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Cadillac Area

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Business Magazine
January/February 2011 • Volume 17-NO. 1

in 2011
We listened! “Going forward, I want to
underscore that our directive is
to assist our members, but also
emphasize the need for member
involvement and input as we
attempt to improve in 2011”
Bill Tencza, Chamber President
pages 6 & 7
Mission Statement
The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is a visible business
leader that advocates and drives business opportunities. Through
business alliances, we are a catalyst for our membership and
provide a persuasive regional voice benefiting our communities.

Meet the Board
Mickey Putman, Chair
A jump start to 2011
Cadillac Credit Bureau 775-3458
Traditionally, the start of the new calendar ing because of the various stated values of the
Katy Huckle, Vice Chair
Northwestern Bank 775-2688 year provides an opportunity for renewed Chamber.
focus and commitment, whether establishing We are in the business of assisting growing the
Sue Peterson, Treasurer
Avon Rubber & Plastics, Inc. 779-6290 personal goals or part of a bigger picture busi- area economy by providing support, resources
ness directive. Our cover story outlines why the and expertise. We cannot always quantify our
Jon Catlin, Past Executive Director
Chemical Bank 775-8588 Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce started successes or even publicize contributing roles;
on 2011 well before January 1. our involvement exists but perhaps too quietly.
Eric Baker
Wolverine Power Cooperative 775-5700 Starting in the spring 2010, through the lead- Members participating in our focus group ses-
ership of Mickey Putman and Katy Huckle sions indicated they wanted to hear about our
Dennis Benson
Dennis H. Benson, PLC 876-9405 (directors), we initiated a series of member success. Along the same lines, participants
focus groups, comprised of a diverse cross-sec- also expressed the need to sell the value of the
Bill Cinco
The Trend Designers 775-5711 tion of members to evaluate various input. We Chamber better. That was critical input.
determined that direct and unfiltered discus- Additionally, some members valued new
Dean DeKryger
The DK Design Group 779-4002 sion with stakeholders was the best pathway to capital investment in our building, including
improvement. updating our conference room. In my tenure,
Mike Hamner
Avon Protection Systems, Inc. 779-6290 Members were asked to offer input on topic we have always been fiscally conservative, espe-
areas such as what does the Chamber do or cially with our building and property beyond
Dr. Kyle Hogg
Dental Health Professionals 775-9797 what are we not doing (among a series of ques- normal maintenance. However, the fact that
tions). The setup was very basic. There would some members thought investment was neces-
Scott Hunter
Baird, Cotter & Bishop, PC. 775-9789 be no incorrect answers or attempts to amend sary will assist us in future budget planning.
comments forwarded. By design, staff did not Going forward, I wanted to underscore that
Melody Hurley
Walmart Supercenter Store 775-8778 participate to remove any constraints in infor- our directive is not only to assist our mem-
mation offered. bers but also to emphasize the need for mem-
Bill Kring
9 & 10 News 775-3478 Often, those who value the Chamber the most ber involvement and input as we attempt to
are the ones who actively communicate with improve in 2011. Our information gathering is
Paul Liabenow
Cadillac Area Public Schools 876-5002 us and/or engage their organizations. With that not complete, but work toward new formalized
said, we did not actively select only those mem- strategies is underway.
bers in our focus group sessions. The intent was I am grateful for the passionate work of Katy
to simply listen to what our members thought. Huckle and Mickey Putman steering us through
Bill Tencza, President That proved interesting from an unintended the focus group process and those members
standpoint, as one of the positive outcomes was who participated and ultimately validated that
Doreen Lanc, Director of Membership Services the member interaction, specifically, how those the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce mat-
members valued or perceived the Chamber ters.
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant — in some cases very differently yet affirm- Bill TeNcza, Chamber President
Amanda Hamilton, Administrative Assistant
Doug DeYoung, Senior Director of Government Relations
Printer: Pleasant Graphics
Belle Oakes Living Center
Publisher: Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Distinctive and Affordable
Editorial Committee: Chris Huckle, Doreen Lanc, Relax and enjoy an independent
Rich Langton, Bill Tencza, Bob Nelson and Joy VanDrie. lifestyle, our senior apartments offer
spacious living with amenities and
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2 January/February 2011 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
Phil Potvin, Republican candidate for 102nd District, and Bruce Rendon, candidate for 103rd District greet, Rick Snyder, Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, at a luncheon at
Burke’s Waterfront Restaurant prior to the November election. All three won their races.

Preparing for a new year & new governor
By Doug DeYoung In 2010, the Alliance laid out the following guiding principles:
Senior Director of Government Relations • Make it easier for businesses in northern Michigan to be profitable
The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance is preparing for a new • Help strong business sectors remain strong in our region
year, a new governor and a new legislative leadership team in Lansing. • Promote investment in our transportation and business infrastruc-
In November, meetings and communication with our new represen- ture
tatives from northern Michigan started taking place. Those meet- • Make sure we have a workforce prepared for the future needs of
ings focused on building relationships with these new legislators. Northern Michigan businesses
Discussions focused on the barriers to business growth and develop- In 2011, those principles will once again be the focus for building
ment across our region. a legislative strategy that will focus on actions and outcomes for our
I, along with other Alliance Chamber Executives, also have been in region.
Lansing in the last several weeks meeting with new state House and Our time spent preparing this plan and meeting with new legisla-
Senate Leadership and members of the governor’s transition team. tors allows us to learn about the issues facing business. We will use
The focus of the meetings has been how to grow business and remove that knowledge to create a plan for you to get involved and assist by
barriers to increase jobs in our state. The theme of all the meetings advocating for business growth and opportunities across our region.
seems to focus on how do we grow Michigan and solve our current If you have any legislative questions or comments, please contact me
budget crisis. at or 231-995-7109.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2011 3
Fantastic fall for lecture luncheon series
By Rick Charmoli
Energy use, services provided by the Michigan State University
Extension and the future of schools were all topics of a monthly lec-
ture luncheon.
At the October 29 Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Lecture
Luncheon, local industry, business and school leaders learned how
they could reduce energy use and save money.
That push stems from Public Act 295 of 2008, otherwise known
as the “Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act.” The message
at the October Lecture Luncheon was simple. Take advantage of
money-saving incentives because you are paying for them anyway.
During the event, Consumers Energy Business Service Manager Dave
Johnson talked about different ways his company can help businesses
become more energy efficient and save money.
As a result of the Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act all util-
ity companies bill customers a monthly surcharge that goes toward Wexford-Missaukee ISD/Manistee ISD Superintendent Scott Crosby talked about what the
administering energy optimization programs as well as to the incen- future holds for education during the monthly Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Lecture
tives paid back to customers. Luncheon on December 10.
“(The surcharge) is like the pop deposit. You pay the dime, but you
have to return (the can) to get it,” Johnson said. “(With the surcharge) Spoelman goes to many different places in the area, including Clare,
you have the ability to put in and get money out of it.” Gladwin, Isabella, Mecosta, Missaukee, Osceola and Wexford coun-
Johnson continued by saying incentives are just one benefit to the ties, to talk about the various programs offered by the MSU Extension.
energy efficiency program. The other is making Michigan a more She has found that talking about everything the MSU Extension does
competitive marketplace for attracting businesses and keeping exist- is rather difficult.
ing ones in the state. “It is a difficult presentation because the Michigan State University
In November, Michigan State University Extension District 6 Extension is really big, and we do a lot of things. I have been here
Director Shari Spoelman was the featured speaker at the lecture lun- three years, and I’m not an expert,” she said. “I tried to look through
cheon. the lens of what the community would want to know.”
As the Michigan State University Extension District 6 director, See Lecture on page 5

Michigan State University
Extension District 6 Director Shari
Spoelman talks about MSUE’s
services during a lecture luncheon
on November 19.

4 January/February 2011 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
Lecture Luncheon Series
continues January 14 with Judge William Fagerman
While most people would think of two things, agriculture or 4-H, when school boards, city council and the legislature input. If we don’t help them
it comes to services the MSU Extension offers, Spoelman said many frame (the change), it will be framed for us.”
would be surprised to learn that there is a lot more MSUE offers to the Strictly speaking about education, Crosby said he believes there will be
communities it serves. adjustments made to the health care system, and those changes will most
This includes youth development, diversity training, healthy living, and likely be in effect for the 2011-2012 school year.
the list goes on. He continued by saying those changes either will be in the form of a
To finish off the year, education was the topic during the December 10 hard cap on what districts can spend on insurance or a state-imposed
luncheon, and Wexford-Missaukee/Manistee Intermediate School District health insurance.
Superintendent Scott Crosby was the presenter. He also said more focus will soon be on the consolidation of services.
Change was the topic of discussion as it pertains to education and the This consolidation could be in the form of transportation or even busi-
sentiment shared was help shape the change that is coming or have those ness office services, but Crosby said the Wexford-Missaukee ISD’s mem-
decisions made for you. ber districts are already having similar discussions.
Crosby was focused on what changes are inevitably coming, but he also Although the year is over, the lecture luncheon series is ready to go for
said that these changes will be more widespread than education. the new year as the first two have been scheduled.
“Educators need to be actively realizing change is coming and trying to On January 14, Judge William Fagerman will be presenting, “Felony
shape it. They need to shape it with the legislators and see that the status Sentencing Challenges in Economic Hard Times — a Judge’s Perspective,”
quo is not an option for schools, the state and the country,” he said. “Give while state Sen. Darwin Booher will present on February 11.

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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2011 5
Thanks for speaking to us
You spoke; the Chamber listened. Chamber was looking for information on how to better serve mem-
Now, the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is working to keep bers, said Bill Tencza, Chamber President.
the dialogue going. “We were looking for areas of commonality through the focus group
Over the past several months, the Chamber conducted several focus process, but we also hoped to establish potential strategic initiatives
groups to hear Chamber members’ input about the organization. through the process based on what our members forwarded, such as
Mickey Putman, Director of the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce evaluating a new membership investment structure,” he said.
Board of Directors, said one area the Chamber will be working on is Brian Jones, who was a member of one of the focus groups, later
better communication. served as the facilitator as the Chamber executive committee reviewed
“We don’t pat ourselves on the back,” Putman said. “But we do need the findings.
to do a better job of letting people know what our successes are.” Jones said there did not seem to be any surprises in the find-
Putman said some members of the focus group had questions about ings. “I think the board really knows what needs to be done;
changes at the Chamber, such as why the number of Business After 5 this helped them know how to address the issues,” he said. “The
events has been reduced. group pretty much knows what the broad issues are, and now
“We do need to do a better job of communicating, and not just that they are taking the time to find out what to do about them.”
we are having a golf outing, the Business Expo or the Governor’s One thing that did seem a bit unusual to Jones was the fact that the
Breakfast,” Putman said. Chamber sought out input on its flaws.
The Chamber held the focus groups for several reasons, including “I think most chambers don’t want to hear where they need improve-
finding out if Chamber members knew the Chamber’s mission and ment,” he said.
how members valued the services offered. Ultimately, though, the

6 January/February 2011 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
And we’re listening
As the Chamber moves forward, it will work to communicate bet-
ter with members the status of initiatives developed through the focus
group meetings, Putman said. He said the comments were broken
‘A lot of folks, when they visit Cadillac, the Chamber
down into four categories: external, business, internal and community. is the first place they come in to. Senators, representatives,
“Nothing was too small, and nothing was too large,” Putman said.
“One of the things they told us was that we need to spruce the building
governors, they have all had meetings in that room.’
up and do a better job of general maintenance. I guess that gets over-
Katy Huckle
looked sometimes.”
Chamber Board Vice Chair
One area that will be addressed in the near future is a plan to update
the Chamber’s conference room. The room plays a large factor in the
Chamber at the local as well as the state and national levels, said Katy “The Cadillac Chamber is part of the Northern Michigan Regional
Huckle, Chamber Vice Chair. Chamber Alliance, and we really do have a voice in Lansing and
“The Cadillac Area Industrial Group meets in that room. It could use Washington,” Huckle said. The Northern Michigan Regional
some basic improvements and technology updates,” she said. “A lot Chamber Alliance is a partnership of Alpena, Benzie County, Cadillac,
of folks, when they visit Cadillac, the Chamber is the first place they Charlevoix, Petoskey and Traverse City chambers.
come in to. Senators, representatives, governors — they have all had “I don’t think everyone knows the extent of those relations.”
meetings in that room.” Doing a better job communicating those relations is an important
Having an updated conference room with some updates in technol- step for the Chamber, in addition to relaying Chamber members’ con-
ogy will help in an area that the Chamber received high marks from cerns and comments to legislators will be one of the actions that will
focus group members. Huckle said the Chamber received an “A” grade come out of the focus group feedback.
for business retention. One way the Chamber works on business reten- “The first action is communication to our membership through the
tion is through meeting with elected officials and keeping an open line Cadillac Area Business Magazine,” Tencza said. “We have a baseline to
of communication with them when they are in Lansing or Washington. work on a strategic plan or targeted priorities.”

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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2011 7
October November 2010

Lecture Lunche Rise Up! Cadillac
“Energy Optim
ization: A Pla
Chamber Busi n to Help
nesses Reduce
Energy Costs”
Presented By
Bob Gluszewsk
i (left),
Area Manager
Dave Johnson
Business Serv
ices Manager
Avery Bunek (r
Corporate Acc
Recap of the pr
esentation is on Hosted by:
pages 4 & 5
VanDrie Home Furnishings

Lecture Luncheon
Shaping Michigan’s Future:
The role of MSU Extension

Presented By
Shari Spoelman, MSU
Extension District 6 Director

Recap of the presentation is Sponsored by:
on pages 4 & 5 Cadillac Area Community Foundation

Ribbon Cuttings
Lecture Lunche
“The Feds, the
State, and Publ
Changes Shap ic Education -
ing our Schoo
Presented By
Scott Crosby
ukee ISD
Recap of the pr
esentation is
on pages 4 & 5
Comfort Inn of Cadillac
1650 S. Mitchell Street

8 January/February 2011 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
December 2010
Business After 5 SAVE THE DATE

in business
at McGuire’s Resort

a program of the
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

February 18, 2011
Women’s Health Issues
“Head to Toe”
Part 1: Dianne Conrad,
Sponsored by:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI R.N., M.S., F.N.P.,
Cadillac Family Physicians

WOmen in bu
s iness
“How to be
Assertive w
Agg ressive ithout Appe
or Submissi aring
Presented by:
Cori Lindell-D
Sponsored by: enman
Promotions Plu
Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors s...
Marketing wit
h Results
 Date: Friday,
December 3, 20
Lakeside Charl 10
Lindell-Denman ex
plained that althou
often a mystery, w gh it is quite
omen possess a sp
making things happ ec ial knack for
en. Strategically,
even mysteriously carefully and
all accomplished th
combination of driv rough a unique
e and determinatio
intuition. Delicatel n, instinct and
y or assertively wom
following a unique en succeed by
playbook. Through
and practical expe whit, wisdom
rience Lindell-Den
components of pers man explored
onal success throug
and the power of pe h assertiveness
Sponsored by: rsuasion.
Mercy Hospital Cadillac

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2011 9
 Culver’s of Cadillac Rotary Club
Cadillac Places First supports key community projects
Culver’s of Cadillac won first place in a national sales The Cadillac Rotary Club has voted to fund three community improvement
building contest that consisted of all 425 Culver’s res- projects for a combined total of up to $85,500. The group is allocating up to
taurants. $10,500 to fund a study to consider enhancements to the Rotary Performing
Culver’s is donating more than 10% of the pro- Arts Pavilion and a $25,000 donation from the club’s major project reserves
ceeds to the following organizations who held benefit toward Mercy Hospital’s Surgical Services addition and renovation.
nights: YMCA, Pancreatic Cancer Society, Cadillac The hospital will name a pre-operation room in the club’s honor.
Viking Boosters and the Cadillac Senior Center. The 2011 Cadillac Rotary Auction theme is “Going West to Camp Torenta”
The prize money will be distributed to the crew and and “Keeping the Camp Fires Burning.” The money raised will support the
management for their efforts during the contest. completion of the activity center by constructing an outdoor canopy, installing
an indoor/outdoor presentation platform, installing a fireplace, and providing
tables and chairs. The event will be held April 30, 2011 at the Wexford County
Civic Arena.

Mercy Hospital Cadillac Collaborates on Sepsis Initiative
The condition can extend hospital stays and sometimes claims lives
Representatives from Mercy Hospital Cadillac recently participated in a summit of northern Michigan hospitals at Boyne Mountain
aimed at improving the care of sepsis patients.
Sepsis is a condition characterized by an overwhelming, whole-body response to an infection. Nationally, there are about 750,000 new
cases of sepsis each year, with at least 210,000 deaths.
“We’re encouraged that so many hospitals are coming together to work on a strategy for such an important patient safety issue as sepsis,”
said John L. MacLeod, President and CEO. “Part of the goal of this conference was to develop a regional consensus about ways to educate
our staff and develop best practices to treat patients with sepsis. We’ve made a great start.”

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10 January/February 2011 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
Kettunen Center’s Operations State Representative Phil Potvin
Coordinator elected to names Mike Paulin to staff
Mike Paulin, former Bureau Chief of WTCM in Cadillac will serve
IACCA’s Board of Directors as Wexford County Area Representative for newly-elected State
Representative, Phil Potvin. Paulin may be reached at 231-775-5882.

Angie Roelofs named partner at
Jamie Mielke Mitchell, Kettunen Center’s Operations
Coordinator, has been elected to the International Association
of Conference Center Administrators Board of Directors as the
Chair of the Communications and Technology Committee. This
took place at IACCA’s annual conference at Caraway Center in
North Carolina in October 2010. This is a prestigious position
Baird, Cotter and Bishop
and recognizes Mitchell’s skills and talents in the non-profit Baird, Cotter and Bishop, P.C. announced that Angie Roelofs has
conference center industry. become a partner of the firm. Roelofs joins four existing partners at the
firm’s 134 West Harris Street location in Cadillac.

Taste & Treasures was a delicious success!
On a Sunday evening in early November nearly 100 people came Hermann.
together at Hermann’s European Café to kick off an exciting new event “When the dust settled at the end of the evening, more than $6,000
to benefit The United Way of Wexford/Missaukee Counties.  Hosted by was raised!” said Pat Goggin, Interim Director for United Way of
Hermann Suhs, “Taste & Treasures” offered guests an opportunity to Wexford/Missaukee Counties.  “This will help people right here at
explore a variety of wines paired with hors d’oeuvres prepared by Chef home improve their lives.” 


Cadillac Plant

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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2011 11
L.E.A.D & L.E.A.D. Jr.
Leadership, Education & Development Youth Workshops
Cadillac Leadership, a program of the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
would like to thank the following for their contributions to the
LEAD and LEAD JR. leadership youth training workshops.

David Cox Tammy Kelley
Penney McRae Janette Stoinski
Tom Harrison Kristin Sikkema
Jennifer Gaffke Mary Feak
Dan Alto Patti Clous
Jill Baker-Cooley Holly Schonert
Darlene Fowler Brooks Lucas

233 STUDENTS represented Cadillac Area Public Schools, Cadillac Heritage Christian,
Lake City Area Schools, Manton Consolidated Schools, McBain Rural Agricultural School,
Mesick Consolidated Schools, Pine River Area Schools, & the Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical Center

Thank you to our sponsors:

12 January/February 2011 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
Cadillac Leadership Class
chooses project for program’s 20th class
Submitted by Lisa Bannon, Joe Davy, Andy Holtgreive, side between the parking lot and the beach area. This
Julie McAllister, Mark Snider and Marcia Wieringa pavilion will be the first to be constructed on this side
of the park. The covered structure will connect to a
The Cadillac Leadership Class, a program of the concrete walkway leading to the parking lot, making it
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce, is proud to handicap accessible. In addition, there will be electric-
commemorate the 20th year of the program through ity, new picnic tables and park grills. Construction is
Cadillac Leadership Pride. This year’s group, consist- scheduled for the spring of 2011, with plans for com-
ing of 21 individuals from a diverse work background, pletion by early summer.
started in September by reviewing potential commu- The group’s next steps will consist of fundraising and
nity projects that could enhance and benefit the entire finalizing the project details.
community. Since that time, we made our decision If you would like more information about this proj-
and are excited to partner with the city of Cadillac. ect or where to send donations, please call Joe Davy,
Cadillac Leadership Pride will consist of construct- Chair, at 231-942-1007; Heather Martinson, Secretary,
ing a handicap accessible, 24-feet-by-32-feet covered at 231-920-3913; or Chris Crawley, Treasurer, at 231-
pavilion at Kenwood Park to be located on the lake- 884-0272.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2011 13
ch/April 2011
Deadline for the Mar
Calendar of Events Cadillac Area Busine
ss Magazine is
are your
February 3, 2011. Sh
n news!
12 Rise Up! Cadillac • 7AM
Hosted by: Resurrection LIFE
Sponsored by: Lakeside Title LLC
& McCurdy, Wotila, & Porteous, PC

14 Lecture Luncheon • Noon - 1:15PM
Presented by: Honorable William M. Fagerman,
Chief Circuit Judge of 28th Circuit Court
Baker College of Cadillac

20 Leadership Learning Series • Noon - 3PM
“Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and
Challenges in the New Economy”
Presented by: Brian Jones, Willow Mercantile Healthy Tip fo
r Jan/Feb 201
Baker College of Cadillac “Spoil” your din 1:
ner with a handf
nuts. Munching ul of
on the right snac
70 calories of n k , like
February a meal, jump-star
uts 20 minutes
be fore
ts the release of
3 North American Snow Festival full hormones, so feel-
you’ll eat less w
Chili Cook-off you get to the ta hen
ble. That helps yo
Sponsored by: Cadillac Area Silent Observer for pleasure ra u eat
ther that vacu
A partner of the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
down everythin u m ing
g in sight be
you’re soooo hun cause
9 Rise Up! Cadillac • 7AM gry. Great choice
walnuts, 12 alm s: six
Hosted by: Baker College of Cadillac
onds, or 20 pean
18 Women in Business Luncheon • Noon - 1:15PM
“Women’s Health Issues ‘Head to Toe’ Part 1”
Presented by: Dianne Conrad, R.N., M.S., F.N.P.,
Cadillac Family Physicians
Lakeside Charlies

March Cadillac Area
of Commerce
5 Cadillac Variety Show • 7PM
Hosted by: Cadillac Leadership 18t h A n n u a l
Community Schools Auditorium
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Rise Up! Cadillac • 7AM
Hosted by: Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical Center
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Wednesday, M
ay 25, 2011
McGuire’s Re
Eldorado - Ho
st course

14 January/February 2011 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
New Members
American Hospitality MGMT. Inc. Aflac
The Comfort Inn Joan McCormick
Jason Hawkins 124 1/2 North Mitchell Street, Cadillac, MI 49601
1650 South Mitchell Street, Cadillac, MI 49601 888-848-0238 •
231-779-2900 •
Mid-Michigan Library League
107.9 CDY Station James Lawrence
Jennifer Theodore 210 1/2 North Mitchell Street, Cadillac, MI 49601
9052 East 13th Street, Cadillac, MI 49601 231-775-3037 •

Data track 2009-2010
Wexford County Jan. 10 Feb. 10 Mar. 10 April 10 May 10 June 10 July 10 Aug. 10 Sept. 10 Oct. 10 Nov. 09 Dec. 09
Labor Force 13,993 14,037 13,904 13,768 14,025 14,099 13,845 13,424 13,295 13,260 14,160 14,008
Employment 11,266 11,262 11,219 11,333 11,698 11,775 11,465 11,330 11,197 11,257 11,538 11,302
Unemployment 2,727 2,775 2,685 2,435 2,327 2,324 3,074 2,094 2,098 2,003 2,622 2,706
Rate 19.5% 19.8% 19.3% 17.7% 16.6% 16.5% 17.2% 15.6% 15.8% 15.1% 18.5% 19.3%

Missaukee County Jan. 10 Feb. 10 Mar. 10 April 10 May 10 June 10 July 10 Aug. 10 Sept. 10 Oct. 10 Nov. 09 Dec. 09
Labor Force 6,305 6,286 6,313 6,098 6,129 6,226 6,145 5,999 5,871 5,832 6,120 6,199
Employment 5,074 5,072 5,053 5,103 5,268 5,303 5,163 5,103 5,042 5,069 5,168 5,062
Unemployment 1,231 1,214 1,260 995 861 923 982 896 763 880 952 1,137
Rate 19.5% 19.3% 20% 16.3% 14.0% 14.8% 16.0% 14.9% 13.1% 14.7% 15.6% 18.3%
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“At Firstbank, they look at more than
just numbers. They look at people.” — Bob Ebels
Ebels Family Center
Falmouth, Michigan

“My brothers, sisters and I are the fifth generation to be part of the
family business. Our business is unique and doesn’t fit into too
many catagories, but when we were ready to take the next step,
Firstbank was there to help get it done. They know our business,
our reputation, and our community. When we first inquired about
a loan, we had a check in our hands the very next day. Turnaround
times have been very impressive. As a community bank, the team
at Firstbank has been great to work with.”

At Firstbank, we’re all about investing in your community,
because it’s our community too.

It pays to bank local. Make the move.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2011 15
Cadillac Area PRSRT STD
Chamber of Commerce US POSTAGE
222 N. Lake St. PAID
Cadillac, MI 49601-1874 TRAVERSE CITY

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Blue Products contact the Cadillac
Area Chamber of Commerce at
775-9776 or visit