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EDUC 2220- Educational Technology

Infant-Pre-K Curriculum Plan: Technology-Based Lesson/Activity

Your Name _Norma Ames__________________________ Activity Title ___Shape Fun______________________

Number of children participating at one time ___4-6_____ Ages ___4-5_______

Activities written for previous classes cannot be re-used and must be the original work of the student.
Ohio Early Domain: Cognition and General Knowledge Sub-domain: Mathematics
Learning &
Strand: Geometry
Standards: Topic: Analyze, Compare and Create shapes

List at least 1 Standard Statement: Create shapes during play by building, drawing, etc.
standard that Domain: Cognition and General Knowledge Sub-domain: Mathematics
is addressed
by this activity. Strand: Geometry
Write out each Topic: Identify and Describe shapes
completely Standard Statement: Understand and use names of shapes when identifying objects.
and exactly,
as published in

This lesson will be used to build on the childrens knowledge of shapes through several activities.
The children will be creating with a drawing app on the iPads. Their pictures will be printed and
discussed. We will read the books Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh and The Shape of Things by
Dayle Ann Dodds. We will sing I Can See Shapes in the tune of London Bridge using felt finger
puppets. The children will use digital cameras to take pictures of the different colors they find
throughout the classroom. We will print and label the pictures to make our classroom color
book. We will be playing some shape games as well.
Estimated This lesson will take about 4 days with it being broken up into 10-20 minute group times each
Duration: day and 10-30 minute hands on activities.

Preparation What preparation is needed? Download the app to the iPad. Get the books from the library.
of materials Gather the materials needed for the games.
What materials will be used? Four iPads, 2 digital cameras, a smart board, a printer, printer
paper, the book, shape finger puppets, poster board games.

How will the learning environment be set up? The iPads will be set up at the table when we are
ready to use them. The books will be in the group time area along with the finger puppets. The
digital cameras will be in a basket on the counter.

Instructional Procedures:
Day 1:
I will introduce everything on day one during group time. This will take about 20 minutes. I will explain to the
children what we will be working on throughout the week. We will sing our song with the felt puppets. Then we
will read the story Mouse Shapes. After the book we will discuss the shapes the mice used and how we can
also create with shapes. I will let the children know that the cameras are available to use if they see a shape in
our room that they want to take a picture of.

Day 2:
I will remind the children that the cameras are available if they see shapes they would like to take a picture of.
We will read Mouse Shapes at group time and I will introduce the app they will be creating with on the iPad.
This will take 10-20 minutes. I will have a sign up sheet to keep track of whose turn it is. The iPads will be set up on
the table. When the children are finished with their pictures we will print them. We will discuss the pictures and
the shapes they created and they can take them home. The children will have all of the after lunch time to
create their pictures. This is 60 minutes however, knowing my children it will be around 10-30 minutes for most of

Day 3:
We will sing our song with the felt puppets and read The Shape Of Things during group time. We will discuss the
shapes in the book. I will pull up the downloaded pictures from the digital cameras on the smart board so the
children can see the shapes they found. I will have these pictures labeled. This will take around 20 minutes. I
will dismiss them for free play and let them know that I will be printing the pictures off to make our book if they
would like to help. We will print them off, put them in sheet protectors, and place them in a binder to make our
class shape book. This will take 20-30 minutes.

Day 4: We will read The Shape of Things during group time then we will go over the book we made using our
digital cameras. This should take 10-20 minutes. After group time I will have extension activities available on
the computer and at the tables. There will be a Curious George shape game to play on the computers, a
shape app on the iPads, and a shape matching and sorting poster board game that I will be observing the
children do. Especially those that need extra guidance. This should take children 10-20 minutes depending on
the activity they choose to work with.

In our computer lab we will be extending on this lesson by going to . We will
be playing a Curious George shape game called I Love Shapes.
This is a fun interactive game where the children help Curious George catch certain shapes in his bag. Children
can develop their knowledge of shapes and their computer skills while playing this game.

Differentiated Instructional Support: I will have the children who have a better understanding of the shapes we
discussed help me by sorting the pictures of the shapes from the digital camera once we print them off. These
children can also help others that need help on the computer game.
Discuss additional activities you could do to meet the needs of students who might be struggling with the
I will have the poster board shape matching and sorting games for the children that might need extra help. I
will guide them by using open-ended questions and scaffolding comments.

Vocabulary: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, iPad, app, computer, printer, smart board, website, mouse,
camera, print, pictures, sheet protectors, binder, download, label.

For teachers I will need the books from the library, printer paper, 6 iPads, the app for the iPads, 4
digital camers, 4 computers, 1 color printer, 1 smart board, the poster board games,
felt finger puppet shapes.

For students 6 iPads, 4 digital cameras, 4 computers in the computer area, 1 color printer, and a
smart board, paper.