental College for Girls Riyadh College of Dental & Pharmacy Psychiatric & Drug Rehabilitation Hospital – 600 Beds Maternity & Pediatric Hospital – Skaka.R. Al-Jouf Dallah Medical Tower H.

for Social Insurance) Al-Swailem Towers in Olaya Otaishan Consulting Engineers (OCE) .High Rise Commercial Buildings Al-Bassam Tower . Olaya Twin Tower for Commercial & Office Center GOSI (Gen.. Riyadh Al-Aqariah Office Tower Al-Madinah Hotel & Commercial Complex Moaygliah Commercial Strip. Org.Dammam Al Saloom Commercial Center Administration Institute VIP Reception Building Saudi Council for Health Specialization HQ Bldg. Riyadh Princess Al Anoud Tower Al Saedan Commercial/ Office Tower Jeddah Office Tower & Commercial Bldg.

Infrastructure and Environmental Comprehensive Hail Villages Water Project Infrastructure of Hospital Project – (King Faisal University. Proposal Designs of Solid Waste Landfill in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hazardous Waste Management Site Assessment – Areel Const. Dammam) Site Rehabilitation of Al-Fanar Commercial Center.Water. Environmental Impact Assement – AWAZEL Waterproofing Otaishan Consulting Engineers (OCE) . & Ind’l Co. Jubail Treatment and Recycling of Municipal Solid Waste in the KSA Environmental Impact Site Assessment – Medical & Cosmetic Product Co.

Qaseem Faculty of Dental Medicine for Girls Extension. Riyadh King Abdul Aziz University Hospital Extension. Riyadh Faculty of Science Building. Dammam Taibah University – Madinah ARAR University Hurimalah University Hafrul Batin University Otaishan Consulting Engineers (OCE) . Al-Ahsa King Saud University Girls Campus King Faisal University. College of Applied Sciences .(GOTEVT). Damman Prince Sultan University. Jizan & Abha King Faisal University. Riyadh King Khaled Hospital Extension. Abha King Faisal University.Universities/Colleges Projects: Prince Mohammad University.Riyadh Girls College Master Plan. Malaz Qur'an School for Women Arriyadh School for Boys Technical Education & Vocational Training Bldg. Riyadh Qassim Private College King Khaled University.

Badia & Rahmania Branch Qassim Power Plant Extension 300 MW Azizia Farm Malaz Race Horse . Otaishan Consulting Engineers (OCE) . Khartoum Traffic Engineering & Transportation Management. Assembly H. Hail Sudan Football Association HQ Building.Others Al Bank Al Saudi Al Fransi.Qasim Lexus Showroom. Riyadh Geographic Survey for Riyadh Area Value Engineering \Value Analysis Prince Abdullah Gen.Riyadh Rawabi Al Marraie Restoration & Studies for Stadiums in the Kingdom Riyadh Transportation Center Prince Sultan Bin Fahad New Office and Interior Design Support Offices for Prince Sultan Al Yahya Mosque Cattle Market .Q. Badia'a Riyadh Riyadh Industrial Workshop Buraidah Industrial Workshop Youth Welfare Olympic Committee Building Al-Rajhi Mosque Al-Khafji Fitness Center Majma'a Municipality Building Rehabilitation Charity Project.Q.Qassim Al-Butain Potato Cold Storage . Royal Commission H.