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Budgeting for
the future
Rick Snyder makes
his first Governors
Breakfast memorable
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Mission Statement
The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is a visible business
leader that advocates and drives business opportunities. Through
business alliances, we are a catalyst for our membership and
provide a persuasive regional voice benefiting our communities.

Meet the Board

Mickey Putman, Chair
Government and business need to partner
Cadillac Credit Bureau 775-3458 The summation of our 2011 Northern Regional Chamber Alliance. Both are exam-
Katy Huckle, Vice Chair Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance leg- ples of putting Michigan business first by
Northwestern Bank 775-2688 islative priorities is cued to making it easier keeping what works (Pure Michigan) and
Sue Peterson, Treasurer for businesses in northern Michigan to do what does not work in terms of added cost to
Avon Rubber & Plastics, Inc. 779-6290 business. As part of our May/June Cadillac business (item pricing). The latter is clearly
Jon Catlin, Past Executive Director Area Business Magazine planning, we fac- evidenced by the fact 47 other states enacted
Chemical Bank 775-8588 tored a non-traditional approach for the similar legislation before Michigan.
Eric Baker pages typically devoted to a business-related Lastly, I wanted to express my apprecia-
Wolverine Power Cooperative 775-5700 cover story. We wanted to provide direct mes- tion to the business community for the con-
Dennis Benson saging from Governor Rick Snyder as part tinued support of the Governors Breakfast.
Dennis H. Benson, PLC 876-9405 of the Governors visit for the 34th Annual The Governors Breakfast is a highly valued
Bill Cinco Governors Breakfast. The Governor allocat- and respected program of the Chamber and
The Trend Designers 775-5711 ed time immediately following the breakfast a proud Cadillac area tradition. Without the
Dean DeKryger to share his vision for our state (reference direct support of business, the formula of
The DK Design Group 779-4002 pages 4 to 6) including establishing a new inviting more than 400 area high school stu-
Mike Hamner culture, built on relentless positive action, dents, from ten different high schools would
Avon Protection Systems, Inc. 779-6290 focus and inclusion. Will it be easy? No, but not be possible. However, equally important
Dr. Kyle Hogg I also reflect on a different time, when I wit- is the substantive working and collabora-
Dental Health Professionals 775-9797 nessed my neighbors leave Detroit (1980s), to tive relationships with Cadillac Area Public
Scott Hunter chase employment in Texas, much like peo- Schools, the Wexford-Missaukee ISD and the
Baird, Cotter & Bishop, PC. 775-9789 ple from around the world chose Michigan a Career Technical Center. As part of our 2011
Melody Hurley generation earlier. planning the Chamber engaged students
Walmart Supercenter Store 775-8778 The Governors Breakfast was a perfect from Cooley High School and incorporated
Bill Kring backdrop to address the business community the Cadillac High School Band. We utilized
9 & 10 News 775-3478 and high school students, which was not lost the Career Technical Center by includ-
Paul Liabenow on the Governor. We stand with the Governor ing curriculum applications with students
Cadillac Area Public Schools 876-5002 on his direction and desire to keep area high from Agriscience and Natural Resources,
school students in Michigan, which to mate- Hospitality, Public Safety and Welding
rialize means better employment options. and Metal Fabrication as part of this years
Bill Tencza, President The best fix is for government to part- Governors Breakfast. Collaboration works.
ner with business and support business
Doreen Lanc, Director of Membership Services with improved tax, regulatory and budget BILL TENCZA, Chamber President
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant
reforms. Restored Pure Michigan funding and the elimination of item pricing were two
Amanda Hamilton, Administrative Assistant legislative targets of the Northern Michigan
Doug DeYoung, Senior Director of Government Relations
Annie Shetler, MI-SBTDC Business Consultant
Belle Oakes Living Center
Printer:Pleasant Graphics Distinctive and Affordable
Publisher:Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Relax and enjoy an independent Bella Rose
Editorial Committee: Chris Huckle, Doreen Lanc, lifestyle, our senior apartments offer Rehabilitation
Rich Langton, Bill Tencza, Bob Nelson, Robert Van Dellen spacious living with amenities and and
and Joy VanDrie.
extras youll really enjoy. Aquatic Center
The Cadillac Area Business Magazine is a publication of the
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber reserves
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Making it easier to do business
BY DOUG DEYOUNG easy to understand and makes us competitive with other states in the
SENIOR DIRECTOR OF GOVERNMENT RELATIONS Midwest. The Governor said as he introduced his budget proposal

that the state must live within its means and that will mean some real
udget, taxes and regulatory challenges as we are all in this together. He made it clear the days of
reform will be the focus in using federal stimulus dollars to fill the gaps in the budget are gone
Lansing in the coming weeks that money is no longer available. The state is required to balance
and months as our Governor a budget by October 1, 2011. Legislative leaders and the Governors
and legislators work on all of staff have been working behind the scenes to discuss how to get this
these topics and introduce new legislation. The done and in May and June hearings will be held in Lansing on the
Governor began this process earlier this year specific bills that will be introduced to balance the budget.
by restructuring departments, and asking the Regulatory reform legislation has been introduced and the
legislators to remove the item pricing law and Doug DeYoung Governor has restructured the Michigan Environmental Quality
support funding for the Pure Michigan cam- Department and the regulatory arm of the Department of Energy and
paign. The legislator responded to both of those requests and we now Labor. The focus has been on making the timelines understandable
have $25 million available to promote our state and on September and quicker for businesses to follow and get things done. The legisla-
1, requirement for item pricing in Michigan will resemble 48 other tion introduced has focused on making the language of state guide-
states laws and be removed as a cost to business. Your Northern lines and laws clear to both businesses and those who enforce the
Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance took action by sending letters, rules.
making phone calls to legislators to let them know we supported Being involved in this process helps our lawmakers make decisions
these bills for the businesses in our region. that support making it easier to do business in Michigan. Getting
The next challenges that face our elected officials in Lansing are others involved and educated helps members and communities
removing the Michigan Business Tax, and balancing the state bud- understand that they can make a difference. Your Northern Michigan
get. The chamber alliance has been saying for several years that Regional Chamber Alliance will continue to inform you of important
businesses in our region need a simple, fair and competitive tax legislation as well as when to take action.
system. Governor Snyder has put a proposal together that follows If you have any legislative questions or comments contact me at
that direction his plan calls for a straightforward business tax, it is or (231) 995-7109.
Buy a


2011 CTS

in cadillac >>>


With 142 locations statewide, Chemical Bank is always there to lend

a hand. Visit us at or stop by one of our local
branches to learn more.

South End Business US-131, Exit 177, Cadillac

(231) 775-1222 1-800-828-9852 Cadillac Downtown | 775.6151
Cadillac North | 775.8588


Moving Forward
BY RICK CHARMOLI to the unknown. Dont fear the unknown because you are not doing it
Moving forward was the motto and message of Michigan Governor alone.
Rick Snyders speech during the 34th annual Governors Breakfast.
Moving forward included the need for more and better jobs as well as HIS BUDGET
the need to keep the young people of the state in Michigan. Although the new culture was an emphasis, one of the first things
That is what matters and what we need to stay focused on, Snyder Snyder wanted to do to help create that environment was to eliminate
said. The role of government is not to create jobs. Government is a the Michigan Business Tax. He believes the flat Corporate Income Tax
supporter. Who we support is the business community. set at 6 percent is much better than the Michigan Business Tax that
As for keeping the young people in state, like the students in atten- would replace it. He also said smaller businesses not in C Corporation
dance, Snyder said it not only was a goal but a personal interest as he status would not be double taxed.
is a father of three. He added that it all goes back to the fact the state Snyder unveiled his $45 billion proposed 2012 budget on Feb. 17,
needs more and better jobs to keep those young people in their home and it included spending cuts for schools, universities and local gov-
state. ernments and ending many personal tax breaks. The budget includes
We didnt have jobs in state for the people who wanted to stay, he $1.2 billion in permanent spending cuts to help deal with a $1.4 billion
said. shortfall.
He said for the youth to stay Michigan needs to offer the quality of Snyder recommended viewing the budget and related material
life they are looking for and demanding as well as have growth and online at
stability in the states central cities like Detroit.
A NEW CULTURE When it comes to the school aid fund, Snyder said a 5 percent cut
Snyder alluded to the fact that for Michigan to rebound and truly was proposed and while it is a tough decision it falls in line with his
reinvent itself the culture is going to have to change. notion of shared sacrifice.
We are in a crisis. We have been in a crisis so long we dont act like it
Although tough, Snyder added that the 5 percent cut to schools is
is a crisis, he said. We have become too negative. less than the 10 percent cut to the overall budget. In his budget pre-
Snyder said the negativity was the result of the state and its residents
sentation, Snyder proposed cutting funding to public schools by about
being beat up for too long, looking in the rearview mirror, having the $470 per student.
tendency to be divisive and wanting to fight too much. Although there is the proposed cut, Snyder said there are two mea-
The new attitude and behavior he envisions for the states future is sures in the budget that will help to make up the difference. The two
the complete opposite. Instead of a win-lose attitude the state needs measures include using an 80-20 co-pay system for employees on
to take on the attitude of win-win, he said. health insurance and reducing their non-instructional buying prac-
The new culture is about being positive, forward-looking and inclu- tices by 10 percent which he said would help to make up 60 percent of
sive, he said. My term is relentless positive action. I dont want tothe proposed cut.
get bogged down with fighting people. Is it easy? No, but it is a time of shared sacrifice in the short-term,
he said.
BEING POSITIVE Snyder added that if we can look past this tough year the long-term
When it came to the reactions that his proposed budget has received, will be brighter and will include investment in education.
Snyder said he knew that criticism would come. In fact he expected it.
What he asked the business leaders and students in attendance to do
was get over the first reaction of going through the short-term change
to see there is a positive future for the state and its residents.
It is time for reinvention. We are trying to do four years of work in
the first six months, he said.
He added that even if a person disagrees with the approach he has Lakeside Title, LLC is
taken, everyone can agree on the problems. His goal is to stay focused located in the heart
on the problem until it is resolved. of downtown Cadillac,
specializing in title
INCLUSION insurance, real estate
closings and title
Snyder spoke about the need for all residents, businesses and gov-
ernment to work together.
He added that everyone in the state will have to take a step back
before the entire state can take a step forward.
We can decide to live in the past or we can move forward. I was 102 S. Mitchell Street, Suite B Cadillac, MI 49601
elected on a mandate of moving forward, he said. We have to go off phone 231.775.1148 fax: 231.775.0838


A question and answer session with Governor Snyder
Q: What did you think of your first and recognize it is for all our best interest look at it I believe that fundamentally does
Governors Breakfast? in the long term and our whole package is helps our tourism in Michigan significantly.
A: I thought the governors breakfast was focused on job creation, keeping our young The way I can justify it from being governor is
great. I mean I love the audience concept people here and making a better Michigan for if you look at the math it brings in more than
about having the chamber bring in the busi- all of us so we can win together. two tax dollars for every tax dollar we spend.
ness community and the students. It is a great So there is a positive return on investment so
combination and it fit really well with the Q: Some people in education feel slighted it is a win for all of us.
focus of what Im trying to achieve, which is in this budget and cite the use of the school
more and better jobs and keeping our young aid fund to balance the community college Q: Do you think the public understands
people in Michigan. So I couldnt ask for a and universities budget, why do you think what the budget cuts mean? Do you think
better model audience. That was fabulous. that is not an accurate statement? there is a lot of misinformation?
A: With respect to K through 12 and some A: Generally, the public is smart and they
Q: What did you think of the students of their reaction. One is making the difficult make bright, good decisions. There is a lot
questions? decision, it is hard because kids are our future of misinformation out there, which is unfor-
A: I thought the students asked good ques- but, as practical matter you look at we had to tunate. I have confidence as people look at it
tions. I mean the nice part is to see students do a 5 percent cut versus 10 percent. So we and have a chance to review it, that is why I
interested enough to wanting to ask those actually tried to scale the cut down as much enjoy opportunities to do interviews like this,
questions. The way I view it is the more we as possible given the entire budget situation. it helps to clarify and answer those questions.
communicate and the more we get them We came out with proactive ideas on how they We continue to get positive feedback. I believe
involved the better off we are because then might address some of the cuts in terms recov- a majority of people support what we are
they can feel part of the ownership of the situ- ering those costs. With respect to the question doing.
ation and I want them to be part of the solu- about adding the community colleges and
tion. universities to the school aid fund the guid- Q: How does your plan help businesses?
ance you have is the Michigan Constitution. A: In terms of our tax and budget proposals
Q: Do you think you will be back next The Michigan Constitution makes it clear that we are talking about significantly changing
year? the school aid fund is also intended for higher the tax system. Getting rid of the Michigan
A: I hope so. Thats the billing at least. education. It is right in the opening sentence Business Tax is a huge benefit because most
there. So in many respects it is unfortunate jobs are going to be created by small and
Q: Are you surprised about the reaction they are trying to make an issue of some- medium sized businesses in Michigan. The
your proposed budget has received since it thing that is absolutely clear in the Michigan MBT has been a job killer, it has been an
was released? Constitution. unfair tax. Again most people dont recognize
A: No, I expected it and actually I said that that most small business people are paying
on the campaign trail. I made the point that Q: Do you think your proposed budget on their individual tax returns already just
when you ask for difficult change, even when helps to create job opportunities in north- like you and I are on our salary and wages
you have a broken system, human nature is ern Michigan? and other earnings. In addition we are asking
such that when change finally arrives people A: The government does not create jobs it them to pay a second tax. That wasnt fair or
tend not to like it and I am asking for some shouldnt be the main engine. It is how do we right. So basically we are changing the sys-
sacrifices from people. But I believe they are create that environment but it can make a dif- tem to encourage them to grow by saying,
shorter-term sacrifices. What I hope people ference in doing that. One illustration is Pure shouldnt you pay the same amount the rest
will do that are upset right now is after that Michigan. The government is helping to pay of us pay in a fair, simple system?
initial reaction they will be able to step back for that campaign and it is a case where if you The questions and answers continue on page 6

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Q: What is the role of agriculture in the reinvention of Michigan?
A: Im excited about agriculture. It has been one of our unsung heroes.
It hasnt gotten enough attention or coverage. If you go back over the
last decade and look at Michigans economy agriculture actually did
pretty well over the last decade in terms of thriving, growing and being
supportive of our state. I think there is more positive opportunity there.
There are more export opportunities coming that is one reason we
need the new crossing to Canada that helps with export opportunities.
I think from economic development point of view we should be looking
at more agribusiness opportunities because we are growing the com-
modities here. Michigan is the second most diverse agricultural state
in the nation. We could be doing more and these are operations that
could be set up in many parts of northern Michigan. One good illustra-
tion is Reed City with Yoplait. They are bringing sugar from Michigan,
they have fruit here and they have milk from Michigan sources so it is
a great opportunity to say lets bring these things all together and do
value-added processing that creates jobs and help our state.

Q: What are your thoughts on alternative energy, such as the

wind farms like we have locally in Missaukee County?
A: In terms of alternative energy sources we need to look at that. It is
a balancing act. You have to balance economics in terms of cost. You Governor Rick Snyder shakes hands with Pine River High School students Sheena Vokes
have to balance the science of what works and what is thoughtful and and Tyler Sisson, Cooley High School student Trevor Smith and Mesick High School student
then environmental considerations. So there are really three legs that Caleb Robinson.
are a balancing act. On shore wind has some merit today but it is really
figuring out the highest, best use and how to do that and understand
the environmental issue. Off-shore wind is farther out there and we
shouldnt be doing it until clearly there is a well developed set of how
to do it the right way, best way and most thoughtful way that respect
all those kind of issues. I dont think the cost should be there to have it
make sense until we get that done.
New Members
Q: What are your thoughts on revenue sharing for municipali-
A: With respect to jurisdictions and revenue sharing, we are replacing John R. Peterson
the traditional statutory revenue sharing with an economically vitality 19466 18 Mile Road, Leroy, MI 49655
incentive program to actually encourage best practice. I think it is the 231-829-9533
things we are already asking ourselves to do at the state level. So it is
to do it in a partnership. Not tell them what to do but to say here are
things we are doing that we think are positives. They included look- CADILLAC INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY
ing at things like accountability and transparency, doing a dashboard, Robin Peterson
doing a citizens guide to financials. The second category is service 1104 West 13th Street, Cadillac, MI 49601
sharing and service consolidation. Looking at the surrounding commu- 231-779-8675
nities the county and state. How can you partner on working together
to be more cost efficient with better quality service? The third one is on CARTRIDGE WORLD
the employee compensation side. How can we look at medical insur- Kelvin Shaw
ance premium sharing and other cost savings that are long-term things 3311 South Airport Road West
that are important to being fiscally responsible? Traverse City, MI 49684
Q: What are your thoughts on natural gas and its role in
Michigans future?
A: Im excited about what is going on with natural gas in Michigan, MITCHELL INVESTMENT ADVISORS, LLC
and it is helping our state. Most people dont recognize that. We had a Jennifer G. Mitchell, CFP
record year last year of lease income on natural gas in particular. What 112 Beech Street, Cadillac, MI 49601
that did was actually help fill up Natural Resources Trust Fund, where 231-775-8700
dollars will now go into a second trust fund that will be reinvested in
improving our parks and recreation in the state. So its actually an STAR TRUCK RENTALS, INC.
opportunity for leveraging our natural resources; we are actually going Cory Dean
to be able to reinvest in other natural resources in our state. That is a 265 Hanthorn, Cadillac, MI 49601
great approach. 231-779-7827


We would like to thank the following chamber
businesses for their financial support!

34th Annual Governors Breakfast

held on Tuesday, April 19, 2011
9&10 News/Fox 32 DTE Energy
AAR Mobility Systems FIAMM Technologies LLC
Avon Automotive Fifth Third Bank
Avon Protection Systems, Inc. Firstbank-Cadillac
B&P Manufacturing Fox Motors of Cadillac
Baker College of Cadillac McCurdy, Wotila & Porteous PC
The foundation of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Mercy Hospital Cadillac
BorgWarner Thermal Systems Michigan Rubber Products
Governors Breakfast is Cadillac Casting, Inc. Northwestern Bank
Cadillac News Orrin A. Sprague Agency, Inc.
centered on a Cadillac Tire Center Piranha Hose Products, Inc.
Cadillac Title LLC Rec Boat Holdings LLC
business and education Chemical Bank Rexair LLC
Citizens Bank Wolverine Power Cooperative
Consumers Energy
collaboration, which
Paul Liabenow ...Cadillac Area Public Schools
member businesses Michael McLaurin...Cooley High School
Scott Crosby...Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District
David Cox......Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical Center
supporting the program
through sponsorships that SPECIAL THANKS
allow up to 500 area
2010/2011 Cadillac Leadership Class, Cadillac Area Chamber Ambassadors,
students to attend Cadillac Armory, Cadillac High School Band,
Cadillac Area Public Schools, Cooley High School, McGuires Resort, and
annually. the Wexford Missaukee Career Technical Center

The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is the proud organizer of this annual program since 1976.

At Firstbank, they look at more than

just numbers. They look at people. Bob Ebels
Ebels Family Center
Falmouth, Michigan

My brothers, sisters and I are the fifth generation to be part of the

family business. Our business is unique and doesnt fit into too
many catagories, but when we were ready to take the next step,
Firstbank was there to help get it done. They know our business,
our reputation, and our community. When we first inquired about
a loan, we had a check in our hands the very next day. Turnaround
times have been very impressive. As a community bank, the team
at Firstbank has been great to work with.

At Firstbank, were all about investing in your community,

because its our community too.

It pays to bank local. Make the move.


Women in Business MARCH

Luncheons Rise Up! Cadillac

Dianne Conrad, R.N., M.S., F.N.P.
Cadillac Family Physicians
Presented a two-part Womens Health Series:

Womens Health Issues Part 1:
Heart Health, Diet, Exercise, Cancer
Screening Recommendations
Nearly 50 women attended the luncheon to hear Dianne
Hosted by:
talk about heart care, preventive screenings and how to
watch those calories! The next time you pick up a candy bar Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical Center
and read 110 calories, which does not sound too bad, check
the servings, sugar and the carbohydrates.
What it comes down to, enjoy food, just eat less, make your
plate of half fruit and vegetables and get your physicals,
screenings, exercise and make realistic goals. Wellness
begins with us!

Womens Health Issues
Head to Toe Part 2
Osteoporosis prevention and
Hormones over the Lifespan! Sponsored by:
Julie Dyer,
Aging gracefully means the ability to have a great quality
Express Yourself Promotional Products
of life with being active and feeling well each day. Bone health
recommendations to prevent osteoporosis and a discussion
of hormones and the role they play across the womans
lifespan was presented.

Statistics on Women/
Why Market to Women
Presented By: Kandace Chapple &
Kerry Winkler, Grand Traverse Woman,
Northern Michigans magazine for women
Kandace and Kerry are twin sisters that started the GT Sponsored by:
Women Magazine eight years ago. They now have eleven Chemical Bank
women staff members that work from home. Marketing to
women in all professions, arranging networking programs
/August 2011
Deadline for the July
and the GT Womens Expo was much more than they dreamed.
ss Magazine is
Cadillac Area Busine
They talked to a group of over 50 women about marketing
tips, why marketing to women is important, about being e your
yourself, doing what youre good at, and hiring what youre June 10, 2011. Shar
n news!
not good at. business/organizatio


Ribbon Cuttings APRIL
Lecture Luncheon
Healthcare Reform
Presented by Mary Neff,
Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Officer
Mercy Hospital Cadillac

Mary Neff discussed the Patient Protection and

Affordable Care Act as the single most important
reform of Americas health care system in decades.
Among the topics covered:
The Affordable Care Act is an important step in
transforming Americas health. It is a very complex
and controversial act. Some of the highlights include
increasing access to health coverage for millions of
Center Lake Bible Camp Americans and new consumer protections to ensure
15204 20 Mile Road, Tustin no one is denied coverage because of pre-existing con-
dition or lifetime cap. Preventive services will be at
no cost to senior citizens, and there will be help with
prescription drug costs if they hit the doughnut hole,
along with tax credits for small businesses.
Reform will lay the groundwork for a health care
system that is patient-centered and puts patients in
control of the health decisions. It will also shift health-
care payment incentives from volume to value.
Twenty-seven states are challenging whether the
Accountable Care Act is constitutional. Michigan is
one of them.
Michigan Medicaid caseload is nearing two million
residents at the same time 1.6 million residents rely on
Medicare. (MHA 2011).
Every dollar Michigan invested in Medicaid in FY
2011 generated an additional $2.48 in federal matching
funds. (MHA 2011).
The Salvation Army In 2009, Michigan hospitals provided more than
607 S. Mitchell Street, Cadillac $882 million in uncompensated care an $85 million
increase from 2008 (MHA 2011).

Healthy Tip:
Black Coffee

When you need a shot of caffeine, coffe

e is a better
choice than soda or energy drinks. Blac
k coffee is calorie-free and
rich in antioxidants. Studies have show
n that consuming moderate
amounts of coffee (about 3 to 4 cups a day)
may improve mood and
concentration, and reduce the risk of
type 2 diabetes and several
types of cancer.
Russeau Benefit Group LLC
112 Spruce Street, Cadillac


Mercy Hospital named one of the Shively Brothers, Inc. purchases
nations top 100 hospitals again Cadillac Industrial Supply
Mercy Hospital Cadillac was named one of the nations 100 Top Cadillac Industrial Supply customers now will be able to draw on
Hospitals by Thomson Reuters. the resources and experience of Shively Bros, Inc.
The Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals study evaluates perfor- CEO Scott Shively announced that Shively Brothers, Inc. has pur-
mance in 10 areas: mortality; medical complications; patient safety; chased the assets of Cadillac Industrial Supply as of December 2010.
average patient stay; expenses; profitability; patient satisfaction; They will do business as Cadillac Industrial Supply, a Division of
adherence to clinical standards of care; post-discharge mortality; and Shively Bros.
re-admission rates for acute myocardial infarction (heart attack),
heart failure, and pneumonia.

MAB announces Station of the Year

This is such an honor to receive this award for the second time in
three years, said John MacLeod, Mercy Hospital Cadillac President
and CEO. It takes teamwork to achieve these excellent outcomes and
we are very fortunate here in Cadillac to have talented, dedicated phy-
The Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) has named
sicians, staff and volunteers. This national recognition validates our
WWTV-WWUP/TV 9&10 News Station of the Year. 9&10 News also
commitment to provide safe, high quality care and to continue our
received eleven MAB Broadcast Excellence awards for the 2010 year,
quest to be our communitys trusted health partner for life.
more than any other station in Northern Michigan.
We are very honored to win Station of the Year, says Bill Kring,
General Manager of 9&10 News. This win is especially gratifying

PoSH salon has moved

because this is a competition of quality stations located in multiple
television markets. Stations from Traverse City, Cadillac, Lansing and
Jackson competed for this honor. I am very proud of the product that
PoSH Tanning, Spa & Hair has moved to 8840 East 34 Road in we produce every day and its always gratifying to be acknowledged by
Cadillac. your peers.

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The rise of the

The term micro-business is used freely these days as a catch-all phrase
of fanfare. The time to assess if the micro-business model can sustain
itself and succeed can be determined quickly, sometimes in a matter of
without much regard to its true meaning. The traditional definition of months. This movement takes on many forms that at a second glance
a micro-business is a company that employs less than five people, with may sound familiar to many of us:
annual sales of less than $35,000. Some might dismiss businesses that The part-time business: Changes in our national and regional econ-
fall into this category as minor players in our regions economic devel- omies have created micro-businesses that people start out of neces-
opment, dismissing them as mere hobby or cottage businesses. The sity. This could be any type of part-time work that supplements other
updated version of a micro-business model takes on various forms and employment, people who start a company to fall back on if they believe
collectively these smaller operations provide additional income to fami- they may lose their job, or early retirees who are well-positioned (both
lies, new employment and are the feeder system for future fast growth financially and with experience) to start a small company.
companies. The virtual workplace: A micro-business also can be a company that
Today people want to run a business on a small scale that can be is started on a very small scale using skills and resources that an entre-
worked into their lifestyle, and started without a huge financial invest- preneur has accumulated along the way. Think of a graphic designer
ment. The advent of the internet has been the catalyst to a significant who wants to be home with their kids and now has some time to work
wave of small business development that delivers both job growth and virtually from a computer, supplying professional work to a company
economic development in northern Michigan. One can look at Haggerty located elsewhere. The flexibility of the virtual workplace allows people
Insurance in Traverse City as the classic example of the company liter- to live where they want to and not tied so tightly to commuting to a
ally started in a basement office that now employs over 500 people. larger urban center, thus breathing new life into villages and schools
The new micro-businesses models can involve less financial risk than suffering from population loss.
their traditional counterparts, and can be started or exited without a lot See Micro-business on page 12

Cadillac Plant 231.779.7500
Free Respite Care Service at
Our products lead the commercial diesel industry.

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Michigans Insurance Company Green Acres of Cadillac provides the very best in
Helping Your Business Right Here assisted living. Ask about our Free Respite Care
In The Greater Cadillac Area. Service available in the Carl T. & Elsie Johnson Suite.
Our Mission: The desire of Retirement Living is to honor God
by providing the elderly with a lifestyle that values their identity,
their independence and their dignity.
Teresa Langworthy
Reside Reflect Relax
Call Melissa Snyder, RN, Administrator for details.
Multi-Line Agent 235 Pearl Street, Cadillac, MI 49601
Life, Home, Auto, Farm, Business, Retirement ~ PH (231) 775-5300
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New Economic Stimulus Plan rewards
you for buying a high-efficiency
E-Classic outdoor wood furnace.
800 End of Summer

The importance of micro-business

Sale Instant Rebate

UP TO 1,500
Chamber Business Directory
Over 92%
2010 Energy Tax Credit Efficient
EPA Phase 2

Heating Dental Small farm operations: Farms producing

specialty crops (hops, heirloom tomatoes,
specialty wine grapes) and value-added food
products are growing in number throughout
EPA Listed northwest Michigan. This also includes small-
Outdoor Wood Gasification Furnace scale C.S.A.s (community supported agri-
For a limited time, save up to $800 off the MSRP of select in-stock Central Boiler outdoor furnace models and ThermoPEX insulated
piping at participating dealers only. Instant rebate applied towards the purchase with the dealers participation. Savings shown is on culture), farms that sell shares to members
an E-Classic 2300. See dealer for details. For more information about $1,500 tax credit, please consult your tax planner and review
all IRS guidelines. Central Boiler is not a tax advisor. 2010-ES04 prior to the growing season. It could be the
Kevin Witbeck, Owner Your Cosmetic & Implant Dental Team
20504 60th Ave., Marion Michael E. Lueder, DDS Loren J. DeHaan, DDS
woman who grows rhubarb in her garden and
(231) 743-6544
Wood & Corn Wood Pellet Furnaces John D. McKellop, DDS Timothy J. Reaume, DDS sells it to the farm stand up the road to help
Bruno A. Giglio, DDS Kyle D. Hogg, DDS Nadine Kobty-Hogg, DDS
Go Green & Clean ~ Go Solar pay for housing expenses, the family farm
passed down to heirs that continues to sup-
Womens Health Eye Care ply income, or the innovative young farmer
who leases land from an established farmer to
grow an new commodity.
Value-added food producers: This sector
includes agricultural commodities that are
transformed into products that command a
David L. Rockwell, M.D. much higher price once transformed into a
Richard M. Brenz, M.D.
product, such as wine, beer, preserves, salsas,
WILLIAM M. LONG, D.O. 502 Cobbs Street, dessert toppings, or dried fruit. The variety
7800 US-131 S., SUITE C, CADILLAC, MI 49601 Phone 231.779.1167
Fax 231.779.1175 Cadillac, MI 49601 of these products will continue to grow and
fit particular market demands. Classified as
manufacturing, value-added food production
Construction Banking will serve going forward as a substitute of
sorts for traditional industrial manufacturing.
Edward Dracht COME DISCOVER WHAT GREAT BANKING CAN BE. Web-based commerce: Products produced
President Trusted commercial and cash management capabilities,
strengths in SBA lending and mortgage solutions, and locally can now be shipped to retail or whole-
Build Contracting
CO. Citizens Bankers that care about
you and your business. sale customers throughout the world. Niche
Serving the greater Cadillac area since 1972.
market communities can be developed
BUTLER STEEL BUILDINGS CONVENTIONAL FRAMED BUILDINGS through online marketing venues that cir-
Commercial Industrial Institutional Agriculture Churches
Offices Rubber Roofs Concrete Flatwork Complete Turnkey Projects 103 N. Mitchell Street cumvent capital intensive advertising meth-
23350 100th Ave. Marion, MI 49665 office: (231) 825-0035 Cadillac, MI 49601 ods. This area also provides potential growth
email: fax: (231) 825-0038 cell: (231) 357-8718 CITIZENSBANKING.COM for existing retailers who want sell to their tra-
ditional summer customers throughout the
year, writers, publishers, and artists.
Real Estate Office Supplies The rise of the micro-business economy
plays into the hand of our regions economic
Buying, Selling or Investing
development and attracts people who choose
You can rely on my 25 years
of Real Estate Experience! to live here because of the areas lifestyle and
Call Jerry today, 231-876-0717. natural attributes. The regions population is Office Supplies Office Furniture Ad Specialties projected to grow significantly in the 30-39
Michigans Largest Independent Office Products Dealer
Next Day Free Delivery (14%) and 60-69 (34%) age groups between
Local Single Source Supplier now and 2020, and with the growth will come
a wide variety of entrepreneurial companies
2721 Sunnyside Dr., Cadillac Jerry Faloon starting on a small scale. Many in these popu-
lation sectors will provide jobs not just from
their own self-employment, but also from the
Insurance Roofing employees they hire as these new companies

grow and expand.

Chris Wendel is the Regional Director for the Michigan

Jennifer Russeau - President Small Business & Technology Development Center
Director of Benefit Solutions Division
(MI-SBTDC). The MI-SBTDC offers business counseling,
INDIVIDUAL & GROUP INSURANCE Home of the Springfield SmartRoof entrepreneurial education, and technical assistance for busi-
6509 M-37, Kingsley, MI 49649
888-724-0260 | P P.O. Box 426
Cadillac, Michigan 49601 Phone: 231-263-5300 / 888-469-0059 nesses in Wexford and Missaukee counites and throughout
419-450-0293 | C
Fax: 231-263-5723
888-724-0261 | F 7640 W. Bancroft. St. Michigan. Toledo, Ohio 43617


Pay it
A sign at the site of the future pavilion being constructed by 2010-2011 Cadillac Leadership class shows what the pavilion will look like when it is completed.

BY CHAD BRUNINK, DEB GARVON, LIA KRANTZ, TIM TOWN and what talents each other has. These talents are brought togeth-
er and the result is our community service project titled Cadillac
Several months ago twenty strangers came together, meeting for Leadership Pride. The project is building a covered pavilion at
the first time as Cadillac Leadership Class of 2010-2011. We had a Kenwood Park. Fundraising efforts have been ongoing and we still
very limited knowledge of what this program was about and abso- need to reach our goal of approximately $26,000. Excavating the
lutely no idea of the journey we were about to embark on, the chal- site will begin soon, followed by pouring concrete for the founda-
lenges we would meet, obstacles to overcome, a goal to be accom- tion. Our goal is to have the pavilion completed and ready for the
plished and the rewarding experience we would have. start of the summer picnic season, but we have to be realistic, this is
The mission statement for Cadillac Leadership is truly what this Michigan and the weather may delay us.
program is all about To provide an engaging atmosphere for the Pay it Forward, is a philosophy our class has taken on, an act of
development of emerging leaders with opportunities for identify- kindness for someone else that will make a difference in his or her
ing and investing their skills and passions to benefit the Cadillac life. The purpose is to experience community servant leadership
community while creating lasting relationships. The program has and volunteerism. All class members have completed one or mul-
provided us with many opportunities to learn about our commu- tiple acts of Pay it Forward. We cannot think of a better way to dem-
nity industry, education, government, health, culture, economy, onstrate this than constructing and donating a covered pavilion at
justice and media. We meet as a class once a month to learn about Kenwood Park. The entire community and visitors to our area will
one specific area. By listening to speakers who are experts in their be able to enjoy this pavilion for years to come.
respective field and facility tours we learn first hand and are given If you would like information about the project, please call Joe
a general overview of how important each aspect is to our commu- Davy, Chair at (231)942-1007, Heather Martinson, Secretary at
nity. (231) 920-3913 or Chris Crawley, Treasurer at (231)884-0272.
Relationship-building takes place and is another important aspect Project donations may be mailed to: Chris Crawley, Treasurer,
of Cadillac Leadership. We get to know each other as individuals Chemical Bank, 1408 N. Mitchell Street, Cadillac, MI 49601.


Cadillac Area Chamber Calendar of Events
of Commerce
u 18th Annual MAY
H a ve
your Briefcase Open 5 Leadership Learning Series Noon - 3 p.m.
re d Prosperity Gained, Hope Renewed:

te Golf Outing Recognizing Private Enterprises for Sustained Prosperity

Presented By
a m Wednesday, May 25

Bruce Schafer, Vice President of Operations of Rexair LLC
Baker College of Cadillac Student Center
9:30 a.m. - Host course
11 Rise Up! Cadillac - 7 a.m.
Eldorado Golf Course Hosted by: Rexair LLC
10:00 a.m. - McGuires Resort Sponsored by: Northwestern Bank
Teams & Hole Sponsorship available
25 18th Annual Briefcase Open Golf Outing
Awards reception The Eldorado & McGuires Resort Golf Courses

following play at Cadillac Grill Register at in the Chamber Calendar
*Proceeds benefit Chamber programming,
services and legislative advocacy.
Go to for
team registrations & hole sponsorships
8 Rise Up! Cadillac - 7 a.m.
Hosted by: Oak Heirlooms
Sponsored by: Firstbank-Cadillac & New Image Salon

15 Annual Awards Dinner - 6:30 p.m.

Hosted by the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
Fox Hill Event Center

attend the
We cordially invite you toAn
Ch amber of Co mmerce nual Awards Dinner
Ca dil lac Ar ea
o rt
2 0 1 0 /2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R ep
C a rd
Wednesday, June 15, 2011
5:30 Reception6:30 Dinne
Fox Hill Event Center
ber member)
$35 per guest ($45 non-cham
Semi-Formal Attire


Lutz named to Waddell & Reeds Circle of Champions Baker College offers Science in Education degree
Peg Lutz, CDFA, CFP, CLU, has qualified for Waddell & Reeds Baker College of Cadillac is offering a Bachelor of Science in
annual Circle of Champions conference, recognizing the companys Education elementary teacher preparation degree program. The
top financial advisors. This years event will be held in San Diego, program includes a ZS endorsement, which allows graduates to
Calif. teach early childhood education (ECE) and also be the lead teacher
The conference is conducted each summer by the asset management on record for an ECE special education class. Graduates of the new
and financial planning firm, with selection based on an analysis of program will earn Michigan K-8 certification, however the program
investments, insurance and financial planning sales generated by the is specifically designed for individuals interested in early childhood or
advisor. This is the ninth time that Lutz has earned the honor. kindergarten through third grade (K-3) education.

Data track 2010-2011

Wexford County Jan. 11 Feb. 11 Mar. 11 April 10 May 10 June 10 July 10 Aug. 10 Sept. 10 Oct. 10 Nov. 10 Dec. 10
Labor Force 13,558 13,596 13,549 13,768 14,025 14,099 13,845 13,424 13,295 13,260 13,091 13,203
Employment 11,495 11,604 11,609 11,333 11,698 11,775 11,465 11,330 11,197 11,257 11,141 11,213
Unemployment 2,063 1,992 1,940 2,435 2,327 2,324 3,074 2,094 2,098 2,003 1,95 1,950
Rate 15.2% 14.7% 14.3% 17.7% 16.6% 16.5% 17.2% 15.6% 15.8% 15.1% 14.9% 15.1%

Missaukee County Jan. 11 Feb. 11 Mar. 11 April 10 May 10 June 10 July 10 Aug. 10 Sept. 10 Oct. 10 Nov. 10 Dec. 10
Labor Force 6,051 6,067 6,109 6,098 6,129 6,226 6,145 5,999 5,871 5,832 5,785 5,905
Employment 5,140 5,189 5,190 5,103 5,268 5,303 5,163 5,103 5,042 5,069 5,017 5,049
Unemployment 911 878 919 995 861 923 982 896 763 880 768 856
Rate 15.1% 14.5% 15% 16.3% 14.0% 14.8% 16.0% 14.9% 13.1% 14.7% 13.3% 15.1%
For more information go online to

A Healthy Work
Starts With You
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any health care facility. Were a full service
occupational health clinic specializing in work
place concerns. We understand that a successful
business begins with healthy employees.
Work injury treatment & follow up care
Pre-employment physicals and screenings
DOT physicals
Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)
Substance abuse screenings

Now Offering School Sports Physicals

7985 Mackinaw Trail, Suite B1 | Cadillac, MI 49601 | (231) 876-6180 |


CadillacArea PRSRTSTD
Chamber of Commerce US POSTAGE
222 N. Lake St. PAID
Cadillac, MI 49601-1874 TRAVERSE CITY

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