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Twenty under forty

A salute to young leaders serving our community.
A salute to young leaders
serving our community.

20/40 Twenty under forty

In the pages that follow you will read about individuals who have
distinguished themselves through professional leadership and service to
their community. This publication was made possible by the Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce in an effort to recognize these people, the organizations
they represent and to celebrate the vitality of our community.

What does your city sound like? 46% of Michigans college graduates are
Michigan cities of all sizes and the regions leaving the state within a year of graduation.
surrounding them are our future. To survive and
thrive in the future, Michigans cities must retain Just as this holistic approach to smart
and attract more young knowledge workers to economic growth calls for diversity of thinking, it
its cities. also calls for a diversity of amenities that appeal to
We want them to choose Michigan as the all age and ethnicities. The younger demographic
place they want to live, work and play by creating today doesnt adhere to a 9 to 5 clock and many
attractive, vibrant and diverse cities that anchor times looks for just-in-time activities. While the
vital and prosperous regions throughout the symphony, opera and ballet attract many baby
Great Lakes State. boomers, an active 24/7 street scene with music
The TIDE (Talent, Innovation, Diversity, and and extreme sports appeals to many 22 to 35
Environment) is rising in Michigan. And, we year olds. Many younger people today ask,
dont just mean the water level on Michigans What does your city sound like?
thousands of miles of fresh water coastline. Cities Just as the availability of a job is a vitally
and people throughout the Great Lakes State important component of someones location
are working to revitalize their neighborhoods and decision, traditional quality of life/quality of
communities by attracting the Talent, spurring the place measures also play an important role.
Innovation, fostering the Diversity and creating The Creative Class is not uniformly drawn only
the Environment to meet the present and future to cities with bike paths and climbing walls and
needs of Michigan residents. alternate Saturday recycling programs (although
According to the last US Census, those things can help). These individuals come in
2/3 of college graduates between 24 and 35 all shapes, sizes, colors and lifestyles. To be truly
chose where they wanted to live before they successful, cities and regions have something to
looked for a job. offer for every one of them.
2 July/August 2011
Twenty under forty

CADILLAC TIRE Chad Boolman 4
..................................................... 6
FOUR WINNS Erin M. Lavender

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BELLA ROSE Meghan Lambourne

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BORG WARNER Ryan Ellis 13
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................................................... 16
GODFREY Scott DeYoung
GIRLS SCOUTS of Michigan Shore to Shore Sarah Goggin17

GREAT LAKES FAMILY CARE Joseph D. Santangelo 18


................................................... 19

FOUR WINNS Brandon D. Root

................................................... 21

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July/August 2011 3
Chad Boolman 20/40
Twentyunder forty


Chad Boolman leads a double life hes a devoted family man,
father and businessman and an avid biker who loves taking road trips
on his Harley.
Chad describes biking as the ultimate freedom and has ridden in
25 states, has owned dozens of bikes and even builds them himself.
Theres nothing like the ultimate freedom of riding, he smiled.
Being out there with no boundaries, no cell phones, nothing its
the freedom of being American, just taking off with the guys with no
Although his safety-conscious parents wouldnt allow him to own a
motorcycle until he was 18, he got his start with mini-bikes.
I put one together when I was 12. I built them, I worked on
them myself and I am in the process of putting a motorcycle
together now.
Always fixing cars and tinkering with motorcycles led to
a college degree in automotive technology. Although raised
in Indiana, Chad made his way to Cadillac as a young man
and began his career as an auto mechanic. Now everyone
knows him as the manager of the Cadillac Tire Center.
For the last six years Chad has been teaching
motorcycle safety through Ferris State University,
a job that keeps him busy many of his summer
weekends. But he believes that learning the basics
can save lives and he knows this first-hand. He
has ridden with and been acquainted with men
who lost their lives on their bikes.
Now I have an 8-year old and 4-year old
twins, he explained. That limits my guy trips.
So we have altered them down and now we take
weekend rides.
Chad is also a volunteer instructor at the
YMCA and teaches martial arts, specifically Tae
Kwon Do. He has also been an instructor of self
defense classes for women.

Quality is Never expeNsive!

Quality Tires for Passenger
& Commercial Vehicles & Trailers
Brakes Shocks Struts Alignments
Complete Suspension System Service

Ask about
a Dayton
South U.S.-131 Cadillac 231-775-7382
Credit Card OPEN: Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am-5:30 pm, Sat. 8 am-1 pm

4 July/August 2011
20/40 Sarah Helm, D.O.
under forty

cadillac ob/gyn, D.O.

Sarah Helm, DO first began her scientific career in research. But
her desire to help people led to the field of medicine. As her studies
progressed, it was her desire to help women that was the motivation
behind her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
After working in research, I wanted to be involved in the personal
aspect, she explained. My goal, once I was in medicine, was helping
women. I liked the idea of empowering women to know about their
bodies and to be able to help them.
After completing her residency at the Ingham Regional Medical
Center in Lansing, Sarah accepted an offer from Mercy Ob/Gyn
Partners and moved to Cadillac with her husband Jason and 4-year
old son Elijah.
Sarahs studied for almost 11 years to achieve to her career
goals. Along the way she worked as medical teacher
mentoring junior residents, interns and medical students.
She taught in the College of Osteopathic Medicine at
MSU and at the University of South Dakota in the
Department of Biology.
Now thats shes begun to practice, she noted that
women are relieved to see a woman physician who
specializes in womens medicine.
Women say to me several times a day that
they are so glad Im a woman, so glad Im in the
Cadillac area. I get that a lot from really every
generation, she said.
My husband and I love it here. He is a lawyer by
education and while I was in medical school he was
a prosecuting attorney. Now were settling in here
and I like the small town feel. Ive been busy right
off the bat. Everybody at the hospital is very
supportive and my practice partners are great.
Sarah and her family are members of the
Zion Lutheran Church, the YMCA, and enjoy
walking and biking the trails around the lakes.

Our FOcus is YOu

Specialized Care for Every Stage of a Womans Life

7985 Mackinaw Trail 1 cadillac, Mi 49601 1 www.Mercy-obgyn.coM

July/August 2011 5
Erin M. Lavender 20/40
under forty

Marine Designer
Erin Lavender thought she would have to move to a
big city to find her dream job, but working as a marine
designer for Four Winns Boats means she can pursue her
career goals close to home.
Her career path started when she toured the Career
Tech Center in high school.
I never realized that you could design stuff, she
said. It never crossed my mind that everything we use
everyday is designed by somebody.
Erin studied mechanical drafting at the CTC. She
continued her studies at Ferris State University, earning
their Most Valuable Student Award twice and landing on
the Deans List all four semesters.
After five years as a senior marine drafter for Four Winns
she was promoted to marine designer last year.
Basically we take ideas from all the different departments
like sales and marketing and throw everything together. I get
a sketch and then we model in 3D the entire boat to scale. We
take all the features we want and all the things we have to
have we lay all of that out to create a boat.
Her work involves skills like 3-D solid modeling,
board drafting, creating 2-dimentional drawings with
AutoCAD, knowledge of dimensioning and machining.
The reward, she said, is to know that people enjoy the
boat and to see it out on the water.
Erin and her husband Patrick have a two-year old
daughter and they live on the family farm in McBain.
Its important for me to keep my roots, she said.
My daughter consumes most of my free time. I garden
and bake and after work I can take my daughter to the
farm and she can ride tractor with her dad for a few
hours. Thats what I did when I grew up and I like that
she can do the same things.

The quality of our boats has everything

to do with the qualities of our people.

Rec Boat Holdings. Proud manufacturers

of Four Winns, Glastron and Wellcraft.
6 July/August 2011
20/40 Dan Alto
Twenty under forty

CHEMICAL BANK, Business Development Officer

How many bankers do you know with a background in recreational
Chemical Banks Business Development Officer loves to play golf
and earned his recreation degree at Central Michigan University in
1998. From there he worked as an assistant golf pro.
Four years later he went back to college for an additional degree
in teaching.
When Dan met Cadillacs Beth Rzepka during a spring break
vacation, Rzepak was in medical school at the University of Michigan.
Dan moved to Cadillac during her last year of residency and taught
in the area.
After teaching for six years he made the transition
into banking, a career that seems to be a perfect fit.
In 2008, he joined Chemical Bank where he
is responsible for building and maintaining
customer relations as well as commercial loan
Im fortunate to be with Chemical Bank,
he said. I love the fact that this puts me back
into customer service. I loved that part of
the golf industry, helping people, and thats
what Im doing now, whether its helping
them pay bills or coming up with money
to help them achieve their dreams. This
gives me a chance to be in a more service-
oriented job.
Dan is a graduate of the 2010 is a
graduate of the Chambers Leadership
Class of 2010 and serves on the board.
He is also a Friend of the Rotary.
I love living in Cadillac, said the
father of two girls, Ashley and Hailey.

Chemical Bank has been growing with the people of Michigan for over 90
years. Visit or a location near you to learn more.

July/August 2011 7
Amanda Johnston 20/40
under forty


I ended up in Cadillac by sheer luck, enthused Dr. Amanda
Johnston, a Texas woman who was born in raised in the small east
Texas town of Azle, not far from Fort Worth.
Azle is very much like Cadillac so I do feel very at home here.
Azle is basically Cadillac without all of the beautiful water.
Amanda joined Advanced Optometry of Cadillac in 2007 and
became a partner in 2009.
Her career choice was inspired by her Azle home town
optometrist, Dr. Tim Kret, who served as her mentor while she
worked part time in his office all through high school and college.
After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from Baylor
University in Waco, she met and married Jason Johnston, a
graduate of MSU with roots in Michigan. Soon after she
was accepted into the Michigan College of Optometry at
FSU and graduated in 2007.
My husband always knew he wanted to be
in northern Michigan close to his brothers, she
explained, noting that Jason teaches Chemistry at
Benzie Central High School. We always traveled
through Cadillac to visit them and we always talked
about how nice Cadillac is.
The most rewarding part of my job is the
variety of people I get to interact with everyday.
I love my patients and we get to have fun during
the exams . . . and of course, helping people
instantly see better is the best reward of all.
Amanda and Jason love to spend time
with their two boys. She also likes to travel,
scrapbook, go fishing, play tennis and read.
She is a graduate of the Cadillac Leadership
class of 2008 and is a member of the American
Optometric Association and Michigan
Optometric Association.

Best In Sight
Advanced Optometry Drs. Myers, McDonald
& Johnston
Professional Eye Care for all ages Eye Health Exams For Diabetics
Consultation & Co-management of Cataract and Refractive Surgeries
Medicare and Many Insurance Plans Accepted
Low Vision Exams and Visual Aides New Patients Always Welcome
( 2 3 1 ) 7 7 5 - 7 3 4 1
120 Paluster Street Cadillac
( 8 0 0 ) 3 2 0 - E Y E S
w w w. A d v a n c e d O p t o m e t r y . c o m
Evening and Saturday appointments available.
8 July/August 2011
20/40 Beth Rzepka-Alto
Twenty under forty


From CHS math prodigy to a career in medicine, Beth Rzepka-
Alto found her calling in medicine by looking up to her own
pediatrician, Dr. Susan Betts-Barbus of Mackinaw Trail Pediatrics.
That relationship started when I was 10, Beth recalled. She
was my physician and I went to school with her daughter Erin. I
knew what I wanted to do by watching her.
After completing her pediatrics residency at the University of
Michigan, she came home to practice alongside her mentor.
Now Beth serves as the pediatric section chair at Mercy
Hospital and is president-elect of the hospital medical staff.
She has also been involved with a county-wide ADHD
committee for school social workers and physicians.
Beth finds her work as a pediatrician fulfilling and fun.
My education was both exciting and hard work,
she admitted. But my pediatrics rotation was my
favorite. I love kids and I was a camp counselor most
summers during college. Its a fun job. I play with kids
all day long; its very interactive and hands on. Its also
Now that she has been practicing at Mackinaw Trail
Pediatrics for six years, she has had the chance to see her
newborns enter school.
You start with them in the nursery and its
rewarding to watch them grow and
mature and keep them healthy.
Family life is a priority for Beth
and her husband Dan, who have two
daughters. They spend lots of family
time together taking stroller walks,
swimming and enjoying sports.
Specialty Care of Children From Birth to Adolescence
Susan Betts-Barbus, MD Gerald Herring, MD Elizabeth Rzepka-Alto, MD
Angela Trucks, MD Mary Blackmer, MSN, FNP
Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 9-11 By Appointment Please Now accepting new patients
(Conveniently Located Across From McGuires)
7917 Mackinaw Trail, Cadillac, MI 49601
Fax: 231-779-9765 231-779-9700
July/August 2011 9
Pete Suminski 20/40
Twentyunder forty


Pete Suminski loves to come to work everyday in downtown Cadillac
where he owns a 137-year old business, the Blick Dillon Insurance Agency.
His migration to Cadillac came by way of his father Dale, who moved
here in 1992 to manage the agency for its former owners.
Meantime Pete, who had just graduated from Standish-Sterling High
School lettering in football, baseball and golf, headed off to Hope College
for a business degree. There he met his wife Kristin, who teaches high
school in Big Rapids, and they have two children; Keenan 6 and Kata 4.
After graduating from college, Pete wanted to go into the family
My grandfather was an insurance agent and so was my father,
so I started out as a claims adjuster and then an underwriter.
Pete logged six years in the industry downstate when a
call came from his father.
My father had the opportunity to purchase the
agency and he invited me to come north. I could not
wait. It was very exciting to be a third generation
insurance agent and work alongside my pop in a great
When his father retired, Pete bought the business.
A lot of people did business with my father, he
said. I think you know what you are getting when
you deal with a family business.
Away from work, Pete loves to golf and spend
time with his family.
I definitely love being a family man and a
father, he said. I like to travel with my children.
Im really enjoying the benefits of having a great
wife, two healthy kids and kids that really want to
try new things, go place and sometimes just play
baseball in the backyard.
Pete is a member of the Rotary, the Chamber
of Commerce and the Northern Michigan
Homebuilders Association.

Steamed About High Insurance Rates?

We are your friends and neighbors. Join an insurance
agency that truly cares about your well-being.

Blick Dillon
Part of your community for 137 years
123 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac, MI 49601
(231) 775-3416 Fax (231) 775-0817
10 July/August 2011
20/40 Meghan Lambourne
Twenty under forty

BELLA ROSE, Recreation Therapist

Meghan Lambourne studied for a career that would
combine all of her interests and passions science and
movement. As Recreation Therapist for the Bella Rose
Rehabilitation and Aquatic Center, she is preparing for the
facilitys opening by creating programs for patients with
chronic conditions that focus on the person as a whole.
Meghan has always had a passion for movement and
physical activity starting with dance lessons as a child
and high school sports. She played tennis in college while
earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with minors
in sociology and dance. She then earned a Masters degree in
Wellness Management and Applied Gerontology and is an
ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist.
She has worked as a senior fit instructor and is certified
in and has taught Pilates, a core strengthening class; step
aerobics, yoga and her favorite class, Zumba, a dance
fitness class.
Meghan has an infectious enthusiasm for health and
fitness and said that exercise, physical activity and
dance is something she just couldnt live without.
She likes to share this passion with others for their
benefit, knowing that these activities can benefit
My long term professional goals are to assist
others in enhancing their level of health, personal
well-being and quality of life, she said. I want
to be the best instructor, coach and therapist
that I can be.
Finding a job that combined all of her goals
in her own hometown was very surprising
to Meghan but an opportunity she is very
excited about.
Meghan is a member of the Joyful Spirit
Dancers, a non-denominational group that
performs liturgical dance to share messages
through movement.

Live Your Life Again

Therapy For Brain
& Spinal Cord
Injuries, As Well As
All Types Of
1900 S. LaChance Rd. Therapies.
Lake City 231-779-4671
July/August 2011 11
Mike Hamner 20/40
under forty


Mike Hamner, vice president of Avon Protection Systems, said that
pursuing a career in manufacturing was a natural fit after growing up
with a father and grandfather in the automotive business.
So after high school, Mike headed north to earn a degree in plastics
engineering technology from Ferris State University. He began his
career directing the Chrysler Dakota truck interior trim program
from concept to completion.
From there his resume quickly gains momentum. His affiliation
with Avon Automotive provided international experience
implementing global improvement strategies for the plants . . . and
continuous improvement activities for nine automotive manufacturing
sites in North America and Europe.
Along the way he has been a key player to ensure that units
within Avon Rubber were restructured into long term
profitable companies.
Mike admitted that he thrives on taking risks and moving
outside of his comfort zone.
You cant get complacent, he added. Look for
opportunities where others see problems.
That leadership quality helped restructure Avon
Protection Systems from loss into profitability in a six-
month time frame.
The most rewarding aspect of my manufacturing
career is in Avon Protection, he stated. We really
launched and built this business from nothing.
We never made masks or filters here before. We
introduced this. Its been underway for 10 years and
the last three years weve gone into full production
for the government. Its been very rewarding, taking
this from concept and prototype now into mass
production and delivering this to every soldier out
Mike said he is proud that the mask produced at
Avon Protection is truly protecting our protectors.
These people are out there doing a job that not a lot
of people want to do. This mask is one more tool to
do that job.

12 July/August 2011
20/40 Ryan Ellis
Twentyunder forty

BORG WARNER, Senior Buyer

At 32, Ryan Ellis is seeing his past education and work
experiences coming to fruition at Borg Warner in Cadillac.
As the senior buyer, Ryan works with suppliers to make sure
they deliver high quality parts on time at the best price possible.
I can see a lot of different experiences and roles that Ive had,
from engineering to sales supply chain - I can see all of those
experiences coming together and helping out now, he stated.
Not only does he love his job, but living in Cadillac is icing on
the cake.
Im a proud advocate of the Cadillac area, he said. I almost
feel like a recruiter. I bring a lot of my friends from downstate up
here to enjoy Lake Cadillac and sometimes I feel like Im a sales
Ryan became attached to the up north experience as a
kid when every weekend his family would hit the road
to get to their lake cottage near Irons.
Ive always had a dream of being able to move
up here and find a good, stable job in the Cadillac
area. About four years ago I had a successful sales
position in Grand Rapids working the Chicago
Detroit areas. And every Friday I did the rat
race of coming north. I found this opportunity
with Borg Warner and I said lets do it. Its
been a dream come true for us.
Ryan and his wife Kristen, a Chicago native,
moved to Cadillac in 2007 and Kristen is the
finance manager for Mercy Cadillac. They
have an 8-month old son, Blake.
We slowly made our way north, he
laughed, adding that he has volunteered with
the Snowmobile Festival, the Governors
breakfast and is a graduate of the Cadillac
Leadership class of 2009.

Cadillac Plant 231.779.7500
Our products lead the commercial diesel industry.

K-Series Thermal Shutter

Cool Logic Viscous

July/August 2011 13
Jason Nichols 20/40
under forty

wexford jewelers
The best part of the day for family man and business owner Jason
Nichols is coming home from work and having the little girls
attack your legs.
The father of four, Jason has two school-age sons and two pre-
school daughters.
Jason and his wife Emily Rose met when they were 14, dated on
and off after 15, and then, he said, he finally proposed at the ripe
old age of 19.
His career path is filled with odd jobs, from bus boy to tree
trimmer zamboni operator to working on an assembly line.
But his lifes work and passion ignited under the tutelage of
his wifes father, Angelo Roncari, who taught him jewelry casting,
finishing and repair. Jason is now the co-owner and manager of
Wexford Jewelers.
He taught me how to carve waxes and taught me metallurgy, he
explained of his 5-year apprenticeship with Roncari. He taught me
a process called lost wax casting and torch melting of gold and silver.
He had a bachelors degree in mathematics and physics and he was an
engineer, he taught me the practical aspects of casting.
Jason has been with Wexford Jewelers for 10 years and is
working hard to build a company that is respected and
He serves on the board at Cadillac Heritage
Christian School, helps with the Franklin Elementary
Backpack Program and likes to shoot guns. He also
enjoys biking, reading the Bible, praying and walking
out in the woods.
I love that Cadillac is very community-minded,
he said. We care about creating things that bring us
all together.
And as the father of four, Jason has one
parenting tip.
Your children will mimic everything you do.
Make sure you are setting a good example for
them to follow.

our passion is Design...

corner of Mitchell and River Streets
801 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac MI 49601 231-775-1289 Wexford Jewelers
14 July/August 2011
20/40 Angie K. Roelofs, CPA
Twenty under forty

baird, cotter and bishop, P.C., Partner

When people first meet outgoing Angie Roelofs, they are surprised
to learn that shes in her words - a bean counter.
Angie definitely breaks the stereotypical image of a staid
She loves to socialize!
Shes fun-loving yes, but shes also a very dedicated and hard
worker who graduated from James Madison University in
Virginia with a degree in accounting.
Those qualities helped her reach her first long-term
professional goal to become the first female partner at Baird,
Cotter and Bishop of Cadillac.
Im enjoying being in public accounting at BCB, she
stated. I attribute that to the firm I work for.
Angie strives to work hard on the job so she can enjoy life
away from her desk and strike a balance.
She likes to be involved in community events and has
served on the United Way board of directors and recently
took on the job of treasurer for the organization.
One thing I like about Cadillac is that people
definitely pull together to get things done. From my
experience, when people are in need, the Cadillac
community really tries to be there to support others.
Angie said her inspiration and motivation comes
from close friends and family, and into that mix she
includes her dog Emma.
I am a huge dog person, she admitted. I have
a black lab named Emma. She comes out on the
boat with us and she pretty much comes with us
everywhere we go.
The us to which she refers also includes her
boyfriend Kevin.
In the summer time I love boating. Our family
lives on a lake in the Traverse City area and you will
find us there on the water every possible weekend
with our dog all summer long.


Certified Public Accountants
Our firm offers a full range of public accounting services including
tax planning and preparation, accounting and auditing services,
business succession planning, bookkeeping and payroll, as well as
consulting and assistance with accounting software programs.
Call Angie or anyone at Baird, Cotter and Bishop, P.C.
for business consulting or any other services. We can help.

134 W. Harris St., Cadillac, MI 49601 231-775-9789 e-mail:
July/August 2011 15
Scott DeYoung 20/40
under forty

GODFREY, Sales Manager

Scott DeYoung grew up helping his dad, a business owner
specializing in construction and remodeling.
I got into the sales aspect of my dads business, he said.
I learned on the job. I always liked the sales aspect and so I
applied for a sales position at Godfreys.
That was 12 years ago and now Scott is the outgoing
sales manager at Godfrey Chevrolet and Buick. He finds
it rewarding and challenging to find the right vehicle for
I like to make sure its right for their needs, he said.
Thats the most rewarding thing, to make sure its right for
their family and their budgets to make them happy so they
come back.
At work Scott not only dedicates himself to this
customers, he actively promotes community causes.
Last December he headed up a promotion called Cell
Phones for Soldiers. He has also been involved in Toys
for Tots, the local food drive and Shepherds Table.
Doing charitable work through Godfreys helps
us build better relations in the community, he said.
We love to help out. We help at hundreds of events.
Joe Godfrey just sponsored three trucks for free
food deliveries in the community. I love helping
coordinate these events. Thats the cool thing about
my job, being able to help others.
Scott and his wife Becky are new parents to
15-month old son Benjamin.
I love spending time with my family and
friends, thats very important to me.
Scott is also an avid duck hunter who is a
member of Ducks Unlimited, a group that
promotes wetland conservation. He also enjoys
marksmanship and downhill skiing.

U.S. 131 North, Cadillac On The Busy North End
775-4661 OR 1-800-4-GODFREY Drive Beautiful

16 July/August 2011
20/40 Sarah Goggin
Twenty under forty

girl scouts of michigan shore to shore

Membership and Community Development Manager
Sarah Goggin thrives on challenges and recently shook up her
comfort zone by running a 5K race.
Truth be told, she smiled, I accomplished one goal by simply
signing up for the race. Running is not my thing. I shocked myself
when I actually ran the entire race . . . it was empowering because I
realized I could do anything I put my mind to. I lived it.
Sarah, whose background is in public speaking, event planning
and media relations, is now channeling her take-action energy into
a new career as the Membership and Community Development
Manager with Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore To Shore. Her goal
is to rejuvenate interest in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
Working from her home in Cadillac with an office in Traverse
City, Sarah serves Wexford, Missaukee, Manistee and
Osceola counties.
This isnt your Grandmas Girl Scouts, she
announced. The Girl Scout program has been
completely overhauled to meet the needs and interests
of todays youth.
When Sarah describes the newly retooled
organization, her enthusiasm is contagious.
Everything we know about leadership,
everything we do now is about community,
connecting and taking action. This theme makes
us a force to be reckoned with. Im really proud
to be working with this organization.
Sarah wants to provide every girl with
the courage and self confidence they need
to become a leader that will change the
And what better role model than Sarah,
a single-mom who generously gives back
by volunteering with the United Way,
Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity and
as a Chamber Ambassador.
Being a part of any community is
what you make of it, she said.

Building leaders
since 1912
Where girls:

DISCOVER who they are

CONNECT with others

locally and globally, and


the world a better place

July/August 2011 17
Joseph D. Santangelo, M.D. 20/40
Twenty under forty


Pediatrician Joe Santangelo of Great Lakes Family Care
feels lucky to call Cadillac home.
There are so many things to do here, said the father of
three whose wife Megan is also a pediatrician. We have been
here only a year and we havent scratched the surface. We
are outdoorsy people so we ski and love to hike.
After graduating from Case Western Reserve School
of Medicine, Joe did his pediatric residency at Cincinnati
Childrens Hospital Medical Center, one of the highest
ranked facilities in the nation.
We had a huge patient base and many of our
childrens patients had rare conditions, he explained.
It was helpful to see a lot of patients with less common
illnesses that became part of the routine. I am most
proud of my work at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital
because it helped me feel comfortable and competent
with a wide range of more complicated conditions.
Because of his residency experience, Joe was looking
for a position where he could work with patients in an
office setting and at the hospital. The GLFC job was a
perfect fit.
I wanted to attend deliveries, he said. I enjoy neo-natal
care so if a baby is born early and needs help I can do the
initial care and help with stabilization.
Away from work, Joe is a distance runner who enjoys
ultra-marathons that range from 40 to 50 miles. He
also spends time hiking with his family, fishing and
he loves to cook Italian.
My dad owns a wine store so I grew up
familiar with wines, he smiled. So thats
another thing I really enjoy about this area
is being able to eat and drink so many local

Thats because we all know

someone who has
struggled with this disease.
We also know that DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY
regular mammograms
and early detection can help
in the fight against breast cancer.
Care for every step of your life
We accept most health plans, and offer discounted fees.

18 July/August 2011
20/40 Jason Elmore
under forty

mccurdy, wotila & porteous, Attorney

High profile attorney Jason Elmore grew up on a Christmas tree
farm in Cadillac and returned to the area with his wife Dr. Alicia
Elmore to take advantage of small town values, affordable cost of
living and outdoor activities.
After graduating from Hope College in 1993, Jason taught high
school and coached track in Holland, MI before studying law at
the Chicago-Kent College of Law. After graduating he clerked for
the US Attorneys Office and defense attorney before joining the
US Army JAG Corps, where he served active duty as a prosecutor,
instructor, magistrate and defense attorney. He is now a Major in the
US Army Reserves and is the deputy regional defense counsel for the
Great Lakes Region.
In 2004 Jason joined the McCurdy, Wotila, Porteous law
firm in Cadillac and in 2006 he became a shareholder,
specializing in criminal defense, personal injury and
general litigation.
His cases have garnered local, state and national
media attention, inspiring an episode of NBC Dateline
and a true crime novel. One of his Army cases later
served as a plot for an episode of Law and Order.
Cadillac is a great place to work, live and
raise a family, stated Jason, who noted that his
three young children are now the familys fifth
generation to be raised in Cadillac.
When not in court, Jason might be seen
outdoors cycling, swimming, running and
He taught at Baker College, served as vice
chair of the Cadillac Area YMCA, serves on
the board of the Cadillac Free Health Clinic,
is a Friend of Rotary and has coached CASA
soccer for the last five years.
On Sunday, you may often find him
singing with one of the praise teams at the
Cadillac Christian Reformed Church.

Attorneys and Counselors

Family Law Civil Litigation Municipal Law
Criminal Law Estate Planning & Probate
120 W. Harris St., Cadillac 4393 220th Ave., Reed City
231-775-1391 231-832-3231
July/August 2011 19
Brandon D. Root 20/40
Twenty under forty

FOUR WINNS, Designer

When hes not designing boats for Glastron at Four Winns,
Brandon Root might be snowboarding, driving his dads hot
rods or remodeling his first home.
But its his career and the process of seeing his designs
come to life that is the most rewarding.
To think you can create and the process of going from
the design to actually seeing the boat - its just amazing, he
said. All of a sudden its out there in real life and people
want to buy something that you made.
Brandon graduated from Lake City High School in 2001
was always interested building things and drawing. Legos
were a favorite past time.
After attending the Mechanical Drafting Program at the
Career Technical Center, he earned a technology degree in
drafting and design engineering at NMC in Traverse City.
When he graduated in 2004 he was one of the few students
who already had a job offer.
That kind of fell into place, he explained. Two
weeks before I graduated they called me for an
interview. They had a job opening and offered it to
Brandon first honed his skills by designing boat
cabinetry and enjoyed creating wine racks for one
boat model. But now that hes working on my first
true full boat he finds his work challenging and
Recently he bought his first house and is spending
his time completely re-doing it. He also enjoys
golfing and hanging out with a local car club.
My dad has a lot of hot rods and I enjoy hot rods,
snowmobiling, snowboarding and motorcycles.

The quality of our boats has everything

to do with the qualities of our people.

Rec Boat Holdings. Proud manufacturers

of Four Winns, Glastron and Wellcraft.
20 July/August 2011
20/40 Jeff Mankiewicz
Twenty under forty


Jeff Mankiewicz met and fell in love with Cadillacs Abbi Hines
at Eastern Michigan University. After graduating with a degree
in political science and marketing, Jeff pursued his law degree at
the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and practiced in
Birmingham and Farmington Hills. The couple decided to make
their way north after Abbi got her masters degree in social work.
Jeff is now an attorney with the Law Offices of King and King
and works in litigation, criminal defense, divorce and real estate law.
Each case that comes in the door is different and unique, he
said. You adapt how you approach each case based on its facts. The
interesting thing for me is that working up here; the attorneys
are more cordial to each other. They work well together
to resolve the case in the best interests of the parties.
Downstate, he confided, it was a constant needless
An avid golfer, Jeff attended college on golf
scholarships and has played competitively since he
was 12.
Competitive golfing was a fun experience, he
said. I grew up in it and learned a lot, I met a lot of
people and got to travel.
Moving to his wifes hometown has been a good
fit for the avid golfer. He said his favorite courses
in northern Michigan are in Cadillac and the
Boyne courses.
I enjoy the atmosphere of Cadillac, he
continued. I enjoy the community, getting
outside playing golf and getting involved in
supporting community causes.
Jeff and Abbi have a 16-month old son, Parker.

The Attorneys of King & King
are AV-rated the highest
rating available by
Martindale Hubbell.

Left to Right:
Jeff Mankiewicz
Lorri King
Sally Jo Randall
Stephen King


SPECIALIZING IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: Criminal Law Real Estate Law General Litigation Family Law
Probate Workers Compensation Business Law Personal Injury Estate Planning Wind Energy 231-779-9000
July/August 2011 21
Paul King 20/40
Twenty under forty

CADILLAC NEWS, Marketing Consultant

Paul King has a business degree with an international
concentration and has been involved in sales and marketing since
graduating from Northwood University in 1998.
As a marketing consultant for the Cadillac News, he has been
responsible for growing advertising sales, developing revenue
growth and representing the Cadillac News in professional
groups and associations.
I just enjoy the sales aspect of my job, he said. I like to meet
small business owners and learn about their business and help
them grow. At the end of the day, thats what we need to do. They
spend money with us. We have to make that advertising work by
being creative and coming up with a campaign that helps drive
business to their door.
When he walks into a local sale that is packed with
customers, he knows hes done his job well.
Family life is also important to Paul, who met
his wife Erin Barbus in the summer of 1994 when
they were touring Europe as ambassadors in a high
school band. The couple married in 2004.
I never saw myself being a dad, he said.
But having two little boys, you start to realize
what is important and what isnt. I am able to
deal with stress easier now. When you have
two little kids that are happy to see you and
tell you about their day, it balances life.
Paul is president of the Downtown
Cadillac Association and has been active
with the Snow Fest committee and the West

Providing Your

Complete Marketing Solution

At the Cadillac News, were about finding a variety of solutions
for the marketing and branding of your unique business.
Our mission is to learn more about your business goals, trends
and long term objectives and to utilize a variety of promotional
options to accomplish them.
Options include: Newspaper Marketing, Niche Marketing,
Online Promotions & Services, Classified Marketing, Web
Design & Development Services and Commercial Printing.

To discuss a program thats right for your business.

Call Paul King, at (231) 779-4140

Local News. Local events. Local information.

22 July/August 2011
20/40 Annie Shetler
Twenty under forty


Business Consultant
When Annie Shetler meets with clients to review business and
marketing plans, she speaks from experience.
Annie, a business consultant with Northwest Michigan Council
of Governments, works with clients who own or want to own
their own business. She provides one-on-one counseling,
helps with market and feasibility studies and offers training
for clients in Wexford and Missaukee counties.
Her qualifications include an undergraduate degree in
human resources and small business management as well
as an MBA.
But where she really cut her teeth in entrepreneurship
was on her family farm in Kalkaska.
I grew up on a farm, she said. I was a farm girl and
still am at heart. But in the late 90s my family was about
to lose the farm and my parents built a bottling plant to
direct market our milk.
The Shetler Family Dairy project was one of the
first small farms in the state to create their own
processing center.
We were being watched, she said. No one
believed it could be done but 11 years later we
are still at it.
Annie was in high school when the family
began the gutsy effort and it took four years
to build the plant. So when she was studying
business in college, she used her family farm as
a guinea pig for class projects and created the
marketing plan.
We were immersed in this, she said. It
was our familys life to make this thing go. So
when I meet clients who might be struggling
I know firsthand that you can be at the point
of almost losing something. If you do it
right, it can be saved.
When shes not meeting with clients
or developing workshops for aspiring
entrepreneurs, Annie loves riding her horse
and playing classical piano music.

Congratulations, Annie! From your co-workers.

Annie Shetler
Coordinator, Business Training Alliance
MI-Small Business and Technology Development Center
Northwest Michigan Council of Governments

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July/August 2011 23
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