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LEAF Board of Directors| Board Nominee Application

LEAF is a non-profit organization,

building community, connecting cultures and enriching lives through the arts locally and globally with
community events, and arts education programs.

The LEAF Board is seeking new members who are skilled and experienced in organizational development
accounting/budgeting, board development, development/philanthropy, non-profit management, strategic planning,
and/or direct experience with LEAF outreach programs as a student, teacher, or community member.

Weve been told our Board compares well with others in terms of interpersonal functionality, financial control and
organization, and fun. We value diversity and our commonality of bringing what we love to the table. New three-
Date: terms begin27,
2017 2015.
LEAF is in Jim
Name: intentional
Diaz transition to a shared governance organization, in which both the Board and senior staff are
actively engaged in governance.
Address: 43 Lakeview Road
LEAF 2020 We are finalizing our Strategic Plan, which was developed with active community engagement. This plan
City, setZip:
our goals for the next
Asheville, 5 years beginning with the turn of the year to 2015.
NC 28804

Best Phone: 828-215-9669


This inquiry is to give us a sense of your LEAF connection. The answers do not need to be long.
1. Please share with us about your involvement with LEAF Community Arts.
I have been a LEAF patron since the Black Mountain Music Festival days.
2. What is your perspective on LEAFs role in the community currently, and the potential of LEAFs role in our
local community? LEAF plays an important cultural role in our community as our Global Ambassador to the
World. This is a huge honor and responsibility.
3. What have you heard about LEAF from friends- what is the word on the street among your colleagues, peers,
and friends? LEAF is well thought of in our community for connecting so many people (now multiple
generations with diverse backgrounds) by implementing genuine authentic sincerity through music, art
and youth programs that inspire so many people to exercise their natural sense of generosity. Personally,
this is the magic!
4. LEAFs signature event and key fundraising tool is the LEAF Festival twice a year at Lake Eden, and now a
new tradition is growing creating a community gathering called LEAF Downtown AVL in the summer. What
other festivals/special events have you attended that you resonated with, and what aspects inspired you?
I went to my first LEAF in Schools event a couple years ago held in the RAD in the grass near the
Convenience Store/Laundry Mat on Depot Street. I realized just how dedicated the LEAF core staff is year
round. It was inspiring to see the neighborhood kids come out. Some had musical instruments of their
own, but most came because they were curious.
5. What work does LEAF do that feels important enough that you are willing to give time, energy and financial
contributions to LEAF? The cross cultural connecting and empowering of our youth. Its like being the
keeper of the flame, and the most important job on the planet.
6. Please describe the following 4 areas of your life as they relate to your interest in the LEAF Board:
a. Education: I am from the Deep South with a liberal arts background including a Bachelors in
History. As a young person I learned the values of social justice and freedom of thought. I tend to
reflect on life's most important questions, and now wish to pursue a new transformative learning
and leadership experience that results in personal and intellectual growth, commitment to good
citizenship in our global society, and a desire to succeed and make a difference in my community.
b. Job experience: I am a serial entrepreneur and have found my backbone in real estate.
c. Volunteer & community experience: I feel it is my turn to contribute.
d. Personal experience: I am a native New Orleanian. What can I say? I have a passion for music, food,
friends and family!
7. Are there any concerns you have about leading LEAF towards 2020 by being part of the Board of Directors?
8. How could your skills and talents be of help to the Board and where would you like to apply those talents?
I am a connector. My strengths are in developing and maintaining relationships. What I do best is find
strengths in others and encourage them. I believe I can help with long-term strategic planning specifically
regarding facilities and venues.
9. Based on your passions and interests, what areas of LEAF appeal to you? I love how music transcends all
boundaries. To see and experience it in real time is inspiring.
10. What is your primary interest in serving on the board? I am not sure of the specific circumstances, but I have
an idea that I can be of particular value related to asset management and real estate.
11. What makes you a good fit for the LEAF Board of Directors? I have good friends who have served or are
currently serving on the LEAF Board. I welcome the opportunity to contribute back to an organization that
I cherish and have received so much joy from!