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Exercise 12
Using the Verb "To be"
Write the correct form of "to be" in present tense or past tense.

I ________(1) going outside, said Jerry.

Wait! said Jerrys mom.

Dont forget to wear your jacket.
It ________(2) cold out there.

But mom, said Jerry. I dont want to wear it.

I will be fine without it.
Besides, it _____ _____ (3) that cold today.

Jerry opened the door. The wind ________(4) blowing and the trees ________(5)
shaking. Leaves ________(6) falling to the ground. He shivered a little and stood
behind the door.

Jerry! shouted Jerrys mom. You close that door and get your coat young man.

But mom! said Jerry.

But what? said Jerrys mom. I dont understand why you dont want to wear
your new coat. ________(7) there something wrong with it?

Jerrys face turned red. No! he said. Nothings wrong with it! Then he covered
his mouth with his hand.

Well then said Jerrys mom. Why dont you want to wear it?

Well, mom, said Jerry. I kind ofwellgave it away.

You what? said Jerrys mom. You gave it away?

Yeah. But dont worry. It ________(8) okay. I gave it to Marvin. And he really
needs it.


Well, every time I see him, he looks cold. He ________(9) always cold, actually.
His parents cannot afford to buy him a jacket.

Well, that ________(10) a very nice thing for you to do, dear. But now
what________(11) you going to do without a jacket?

I dont know. Maybe Ill wear my old jacket for a little while.

Divided Syllables 6

Directions: Find the word that has been A. teacher

divided into syllables correctly. B. teacher
C. teacher
Teacher sounds like teacher. D. teacher

1) 6)
A. important A. however
B. important B. however
Divided Syllables 7 C. important
C. however
D. important D. however
Directions: Find the word that has been
2) 7) A. teacher
divided into syllables correctly. BA. . teacher A. advantage Name________________
TEACHER : already
B. advantage CB. . teacher
Teacher sounds
ADVANTAGE : like teacher. ALREADY: D. teacher
C. advantage C. already
egular Verbs in Perfect Tense D. already
1) 6)
3) 8)
1. For many verbs, Athe perfect tense does not end in ed.
. afternoon
2. The perfect tenseAB.form
of these
. afternoon verbs is irregular. A.
AFTERNOON: B. another VIDEO: B.suddenly
ANOTHER : C. afternoon SUDDENLY : tense. C. video
Use have or has
C. and the past participle to form
another the perfect C.suddenly
D. afternoon D. video
D[subject] + [have/has] + [past participle]
. another D. suddenly
2) 7)
4) 9)
A. completely
Use have for I, you, we, they subjects. Use has for he/she/it subjects.AA.. direction
A. together
B. completely B. paragraph
I have been
COMPLETELY : to Spain. You have been to Spain.
B. together We have been
PARAGRAPH : to Spain.
B. direction
TOGETHER: They have C. been
completely has been to :Spain. C. paragraph
to Spain. He/she/itDIRECTION
CD.. together
completely CD.. direction
D. together D. direction
3) 8)
Directions: Choose have, has. Then write the correct
5) 10) form of the verb in perfect tense.
A. opposite A. separate
AB.. example
opposite A B.. government
Example: I (have/has) ___________ (to know) Jaime for six years.
OPPOSITE: BC.. example
I (have/has) known
(to know) Jaime for six years.BC.. government
EXAMPLE: opposite GOVERNMENT: separate
CD.. example
opposite CD.. government
4) D. example 9) D. government
1) I (have/has) ___________ (to see) the Statue of Liberty before.
A. various A. discover
2) They (have/has) ___________ (to write) ten letters to the governor.
B. various B. discover
3) James :
(have/has) DISCOVER:
___________ (to be) to Canada twice.
C. various C. discover
4) The students (have/has)
D. ___________
various (to do) their homework. D. discover
5) (Have/Has) you ___________ (to catch) a baseball
5) 10)before?
A. similar
6) He (have/has) ___________ (to eat) three pieces of chocolate cake today. A. tomorrow
7) My heart (have/has) B. similar
been ___________ (to break) before. B. tomorrow
C. similar C. tomorrow 2
8) (Have/Has) you ___________ (to forget) the password?
D. similar D. tomorrow
Directions: Correct the errors in the following sentences. One sentence does not have
any errors.

Active/Passive Voice
Example: What tine we leaving? ! What time are we leaving?Date________________

In active voice sentences the subject does the action.

1. Lets go Example: Liz!
to the beach. played the piano.
In passive voice sentences the subject receives the action.
Example: The piano was played by Liz.
2. I-gotta
to the mall
thattomorro.! ___________________________________________
uses the active voice is stronger, uses fewer words, and clearly
shows who performs the action.
- The sentence that uses the passive voice is weaker and less direct. It is, however,
not incorrect to use the passive voice.
3. you ever been to Vietnam? ! _____________________________________________
Sometimes the doer of the action is omitted in passive voice sentences.
Example: The piano was played.
: Decide
their Iwhether
wait forthe !
you. sentences are written in the active or passive voice.
Then write the doer of the action on the line to the right. If the doer is unknown,
write a question mark (?).

1) Thomas feeds his dog. active / passive ____________

25.) IThe dogcome
could is fedwith
by Thomas.
you? ! active / passive ____________
3) The family went to the beach. active / passive ____________
4) The letter was written by Marshall. active / passive ____________
5) The game had been won by the blue team. active / passive ____________
6) The problem was solved. active / passive ____________
7) The stunt man risked his life. active / passive ____________
86.) The fire wastoextinguished.
We drived !
active / passive
the beach last weekend. ____________
9) The car was being cleaned by its owner. active / passive ____________
10) It gets cold here during the winter. active / passive ____________
Directions: Rewrite the passive voice sentences as active voice sentences.
Passive: The dog was hit by the car.
Active: _________________________________________________________________________
Passive: The house will be built by the construction crew in five months.
Active: _________________________________________________________________________
Directions: Rewrite the active voice sentences as passive voice sentences.
Active: Julie answered the question.
Passive: ________________________________________________________________________
Active: The dolphins have learned many tricks. 3
Passive: ________________________________________________________________________
Directions: Replace the underlined words with an affirmative or negative contraction.
Directions: Replace the underlined words with an affirmative or negative contraction.
Example: IIam
am Im happy
Im happy to to meet

11)) We will ________

We will ________ see
at at English
English class
class nextnext week!
22)) There is
There is ________ nonomilk
________ milkin in
thethe refrigerator.
33)) There
There will
will ________
________ bebe
time to to
time chat later.
chat later.
44)) ItIt is
is ________
________ raining
55)) II think
think itit will
will _________
_________snow later.
snow later.
66)) II was
was adTh________
not e ory.Org 20home
________ last night.
10home last night. Name________________
Negative Contractions
Date Contractions
7) EMary
e.Org 2008 eat meat. Verb not Contraction
7) Mary does not _________ eat meat. do notVerb + notdont Contraction
8) Donald cannot _________ swim. do not doesnt dont
does not
Count and Non-Count Nouns
8) Donald cannot _________ swim.
9) The store will not _________ open early.
did notdoes not didnt doesnt
not did not isnt didnt
is ________________
9) The store RewilladThenot
2010 open early. Name
are notis not arent isnt
10) James Englisand
hForJoe have
rg 20_________
08 left yet. Date________________
Directions: Add s/-es to the
10) James and Joe have not _________ left yet. italicized noun if necessary. was not
are not wasnt arent
11) You should not _________ cheat. were not
was not werentwasnt
1112)) You C ount not
should a nd N _________ (no
on-Count N change)
cheat. has notwere not hasnt werent
Jose has not _________ taken out the trash yet.
Example: Rebecca has brown hair and hazel eye
1123)) Jose hasnot not_________
_________ taken
s have not havent
. had nothas not hadnt hasnt
I could
Directions: even out
do ititalicized
Add s/-es to the
the trash yet.
I tried.
if necessary. have not havent
will not wont
had not hadnt
1134)) 1)IHecould not
is _________
Rowan meat almost do itvegetable
, ricetwenty even if I tried.
one years
(no ,change) old. would notfor dinner.
, and some milk wouldnt
will not wont
can not cant
1145)) He I amis _________
Example: as almost
Rebecca has old as he
brown twenty
is. and
hair one s
hazel eyeold. . would
could not not
2) It is good to drink water when you are thirsty. shouldcan not shouldnt cant
1156)) IEnglish
am _________ as oldvery
is not ________ as hehard!
is. could not couldnt
1) Rowan had meat , rice , vegetable , and some milk forshould
dinner. shouldnt
16) 3)English
The students
is not learned a lot very
________ of new vocabulary
hard! in class today.
2) It is good to drink water when you are thirsty.
4) We ate some sandwich for lunch.
3) The students learned a lot of new vocabulary in class today.
5) I have a lot of homework to do tonight.
4) We ate some sandwich for lunch.
6) I5like to dream
) I have a lot ofabout tropicaltobeach
homework do tonight.!

7) Rodolfo took
6) I like to some
dream great
about picture
tropical beach at the
! family reunion last week.

7) Rodolfo
8) Milton has took
made some
a lotgreat picture at the
of progress on family reunion
his project last week.
since he started Monday.

8) Milton has madecontain

9) Encyclopedia a lot of progress on his project. since he started Monday.
lots of information
9) Encyclopedia contain lots of information . 4
10) I learn more new word in English class every day.
Directions: Choose the best synonym for the following words.

1) change 3) clean 5) hurry
A. steer A. put A. rush
B. switch B. wash B. drive
C. remain C. hang C. sail
drive D. level)
20(high-beginning push D. run

Directions:Choose the best word(s) to complete

2) decide
each sentence.
4) try 6) turn

1. I like toA______
. choose
for my favorite sports A. fail A. assemble
6. Patricia cleans peoples houses for
B. steal B. attempt B. generate
team. Go Tigers! You can win! money. She is a ______.
C. think C. score C. rotate
D. attempt
A. cheat D. shoot
A. nurse D. change
B. cheer B. maid
C. sing C. singer Name ________________
Directions: Choose the best antonym for the following words.
D. pray D. gardener Date ________________
Sentence Completion 1 (high-intermediate level)
2. Mrs. Andrews 1) ablis e ______. Her 3) punish7. The old truck is not 5)______.
teach It is
daughter hasnt come home from the
Choose the best word(s) toAcomplete ______.
. bring each sentence. A. comprehend
party yet. It
B. sure is getting late. B. accept B. understand
A. fast slow
C. helpless C. reward C. learn
A. happy D . certain
1. Despite the unfavorable attention brought D . give B. good mine
5. The famous popDsinger . listentragically died at age
B. asleep
on by the media, the press had a positive C. new young
fifty. This was an ______ event for his ______
C. worried
effect on the D. dirty expensive
2) lifcampaign.
t 4) hire fans. 6) jump
A. positive A. holdenglishforeveryone.orgA. employ8. IA.amawful ______, butAI. cannot
... healthy walk ________________
Name ______.
3. B.
Jesse B
negative . pull
works at the______. He makes B . fire B. amazing ... dubious B . run
Date ________________
Name ________________
C . grab C . deny A. thirsty eat C . skip
C. inert
D. drop Completion 20 (low-intermediate
D. quit level)C. unthinkable ... devoted
B. old run D. fall
Date ________________
A. post

Directions: office
Choose theCompletion 20 (low-intermediate
best word(s) to complete D. sentence.
... strange
E. equalDirections: Choose the best word(s) to complete E. emotional
each ... heavy
B. mall D. tired sleep
1.gym After our team _____ the game, 6. The golf tournament is _____ due to
2. no secret that
1. After prison can be rather 6. Unlike
our team _____ the game, 9. Christina______a the6.misleading
It isThe golf television
D. everybody
bakery _____. rain. scheduled
new to for
dress heris _____ due to
______; grim conditions everybodyand severe
_____. documentary,
tomorrow the biography
It is
8:00. was ______.
scheduled to _____
birthday, but she didnt get it.
treatment A. losthave been
cheered known to ______ even
4. The lion is very ______. Dont get A. interestingtomorrow at 8:00.
the most B. hardened
wonA. criminals.
lost cheered
celebrated A. A. over start
close to it. It can hurt you. B. stole
C. tied B. won celebrated
smiled B. B. cancelled A. over start
A. cruel ... entertain C. received
A. harsh D. watched
small C. tied smiled
laughed C. C. delayed B. cancelled
resume pause
B. ... dishearten D. bought
B. pleasant
calm D. watched laughed D. D. finished C. delayed
begin resume
C. ... encourage E. wanted
C. strangeRegardless
dangerous of the fact that she D. finished begin
D. ... prevent
doesnt2. Regardless
speak Chinese, of the fact was
Maria that she 10. 7. goes
Tina tofelt______every
_____; the committee
D. hard
E. happy ... ridicule 7. Ryan
The doctor takes note of any Sunday.
able to _____ doesnt speak
with theChinese,
waiter atMaria
the was He 7.
is very ______.Tina
her felt _____; the committee
blemishes on the patients skin; such
Molly Chinese
5. Although hasKates
a two able to _____
sons and with the waiter at the rejected her proposal.
3. report on aher
scientific abnormalities
A. A.
school overjoyed
are often ______ of skin
She is ______. Chinese restaurant.
findings A. was lengthy, the presentation she
communicate cancer.
held was
A. a mother rather ______.
B. chatA. communicate C. theC.bankpleased
B. cheerful
A. irregular ... symptoms
B. a
A. brief C.
teacherspeak B. chat D. D. miserable
B. church
typical C. pleased
... clues 5
C. a
B. neutral D.
child converseC. speak D.
C. interesting ... signs miserable
D. a businesswoman D. converse 8. Marvin told me the store was