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Jason Liosatos 2012

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Authors Note

The words I have written here are nothing more than basic common
sense, and if any of it seems like wisdom let us remember that wisdom is
just forgotten common sense.


My love and appreciation to Jacqueline and Charles Muses for their

knowledge, wisdom and love. Thank you Jacqueline for holding my
hand, and patiently supporting me along the path and for being so gentle,
forgiving and kind with such a demanding student.
My eternal appreciation and love to Lyndsay Mackenzie, a gifted and
gentle Shamaness for helping me back from my very near fatal fall from
the path and for helping to rebuild me. I dont know for sure if I would be
here without your help, in which case nor would this book.
My thanks and love to Rudi Maier in Cape Town for your poignant and
always timely instalments of advice, support and wisdom, and your
irritatingly precise suggestions of which books to read next, and for your
prediction as to where I would meet Louise and what she looked like.
My special gratitude and love to Louise Ashley, my loving partner and
friend, whose faith and trust in me never wavered through our incredibly
challenging journey to here. Thank you for standing by my side
throughout some truly extraordinary situations, and for never giving up
on me, you are no doubt an angel.
My love and great respect to Annette Montague Thomas a good friend
and gifted medical herbalist of allopathic background. Thank you for
your continued support. Annette has an aids orphanage in Johannesberg,
and a registered charity Global Natural Healthcare Trust. What Annette
has created is a perfect example of how we can manifest miracles with
thought. She is working with HIV Aids affected and afflicted people with
some very interesting results.
And lastly I thank and honour all our ancestors, every human being who
has ever lived on this earth, for their tremendous courage, and for paving
the way for those of us to come. We owe it to them and our children to
succeed in bringing about a more harmonious, and peaceful planet.
Failure to achieve this would make every human beings struggle and pain
over many thousands of years a terrible, tragic waste, which cannot be
allowed to happen.


The Transformation Of Consciousness.................................................1

The Birth of a New Epoch of Consciousness........................................1

Planetary Emergency............................................................................2
People Propel This System and Thus Have Ultimate Control Over it...2
We Are Artists and Magicians. We Manifest, Sculpt, and Create the
Future into Being..................................................................................4
Transformation and Metamorphosis......................................................5
A Portal of Opportunity is Open For Us................................................6
Preparing Ourselves for the Transformation.........................................7
Transformation or Annihilation the Choice is Ours...............................8
We are Alchemists of Our Own Distillation..........................................9
A Race to Transformation or Annihilation...........................................11
The Revolution of Consciousness.......................................................12
We have Awakened at Last..................................................................13
The Universal Smelling Salts..............................................................14
The Peoples Apocalypse.....................................................................14

This System is Dying.............................................................................16

Our System Is Sick, Diseased, Dying And Killing Us.........................16

The Worse Scenario Possible is this System Recovering to What it
The Resurrection and Resuscitation of Ourselves, Our Consciousness
and Society..........................................................................................18

This Reality Needs Drastic Healing....................................................19
2012 and Beyond................................................................................21

The Fire of Transformation.................................................................23

The Fire of Transformation Melds Us.................................................23

Transformation by Drowning in Despair.............................................24
We are Like Moths to a Transformative Flame...................................25
Dying Daily to Ourselves....................................................................26
Draining Our Fangs Of Our Poisons...................................................27
Accelerated Karmic Precipitation.......................................................28
Fear, Anxiety, Despair and Depression Help us Remember Ourselves30

We are Not Our Minds.........................................................................32

We are Much More than Our Minds....................................................32

Escaping the Prison of the Mind.........................................................33
Watching Our Minds the Path to Liberation........................................34
Our Treasure Is Just Beneath The Surface Of Our Noisiness..............35
Stress the Agitated State of Being.......................................................35
Practising Mind Basics Continually....................................................37
Our Mental Nutrition is Killing us......................................................38
Our Physical Nutrition is Killing us....................................................39
Our Minds Are the Biggest Threat to Our Survival.............................40
We are Transducers of Consciousness.................................................41

Remembering Ourselves.......................................................................43

Finding Peace Individually.................................................................43

Remembering Ourselves.....................................................................44
Reflections in the Mirror.....................................................................44
Getting a Taste of Ourselves Again.....................................................45
Changing Our Direction From Away From Ourselves to Towards......46
Our Spiritual Development Comes First.............................................47

Just Being and Honouring Who We Are..............................................48
Real - ising..........................................................................................48
Feeling Different.................................................................................50
Returning to Ourselves The Sacred Marriage.....................................51
Rebalancing Our Male and Female Strands........................................52
Changing and Refining Our Frequency...............................................54
Doing Nothing Reconnects Us............................................................55
Just Being and Honouring Who We Are..............................................56

Releasing Ourselves From Our Struggle.............................................57

Releasing Ourselves From Our Own Torture......................................57

Dancing With Life Instead of Fighting it............................................58
The Web of Traps That Enslave Us.....................................................60
Stuck in Revolving Doors...................................................................61
The End of an Era of Suffering and Struggle......................................62
We are Sick of the System and Ourselves...........................................63
Learning The Dance of Life................................................................63
Ending the War With Ourselves..........................................................65
People are Deeply Wounded...............................................................66
Climbing the Pointless Ant Heap........................................................67
People are Heroes...............................................................................68
We will be Free When We Decide it...................................................70

Keeping Our Balance...........................................................................71

Riding The Chariot Of The Self..........................................................71

Living with our Shadow Side..............................................................72
Overcompensation In Our Actions and Reactions...............................73
Turning Habitual Addictions Into Power.............................................74
We Are Great Warriors........................................................................75

Changing Our Old Patterns.................................................................77

Untying The Tangled Knots of Ourselves...........................................77

Breaking the Cycle of Recurring Mistakes..........................................78
Slowing Down Listening to the Heart.................................................79
The Great Power of Change................................................................80
Hand, Heart and Head in Harmony.....................................................81
From Head To Heart...........................................................................81
Putting Our Emotions Right................................................................82
Holding Ourselves Lightly..................................................................82
Being The Peace Not Becoming it......................................................83

Finding Our Way Back Home..............................................................85

Reconnection and Meditation.............................................................85

Returning to Ourselves the True Meditation.......................................87
Connecting with a Greater Intelligence...............................................88
Simple Practise...................................................................................91
Removing the Layers of Ourselves.....................................................93
Being your own Midwife....................................................................93
Living with Ourselves without Ourselves is Agony............................94
Our Heroic Journey Back to Find the Self..........................................95
Completing the Circle of Ourselves....................................................96

Happiness Love and Joy.......................................................................97

Being Happy Without a Reason..........................................................97

Love and Joy Forgotten.......................................................................98
Happiness Beyond Words.................................................................100
Being Kind Actually Heals Us And Others.......................................101
Etiquette and Good Manners.............................................................103
Unconditional Love is Not the Wise Way.........................................104
You Cannot Kill Love.......................................................................105


Releasing Ourselves From Fear.........................................................107

Our Lives are Consumed by Fear......................................................107

Replacing Fear With Love................................................................109
Fear of Our own silence....................................................................111
Control by Fear and Pain...................................................................112
Our Fears are Unethically Manipulated.............................................112
Fear creates Paralysis of Consciousness............................................113
Healthy Fear is Good........................................................................114
Lifting the Consciousness Above The Fear.......................................115
We Must Release Our Fear to Escape................................................116

Taking Our Power Back.....................................................................118

We are Victims of Victims.................................................................118

Staying Grounded and Conserving Energy.......................................120
Ways We Lose Energy......................................................................120
Energy Loss Through Continual Judging..........................................121
Receiving and Using Energy.............................................................123
The Power of Hope...........................................................................124
Learning to Trust...............................................................................124
Reclaiming Our Happiness and Smiles.............................................125
The Lost Art of Crying......................................................................127
Electro Magnetic Frequency Pollution..............................................128

Healing With Thought........................................................................131

The Amazing Power of Visualization................................................131

The Great Power of Peace.................................................................133
Healing Ourselves and Others...........................................................134
Having Faith and Belief in Ourselves...............................................135
Our Eyes Thoughts and Feelings are Arrows of Healing or Harm....135

The Traps of Ourselves.......................................................................138

Self Sabotage....................................................................................138
The Trap of Thinking How Enlightened We Are...............................140
The Trap of Spiritual Smugness........................................................141
The Danger of Falling Into Spiritual Madness..................................143
Ego Traps and Treasures...................................................................145
Ego Overcompensation.....................................................................146
Ego Over Identification.....................................................................147
The Relief of Letting go of the Heavy Ego.......................................148
The Body is Just Our Space suit........................................................149
Superiority and Inferiority.................................................................150
The Trap of Taking Things Personally..............................................151
Alcohol the Drug of Disaster............................................................152

Everything is Alive and Connected...................................................154

Everything in the Universe is Connected..........................................154

Everything is Entangled Together.....................................................155
Everything is Alive and Has Intelligence..........................................156
Nothing is Even Solid.......................................................................158
There is no Such Thing as Coincidence............................................158
Dislocation From Nature Causes Illness...........................................160
The Earth and Light Actually Feeds Us............................................162
Seeing and Feeling the Miracles Again.............................................163
Darwin Was Wrong...........................................................................164
The Big Bang Theory.....................................................................167
Hadron Collider................................................................................168

Real Religion.......................................................................................170

What is Religion?..............................................................................170
Real Religion is Experiential Not Just Words...................................171

A New Religion Called Common sense ism..................................172
Getting Stuck in Revolving Doors of Religion..................................174
Experience is Experience not Logic or Words...................................175

The System of Slavery........................................................................178

Seeing the Slavery of the System Frees Us.......................................179
Slaves Always Feel Something is Wrong..........................................180
Breaking our Chains and Becoming Free..........................................181
Our Slavery is Perpetuating the Misery.............................................182
Lifes Train Journey of Manipulation and Control............................184
The Crash of the System will Free Us...............................................185
We Must Choose Freedom or Slavery...............................................186
This Slavery is Holding us to Ransom..............................................187
Preparing Ourselves be Free Again...................................................188
Punishment and Reward....................................................................189
The Oligarchs are Preying on Peoples Weaknesses and Strengths...191
The Pointlessness and Struggle is Killing Our Souls........................193

The Power of Time and Creation.......................................................195

The Molasses Slowness of Time is Quickening................................195

Preparing Ourselves for that Responsibility......................................196
Reclaiming Every Moment of Time Back For Ourselves..................197
Time the Master Control...................................................................200

Creating Past Present and Future Consequences.............................201

Future Consequences and Feedback Loops.......................................201

Making Future Predictions is Simple................................................203
Free Will and Responsibility.............................................................204
Past Present and Future.....................................................................205
Cause and Effect & Sowing and Reaping.........................................205

The Boomerang Effect of Repercussions..........................................206
Making Weapons Manifests The Use of Them..................................206
Technology is Like a Surgeons Scalpel............................................207
The Developed and Developing Countries Past Present and Future207

Good Against Evil...............................................................................210

The Choice is Ours............................................................................210

Heaven and Hell on Earth.................................................................211
Lightening Takes the Path of Least Resistance.................................212
Draconian System of Death by Slavery.............................................213
We are Possessed by The Evil Spell of the Tyrannical Oligarchs....214
Exorcising the Evil Oligarchs Spell..................................................215
We Must Build Our Protective Force Field.......................................216
A Lord of the Rings Scenario of Good Vs. Evil................................218
The Biggest Shock For the People....................................................219

Truth and Impeccable Behaviour......................................................221

People Want the Real Truth...............................................................221

Complete Transparency and Impeccable Behaviour.........................222

Ethical Compromises The Biggest Threat.........................................224

Ethical Compromises........................................................................224
Our Ethical Alarm Bell and Moral Compass.....................................225
Global Apartheid and Xenophobia....................................................227
Hearing Our Inner Voice of Morality................................................228
Right and Wrong...............................................................................229
Facing the Truth is Not Being Negative............................................230
An Ethically and Morally Pristine Society Would not Need Laws....232
Cynicism and Reality........................................................................233

Money and Debt The Sickness...........................................................235

Money is Killing Us and The Planet.................................................235
Our Casino System Is Sick Financial Terrorism................................237
A Money System Designed for Debt.................................................238
The Money Monopoly Board Game.................................................239
Ending the Money Addiction............................................................240
Money the Delusional currency of Disaster......................................242
Gold and Silver.................................................................................243
The Frankensteins Monster Economy..............................................244
The Nightmare Markets of Fear and Greed.......................................245
Imagine If We Were Being Closely Observed by a More Intelligent
Race of Beings..................................................................................247

The Addiction to War.........................................................................250

War the Big Money Business............................................................250

Profit is the Pretext for Endless Wars................................................251
Huge Profits from Death and Misery................................................252
The Middle East Dirty Trick.............................................................253
US Government are The Biggest Terrorists of all.............................253
NATO and UN Peace Destroyers....................................................255
It is Murder.......................................................................................258
The Middle East is a Nuclear Holocaust and Genocide....................261
The Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons of Mass Destruction..........262
A New Nuclear Weapon Now Being Used........................................263
An Appeal to US Military to Expose This.........................................264
No Apology to This Day...................................................................265
A Murderers List of Achievements...................................................266
Destruct and Rebuild By the Warmongers........................................267
How About Feeding Some Starving Africans....................................268
Its The Very Few Who Want War.....................................................269
Good and Evil the Victims and Perpetrators......................................270

The Palestinian Concentration Camp................................................271
The Police and Military are Also Awakening....................................272
Police Must Refuse To Beat Their Own People................................273
Turning People against Each Other...................................................274
Military Refusing to Fight is the Solution to War..............................275

Government is a Sickness...................................................................279

What is Democracy and Do We Have it?..........................................279

We Have Oligarchy not Democracy..................................................280
An Election Isnt a Choice its a Card Trick......................................281
Giving Our Power Away...................................................................282
There Has Never Been Legitimacy...................................................283
Why There are Not People of High Ethics and Morals in Positions of
Government, Science, and Medicines Obsession With Control........285
Government as Role Models.............................................................286
The Houses of Commons Tragicomedy Show..................................287
Cowardly Presidents, Politicians and Oligarchs Who Give the Orders
to Murder..........................................................................................288
The Governments are the Greatest Threat To Humanity...................289
Murderous Acts Deleted With Each Election....................................290
Above the Law? They are the Law....................................................291
The Purging of World Government...................................................291
A Call to all Good People in Government.........................................292
Humanity Must be able to Function Independently of the Corrupt
Government and Money is a Cancer.................................................294
The Law Makers are The Biggest Law Breakers..............................295
Government Control People With Force and Fear.............................296

Education Comes From Within.........................................................300

Most Schools Break a Childs Spirit..................................................301
Gentle Frontal Lobotomy..................................................................302
Children Should be With Their Parents.............................................304
Helping Children Not to Lose Themselves.......................................306

Creating New Societies.......................................................................307

The Birth of a New Global Society...................................................307

Our Huge Responsibility to Change..................................................308
Dissolving the Barriers Between Us All............................................308
Creating the Future for Others..........................................................309
Making Ourselves Extinct.................................................................310
We have Consumed Ourselves to Death............................................311
Seeds Food and Water are the Greatest Riches..................................313
The Findhorn Foundation Community Example...............................313
Creating Our Own Heaven on Earth.................................................314
Where Would People Grow Food?....................................................315
The Urgency to Secure Our Own Supply of Food.............................316
Food and Seeds are The Ultimate Currency......................................316
An Appeal to People with a Lot of Land or Money...........................317
We Must Create the Highest Vision..................................................318
Breaking Previous Agreements.........................................................319
Manifesting a New Society Into Being.............................................320
We are Midwives Birthing a New Society........................................321
A Coming together of Creators.........................................................322
Calling the New Societies Into Being...............................................323
Painting a Clear Picture of What we Want........................................324
Building Beautiful Communities Together........................................324
A Currency of Love Bartering Sharing and Symbiosis.....................325
We Are Privileged Guests Here On This Planet................................327

The Future is Simply in Our Hands...................................................328
Creating Miracles..............................................................................329
We are all the Artists of the Future....................................................330


We stand at critical fork in the road, a turning point in our human history.
We can carry on our current course and face disaster, or we can embrace a
higher evolutionary path of transformation and sanity which is
desperately and urgently calling us towards it. This book is dedicated to
that emergency evolution and development. The choice is simply ours,
because we are artists of ourselves and ultimately the future, we paint the
future into being because we create and manifest with thought.
We can no longer rely on any world government to change things, their
obsession with money, war and power has consumed them, and this in
turn has consumed us. This system, which is built on fear, short term
greed and slavery is at the brink of a total collapse. The transformation so
urgently needed cannot come from the outside in; it must come from the
inside out, from each persons individual transformation, which is the key
to the solution of the worlds problems.
Humanity is currently like an orchestra playing out of tune, and it will
take each individual member of that orchestra to retune themselves in
order to bring a balanced harmony for the whole. We must not blame
ourselves for these imbalances; it is the psychotic conductors of the
human orchestra, world Government oligarchs, that we trusted, who have
led us to this point of slavery, helplessness and collapse. It is time to stop

handing our trust and power over to unscrupulous oligarchs who are
merely using us as slaves for their paranoid, delusional obsessions.
There is a mass awakening taking place on our planet, and a deep
discontent. The ethical alarm bells inside us all are ringing loud and clear
that something is desperately wrong. This book will clarify those feelings
as being correct. We are awakening from a deep spiritual amnesia, which
has been exacerbated and perpetuated by the huge underlying fear which
underpins our whole system. That fear has been like a paralysis and
chloroform for humanity, and has dulled us from our potential as highly
developed spiritual people, and the possibility of a highly developed
society based on love, caring, compassion and symbiosis.
Its as though individually and as humanity we are pregnant with
ourselves, and we must now give birth to ourselves as a new humanity.
Like a chick which pecks its way out of its egg because the poisons build
up inside the egg to the point where is must peck its way out to actually
survive, and move into a new stage of development. The emergency on
our planet exacerbated by short term greed, fear, slavery and continual
wars for profit are the poisons which are triggering our pecking and
transformation. We are the midwives of ourselves and our future.

Jason Liosatos

Chapter 1

The Transformation Of

The Birth of a New Epoch of Consciousness

The true transformation which will change our whole existence is

waiting within the womb of each persons consciousness to be born.-
Charles Muses.

Humanity is undergoing a sacred pregnancy which nothing will stop,

though we may have to push a little.
The word epoch comes from the Greek word epokhe, which means
stoppage. In all pregnancies there comes a point where the pregnancy
stops and the birth begins. We as humans are now at that critical point in
our evolution and consciousness, and we are being forced to prepare
ourselves now as quickly as possible to let go of what we have been, and
embrace what we are becoming. The emergence and resurgence of what
we once were, which has become dangerously overdue. It can be likened
to an umbilical cord to ourselves which has got to the point where it is
now almost snapping completely, exacerbated by our system which
automatically disconnects us from our vibrant selves.
Humanity is heavily pregnant with itself, and we as individuals are now
being prompted to become the midwives for the birth of ourselves, and
the birth and beginning of a whole new way of living and being on this

planet, based on a more symbiotic relationship with ourselves and
everything else.
We no longer have the luxury to put our transformation off until
tomorrow. We are ripe and so is the time, and that time is right now.

Planetary Emergency

This emergency transformation of consciousness is the antidote to every

problem on the planet.

The word emergency means urgent occasion requiring immediate

action, so it is no exaggeration to say that there is an emergency of an
epic scale now materialising on our planet, and an immediate and urgent
transformation now needs to take place. The transformation in people will
automatically bring about the transformation on the planet, and will
automatically dictate and change the politics. The whole system is at
breaking point, and so are the people struggling to live within it, as the
unrest, and revolution of awakening and consciousness all around the
world undoubtedly proves. If directed wisely, carefully, but above all
peacefully then the consciousness revolution will save us, but if it is
directed unwisely without focus, then our own revolution of
consciousness will kill us.
This emergency is being felt worldwide by so many people now, that we
dont need much convincing any more that we must make a choice right
now. It is a choice of transformation or annihilation, theres no two ways
about it. We cannot vacillate nor hesitate. The future of humanity is in our
own hands at this poignant moment in history.

People Propel This System and Thus Have Ultimate

Control Over it

We have forgotten our capabilities, which when remembered again and

used wisely could change the world in one breath.

The population of the world have a huge responsibility because it is only

us that can change the system. The oligarchs who run this world cannot
change it because they cannot break free from their addiction to short

term greed, gain and control, and an addiction to a continuance of
lucrative wars. So we, the public, are ironically the wheels that are
carrying our destruction to its manifestation and fruition. Shocking
though that is, that very recognition and truth is setting us free. It is true
we are the wheels and cogs driving the destructive system, but its not our
fault, we are being directed and manipulated with fear.
Up till now we have danced to the tune of the conductor of the orchestra,
the ruling oligarchs who wave their stick at us, and we have played
whatever tune they wanted, but thats changing now, and we are realising
that we dont want to be manipulated like a herd of cows any more, and
we are realising we dont have to jump to the tune any more. I have called
it the inception of manual override in another section. We are at last
taking our power back. Its a fascinating truth that the whole system is
fuelled and actually controlled by us the populace, the cogs and the
The decisions as to its direction are controlled from above, and it is like a
huge ship with a few power crazed paranoid captains and officers up on
the bridge, turning the wheel deciding where they want us to propel them.
We are the fuel and manpower that propels every decision they make,
from a street sweeper, a waiter, a policeman, solicitor, typist, taxi driver,
soldier, F16 fighter jet pilot who drops the bombs, and ultimately the
person in the nuclear bomb facility who they ask to press the button to
destroy a whole country for them. But the key issue here is this, and
never forget this:
They have to ask us before they can do anything because we ultimately
control the whole ship even down to the steering wheel they hold, without
our steam there is no direction, so if we say no, it means no. Fear has
made us forget this truth.
We are in the engine room, stoking the boilers like worker ants while they
steer their destructive agendas towards destruction, mass manipulation,
and endless wars, which are bringing us dangerously close to mass
By millions of people harnessing thought and intent towards manifesting
a peaceful future, it will happen, if directed by the populace and not the
predictably reckless, aggressive, warmongering, unscrupulous, greedy,
government oligarchs who base practically all decisions on short term
greed, rule by fear, manipulation and control.

We Are Artists and Magicians. We Manifest, Sculpt,
and Create the Future into Being.

We are about to remember that miracles are nothing more than thoughts
made manifest, and then we will look at our system with shock and
realise how careful we must be.

We are all artists of ourselves and our future. We actually manifest and
create the future with thought. We actually paint the future into being
with mind and thought. That is the truth, a truth most people have
neglected and forgotten which is proving to be a disaster.
Most things we see around us began with a thought or idea. We are now
remembering the enormity of this truth and its implications, and what a
huge responsibility rests on our shoulders. We have been magicians with
amnesia, as the state of the system shows. In essence we have a fresh
blank canvas in every single all encompassing, creative now moment. We
make the painting or break it.
We paint our future into being with thoughts and actions, good and bad.
For many who have forgotten this fact, it will be a real wake up call, and
believe me, we need that wake up call to this truth, because as well as
manifesting great things, we are currently manifesting mayhem on this
planet, and its getting worse. Each thought and decision we make affects
not only our own surroundings and future but many other peoples,
because everything is connected as I will explain later.
Manifesting outcomes in the future with thought is less esoteric than we
might think. It can be something as simple as making spaghetti, taking a
walk in the park, phoning somebody, or on a bigger scale designing and
making a house, a city, a motor car like Henry Ford, making a light bulb
like Thomas Edison, sending messages through the ether like Marconi,
making guns, making love and manifesting a baby, making war, peace, or
a movie, we are manifesting things into being all the time. Or on a less
molecular level sending messages through the ether with wireless like
Marconi. Thoughts are indeed things.
The building blocks of molecules were there to begin with in a lot of
cases as with making a baby, a war, or a painting, a house or holiday but
its the thought which creates the actions that manifest those molecules
together as the manifestation progresses to fruition.
What a responsibility then, that we can create a tiny pin head into
manifestation with thought, or a whole civilization of people with its

complex tapestry, be it a society of beauty and symbiosis, or one of fear,
greed, anger, frustration and inevitable collapse and destruction.
Consequences of thoughts and actions are one of the most serious issues
we must address now if we want to secure a safe and balanced future. We
are the liberators or jailors of ourselves and the future.
A crude example would be if you manifested a horrible future for
someone and yourself by making and sending them a letter bomb. The
future is almost manifested when you post the letter, but at the last minute
you phone them, or email them and stop them opening it, or wait outside
their house in the morning and intercept the parcel.
Most people are yet to realise the seriousness of this subject.
An example of this danger is easy to show. Every time bombs and
weapons are made, war and misery is being created and manifested, the
future is being created by that bomb being made. Its easy to prove
because how many weapons created have not been used?
The day the atomic bomb that devastated Hiroshima was made was a
very sad day. Once that destructive monstrosity had been put into motion,
the next layer of the manifestation couldnt wait to begin. The power
crazy, insane government in possession of the bomb couldnt wait to
bring the future into fruition, and even to gloat over the power they had to
destruct and control. Power in the wrong hands is destined to destroy.

Transformation and Metamorphosis

Before we can put the world right we must first put ourselves right, it
will never work the other way around, and our time is running out.

We are now being forced to remember how to manifest our latent future,
just like a caterpillar does when it becomes a butterfly. We had forgotten
that we are artists of the future and how to paint our own future, and the
future of the planet more wisely, and now its time to remember at this
critical turning point in our history.
There is a transformation of consciousness taking place on the planet, a
metamorphosis of consciousness and being, which has ironically been
stimulated by the emergency we are facing. As I mentioned in the
introduction, we face a similar situation that a baby bird faces when
pecking its way out of an egg. Inside the egg poisons build up which
automatically stimulate the chick to start pecking its way out. The global
crisis we currently face is forcing us to peck our way out of our situation

both psychologically and globally, if we dont our situation will escalate
and certainly kill us.
Its as though people are coming around from chloroform, the system we
find ourselves in has had a terribly anaesthetising effect on us for very
many thousands of years.
One by one, we must return to that place in us, which is pure, like a
steady process of distillation in chemistry, we must quickly distil
ourselves back to our untarnished selves. Like polishing tarnished silver
or brass, its a continual process, if you stop polishing the silver dulls, and
we forget how shiny we were and still are.
The time is here for us to finally merge with our true selves again, the
place we know so well, but have been estranged from for so long. It as
though we are calling our souls back home. Like the falconer who calls
the falcon back after a long flight away from home. We are being called
home, and the situation in the world brought about by Government
insanity is ironically whats awakening us, and we are about to magically
breathe a new system into being.
It can be likened to the last tiny weigh which makes the scales go
clunking down, and all those little additions that seemingly werent
making much difference were the lan vital that made it eventually reach
fruition. Like whipping cream when your arm is aching so much that you
can hardly stand it a moment longer then suddenly it thickens, all those
seemingly hopeless whisks reaching the tipping point when all the effort
melds in one moment.

A Portal of Opportunity is Open For Us

A butterfly doesnt fear its transformation, but flies quickly away from
the old cocoon and doesnt look back to lament its old caterpillar skin.

There is an opportunity so great now for us as human beings that the

word urgency and emergency doesnt get near the immensity of our
situation. We are like initiates being asked to step forward into another
chamber of transformation, but our hesitation now could cost us millions
of peoples lives who have given their lives in the struggle for us to be
here now on this planet at probably the most crucial and poignant time in
our current history. We must believe we can be much more than we are
and embrace this chance to let our old selves go and step through that
doorway. We can set our heavy baggage of the old self down outside the

portal and doorway, and literally unzip the confines of our tattered space
suits, which have felt so heavy for so long, and step forward from
ourselves unto ourselves into a richer, higher stage of development.
We have kept ourselves in chains, and imprisoned ourselves for way too
long and now its time to be free again, we all feel it, there is an
excitement in the air and we must not falter and doubt ourselves as we
have for so long.
For thousands upon thousands of years we have been literally crawling on
our bellies like two dimensional caterpillars, struggling daily to lift
ourselves above the struggle to crawl to the next thing. We now have an
opportunity to transcend this and move to a higher dimension of
ourselves where we can learn to fly instead of crawl, and finally lift
ourselves above whats crushing us.
Countless numbers of our ancestors have struggled and suffered dreadful
circumstances and bravely pushed ahead, usually ruled by some
oppressing regime of some type. We owe it to them to play our part in
bringing this transformation about. Most people dont realise they can
create and manifest, and change things miraculously quickly, particularly
when other minds join forces in the same direction. Mahatma Ghandis
salt march was a tiny demonstration of this focus and intent made
manifest. We are being offered a chance to move past the relatively
clumsy two dimensions we are seemingly trapped in. Like the caterpillar
who doesnt know that it is another being that can fly, and who can
transcend the sluggish slowness by embracing its transformation when it
beckons rather than resist it and staying as we are, trapped.
The regenerative forces come in cycles, and was emphasised in a book
called She about a force, a sort of fire that killed people, but every once
in a while the fire turned blue, and at that point if you took the
opportunity and walked into the blue flame you could transform the fire
and develop.
I see a similar opportunity now with the system floundering and crashing
to its knees because of unbelievably inept management. We can transform
that into an amazing opportunity.

Preparing Ourselves for the Transformation

There is a huge quickening taking place, and all we need to do is be

ready, and make a vow to place ourselves in the way of it

The quickening is taking place on all levels, psychologically, and
spiritually, and things are definitely happening quicker. Only recently I
have thought of getting in touch with people and they have contacted me
within a few days, people I hadnt seen for nearly twenty years. Things
are speeding up, and its crucial that we prepare ourselves for that bigger
responsibility which is on the horizon, in order for the solution to be able
to take place more smoothly and swiftly, because we are the solution, if
we want to be that is.
A complete change in the way we think and act is essential and urgent.
We dont have to study or sit exams to do this, its all there inherent in us,
a template of behaviour, and its just been a bit neglected and forgotten
about. There are activation centres in us, and just by aligning ourselves by
wanting to transform we already begin to mesh with them, and we
actually begin to resonate our own metamorphic process into being. Its
nothing unusual, and its the most natural thing to become what we are,
and just wanting to change already starts to jog and stimulates the rusty
centres in us.
Its like a programme in our computers we havent used for a while, we
will get the hang of it once we focus on the practice again, of
remembering to stay conscious and centred.
Time is changing, and decisions, situations and outcomes are taking place
faster than ever. How we deal with this change will play a great role in
deciding whether we survive or not in the coming years on this planet.
Unfortunately at the moment our leaders are like children playing with
fire, without enough insight, wisdom, care and compassion to foresee the
results and consequences of their current actions and decisions.

Transformation or Annihilation the Choice is Ours

Tomorrow is a Sword I Hold in my hand Today - Kyril Demys

We have one foot on a sinking ship with insane captains and officers who
are in denial that they are destroying the ship, its passengers, themselves
and the world around them. We have our other foot in the lifeboats that
take us towards sanity and freedom, though the transition towards clearer
seas and skies may not be easy, it seems the only logical choice.
It really is true that we hold the future in our hands today. It is a simple
case of how we use that sword of tomorrow. If we use it wisely now in
this emergency, then we could sculpt a future for humanity to make

Michelangelos brilliance seem average. We are chiselling a future this
very moment, with our every thought, action and reaction.
We must be so incredibly careful now to be ready to do the right thing at
the right time, because as I have mentioned we are painting and sculpting
a new future right now. One wrong, or careless brushstroke, or mistake
with the sculpting chisel, and we could ruin an opportunity to manifest a
future which humanity has been waiting for maybe millions of years.
There are many scenarios that could play out in this emergency.
The worse being that humanity is brought to its knees by a planned and
controlled crash of the entire system by the frightened oligarchs, and
ruling elite, which could be happening now, because they know that the
world population is awakening to the truth that they have been lied to and
deceived for millennia. This scenario for me is the worse because the
same unethical manipulators would still be in control after that controlled
collapse and would then try to slowly rebuild another system of slavery
and control. This would be easy for them if people were desperate and
queuing for morsels of food, without television or the internet to inform
them of developments around the world.
The best, and ultimate scenario for the planet and all of humanity, and in
my opinion the only one that guarantees our freedom, would be that all
military personnel refuse to take part in any aggression any more, and
completely turn their backs on the worlds ruling elite who control them.
If the military all did this then we would have a peace on earth overnight.
I elaborate about this in another section.
The oligarchs running the world by fear are the biggest cowards you
could ever find. Just look at a David Cameron or Sarkozy, can you
imagine them fighting anyone on the front line? They would probably
wee their pants if they saw a few bullets flying by. They just control
others to do their dirty bidding, killing and fear mongering for them, but
in the clear light of day they really are absolute cowards.

We are Alchemists of Our Own Distillation

We are literally being held over a flame and distilled from the dross of
our current and previous experiences.

We are undergoing an alchemical distillation process of the self, which is

the alchemical alembic of current and previous behaviour. If we really
concentrate and open ourselves to feel this taking place in us, we will

know it to be true. So rare an opportunity this is, though its been
happening for many millenniums in everybody, but the flames under us
that boil away and distil our dross have been really turned up now, so to
We know that the time has come to step into the alembic vessel that will
distil our weary selves with all its destructive habits, our stress,
irresponsibility, sadness, hopelessness, anger, pain, and all the other dross
we have accumulated in our lives. Its a heavy and destructive load to
carry. It is quite simply now a case of distillation or disintegration for
human beings.
The word alembic means something that refines or transmutes, as in an
alchemists distillation apparatus which was made up of a vessel with a lid
on top containing the substance to be distilled, and a pipe to another
vessel where the refined substance would transfer to. A similar process to
alcohol being distilled and purified by boiling the fermented, rotten,
rancid fruit or grains transmuting them into a purer spirit as in refined
vodka. This is far more than an analogy for what is happening to us. We
all feel the heaviness of ourselves, and we all know the feeling of
carrying bags home from the shops that are too heavy and are hurting our
hands, and the joy and relief of putting them down as we finally get to
our house, so it is with the self and letting go of the old, its just too
painful and exhausting to hang onto any more.
So in a sense it is like an accelerated karmic precipitation process of rapid
transformation, and we are being forced to distil ourselves before its too
late. Otherwise it will be like a pointless schooling where we come out
the other side the same as when we went in. Or tragically even worse. We
dont actually have to do that much really if we are ripe and ready, and
most people are way over ripe. We only need get ourselves out of the
way, step aside, place our old and tired selves down and usher in the new,
and open the gates to ourselves if you will. Its a bit like that feeling
when you are trying to do something really important and someone is in
the way all the time?
That somebody has been us, ourselves, and what a relief to finally say I
want more than this, I want my life back, the real me, and so we head for

A Race to Transformation or Annihilation

The stage is set, the race is on, and history holds our page open, pen in
hand and awaits the result.

We hold the outcome of this race in our hands as the population of the
planet. It is a simple choice of whether we the people are prepared to do
enough to affect the outcome of this planet and our future. A question of
can we transcend our fear that we cannot survive without the
Government, because if we dont transcend that and quickly build our
own independent systems and feed ourselves, we almost certainly face
annihilation in the hands of the suicidal Governments and Bankers who
will stop at nothing to satisfy their hunger for power and greed.
With the awakening quickening so fast, the government and ruling elite
will do virtually anything to stop that uprising of consciousness and
transformation in people, as we rush and march towards our freedom that
we have been robbed of. The Governments very well that if the people
remember, transform and awaken then they will lose their vice like grip
on their minds through the chloroform of fear and control spearheaded by
The Government and their elite money bosses are being backed into a
corner by this global transformation of consciousness because everything
is becoming transparent, which is a big part of the transformation of the
planet. Truth is sniffing out lies and deceit like an expert sniffer dog. The
only way they will be able to gain complete control over the population
again is if they were to start a huge war, which would orchestrate a chaos
so grand in scale that it would bring humanity to its knees, though in one
sense humanity is already on its knees with despair at being so brutally
manipulated. There is a battle taking place on a titanic level between
good and evil, it could also be called right and wrong, light and the dark,
love against hate, happiness against sadness. It is a titanic battle taking
place right now on visible and invisible levels.
There is a window of opportunity for people to step out of the system
which is killing their souls, its a simple case of whether we have the
courage and faith and belief in ourselves to do so.

The Revolution of Consciousness

People all over the world are waking up at last from the anaesthetising
effects of our system of suppression which has kept us asleep.

I have been saying for many years that we are lucky that people havent
all woken up from the chloroform at once, because the system would
have collapsed to its knees overnight. This might not have been so bad
but it would have brought more suffering on the already suffering
population and that concerned me because we have suffered enough as it
I was always concerned that if all the people all saw through the lies and
deceit all at once, they would stop what they were doing and literally
rebel and be really angry to find out the glaring truth that they had been
lied and cheated for thousands of years. Everything would then collapse
and there would be chaos.
I had an inner rift about this for years, I wanted everyone to wake up and
transcend the choking, dullness of the system, and see through the mist of
ignorance and smog that covers the revolting system of mass
manipulation and control that has kept humanity in its choking head lock
for so long. It has been very lonely all these years knowing the whole
system was designed to keep us all as sleep walking prisoners and robots
to be used by the controlling elite.
I knew people would be very angry to learn the awful truth that they had
been made fools of along with their close family and distant ancestors,
being made slaves and manipulated by the same unscrupulous oligarchs
for a very long time. This is a bitter pill for anyone who trusted the
smiling politicians for years and years, putting their trust and faith in
them, and handing their souls over.
And so the transformation in people has been a gradual one, but is now
being accelerated because people really have suffered long enough. In
some older traditions it was said that when humanity got to a point where
the suffering of people outweighed the learning via the suffering then the
school bell would ring and we would all go home, and return to our
awakened, transformed selves.
I am convinced we are at that evolutionary crossroads right now, and
thats why people all over the world are waking up, and in one sense its
horrifying because there is going to be, and already is mayhem for a
while, but I am now convinced that enough is enough and people have
suffered too long now, and the prison walls must come down.

So what we are all experiencing and seeing is the beginning of a mass
awakening, it is a consciousness revolution not a physical one. And as we
can see the people are not being fooled any more. Egypt is a good
example, they overthrew the government but it was predictable that the
oligarchs would just shuffle the playing cards around a bit and hoped it
would put the people back to sleep again but the trick didnt work this
time again. Thank goodness the people now have seen the way the tricks
are played, and they know its the same organisation of people in control
with different names.
So the stage is set, the people know their captures and enemy, and what
they look like.

We have Awakened at Last

We have been cruelly and sadistically sedated, used, abused and

enslaved by the ruling elite.

The government system had kept us just alive enough so we could work
for them every day as they fed off our energy. It is as though they had us
all on life support machines like in some gruesome horror film, keeping
us half asleep with exhaustion from being half worked and worried to
death about our basic survival.
I compared it in another section to a spider that lured us into its web and
didnt kill us but kept us alive and sucked our energy instead for our
whole lives.
We had been put to sleep in many ways, and we must not feel bad about
it, this theft has been taking place for a long time. Our energy was taken
from us, and of course we gave it away too freely by being so trusting,
but that was when we believed the lies, but of course we dont now we
have woken up. So let us not dwell on the past but think of the present
and future, and what we can do to create anew, a world that we can all be
proud of.
It is a most exciting time to be on this planet as we all come together
globally to reclaim our power that had been taken from us over many
millennia, and we now have a golden opportunity to build a system for
ourselves from the rubble of chaos and misery that the oligarchs had
created for us.

The Universal Smelling Salts

The system that puts us to sleep, ironically prompts our awakening.

When I was a child my Grandfather used to get us to smell his little

brown bottle of smelling salts, and laugh as we used to jump into action
at the sudden pungent shock as it hit the back of our noses. It was great
fun. He was a real trickster.
This is whats taking place on our planet now as we are all getting a
mighty whiff of smelling salts to prompt us to awaken, before we destroy
ourselves by our unconsciousness.
Not everyone is waking up all at once and I can tell you why.
If everyone woke up at once the whole system would collapse to its knees
in a moment, because most people would be so shocked and angry at
seeing the truth of our system of slavery and deceit, that they would all
step straight off the treadmill which would bring the system to an abrupt
collapse, which may not be so bad, it has gone on long enough, but the
people who needed to still learn through the process, albeit an awful,
painful process, may lose that chance, if things abruptly ground to a halt,
and the school bell could have been rung too soon.
That said, if we look at developments around the world now, many
millions of people have heard that school bell and are stepping off the
treadmill. We are standing at the crossroads of that collapse which is
being exacerbated and perpetuated by very disturbed, paranoid and
psychotic government, hell bent on rule by force and destruction to keep
their power, at almost any cost.
It is now as though our heads are being forced towards the smelling salts
bottle, because our situation is such an emergency that we cannot slumber
any longer, and let ourselves and our society regress any further.
Humanities alarm clock has gone off, and its time to get up.

The Peoples Apocalypse

And so our eyelids were forced open and we remembered ourselves, and
again we could hear our own beautiful song.

The word apocalypse comes from the Greek word apoklypsis which
means lifting of the veil, and it can be seen as a revelation. That

revelation is happening for everybody on this planet now, which is simply
a disclosure of something which has stayed hidden from the majority of
mankind in this era dominated by terrible fear, and of falsehood, and
Peoples eyes are opening at different times, though the apocalypse of
awakening is a fire which is being fanned in every person in varying
intensities. Most people feel a deep emptiness and they know something
is missing, they have been searching all their lives for something but they
didnt know what it was, but they just knew they didnt have it. But now
it is being gifted to them again, and the thin veil between who they
thought they were and who they really are is lifting at last. We will
embrace ourselves fully as the fear, falsehoods and misconceptions fall
away from before us all, and we shall soar like an eagle to our highest
selves again, and we will feel that lonely gap being closed as we meet
with the love, and reconnection and our dislocation is mended. We will
finally bear our own unique fruit, and we will eat of ourselves and our
hunger will be no more, and we will feel what it was that we were
searching for, which was with and within us all along.
This can come as a shock for us sometimes, to think that we have been
searching outwardly for something which was with us all along, like
walking and searching for many years, seeking here and there, in this
thing and that, up mountains, in valleys in darkness and light, in every
face and every voice. Only to find it had been walking with us all the
time, as though we had carried ourselves in our own rucksacks on our
backs, till we fell down exhausted and there we were.

Chapter 2

This System is Dying

Our System Is Sick, Diseased, Dying And Killing Us.

The whole system is a corpse which needs to be buried, before it further

contaminates this struggling society and planet.

A disease, or dis-ease in a body generally has a location and symptoms,

the symptoms being the warning signal, which gives the dis-eased body a
chance to restore that part and recover, often by addressing the thing or
lifestyle that caused it. If we ignore the symptoms and warning signals of
a diseased body, whether it is a human one, societal, financial, political,
or global one, it will, like a diseased body, consume and kill us.
The current financial system we live in is sick, dying, and almost dead,
but the deluded psychopaths controlling it are in denial, and they are
trying to resuscitate a dead corpse, desperately giving it mouth to mouth,
and endless injections of cash. This corpse is festering and poisoning an
already poisoned system even further than it has and is causing further
misery. I heard a banker today still deluded, talking about kick starting
the economy, which is trying to give a dead body an electric shock to
resuscitate them. He also talked of creating new types of loans, in other
words new types of keeping people in debt.
If we dont change it, and create a completely different system as an
alternative it will completely destroy us, this time, next time and for as
many times after that we try to resuscitate it, because it is a system that
was sick and diseased when it was designed, from its very inception and
foundations to the very top of its roof.

It is built on fear, greed, ruthlessness, cunning, control, suppression, mass
manipulation, need I carry on? Only insane, controlling, and disturbed
people could conjure up such a system, and insane, disturbed populations
are its inevitable outcome. Controlling a population with a money
currency based on fear was invariably and obviously a disaster from the
beginning, ethically, morally, psychologically and physically.
It is a perfect system if you want to destroy people and create war,
misery, slavery, and turn the beautiful planet and its people into an
unprecedented mental asylum, with each patient suffering from the same
sickness that the money system bestows on them, a lifetime of worry and
fear, creating dis eased minds, driving poor humans mad. If we still fail to
see what it has done, and is still doing then it has done its inevitable job
of destroying our faculties as human beings.
It is predictably collapsing because such a system based on fear, short
term greed, and bigger, better, best at the expense of its people is always
destined to implode and collapse. Its people, the worker ants, are worked
to death and kept in a perpetual state of fear, exacerbated by debts and
bills, which generally take all the money they earn. The money they earn
ultimately goes back to the oligarchs who employ them, via bills for food,
shelter, warmth and transport.
I am still amazed to hear people who are very up to date with the money
system and its rancid condition, still talking of fifteen, twenty or thirty
years down the line when the system is then at this stage or that,
implying and making projections as though it will actually carry on and
recover again.
They are no different to deluded, psychotic captains on a sinking ship up
to their necks in water telling the crew to keep rowing and everythings
fine. I am really shocked at the denial I keep seeing, but I also understand
why, and I think it must stem mostly, from a deep inner brainwashing and
fear that nothing else other than this system is possible, let alone even
conceivable in peoples minds. Even the so called experts are almost at a
loss for words.

The Worse Scenario Possible is this System

Recovering to What it Was

To let this system carry on killing us is masochistic suicide.

The last thing we need is for this Frankensteins monster economy to
recover, it has destroyed itself and the system is dead. The system is a
nightmare and we have to wake up out of it now.
It would have been like trying to keep Auschwitz going after the
nightmare had been realised. To keep a nightmare going once it has been
awakened from is simply masochism, or more likely sadism by its
inflictors who are still benefiting from its perpetuation.
The last thing we need is a recovery to the very thing thats killing us. It
is like taking more heroin to fix the problem, or like trying to rejuvenate
the disease which caused our inevitable demise. We are watching a
recurring nightmare take place, and watching our own near extinction due
to the economy that is killing the planet, and causing the insanity of
everyone on it.
Even if it could be resuscitated it will collapse again and again because
our system is based on short term greed, fear and slavery for its people.
Previous civilizations have collapsed and destroyed themselves in a
similar way, and it seems the power crazy leaders of this and other fallen
civilizations cannot control their hunger for money and power even
though it kills them too.
It is obvious that our government and economy causes chaos, illness,
debt, despair, death, and eventual destruction to its people and ultimately
Unfortunately the power crazed, unscrupulous, greedy people at the helm
and steering our system, would seemingly rather destroy everything than
give up their current addiction to short term greed, power and mass
manipulation to satisfy themselves and their insane agendas.
They are like a rampant cancer gorging themselves on a body, until they
finally destroy themselves along with their host. Like a huge parasitic
worm eating itself.

The Resurrection and Resuscitation of Ourselves,

Our Consciousness and Society

We are resuscitating ourselves from a near death experience, which was

caused by government suppression and manipulation.

The words resurrection and resuscitation mean 'to revive from
unconsciousness or apparent death, revival after disuse, inactivity or
decay', a restoration to being, memory, and to vigour or vividness'.
This is what is taking place now, we are dying and remembering the great
gifts we possess, which have been dulled and dampened by the system we
are living in. We are resuscitating ourselves, literally on another level; it
is like giving ourselves the kiss of life. There are many stories in older
cultures mirroring this metaphor of being born unto ourselves. Millions
upon millions of people are awakening now and literally coming around
from the chloroform that has anaesthetised us for so very long, this is a
time of a mass regaining of consciousness which has been predicted by
many cultures and prophets.
The poignancy of this mass transformation cant be overstated. It is a
resurrection and resuscitation of people worldwide which had to take
place inevitably because people were at the brink of a spiritual death in
effect. The system of suppression and mass manipulation had got to the
point where it was crushing people so much they could barely breathe
and survive any longer. It is like the drastic baptism of St John I talked of,
where a persons head is held under the water till they are almost
drowning, kicking and thrashing for survival, and then they are released
into a reawakened state having almost died. In near death we find
And so it is now with people all around the world, who had been
squeezed and pushed to the point of almost snapping, and that despair has
triggered the transformation, awakening and mass demonstrations
worldwide to reclaim the freedom and life that had been robbed and
squeezed from them.
It is a call to consciousness for every living human being to reclaim their
stolen souls, and we all feel that. It is as though a universal alarm bell has
gone off, alerting everyone to the grave danger we face if we allow this
system to put us asleep for a moment longer.

This Reality Needs Drastic Healing

It is time to wake up to the fact that we have been too complacent in this
reality that is crying out for help.

The system needs a complete transfusion and rebuilding but not by the
same thing which is killing it. We need a new model independent of

Government control, because they will ruin it again with short term great
and a lack of vision and a moral compass. Some schools of thought and
religion say that our world and its events are all an illusion, but this is not
true. It is actually a reality needing drastic healing. Its easy to call
everything an illusion living in the safety of a monastery, this is the real
world and its killing us.
Its simple for the Buddhists to say everythings an illusion so dont
worry about. But the same person casually calling everything an illusion
would have a harder time of it if they were to sit on a pin, or watch their
young children being gang raped and murdered in front of them. The
insanity of the human mind needs drastic, emergency attention, and we
can no longer pass it off as an illusion, which is a great cop out and easy
way to not do anything about it.
Though of course on another level our bodies arent solid under a
powerful microscope, and we are really fountains of energy. Another trap
in some of the love and light spiritual circles is not wanting to hear, or
focus on anything negative, only positive and uplifting things, which is
great, I am all for that but as I have mentioned if someone is raping your
kids or raping your planet, then you had better get off your positive ass
and act to do something about it.
The days of sitting in meditation while the world is corrupted and
brutalised and doing nothing about it is over. I will say it again, its over,
and its time to see the negative, accept it is a reality and do something
about it before it kills us. We must take responsibility and act if we can to
alleviate the suffering in any way we can. What point is there
transcending something that keeps recurring, at some point it borders on
masochism. Look what happened to the Tibetan monks beaten half to
As in Karate, sometimes we are wiser to step aside and let the blow go
past than sit in its way and be struck and call it illusion, or sometimes we
must act, and defend ourselves or others if need be. I answered a smug
question from a doctor recently at a talk that was about cruelty to animals
and vivisection, who asked, what if a dog attacked a baby in its pram;
would you not kill the dog? He was expecting to shut everyone up, but
of course I would kill the dog if it attacked my baby, and I would also kill
the doctor who asked the question if he attacked my baby. There are times
when we have to act and respond with violence, thats part of the system,
its not all love and light here on earth.
Though of course serious spiritual development, as in meditation and
astral travelling is wonderful and a very important thing to practice, I
practise it myself, and its great to have a little break from the body, but

we must remember we are here on this planet which is based in a
predatory ecology, where each blade of grass and tree are fighting and
pushing each other for light, even though they are beautiful things, there
is a battle going on here on earth, and we are part of that struggle and part
of the beauty too, but real spiritual development embraces the good and
the bad, thats the way in these times of challenge.
We are not in a monastery we are here, now. Though the monastery gates
are open to anyone who wants to leave this world behind for a while, and
thats fine too.

2012 and Beyond

As we reflect on ourselves and our planet, ourselves and our planet

reflect back to us what we need to change.

People are very concerned about the year 2012, and the possibilities of
what may or may not take place. This is a great indication that people
want something big to happen to change things. Whatever is going
happen in 2012, we must still, very urgently dissolve our huge
imbalances, and transform ourselves in preparation for whatever may
happen. If nothing happens in 2012 we will still destroy ourselves if we
stay the same, so the emergency transformation of ourselves must be
quickly ushered in whether we transcend this reality and raise our
vibrations to a higher dimension, or whether we are all transported off on
a huge space ship to a healing hospital, or whether we are all blown to
bits by a comet, washed away by a flood, dissolved by a nuclear war, or
whatever, we had still better do the transformative work on ourselves.
If we are moving to a higher dimension as older traditions predict with
the end of the Mayan calendar, lets at least leave here as refined as we
possibly can be, in preparation for the next level of existence. If we are
carrying on here, its even more of a reason to rid ourselves of all our
imbalances that tether our progress, and we must quickly shed our
madness which is destroying us, but most importantly shed the madness
that is the Government that is controlling us, and keeping us tethered to
the wheels of work, and slavery.
So lets spend less time debating it and worrying about it and more time
on sorting ourselves out, and transforming ourselves in preparation for
any eventuality.

If you believe there are higher dimensions than this - and I cant imagine
any lower then it is all about preparation for that next level, whether we
are forced to move forward in 2012, or whether we are forced to live out
our lives on this planet, we will still have to keep refine ourselves and
moving forward.
We have suffered enough, and I would rather see us all dissolve in a cloud
of cosmic dust and get the heck out of here than stay here still immersed
in this system we have which is confining our development, though we
can still develop within it, and we must continue, but this system has
come to the bottom of the barrel, and we are going around in circles with
the whole system becoming worse, though thankfully as the system is
becoming worse we are becoming better, and so we are no longer just
being dragged along by it, we have to do things we dont want to still do
yes, but we are learning to raise our vibrational level above those things,
so there is a separation taking place in us, away from what was
destroying us and towards our true authentic selves, and at last we are
moving away from the trap.

Chapter 3

The Fire of Transformation

The Fire of Transformation Melds Us.

We are melded and transformed in the fire and flames of experience.

There are many accounts and stories of people being just at the point of
complete despair and collapse, only to rediscover their real power and re
connection to themselves again through the almost fatal experience.
These experiences proved to be the very catalyse which made them whole
again. We are at that tipping point now in our system.
There is a lovely old story of the great mother of transformative power,
who holds us in the fire until we are about to melt, but just before we do
she pulls us out which tempers our spirit and makes it stronger, melding
and welding us into who we really are. Just like steel which is heated to a
dangerously high temperature then plunged into water which makes it
much stronger. The story goes that she knows just how long to leave us
burning in the flames of experience.
Our darkest times can be the most powerful gateways to freedom if we
are ready to transform ourselves. The timing is everything, like the surfer
on the wave.
Like grapes being crushed in a press to extract the rich juices, the pulp
needs to be pressed to get at the juice.
Have you ever seen honey spun in drums? They have to spin it really hard
and fast until the rich honey is flung out from the confines of the cone
with great force for it to come forth to be tasted properly.

My own darkest most difficult times, and I have had many, were in
retrospect my greatest teachings, though of course I would not want them
again thanks, or wish them on anyone else. They enamoured me and
made me strong, and were vital links in my chain to get me to here and
now, to be writing this.

Transformation by Drowning in Despair

Our system which is drowning us is awakening us

The transformation in people taking place now reminds me of the

initiation process that St John used to do to people as his form of radical
baptism. Apparently instead of the later sprinkling of water on the
forehead, he would get someone in the water and hold their head under
the water until they were thrashing around fighting for their lives, and
only just before they passed out would he pull them out.
Once they had reached that point of near death by suffocation did they
transcend and shed all their old skin, all their worries, fears, petty
concerns, the clutter in their minds, even their own names, religions, race
and general identity, and so had that feeling of rebirth and freedom from
the old self with all its attachments. If someone is not sure who they are
any more thats good, it means you may be transcending the old labels
and shackles and coming closer to getting to know the real you who has
no labels but just is.
Apparently at or near real death this happens to a lot of people, and the
peace and transcendent liberation they have found is written on their
Many people who have faced death by accidents or disease often discover
their true essence again when everything is stripped away, especially if
they also transcend their fear, and rediscover their freedom, happiness
and peace that most people yearn for and never discover their whole
I can sense that people all over the world are being so manipulated, and
strangled by the system of debts and slavery, that a similar thing is taking
place. The beautiful connection to peace, harmony, love and happiness
inherent in each person has become so weakened and cut off by the
strangulation our system has inflicted on us that they are in a similar
process to the radical near drowning I just described.

Our heads are being held under the water by mass manipulation in a
system which is now choking us to the point of unconsciousness, and
ironically it is this very thing which is triggering our transformation and
awakening us.
Like a caterpillar now becoming a butterfly thrashing around in its old
caterpillar cocoon to get out and fly, so are we awakening by our heads
being held under the water, not by the loving hands of St John but by the
strangling hands of the oligarchs who have been drowning us for years
and years.

We are Like Moths to a Transformative Flame

There is a light in us which we yearn for, a connection to ourselves,

without which we will starve to spiritual death.

Moths will die to get to the flame or light, they just cant help but to
pursue that light, its food for them, real nourishment, which they are
willing to sacrifice everything for. We are no different, and if we are cut
off from our spiritual connection to ourselves our souls light almost dies,
as can be seen in humanity now. Without pursuing the transformative
light of ourselves we become weakened to the point of spiritual despair
and almost death.
I was in a meditation hut in Findhorn many years ago, and I watched as a
moth tried desperately to get to the light from a skylight in the beautiful
wooden ceiling which was cunningly covered by a spiders web with a
huge spider in it. The moth was throwing itself towards the light coming
from behind the web, and every time it lunged at the light it hit the web,
where the spider was on the other side frantically pouncing back and
forth to get the moth, it was an amazing, quite shocking sight. Wherever
it bounced on the web the spider raced to try and grab the moth who,
even though in terrible danger couldnt help but act on its inbuilt, deeply
seated instinct to pursue the light at any cost, because the light is its
energy source, the moths food, without which it dies. The spider
intrinsically knows this, thats why you see a vast complex of spider web
traps, around street lights.
Our energy source is our spiritual connection to ourselves and the higher
echelons of the universe without which we shrivel and die. We as humans
in our transformational, gestational process are not much different to the
moth which cannot survive without that connection. The path returning to
our disconnected selves like a bright light calls us towards it, like a

magnet. The more we feel the results of our development, as we change
and transform, the more serious we realise the issue of our transformation
is, and it becomes a part of our every moment. Our every thought, word
and action is a lesson and another step towards our path towards
ourselves. We must be like the moth now and be willing to sacrifice
everything that is holding us from the flame of transformation and truth.
Like moths to the light and flame, we are also like bees, and butterflies
that will do anything to get to the nectar. That longing and hunger for the
sustenance of the light for the moth, and the nectar for the bee, is the
same as the longing in us, when we get our first tastes of our reconnection
again. It is then our light and nectar, which we cannot do without, and we
realise why we felt so desperate and lonely for so long without it, while
we were being drowned and cut off from ourselves by the choking system
of rule by fear.

Dying Daily to Ourselves

Like the mythical phoenix we must now put ourselves into the flames of
transformation in order to rise anew like the phoenix from the ashes.

The practice of dying daily to ourselves is one of utmost importance if we

are to transcend our current condition individually and globally.
Obviously I dont mean killing ourselves physically as in suicide. I mean
dying to our old self traits which shackle us, and prevent us from
becoming what we are, or should I say returning to our pristine,
untarnished and refulgent selves.
A passage of words came to me once about this:
Dying Daily is the key to harmony,
Dying daily to old self traits that shackle us,
But are the very things that free our wings
That fly us back home
To our true untarnished beautiful selves.
Like the great phoenix which rises out of the ashes of itself after death, so
we too are doing this now, and all we need do is feel it and not resist it.
Its a stepping aside of the awkwardness and complications of the self,
and letting them go. So we feel our heaviness, and let it go, feel it, and let
it go, feel it and let it go. Whether it is repetitious thought, panic, stress,
tension, fear, whatever it is simply feel it and let it go, and by continual

practice of this we are distilling ourselves on a moment to moment basis,
a refining of the self in an accelerated time frame. A peace and calm
hitherto unimaginable permeates us as we keep letting go, and we end up
with nothing left to let go of, and in that nothing is everything.
Its as though we have been beer cans being recycled again and again,
and we have got to the stage where we just cant stand being beer cans
any more, its over.
If we hang on to something thats dead we will die with it. We have been
hanging on to our old conditioning and ways of thinking and being for
too long and we have outlived our old skin. When snakes, lizards and
caterpillars give up their old skin they dont lament and mourn the loss
and death of their old selves, they hurriedly, and with great enthusiasm
wriggle free from what they were and into what they are becoming. They
dont look back at what they have been, they transform and move on, and
transform and move on.
You know that feeling when we miss the garbage truck and we have to
hang onto the rubbish for another week, well this is what we are like with
our own garbage, we must let it go, and the more we let go the lighter we
feel, the more we want to let go.
We have been stuck, holding on to our old habits of pain and inner
struggle many thousands of years too long, and many millions of people
now are ready to let that go and become something far greater that what
they were. The irony and surprise is that when we do finally let go into
the flames of transformation we wonder how we held on to such
heaviness for so long.
I remember having to let go of my dog Sally. She died in my arms and a
part of me died too, I was a broken man. Her body was on the settee as
though she was having a sleep. I wanted to hang on and it was difficult to
bury her, but eventually I had to let her go.
Likewise we have to let ourselves go to receive ourselves again
unfettered by the deep wounds of our past.

Draining Our Fangs Of Our Poisons

Just like a snakes fangs can be drained of their poisons so that they cant
hurt anyone, so now must we drain our own fangs of the poisons of the
self, so we cant hurt ourselves, others or the planet any more.

Draining our fangs of the poisons of ourselves is a continual practice, one
which we must never overlook. Draining our fangs is like disarming
ourselves of the harmful poisons which we harm others, ourselves and the
planet with. Interestingly, though obviously, the poisons are all in our
minds, our minds of course being the source of every problem we face in
ourselves and on this planet. You could very safely say we are poisonous
as a species, and we spread and infect others with our poison, whether we
are descending in a helicopter into an undiscovered village in the amazon
forest, or whether we are a young soldier being trained to kill people in
the middle east, we are pretty much infectors of dis-ease. A dis-ease of
our minds and our deeply wounded spirits.
Of course we are also doing some incredibly wonderful things, but I
concentrate purposely on the things that are killing us in order to focus on
them and have a chance to change them. And I can hear someone saying
it to me now but Jason what you resist persists, okay, so lets not resist
Auschwitz or the slaughtering NATO peacekeepers in the Middle East,
or lets ignore the Palestinian concentration camp, no, we cant use that
one anymore.
Human insanity must be addressed and resisted, believe me, we had
better drop that old what you resists persists. I was shot at in Cape Town
for resisting the brutality of apartheid, and so did millions of other people
resist it and thats why it was abolished, it didnt persist when we resisted
it. No, we must drain the fangs of the human self of cruelty, ignorance,
greed, and all the other illnesses of mind we have. I know through my
own complacency that we must keep draining our own fangs, because
there is always more work to do on ourselves, if we leave them they may
refill with the same or even worse poisons again. It is an on-going
distillation of the self.

Accelerated Karmic Precipitation

The time has come for us to move on from chaos, our baggage is heavy,
let us lay it down once and for all, and accumulate no more.

Whether we believe in karma or not there is a definite system in place on

this planet, where everything affects everything else, all our thoughts and
actions affect everything, that is a scientific fact, and its a very serious
system not to be taken lightly, which we now have a chance of becoming
free of.

There is an accelerated precipitation process taking place on this planet
which we can resist, and continue to paddle upstream, or turn our boat of
destiny around and flow with the stream which will wash us clean, and
put us right at last.
There is a doorway of opportunity now for us to transcend all our
accumulated karma in one go, one fell swoop. It is no coincidence at all
that people all over the world are demonstrating for truth and justice, and
are absolutely committed to exposing lies, and getting rid of anyone or
anything that is not truth, people are being propelled to find the truth
inwardly and outwardly.
And within that deep longing we all have to get to the bottom of things
and find the truth, is a deep inherent need to dispel from ourselves and
from our system everything that is not truth.
There is definitely a purging taking place on this planet now, you dont
have to call it anything or try and explain it but it is happening. A purging
of all that is not true, immoral, ethical, and just, like a huge tsunami of
truth thats going to wash away everything that is rotten.
All we need to do to accelerate our own purging is simply to see it in
ourselves, everything we have done that we regret, just see it, feel it, and
allow it to come to the surface and be taken away, just let it go with
thanks, and a forgiveness for yourself. This may sound very esoteric but it
doesnt have to be, its basic common sense cleansing, like washing a car.
I think it is no exaggeration to say now that we have learned enough
about suffering to last us a thousand lifetimes, its time to move on.
There are many explanations for this process which are often
overcomplicated, and it would take years to really study karma and we
havent got time, so we only need to know the basics to know what we
have to do to end the chain of cause and effect, what we sow we reap,
what goes around comes around, and on and on. But its quite simple
The older traditions say that apparently in each lifetime we have a chance
to refine ourselves to a point where we can move onwards and forward
and not have to come here again to remember how not to do it.
We apparently are only allowed to move onward from the chains of
further tedious lifetimes here, if we have not distilled ourselves to the
point where we are responsible and aware enough of the consequences of
our every thought and action, so as to not accumulate any more negative
consequences/karma for ourselves, others or the planet, thus being ready
to move on beyond this sluggish realm of our reality here without any
risk of us contaminating the more refined regions that may lay beyond.

Even if we dont believe this then we surely still want to be free from
creating any more of a tangled mess for ourselves, others and the
suffering planet, because there is no place to hide from ourselves really.
We must turn and face ourselves sooner or later, and it would be very
painful to have to only face it as we die, so better to do it now and put our
accumulated karma in the fires of transformation and begin anew.
If we look at all of nature it resonates with this simple principle that what
is sown is reaped, its true, I know from growing a lot of food in the past.
If you tend carefully and work with nature, keeping things in harmony on
a large allotment or farm, then you will harmoniously reap the rewards,
with more food than you can eat. It is the same with the allotment of life.
If you are really good to people and work in hospital or helping others
you will reap the reward, with a deep feeling of satisfaction and joy, and
others will thank you and like you and send you good feelings, and so it
is with life. There are endless examples of doing good things and getting
good things back, even if its just a clear conscience, thats a huge reaping
and reward.
We are standing in front of a huge computer of all life and all thats been
done and farfetched though it may seem, we, the whole of humanity have
the chance of defragmentation, deleting our past mistakes and rebooting
ourselves, and it only takes a moment.

Fear, Anxiety, Despair and Depression Help us

Remember Ourselves

Most feelings of despair and depression are simply the normal triggers,
reactions, and responses from a healthy mind and body which is in a
system that is tormenting and destroying it.

Ironically a good indication that a person is waking up and spiritually

progressing is a feeling that they cant stand being in the system any
more, that sounds drastic but its not, its exciting because it means we
see through the faade of ourselves and the system and what it is. A lot of
people who are depressed and on tranquilizers just simply see through the
faade of themselves and the system, and dont feel they can face it
anymore, we all feel like that in varying degrees, its why most people
drink every night. Most depression and anxiety is because of the insanity
and strains and stresses of just being a part of this system which almost
kills us spiritually and physically. That feeling is a perfect indicator that
the system is destroying us, making us ill, and is seriously out of balance..

The people who dont seem to get openly depressed and ill through this
system are simply the ones who are hiding their despair very
courageously, or have programmed themselves to only see love, light and
everything positive, and refuse to see the negative, or are completely
oblivious to how the system operates. But we all have that deep feeling in
our beings that something is terribly wrong, whether its on a tiny scale or
on a huge scale, because fear, debt and slavery run this system and thats
what we feel it from.
We can control and transcend it, yes, but the system is nonetheless fear
driven. It keeps most of the population stressed, frightened and agitated.
The people less stressed are usually people with more money and hence
less pressure to barely survive and pay bills on time. But should those
same people have to get three jobs to pay bills and still have the bailiffs
coming to take your car, then it would be much more challenging to stay
at peace and centred.
I know because I have lived through many difficult situations, at some
points having three jobs, working eighteen hour days, and had the
bailiffs come for my car. I told the two of them I would fight them to the
death for the car, and believe me at that point, in that frame of mind I
would have, and they knew it. I would not do that now of course.

Chapter 4

We are Not Our Minds

We are Much More than Our Minds

We can never be free without first transcending the confines of our


Most people are manipulated and controlled by their minds, and dragged
along kicking and screaming by their noisy minds most of the time, by
the habitual thought patterns and repetitious chitter chatter. Many people
think that they are their minds exclusively and feel they are at the mercy
of every thought and feeling, but we are not our minds, but something
much more fantastic and incredible, and once we can transcend the noise
and agitation of our minds, we can then regain access to, and reside in
that place of peace which is present in us all, where a wonderful re
connection to ourselves can begin to happen.
Our minds are beautiful, intricate tools of wonder and amazement, but to
really experience this we must first make sure we are controlling our
minds and not being controlled by them, otherwise we can be helpless
victims, instead of magnificent creators.
Our thoughts can be like a wild horse pulling us wherever it wants us to
go with us seemingly helpless sitting on its back without any control. The
only peace some people get from the mind is when their head hits the
pillow at night, when they fall into bed exhausted.
Our minds can be great for accumulating information, and are wonderful
computing systems and storage facilities for problem solving and future
reference. But too often all the information, along with our fears, worries,

paranoias, panic, self-sabotage and on and on, can all fill our beautiful
minds and get in the way, block, and contaminate the flow of our
inspiration, and connection to that higher part of ourselves which is
always there, behind the noise and rush that chokes and cuts us off from
the peace, beauty and joy that we all yearn for.
It is probably a good place to remind ourselves here how careful we are
about not contaminating our precious computers. We go to great lengths
with firewalls, defragmentation and other systems of anti-virus and
defence systems to block any contamination, but when it comes to our
precious minds, our ultimate computers, we leave it all to chance, with
the resulting madness and mayhem individually and globally.
There is a computer acronym GIGO which means garbage in garbage
out...enough said.

Escaping the Prison of the Mind

If we want to escape from prison the first thing you must do is realise
you are in prison or no escape is possible.- Gurdgieff.

Recognition that our minds are controlling us is the first step to freedom.
Once we recognise that we are trapped in the repetitious patterns of
thought and all its seductive noise that recognition gives us a chance to
escape. Ironically it is the despair in us, resulting from the lack and loss
of the quietness that stimulates us to want to find the peace and freedom
Gurdjieff said 'If you want to escape from prison the first thing you must
do is realise you are in prison or no escape is possible.'
Plato said the mind is a prison, but he was wrong, it is actually a
launching pad to peace and a higher state and stage of development if
used wisely. Though if left unattended, without maintenance and a
continual questioning and re-evaluating yes then the mind can be a virtual
prison of epic proportion, a nightmare for ourselves and others.
And I use my previous analogy again, that when a chick pecks its way out
of an egg, it does so because the poisons inside the egg build to the point
where it has to peck its way out to survive. And so it is with the mind,
when we know we are in its prison we just have to peck our way out of
the noise and chaos to be free again.

Watching Our Minds the Path to Liberation

Once we can take a step back from our thoughts and begin watching
them, this proves that we are not our minds and thoughts exclusively, we
are something much more.
It can be quite a shock to step back and watch our repetitious thoughts
that have been controlling, consuming and even tormenting us for so
Once we can do this though we have created a gap between our minds
and a far greater self, and we learn, with practise, to reside more in that
self, the watcher of the mind than in the mind. In that gap between the
thoughts and the observing, greater self lies great peace and freedom. It is
also like retuning a scrambled radio signal which frees up the channel for
a clearer and more receptive frequency.
It is the beginnings of great freedom, joy, and liberation. It is the path
back to a reconnection to ourselves, and the treasure that awaits us there.
Once we have recreated that gap between our minds and the real us, our
place of peace, we can start practising residing more in that place of
peace and empowerment. And the seductive old thoughts and habits start
to lose their grip on us.
Then we become free, because each thought that comes up is being
watched by us, and we decide if its something we want or not. We dont
have to fight the thoughts and feelings we no longer want, we just watch
them, and watching them shines a light on them and eventually releases
the energy from them which dissolves them.
There is nothing more beautiful than having an empty, peaceful state of
mind. A mind with silence and peace, and no thought is more effective.
Its true that the usefulness of a pot is in its emptiness, the same with
If a tightrope walker neglects to go back to the basics s/he will fall, and
so it is with humanity. We have neglected to practice the very basic
essentials of careful thought, word and action, with the resulting lack of
etiquette, love, care and compassion in the world now reaching a point
where we are becoming more and more accustomed to it, which is a very
great threat our future..
I was talking about staying conscious and controlling our minds and
thoughts once with somebody. They said everyone knows this stuff,
almost as if we had transcended the need for it, to which I replied yes but
they are not doing it which the current madness, despair, chaos and
corruption on the planet very convincingly proves.

Our Treasure Is Just Beneath The Surface Of Our

There is a room full of treasure in every human being just beneath the

There is a beautiful treasure awaiting our discovery, which is just beneath

the surface of ourselves. Just beneath the rush, the panic, the stress, the
fear and our anxiety is something we have all been searching for all
along. Its the holy grail of the self. Its not something we have to try to
get, its simply something we have already got, but its just covered over
by our conditioning. When we learn to quiet ourselves a bit, we start to
get a little glimpse of that treasure, as though we were starting to look
through a keyhole into that room in ourselves, full of precious gifts and
gems that once rediscovered will make us whole again, and once
rediscovered and embraced, we will never feel alone again, not in a
selfish aloneness but in an all one ness.
Once we reconnect to that place in us, we realise it was there all along,
we were just going so fast we had missed it. There is a lovely old story of
the Musk Deer, which is an analogy of our human condition. The Musk
Deer has a beautiful smell of musk, a perfume, coming from its naval,
and it runs around all over the place sniffing, frantically looking for the
smell that's coming from itself, but it keeps thinking its 'out there'
This is what we do as humans. We rush about all our lives looking for
ourselves, 'out there', and end up always a few paces ahead of ourselves.

Stress the Agitated State of Being

If we keep ourselves under stress long enough we will break.

Most of us are in an agitated state of being a lot of the time, and this
resonates through our whole being causing stress and anxiety. We can
easily become used to this state of being, and it becomes normal for us.
By rushing ahead of ourselves into the future we get stressed, and by

always being a few paces ahead of ourselves in the future we feel like we
are always trying to catch up with things. Its a terrible way to live, I
know because I lived like that. It is similar to the greyhound races where
the rabbit is just ahead of the greyhound all the time and the greyhound
runs its legs off but never seems to catch up. Thats like us: we plunge
ahead of ourselves continually. What this does to our mental and physical
health is shocking, which I will cover later.
Even when we eat we are usually unconsciously just ahead of ourselves
in the next mouthful instead of enjoying this mouthful. You can see this
very prominently in most people when they eat. Very often the next fork
full is being prepared and being raised to the mouth before we have
finished the previous mouthful.
I used to practise putting my fork down while I enjoyed one mouthful at a
time, and it doesnt take that much longer, its fascinating to be conscious
of what your tongue is doing while eating.
By being in the future, just ahead of ourselves all the time literally means
we miss our lives because we are not here we are always there, just
ahead, its a nightmare existence to be in.
Being consciously present with every breath and step we take is so
nourishing. It becomes automatic with practice. Watching our hands pick
something up, and the way our fingers move and function, this type of
observation pulls us into the present, and takes us no longer.
We must keep asking ourselves how we feel, am I rushing? Am I tense?
Am I here now? I can remember regularly checking my face and
shoulders for tension and realising my shoulders were about five inches
higher than they should be, filled with pent up tension. The more we alert
ourselves to when we are moving out of and ahead of ourselves, the more
we are remembering to remember to stay conscious. Its worth saying that
again remembering to remember to stay conscious. Its simple stuff,
nothing profound.
We have forgotten to practice the basics, and if you forget the basics you
forget yourself in the process.
With practice we can feel when we are moving outside and ahead of
ourselves again, and it becomes easier with practice to recognise as soon
as we forget to remember, and pull ourselves back again.
Have you ever seen a mum or dad with a child on reigns, well its a bit
like that, we must keep pulling ourselves back towards ourselves, and
ideally feel ourselves in and with ourselves at all times. Like riding a
horse and having to keep hauling it back in as it races ahead.

Practising Mind Basics Continually

If a tightrope walker fails to keep going back to basics again and again,
they will fall.

We are like tightrope walkers in that if we fail to keep practising the

basics of sanity we will keep falling into madness and imbalances again
and again, regardless of what we change in the outer, bigger picture of the
world. We wont put the world right till we put ourselves right. Like the
tightrope walker who becomes complacent once they have learned all
about the skill of tightrope walking, but fails to practice over and over,
they will fall.
Someone once said to me that everyone knows these simple things about
the very basics of mind maintenance and continual watching of ourselves,
carefully monitoring ourselves in our every action of what we think, say
and do.
I replied to them that everyone may know about it but they are not
practising it, and therein lies own downfall as a species that has gone
clinically insane. Like a tightrope walker who has become complacent
and a bit smug, thinking they may have outgrown the need for a continual
practice of assessment and maintenance on a moment to moment basis.
Like a boxer who thinks they can stop training when they know all about
the skill of boxing, he would be knocked to his knees in no time without a
continual practice and training, and so it is with humans. If we stop the
practice we will fall to our knees with imbalances and madness, as we
evidently have. I dont need to prove this to you, the world is at war and
so are most of its citizens, at war with ourselves and hence everything
and everyone else. Like the film Forbidden Planet I referred to earlier
where a race of beings who became highly developed destroyed
themselves because they forgot about the monsters of Id, the deep
subconscious imbalances which if left unattended will grow like noxious
weeds until they take over, and poison not only the individual but the
entire population.
So we return to the same theme again, that the human mind left
unattended is destroying us, and is our biggest enemy today on this
planet, an enemy that will, and is, bringing us to the point of disaster, too
simple though it sounds it is true. Just ponder for a moment the truth of
that statement, that the biggest enemy and threat to our existence on the
planet today, is our own minds. We can be experts in psychology, and still
fall into the miasmas of insanity, and still be immersed in the traps of the
mind, and often it is those of us who are so called experts on the mind,

which are the ones who fall most into complacency, like camels who
forget to keep seeing their own humps as well as other peoples, believing
they have transcended the need to study themselves on a moment to
moment basis.
The mind is not a system which maintains itself, it has no built in anti-
virus programmes like our computers, it must be continually scrutinised
and cleansed, and like a garden, weeds must be seen and taken away
before they spread. The computer analogy is a good one; we are obsessed
with defragging and searching for viruses on our computers but foolishly
ignore our own need for a moment to moment overhaul.

Our Mental Nutrition is Killing us

Humanity is mentally sick because of what we put into our minds, and it
is that sickness which is killing us and the planet.

A lot of us are fanatical about what goes in our mouths, what vitamins
and minerals we have, and all the other things we worry about for our
physical nutrition, which is very sensible, but when it comes to our
mental nutrition most people are not a bit concerned or careful as to what
they allow into their minds. If we eat something bad our stomachs throw
it up or out the other end, but if we ingest bad stuff into our minds then it
is much harder to get rid of it, and some things can stay festering in our
minds and poison us our whole lives, we must watch our mental nutrition
with a hawk eye. Most people would not even think about monitoring
what goes into their minds, and its often quite easy to see which people,
not to be judge mental but some things are glaringly obvious, and it is
simply this neglect that is causing the madness and insanity that is killing
us and the planet, it is as plain and simple as that.
Interestingly when it comes to our computers we are fanatically careful
what we put into them, and terrified of infecting them with viruses and
any negative influences, and go to great lengths to have the most
sophisticated firewalls, and security systems in place, but when it comes
to our own minds the most precious and complex of all computers we
dont bother. All the garbage that we let into our minds, via the television,
horror films, killing games, other peoples influences and our own
madness and chitter chatter, all flow out from us creating who we are and
the world around us, yes its serious stuff that we have forgotten at our

We literally are what we think and our thoughts create our world, most
things we see, good and bad, begin with thoughts. There is a computer
acronym GIGO Garbage in, garbage out, and that sums up this section,
put in rubbish get rubbish out, put in hate and killing, and get something
resembling that out. We are also a result of our conditioning and that also
comes under the flag of mental nutrition, because our conditioning
obviously filters through our minds and conditions us, for good or bad,
usually bad as is evident in the madness we see in humanity worldwide.
There is a very interesting interplay between our minds and our
intestines. Our intestines digest food and our minds digest experience,
and our brains and intestines look very similar with their convolutions,
and the neuropeptides in our intestines are similar to those in the brain.
So our physical and mental nutrition is very connected indeed. There is a
better acronym we could use which is NIMO non garbage in
metamorphosis out. As I have explained already miracles are the
manipulation and manifestation of matter with mind which we all do
every minute, whether we are making a fifty story building, a pot of stew,
a war, peace, or an imbalanced human being who creates imbalance.

Our Physical Nutrition is Killing us

We are what we eat, drink and think, and what we eat drastically affect
our health and how we think, act and look.

We are destroying ourselves with what we eat and drink, and it is

affecting our consciousness and turning us into people who are only half
alive physically and spiritually. Our diet makes us what we are and the
toxic ingredients in nearly all food and water now is crippling our bodies
and making us dulled which makes us more subservient and malleable for
those who control us.
This subject is too huge for me to detail here, so just a quick overview,
about a few points. First our water is poisoned, just take a sample to a
chemist if you need clarification, the levels of chlorine is killing us, and
the amount of fluoride in the water in Ireland id turning its population
into very sick people, to the point of a lot of people becoming retarded,
with IQs falling at an alarming rate, with mental illness ravaging people.
The chemicals and pesticides in food are ravaging peoples bodies and
minds, as are all the other horrific additives in food and drink such as

Aspartame had been banned because it causes brain tumours and a
dulling of consciousness. In 1985 the evil company Monsanto purchased
G.D. Searle the chemical company that held the patent to aspartame; they
didnt care about its horrific past. The chairman of G.D. Searle Donald
Rumsfeld, hes the one who bombed Iraq into a living hell. Rumsfeld
soon had aspartame approved again and it is killing and poisoning
millions of people today, probably more people than Donald Rumsfeld
killed in Iraq, which was hundreds of thousands at best.
Rumsfeld apparently received a $12 million dollar bonus in 1985 for his
dirty deed of bringing the aspartame killing monster back to life. And
amazingly was awarded Outstanding CEO in the pharmaceutical
industry. In short then, never drink or eat anything with aspartame in it, in
unless you want to end up a zombie, also never eat anything GMO, and
always where possible eat Organic food. Monsanto are hell bent on
owning every seed in the world, they are definitely psychotic maniacs.
Never drink straight from the tap, get a really good filter, or find a natural
spring, they are all over the place, lovely water oozing, cleansed out of
the ground. Ideally grow your own food, start an alliance in your town
today and be free from reliance on food hand outs, and we will take our
power back.

Our Minds Are the Biggest Threat to Our Survival

The biggest threat to humanity is humanities own mind.

The greatest disease on the planet right now is the dis-ease of our minds,
which is the greatest threat to ourselves as humanity, and our future. If we
compare ourselves to all other life forms on the planet, we are the only
species to have gone clinically insane. Our minds are currently the most
destructive weapon and force on the planet, because we create and
destroy with it.
It is also the most magnificent tool for peace and harmony. There was an
old sci-fi film called Forbidden Planet where a race of beings became
highly evolved and developed, but destroyed themselves because they
had not dealt with 'the monsters of Id', the enemy within, the deeply
rooted destructive traits of mind on a subconscious level, which if left
unchecked inevitably end up destroying their host.
We have a dangerous combination of an evolved technology controlled
by people without an evolved emotional and intellectual maturity. The
technologically magnified destructive power is proving lethal in the

hands of people not yet evolved enough to be able to handle the
responsibility of that amount of power at their fingertips, as the current
global mayhem easily proves, with the horrific possibility now looming
of a nuclear war.
In fact its nuclear war already with the wanton use of depleted uranium
tipped bullets and bombs being used right now, which I will explain more
fully later.
History shows us again and again, that the more power governments
gain, the quicker they have destroyed themselves. So the urgency to
transcend our addiction to greed and power seeking cannot be overstated
here. The people spearheading our self-destruction via advanced
technologies are like little children left unattended in a nuclear reactor.
Another old sci fi film called The Day the Earth Stood Still was also
poignant to our current situation, and summed it up at the end of the
movie, when the protagonist 'Klatu' the being from outer space who had
come to warn us of our self-destruction said: 'The universe grows smaller
every day, and the threats of aggression or oppression by any group
anywhere can no longer be tolerated. There must be security for all or no
one is secure. And this does not mean giving up any freedom except the
freedom to act irresponsibly...Pursue your present course and you will
face obliteration'.
Our minds are exquisite tools which need careful monitoring and
adjustment, and if left unchecked can wreak absolute havoc individually,
collectively and hence globally.

We are Transducers of Consciousness

We are much more than our minds.

Once we clear the debris and noise from our minds we begin to get a sniff
of something else which seems to be much cleverer, and sophisticated
than we are or our minds are. It seems more and more likely that our
brains are a bit like a receiver in a television that we receive messages
through. We are like a television set that can receive a signal from
somewhere else, and we are not necessarily just the television set or the
body we walk around in, there is something else that can work through
us, and I have had confirmation of this on many occasions.
I talked in another section about how we can escape the noisy mind by
simply watching it, becoming the observer, and in doing so this proves

we are not exclusively our minds as most people believe themselves to
be. Its easy to get trapped and dragged along by our minds, as though we
were on the back of a wild horse, only occasionally gaining control and
direction. This was me thats why I know what it feels like.
When we can comfortably be the observer, and reside in that quietness
that seems very separate from the mind, we begin to get more proof that
there is indeed an intelligence far superior to that which we feel ourselves
to be. It is harder to access this other dimension of ourselves when we are
just stuck in the minds merry-go-round and miasmas of fear, worry,
stress, anxiety and complications. There is an intelligence operating
beyond ours which can operate through us, when it wants to and we can
meet it half way. We get to know things through direct experience, so I
urge the interested reader to look into this further, and find someone who
can help you practise. Though be careful in your choice as there is still a
lot of spiritual madness around and it important to avoid this.
Our consciousness can also leave our bodies and move out, around and
discover other places where higher than human forms of intelligence exist
that can tell us things. Let us not forget that we are all very gifted
telepathically, and psychically in our untarnished, balanced, ideal state
which is becoming rare these days. We desperately need to blow away the
cobwebs from our gifted selves and return again to those treasures which
we all still possess, but which are a little rusty and need a bit of oiling
here and there.
As I said before it is not something we must try to get it is something we
already possess, but it is a locked door until we find the key and
combination again, and until we do our treasure will remain concealed, a
mere doors width away.

Chapter 5

Remembering Ourselves

Finding Peace Individually

We have in each one of us a place of peace so beautiful, and it is calling

us home.

Every human being ultimately yearns for peace, happiness and stability.
Peace is not something we have to try and get. It is something we've
already got, its just so covered over by our rush, stress, fear, anger,
anxiety and our desperate struggle to survive, which all have a terribly
dulling effect on our senses. Fear and stress literally cut us off from
ourselves, and choke us off from that special feeling of peace and
wellbeing which is inherent in every human being.
We have a beautiful place of peace inside us all which is like a room full
of treasure: we just need to remember how to access it again, by finding
the key and combination again to that doorway. The combination often
comes via the despair and emptiness that the disconnection to that place
in us brings. Ironically its the feeling of loss of that peace which is the
very thing that stimulates us to retrace our steps and rediscover the path
of connection again.
It is the recognition of our loss of inner peace which is the starting point,
the beginning of our journey home. This loss is being felt now more than
ever both individually and globally, and we are at a tipping point where
its obvious that if we dont find peace individually and globally very
quickly, we will destroy ourselves, many other species, and our whole

Remembering Ourselves.

We forget ourselves, then remember again, and with much practice the
void of noisy amnesia between remembering and forgetting diminishes
then we are whole and awake continually.

Remembering, as I mentioned in another section, is not only staying

conscious as in not forgetting ourselves, it is more than that it is literally a
re-membering, a re-joining to a dis-membered consciousness, that most
of us neglect for most of our lives, which puts us into a slumber of
amnesia, and we can lose the essence of ourselves, so although we are
supposedly awake, we are often just functioning, as though we were
heavily sedated with anaesthetic.
We forget ourselves, but once we start remembering our real selves its
like coming around from chloroform, we begin to really start feeling a
deep connection and oneness to ourselves again, its like coming back
home after getting lost.
Its a practice like riding a bike: you get it then forget and fall off, get it
then fall off. Its a similar thing when we remember, we feel right here
right now, fully awake, then we forget again, then we remember we have
forgotten again and re-member, stay with it a while, aha yes here I am,
then off we go and forget again, till the next time we remember.
With practice we are remembering all the time with no forgetting, no
lapses in consciousness, just a continuous steady stream of being. A
knowing that we are awake and feeling every thought and sensation that
comes up, in every single moment. Its a beautiful place to reside in, as
theres nothing to run away from and, no pulling or pushing of past and
future, we are just right here right now.

Reflections in the Mirror

By seeing past the skin and face, we feel our soul.

A student was asked by a wise teacher once look in the mirror what do
you see? I see myself the student replied. If thats all you see you
dont see anything said the teacher.
When I used to look in the mirror years ago before I had begun to search
for something more than my reflection, all I saw was Jason and the way
he looked, and I was trapped in that image. But as my search continued

and I began transcending the image I saw, its name, and its noisiness,
hang ups, habits and idiosyncrasies, I began to really feel and
experience a more tangible part of myself which ironically was not
tangible like my body, but something else. That something else in
ourselves, our soul, essence or whatever else it has been called, is the
ultimate relationship we can find.
We are more identified with our reflections than we may realise, though
of course we must honour what we look like, and the body that we are in,
which is a wonderful vehicle and tool that houses that something else
but its not what we really feel we are deep down, we all feel this. We all
feel that there is something more to us than the hair we brush, the face we
make up, the body we wash, the two eyes, a nose and a mouth, that we
see in the mirror, that we smell and taste with, is just our mask, to see the
world, and be seen and recognised by others.
Imagine if there were no mirrors or even reflections in water, so we didnt
know what we looked like, but could only see what everyone else looked
like. How different things would be, how humble we would be. We would
see, and feel our masks, and join with that which is not seen in the mirror,
which is the most liberating thing, though of course we must respect our
bodies and faces, and keep ourselves groomed and tidy for ourselves and
But if the body is the only thing we identify with, and all that we feel we
are, and then we are meeting only a little portion of ourselves in that
reflection, and without a deeper connection and relationship with our
more magnificent selves whom we dont see in the mirror, we may
become unhappy and lonely.
Reflection is a good word to describe the body, its just a reflection of
us, a tiny reflection at that, and there is a vaster world of ourselves
beyond that. The magnificent space suit we need to function on this
planet, is a great and brilliantly designed servant and friend to us, and we
must respect it dearly and treat it with the utmost dignity, it is our
dwelling place without which we have nowhere to live, but we must not
worship it with ego, rather we must practise accessing the peace, love and
harmony beneath the flesh, where the wellspring of joy resides.

Getting a Taste of Ourselves Again

The peace and happiness we all yearn for is like a beautiful perfume and
sweetness in us all, its always been there and never goes away.

The beautiful singer Marvin Gaye said that in his songs he gives people a
taste of themselves. As we clear away the dross of ourselves and
transform, we are getting a taste of ourselves, a whiff of ourselves again,
and those early whiffs of peace and harmony can be like food for us,
because the disconnection we may have been experiencing, is like being
starved to spiritual death by a lack of that connection to ourselves, to the
spiritual essence and food of ourselves.
Our first whiffs of ourselves are like finding a lost treasure map, a
treasure map leading us home to ourselves. Once we get a little taste, a
reminder of what its like to feel whole again, we will never be the same
again. This is a very difficult thing to explain, but its the beginning of a
real re union to the self.
Whole lifetimes are often spent searching for that something that we
want, but are not sure what is, but we know we havent quite got it yet.
The path is a sacred one and one which must be walked sooner rather
than later, but luckily there is an acceleration now it seems where we can
fast-track a bit, if we are ripe and ready enough, and most of us are, like
fruit on the tree which is just at the right time for picking.

Changing Our Direction From Away From Ourselves

to Towards

We all intrinsically feel that we have been going away instead of towards
our true selves

It is a feeling we all have if we listen to our hearts, a feeling of great loss.

We hear our souls calling out to us, that voice which is always there,
reminding us that we have become estranged from our true and wonderful
selves. The old Shamans called it soul loss.
We are like the wonderful butterfly in the wind desperately trying to
navigate towards the flower and being pulled away by the wind again
then moving towards it again, to get to the nectar, without which it can
barely hang on to life.
So are we like the butterfly in our lives, as things pull us away from our
path and back towards ourselves again, in our daily struggle to be, and
survive and achieve. If we are not ever aware and vigilant we can easily
deviate on grand detours from our real hearts desire until we pull
ourselves back on track to come home and feel ourselves again. The
umbilical cord to ourselves is often stretched to near breaking point

before we return towards our essence again. We must become very
sensitive so we know when we are going away or towards ourselves.
I remember reading a tiny poem by my great mentor Kyril Demys, but I
never knew what it meant, but I surely do now, having been away and
towards myself so many times, coming painfully close and painfully far
away so many times, I could have mapped it on these few words:
The Path:
I think he emphasised the last toward as a consummation of the process,
though of course its an on-going process of development and
transformation, but there comes a time when we feel a deep sense of
security at reaching a place of safety, like a rock climber who gets to a
place where s/he knows they have gone through the worst, and have got a
foothold at last. Like going through the eye of the hurricane, things calm
down a bit.

Our Spiritual Development Comes First

The worst crime is one of keeping people from their most magnificent

Our society which forces people to work to survive blocks our perception
and dulls our metamorphic possibilities. If a caterpillar has its
metamorphic glands tied off it doesnt become more than it is, and may
never realise its potential to fly as a butterfly. Much of the ancient
teachings and older cultures of shamanism, astrology and other wisdom
traditions had at their central core the importance of teaching its people to
develop spiritually, and that was the most important thing of all, to
develop from within not from without. These wiser cultures knew that
was the prerequisite for everything else.
Our culture is the other way around putting self-development and ethical,
moral and spiritual values last on the priority list, and that is why we are a

fallen species, trapped in the insanity of imbalances. We have tried doing
it from the outside in and it doesnt work. Our society forces us to think
only of physical survival and material support, which has a terrible
tendency to choke off our metamorphic glands and keep us from
developing into the higher realms of development. Believe or not this
system is purposely constructed to keep us dumbed down, because people
who were developed as they should be would not do what they were told
or be a part of such an unethical system of slavery and manipulation.
Surely no more needs to be said than that?

Just Being and Honouring Who We Are

One of the greatest challenges for people is being themselves.

Letting go of everything that we are not and embracing everything that

we are is one of the simplest, yet, most agonising things for people to do.
As usual I will mostly blame the system that is imposed upon us which
encourages us to be anything but ourselves. But that aside its still us that
have ultimate sway over any influences we are bombarded with.
We must ultimately honour who we are in our uniqueness. So often we
are desperately adding things to ourselves to try and reach that place of
fulfilment we yearn for, when that place already exists, ironically beneath
the huge pile of things we have covered ourselves in to try and find it.
In short then its a simple practise of getting everything that isnt us out
of the way, and whats left is what we really are, allowing everything that
is us to take its place again to regain our rightful place inside ourselves
that is simply us, our own true, beautiful essence that needs nothing
added to it. Needing no salt and pepper or other fancy trimmings via
fashion, job, and all the other labels that make us feel something. We are
everything already, unique, wonderful us.

Real - ising

We are real ising every moment, all our lives are real ised events by
others for us, by us, or a collaboration of the two,

So just like manifesting, and creating with thought and mind so we also
realise, real ise, to make real, things about ourselves, be it physically,
mentally, or material things around us.
So just like a lot of us are unaware that we coincide things into
manifestation, so a lot of us are unaware that we are real ising events
and things all the time. We generally say things like I just realised
something, and even if it is something as simple as that we have just
realised we can swim, skip, grow lettuces, whistle, love more, or bake a
cake, we still realise that as something thats true, real, so on that simple
level we are still seeing, feeling, being that which we realised.
The more impressive real ising of course is suddenly realising that we
have real ised something (as in made it become real) by a culmination
of events coming to fruition, like when someone said I suddenly realised
I had done it. We are still surprised when we materialise something but it
a miraculous natural power we are all born with, it just gets more and
more depleted as life wears us out, and we forget.
When people say they suddenly felt an awakening when everything fell
away and all they were left with was just their own unexplainable essence
of joy in this all-encompassing moment. That is also when a person
becomes a self-real ised person. If it doesnt happen all of a sudden as it
didnt with me, then it can mean an arduous journey of work to keep
ourselves awake, until the stream becomes constant which in our system
is tricky with so many outside forces bearing down on us to keep us
Often people have to be forcibly stripped bare of themselves before that
happens, with a life threatening illness, car crash, depression, loss of a
loved one, loss of a limb, almost dying with drugs or alcohol, or all of the
above and maybe even more, before the chloroform lifts and the blinkers
come off. My journey as I mentioned was slow and torturous which I
wouldnt wish on anyone, but whatever way it happens, happen it must.
Whichever way it happens doesnt matter as long as it does.
When the accumulated heaviness of all the labels, ego identification and
all the dross of the self-come crashing down, whether gently through
persuasion by dedicated self-development, meditation and so on, or
suddenly via a catastrophe then its like coming home.

Feeling Different

When we change and transform, our old skin doesnt seem to fit us
anymore, and thats good, it means somethings happening.

When we are transforming it can be a very lonely time, because we often

dont feel we gel with the system anymore, or the people we used to
know and even stranger still we dont feel like we can gel with ourselves
anymore, and the things we just used to get on and do now may seem
ridiculous. It can be like a fog is lifting from our eyes and we just feel
very different than we did. This feeling is ironically not a cause for
sadness but a cause for celebration, because it is telling us we are ready to
move from what we are to what we really are, and this feels painful but is
an exciting moment in our lives.
For some time after our initial feelings that we were changing, and that
the chloroform was lifting for us, it can be very difficult because we
know we have changed and it doesnt feel the same around other people,
even family, and for a while we keep trying to fit in, until it just becomes
too painful and we move away from the people we knew.
This doesnt mean we are any better than anyone, we have just changed,
and we are just leaving our old feelings and selves behind with all its
habits, like leaving a skin behind for a snake.
It is important to be very gentle with ourselves at this stage, as it is easy
to use the transformation to be hard on ourselves again, or start drinking a
lot of alcohol, to dull the new feelings. It should be a sacred time for us,
and it can be like a rebirth as a lot of the traditions have called it. Very
rarely do we find someone finding the path and peace that doesnt go
through a bit of a hurricane in themselves beforehand, that hurricane
helps sweep away the old and usher in the new.
Things that seemed just normal may seem different, and we start seeing
through the system and how ridiculous it is that people struggle and work
all their lives, and are made to feel bad if they dont. I used to watch
traffic jams and feel how terrible it was for everyone going where they
didnt want to go, it was written in the sadness on their weary faces. I
remember how strange it started seeming to me that people were living in
little streets in little houses next to each other, and that they could hear
each other next door listening to the television, having arguments, having
sex, breaking wind, and I remember thinking that the walls are so close
that if your bed was back to back with your neighbours then your heads
were just a couple of feet away from each other as you slept, as if you

were all literally in bed together, and there are a lot of people I would
prefer not to be in bed with thanks.
When you start learning about peoples energy fields around each person
then it changes the way you look at things, and again this is scientifically
proved that we all have a field around us.
In blocks of flats people are intimately connected to each other, again
literally a couple of feet away, peoples feet above your head and peoples
heads below your feet. I know it can be nice to be close and interact with
our fellow humans but to be forced into those situations like rabbits
crushed into hutches is insane and absolutely ridiculous.
Not so ridiculous of course for the government and big companies raking
in the money from all the bills in each hutch. When you think of each
family getting a mortgage on one property again and again, it is madness.
A lot of the people branded as over sensitive and people who dont seem
to feel comfortable in society are often just people who are picking up
whats right and wrong. The feeling that we dont fit into this system is a
good sign, because it means that we have not been fully put to sleep by it.
The last place you feel you want to be when you are waking up is in this
system, on this planet, because everything about it suddenly becomes
glaringly obvious as being one big system of slavery, based on fear and
short term greed.
The general insanity in people begins to shock us, and as we work hard
on our own insanity it becomes more obvious in others, as we see it and
dissolve it in ourselves. A great mentor of mine talked about the
unutterable loneliness one feels when we are walking the sacred path of
self-transformation. But once we start to touch that connection we are
never lonely again.

Returning to Ourselves The Sacred Marriage

We have been waiting longingly for our estranged selves to return to

ourselves, and at last we will fall into our own arms, and our emptiness
will be filled.

We can all sense deep down that we have been divorced and cut off from
ourselves somehow. The ancient Egyptian word for evil was isf.t to be
cut off from, and we have been seriously cut off from ourselves. Ideally
we would live in a society of learned people who would teach us as
children that we are whole and atone with ourselves, and keep us from

becoming cut off from ourselves in the first place. Our ridiculous system
convinces us we are not complete, or enough as we are and we then leave
ourselves behind to pursue ourselves, its ridiculous.
Its as though we have been disconnected from our own umbilical cord
which has become so thin, we have reached a point where we feel that
chord could almost snap altogether. Many people feel this, but dont talk
about that emptiness and disconnected feeling inside. That unutterable
loneliness and despair that every human has at some level, which is now
changing and we are undergoing a reconnection and remarriage to
ourselves which older traditions likened to the sacred Hieros Gamos from
the Greek word (epoyamia) meaning holy marriage. Where we
begin to re harmonize ourselves with ourselves on a deeper level. Once
we begin to consciously feel and recognize and the disconnection, we
automatically begin that reconnection by a sort of gravitational pull back
towards ourselves, a real yearning inside us.
Our inner beauty and balance wants to be restored. If we really
concentrate on it we can feel both the terrible disconnection and the
reconnection happening simultaneously, and also the voice of our true
selves calling us back, as I mentioned before, like a falcon returning to
the call of the falconer.
We are like twins who have been separated from childhood who now fall
into each others arm again.

Rebalancing Our Male and Female Strands

An urgent rebalancing of male and female in each person will bring

harmony to the whole of humanity, and peace to our planet.

On a more subtle level within us all we are both feminine and masculine,
and the strands are probably closer than we think.
There has always been a terrible tendency in males to overcompensate
with their manliness, which is now more prevalent than ever. Females
however have had less problems staying balanced than men, though they
are also overcompensating, but not becoming too feminine but following
the example of men by also becoming too masculine.
The pendulum of over masculinity has swayed so far now that is
frightening to walk the streets at night in a city, which I recently did, and
it was nauseating to see men overcompensating to the point of thinking
they were superman when fuelled by cheap alcohol and a pack

mentality, and it was obvious that one wrong look at them could easily
spark an attack.
The male overcompensation stems from a deep insecurity and an over
magnification of the deeply seated need to show strength, power,
manhood, and supremacy over other males, and to impress women to
attract them. It is becoming more and more unusual to be driving now
and not at some point have a male becoming aggressive towards you, and
more worryingly an increase in women joining in. Of course its all pretty
basic stuff that I am talking about here, but its our failure to practise the
basics which is pulling us deeper towards disaster.
It is understandable with the pressure to get somewhere on time and how
the system is continually pushing us to do more and do it quicker, and
add to that most people in or out of cars have got so many debts, bills and
pressure that their patience and anger are on a very short fuse. Add to this
that most people are usually in the future not the now, and its
understandable that anyone in their way is a hindrance. All this extracts
the worse in people not the best, especially mens anger and male
With women the overcompensation towards being more masculine has
been brought about in part by the male brutality, and the current system
we are living in, which has become so brutal, insensitive and cruel to its
population that it provokes a hardening in people just to be able to cope
with it and stand up to it, under its crushing pressure to work to pay bills
and just about survive. Inevitably this harshness is passed down to
children perpetuating the victims of victims scenario.
It is heart-breaking to see the beautiful sensitivity in women being
crushed and to see them overcompensating to try to redress the balance. It
is a fact that in extreme cases of male brutality a large number of females
choose to switch sides completely and be with women partners who offer
a more sensitive relationship.
The women are fast catching up with men in the cities at night, often
becoming equally as loud and aggressive, and often beating the living
daylights out of each other.
We dont realise the damage this overcompensation is doing to us, it is
tearing deep wounds in ourselves and others that are very difficult to
redress, and heal, and if we really knew how much this was affecting us
all we would have a deep shock.
As males we must urgently cultivate our feminine sides, by becoming
softer, more gentle and sensitive with ourselves and others. Though we
must also realise we are intrinsically protectors of our families and loved
ones, and that is built into us for a good reason, so we should honour that.

We should also honour our physical strength as men, and respect our
powerful bodies designed to protect and build, and move things with
muscles. But again beware not to overcompensate and become big
headed and arrogant about it.
Most importantly we must practise becoming very conscious as to our
feelings as they arise, and to feel what they are and why, and practice
letting them go rather than locking into them, being dragged
unconsciously along by them, or much worse not noticing them at all. As
women we must urgently recognise when we are becoming too like men,
and cultivate our sensitivity and gentleness, but also learn to gently be
able to defend ourselves, and tap into that female power that we see in
nature with female lions and leopards who ultimately dominate over the
male strength, but again not to overcompensate too much, and also
practise becoming very conscious as to our feelings as they arise, and to
feel what they are and why, and practice letting them go rather than
locking into them, being dragged unconsciously along by them, or much
worse not noticing them at all.
As I have repeatedly already overstated its all about the recognition of
thoughts and feelings as they arise, and the continual practise of being the
careful watcher of ourselves, and recognising whats right and whats
wrong, and becoming skilled in discerning the difference.
Then we will become the filter and safety valve for our own behaviour
that goes out into the world, and if we can all simply do that we would
have a paradise on earth virtually overnight.
A rebalancing also of male and female, which is drastically needed with
our system vastly overcompensated by male dominance.
Our inner beauty and balance wants to be restored. If we really
concentrate on it we can feel both the terrible disconnection and the
reconnection happening simultaneously.

Changing and Refining Our Frequency

The first step in altering our frequency is having the ears to hear and the
eyes to see.

Its a bit like adjusting the dial on a radio to a different frequency with
less interference. Once we start recognising the unnecessary noise and
interference that we might be experiencing, automatically we are drawn

to want to look for another station, to refine our frequency, and even
switch to another bandwidth altogether.
To stick with the radio frequency analogy a moment, the less crackles and
irritating disturbances we feel on the better frequency the more we keep
looking for a better one.
Once we have changed to more peaceful, nourishing channels to function
on, we never want to go back to the others. Its would be like getting used
to soothing classical music, then going back to listen to raucous Radio 1,
with its loud voices and unsettling rhythms, it grates on your ears and
nerves. And so it is with our transformative work, though we shouldnt
call it work, the path of transformation calls us to it, and once we taste the
nectar of our own peace again, its not work then, we just want to do it.
And once we begin, and take that vow, that promise to ourselves to no
longer resist our own blossoming, then a doorway is hermetically sealed
behind us. And though we may still falter and fail, we know we can never
fully return to our complacent slumber again, with its agitation and noise.

Doing Nothing Reconnects Us

Even just saying the words doing no - thing can make us feel guilty.

We have been conditioned to believe that we should always be doing

something, and when we dont we can easily feel we are being lazy and
wasting time, but often the most productive thing to do is nothing. As I
have mentioned when talking about the magic that is found when we can
have an empty mind, in that nothingness we find the some thingness, and
it is the same with doing nothing, in that stillness we find the peace.
I remember when I first sat quietly and felt the reconnection. It was
interesting because until the wave of peace engulfs us in the reconnection
and meditation, there is sometimes that feeling that we should get up and
get on with things, and that we are wasting time. The last thing that is
wasting time is the time spent reconnecting to what we have lost by
wasting time on things that arent conducive to our growth and
Many people now cannot sit still and do nothing. We have become so
used to rushing and cramming things in to get everything done, that we
really feel we have no time to do nothing. For many people to just
consider sitting quietly on the sofa or chair without a newspaper or the
television to entertain them would seem strange. But by stopping

ourselves doing something we actually rediscover that something, that
sweetness, the nectar of quiet and still peace, and it can feel strange at
first. This subject and how it feels just shows us how far we have
dangerously strayed from peace and stillness. The further we stray from it
the more dangerously thin that silver thread to ourselves becomes until
we feel we could snap altogether.
We are not eating the nourishment of doing nothing when we are sat still
watching television.

Just Being and Honouring Who We Are

One of the greatest challenges for people is being themselves.

Letting go of everything that we are not and embracing everything that

we are is one of the simplest, yet, often agonising things for people to do.
As usual I will mostly blame the system that is imposed upon us which
encourages us to be anything but ourselves. But that aside its still us that
have ultimate sway over any influences we are bombarded with.
We must ultimately honour who we are in our uniqueness. So often we
are desperately adding things to ourselves to try and reach that place of
fulfilment we yearn for, when that place already exists, ironically beneath
the huge pile of things we have covered ourselves in to try and find it.
In short then its a simple practise of getting everything that isnt us out
of the way, and whats left is what we really are, allowing everything that
is us to take its place again to regain our rightful place inside ourselves
that is simply us, our own true, beautiful essence that needs nothing
added to it. Needing no salt and pepper or other fancy trimmings via
fashion, job, and all the other labels that make us feel something. We are
everything already, unique, wonderful us.

Chapter 6

Releasing Ourselves From Our


Releasing Ourselves From Our Own Torture

The greatest of all battles is the battle to end the battle with the self.

Imagine the horror of actually seeing someone in the street wrestling on

the floor with themselves. Pushing and kicking themselves, grabbing
themselves, biting and poking themselves and literally tying themselves
in knots, and at the same time verbally abusing themselves.
Well thats what a lot of us do in varying degrees physically and mentally
but in secret. Some people openly do it but generally they are taken away
in a strait jacket and sectioned in a mental hospital. But think about it,
this is what people do.
A fantastic old film called Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders came on late
one night and I wept as I watched parts of it. There was a later version
called City of Angels with Nicolas Cage. It was about higher beings who
were watching us from a higher realm as we lived our lives, and they
could also hear everybodys thoughts. It was a perfect illustration of how
tormented most people really are, and the terrible noise, dispute and
debate and chitter chatter we endure in our minds. Just imagine being on
a bus stop or a train carriage and being able to hear everyones thoughts,
it would be overwhelming and shocking.

Most people are living in quiet despair with their thoughts and feelings in
every waking moment and even while asleep.
People are generally scared to say how they truly feel through fear that
others will say they cant cope or they are having a breakdown or
This system makes people feel that way, that they must not be seen to
have weaknesses or cracks in their character. How many people do we
hear say how they really feel when asked how they are? Very few of
course not. We dare not expose our delicate feelings and admit that we
may actually feel desperate, lonely, and sick of our jobs that we dont like
and dont want to go to. Sick of running on the treadmill and hamster
wheel without saving any money, and thus just literally working to pay
bills. Sick of not being able to spend more time with our children, feeling
depressed each day as we have the drudgery of the alarm clock, work,
home and sleep. And just generally being really sick of feeling sick and
tired of this whole damn system. Sound a bit familiar to you? I bet. Most
people feel it, but its their secret, not wanting to seem like they arent
strong successful, successes! Oh how this system plays on that in us.
Let us treat ourselves with respect and dignity and be our best friends
rather that our worse enemy, and let us fan the flames of our love and joy
within our own souls. Let us look at our own hands, hands tired and
scarred with the struggle, and let us hold one of our hands in the other, so
very gently but firmly, as if greeting a dear old friend we had been
estranged from for such a long time. Feel and look at our hands as we
hold one in each, and tell them thank you for helping us so much, and to
say sorry for taking them for granted.

Dancing With Life Instead of Fighting it

To dance or fight with life is a choice we have in every moment, and its
easier to dance than to fight.

We have a tendency to be fighting and wrestling with life, and when you
consider what the system is doing to us its not surprising, it has us in a
head lock of work and bills most of the time. So it can turn into a literal
wrestling match, a bill comes that throws us to the floor, we struggle back
to try and pay it, then another one comes and we grapple with the anger
and frustration with it, then wrestle our way through what we must do to
get it paid, often pushing and pulling with it in our heads for weeks. Of
course we must act to get something done but with consciousness and

focus its so much easier, and we drain the fangs of the worry and fear
which is so paralysing to us.
If you have seen a wrestling match its all about holds and throws. So
being in a match with lifes problems our hands may be grabbed and
twisted and we wriggle free, an arm may be grabbed and bent behind our
backs and we have to counter by using all our strength to break free. This
is very similar to our system of punishment and reward and rule by fear,
so we wrestle with the fear of being punished, be it a mortgage payment,
walking in the wind, stuck in the traffic, feeling ill, not being able to pay
bills, car tax, MOT, a leaking roof, or a pimple on our noses, it seems a
continual barrage of wrestling matches.
Have you ever seen anyone doing Tai Chi or Kata in Karate? It is a
beautiful dance of movement which doesnt push resist and fight
necessarily: it more often uses the energy to flow with the resistances,
which creates harmony. An expert practitioner has rarely any need to
even land a blow, because s/he will just use the opponents propelled
energy to dissipate itself by helping it through, past and on its way. This
is how we dance with life we use its energy in each situation and flow
with it not push at it, or if we have to in a situation then get out of its way
and avoid it completely, give it up, let it go. This could mean changing
jobs, house, country, car or whatever.
Sometimes just not being where something can affect you is the wise way
rather than wrestle with it. Just dont turn up for the fight!
A great mentor of mine Charles Muses talked of this, and used the karate
analogy. He said that in karate the optimum thing is to just not be there
where the blow could fall, that advice helped me so much in situations,
often the best thing is to just get out of the way of a situation or a person.
So often we have to wrestle with the same situations again and again, like
a previous one that damaged us or being around the same person or
people that we know we would be better off avoiding, and generally
falling into the same old traps again and having to wrestle our way.
Remember just dont be there where the blow can fall on you, or put
simply dont bang your head against the wall to feel how good the
liniment is. Enough said.
Let us dance then with our lives, like a beautiful waltz, and navigate our
way through the dance hall with foresight, grace, care and wisdom rather
than blindly bashing our way through. And let us know when we need to
sit on the edge of the dance of life and take a break and re assess and take
stock, and even perhaps change our dance altogether if our old dance
routine has become problematic, tedious or even obsolete.

The Web of Traps That Enslave Us

The spider knows where best to spin its web to create the ultimate trap
for its victims.

A spider will spin its web near lights, knowing that the flies and moths
find the light irresistible, and once its victims are lured in and entrapped
then the spider will pounce, sedate them, and further tie them up to make
sure there is no way of escape for them. This is very similar to what
happens to us. We are continually bombarded with temptations and
seductive traps which are laid for us very early in our lives, which come
in many forms and disguises, especially designed to lure us in and keep
us trapped for the rest of our lives. It is worse than the spider as our
captors dont kill us straight away and eat us like the spider; they keep us
alive and tightly trapped so they can feed off us and use our energy for
the rest of our lives.
Once we are really trapped then they take away our hope, which is the
saddest thing of all, to see people trapped, but carrying on heroically
without hope, and a look of helplessness and emptiness in their eyes, and
that beautiful spark of light and enthusiasm they once had is taken from
them. The main web that traps us is laid in front of the necessities of life,
which is somewhere to live and something to eat. And to acquire these
basic necessities we must enter the web of starting a job, to pay for the
place to live, buy decent clothes, and the basics one needs in a house to
function, washing machine etc.
Once we enter the first big trap of working and surviving, then the other
traps and more subtle webs are laid right in front of us, and our emotions
are manipulated to the full, seducing us in with desire, necessity, ego,
fear, fashion, playing on our taste buds like a piano, and so we become
more and more trapped as we purchase all the temptations and fall further
and further into debt and complete control by the big spiders who literally
milk us for all we are worth. If anyone reading this doubts what I am
saying, believe me I am understating the manipulation that takes place,
its much worse than this. The entire economy only works if people are
forced into debt, its a debt based economy, no debt no economy.
Each persons energy is parasitically used by the big black spiders in
black suits that trap us all in their web. The other people in the web are
usually too tired, conditioned and frightened to think too much and look
at the reality of their own trap, to warn us that the web will trap us. And
its much easier to face a prison sentence if youve got plenty of

So to avoid the first big trap we would literally have to live in a tent and
eat out of bins to survive. I know about this because I have lived in a tent
and looked in bins. I have also lived in a motorhome living on the road,
lived in five different cars, a tiny damp boat on a trailer, a narrow boat, in
car parks, and I have been homeless in Cape Town and Florida.
It is no coincidence that the only accepted and dignified options
presented to us when we leave home and school are either to rent or to get
a mortgage and buy, and either choice places us conveniently in the web.
Millions of people are now recognising the reality of this giant web
which we are lured into, and get trapped in it for life.
It is that recognition which is causing the global revolution of
consciousness and transformation. For years people have not fully
recognised and felt the web they are trapped in, but now they do and we
are all desperate and determined to escape the big black spiders clutches.

Stuck in Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are very useful but we must not get trapped in them.

One of the big causes of problems in ourselves and the wider world is
that we become trapped in revolving doors of habit, thought, belief and so
many other things which literally keep us pinned in one place
individually and as a society, though being kept in one place can be very
grounding and a good thing at times, but to keep going around in the
same mistakes and systems in ourselves, and the global system, can go on
for years, decades, millennia. Going round and around in a good system
is good, but if we are trapped in a revolving bad system which is
destroying us and we know it and its obvious then we had better
recognise it and move through the door to the exit and create new
structures to work in.
The reason I like the revolving door analogy so much is that I have
myself actually been in a real revolving door, you dont see many of them
now, and for fun I have gone around in it a few times, around and around,
and its interesting because when its going fast and has a momentum you
can easily keep missing the exit points which are opposite each other, one
coming in and one coming out, and you have to be quite alert and act
quickly to get out once youre in.
I have also been stuck in revolving doors of myself with patterns and
habits that have held me back from advancing and developing, and its so

easy to get stuck in them, but there are timings and opportunities when
we can get out, as I mentioned in the section on A portal and doorway is
now open for us. Sometimes individually, as a society or globally we can
be so stuck in the revolving door that it becomes normal and we get used
to it, thats one of the biggest dangers besetting humanity now, we have
become used to the insanity of our system and individually, and we are
just going around and around because its easier than trying to change the
momentum and get out.
A playground roundabout is similar, once youre on it and its spinning
fast its harder to get off, but we can and must change ourselves and the
system radically now if we are to survive, it sounds dramatic but I am
afraid it is true. We must be vigilant and mindful of when things become
deleterious traps, and when we need to move out of, and through the
revolving doors to build new systems beyond them.

The End of an Era of Suffering and Struggle

We all intrinsically feel it deep in our souls.

We are at the end of an era, which has been the bloodiest 100 years in our
human history. People are exhausted physically and spiritually, and there
is a feeling in the air that something big has to, and is changing. Most
people, about 80% of the population are in jobs they dislike and dont
want to do, only just getting by paying bills, in a continual cycle of worry
and fear, and are living a life of quiet despair.
As humanity we are all like someone who has outgrown a pair of shoes,
we should have stepped into the next level of shoe size a very long time
ago. We been purposely manipulated to keep these shoes on, and we have
limped in pain for too long, its like we are being kept in the same grade
in school, held back from our potential to be so much more than we are,
we are underdeveloped and light years behind what we should be as
highly developed, spiritual people.
I will push the boat out here and say, that by now after all these thousands
of years of time to develop, we should have transcended our need for
bodies let alone the tight shoes we have been kept in. If we had not been
held down and had our growth thwarted by our slave masters, we would
all be living in a virtual utopian paradise like one of those episodes of
Star Trek where they land on a planet that resembles paradise.

We are Sick of the System and Ourselves

This suicidal system has made people sick of it to the point where they
are sick of themselves.

I spoke to a lovely lady today about how the system had ravaged her over
the thirty odd years she had worked, and it had finally broken her. The
system of work and slavery had pulled her so far from her real essence
that the cord had almost snapped and she fell, and many millions of
people are feeling that but are scared to say it.
We discussed how lucky she was to have lost herself which through the
depression made her find herself again. She had got to the point where
she was forced to abandon the half sinking ship of work and slavery that
was killing her soul, or she would have completely drowned. She said I
am sick of myself, and we agreed that the system does that to us because
we are up to our necks in something thats taking our hope and souls
away. Consequently we end up hating ourselves, and we turn against
ourselves in frustration and despair, as well as despising the system that
has imprisoned us, because we literally become that prison.
People might say that we dont have to do it, which is true, but I dont see
the slave masters offering any alternatives to allow us to avoid the
system. You cant even pitch a caravan anywhere these days, in a field or
on the road without getting moved on. The oligarchs cannot afford to let
any of their prisoners free from the shackles of slavery. I know this stuff
well because I have tried to opt out and have lived in five different cars,
damp small boats, motorhomes, tents and a narrow boat, and believe me
its not made easy for anyone. So what do we do? As I keep saying we
have to create new systems on our own, independent of Governments,
and we are actually being forced to do so now by despair and the current
collapse of this system. Later in the book I have made an appeal to people
with plenty of money or land to help set up new models and systems
independent of Government control which I am convinced will flourish.

Learning The Dance of Life

We are learning a new and beautiful dance, and with that new dance we
will whirl a new world into being.

Surfing on life is the key to harmony. A surfer surfs with the waves not
against them, or he gets wiped out. Dancers go in one direction in

harmony together or they will be tripping and falling, and creating
resistance between each other and a graceful dance would become a fight
of opposites. So it must be with our lives, we must flow with life in the
ever present moment. When we dance with life it becomes our friend. If
we push and shove against it we will end up frustrated and depressed. I
know because I did it for years.
The greatest way to learn to dance with life is to recognise when youre
not. Its the same as consciously remembering to remember! It is the
feeling of the resistance, tension, frustration and inner struggle which
with practice alerts us to the loss of consciousness again, and then we
remember to dance with everything again rather than resist, thus
regaining harmony.
A magnet is a good example of resistance; if you try to put the two
magnets together of opposite poles they repel each other or attract
harmoniously the other way around.
Like a magnetic field is invisible, so too are the inner feelings we get
when we are in the wrestle, struggle and resistance mode with life,
though often the feelings can be become visible in our tension, frowning,
general stature or in extreme cases, all out shouting and screaming. If our
faces turned bright blue every time we went out of rhythm with the dance
of life it would help us a lot, we would have to rectify immediately each
time, but the disharmony can be very subtle and creep back in through the
back door without us noticing, so we must be ever alert and conscious to
how we feel, and keep asking ourselves, are we dancing or wrestling with
ourselves and life?
Theres an old saying that what you resist persists which is true and a
great teaching with the dancing analogy, so sometimes we have to act and
get off the dancefloor and rest a while to regroup before the next dance
starts, and we must remember that we can choose what song we dance to,
and that may mean defending ourselves if the dance gets rough, and we
mustnt be a victim as well as dancing with something, and sometimes
the dance with something or someone is over and we must develop the
wisdom to feel when that time is.
Learning to dance with life is like learning anything, and there are lots of
different steps to learn. The key thing is to know where the resistance is
in the dance, where the floor is smooth or rough, and like a map to chart
our way intuitively and know if we listen carefully we will get the
answers, but our antennas need to be up and we must be wide awake.

Ending the War With Ourselves

When we end the war with ourselves we will end the war with everyone
and everything else.

The theme of this book has been to highlight our struggles, and the
urgency to put them right before anything else. Only once we are in
balance within as individuals will there be balance in the outer world.
Most people are in a continual battle and war with themselves, which
automatically translates into a war with everyone and everything else. I
have said repetitiously that we are at war with ourselves within because
we are at war with the system we are fighting to survive in, which I cover
in another section.
The system which is at war with us. There are countless wars around the
world, and we can no longer just go along with it, because if we all
change and find peace individually, and end the war within ourselves,
then there will be no longer any need for wars. How could two countries
or individuals fight each other with anger and xenophobia if they were
rooted in a deep inner peace within themselves.
It must be the highest priority on the planet, the absolute emergency to
regain individual balance and sanity. We are on our knees psychologically
and spiritually and must get up now. We must stop abusing ourselves and
beating ourselves to death. We must remember how to become our own
friend and ally again rather than our own worst enemy. We have been
punched to the canvas so many times we are getting used to it, like the
old prize fighters in boxing who had been knocked down and thumped to
the head so many times that they hardly felt the pain any more, they were
numbed from the neck up.
We are turning on ourselves now and fighting ourselves, because we are
so depleted and worn out we have almost given up on ourselves, and
blame ourselves for feeling bad. This feeling also makes us turn on each.
So in these final times of desperation now on our planet we are like those
old fighters, feeling punch drunk, but we are being given the most
massive whiff of smelling salts now as we desperately find our feet again,
and wake up. And we will discover a new energy we can connect with,
which will lift us above the need for any war within ourselves or anyone
else ever again.

People are Deeply Wounded

We are wounded warriors of tremendous courage to fight the fight of

life, but we are weary now and the battle must end and we must rest.

Every one of us are deeply wounded on some level or another, from the
first shocking moment we breathe air in when we are born, and from that
moment on we are accumulating many wounds, taking on habits and
beliefs, and our minds and bodies are continually trying to adapt to and
gel with our surroundings. In the older wiser traditions the hurts and
wounds we take on were sometimes called arrows. There would be
therapy and help for people to remove the accumulated arrows, which if
left unattended can stay with us and keep poisoning us for a whole
lifetime if we dont recognised where our wounds are, remember how
they happened, and how damaged we still are from them.
We also seem to have a deep need to fit in and be accepted by the people
around us. This can be damaging to us, which also wounds us on a very
deep level of our being, because we are so often doing and saying things
just to fit in somewhere, or with something we dont like, dont want to
do, or even hate and despise, as in our everyday jobs. We do it because
we are scared to be seen to be going against the norm, and the status quo.
Of course I am not advocating being militant and rebellious for the sake
of it. I am talking about how deeply wounded and hurt we can become if
we continue on a course which we know and feel is bad for us, bad for
our souls development if you like.
In our complicated system we become very battered and bruised,
sometimes by ourselves and sometimes by others. We have deep seated
hurts and resentments, and we are all holding a lot of pain, personally and
as humanity, which can manifest physically in actual symptoms of illness
physically, mentally, and spiritually. It can also spill over into retaliation
and demonstrations if the pain and frustration becomes too great.
Like a lion tamer who keeps humiliating the lion by making it do things it
doesnt want to, eventually the frustration, anger and humiliation will
overcome the fear and the lion tamer might get ripped to bits.
In a zoo where I lived in Wales, a leopard attacked the owner of the zoo
once who used to go in the cage cracking a whip to entertain the visitors,
and was scrammed by the frustrated and humiliated leopard. They also
had two brown bears who were bald from walking up and down rubbing
their heads against the bars all day with unbearable boredom. This last
paragraph is not too far from the truth of where humanity is now.

Climbing the Pointless Ant Heap

Humanity is weary, worn out from its struggle to achieve the next thing,
and the next.

There is an ant heap, but of people. This ant pile of people is all in a mad
climb towards a higher place on the pile, because the further down the
bottom you are the less you have. The ants climbing ahead of us keep
telling us that its great to be climbing the pile and if we get to the top its
the best achievement possible. So we keep climbing, and others are
helping us up a bit as we go, and as we keep climbing we notice others
that have fallen back, and look disillusioned and weary, but they get up
and start climbing again.
The further up the pile we go we notice also that the pace and scramble
seems to be getting faster and the others dont seem to be smiling much
anymore, but we keep going, climbing as fast as we can towards the
success of the higher echelons of the pile.
We see some actually crash to the ground and need help psychologically,
and physically from their fall from the pile, they looked empty and
washed out. But we try not to notice.
As we push on towards the higher stages of the pile we notice its getting
narrower towards the top, and there was more of an urgency, almost a
frenzy, and some were grouping together holding others back as they
pushed forwards, and there were even less signs of smiling, but worse
still we started noticing that the others are being more aggressive as they
get closer to the top, and seem less and less concerned about the others
below them like they dont care who falls or gets hurt by falling and
As we get closer to the top we start seeing others actually trampling on
those near them and stepping on anyone else as long as they keep moving
upwards, almost using other bodies as stepping stones, I saw one stamp
on anothers hands as he fell to the ground, there seems to be a callous,
coldness about the ones up here and they seem to actually enjoy it when
someone close by falls off, as they seem to get more of a foothold
themselves. They seemed almost aloof as though they didnt want to even
touch those below them, almost like they were unclean, just stepping
stones for their own progress upwards.

At last we saw the top, there were a group of others but they looked
different, there was a deadness in their eyes, a look of ruthlessness as
though they didnt care about anyone except themselves, and worse still
they didnt care how many fell to their death off the pile under them as
long as they were ok. In fact we were shocked to realise that they were
using everyone else on and in the pile to keep their position at the top,
they were robbing everyone else of their energy, actually using others as
just things for them to use nothing more. The climbers below them
couldnt get past them or near them.
Just as we could see the top of the heap where the ruthless ones were, I
asked someone coming back down exhausted whats at the top? Their
answer shocked me they said nothing, theres nothing there its just the
top of a pile with them on it.
A strange feeling engulfed me, I felt sorry for all the climbers and fallers,
but I also felt sorry for the ones at the top because there was nothing
there. They had arrived at the top only to find that the happiness and
peace they thought they would find by arriving there still evaded them,
and though they smiled and revelled in their power of controlling the top,
their eyes looked empty and sad. All those that suffered and lost their
lives for nothing.

People are Heroes

Every single human being on this planet is a hero, to keep going and do
what they do to survive.

So many people are at their wits end now in the system of work to get
money and pay bills. People are exhausted and can barely find the energy
to carry on. They dont want to be seen to fail and dont want to let
themselves down or their families, and of course as usual this is relied
upon by the masters of the game who control us. They rely on our fears of
being criticised and helpless, and hope we all carry on which we do,
though there seems to be a change happening where people are giving up
their jobs to become full time demonstrators and protestors.
When people have so little to lose by giving up work, give up they will,
and how stupid the oligarchs have been to push people to this. If they
were any good at being criminals they would have given people just a
little bit more money to keep them quiet, but their greed overcame
common sense which is predictable, greed has no ceiling. We are very

similar to the old cotton pickers down south in the United States who
used to just work to get a bit of shelter and a bit of food.
I remember being sickened in Cape Town when I worked there, to
discover the slave wages of workers, and I thought my pay was slave
labour. I was working in the busiest pub in Cape Town, and I loved some
of the workers there and used to turn a blind eye to them taking food,
good people being forced to steal through necessity. I found a whole
chicken behind the toilet once and was begged by a beautiful, dignified
black lady not to tell on her, which of course I didnt.
I was good friends with a black barman who I dearly loved, and he told
me as he cried one night as I drove him home that he was told by the boss
we werent to be friends any more. I used to take the other black staff to
the station each night in the minibus, and one night the boss told me to go
round the block and come back and he would search them all, even the
older black ladies who wouldnt steal a chip or a pea. I refused, and left
shortly afterwards.
There is very little difference between the cotton picking slaves in the
Deep South, and the way most people are living hand to mouth now. The
courageous people of the world put on a brave face each day as they pile
onto packed trains and buses, trudge to work knowing that the money
they make will barely pay the bills and feed them.
Though they still buy lovely clothes on credit to feel they are successful
and that its worthwhile, and most people go into terrible debt beyond
their means to have a car that tells them, and most of all, others, that they
are doing good. I know this because I sold cars to these people. They
would sit opposite me at my desk almost begging that I get them finance,
when it was clear to see by their wages and outgoings that they couldnt
afford it, but the banks usually paid up, and the proud owner of the car
went without some other necessity to look abundant, opulent and
People really are heros, to do what they do to survive, and get strength
from the bottoms of their souls, when their weary bodies are exhausted
with work and worry. And as is evident with so much unrest and
demonstration in the world its obvious the people have reached
saturation point, and the battle is pitched.

We will be Free When We Decide it.

It does not take a genius to see that the minds that are currently
controlling our planet are incapable of peace.

They are the opposite to people of wisdom, vision and intelligence. If

they were to stay in control it is certain that there is a hell awaiting us that
we could barely dream of. There are many wonderful minds of vision and
intelligence in this world that will form a cabinet, not to rule and control
by fear, but to integrate and steer together with the people, and make
decisions based on the most wonderful visions for the future of humanity.
Just look what we are becoming accustomed to already, as we watch
people being killed every night on our televisions.
Government as we now know it is a sickness, because anyone wanting to
control others is sick, though we need order yes, but people do quite well
if left to their own devices, its a fallacy to think people are helpless
without people controlling them.
There is a set of traffic lights in Cornwall on a roundabout, and every
time the traffic lights are working there are terrible hold ups, tail backs
and general frustration. When they are off the people in their cars dont
smash into each other and lose control, on the contrary, not a horn is
blown, the traffic moves smoothly and courteously and there is never a
problem, and not a single tail back or traffic jam, as everything flows
along nicely. People cope very well when they have to, but we have
become so used to being ordered around and controlled by fear that we
almost dont believe we can survive without orders any more. Like a dog
who doesnt sit or stand till s/he is told to. When we gain our confidence
to build a beautiful future we will, and our prison gates will swing open
with one confident push.

Chapter 7

Keeping Our Balance

Riding The Chariot Of The Self

Our inner and outer balance is a great, and continual challenge, may we
learn to be expert riders at the reigns of the self.

Learning to ride and tame the two sides of the self is a vital part in
creating harmony and stability in our lives. Its as though we are the
driver of a chariot with two horses ahead of us, those two horses being
the two sides of ourselves. One pulling us towards the more reckless,
darker, shadow side of ourselves with all its imbalances and obsessive,
addictive traits, the side that can easily sabotage and usurp our stability
and centeredness. I used to think that getting rid of this horse altogether
was the answer, but I believe it can also serve us and just need to be
tamed and controlled a little more.
The other horse is our stability, centeredness, common sense, gentleness
and wisdom. It is vital that we ride our chariot with continual balance, as
both our horses need controlling at all times. They can complement each
other if we balance between the two With much observation and practise
we acutely feel when we are swaying off course and we become skilled in
adjusting the balance with the horse of stability. Where as in the early
stages of our practice and development, we may often have allowed the
shadow, destructive horse on the chariot get the better of us and pull us
perilously of course, making it harder and longer for us to gain control

Just like driving a car, if we take our hands off the steering wheel for too
long disaster is inevitable. Though we must not hold the wheel too tightly
with stiff shoulders or we'll not be able to navigate smoothly and gently,
but to hold our steering wheel lightly and manoeuvre our lives gently and
smoothly, and adjusting our grip as we go along for each different
situation. Being flexible with our chariot is the key, and getting to really
feel how we are balancing the two, we dare not leave it to chance.
I know what happens when we do become complacent, having done so
myself many times over, and crashing as a result, with near fatal

Living with our Shadow Side

I fought with my shadow again and again till I could fight no longer,
then exhausted I realised with surprise that we could live together.

Learning to live with our shadow side is a great and rewarding challenge.
We can fight like Siamese twins with our two selves until which day all at
once we decide it is easier to become friends and live together, we then
we fall into each others arms exhausted, give thanks, and embrace with
courage our challenges ahead.
I fought my reckless, ruthless, dangerous, self-destructive, addictive,
obsessive self for years, the very shadow self that we all have to some
degree or other.
It got me almost killed on so many occasions, homeless on quite a few
occasions, and many more adventures, which I wouldnt want to tackle
again, and I am fortunate to still be here. Those adventures are a book in
themselves. Sometimes even now I feel myself wanting to race someone
else in a car thats egging me on, and there are times when I succumb
for a while and enjoy the adrenaline, other times I may resist and be more
sensible and grown up.
There is a fine line with everything and it takes great judgement
sometimes to know whats appropriate in each different situation, and as
with the chapter about unconditional love not necessarily being the wise
way, so it is sometimes complicated with our shadow side, it is very
interesting. Our shadow is the feeling we get when we want more to drink
when we are drunk, and that tells us to go faster in the car and do
something reckless, or to be nasty to someone, or ourselves, which is
more common. It has many seductions and seeing the shadow and not just

being pulled along by it is the key, then we feel it, see it, assess it, work
with it, and decide with it or against it if we have to, otherwise we are just
in a stimulus response mode, at the mercy of our emotions good or bad,
and we are dragged through life like we are helplessly aboard a wild
horse, hoping things will be okay, instead of steering ourselves in every
precious moment.
It is a bit like sprinkling some spice on your food its a good lift, but you
dont want so much so it burns your guts out. And we have to make
choices all the time and we get to know with practice, that still small
voice within will tell us if we listen, and sometimes we dont want to
listen and we make mistakes.

Overcompensation In Our Actions and Reactions

Let us have a middle ground with our actions and reactions and not
sway too far either way.

Finding a middle way is a great challenge for us in our hectic existence

on this planet. We so often drastically overcompensate with our actions
and reactions that can lurch from one extreme to another. One moment
we can be completely calm and focused the next moment someone beeps
a horn at us unjustifiably in our cars, and we explode into a red faced
rage, so what happened? Its a simple dilemma really, we lost control
because there was no delay between stimulus and response, so we must
practise the delay from when we are stimulated by anything, be it a horn
beeping, a person speaking to us, making a decision, or anything else we
decide to do physically or mentally, we must practice the pause before we
act and react.
Of course there are and will be times we dont want a delay in between
the stimulus and our response, for instance if someone attacked us and
our lives were at risk and we had to act with impulse.
The oligarch warmongers running the world are a great example of how
not to do things, they generally do what is called overshoot and pull back,
they fire all the guns then see whats happened and take it from there. No
vision or projection into consequences first, just bulldoze their stupid,
thoughtless, arrogant way in, then worry about it later, or not worry about
it as is their usual attitude.
So let us study our actions and reactions very closely to see where we can
refine ourselves in this and other areas of our lives to become more

rounded and balanced beings, something that is desperately needed on
our planet.


The only worthwhile competition is the competition to not compete.

This system teaches us to compete, to be bigger, better, faster, thinner,

cleverer, smarter, sexier, tougher, and cooler and most people fall into the
traps on some level. We must be mindful every moment to catch
ourselves losing our centre and falling into the subtle nuances of the need
to compete.
Some competition can be healthy, and sometimes it can be fun to run a
little race with our children or friends, and it can be interesting to
compare our skills, strengths and even weaknesses with others, we can
learn a lot by that. We see it in the animal kingdom often, but we must be
careful that we dont become fanatical, and obsessed with winning, not
only over other people, but the damaging habits of competition within
ourselves, that push us to be brutal with ourselves to achieve.
Again there is a fine balance, and a bit of stimulation is healthy, and
sometimes we must be firm with ourselves to get things done, but not
brim over into masochism and self-sabotage.
Winners and losers is one of the worse kinds of things we can teach our
children. The winning can damage them and so can the losing. We should
teach our children that there are no winners and losers, just different
levels of abilities and different types of bodies and minds that all do
things differently in their own unique way. And whatever we do and how
we do it, it is unique and beautiful. Nobody walks the same, talks the
same, thinks the same, drinks the same or breathes the same, we are each
unique, one off beings, walking the planet in our own way, and that is
incredible, we are each just incredible.

Turning Habitual Addictions Into Power

The same energy that can almost kill us can also save us once we
redirect it.

There is a tremendous force that goes into habitual addictions of mind or
body, such as addictions to patterns of destructive thought and action
leading to self-abuse mentally or physically with alcohol, drugs,
pornography and all the other traps that we can put our energy into.
That same energy redirected is a tremendous force that can really help us
reconnect to a place of power in ourselves that can be used to do almost
anything. So that energy we have access to is a great blessing or a great
curse or both, depending what we do with it.
With my own path that energy was an addictive curse that kept pulling
me in the wrong direction, but then ironically the sickening despair of
being pulled in the wrong direction was the very thing that forced me to
start redirecting that energy, that pulled me back towards myself
instead of away. Then it got easier as I was swaying between being
pulled into the old habits and pulled into good ones and into stability
again, the battle went on for a while.
With practise and a strong will I managed to redirect the energy
continually towards development rather than detriment, and then it
becomes a new habit that is helps our transformation rather than hinders
As I have mentioned in the sections on Living with our shadow, and
Riding the chariot of the self, and Dancing with Life, this power is
something we work with rather than fight with, and it can become a great
ally. The old Shamans used to talk of this energy and that we become
friends with it, and let it have some things, and that its a give and take
relationship, like two conjoined twins joined at the hip, you just have to
learn to love each other and get on with it, and share the energy and try
and complement each other.

We Are Great Warriors

What a battle we have had with ourselves and the system we live under,
we are brave warriors indeed.

From the moment we drew our first gasps of breath as we emerged from
our mothers womb, we became great warriors, and even before then as
we struggled to hang onto the walls of our mothers uterus, and the battle
for life each moment for the nine long months before the big day when
we arrived into this new world with new struggles and challenges.

The first year as we battled to just learn to drink, eat, crawl and walk, and
talk. Getting to know our new space suit which would be our sacred
vehicle this lifetime that would assist us in navigating our way through
our lives. In this heroic and epic journey through the obstacle course, that
puts us through the most gruelling trials and tribulations, which can make
and break us a thousand times over.
And as we fell and arose again, and fell and arose again as staggering
children learning to walk, our knees sore and bloody from our
indomitable will to succeed in standing up, in order to surge forwards
towards our new goals and achievements, disappointments and despairs,
and onwards through our inevitable fight to the death with life itself.
Like birds fallen from the nest to fend for ourselves without our mothers
breast to fall back onto when we falter, she now gone. Surprising
ourselves with our resilience and relentless energy and commitment to
fight another day.
We are warriors indeed at the front line of lifes battle, each and every
one of us, heads held high and shoulders back, not flinching or
floundering in the face of seemingly insurmountable objects to move and
scale. Yes brave warriors we are, and proud we should be.

Chapter 8

Changing Our Old Patterns

Untying The Tangled Knots of Ourselves

A knot is easier to tie than untie, and it is the difficulty in the untying
which is the lesson that teaches us to take much more care with our
decisions and choices, as we walk along our string of life.

In a group I hosted once based around this subject, I placed a piece of

string on each chair as I set up the room before the group arrived.
As we began I asked each person to take the string and tie it in a knot,
then another and another tight one. The group looked perplexed until I
explained to them thats what we do in our lives, we tie ourselves in
knots, hundreds of them as we go along. We could symbolically see our
lives as a piece of string stretching far ahead of us into the distance and
future, and far behind us as the past.
The knots we have tied behind us in the past are the knots that make up
the tangled knot which we are in the present moment, as we are to a great
degree a culmination of past choices and thoughts. Ideally we dont knot
ourselves at all, we should be taught this from tiny children.
What a tragedy then to have to go through a large portion of our lives
knotting ourselves into a tangled mess until we are so knotted and tangled
that we can barely get by and function at all.
Untying ourselves can seem a daunting task but like a ball of tangled
string, once we start the untangling process, we start to see the paths of

each knot and tangle more clearly as we continue to advance, and the
smaller the tangled knot of the self becomes, the easier it is.
Once we have undone the whole mess, then we can start fresh and make
sure we dont fall into the same traps again.
The unravelling process, though challenging is much easier than trying to
function and carry on with our knots and tangles to hinder us. Each tangle
blocks the path of vital transformative energy, like knots in a tangled hose
pipe. If the pipe is knotted and tangled enough to stop the flow of energy
then it will blow off from the tap and disconnect from its source of
energy, and so it is with us.

Breaking the Cycle of Recurring Mistakes

We must not keep hitting our heads against the wall once we know how
much it hurts, by then our lesson is over.

History shows us quite easily that we have become trapped in our past
habits and mistakes personally and as humanity. We seem to be going in
circles which keep us falling into the same traps again and again. Before
we can successfully manifest our latent future and leave our past mistakes
behind us, we must learn how to learn from our past before we can move
away from it, otherwise the unconscious habits that our past has set up
within us will continue to sabotage our future. People often say just forget
about the past and leave it, that's good, but not before we learn how to
handle the past within us.
So when our experiences occur and then recur, we know we must get out
of the cycle of occurrence and recurrence by breaking the habitual circle
and then we can break out of it and develop on an upward helix, then we
dont stay stuck on one level like a revolving door of mistakes and
You could say it's an acceleration of the dissolution of past choices, a sort
of karmic cleansing, which can be quite difficult to handle it becomes too
fast. In my own life it came very fast, almost like being in the eye of the
karmic hurricane and it almost burnt me up and killed me, I couldnt
handle it, and I nearly drank myself to death.
People all over the planet can now feel that things are accelerating, and
the dissolving of past mistakes and the creation of the future is happening
quicker than before. We must hold on tight and hold our nerve in these
unsettling times. Ironically things often fall apart to be able to fall

together again. So in a sense we are going through an accelerated karmic
precipitation process of rapid transformation, and being forced to distil
ourselves before its too late. Otherwise it can be seen like a pointless
schooling where we come out the other side the same as when we went
in. Or more tragically even much worse.

Slowing Down Listening to the Heart

Our heart is a great teachers if we listen.

One of the greatest teachings of the heart is that it takes breaks between
beats; it doesnt go flat out like we do. Every time a heart beats it stops,
and then beats again, it is taking breaks each time it works, and that way
it lasts a long time. It beats about 100,000 times a day, thats about 35
million times a year. If our hearts were to pump continually without
taking breaks, they would break very quickly.
The heart problems we are getting are endemic now because we dont
listen, and the system is pushing all the time to squeeze another few
minutes out of our energy system. Most people do things on the weekend
that should take them a week to do, and so we keep running and rushing.
We become so used to going so fast that we cant even slow down when
we get the chance, and I know people who have worked for years to get
the ultimate reward of a few years of time to slow down and enjoy their
time, but they cant, because the agitated, rushing state they have been in
for so long cant be shaken off, and they are either bored to death, or rush
around trying to fill the void that feels so strange to them.
This is a great lesson for us, because we are generally going continually
from the moment our eyes open in the morning till they close exhausted
at night, and thats one of the main reasons we are getting ill, physically
and mentally because we are simply burning ourselves into the ground. It
is partially self-inflicted, but mostly by the crack of the whip of the
system pushing us from behind. In Greece where my family are from on a
little Island, the people live for ages and rarely get sick, and its no
because of olive oil, garlic and salads, though that helps, its mostly
because they dont wear themselves out like we do. They are not all
screwed up like coiled springs, jerking from one task to the other, always
running out of time.
There is a beautiful pace there and they do things in the time it takes to do
things, where as we do ten things in the time it should take to do one
thing. They do things mindfully and immerse themselves in each task

fully. They rest after lunch, and all the shops even closed for everyone to
sleep for a couple of hours, because they listen to their bodies and act on
the wisdom that it imparts to them. Our bodies tell us what to do. There is
a definite lull in the day at around 2 in the afternoon, where our bodies
are telling us to rest, but we ignore it, and these days havent even got the
ears to hear it, and we plunge ahead with another coffee, as the whip
cracks behind us in our jobs. A neighbour of mine sleeps after lunch, I see
his bedroom curtains close at around 2.30 and open again around 5, he is
obviously a sensible man, and I notice he exudes gentleness and
happiness. No coincidence there.
By listening and feeling what our hearts are telling us to do we will learn
a better rhythm of life, and we are now being asked to change our whole
way of thinking and being for a better, sustainable future both personally
and globally, because we are intimately connected to nature, and we must
learn a new dance with ourselves and the planet.

The Great Power of Change

Nature is flexible, adaptable and must adjust to suit its ever changing

We are nature, we are the same, but we have not been able to adapt as
nature does so well, because we have been so locked into the system,
which is keeping us in a situation which is drowning us, and we need to
break free before its too late. We are at a tipping point, where we are
being called, and forced to adapt, like chameleons that can change
colours to suit the situation they are in, so we radically change this
system, not just a bit but completely. If we stay the same now we will be
like those who ignored the Tsunami warnings, and we will be flattened by
the coming tide of change and enormous transformation lapping around
our feet.
We must truly climb the hills up and away from the dirty waters of our
old system which is now stagnating around us, and if we stay and drink
from those waters any longer we will become so ill that we may never
recover again. We have an opportunity to make new camps up high,
above and away from the old rotting corpses of yesterday, which though
seemingly difficult to pull ourselves away from, we must leave them
behind and say goodbye to what we were, and embrace what we need to
be. It is already happening, we dont need to panic, we must just know
and go with the new and shed the old, until the new becomes the reality.

Hand, Heart and Head in Harmony

Actions and will, love, and wisdom. If we can balance just these three
things in ourselves we will have peace on earth overnight.

We will never regain peace and harmony on this planet until we regain
peace and harmony individually, and I keep emphasising this point
because it is of the utmost importance to our survival. Our balance
between Hand (actions and will) Heart (love) and Head (wisdom) are
critical to the way we create the future.
They actually map onto past, present and future, because the actions and
will of the hand create the results of the past, and future, and what you
have willed to do in the present creates the future and the past, it is an
intricately woven tapestry which must by knitted with the utmost care to
cause the least problems for the past, present and future. This balancing
act requires tremendous wisdom and skill which the people destroying
our system dont possess, as a glance at our past, present and future will
shockingly and easily prove.
Love of the heart has the amazing power to change the results of past,
present and the future, and future is wisdom because it takes tremendous
wisdom and care to create a future that results in long term harmony and
beneficial results. Of course they all intertwine as well very intimately,
and I think I have said enough to make it clear that we had better regain
control of all three very urgently, if we are to stand any chance of living
in harmony with ourselves, each other and the planet.

From Head To Heart

We must get out our heads and into our hearts if we are to become

Most of us act and react from our heads which is destroying the little
harmony thats left in our lives together as human beings. It sound harsh
but I am afraid its true. We must get out of the head and into our hearts
as quick as possible now, and with our hearts as our guides will be
amazed how differently we will do things and treat each other.
Our hearts are a better guide in everything we do than our minds, though
of course we need our minds but we must filter all thoughts and decisions
through the hearts wisdom and sensitivity before we project them onto

the canvas of the world and other people, or even ourselves. The heart
feels where the head often doesnt, and thoughts and actions without the
guidance of feeling are very dangerous, as our current global situation
makes glaringly obvious. Feelings are the truth barometer that let us
know whats right and wrong.

Putting Our Emotions Right

Emotional maturity is the Holy Grail for human beings, when the heart
is right everythings right.

When we put our emotions right we put everything right. Politicians are
great examples of emotional immaturity, like children fighting amongst
themselves and causing emotional chaos all around the world, it is a
disease. The emotions are what sway us from one feeling to the next, and
if we leave the emotions to chance then they run us in circles, and can be
like the worst forest fire that burns us up, and which can burn others
around us.
Our emotional fires can be dampened and controlled, by us feeling them
as they arise, and it is the recognition and feeling of our emotions that is
the key to control, as it is with our thoughts. When we begin to really
feel our emotions it becomes easier to catch them before they become
wild fires that consumes us. We can be like a fireman vigilantly watching
the forest of emotional possibilities, gently sprinkling water on the
unwanted embers of unhealthy emotions before they become full blown
fires that go out of control and consume us.
It is very interesting to feel feelings and emotions as they arise, they are
fascinating in that they are not really solid, tangible things but do
manifest into solid tangible things outwardly if we are not careful to filter
them through our hearts first.

Holding Ourselves Lightly

We are each wonderful products of our ancestry and our unique

background, pride is good, fanaticism is deadly.

There is nothing wrong with honouring who we are, where we are from,
our race, colour, religion, but not to get too serious and fanatical about

our background, it is just the background not the foreground, the real us
in the here and now. My grandfather was from Kefalonia Island in Greece
and when I went there I was quite touched and proud to be Greek and see
my name Liosatos over shop doorways and speak a bit of Greek. But if
someone didnt like Greeks or my foreign name thats fine, its not really
what I am, its just my spacesuit and name, and a bit of history.
I felt a bit of pride meeting people and meeting my ancestors, and I did
immerse myself in it and enjoy it, but I also stayed on the periphery of it,
and didnt get too sucked in to it. We have to be careful, there is much
more to us than our names and race and religions, and we can even start
killing other people who are not like us if we are brainwashed enough.
We must be careful with our tendency to overcompensate. But yes honour
who we are, and feel comfortable in our skins, but remember we are all
made from the same stuff, brothers and sisters and more than that, we are
a part of each other literally leaves on the same tree, though that
statement is overused, its true.
Every atom and molecule is connected in an intimate way to every other
atom and molecule, whether they are 2 centimetres away from each other
or 2 light years away on another planet. So we have an obligation to work
together because we are together, literally.

Being The Peace Not Becoming it

There is not enough time left to become peaceful, becoming takes too
long, we must be it right now.

Peace has been the most elusive goal for humanity from recorded history.
Most people are in constant pursuit of peace for themselves individually,
we yearn to find it in ourselves and for the whole of humanity. Its in us
we dont have to search far for it, but just to locate it, and access it again,
we havent lost it. It is a beautiful treasure we already possess inside us,
but its a locked door until we find the key and combination again, the
golden key to the riches of ourselves, beyond any riches we could have
with paper money or even bars of shiny gold. This is the ultimate
treasure. We know for definite now that we are on the edge of a
catastrophe if we dont all find it now, and I mean now.
At least we dont need any convincing any more that we have almost run
out of time, and a mass transformation to peace on an individual level
must take place now to avert a collapse into even more chaos which will

bring humanity to its knees, thats for certain, so at least we know where
we stand, its shit or bust as the old saying goes.
It sounds too simple I know, but its true that if each person finds that
peace and transformation now, which we are being forced to, then
everything will change. The government would have nobody to fight its
insane agendas, and peace would sweep this planet in moments.

Chapter 9

Finding Our Way Back Home

Reconnection and Meditation

The practise of reconnection is like plugging into a source of energy in

and outside ourselves, without which we may starve to spiritual death.

I am not too keen on the word meditation because for many people it can
conjure up a vision of something thats a bit strange, and a bit soft in the
head, practised by people in colourful flowing garments with bare feet,
sitting in circles and chanting strange mantras. I prefer calling it
reconnection or re-membering to that which we have lost.
It being the feeling one gets by practising accessing that place of peace
inherent in all of us, just below the noisy surface of ourselves.
The big question we should begin asking ourselves is whether we have
peace or not, and whether our minds are quiet, or agitated and full of old
repetitious thoughts and patterns. Most people today are going so fast that
they leave themselves behind in the rush.
By planning to reconnect each morning and each evening we can access
that place in us, then take it with us into our day, and into our sleep at
night, rather than just bursting forth into our day in the usual agitated
manner, of jumping out of bed into the shower, frenetically brushing our
teeth, shovelling our breakfast down, while we do something else, then
lurching out into the world in a white heat of rush and tumble, as we leap
into our cars and zoom away into our day, in an outward scramble to
catch up with ourselves, and thats all before 8.30am!

Not making time to reconnect each morning is like not making time to
eat, or clean our teeth, or wash, because the benefits we get from sitting
with our silence is very much like food, and all we need is fifteen minutes
before starting our day.
Its so easy, all we do is sit quietly and wait for the noisy mind to get sick
of itself, and give up its agitations and noise, which it can be reluctant to
do, but once it does, and it will if we wait long enough, it leaves us with
no thought at all, and in that beautiful nothing and silence, we find
everything we were looking for. I remember the first time I felt that
silence and peace, it was quite a shock, but such a relief that words wont
explain it. Its like being plugged back into a silent joy and peace so
soothing and transcending, like stepping off a mad fairground ride, and
being immersed in a sudden bliss.
The goal in each sitting is to access that place where thoughts dissipate
and we slowly or suddenly feel that vastness of being and silence where
we can forget about our bodies for a while and just be peace.
The sign for me that I was getting there was that I would forget the
feeling in my hands, which indicated to me that I was moving away from
my body, and I may see and sense a lovely deep purple colour which felt
like a feminine, motherly love which pervaded through me like a
beautiful feeling of joy and connection, with so much intensity sometimes
that tears would spontaneously come from my eyes and the words thank
you spontaneously from my mouth. But its different for everyone, and
its very personal. We are so identified with our bodies that to move out
of and away from it is a shock at first but a wonderful revelation and
relief to have proof that we are something more than just our bodies, but
it has to be experienced, as I mentioned in the section on religion, words
are just words its the experience that proves the reality for us.
When we have sat quietly before leaving for work instead of rushing
straight out, we then transport that peace with us into our day, and it is a
blueprint of peace for the day, which acts like an anchor for us, and which
keeps us from drifting too far away from ourselves. Because when we
begin to drift away with agitation, anger, frustration, or general
forgetfulness, our anchor of peace from the morning session reminds us
to remember to be present and tap back into that place we found that
morning, which is present in us all the time, which can be done instantly
or by a quick trip to the toilet to be quiet for a few minutes and reconnect.
I worked on the most terrible building site once, freezing, up to our knees
in sludge, and wet. I used to sneak off to the toilet every hour for about
ten minutes, to pull myself back from the awful conditions and reconnect
with the bigger part of me that had very little to do with the terrible

suffering my body was enduring in the cold, but the conditions kept
pulling me away from that connection. My little toilet breaks were a
saviour for me, and I even had a favourite book about this subject hidden
in there.
With practice we are able to keep that feeling with us all the time, and we
are meditating and staying plugged in continually, in other words the
practice of finding that place of peace is a state we are in most of the
time, with very little agitation and forgetting, just a steady stream of
remembering and feeling of quietness and connection all day long.
We can still hurry and rush, but we know we are rushing and we rush
while still in the present moment, in other words we rush consciously, not
a few frenetic paces ahead of ourselves.
I quite enjoy rushing sometimes but while also staying rooted and
grounded in the here and now, without thought and panic, its a good lift
of energy and adrenalin, so if you are an adrenalin junky you can still get
your fix but without losing yourself.
We know we are getting somewhere with our practise of accessing our
peace, because the less thought we have the better we are doing, so
ideally we want no thought most of the time. Some people worry about
this prospect and almost panic at the thought of thinking nothing, because
when we are so used to mental noise it can be a bit daunting to have
complete silence in our minds, but there is nothing more wonderful than
being without thought. Of course thinking will occur when you need it,
but not when you dont. We have an intricate filing system with
everything we need, but ideally it stays in the files till we need to access
the files for the information we need.
And remember that the usefulness of a pot is in its emptiness.

Returning to Ourselves the True Meditation

There is a beautiful serenity and peace in us all, and once we can all
align and connect with that again, we will be free.

When we become that peace again which is beneath our fear, agitation,
noisiness and struggle, we return to a place in ourselves which will
nourish us more than any food, money or possessions, because it is the
ultimate possession without which we are literally starved to death. When
we rediscover this piece and peace of ourselves again, we have truly
returned home.

Without this connection to ourselves we go mad, because we cannot live
with ourselves without ourselves, the disconnection is the thing which
keeps us out of balance and in a state of quiet despair. All we need to do
is listen for ourselves, in the quietness, and with just a little practise our
soul will come closer again, and that thread to ourselves that had become
so thin it had almost snapped, begins to get thicker again, and the
disconnection we once felt that was so unbearable and lonely begins to
connect again and we feel ourselves inside ourselves again, that sacred
union and reunion, and once back we will never be lonely again.
There is a beautiful old Mongolian proverb that makes this reconnection
and rediscovery clear, when it says:
The serenity that persists in you,
without any intellectual activity necessary,
and throughout all daily changes
of consciousness in daily life,
that is the true meditation,
and when one has that then one is that.

Connecting with a Greater Intelligence

There is never a doubt in a persons mind when this contact takes place.

I will never forget the first time I was fortunate enough to feel the
presence of this beautiful, healing force; it is something you dont ever
forget. A force of love so beautiful and powerful that it brought forth
spontaneous tears and multiples of thank you, thank you utterances from
my mouth without prior thought, a spontaneous response to the bliss
which had permeated through my body, which came as a real shock. This
is an important point, that I was really shocked by the experience, which
is quite common amongst people who have had similar experiences. And
before anyone thinks it, no, I was not having sex at the time, or on drugs
or drunk, this is a different joy to that.
It is a brush with real love, and the spontaneous tears which come forth
with the words thank you are a natural response to such a reconnection to
that beautiful love again, which resides inside us, and all around us which
we are starved of, literally. We can all make this contact, it is not for the
chosen few but for anyone who puts themselves in its way. A rough
analogy is that we are like a radio and we just need to go through the

channels a bit and connect to the right frequency, and hit the right
bandwidth, and dust off our antennae for us to make that contact again.
I am not going to call it anything in particular, except for something
wonderful that comforts, and can bring great feelings of bliss, assistance,
and guidance. I avoid giving it a name because once we start calling it
something it causes conflict. It isnt a religion or an iconic figure, but a
tremendous force which can help us and be food for us if we are starving
enough, willing enough, and ready enough to place ourselves in its way,
and once its loving though powerful force is felt we automatically acquire
a great respect for it because we know for certain its something much
smarter and more powerful than us, without a doubt.
And just in case anyone may be thinking I am a helpless weakling who
needs something to look up to and make me feel complete, I am not, I am
already complete and enough as I am, and dont bow down to anything or
anyone who professes to be superior, and lets remember that Jesus and
others said that we can do what they did, but we worshipped them instead
of doing what they said, thats if you believe they were here, if you dont,
good for you, like I said before dont believe anything, its better to find
out for ourselves. It is experience that proves things to us, words and
writings are just words, the intellectual overlay, the theology, its direct
experience which teaches us, though words can be good maps towards
the eventual experience.
Obviously I have great respect for those who have helped me, but not
with reverence, that I am down here and they are up there, and I have
been helped by some great, and very gifted, knowledgeable and talented
people who had tremendous gifts, and I must admit that with some of
them I did fall into the trap of putting them on a pedestal and falling in
love with them, but thats common, and it was just what can happen when
someone really helps you. Its a bit like if you help and feed a starving
dog it reveres you as its god almost.
One of our big blocks as arrogant humans is that we can only look down
at things. For instance a dog can look down at a mouse and think stupid
thing but look up to its master and think s/he is a god. But most humans
can only look down and rarely think there could be anything more
developed than them that they could learn from, because they think they
are the most intelligent species, not only on this planet but in the whole
universe. It still shocks me to realise there are still people that think the
human mind is the pinnacle of intelligence and that nothing could
possibly be more advanced than us, seen or unseen. This is one of peoples
greatest blocks to further understanding, advancement and discovery.

The more advanced intelligence that I feel, sometimes overwhelmingly, is
something I am very grateful for, and I feel very fortunate to have had the
privilege to have come into its presence, and I know that it is always there
and it never turns away from us, it is always us who neglects our
relationship with it. We must practise having the ears to hear it and the
eyes to see. We will know when we have a relationship with this beautiful
force, because we will never again feel alone.
They are very old but wise words that said Ask and you will receive and
Seek and you will find, though its a mistake to think of these words in
terms of the bible, or something to be in reverence of, they are true
whether we are looking for a needle in a haystack, a pair of lost glasses,
our car keys, or a connection to higher than human intelligence. If we
feel uncomfortable with the possibility of higher than human
intelligence, we may ask ourselves why, which is an interesting little
practise, which will reveal how insecure, arrogant and egocentric we
really are. From my experiences I could guarantee that once someone
feels that all pervading intelligence, presence and love, permeating their
being, with an overwhelming joy, peace and connectedness, which turns
the strongest, smartest minds and bodies into a state of thankful bliss,
they would never question it again. And that includes the cleverest
university professor, scientist, or out and out vehement atheist.
And in my experiences its actually a tremendous relief to know for sure
there is an intelligence above us, because the thought that we, humans,
are the pinnacle of intelligence in this whole biosphere was a horrifying
thought to me, when you look at the state of us inwardly and outwardly.
The experience is more than enough to prove the existence of higher
than human intelligence, and something which can trigger immediate
tears and the words thank you repetitiously from your mouth is something
you dont ever forget.
There is not a person alive that would not be transformed for ever by such
a powerful, pleasant shock. Of course it is completely understandable
how people dont believe such a thing when we consider how we have
had the concept of a male God on a throne punishing us with a long grey
beard forced down our throats for so long, its ridiculous. There is a lot of
fear around anything higher than us, and it is completely
understandable, as humans we have a deep, intrinsic fear of the unknown,
its natural.
It is also understandable how scientists, psychologists and other experts
in the fields of intelligence and the human mind would become terribly
chagrined at the thought of something being true that they had not found
or experienced themselves in all their years of persistent, dedicated study.
That said it still fascinates me how an expert on the mind could be

surprised at any possibility when the mind and everything it does is not
solid, or tangible but completely invisible and its workings are still
beyond the grasp of anyone, and still in the realms of the unknown and
very much unseen.
It is quite natural to not believe anything until it is proved to you, I am all
for that, I dont believe anything I am told, I find out for myself. The
analogy of the Musk Deer comes to mind again, which I mentioned but is
worth saying again here. The Musk Deer is a real animal that used to be
killed for the musk that came from its navel. The analogy is that humans
are like Musk Deers that are rushing around sniffing here and there, out
there, desperately searching for the smell and the thing thats coming
from themselves, under our very noses.

Simple Practise

Our connection is already there but just needs to be tapped into again,
and we may have to redial a few times.

Intention is the key, and its almost a setting up of a meeting place, a

ceremony where you are inviting a great and sacred energy to make its
presence felt to you. There must be great respect, but not in a fearful way,
where you feel small but in an excited way, where you may feel
expectancy like a child standing on the shore of the ocean. Make sure you
wont be interrupted and make a cosy place where you can lie down and
relax. A candle is nice but be careful just in case you fall asleep. I use a
scarf to put over my eyes so there is total darkness, in case you see
anything, and have a pen and paper handy for writing anything down
after you have finished.
Try not to make it complicated, or analyse it too much just lie and relax
and have the knowledge that you are protected, and that you are not
making yourself vulnerable, but are looking for strength, help and loving
support. Dont see it as a meditation but more as a coming together with a
connection that has been neglected in us, which is always there but which
needs plugging back into, but not to blame ourselves for the
disconnection, the system we are born into steers us away from our true
selves not towards it, which is a tragedy and crime really. I will be
elaborating on this practise of reconnection in another writing I will be
doing in the near future.
The first time it happened to me I was in Greece over twenty years ago, I
had been told from a trusted author of a great book, that if I kept saying

thank you for my health, my food, my clothes, my shelter, my loved ones
and so forth again and again, then something would happen.
The way he put it intrigued me he said that when the shock comes
remember what happened to Marconi when he announced that he had
discovered a way of communicating without wires but through the ether
(Marconi invented the wireless). Marconis friends tried to put him in a
mental hospital. So I was just thinking, what is the shock that he talks of,
but I felt a feeling that he was preparing me for something that would be
a surprise, and I could sort of feel it in the air.
As I lay there over twenty years ago saying thank you in a small room on
Kefalonia Island the shock suddenly came. A most beautiful feeling of
ecstasy began coming up through my feet and upwards in my body and
was so intense I remember not being able to concentrate on the words
thank you anymore, a presence and love surrounded and engulfed me and
was so great that I was not only shocked but hardly able to bear it and I
sat up awestruck at what had happened to me, it was beautiful. That night
truly set me on my quest, and I have since had some great things happen
to me, and have been fortunate enough and interested enough to have had
people coincide with my destiny patterns.
My experience was intense and I am sure it was designed to unlock some
doors in me, your experiences may be subtle, gentle, maybe feelings,
light, a vision, or words but dont worry about it.
Just ask for assistance, or say thank you as I did, or ask for advice or
some words of direction. Theres nothing weak or stupid about saying
please help me. And if nothing is felt thats fine, you have had a needed
lie down and relaxation session, practise is the key, and sooner or later
you may be surprised. Youll know if something takes place. Its like a
meeting half way, of two old friends, if you keep looking youll find each
other, its inevitable.
The sign for me that something is happening is an overwhelming joy, and
thank you automatically comes from my mouth without prior thought,
and spontaneous tears of joy and appreciation, and a tingling right
through me, and a feeling of love and protection. I do recommend some
reading about Shamanic Journeying. Sandra Ingermans book Shamanic
Journeying a beginners Guide, is excellent. We must remember that
Jesus and other gifted people were really very gifted Shamans in a sense.
Practice is the key, and the old saying the more I know the more I know I
need to know sums the practise up. One thing is for certain, there is a
huge reality with much further advanced beings than us who will assist,
and prove their presence to us if we put the work in to find them. The
actual experience is what will convince you.

Shamanism is nothing strange, it is actually the root religion which
preceded the others, and was upheld by very knowledgeable, gifted
people, until the fanatical Christian missionaries made it illegal and
almost wiped them out, but it is returning in many areas now, and more
and more people are turning to the older ways for help, guidance and
healing, instead of drugs. Herbalism is also very prominent again now,
and a very gifted Herbalist I know is controlling Aids by the use of herbs
alone, with plenty of proof, to back it up.

Removing the Layers of Ourselves

Its a great relief the further down the layers of ourselves we get, as we
feel lighter and less burdened.

We know when we are getting towards the inner layers of ourselves

because we feel different, less covered and confined with the heaviness of
the self. I love those Russian dolls which I have two of, which you open
to find another one inside, which you then open and find another, again
and again till we get to the solid one in the middle, removing the outer
layers to get to the core one.
This is very similar to the transformative work we do with ourselves, as
we consciously distil the outer layers that have covered our untarnished
connection with ourselves, and we start to feel that deeper connection
with ourselves and nature, and other people, as we get closer to our core
being, the more committed we become to letting go of the accumulated
layers that we have acquired over our lives.
The closer we get to the core, the more we feel what is right and wrong in
all that we think, say and do, which is a big responsibility, as the light of
consciousness is lit within us.

Being your own Midwife

We become the midwives of our own transformation, as we learn so

much from each part of the pregnancy process.

We are becoming born unto ourselves, and we must be brave just like a
courageous woman who is giving birth for the first time, who is both
frightened and excited at the prospect of bringing a new person into the

world. And so it is with us, in a way we are excited at the prospect of
giving birth to a new us really but at the same time we are nervous about
how it will be, and if we will survive our birthing process as everything
seems to be changing in and around us. This is similar to the courageous
mother to be who is in essence going through a death in herself, to give
birth to the new life from within her, and almost dying herself in the
process, and it is a spiritual death and rebirth for her, and a lot of women
did really die years ago in birth, but the death I speak of here is the death
of the old self.
In older traditions the males initiation was when they were sent away into
the hills with no food or provisions as a passage into manhood, but also
as a symbolic death of the old self to fend for themselves on their own,
and transcend the old and embrace the new. A woman doesnt need to do
this as her death is in giving birth. So we nurse ourselves gently along our
pregnancy which is letting go of everything which is standing in our way,
and there is usually quite a lot in a person, and we begin to feel a
ripeness, a readiness, as we proceed, to let go of more and more of what
has held us back, again like a woman who has to relax as she gives birth,
but also sometimes needs to push to gently bring in the new life. We must
be gentle but firm with ourselves as our own midwives, and we can also
get help from others who can be our doula helpers, but its us and us
alone who remove those outer layers, and they will come off as they are

Living with Ourselves without Ourselves is Agony

To live in this world without being connected to our real essence is an

amnesia which is unbearable.

Living without ourselves is agony, and going through life without

walking with ourselves and within ourselves is a continual loneliness
which we can never fill, no matter how we try to find things to plug that
hole where we once were, it doesnt work.
Alcohol can help temporarily and so can an inflated ego, big fast car and
motorbikes, and sex with lots of people, but the only thing that will truly
fill that space inside us is the thing that has been missing which is simply
It seems too simple to say that we will feel complete again when we
complete our search for our connection back to us, but it is simple, and
once we recognise that emptiness in us, then that part of ourselves we

were disconnected from will find its way back home, with our help of
course, and sometimes with the help of others who have walked the path
ahead of us.

Our Heroic Journey Back to Find the Self

And so we become heroes and put on our armour, take up our sword of
truth and embark on the most heroic of all journeys.

The journey to find the self is the most courageous one a person can take.
The only other journey which is as enormous in its significance is
ironically the journey we took to lose ourselves. Ideally as children we
would be helped by wise mentors to not lose ourselves which would save
a lot of trouble and heartache, and I dont believe we have to go through
all the anguish of losing ourselves to learn about life, there is enough to
learn about as it is. Our journey back to ourselves slays many dragons,
ghosts, demons, lies, falsities, and also heals many of the wounds we had
inflicted on ourselves and others on our equally heroic journey away from
ourselves. It is a journey where we mend our broken, fragmented spirits,
and call our lost souls back to ourselves as the falconer to the falcon.
It is a journey akin to the old mythical stories like Jason and the Golden
Fleece, and I think the journey to retrieve the fleece is symbolic to our
heroic journey to find ourselves. Like Jasons journey there and back was
fraught with obstacles and setbacks that had to be surmounted again and
again which tests our metal and the journey away from ourselves and
back to ourselves could break us at any time, but the prize of the fleece
would be worth the battle, and it is. It is what mere words cannot explain.
The retrieval of our own skin in essence, the skin and flesh which our
journey tore from us in our heartbreak and despair, but which we as
heroes reclaim back what life had taken from us.
It can be likened to soul loss, through lifes trauma and pain, and in the
older traditions of Shamanism now rapidly being revived: a Shaman
would go off and find those different parts of our soul which had been
damaged and disconnected from us. So Jasons journey for the Fleece, is
ours, and every person on this planet is now undergoing a purging of the
poisons and mistakes that we have accumulated and we are all ready to
make that connection again with ourselves, and this is happening.

Completing the Circle of Ourselves

We searched the map only to find that the treasure we were searching for
was at the place where we had started from.

And so it is that we embarked on our heroic, sacred journey to find

ourselves, only to realise that the end of the treasure map was also the
beginning, and moreover, the treasure we sought was in us, around us and
with us every step of the way as we desperately searched. If we would be
able to stand at the start of our journey and look at our path ahead
knowing, seeing and feeling that we already were the treasure we were
searching for, then we would save ourselves a lot of pain and sorrow, and
we could just embrace our treasure without having to undertake the
arduous journey away from the treasure of the self around the map and
arrive back so wounded and damaged to claim ourselves again, our
fragmented soul.
We lose ourselves to find ourselves, but now we know the game that the
system entails then we no longer have to go on the journey in the first
place to perpetuate the suffering. We have suffered the journey long
enough, and now we will refuse to be hurt any more by the map, we will
step away from the map and construct new maps which will be very
simple ones that will keep us from straying so far from our true natures,
and alleviate the necessity of having to find our way back home, we will
not need to leave home, we will learn to reside in our magnificent essence
and keep our hearts pure and simple and we will then drink from the joy
of the wellspring of ourselves by simply clothing ourselves in our own
skins and feel we are enough, that we are our own treasure, rather than
desperately search the map looking for the fulfilment that is inside us

Chapter 10

Happiness Love and Joy

Being Happy Without a Reason

Happiness without a reason is one of the greatest of all blessings and

achievements, a mind with nothing in it cant be unhappy.

We are always looking for reasons to make us happy, which is a natural

thing to do, the pursuit of happiness has been instilled in us and is one of
the biggest driving forces in our lives, and thats good. But if we are only
happy for those reasons the reasons can, and often are taken away.
We must strive to be happy without a reason. When people lose a job, a
loved one, a car or friend they often become very desperate because they
have been relying on those things to make them happy, in which case the
happiness dissolves with those things.
By Finding our inner peace, centre and balance, we automatically begin
to become happy without a reason. As humans we are actually
programmed to seek happiness, just as much as we are programmed to eat
and have sex.
Seeking and finding things that make us happy is wonderful, and we
automatically yearn to surround ourselves with such things, be it our
partners and loved ones, our health, houses, cars, businesses, jobs, or
fridges full of food. But that can all change in a moment, as I found out
the night I was talking to my dear Mum on the phone as I approached the
house, her telling me the food was ready, moments later a quick response
ambulance drove by me with siren on and stopped outside her house, I

went in and there she was lying down passed away from an aneurism, just
moments before I was talking to her.
Though I was in shock and obviously bereaved, and cried and mourned
the awful loss of my Mum, the connection to the happiness I have
without a reason didnt leave me throughout the whole ordeal. The peace
I have found was a great friend to me through the whole ordeal, and is
with me all the time. There was that underlying feeling of peace and at
oneness that has been with me for many years now. Of course I wasnt
walking around saying oh Im so happy, but the inner peace and
serenity were still there as the base camp for all the other experiences to
map onto.
A great mentor of mine Kyril Demys when he was younger used to hang
around with the boy in his village who was always laughing and waving
at cars going by, he loved hanging around with him because he was
always happy, he was known to be the village misfit and he couldnt be
made to be unhappy, he was happy without a reason. A car would go by
and he would shout way hay! So he got a great thrill out of being with
him, he said he learned how to be like him. His poem summed this up:
Beyond desire:
Set not the heart on anything:
Let not the subject rule the King,
Set not the heart on anything
But let the heart grow, laugh and sing!
A wise mind once alluded to the fact that unless we become like little
children again we will never escape our prison and advance.

Love and Joy Forgotten

Our system has become so brutal, harsh, competitive and xenophobic,

that we are becoming dismembered from love.

We have become so disconnected and pulled away from our feelings of

love and joy that we are getting used to living without it, or are living in a
compromised state as far as love is concerned. Most of us, if we are a
human beings, struggle with this inner rift of wanting to give, receive,
and experience the love we really are, and we can become cold and
closed to the love in ourselves and from others, and it can almost be like a

check mate in chess, a sort of stale mate where we cannot give or receive
it, not just with others but with ourselves.
It is fascinating how we can feel a real fear if we think of telling someone
our feelings for them, maybe from a fear of rejection, from old wounds
and scars from our youth, when we once opened our hearts wide and got
crushed and badly hurt in doing so. In the section Contacting the great
comforter love, I explained the feeling of love that is available for
everyone hidden just beneath the harsh structures of ourselves, which
anyone can access again, because its there awaiting its rediscovery.
We must not blame ourselves for our estrangement from our love
connection of giving and receiving, we can blame the dreadful system we
are part of that robs us of our sensitivity, love, caring, and softness. We
are protecting ourselves from hurt and pain, and we know all too well that
in this system of punishment and reward we may well get more punished
than rewards if we are too soft, gentle, caring, loving, giving and over
sensitive, so we lock up our access to love and overcompensate just in
case we are brutalised again by the system or by someone.
So we learn to love a bit, just enough to get by, and let our love just peep
out through a little crack to our broken hearts and let others love shine in
just a bit through that crack to our hearts, and we learn to live with our
wounds. The good news is that once we recognise that rift has taken place
then it gives us the chance to retrace our steps back to, and into our
moment to moment connection with ourselves and love. Once we see
where we were misled on the map, we can re-member and re-tie back to
that dislocation.
Feeling love in us again is like plugging back into life again, sure we still
get problems, life is full of challenges and things to overcome to get what
we need to survive, but without love its harder, because without love we
are merciless and ruthless with ourselves and that spills over onto others.
Accessing love begins by the recognition that we are lacking a proper
connection to it, and then we can uncover it again, and like polishing
tarnished silver we will slowly see the shine in us coming back, which
will translate to others and the world around us. Our love will start to
smile through the dullness that was our protective shield from the world,
and ironically our brightness and love that shines and heals is also a
strong protection, because though it gives, and loves, and cares it also
repels unwanted influences that could be deleterious to our lives.
So it is a complete fallacy that love, gentleness, and caring are
weaknesses and something a bit soft and soppy of the weak willed. On
the contrary love is a mighty strength, and the opposite to popular belief
that one who loves openly is weak, though of course we must protect

ourselves also as I have explained, but we are not to overcompensate, but
to be flexible meeting each situation with appropriately presented love,
which is the wise way.

Happiness Beyond Words

Let us look aloft to the vastness of the sky, and let it elevate us, and
consume our agitations our fears and foibles.

I have told the story of the lady I met in a park, who told me of her
depression, claustrophobia and deep sadness, but also said that when she
was walking her dog in the trees she sometimes felt so overwhelmed with
joy that she felt like bursting out crying. Imagine that, a person so
depressed who could become so joyous and overwhelmed by nature. I
quickly reminded her that what she felt when she walked in those trees
was availed to her all the time, and it wasnt something she had to find it
was something she had which just shined in those times in the park when
all the other accumulations of the sad mind fell away.
I enjoy the liberating feeling of looking up at the sky when I am in in
crowded place, where there is a real rush. It is lovely as a grounding tool,
to put things in perspective, though be careful you dont bump into
anything. To look up past all the buildings and worldly things at the great
vastness of the sky when you may be feeling the burden of the worlds
problems or your own, it diminishes the agitations that can pester us so
much about this or that, to image the world spinning faster than the speed
of sound, the peace of the clouds and the freedom of a gliding bird, these
are the things that can really nourish us.
To go into nature and allow her to heal us, to touch our inner being past
the worries of the flesh, to tap into the part of us that is just peace without
the weight of the world on its shoulders. To look at our hands, and hold
our own hand in front of us, to place our own hands together and feel
them touch each other, and to realise the miracle of making the two index
fingers of both hands move together at the same time doing the same
thing, then slowly bring them towards each other to touch together, gently
and softly, and to the feel miracle of the unseen in us that guides that
action, do it again and really feel that consciousness as it slowly initiates
that simple act. Now slowly try it again but this time keep a small gap
between your fingers without them touching, now look at that gap
between them and really feel that gap, feel it as if it is the gap between us
and real happiness and really look at it and feel that gap, now slowly

bridge that gap and bring them gently together and close your eyes and
suck that connection in through your breath, do you feel it?
This is something that can be practiced on a bus, in a queue, traffic jam or
anywhere. To Practice bridging that gap.
As we bridge the gap from tension, worry, fear and our vulnerability, we
tap more and more into that happiness at our core where the real peace is,
in that gentle stillness, and like the lady in the park we can feel
overwhelmed by it, not just in the park but everywhere we go because it
is always there right with us

Being Kind Actually Heals Us And Others

Until we are kind to others we will never be kind to ourselves.

Its a fact that kindness actually heals our bodies, and an interesting point
is how the word kindness sounds a bit weak minded to a lot of people
now, which is a very loud, big warning to us about the cataclysmic
direction which we are headed in. Its a scientifically proven fact that
being kind on a regular basis drastically reduces cholesterol from out
arteries and has all sorts of other very healing benefits on our bodies.
Being kind and nice to someone else releases a chemical in our bodies
called oxytocin that actually repairs our bodies, and even more amazing
releases chemicals in our brains that make us feel good. I am an oxytocin
junkie, I cant get enough of the stuff, going out of my way to be kind
whenever I can. I am a compassionate guy but its quite a selfish act too,
its good for me as well as the recipient, its a symbiosis. When we are
nice to someone it feels much better than when we are horrible to
someone, thats no coincidence at all, its been designed that way to keep
us being good to each other. If youre horrible to someone you later feel
horrible, if youre nice you feel nice, what a brilliantly designed process,
to keep us being nice. The fact that this is no coincidence should be a
wakeup call for us.
Just like sex feels good and does your body good, to keep people making
more humans, and just like food tastes and feels good, and does us good,
to keep us eating, to stay alive to be able to perpetuate the species. This is
all basic stuff, but worth noting that these things that are inbuilt in us,
give us a gentle nudge and reminder that we had better listen to them,
they were meant to be there to keep us on course, and avoid us
degenerating into what we have now become, and soon much worse, if
we dont wake up.

Unfortunately the system we are forced into does change people to
compromise with their kindness, it has pushed us to be more competitive,
snappy, terse, calculating and fearful of each other. A few times today I
asked people directions and initially they freeze up with suspicion but
once they start helping you they cant stop, when the oxytocin fix kicks in
they are just like a drug addict on heroin. Isnt it great?
So we are intrinsically programmed to be kind, but isnt it also depressing
that people initially suspect us when we are really kind and cheerful to
them with seemingly nothing to gain. You can see their faces suspecting
what are they after, what do they want, and this runs deep into the system
that is raping us every day, and people now suspect other people because
we are so used to being used and exploited and robbed by the system that
is so cruel to us. Most people can scarcely believe it possible that
someone could be unconditionally kind to them. Thats a sad and a
worrying day indeed for humanity.
Being the opposite of kind really damages our minds and body much
more than we know, it robs us of our sensitivity and love.
A very nice gentleman called Dr David Hamilton is an expert in this field,
and has made some astounding discoveries. It is incredible to think that
kindness is another built in system in us that is there to keep us being nice
to each other.
What a beautifully designed system then to keep us on track, its yet
another miracle of nature, to keep people being nice and thus perpetuate
peace. We must now practice this more and more and remember how
wonderful it feels to be kind. In Torquay, Devon there is a man sits near
the road in the same place just smiling genuinely and waving at every car
that goes by, and I am sure he is high as a kite on the oxytocin, like a bee
with nectar, he looks so happy. A friend of our family Ronnie, when he
was still alive used to go to a cake factory in Cardiff and pile his car boot
up with cakes, and go around everyone he could giving them cakes and
kindness, topped with love, he just loved being kind. He was an oxytocin
addict, addicted to kindness.
There was a great series on television called secret millionaire, about a
different millionaire each week who went undercover posing as a
volunteer in poor areas of the country. They were looking for local heroes
who were doing amazing things for people with compassion and
kindness. The secret millionaire would choose who to donate chunks of
money to, and then tell them he was a millionaire and write them large
Many of these millionaires would cry and be overwhelmed on camera,
because maybe for the first time they had experienced the joy of giving

rather than getting, and were visibly changed for life. They had also had a
mighty fix of oxytocin, maybe for the first time. There is no doubt we get
more spiritually when we give than when we get.
We all must urgently fan the flames within ourselves to rekindle the
beautiful embers inside us all, of kindness, compassion, love, good will
and caring, because these embers are in serious danger of going out
altogether. If that happens our society will fall even further into loveless,
selfishness and emotionless chaos beyond belief.

Etiquette and Good Manners

The degree of absence of peoples etiquette and good manners are an

indication as to how disconnected they are from themselves, and how
successful their system and society is.

There is a massive decline in basic etiquette and good manners, which

simply mirrors the decline in human beings generally. Ghandi said that
the system we live in has made people suspicious and over cautious with
each other, and as usual the underlying reason is fear. Fear the thief that
takes a person and society to pieces fragment by fragment, and when you
lose your niceness you lose your soul, you really do, and its a good
indication that tells us how we have been cut off from our good natured
selves. Mahatma
Understandably we have become used to being over cautious with each
other and its not surprising when we look at whats on the television, the
news, and what our government role models are doing in the world. Its
become a dog eat dog system that trains us that if we are too nice we
wont get on, and will be taken advantage of, so you had better watch out,
and we do, too much.
There was a great line in the song by Glen Campbell called Rhinestone
Cowboy; Where hustles the name of the game and nice guys get washed
away like the snow and the rain. Well I disagree, we can be really nice
and be able to protect ourselves and be a bit cautious at the same time.
There is a fine line between being nice and being stupid, and typically
what we have done again is fall into the overcompensation trap by being
too defensive and cautious with others, which we keep doing over and
over again, in many areas of life. We try and be too manly, too cool, too
nice, too horrible, too competitive and on and on which I will cover in the
next section. For goodness sake cant we just be ourselves, our decent

good honest selves, and live from the heart instead of being dragged
along by our heads and egos.

Unconditional Love is Not the Wise Way

Appropriately presented love in each different situation is the wise way.

- Charles Muses.

Each different situation we are in requires a different level of love and a

different response, and we must become infinitely resourceful in our
dealings with our fellow human beings, it takes a lot of judgement and a
lot of practice, but we are best guided by our hearts, and the correct
response is always there if we really learn to have the ears to listen and
the eyes to see.
I always used to think that we must unconditionally love everyone, and a
lot of the spiritual guidance I read years ago alluded to this. Even if
someone was being horrible towards us, the books said its not their fault,
it was simply your stuff you had to deal with, and that the things that
irritated you or made you feel bad was just a mirror of your stuff. You
had to deal with it. I semi believed it for a while then realised it was
And I soon learned the hard way that other peoples stuff was all too
often their own stuff not my stuff that I had to deal with, but just
plainly their madness and instability that I could either put up with or
not. Either way I would steer well clear of them thanks.
I met a lot of people who were allowing themselves to be abused by
buying into that doctrine, and letting people trample them because they
thought that they had to let the abuser learn the lessons about abuse
through them, and other variations about having to unconditionally love
everyone in all situations, which is ridiculous, and a very risky road to go
down. I met a lady once who was being abused and she was convinced
she had to stay with him and that was her duty to serve. Maybe so but
rather find someone to serve that doesnt kick you head in. Being a punch
bag is no fun, and you can teach someone a lot quicker sometimes by not
tolerating their madness than letting them keep doing it to you.
Charles Muses was right appropriately presented love in each different
situation is the wise way.

You Cannot Kill Love

Love is beyond words and flesh, and is an invisible force mightier than
the highest mountain.

I said a few words at a dear friends funeral a while ago. On the morning
of the funeral I was wondering what to say about the love you have with a
friend so close, and how to put such a bond into clumsy words, which of
course is not possible. As I walked the beach that morning I looked up
and saw two seagulls flying close by, and they then glided away in
different directions, and at the funeral I related what I had seen and it had
struck me that when you are so close to a friend or partner like that, even
that parting of physical bodies cannot break or kill that love, it is beyond
the rules of the planet, with its gravity.
I addressed the coffin and said nothing can break that bond with
someone. I also related the same thing about my mother who had passed
on some time before, who I can still feel great love for, as though she is
here now. Some of the beautiful love songs are timeless and can connect
us with that love we all feel. As I mentioned earlier Marvin Gaye once
said that in his songs he gives people a taste of themselves, a whiff of that
timeless love whose scent never goes. When I visit my auntie I often
sneak in my uncles old room which is similar to how it was when he was
alive, and I sometime smell his cap, or kiss his picture and sit in his chair
and can feel his love though he is no longer there, even stronger than
before sometimes. Real love is ubiquitous. It is all pervading and cannot
be killed, or taken away.


Here is the love we long for, the ultimate food we crave for.

But where here?
Here! Not there or where

Beneath the here, the where and there
Not words or thoughts
Close your eyes now
Breath in deeply and hold it
Now you feel it
Immerse in that it is you, love,
And dont fight the tears
They are you also
Be still your search is over.

This is the love that feeds us, fills and nourishes us if we sit with it and in
it. We dont have to do anything, we just have to keep ourselves open and
sit with it and wait for it to come around us. Its always there it never
goes away. It is with us on a bus, in the bath, on a plane, in trouble and in
paradise, it never turns its back on us. It is always us that neglects it, and
it is a form of sabotage again if we know something wonderful can
nourish and help us but we neglect to put ourselves in its way.

Chapter 11

Releasing Ourselves From


Our Lives are Consumed by Fear

There are so many fears in life that there is hardly room to live.

Fear is like a terrible fog that chokes and clouds peoples brains, and
blocks and disconnects us from everything. Our true feelings, pleasure,
love, happiness, real joy, all these and other feelings and emotions are
strangle by fear. When we begin to transcend and dissolve fear we begin
to live again, to feel true happiness again, which may not translate into
running down the street shouting hooray, though it might, but it is just a
feeling inside and around us, that is peace and happiness, which is
elevated above the choking quick sand of fear.
Knowing these things liberate us, but I used to think it was depressing to
know about these truths but I have changed my mind now, and am
convinced that not knowing them is the depressing thing, because we
never realise why we dont feel right in this system, there is just this
continual underlying feeling that somethings wrong everyday as you
trudge to work again and again, but we dont know what it is thats
wrong so we blame ourselves.
Once we know how the system is designed and how we have been
trapped, that knowledge which we thought may depress us actually does
the opposite, it liberates us because now we know why we didnt feel
right and we dont have to blame ourselves any more, we know its not

our fault that we were born into a system of forced labour, debt and
control, which is slavery, plain and simple, no conspiracy theory just the
damn truth.
Most people continually just exist from one fear or crisis to the next one,
amongst all the ups and downs. But once we elevate ourselves above that
we can really start to experience living again, feeling the vibrancy and joy
in every moment of life as it happens, in the all-encompassing here and
now. Without that consuming fear our lives become a steady stream of
This current epoch of magnified fear and imbalances is ironically our last
chance to break free from it, the implications if we dont are so immense,
that we would be shaken to our very core if we realised how low we will
fall if we fail to embrace this opportunity to transcend fear completely.
The consequences if we dont are many and complex on a universal level,
spiritual level, molecular, and plain old nuts and bolts level. We have a
window of opportunity to be free from fear, but to break free we must
first see it, feel it properly, and know it, not keep avoiding and running
from it, fear is a bully we permit into our lives and allow it to manipulate
A good analogy is, some years ago a guy where I lived didnt like me and
used to keep a threat over me that he was going to get me, every time I
saw him it was the same, he would look at me menacingly, I wasnt very
frightened, I was a big guy too, and fit, but it wasnt nice and it was
getting to me every time I saw his van, and it used to make me feel on
edge and nervous.
He was a Taekwondo champion, and feared and revered in the town,
which didnt make it any easier for me, and this was before I went to
Cape Town and learnt karate, actually it was one of the reasons that
prompted me to learn karate. Eventually it happened, I answered the door
with a towel round me one day and he attacked me without warning, we
fell into the house and I wrestled him naked to the floor and he was
helpless. We both knew I could have broken his neck, so I let him get up,
and he left and respected me thereafter. It is a situation I would have
rather avoided, and I have not enjoyed telling the story but I tell it here to
highlight how fear can control us psychically without any material thing
happening. Fear of what could happen, fear of fear itself in other words.
It was an amazing lesson about fear for me because in the space of less
than a minute many months of fear dissolved.
We are in a very similar situation with our system of fear and slavery
now. Many people are living in deep subconscious fear and it must be
released. Sometimes it feels easier and less frightening to avoid fear and

learn to let it control us, than face it, and overcome it, but when we run
from fear it magnifies it because it confirms and strengthens its hold over
us. This is now our chance to break the chains of fear which have
shackled us all as humanity for many thousands of years. We must face it
and not run from it a moment longer, then we will be truly liberated. We
all intrinsically know fear and what it feels like, our ancestors have lived
with it for many thousands of years, knowing they could be beheaded or
worse if they stepped out of line.
We now have a chance to get out of the prison of fear, and the big fear is
that we are helpless victims who cant feed ourselves if we dont work,
and that will remain true until we take our power back and come together
and grow our own food and function independently of the ruling
oligarchy, till then we will live in fear, thats it.
So we know fear very well, it is permeated and emblazoned in our bodies
and minds and deep in our souls, we know it immediately as it arises.
Now we really know it and its feeling in us, and what its done to us for
millennia, we must let it go. So we simply feel it and let it go, feel it, then
let it go, and with practice it can no longer consume us and get its claws
in us, it will then simply become just a fleeting thought that we allow to
go past us and downstream, and with practice we will revel in the joy of
barely feeling it and watching it drift away. This is so with all thoughts
we dont want anymore.
Imagine having a life sentence in a prison of fear for another lifetime or
two. That could be how serious it is. If we all embrace the transformation
which is now taking place in ourselves, and on the planet worldwide, that
transformation can automatically guarantee our release from fear, because
in our transformed state, none of us would fight ourselves or each other
anymore, and a peace would descend on us and this planet which would
send us all to our knees in tears of relief. And by transcending fear once
and for all, we may transcend our need to have to learn about it anymore.
But we must know it, know why, and know how to release ourselves from
it. Because its no good knowing everything about a prison but still not
knowing that you can get out and how.

Replacing Fear With Love

The perfect antidote to fear is love, and love is always superior to fear.

Fear is like a parasite that tries to feed off love, but love can rise above
and beyond fear, but even though love is far superior to fear, we have to
still keep strengthening and cultivating our love to protect us from fear.
Just like we have to keep our bodies healthy to create a healthy immune
system to stave off illness and disease, its a very similar thing. Fear is a
terrible disease which chokes off love if we allow it.
The parasite of fear is like a one dimensional crawling thing, which
cannot compete with love once we realise, and remember the immense
transformative power of love, because love is not a one dimensional
crawling thing it is multidimensional and can do anything. And although
we may think fear has a huge effect on people which it does, it is a
different type of energy than love. Love is all pervading and it creates,
and amplifies its influence right through nature and the universe. Fear is
paralytic and parasitic to its victims, physically and psychologically, and
by that very fact it means it is a low vibration energy source.
Love on the other hand is a higher vibrational force which enamours and
protects, and has beauty, joy, creativity and the pure wellspring of life as
its source. It simply is. And fear is simply not.
Love is real, it is ubiquitous, omnipresent, where fear is sporadic and
comes to reality only where it is fed and nurtured. Natural fear, as I point
out in another section, is very healthy and has a great part to play in our
survival and protection, but magnified unhealthy fear is deplorable, and
can actually kill people. Replacing fear with love is simpler than one may
think, and is as simple as the sentence that it is written as, simply replace
fear with love. How? By just doing it, by being love not fear.
It is the same principle as remembering to be conscious, and knowing
when you have forgotten to remember to be conscious. If we forget to be
in a state of love and in our power, a state of fear and powerlessness will
creep in and try to consume us. Its all about being in a state of awake
consciousness all the time with no lapses of forgetting. We must be re
membering all the time which is the antidote to becoming dis membered.
Fear is a crawling parasite that can be enclosed and cut off by simply
putting a glass over it. Love encloses and cuts off fear because it is not
one dimensional it is many, just like the glass, and with practise, as with
remembering to be conscious, we notice fear as it arises, and just like
unwanted thoughts and habits which we dissolve by seeing them, so it is
with fear, it loses its grip and eventually falls away leaving love, and once
we really know fear it becomes so recognisable that it hasnt a chance of
luring us into its grip any longer. When you really know an enemy it is
half defeated.
The Way by Kyril Demys

Love, not learning finds the way,
Opens the eyes to the Doors of the Day,
Uncovers the wonders of undreamed sights,
And leads the way to the Wisdom Lights.

Fear of Our own silence

In our own silence we find the truth.

A lot of people on the planet fear silence, because in silence we feel and
sense ourselves again, and if we have become used to continual noise in
our minds and around us, it can be frightening to just sit with ourselves
and silence again, it can take a bit of getting used to.
I used to visit a very gifted healer many years ago called Anne who had
taken me under her wing. I was fascinated by her calm, centeredness and
One day in her garden as a few of us ate lunch, I was nervously chattering
away as usual about the weather, the trees or whatever, when she said
'Jason its okay to just be silent'. She said it in a kind, compassionate way,
with a loving smile, and I suddenly realised I was always talking because
I feared the silent gaps in conversation when I was with other people, and
I would always fill them. In the following silence in the garden I began
again 'isnt it a lovely day', at which point I realised I was doing it again, I
looked at Anne and we both smiled, and we just sat together and ate lunch
in the beautiful silence.
I learned a great lesson that day, that silence is so beautiful, like sweet
nectar, like a still pond, unblemished by the ripples of thought and noise.
Thats why a lot of people need the TV and radio on all the time, to fill
each space with noise, which can stop us seeing and feeling the situation
we are in mentally and physically. The noise that we create and often
resent is the very thing which is the locked door to our own further
development, personally and globally. Its the recognition of what we
dont want anymore which unlocks the door to peace.

Control by Fear and Pain

Fear can be so powerful that it can give us pain without that which is
feared ever happening.

There was a brilliant episode of the original Star Trek called The Cage
which reminds me of how the system we are subjected to is designed to
control people by fear of consequences if we are disobedient.
Captain Kirk and a couple of his crew were captured and being held in a
state of fear by unscrupulous aliens, who would manipulate them to do
almost anything, pushing all their emotional buttons, and if they
disobeyed them they would receive a choking pain around their necks,
almost strangling them to death. Even if they thought of escaping, or
thought bad things towards their oppressors the pain would come back,
and was so intense they would collapse to the ground.
This scenario is very similar to what takes place in our system of rule by
fear and pain, and punishment and reward, because we must remember
that fear creates pain in many forms. If people make one mistake or step
out of line, the same thing happens. And also its similar in the fact that if
people even think of trying to escape the system, the fear kicks in and
creates pain, either psychologically via stress, panic and tension, or, and
physically via pains in the stomach, pains in the head and general all
round exhaustion.

Our Fears are Unethically Manipulated

A brave person is not someone who doesnt feel fear or feel afraid; it is
someone who conquers that fear- Nelson Mandela.

Our fear has been manipulated and preyed upon, over many thousands of
years, which in my opinion is one of the most unethical and disgusting
things that could ever be inflicted on a human being. In our current
system fear seems to be used to control us in any way possible. Fear of
death is obviously our ultimate fear, then above that all of the other fears
which ultimately point towards that, which are fear of not having enough
money to buy food, fear of not having enough money to buy clothes
which keep us warm, fear of not having enough money to pay our rent or
mortgage, to buy petrol or pay our travel fare to get to work which
ultimately pays for everything else which we need.

Add to all that our children and our responsibility for their wellbeing, and
the fear doubles its intensity. Its no wonder that a lot of people are in a
continuous state of agitation, fear, and shock. And even when we do find
slithers of time to relax, we find it hard to. Our thoughts still revolve
around the next thing we need to do to fend off the fears. In other sections
of the book I have talked about ways of being very present in every
moment, away from past or future. This to a great degree immunizes us
from fear.
Our whole system is underpinned by fear, a lot of it purposely
manipulated and placed in our path. Fear is the controlling factor which
motivates us in so many areas of life. Fear is inherent and very useful in
its natural function. There are so many types of fear, some of which are,
fear of poverty, criticism, ill-health, pain, death, imprisonment, old-age,
and even fear of fear itself, to name just a few major ones.
Fear is terribly paralytic, and automatically shuts down our higher
vibration of consciousness, and has a real dulling effect on our senses. It
actually consumes most people, and keeps us rushing to work to earn
money to dissipate the fear of starvation and homelessness. It's easy to
see how the government of the people have such an easy job of making
us do what they want, with all of our fears at their fingertips.
People develop and blossom with affection, and in a good system this
would be the basis, but fear locks us up, and fear is the basis of present
day government. We must urgently get back to being able to cultivate our
emotional sensitivity which fear has locked up in us.
Banks look after our money because we are frightened of losing it or
getting it stolen. Insurance companies insure us because we are frightened
of damaging or losing what we have. The list goes on and on.
If we want to move to our next evolutionary stage of development, and
we are right now, then we must transcend fear, not healthy fear. We must
transcend all the emotions which trap us in fear. This does not mean we
should give up our jobs and everything else. But to be free from paralytic
fear is what we must strive for if we are to be free to re align ourselves
with our true atonement, to become at one with ourselves again, and
move on from the prison of fear.

Fear creates Paralysis of Consciousness

The places that we fear to enter may hold the keys to our freedom.

Fear is very paralytic. It is disastrous to relationships with ourselves,
partners and our planet. The system we live in has a terrible effect on our
consciousness, and to a great degree keeps us in a perpetual state of
worry and fear at some level. Fear stunts our Consciousness development
which is one of the reasons the yogis and people dedicated to spiritual
development used to retreat from the world and live in Ashrams and
places of peace and quiet, away from the rush and noise to be able to
concentrate on just being, and reconnecting to all the joys and benefits
that most people have lost.
What is being asked of us now is to be able to transcend all of our
unhealthy fears which we have accumulated by ourselves, and those that
have been pressed upon us by the controlling Governments, and also
those fears which are a mixture of both. We are being forced to let our
fears go now, and its one of the ultimate challenges in this lifetime to be
free of fear and still walk this road of life.
In our current system based on fear and short term gain and greed, it is a
real challenge to hold our centre without succumbing to the underlying
fear which can keep us churning forward worrying about the next thing
we need to do to keep our complicated daily routines together.
There is an underlying fear which perpetuates itself, that keeps reminding
us that if we dont keep scrambling onto the next thing we will lose what
we have accumulated which to a great degree is true, for most of us with
all our bills and commitments. Fear is not only paralytic for our
consciousness development, but it also causes paralysis and diseases in
the body and mind.

Healthy Fear is Good

Without healthy fear we would be run over by trucks, eaten by lions, and
fall over cliff edges to our death.

Healthy fear is inbuilt in us for a good reason. It is a wonderful thing

which is designed to steer us away from dangerous situations that could
cause us harm, pain and death, or it could motivate us to find or grow
food, to make a shelter, to make clothes to keep us warm, and also warns
us of things and situations that could disturb us psychologically. If we
stand on the edge of a cliff our bodies tingle with fear which warns us to
get back and not go so close. If we stand on the edge of the road fear said
here comes a truck get back! If a dangerous animal approaches our fear
tells us to run like the wind, or if we are cornered by the animal with our

child in our arms fear kicks our adrenalin in and tells us to fight to the
death if need be. Thats good healthy fear.
So we should embrace fear, its a great ally and friend to us.
It is such a carefully designed emotion that it not only protects us
personally in a myriad of ways but also translates to other things we need
to protect, such as our children or beloved pet that is crossing the road.
The fear in this case warns us that if they get hurt we will also get hurt
emotionally, but even more than that it is helping to protect the
perpetuation of the species by that example of avoiding our child getting
Good fear is fascinating, to take another situation, where we may have
worked all year growing our food to feed our whole family for the winter,
and we hear people outside and find them stealing all our food. Our fear
of our family and ourselves starving would kick in and we would jump to
action. And there are many more examples of fear, which has many
nuances and facets, the key is to be able to recognise what type of fears
they are, and whether we can transcend them, work with them or
ruthlessly eliminate them.

Lifting the Consciousness Above The Fear

To transcend fear we must first know it, and then we can dance with it
and move by it and beyond it.

The solution to the fear is to transcend it, by elevating the consciousness

beyond it. In a literal sense by doing just that, as with our other emotions
and habitual patterns of thought and feeling.
By recognising our fear we are half way to transcending it, and to
recognise it is a great step, because it is easily ignored by the fear of fear
So the fear of fear itself can thwart us from even looking at the fear
because we are frightened of what we may find, its ridiculous really, but
understandable. Once we get past the fear of seeing the fear, then we can
see fear, or rather lets say feel it because it is mostly a feeling which
cannot be seen, but that feeling of fear can be seen when it manifests into
movements and actions that are triggered by it, as in rushing, scurrying,
tense posture, aggressive behaviour, impatience, stress and on and on.
So lifting ourselves above it as we feel it is just that, feeling it, and letting
it go, raising our consciousness above and beyond it, feeling it and letting

it go, not denying it, but feeling it and letting it just pass, go, and with
practise we will find that we dont even feel it anymore, and even if it
does sneak in again it will be a case of aha theres that fear again and we
feel it and let it go. Which is the same as remembering ourselves, we
forget then remember, forget and remember, and eventually the gap
closes between the forgetting and remembering and there is just a steady
stream of awake, awareness of every feeling and moment , predominated
by stillness, and that is the true meditation I talked of where all wounds
have cure and we walk in peace, and we just are the stillness. Plan a cry,
do it often, I am due up for another one myself, it is an instant
reconnection to who we really are, and a doorway to our souls. It is food
and nourishment. I think we fear that if we will lose control we may
never retrieve it again. Ironically though in letting go, we let ourselves
return, we find ourselves and much, much more. We retrieve a soul piece.
It is a thorough cleanse and healing.

We Must Release Our Fear to Escape

It does not take a genius to see that the minds that are currently
controlling our planet are incapable.

The oligarchs that control this planet are the opposite to people of
wisdom, vision and intelligence. If they were to stay in control it is
certain that there is a hell awaiting us that we could barely dream of.
There are many wonderful minds of vision and intelligence in this world
that will form a cabinet, not to rule and control by fear, but to integrate
and steer together with the people, and make decisions based on the most
wonderful visions for the future of humanity.
Just look what we are becoming accustomed to already, as we watch
people being killed every night on our televisions.
Government as we now know it is a sickness, because anyone wanting to
control others is sick, though we need order yes, but people do quite well
if left to their own devices, its a fallacy to think people are helpless
without people controlling them.
There is a set of traffic lights in Cornwall on a roundabout, and every
time the traffic lights are working there are terrible hold ups, tail backs
and general frustration. When they are off the people in their cars dont
smash into each other and lose control, on the contrary, not a horn is
blown, the traffic moves smoothly and courteously and there is never a
problem, and not a single tail back or traffic jam, as everything flows

along nicely. People cope very well when they have to, but we have
become so used to being ordered around and controlled by fear that we
almost dont believe we can survive without orders any more. Like a dog
who doesnt sit or stand till s/he is told to. When we gain our confidence
to build a beautiful future we will, and our prison gates will swing open
with one confident push.

Chapter 12

Taking Our Power Back

We are Victims of Victims

One of the greatest challenges for humans is to break the chains that
bind us to our conditionings.

Our parents generally do the very best they can for us, and feed us with
information that they think will help us chart our way through the
challenging aspects of life, to keep us safe and stable. We all do the best
we can at any particular time in our lives with the information and
experience that we have up until that point. So its complex to blame
ourselves or others if what they did was what they thought best at that
time, because things change, we change, they change.
Obviously we then see how easily it is that we are programmed, and how
our programming perpetuates not only the way we are but often for
generations or millennia to come, for better and for worse.
One of the keys to unlocking the chain of victims of victims is simply to
study our lives and the society we are in and see where the programming
has been beneficial or detrimental, and do our very best to halt the
processes which perpetuate that.
On a basic level, if we see and feel in ourselves habits and deeply seated
conditionings which our parents had, that we would rather not pass onto
our children then we make sure we dont by breaking that chain in us.
Thereby stop its momentum into the next generations impressionable,
malleable mind, with its beautiful freshness.

Its the breaking of the unconsciousness of ourselves that allows us to
really see ourselves fully, which is not always comfortable, its like taking
the back off a television or computer and seeing all the circuitry and how
its all been programmed, and it takes a lot of courage and commitment to
really look and see the good systems we would benefit by keeping, and
even more courage to see the stuff in us we would be better off deleting
or sending off for recycling, or the virus vault for cleansing.
Its the same as the remembering section where I talk about seeing and
feeling ourselves and what we think, say and do, and making very sure
we work moment to moment to clear up the mess thats been made in us,
and make sure we dont pass it on to our kids or anyone else to poison the
future any more than it already is. All this stuff should be taught in
We can also be victims of our own accumulated madness and habits,
which is very similar to being victims of someone elses or the systems.
Our own madness and habits can be built up over the years by ourselves,
and our own neglect, and/or lack of knowledge of how to do anything
about that accumulation, and we sort of keep passing this down to
ourselves as we move through the different stages of life psychologically
and physically.
Outside, or inside influences can make us a bit like a tree on the edge of a
windy cliff if we are not careful. A tree which over the years actually
grows in a pushed over sort of shape, by the offshore wind that has kept
pushing against it as it grew, and eventually permanently influenced its
stature and shape even when the winds have gone away. And though that
influential wind may temper our spirits, and make us the person we are, it
may have still been better to have avoided those influences, and kept our
own unique shape and structure instead of being bent into a shape that
wasnt really us. That choice though difficult remains ours.
We must now untie our hands and move from being tethered victims to
magnificent creators.
We are meant to be beautiful creators not victims, but we have become so
used to becoming victimised by the system that we even victimise
ourselves now. We are creators beyond amazement; we can build with our
hands and our minds. We have been playing out the part of victim long
enough, and it really is time for us to refuse to play that role on the stage
of life any longer. It is belittling and not what we were designed to be, so
let us step into our true role now and be the magnificent and gifted
creators we are.

Staying Grounded and Conserving Energy

We are the conductors of our own orchestra of energy.

We lose a lot of energy unnecessarily, like losing electricity because its

not grounded, which ends up all over the place, being wasted.
By staying present and conscious we can remember to actually earth
ourselves like an electric plug, by rooting ourselves to the earth under
our very feet, to ground our energy, and conserve it, rather than dissipate
it here there and everywhere.
So often we vacillate, and waste our beautiful energy by thinking of, and
doing, too many things at once, then the energy becomes scattered and
doesnt amount to a hill of beans. When we learn to harness the energy
more efficiently we become much more affective. Our rush to do and get
and be, drains and zaps us, taking our vital energy which we need to get
us through the day, then we often turn to coffee and other stimulants to
try and lift ourselves again. We can practice anchoring ourselves into the
moment, like a boat drops its anchor to stop it floating all over the place,
so can we.
Its again the same principle of remembering when we have forgotten,
and the symptoms which come from us forgetting to be grounded are the
proof and the alarm bell that reminds us to remember to be grounded, to
stay rooted in the here and now where we can conserve our precious
energy. Again its that intention that can do it for us, just by thinking of
being grounded we trigger the process, by just imagining our feet earthed
to the ground as in electricity, because a lot of us may be surprised to
know how electrical we are, and how we really do conduct energy, in a
literal sense like the conductor of an orchestra, so do we conduct our own
energy, we can actually redirect and conduct, and have great control over
energy in and around us.

Ways We Lose Energy

When we lose energy we are losing our vital selves.

There are three main ways we lose energy. We lose it consciously,

unconsciously, and its taken from us by outside influences and others,
with or without our consent. It sounds complicated but its not. There are
many other reasons but lets simplify it and look at these three.

So first we expend energy consciously by walking, talking, thinking,
listening, driving and all the rest of the things we do consciously in our
everyday shuffle, though thats assuming we are consciously aware of the
energy we expend and are watching ourselves carefully.
Then we lose it unconsciously when we dont think much about it and
allow ourselves to deplete ourselves with overstimulation by our noisy
minds, our rush and hurry, our panic, stress and general wear and tear on
our nerves and energy systems during the day that leave us ragged by the
Then there are the energy takers which can be people who suck our
energy. Crowds on a train, watching television, listening to conversations,
or people who are always needing us and on and on.
A lot of energy can also be taken by fear, or concern, which is mostly
fear, of bills and payments, car repairs, road tax, mot, dentist, doctors,
whether someone likes us and dislikes us, and all the other hundreds of
factors in life that could drain us if we let them. Herein lies the key to
managing our energy systems more consciously, rather than just let things
randomly happen on their own.
This is a complex subject which could be a book in itself, but is mostly
fear, of bills and payments, car repairs, road tax, mot, dentist, doctors,
whether someone likes us and dislikes us, and all the other hundreds of
factors in life that could drain us if we let them. Herein lies the key to
managing our energy systems more consciously, rather than just let things
randomly happen on their own.
This is a complex subject which could be a book in itself, but I just
wanted to brush on it here to remind us that our energy is a precious
substance that we all too often freely give away or allow to be taken away
from us too readily. We must learn to preserve and protect it. There are
practises and techniques that can help us preserve energy which I might
mention later on in the book.
But for now lets just be aware of what energy is doing in and around us,
as we move through our day, because once we really feel it, where it
goes, what it does and how its being used or taken, that gives us a
fighting chance of conserving it.

Energy Loss Through Continual Judging

Almost everything we look at we judge immediately without thinking,

which is an exhausting habit, albeit a natural and incredible one.

This is a huge subject which I can only touch on here. We lose a massive
amount of energy through our eyes, and from thoughts thereafter about
what we see. This all takes place in a miraculous nanosecond. I am
judging these words as I write here now. Simultaneously my ears are
listening to Louise in the other room, and I am listening to the u tube
channel she is listening to, and I am listening to that as I do this, and
simultaneously I hear a car outside, a bird and a plane overhead, and I
was sure I smelt cigarette smoke, all this as I also plan my next sentence
and this afternoons trip to pick apples with Louise. Amazing isnt it, and
we wonder why we become exhausted. We are all judging everything we
see, taste, touch, smell, say, hear, its absolutely amazing and incredible
what is happening to us on a moment to moment basis.
All that said, the judging process is an astonishing product of our
miraculous selves and of course has a great function to play. It is
conveying vital information to us via our deciphering, judging faculties,
and weighing up for us in advance which thing to do, say, feel or where
next to go or not go. Its an amazing radar system that shoots out ahead of
us as we walk along the road, and tells us to cross over if we see an angry
dog or person, or to stay in the shade, get in the sun, speed up, or
slowdown. It tells us if a surface is rough or smooth or if its slippery, dry
or wet, and that we may slip or fall. It is a continual reassessment of our
The problems with energy loss arise when we are unconsciously being
dragged along by it all, rather than gently watching it all take place by
allowing it to gently move through us while we take a step back, and
become the observer of the process rather than in the process itself, then
we save the energy we would dissipate through being caught in it rather
than being just outside it.
As we walk through a shopping mall we are bombarded with images of
things in windows, colours, and people and how they look, walk, stand,
and stare. All these things can make us lose energy from out of our eyes if
we are not consciously aware that we can lose it. We are vastly over
stimulated through our eyes.
Again its about becoming the observer of the observing, like I mentioned
in the section on we are not our minds where I discussed residing in the
gap between our thoughts and being the watcher of our own thoughts. So
its similar here. Obviously its great fun and fascinating to look at as
many things as we can, its an amazingly interesting world, but we must
just be conscious of how much energy we are

Receiving and Using Energy

We are catalysts for energy.

The spider is a master at using and receiving its vital life force. As the
spider descends it lowers itself on its own self-made stream of energy, its
own rope, or path which it lays out in front of itself to walk on. Then
when it ascends it will gather in the same energy back into itself, the
same rope or path which it used on the way down. We can learn a lot by
watching the spider, it only uses what it needs and doesnt dissipate
energy unnecessarily, and it uses what it needs when it needs it. Birds are
a good teacher in this respect, you dont see them flapping aimlessly
when they dont have to, and they conserve that precious energy and only
use what they need to. Most of the energy we waste is wasted mentally
not physically, and once we learn to conserve it we may be amazed at
how vibrant we can feel.
We as people have a tendency to shoot our stream of energy much too far
out ahead of ourselves and lose a lot of ourselves in the process. We also
lose a lot behind us in our past. It is wiser to learn, like the spider to just
be right here at this moment in time and ground ourselves here as we go,
leaving nothing behind us and not going ahead of ourselves, here now
thats all, and then we gently move along our time line conserving all that
precious energy in only what we are doing, and not dissipating it in things
that havent even happened yet, we all know what a state of exhaustion
we can get ourselves in on a journey to go somewhere before we have get
there, and we do this more than we think.
Enjoying bursts of energy can also be nice and though we are using we
are also receiving, being topped up while we go, so we do need to expend
energy to receive fresh rejuvenating energy, and we are a bit like a battery
that if not used regularly wears out, so there is nothing wrong with using
energy its how and when we use it which is the key to staying energised.
I have talked in another section about how we receive energy from all
around us so that must also be considered.
Today I ran up a hill for a couple of minutes during my accent, and it was
beautiful to feel my body tiring and trying to recover as I ascended the
hill, and it was lovely at the top to feel my lungs automatically sucking in
new fresh air to compensate and reenergise what I had used, all without
me having to say a word to remind it, or even having to know how it
works or even think of it. What a miracle that couple of minutes was.

The Power of Hope

Hope is everywhere, in the sky, the clouds, the floor, the birds, the trees
and every single human heart.

Hope and despair are intimately linked and is what keeps people alive,
physically and spiritually, and keeps us marching forwards in hope for a
better world and future for ourselves and for all people. Hope and despair
is what kept Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi pushing forward
toward more freedom for their people under the most terrible resistance,
and it is hope and despair that keeps a Mother Theresa helping people,
and it is hope and despair for humanity that keeps my fingers typing in
front of me as my eyes grow weary into the early hours of the morning.
Hope heals and sooths the most wounded and helpless hearts and hope is
a light that still flickers in the worse of situations. Hope is what keeps a
mother pushing when she is exhausted giving birth, and hope is what
keeps people searching when almost all hope is gone.
Hope is what keeps a body gasping for breath as the body is about to die,
and hope is what keeps a tiny baby fighting for its life as it is born into
this taking its first gasps of air.
Life fuels hope, and hope fuels life. Without hope we are hopeless, and to
be hopeless is the end. So let us stoke the fire of hope, and hope that soon
we will see and feel the system we all long for. That creation is in the
womb of possibilities awaiting its activation from our minds and action
that will manifest it.

Learning to Trust

Trust is sweet nectar which we have forgotten the taste of.

I was trusted and it felt very strange but beautiful.

Some years ago I used to order a box of vegetables weekly from an
organic farmer, and it would be freshly picked for you the morning you
collected it. The first time I collected it I arrived and there was nobody
there, just a big barn with all these boxes in with names on, so I searched
for Jason and found my box with a price on it, and then discovered a big
dish full of money in the centre of the barn, and it became evident that
you would put money in, take your change and go. It was an amazing

feeling to be trusted, to the point where I felt guilty and I hadnt done
I was so very careful to take the right change and not accidently abuse the
trust that I had been gifted with. That stuck with me.
When I opened my own art gallery in Cornwall, selling my own
paintings, it was a week or so before I had my credit card machine
installed, and it was beautiful to convince people to allow me to trust
them to take paintings away worth hundreds of pounds without paying, to
London and various places around the country, and trusting them to send
me the cheques when they got back. One gentleman phoned me three
times on his way back home to convince me he hadnt run off.
It was difficult for people to accept that they could be trusted: it is so
alien to us all now. But once I had convinced them that we should enjoy
the unusual scenario, there was an amazing feeling of trust and friendship
that filled the gallery, and it felt wonderful for them and me, it was a real
high, and it was a real nourishing interaction. I even refused to take their
address or phone number, which I felt would have compromised the
absolute trust. People were really moved by it, and I would watch them
walk down the road carrying their paintings, and there was a real energy
that was around them because of it. I received letters from people about
Of course there are those who will take advantage, so we have to also
protect ourselves and not be stupid and too soft, or there would be crooks
queuing up to rob you all day. But we are starved to death by lack of trust
with each other nowadays, and again its very understandable.
But just by us talking about it and thinking about it is already changing it,
believe me that is the truth. Recognition is the first big step to changing
any problem.

Reclaiming Our Happiness and Smiles

When a society rarely smiles anymore then you know that system has

Very young children and teenagers smile a lot, they are free spirits,
enjoying their amazing, fascinating surroundings, and they spontaneously
react to the wonder of the world, of this amazing planet. They are
immersed in the moment. Then something happens to them which will
change them forever, something which will take away their freedom.

They are forced into school to prepare them to be one of the workers. In
the early part of school the vibrancy is still there, but as a child gets older
we see a steady decline in vibrancy, smiles, and joy.
Many people would say this is simply due to growing up, but thats not
true. It is the steady frontal lobotomy of the system, and the repetitious
drudgery of doing what a person doesnt want to do that drains the spirit
from a young person. There is excitement at first, then it slowly dawns on
them whats ahead for them as they see the smile less faces on the people
in the bus queues on the way to work. It is visibly noticeable if we
observe how the unhappiness sets in as the years go by. It is a tragedy and
a literal crime against humanity. When they are prepared and primed for
the system they leave school and find a job, which usually they dont like,
but they have to work to be able to pay the enormous bills which are
forced upon them. They are given no choice, its either rent a place to live
or get loan to buy a house, either choice needs money, its the same trap,
it means that from now on if they dont work to be paid, they could be
We only need to stand on any corner in London or any city to see this is
true, as the lifeless faces rush past in a fear induced hurry. It deeply
saddens me to know these same people could be filled with appreciation,
zest, joy and vibrancy and genuine excitement at being a part of this
miraculous planet spinning us all in its orbit faster than the speed of
sound. I was talking about this the other day with a lovely lady who said
she doesnt smile or laugh anymore; the system had worn her out. She
also said she had forgotten how to be happy, and worse still she said she
didnt even feel she deserved to be happy.
So many millions of people feel like this because this rapacious, cruel
system washes people out and squeezes the happiness and life right out of
them, people everywhere are at their wits end.
We must consciously recapture our essence of life again, and take back
our love and happiness that has been drained from us, and this is still
possible even within the framework of everyday life. Then the drudgery
lifts and we are consciously aware again which gives us the chance to
restructure our lives by removing what is making us unhappy and
replacing it with what will fill us to the brim with happiness and joy, then
will we take our lives back from those who have stolen it, and we will
smile again. We will smile again in our spirits and never again allow
anyone or any system take from us that which is our most precious gift,
the gift of happiness, joy, love and that beautiful connection to ourselves.

The Lost Art of Crying

Our tears wash our souls and dissolve our pain; the whole of humanity
needs to cry.

When we cry we take our power back from the things we have given it to,
and back from the things that may have taken it from us. When we cry we
dissolve our pain, frustration and sorrow. Our tear ducts are not there by
chance. They are specifically designed and created for a great function
and purpose. They are our safety release valve, which releases our pain,
frustration, grief, anger, sorrow, and other pent up energy and emotions.
They are an amazing design and a real medicine when we use them for
what they were designed for.
I planned a good cry after my Mum died, I had cried but there was more
to come out. I think my great friend Sally my dog had died as well around
that time so I was doubly grief stricken.
I was on my motorbike, that night and had parked by a lake with swans
on. They were silhouetted against the street lights in the pitch black, it
was beautiful, almost perfect, so still and Most of us would be horrified at
the prospect of sitting on the side of a busy street full of people and just
having a cry. We fear peoples reactions, and criticism, and ultimately
fear being carted off to some mental hospital somewhere. We are all so
scared to show our frustration and despair that we overcompensate
(theres that word again) and block our emotions and not show our pain
and frustration to others, or even to ourselves. We are even scared to
show weakness to ourselves, but crying is not weakness it is strength.
We vehemently deny ourselves of who we are if we dont cry. How many
of us actually have a little cry to release the tension. We may be surprised
how easy it is to get started; its just beneath the surface of our
courageous, heroic selves. I had been planning a cry for a while but
hadnt got around to it, and as I sat there with the emotion of that beauty
of the calmness and perfection, which was making me emotional anyway,
I thought this is the place, I will have that cry.
There were flats and houses nearby and I remember how comical it was
that I was wondering if they would hear me from that distance, how loud
should I cry, and for how long. I didnt want anyone asking me if I was
OK to have to answer I am fine I am just having a crying session I have
planned for a while but not got around to. After much deliberation and
calculation of distance from the road and how fast sound travels, and its
velocity, I thought for Gods sake just get on with it!

I put my head gently in my hands and whimpered out a couple of muffled
sniffles to start with, then I kept the whimpering muffled with my hands
so not to be discovered, it was lovely. My nose blocked and running spit
and slobber in a little pool at my feet, my eyes puffy and blurred and my
throat and chest and heart heavy with my sorrow which was being gently
released with each muffled outpouring of grief and pent up pain. It was
lovely, nobody came and it eventually petered out like a fire which had
burned long enough to release the smoke and flame, leaving the soft
ashes and embers, the residual left overs of the released and transmuted
I felt so healed, and a deep love and connection to myself had returned,
now the blocks had been released allowing my energy to flow through me
again unrestricted by the, now released, pain.
I watched the silhouettes for a while before leaving that bench. The bench
and surrounding area where I cried now felt like a sacred spot which had
absorbed my released pain, like a friendly shoulder that had held me
while I wept. I was reluctant to leave: there was a beautiful stillness and a
reverence there.
After my beautiful dog and dear friend Sally died in my arms, I had been
having little muffled cries in the room on my own, not wanting to let
Louise hear me as she was in terrible pain herself, but one night I felt I
had to release the pain, so I went up to the outbuilding and really let it
out. I actually threw myself on the floor for good measure and bellowed
like a child, the child I am and always will be.
Plan a cry, do it often, I am due up for another one myself: it is an instant
reconnection to who we really are, and a doorway to our souls. It is food
and nourishment. I think we fear that if we will lose control we may
never retrieve it again. Ironically though in letting go, we let ourselves
return, we find ourselves and much, much more. We retrieve a soul piece.
It is a thorough cleanse and healing.

Electro Magnetic Frequency Pollution

An invisible enemy is the most dangerous, it can be everywhere around

us, gently killing us without us knowing.

We are receiving a continual exposure to frequencies from EMFs which

are around us most of the time, which are undoubtedly permeating and
scrambling the very delicate balance of personal, brain and magnetic

frequencies in and around us. Just by holding a simple compass near a
computer or phone may shock us when we see what it does. I have
thirteen wireless connection signals available to me on my laptop at
home, that literally means that I am surrounded and being bombarded
each moment by thirteen other wireless EMF frequencies which are
actually through my body and causing me harm, thirteen! The first thing
to do is turn off your wireless receiver so that they dont gravitate
towards your computer, though they are still around, they wont be so
close. Then for goodness sake switch back to a single wire from your hub
to your computer.
This subject is one of the most difficult because there is a seemingly
impossible trade-off to balance, because we desperately need the
technology that is available, but we also desperately need to avoid the
terrible unseen killer waves it all produces.
There will definitely be an enormous surge in brain tumours in children
soon, by prolonged exposure to mobile phones, computers in school and
at home. There is also a massive dulling of consciousness and a general
deadening of vibrant spirit that also is unseen, but is taking place.
You dont have to be a genius to know that prolonged exposure to mobile
phones, computer screens, sat navs and wireless all-round the house is
going to damage us badly. It would be foolish of me to predict numbers,
but I sense there are big shocks on the horizon, because the momentum
has not had a chance to really kick in yet, with enough years of exposure
coming back as future feedback to show us the true scale of damage
being done, but there is plenty of frightening proof that the mobile phone
companies arent telling people.
The average household is definitely frying its inhabitants in many ways.
Most people now have wireless computer hubs which send powerful
waves to each room to each computer, and the waves are so powerful you
can even plug into a wireless hub across the street in another house, now
thats powerful. It goes through steel and rock and cement blocks so
imagine what it does to brain and flesh.
Most new printers are now wireless, as are keyboards, and televisions are
often now from satellites without an aerial and just an inbuilt receiver in
the television or via a black box outside it, which sends EMFs flying all
around the house. Then theres the microwave ovens most people have,
mobile phones, and on and on the list goes.
I was recently told that the newer phones with more powerful internet
connections will be getting a massive increase in power via a higher
frequency which is much worse than the current one which is deleterious
enough to our health. It is a very worrying prospect, and only because we

cant see it, the panic hasnt set in, and its the usual hush, hush by the
government so as to milk the profits to the maximum, and never mind the
delicate young childrens minds
The electromagnetic pollution is everywhere, and its like an invisible
tsunami which is gathering momentum, and doing unseen damage to us
all, like the underwater frequencies used by the military which do so
much damage to marine life, most visibly Dolphins.
An example would be that we are sitting at a set of traffic lights in your
car, even if you havent got a satellite navigation system switched on,
most drivers around you have, and the frequency waves are all around
you, so are the computer signals from all the offices and houses, the
mobile phones from other users, and on and on it goes. At home if living
in a terraced house, probably both neighbours either side have wireless
which is in and around your body all the time. Suffice it to say here, we
are in big trouble on this subject, its a really serious business I just
brushed on for now, but I urge everyone to investigate further, but for
now the obvious things to do on a personal level are simple:
Turn off your mobile whenever you can, and never keep it next to your
body. Never wear a Bluetooth, but use an earpiece with wires.
Dont use Satellite Navigation if possible, the satellite to car signal is
terrible for health, and maps are always more adventurous and fun.
Always use wires not wireless systems for computers, televisions,
printers in the home, and tell your neighbours how bad it is for them so
they switch to wires and that will help you and them.
Never use micro wave ovens, simple as that.
Use batteries for your laptop whenever possible, buy a spare, and keep
both topped up, the difference in exposure for you is huge, I am told its
about a quarter to one third of EMFs with the battery instead of full
power, and you can actually feel the difference.
Most of all dont believe me: find out how bad it is for you, because thats
the most convincing way.

Chapter 13

Healing With Thought

The Amazing Power of Visualization

When we believe it then will we see it.

I have had so many instances in my life where I have been overcome with
amazement at the results of visualisation and affirmation. I wanted my
own gallery in Cornwall and I was waiting for the shop to become
available and imagining it, and it did, like magic, it appeared and I
grabbed it. I would sometimes experiment in my gallery, and would
concentrate on seeing myself making a certain amount of money that day,
and I would write the figure in my dairy on my desk then I would sit
quietly and affirm and actually see and believe this money being made,
and as if by magic it would take place, though part of the deal is that I
would expect it and do my best to bring the people in who would buy my
pictures, actually begging them to come in sometimes, and of course I
would offer great discounts to get things moving. But the accuracy was
often amazing and I would show Louise later when I got home.
I used to have an uncomfortable hard lump on my little finger as big as a
marble which was hurting. The doctor said it could be removed, and
finally I had enough and knew it could be dissolved with thought, I had
no doubt it would, so I started every day focusing my thought on it and
seeing it shrinking and dissolving. When I couldnt look at it when I was
driving I would keep bringing my mind to it every time I remembered,
and think and feel it dissolving, becoming smaller. It wasnt long before
it was completely gone.

I was in sales in Cape Town for solar heating doing dreadfully, so I
decided to put it to the test, I had my goal written on pieces of card saying
I am the top solar heating salesman in Cape Town, not just the company, I
even taped myself saying it and would listen, and believe it to be true,
and in no time I was the top seller not just in Cape Town but in the whole
of South Africa.
I am not saying these things to brag but to merely point out the force that
can be harnessed by thought. I also did a similar thing selling cars there.
Our house sold recently in an unstable market, even before the for sale
sign went up outside, I had seen it and felt it sold beyond any doubt long
before hand, and as I was painting it, I was seeing it sold I had borrowed
large amounts of money to make it really lovely leaving myself no way of
retreat. Of course all this activity triggers the needed things to coincide
with each other, not by a coincidence but by a coinciding.
It is a miraculous coinciding of energies and forces, and of course some
actions, and thoughts that manifested everything coming together. The
thing is that the universe meets you half way, you do your bit, it does its
bit and its a winning formula, a team effort, a coinciding. Just like I
explained about the manifestation process with the mind, bringing things
into being, actualizing and materialising with thought, it is a reality that
takes place; its a miraculous thing to behold, but a dangerous weapon
and disastrous tool for destruction in the wrong hands. Its similar to what
Jesus and other people did, but as I keep saying it is a good thing we are
not really good at it at the moment, because we are not responsible
enough to handle that power and we would destroy ourselves in no time
in our current irresponsible state, so my words here are a celebration of
the power and a warning to us all, to quickly become sane and
responsible enough to use this dynamic shape shifting force wisely and
without destruon, as we remember it again.
I used this power to materialise my darling Louise, its true. I had read a
great book about the process over twenty years ago just before I met her. I
was visiting Cape Town and I managed to track down a gifted Shaman
and psychic who had helped me in the 1980s when I was there. He was
an electrical engineer and could look at a big switchboard and tune into
the energy of the part that was needed.
He described Louise to me and gave me a clue as to where I would meet
her, and I did. I kept imagining her long dark hair and what a lovely
person she was, and of course eventually there she appeared in the self-
help section of Waterstones bookshop in Bath one lonely evening. The
shaman had said I would meet her in a place which was a long word
starting with W. By that time I had forgotten what he had said about the
name, I only remembered much later. I have other stories like this, we all

do this without thinking about it, whether we create a wedding day, a
holiday, spaghetti or a roast dinner, or a loved one, its happening all the
time, we just need to learn how to become expert conductors of the
orchestra of energy and know how to manipulate it. We all create and
manifest more than we realise or believe, and unfortunately we are
mostly leaving things to chance, to sort of do as it wants, and thats very
risky for us, and the other species, and the planet. It is a force of
stupendous power if directed.
I am sorry to have to add here that unfortunately the malignant forces
who are running and destroying the planet, and creating misery and
slavery for the people, are also very aware of these powers and are using
them to manipulate, control and frighten the population of the world. So
we the masses must learn very quickly now, how to be skilled in the art of
energy control and direction, to manipulate the situation into something
very benign and beautiful, and we can, and we already are, but we must
hurry. We only need to look at the miracles that took place around
Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King, or any of the great inventors
such as Edison to see this tremendous force in action, and that force is
everywhere all the time, it is ubiquitous.

The Great Power of Peace

This system has become a dangerous and painful place not because of
those who do the evil but because of us who let them.

The power of peace dissolves hatred and war, and the power of the mind
can stop all wars if it is directed properly, and especially if there are many
minds focused on the same thing, and I refer again to my true story of the
shaman in the section on protecting ourselves, which demonstrates that
thoughts are actually things, and can physically effect change in
situations however dire and hopeless they may seem. Thoughts as I
explained at the begging of the book actually create, they manifest things,
but not just things they actually manifest changes which are unstoppable
if directed towards the right ends.
We have watched peace being ruined for thousands of years, and we are
at last demanding peace, inwardly and outwardly. As I have said again
and again, if we all have peace within we will all have it in the world. We
have forgotten the power of peace as a force so great that it is
insurmountable if wisely directed, and I truly and honestly believe that
any time now, those good peace loving people fighting for evil in the

military will put down their weapons and say no, all of them at once, and
then the usurpers and destroyers of happiness and peace in their tiny
numbers will be powerless.

Healing Ourselves and Others

We are more powerful than any drug in the world.

We have forgotten our own immense powers of healing. I have told the
story of the lump on my finger which I dissolved, no doubt about it, and I
have been lucky to have witnessed great healings taking place in myself
and others. I had terrible kidney problems when I stopped drinking the
demon alcohol which had ravaged me through and through, and I found a
gifted healer and Shamaness who helped me put things right again. Again
its the actual experience, which proves things to be true, not just words
and handed down ideas or stories that we are told to believe.
There are endless stories of people with huge malignant tumours that
have dissolved them with thought, as I did with my finger. I love some of
the true documented, proven stories of children dissolving huge tumours
by visualising the tumour as an enemy, and imagining themselves in a
gun ship which is attacking and dissolving the enemy. There are some
beautiful accounts of this. Rudi a gifted psychic and healer I know in
Cape Town, began having terrible pains in the head and he was diagnosed
with a tumour. He talked to the doctors and said he was going to dissolve
it as much as he could himself before they operated, and the doctors were
amazed at what had taken place.
We all have this miraculous healing power literally at our fingertips, but
as I have said before, and its so important I will be saying it again, that
we must transform ourselves completely, to become responsible enough
to be in charge of this power. I am sure a lot of us are responsible enough
to control this power, but many people are not, and in the wrong hands it
is a disaster and it in everyones hands.
One more important point to make is that the current state we are in
mentally and physically is a direct result of a wrong use of this power of
manifestation and creation that can be steered to heal, but we must learn
how to drive it and steer it in the relevant direction.

Having Faith and Belief in Ourselves

Faith and belief in ourselves can be as simple as putting one foot in

front of the other or walking right around the world.

Faith and belief are very powerful forces which transcend mere sluggish
words. Faith and belief can transform our thoughts, desires and
aspirations into their material, solid equivalent. They are the bridge which
manifest things in front of our very eyes. I have experienced miracles
which are simply thoughts backed by faith and desire and a burning
desire for their manifestation. Once we can tap into a real faith and belief
in ourselves we may be astounded by what can take place, and we start to
witness real miracles in front of us. Miracles are nothing more than
thought made manifest. This isnt any religion or belief system, it simply
is what it is, it is not called anything.
We are surrounded by this every moment, and we forget that our every
trip to the shop, and every meal we make, and every single step that we
walk is a miracle made manifest. We have forgotten to remember to fully
see and fully feel every miracle in every moment.
Most things we see, touch, taste, and smell are miracles whether they
came from a tiny cell into a human, metal into a cars, trains onto tracks,
tar into roads, wool into blankets, fences and houses, all materialised
magically beginning with one manifesting thought, the same as a zygote
in a womb, it is absolutely amazing.
Believing in ourselves and our incredible abilities, backed by a faith in
knowing that things can materialise for us is a power almost unstoppable.
Believing in it is a ridiculous statement in itself really, because whether
we believe in it or not makes no difference, its just the way it is, a fact
which needs neither believing or disbelieving. Belief is just a word. We
manifest and create with thought thats it.

Our Eyes Thoughts and Feelings are Arrows of

Healing or Harm

We have forgotten the damage we do to each other with our eyes,

thoughts and feelings.

This may come as a surprise to some people but we really have forgotten
that we damage each other and ourselves with our eyes, thoughts and

feelings. On a basic level I have talked about the danger of bad mental
nutrition which we take in through our eyes and ears and how hard it is to
get rid of it in the chapter on mental nutrition. In the older, wiser
traditions than ours the wise people were very aware of the dangers of
eye contact unless it was coming from a place of sincere purity from the
senders eyes, and they were very reluctant to hold a gaze with anyone
unless they knew and trusted them, and they were also very aware that
thoughts and feelings could be sent and received by the sender and
recipient, so they were very careful how they thought of others. In my
own Greek background they are very superstitious about the eyes. My
Father worked for very wealthy Greek ship owners in London, and he
asked one of them about the blue bead that looks like an eye that they
wear for protection, and he was told with great seriousness that The eye
breaks stones. They are very knowledgeable about the old ways.
There are true accounts of people becoming very ill from intended curses
from eye contact, amazing though that may seem, just revert back to my
experience in the section about protecting ourselves, having actually
experienced the full force of this myself, which I reluctantly explained,
and the very convincing demonstration given by the gifted shaman to the
lady who was travelling with my mentor, who absolutely didnt believe it
was possible, until her legs buckled under her, and her neck went floppy
as her eyes rolled back, he didnt hurt her, but was just showing her that
these powers exist, she was apparently a different person after this
meeting, and much happier.
In our society today we seem completely oblivious to how we look at
each other, and we are often sending good and bad feelings to others
without knowing it, and they to us, if we all begin right now to send each
other good feelings we will drastically change things between us. This
force of eyes, thoughts and feelings is a subject a lot of people may shy
away from but one which we must study if we are to live in peace and
harmony again. Some of the older traditional likened the wounds we
picked up from others as arrows that stayed embedded in our beings, until
they were extracted by a shaman. Most people are deeply wounded, and
individually and as humanity we need drastic attention, and urgent
healing. Our thoughts and feelings are a surgeons scalpel that can heal or
harm, depending how, or by who it is used
We have a great gift of love and healing that we can impart on each other
through these channels. Every person we look at we can look at through
the eyes of love, and we affect everyone and everything around us, and as
I have mentioned, and as any physicist will confirm now, everything is
connected. Cleve Baxter proved many years ago that plants feel our
thoughts, when he intended to burn a plant with matches that was

hooked up to a machine detecting changes in its feelings. The machine
went off the scale when he went to get the matches. There are many other
proofs that we affect things with thoughts and whether we believe it or
not everything on the planet, big or small, animal, plant or a huge rock is
very alive and sentient.
A huge flock of starlings dont move in unison without affecting each
other with thought, and we are yet to learn the truths hidden just below
the surface of our disbelief, which blocks our perception to the
miraculous mysteries of the universe.

Chapter 14

The Traps of Ourselves

Self Sabotage

If we treated our friends like we treat ourselves they would never want to
see us again.

We are expert saboteurs of our own peace and happiness. Most of us feel
it, and know we do it, and still do it. It is a fascinating subject which we
need to look at so we can know when we are doing it to ourselves. I used
to hold groups with people who were going through bad times with
themselves, and the lady who used to organise the sessions said to me, if
we treated our friends like we treat ourselves they would never want to
see us again. We are also much more inclined to allow others to sabotage
us if we sabotage ourselves, and also more inclined to sabotage others if
we sabotage ourselves, because of that loss of respect for ourselves. This
is a crucial point to remember, and if we look at society and what we are
having to endure, we can see the truth that we are allowing those running
the system to abuse us, we are abusing ourselves, other people, animals
and the beautiful planet which is our home, and its getting worse.
On this path of transformation, we can often be our own worst enemy,
sabotaging our own progress, which sounds crazy but its true, in varying
degrees of course. Often we dont realise we are doing it, but the most
painful sabotage is when we do know we are doing it and still do it. I did
this for many years with alcohol, and by being horribly hard on myself in
many other ways. At one point it got so bad that I used to feel like
punching myself in the face, and though I didnt, that was obviously the
point at which real self-harming begins. The shocking truth is that most

people are self-harming in some small way or other psychologically and
physically, and there is a fine line in us all which we must pay careful
attention to. We say we want peace, stability, harmony, and happiness, but
we are often the first ones to beat ourselves to death. There seems to be a
deep seated self-destruct button in us all that we must become very aware
of, in order to stay more at peace with ourselves, and to recognise those
thoughts and feelings when they arise in us, thats the key, catching them
early and dissolving them, rather than getting dragged along by them.
Treating ourselves with kindness and love is like learning to drive again it
takes practice.
One of the reasons we are hard with ourselves, is that we dont really
want to do the things we are forced to do, like get up early, go to a job we
may dislike, pay bills, to just survive. So I think we keep whipping
ourselves, bullying, and pushing ourselves because there is a deep fear
that if we didnt push ourselves so ruthlessly we might just give up and
not be able to do it anymore, and the fear of what might happen then, no
money, no job, no house, no dignity and on and on, keep us in a perpetual
churning motion.
So we overcompensate, and the way we sabotage ourselves is bordering
on masochism because we really do inflict pain, degradation and
humiliation on ourselves, if not physically by alcohol, rubbish food, no
exercise and avoidance of things that make us healthy, certainly by
psychological harshness and borderline self-abuse, to keep ourselves
Of course we dont want to swing too far the other side of the pendulum
by just lying in bed all day till we are covered in cobwebs, we should still
make sure we are doing what we need to do within the confines of this
system, but to learn again to do it with gentleness and peace within us.
We often have to be quite disciplined with ourselves, motivated and
focused in order to achieve what we need to do, but there is a fine line
between kicking ourselves to death and motivating ourselves. The key is
to feel how we feel at all times, and ask am I being too hard on myself
again, and does this feel like sabotage.
After a while we sort of get the hang of catching ourselves before we
move in to the sabotage mode, we develop a sabotage alarm bell. Many
times I have felt the sabotage alarm bell, but still ignored it and
consciously, not unconsciously done what I knew to be harmful to
myself, thats even more interesting. We are multi-facetted, but also
very simple beings to work out, its a lot of common sense.
A lot of the mind studies are highly over intellectualized, and make a
complex issue of a simple subject thats quite straightforward.

The quieter our minds and thoughts are, the more the unhealthy thoughts
can be seen, felt and recognised, out in the open space of our peaceful
minds. When our minds are noisy and cluttered there is plenty of
opportunity for other unhealthy thoughts to be hidden away.
There are so many ways we self-sabotage: even jogging or exercising
which we can perceive to be good for us can be self-sabotage. For
instance we can be so fed up of self-sabotaging by not exercising and
making ourselves feel dreadful, that to rectify that and get out of the
sabotage we will go jogging every day fanatically till we are blue in the
face, and consequently that whole shift turns again into self-sabotage, as
we become ruthless with ourselves, even self-loathing if we miss a
jogging session. The same can happen with food and so many others
facets of life that can sway from one sabotage to the other, often for a
whole lifetime.
It is a continual balancing act that we must watch with a hawk eye, and
its that feeling that is the key that will tell us if we are swaying too far
from one extreme to the other. That feeling is our truth barometer, which
when tuned into will guide us through our lives, and hold our hand
through every decision we make, and tells us, literally, what to do, for our
optimal balance. The human mind is a most beautiful, intricate
instrument, that can be a wonderful servant and friend, or if neglected, the
most hellish master and enemy.

The Trap of Thinking How Enlightened We Are

Let us remember that we can be enlightened one day and wake up an

asshole the next.

I was warned of this trap many years ago, and my mentor also warned of
the dangers and pitfalls of thinking how advanced and spiritual we had
become. But even though we are warned of something, its amazing how
we still fall into the trap. It seems these painful lessons are a great but
painful learning curve to teach us humility. It happened to me in a way,
although a subtle one.
I was feeling quite good; I had transcended many obstacles in myself. I
had experienced beautiful states of bliss that had taken my breath away,
and I had been blessed with so many synchronicities, and people who had
helped me so much. I had worked on my health to a great degree. Then I
became a bit complacent, and thought I had reached a great place, and felt

quite enlightened in a sense, and was quite pleased with myself, and I was
just a little bit smug in myself, and comparing myself to others.
And the great path of transformation said, so you think youre so
enlightened Jason then try this, and I was seduced back in to hell again,
and it seemed I obviously needed to have another trip into the great fire
of transformation again, and so for the next eight years I fell and was
taught a great lesson, which pretty much killed me, which is too long a
story to go into here, but I was stripped to the core, and put in those
embers again till I was screaming, then I was allowed to return, just
before it was too late.
The path of transformation allows us to walk on it, but keeps asking us
why are you here and what do you want, and what are your intentions,
and you cannot fool the path, if youre not ready or genuine the trap door
opens and youll fall through. You may fool yourself, but you wont fool
the universe. What a teaching it was to be forced through the mincer of
myself again. The path can be a bit like the old board game snakes and
ladders. If you get complacent down the ladder youll go.
Suffice it to say here that the path is an on-going one, and as someone
said to me recently its about the path not the mountain, meaning this
here is the teaching, right now, not when I get there, and arrive. Its a
moment to moment challenge and teaching.

The Trap of Spiritual Smugness

Spiritual smugness comes from a person who is telling you that they are
something that they are obviously not.

I try not to judge people, but some things are glaringly obvious, like a
signature on someones face and you cant help but see or hear
someones spiritual smugness emanating from them if its prevalent
enough. The spiritual traps are many and varied, and many people are still
trapped today. The spiritual smugness trap is a subtle one that people fall
into, usually evident by a patronising tone of voice, and a really knowing
look in their over penetrating gaze which is obviously searching and
seeking out your problems with their all-knowing wisdom, and such a
person would never shine a light on themselves. The world of course
owes them a favour.
These types are like camels that cant see their own humps. And I am not
here talking about genuine therapist who have to look for clues in people

who need assistance, but its the way we look not the looking thats
I have found the best healers are the wounded healers who have been to
their knees themselves and who really know what the person they are
talking to feels like. Many times up till just recently I have met such
advanced spiritual practitioners, who for all their development and
advancement have far less etiquette, sensitivity, and compassion than
many other people I know who have never read a book about self-
development, but who just exude a sensitivity and carefulness with their
every word, tone of voice, look, and manner, that comes naturally, and it
seems there is a strange pitfall where some people in the development
circles tend to forget about the basics of etiquette and sensitivity as they
plough forward, it always shocks me to see it. Some all knowing
psychiatrists I have met have been like this, and they are usually the ones
who have not tasted real despair and darkness in themselves, and who
have just learned it all from books.
My own experience is that if someone is spiritually smug, or thinks they
have arrived, then its obvious that another trip through the purging fires
of transformation may be needed to further distil the dross, and strip the
residual smugness away. The most richly gifted and knowledgeable
people I have met are the people who you would never suspect, simply
because they have nothing to try and prove. My karate teacher was the
same, you would never know he was a world renowned expert, he had
nothing to prove. The richest people I have met money wise were the
same, you would never know, they had nothing to prove. A lovely
gentleman who bought my Narrow boat was like that, he was a ship
owner, just wearing jeans, very polite and courteous, who paid me via his
Swiss bank account.
Many people have fallen from grace who were supposedly way up the
spiritual ladder. And sometimes the further we traverse on the path the
bigger the challenges become, as the responsibilities grow.
I highly recommend being absolutely vigilant and watching oneself with
a Hawk Eye, on a literal moment to moment basis, with no gaps of
forgetful complacency. A watching of the self with a laser like awareness
and scrutiny in each and every step one takes, of every tone of voice one
makes, of every thought one thinks, of every type of look one gives to
another, and everything one does.
This practice is the hardest task of all because once that light of
consciousness is shining on you, then the ever and all-knowing voice of
truth within each of us will tell us each and every nuance of mistake we
make, if we are brave and honest enough with ourselves to be able to

really listen. It isnt always a happy task to discover regularly, often many
times a day that we were not as centred as we thought we were. But
repetition is the mother of learning and it gets easier, and we just keep
catching ourselves making the same mistakes, and the more we observe
ourselves the better we get, and the better we get the less mistakes we
make, then the easier it is to notice the mistakes when we do make them
within the quietness of our quieter more peaceful minds. It can be very
interesting, and you will know when youre getting the hang of it when
you feel and see the possibility of the mistake coming before they get
here, it may be big or small, a recognition of early warning signals that a
threat to stability is imminent, or recognising some self-sabotage on its
way towards us, thus we head it off before it reaches fruition. Every
moment is a beautiful challenge to become more than we are. An on-
going process of the great distillation of the self.

The Danger of Falling Into Spiritual Madness

Our imbalances and habits can be like beetles that pretend to be dead,
until our backs are turned and they wake up again.

Serious spiritual work has a tendency to magnify our imbalances and

problems as they come to the surface by the inner work we are doing. As
we begin to dismantle our imbalances they can seem to gang up on us and
become even worse as we begin to see them, and they will do anything to
hang on as the battle is pitched, and the stage is set as we become more
committed to distilling ourselves into something purer and better than we
are. I used to feel that my imbalances were joining forces and hanging on
knuckles white, in a desperate attempt to preserve themselves as I
worked to dismantle them within myself.
It was fascinating as I worked on a trait or habit, another one would come
up, and they would have a habit of getting you in new ways, and
sometimes only once you start to try to get rid of an addiction of mind or
body, do you realise how deeply seated they can be entrenched in us.
Some people become far worse by the spiritual work, which can be
normal, but then we must forge ahead and keep the distillation and
purging process on-going, or it will consume us again if we were to stop
short, and sometimes people can be in a worse mess by stopping the
spiritual work half way than if they had stayed as they were. It can be like
stirring a hornets nest, it begins then the path puts us in the eye of the
spiritual hurricane and thats the last place we want to stay, we need to go

through the hurricane and out the other side and learn what it taught us. If
we get stuck in it, or any of the other revolving doors of madness and
repetitious smugness, and amnesia, without being well grounded in
etiquette and good manners we will be in a dangerous trap.
Its like going in a washing machine, its great but you better get out too.
Though at a certain point in our development we reach a place of safety
so to speak, not in a smug way, and not that we can put our feet up, but
where we know we have passed some of the pitfalls and left them behind.
Like a rock climber who has found a good foothold after much work and
through his effort has reached a reasonable place.
It is an on-going process, and we must be vigilant at all times and keep
that beautiful all-knowing and all seeing, bright light of consciousness on
ourselves at all times, and listen with careful discernment what we are
saying, how we are saying it, and what affect it may have on its
I remember how shocked and disappointed I was when I met some of the
people in Findhorn many years ago, who had been there long enough to
know better, but were still trapped in the hurricane. I was amazed to find
that some people there were downright rude, as though being there was a
passport to saying what you liked to anyone. Though I think there was
also that ridiculous thing I have talked about elsewhere in this book, that
if you are offended by someone its your stuff you had to deal with not
So sure if someone spits at you, thumps you in the stomach or is
downright rude, or has no etiquette then its your problem and your stuff
not theirs, right? Now that is a perfect example of spiritual madness for
It would not have been so bad if these people had been people coming on
courses for development who didnt know better, but some of these were
living there. As I said there are big dangers on the path, of getting stuck
and becoming complacent, and then rot sets in and the dormant madness
can wake up again. So you can never stop checking over your shoulder
just in case some of your old ghosts of madness have reincarnated from
the crypt that you thought was hermetically sealed. Beware fellow

Ego Traps and Treasures

When we finally let go of our unhealthy ego, we realise with great relief
that we didnt need to try and be anything other than who we already are
in our individual uniqueness, and perfection.

The ego is a simple subject really, it has been far too psychologised with
a myriad of offshoots and complications.
As with all our inbuilt, inherent and amazing characteristics the I or ego
has a great function to play. Its there for a reason, and like anything it
can be used for good and bad. Its just that we often overcompensate and
it all blows out of proportion. We have to be somebody to function here
in our complicated system with its names and labels.
Ideally the healthy ego should keep us feeling good about ourselves,
which is one of its big functions, to keep us feeling important, worthy,
giving us a sense of self. So there are natural functions that the ego has, to
keep us keeping on, and it helps us feel like we are important enough to
keep living. It bolsters our self-confidence, and surety of our decisions
and actions, and remind us that we are individual, unique people,
complete and enough as we are, with the ability to protect ourselves,
speak out for ourselves and ultimately fight to the death if need be,
should someone try to rape or take our children.
Overcompensation is the usual great danger with any of our inherent,
built in systems, which are designed to steer and protect us in our life on
this planet. Just like anger, fear, jealousy, or any of our other built in
mechanisms, the ego plays a great part in the upkeep and survival of the
human self. What a miracle it is, or a disaster in the wrong hands, as our
current global crisis demonstrates.
It is us, the real us, the observing, unseen controller that allows the egoic
function to do its job in harmony, or allows it to become distorted and out
of control, as it generally does in our insane imbalanced system, if its left
to its own devices without careful supervision and guidance.
Of course there are many outside forces which may push and pull us to
fall into the ego traps, which I will talk a bit about, but ultimately - as I
talked about in the section we are not our minds - we have complete
control of the ego, though this is easier said than done and takes much
practice after years of neglect. As I indicated in the mind section, if we
can pull back from the mind and its noise and watch it, or in this case the
ego with its imbalances and watch them, then that proves that we are not
completely our egos or minds. What a great relief then to know we are
not at the whim of our ego completely, though many people still are as is

plain to see in extreme cases, which is very sad, as they are missing out
on a tremendous connection to their real, complete and whole selves. Its
rare that a big, showy ego, would remain the same at home alone on the
toilet or whilst asleep. It would be a bloated ego indeed to still feel that
important and cool, whilst wiping their backsides.

Ego Overcompensation

If we keep trying to be something else we will keep keeping ourselves

from who we are.

Men particularly fall into overcompensation. There is an inherent part of

men that feel compelled to walk tall and impress woman to attract them,
show other men they are top dog, stronger, tougher, quicker, smarter, the
list goes on and on, but I just want to highlight the dangers of
overcompensation here, so we can all be more aware of the traps that are
either set for us to be tempted into, or natural tendencies that we
overcompensate with. There is a voice in every person which will tell us
when we sway too far in one direction or another, that voice is always
there, but our insane system dulls its voice off. We must redevelop that
inherent gift and early warning signal. The system we are in purposely
targets peoples egos in too many ways to list here. Cars, houses, clothes,
dogs, hairstyles, handbags, underwear that isnt even seen, phones,
televisions, newer better best.
So we are almost forced, or certainly coerced into having puffed up egos,
its very sad how we can fall into the traps.
Of course some people could buy a flashy dress or car and just enjoy it
and not fall into egomania, and thats great to have a nice dress or car, but
we must watch ourselves carefully and learn to detect the warning signals
of unhealthy ego as it arises in us, and its the noticing of it which is the
key to our escape from it.
The Pilgrim Who Stopped By Kyril Demys:
Theres the kind of pilgrim who only seems
The one who has fallen in love with false dreams.
Fallen in love, fallen asleep
Dreaming a shepherd remaining a sheep
Cannily clutching his ego as pearl

Losing himself in the twirl and the whirl
Of his self-image shadow his spinning top swirl
Someday perhaps eating honestys bread
He will waken himself and his image hell shed
Standing all clear shorn of the lie
Kissing fear of high love with a final goodbye.

Ego Over Identification

Why keep trying to add something to that which is perfect, even with our
warts and bumps and lumps, its us thats it.

So I am Jason Liosatos, thats my name and label which I use, a

complicated label its true thanks to my grandfather being Greek, but of
course thats not who I am completely, thats something most of us
hopefully already know. We are not our names, race, religion or colour,
though we have to be somebody as I mentioned earlier, to sort of fit in to
this complex system.
But the big trap which seduces a lot of people is identifying too much
with their labels. This over identification can make life far too complex
and sometimes damaging for oneself, a group of people, or a nation, to
the point of genocide, as present day news channels will show us,
happening right now and throughout our blood spattered history. It can
cause absolute fanaticism, chaos and misery for millennia. As I
mentioned in another section, a Palestinian and Israeli child can be
playing together and not know they are Palestinians or Israelis or that
they dislike each other until someone tells them who they are and what
they should be and think.
The key to freedom from this is to hold who we are or rather who we
are told we are very lightly indeed, because if we hold it too tightly we
will most certainly be the problem and not the solution to peace and
People are killing each other because of over identification with even the
flag of their country, the traditions they cling to, religion, tribes, colour,
political choice, you name it, and we will cut our neighbours throats if
they dont agree with us. A boarder between two countries measuring not
even a centimetre will be fought for to the death. We have been
brainwashed to believe the us and them nonsense.

The Relief of Letting go of the Heavy Ego

The inflated ego is a heavy burden to carry everywhere, and there is a

charming lightness of self when we release its hold over us.

People are continually falling head long into the buying of styles, the way
you should look, the way you should walk, and be cool, its so obvious,
and we sort of play along with it like an act, as though we were actors in
a play we have been told to perform in, and the performing public doing
the acting look so self-conscious, and uncomfortable, its ridiculous.
It is a crazy scene to witness and a barometer and gauge which shows
where people are on the path of development, or under development
whichever way you care to look at it.
Take the style and fashion of the guys with the trousers half way down
their bums showing the cracks of their asses to everyone. The style is an
interesting one, and hilarious to watch. The jeans must be as low as
possible, almost to the bottom of the crack of the bum, then the
underpants must be visible, and be a certain brand, the guys can hardly
walk like this and they are continually fiddling with the height, wrestling
between feeling conscious of them being too low or too high. As if life
isnt difficult enough without all that.
The girls are getting more and more daring with lower waistbands that
are getting so low that a few pubic hairs can be seen in some cases. The
fascinating thing is that in either case, with the guys or girls there is a rift,
they want people to look at them, because thats the idea of doing it to
attract attention, but at the same time they feel self-conscious and
paranoid that they are being looked at.
What a wrenching place to be, I know I used to do all that stuff, most of
us have on some level. If some of the low waist band girls saw me staring
at their bare stomachs they would no doubt bark at me saying what are
you looking at, which I could answer Im looking at what you want us
all to look at!. How about just being us, all that we are, all that we ever
will be, enough exactly as we are. Warts and all.
Whether its smart cars or clothes its a similar thing.
I used to have a beautiful old motorbike called a Norton Commando that I
won prizes with at shows. It was in pristine condition and sounded loud
and unusual, and was bright and shiny. I would enjoy people looking and
hearing me coming, and I would play to the crowd with the sound of it,
but pretending I didnt see them looking but lapping the attention up in
secret. Im glad that phase is over. Its a strange place to be. How we feel

about the world and ourselves is always a good guide as to how we are
doing on the path.

The Body is Just Our Space suit

Let us respect and love our miraculous bodies, but not become over
obsessed with them.

The body is an amazing, intricate, miracle of creation, with its own

intelligence, which is by far cleverer than we, the wearer of the space
suit. Its good to remember that, it keeps us a bit more humble.
So though we are a part of our body, we must be careful to not get
consumed and seduced into that too much or our egos will inflate and
overcompensate. Obviously its great to keep the body in shape and
honour it, push weights, run, and even revel in awe at the body changing
its fat into bristling muscle, its incredible to feel fit, and good in your
space suit, to even admire its development in a mirror, which can be done
without ego. The key is to be ever vigilant to becoming egoic about it, as
there is a very fine line between appreciation of natures splendours and
ego pride and conceit. An honest self-observing mind will know the
difference and nip it in the bud and be even more careful.
I only know this stuff because I myself was once obsessed with myself.
You only really know about falling and hitting your head if you have
done so. But I bet theres not a person who reads this who doesnt know
what I mean, its a human failing and big trap that is there all the time, we
only need become complacent to find that out.
As I mentioned in another section we can be enlightened one day and
wake up an asshole the next, A word of warning to the wise.
As with observing the mind to distil its residual dross and find the peace
thats left, so it is with the ego, we must watch ourselves with a Hawk eye
at all times. How am I moving, how am I feeling, what am I saying, what
am I doing, how am I looking at people, how am I looking at myself.
With practise we get a great antennae for ego recognition within us, and
once that light of consciousness is lit, then we will never fall into the
traps again.

Superiority and Inferiority

There is no need to feel either superior or inferior; they are both false
traps which we are in truth neither.

If someone is being superior it means they themselves feel inferior and

insecure, because obviously they wouldnt try to be superior if they didnt
feel inferior, how amazing that is. So literally, if you see someone
showing how superior they are, dont feel inferior which is the result they
need. Feel sorry for them that they have to do that to feel they are
I am still always surprised when someone does it to me, and I have
sometimes helped them with their task of wanting to put me down by
confirming that I indeed dont know much at all, hardly went to school,
and am quite a simple guy really, and my cars got a few dents in it, and I
dont even know my maths times tables.
We are all very similar when we get to the basics, like when you are
busting to go to the toilet, farting, washing, eating, and brushing our
teeth, not all at once of course. This is good to remember if someone you
meet is being a bit superior. I was only very recently on my way to a
meeting with my best clothes on feeling crisp and focused, until I had a
sudden attack of diarrhoea as I was driving there, and there were no
toilets open anywhere, does anyone know that feeling? Aha so we are all
similar then. So I was forced to pull over and literally run to the woods, it
was a close call, but heres the best bit, as I was squatted down, thinking
thank god, a dog appeared and started barking at me, I couldnt get up
because I was doing it, and then to my horror the owner walked right
towards me. We looked at each other she looked away and I said I am
really sorry, I had no choice, I had to go, I will cover it up, and she
muttered its okay and disappeared. I think its time to drop our
Feeling inferior is a big trap and the system we are living in has greatly
exacerbated this, by all the layers of income, of so called status, position
in a company, and on and on. I generally enjoy talking more to the road
sweeper and the toilet attendant than the entrepreneurial giant of a
So many people have bought into this feeling of where we are on the
scale of things from poor and a failure at the bottom, to really rich and
successful at the top. Obviously life is sometimes easier, though not
always, if we have money, and money doesnt make us happy, but can
often help, in this insane system.

In Mecca everyone has a white robe on and none of that matters.
In the stark reality of a public toilet none of that matters. I saw it in
hospital where I stayed by someones bed for two weeks, as each new
patient on the ward arrived they became just another unshaved guy in
pyjamas with a catheter and a sick bowl; it was a male ward for bowel
cancer. Everyone the same, with similar fears, hopes and regrets.
So lets dump this garbage of the self once and for all, that we are bigger,
better or smarter than anyone else and come together and know we are all
intimately related as one big family.

The Trap of Taking Things Personally

Over identification with our bodies or space suits can result in us taking
things too personally

Holding ourselves very lightly is the key to freedom from many of the
traps of fear, criticism and taking things too personally. I used to have
problems with this area and took myself much too seriously.
Of course our lives are a serious business but all too often we feel
insulted and put down by people, and rightly so when you think how
insensitive and rude some people are, but it can become something that
plagues us, and as usual makes us overcompensate and become too
defensive. Or it can stop us doing things we really should do, and it can
make us do things we really shouldnt do.
We must take care with the overcompensation traps, as we can easily take
it too far to the point where we can be retaliating before someone even
does, or says anything to us.
An easy example of this is if you are driving a car, coming towards a
roundabout, and as you come to a halt the people coming past before you
sometimes actually snarl at you and partially shake their heads as they
pass, and glare in at you as if you had pulled out on them, you hadnt but
they snarl because you might have. Seriously I have seen this.
There are times though when we do need to defend ourselves, and turning
the other cheek is not always the proper way, because it can encourage
the other person to be more horrible, so we may find ourselves in a
situation where we must act to defend ourselves, with words or with

And sometimes people need to be exposed for their lack of etiquette, but
we must weigh up the risks.
Holding ourselves lightly is the key, and ideally as in karate, its often
easier to just avoid being where something could attack you.

Alcohol the Drug of Disaster

Before we can put the world right we must first put ourselves right

Here is a truth which will come as a surprise to some people and that is,
for all its sophistication in the fine wine circles, alcohol is nothing more
than an actual poison that is rotten, rancid grapes or grains, that have
fermented and gone off and make us dizzy and ill.
This proves how conditioned we can be. Alcohol is the greatest and most
damaging drug on the planet. It is more addictive than heroin, cocaine or
any of the other drugs we use. It kills more people by far than any other
drug, and causes more problems than we can begin to imagine.
Most people have their couple of glasses of wine a night and dont realise
they are trapped on the heaviest, most addictive drug on the planet. They
only find that out if they try to stop.
Like any other drug the more you have, the more you need to keep you
satisfied. Its so accepted its incredible, and is ruining most young
peoples lives. Most people get hooked when they are young and never
give it up. Most people cant wait to get home from work to sedate
themselves to forget about it all.
The insanity of people talking about a bottle of fermented, rotten, rancid
grapes, fizzing in an old bottle from 1916 being worth $275,000 is
insanity, and other wines being talked about with snobbery, about the
vintage, the fine bouquet, the subtle hints of chalk and oregano in Pinot
Noir, the chocolaty aftertaste of Cabernet Sauvignon, and many others
with overtones of cloves and hints of blackberries and a leathery nose.
I remember a whiskey connoisseur years ago talking about the
wonderful, subtle nuances of Scotch, so we poured him three glasses, a
Glen Fiddich, a Bells, and a dirt cheap whiskey, and he didnt know
which was what. He was quite pissed by then so perhaps his delicately
attuned palette was a bit disorientated? Rotten grains, gone off, boiled
and bottled, plain and simple.

Wine, port, whiskey, champagne, vodka, sherry, is nothing more than
grapes or grains that have gone rotten and stale, fermented and turned
into poison that makes you go dizzy, your legs wobbly, and gives you a
headache, and makes you vomit depending how much is consumed. So
lets drop the sophistication, its ridiculous. Its poison.
Im not saying it doesnt feel nice, and help you forget your troubles,
your mortgage, and of course it turns you into superman, a woman
magnet, Einstein, a sex god and the toughest guy on the planet.
But its what it is, a poison that makes you go weird, like money is paper,
and bullshit is bullshit.

Chapter 15

Everything is Alive and


Everything in the Universe is Connected

There are not many absolutes that one can say, but one is that everything
is connected Charles Muses.

What a thought then that everything in the galaxy is connected on some

level, and science is proving this now, not just molecularly, magnetically
and energetically, but also psychically. It is a fact that the more people
that find peace, stability and transform the quicker everyone else will,
which gives us all a big responsibility to get really serious about our
return to sanity and stability not just for ourselves any more but for
everyone else on the planet, and for every other living species who is
alive today and for those to come.
So by neglecting our own transformation, distillation and development
we are automatically effecting everyone elses. This is a scientifically
provable fact now not just some esoteric mumbo jumbo, and it has been
correctly predicted for many years that science and unseen forces will
meet, and that time is upon us, and there will be, and already is plenty of
proof of that.
So we are in everyone and everything at some molecular and energetic
level, and we as bodies, energy, and molecules all overlap in some way
and interact on an unseen level. Sometimes when I walk on the beach I
enjoy touching the sea and being in awe that my hand is instantly

connected to all the oceans of the world, even to a beach I used to swim
at in Cape Town.
So we, our bodies that are made of energy, are connected to everything,
its enough to make us gasp in amazement, and it should. It should also
remind us of the seriousness of our situation, and our responsibility.
There is plenty of proof that when mice or rats learn a new maze in a
laboratory so mice and rats elsewhere in the world then learn it more
easily, its been proved, but I must make it clear that I dont agree with
experiments on animals in any way, shape or form.
As I mentioned before, this is why we have to get really serious about
how careful we must be, with what we think, say and do, because we still
havent woken up to the fact that everything affects everything else.
When the implications of this are more widely recognised then we will
realise we have to transform our whole way of living and being
completely on this planet if we are to have a chance of surviving.
Even when we say something to someone, think something of someone,
and even just look at someone we are overlapping, interacting, entwining
and affecting them and ourselves.

Everything is Entangled Together

Everything is in and a part of everything else.

Science calls it entanglement and it is a most remarkable discovery that

if a photon is split and both parts are taken many miles away from each
other, and something is done to either half then the other half reacts in the
same way even though the experiment is taking place nowhere near the
other, so distance makes no difference, and there is no time delay
wherever the test is done. This is a huge discovery and has shocking
implications for the way we are treating each other and how we affect
each other on the planet. It stands to reason that when we bomb and kill
people in another country it is affecting us on some massive level.
I have mentioned Starlings moving in unison elsewhere but its worth
saying it again here because there is obviously an intelligent energy field
with an instant communication between them, it happens too fast for
them to be watching each other, it is the same with shoals of fish. Believe
it or not many scientists are still feeling chagrined at the thought that
there is an amazing type of energy telepathy taking place with these
things, and we are about to make more magnificent discoveries that will

make previous discoveries seem stone age. Humans have got the same
connection, we have just become disconnected from it by our rush and
madness, and all the noise and scrambled wave lengths in our fear and
stress filled minds.
I have mentioned before that we are about to rediscover abilities in
ourselves that we had forgotten about which many older cultures can still
do. This ability which we are about to remember comes with enormous
responsibilities which in our current condition would be a disaster, this is
why I keep emphasising the emergency for us to re-establish our moral
and ethical sensitivity and responsibility which must be grounded in a
tremendous psychological stability, sanity and balance which is the
prerequisite for the safe use and remembrance of these powers or will
destroy each other and ourselves in a moment. This power would be
abused by our current psychotic leaders still trapped in the miasmas of
paranoid short term greed and control at any cost.
I have said this before but it cannot be said enough if we are to use this
remembered power for good.
If every human being on this planet can harness this energy and direct it
wisely we will create a virtual Utopia here on earth in no time at all. Only
once we fully understand this power and then adjust ourselves
psychologically, will we then begin to actualise and realise this potential,
as in real-ise, make real. Only once we are grounded and balanced
enough psychologically will we be able to proceed without the danger of
abusing this beautiful power.
Some of the older wiser traditions have talked of records of a previous
time in history when we accessed and remembered these great gifts and
powers but without the wisdom and stability needed and hence destroyed
ourselves. We only need to look at our current Governments behaviour
and the consequences of such behaviour to get a glimpse of what could
happen if any more power was bestowed on them or us at the moment,
but that gift is coming and if we dont prepare ourselves the results will
be inevitably devastating.

Everything is Alive and Has Intelligence

The earth is far more alive and intelligent than humans.

The earth we stand on is not a dead lump of matter but a vibrating living
body, a being, with its own intricate intelligence systems, all adjusting,

changing and transforming themselves every moment, its incredible what
is taking place in and on the earth. The trees and grasses are alive and
very intelligent, as is the soil and water, it is a massive miraculous mass
of intelligence and living matter changing and readjusting itself every
moment, similar to our own bodies, which are a similar hive of activity,
that go about the amazing intelligent things they do, without us having to
know a thing about it. Little living beings cleaning up the defects in our
blood, others attacking any bad germs or things that could hurt us.
Everything we see has its own laboratory doing its continual job of
keeping us alive and vibrating with energy. Acid and alkaline balances
fighting to keep every cell in harmony, its an on-going symphony within
us, as we walk around oblivious of its miraculous intelligence.
There are invisible, magnetic energy fields vibrating with life all around
us, which is a vibratory reality we cant even see, but which we are
intimately enswathed in every nanosecond of our lives. The earth is
covered in lush vegetation, and the trees, soil and seas actually absorb
and literally breathe in carbon monoxide like a sponge, and then breathe
out oxygen, that we need to survive, a perfect recycling system of
intricate design. We amazingly breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon
monoxide, its an incredible symbiosis of nature, showing us how clever
it is, and we must listen.
Everything however small or large is alive in some way and has
I recently had the amazing experience of looking at my own blood under
a powerful microscope with the wonderful Marianne Greenwood a blood
analyst and specialist who worked with Dr Robert Young, and it was a
humbling experience to see your own blood so close in its cellular,
molecular form, and not liquidity it seems at first glance. On the basis
that everything is alive around us on some level, it is a great leveller, and
gives us humility and appreciation for all life.
So we are never alone, but we are intimately connected and surrounded
by a living breathing, vibrating aliveness, intelligence and energy, none of
which is really solid, not the earth under our feet or the bones in our
bodies. So let us step forward in grace and appreciation with every step
we take, with every moment and every breath, appreciating the
miraculous in and around us.

Nothing is Even Solid

What we see is not really solid, but fountains of energy.

If we were to look at anything under a powerful enough microscope we

would be amazed that a table or a rock, a table, a tree, a piece of glass, all
which are supposedly inanimate are all alive not a dead mass, and
amazingly are not even solid, and everything is made of the same type of
atoms, scientifically proven to be vibrating, nonstop at speed, so nothing
is solid, it is all whirling on a sub atomic level, everything is in motion,
even the rock or table, and more amazingly the rock or table arent even
touching the ground, there is space between everything, cushions of other
atoms and molecules. Our own feet dont even touch the ground as we
walk on the supposedly solid floor.
We are actually not solid either; we are fountains of energy which are
renewing themselves every moment. It is humbling and astonishing to
think we are not solid but standing waves of energy. A particle is a wave
packet, a packet of standing waves, which is why an electron can go
through a plate and leave wave like things, and so our bodies are like
fountains, a fountain has a shape only because its being renewed every
minute, and our bodies are being renewed, so we are standing waves of
energy really. Matter and energy all occur in waves, and so does time.
When we die the fountain we can see stops, in one sense and carries on in
Our bodies look solid, but if we magnify the cells, molecules, and atoms
we see that at the most basic level we are made up of energy fields
containing very little, if any, matter.
Every tiny atom is like a radio transmitter which is sending out waves.
We all send out similar, but unique waves of different lengths and
frequencies, and are individual like our fingerprints, with every part of
our vibrating bodies producing different frequencies. Every piece of
organ or tissue has its own different, unique vibration.

There is no Such Thing as Coincidence

Coincidence is simply a coinciding of events we consciously or

unconsciously attracted.

When we say there was a coincidence usually there was no such thing.
Coincidence implies seemingly unconnected events randomly coming
together, which could occasionally happen, but the bigger events we call
coincidences are not, they are a coming together of two or more things
that had coincided on a greater level and gravitated towards each other.
The word coincidence comes from the word coincide, to literally coincide
with something. I have had some fantastic events happen like this.
To put it simply, its like metal filings that cluster together in uniformed
shapes by having magnets organised beneath them in pictures or shapes.
There used to be childrens toys that did this, it was a plastic see through
box that you had to tap, and by gently tapping the box it gravitated the
tiny metal filings towards and onto the underlying magnets which made a
picture or shape. It was fascinating to see.
This is exactly what happens on a universal level, when things gravitate
together through a series of desires, thoughts, wishes or actions that
catalyses the process of things coinciding together. It can happen in many
Something as simple as a man desperately needing an obsolete part for an
old motorbike, and it appears somewhere or from someone like magic,
the power of thought is so strong that it actually does create
So many times I had needed people to help me, including some great and
gifted people such as Charles Muses/Musaios who turned up in my life in
a synchronistic series of things coinciding, there he was, the perfect link
in the chain at the perfect time.
The same happened with my dear partner Louise, we needed to coincide
with each other to bring our similar destiny patterns to fruition, though
with Louise I also visualized the exact lady I wanted, down to her lovely
long dark hair and how lovely she was as a person and there she
appeared, the perfect lady as I had pictured her in my mind. Then the
metal filings and universal gravitation did the rest.
Ironically and tragicomically we met synchronistically in the self-help
section of a bookshop one lonely evening. I was also told what she
looked like and where I would meet her by a Shaman in Cape Town
shortly before.
Often I would see the thing I needed, hear it somewhere, or words
coming into my mind telling me things I needed to do or know at that
exact time, words I didnt even know the meanings of, I would be
scribbling on bits of paper only to be amazed when I later looked them up
to see how poignant they were to my situation when I received them.

I vividly remember when I was a young guy reading about this type of
thing in books, and I would struggle in the books with the big words I
didnt know the meanings of, having not gone to school much.
One night something amazing started happening. As I was picking the
dictionary up and randomly opening it to find a particular word it started
opening exactly on that page and my eyes would fall on the word
exactly. When this began to happen it happened every time I looked a
word up, and I was looking words up every couple of paragraphs or more.
I was so shocked by this that I was almost frightened because it felt like it
was being done to me, rather than by me, and it was happening again and
again, I would even look away from the big dictionary I was using, and
flip it open then turn around and exactly the same thing happened each
time. It was late at night and I actually ran upstairs and woke my father
up to tell him, as I was half excited and half terrified, and his answer
surprised me, he listened carefully and said, its telling you that you are
on the right track. Of course I knew I was, I could feel it in every fibre of
my body, but it was good to hear Dad say it.
As I said about creating the future, we send a trajectory out in front of us
with our desires and what we need, to complete our mission here, and
things our particular souls need to fulfil itself, are pulled into our path,
and we begin manifesting a destiny pattern ahead of us, which changes as
we change our magnetising desires, and aspirations, so it can alter
drastically. I learned this the hard way, I had set the transformative swing
in motion by pushing it like mad, but when it all started to happen so
quickly I wasnt ready enough for it, and couldnt handle it, and the
swing hit me and shuddered to a halt which killed me, literally.
The section I wrote earlier that we are artists, manifestors and creators of
the future is a similar thing. We must be so very careful what we wish for
now, because things manifest almost before we finish the sentence in
universal time spans of nanoseconds.

Dislocation From Nature Causes Illness

The perfect remedy for illness and disease is nature.

We are dangerously dislocated from nature and from our very planet we
walk on, which sustains us and provides for our every need, thats worth
remembering for a minute or two. It provides everything including the

air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the partners we love,
and everything else.
This evening I had a beautiful taste of nature, and a reminder of how
dislocated we all are from our very intimate connection to it, which has
been severed. I saw a field and walked into it, just a field like any other
field, it was late evening and slightly dusk. There were trees around it and
I walked the perimeter and saw a huge oak tree which I sat under on the
floor, I just knew I needed to do it, so I listened, and I sat.
A Blackbird serenaded me with a beautiful song which touched my soul,
and I just sat there and felt what nature was doing to me, it was almost
dark and I knew it was going to be powerful but simple teaching from
nature, you can hear its voice when you open to it, it can be felt and
heard, when our minds are empty we can listen.
I was being healed by the feel of earth under me, the song of the bird, the
sound and feel of the breeze in the trees and on my face, the smell of the
earth that I had picked up in my hands.
I was just allowing myself the luxury of just being, and not doing. As
time passed I felt an inner voice telling me I should go back I am wasting
time, but I knew it was not the voice to listen to. I felt so enriched, and
blessed. I eventually got up and started walking and it was getting darker
now, and I had the urge to lie on the grass face down and feel what it was
like so I did, and it was beautiful, as though an umbilical cord to mother
earth was being reconnected, I really felt a wonderful connection that
words cannot convey.
It is a proven scientific fact that we receive actual energy from the earth
as we stand upon it. We have forgotten this, and to most people it would
sound airy fairy but its true. We have actually acquired a terrible
arrogance, as though earth is our servant, that we dont even notice it, or
give thanks any more for allowing us to be on it.
I thought again of how earth feeds us, clothes us, supports us, keeps us
warm and I said thank you, and thought of my mother now passed on,
who did the exact same thing for me, and as I lay there I knew mother
earth was feeding me something beyond food and water, I was being
nourished far beyond physical food. I was being nurtured by the greatest
of all mothers, and as I lay there I felt that we have all been estranged
from this our greatest mother of all, and I felt a reunion of child and
mother taking place.
The longer I lay there the less I wanted to leave, it was like a nourishing
meal and it was beautiful. I hummed the noise that the wind made
through the trees, the wind sounded like someone blowing breath through
a flute, and I wondered what frequency and note it was musically, but

then realised thats just made up words, and that this is beyond those
labels. There were fireworks going off in the distance, and in the peace
and joy of nature I felt sad for their need to make loud bangs and noises
to entertain themselves, if they could only feel what I was feeling there
they would be entertained beyond the most sophisticated firework.
Then a flock of birds flew overhead in perfect formation against the dark
yellow, fading sunset. Again a voice said I had better go now, but I
stayed. I knew my beautiful experience wasnt over yet. It was getting
dark, and I rolled over onto my back, and a large gap had appeared
between banks of beautiful clouds and I saw the planet Jupiter shining
brightly, then another star appeared nearby, and one by one the stars and
planets appeared as the light receded and the darkness brought them forth
as they shone against its dark back drop. It was like a curtain from one set
in a play had been pulled across and another set had begun.
As I looked and thought how beautiful this creation was I remembered
that the star Sirius was eight and a half light years away, so the image of
it as light would take eight and a half years to reach me on earth, so all
the stars I was seeing may not even exist anymore, what a thought as I lay
I was a child playing who didnt want to go home, it was really dark now
but I didnt want to get up, the smell of the grass and the sounds of the
little flies and insects around me was so healing, and I felt so connected. I
seriously considered staying there all night but knew I would have been
too cold later on. With new stars still appearing I reluctantly returned to
the hotel, and I knew I had been reminded of how we neglect our
connection with nature at our peril. Most of our frustration and insanity
would be dissolved if we did each day what I just did, that is a fact.

The Earth and Light Actually Feeds Us.

We have forgotten that we are being fed and sustained every moment by
the earth under our feet and the sky above and around us.

It is a scientific fact not an esoteric one, that the earth and the light all
around us actually feeds us energy, its true. So it shouldnt come as any
surprise that we are really disconnected from that source of nutrition in a
serious way, which is having a terrible effect on us.
We are mostly indoors doing jobs all day, and then go straight indoors
when we finish and go home. The energy which we would get from the

earth cant reach us because we all wear thick rubber soles which dont
allow it through to our feet. We rarely sit on the grass anymore not even
in the summer, so we are almost completely insulated from the earth.
When we have a day on the beach with bare feet and sit on the sand or
grass near the trees, we always return home with a glow, feeling healed
and rejuvenated. We are more like flowers than we think, our skin
absorbs vital nutrients from the light all around us, and just like plants if
we dont get light we wilt. By us staying in our houses all the time its
like putting a plant in a cupboard. Most people hardly go for walks now.
Whenever I go to the beach in the evening it is deserted because everyone
is at home glued to the television like robots. I have done it too so I am
not exempt, but not anymore. A lot of people watch television at least
four hours every evening, thats a whole day a week, four days a month,
thats almost two months a year.
We are being bombarded with light all the time from every angle, its
amazing, but we cant see it, just like the magnetic energy coming from
the earth and skies. We are literally like antennaes for energy.

Seeing and Feeling the Miracles Again

When we start seeing and feeling the miraculous again all around us, we
will know the anaesthetic is wearing off, and our eyes will lift again and
our hearts will sing.

Everywhere a miracle. Every sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and every
breath a phenomenon so astonishing. We have become blind to the sight,
deaf to the sound, detached from the touch, and forgotten how to taste,
smell, and feel our breath.
We are absolutely unique beings, nobody looks the same or feels exactly
the same. We are all different players in an amazing orchestra playing our
unique tune, like the millions of different flowers in a meadow. There are
the most incredible of miracles all around us in every moment of our
lives. Just to see a bird fly by us, is something of such a wonderful
phenomenon and we have forgotten to see it. Its wings pushing down on
the wind that lifts it, and each tiny feather doing its job to propel it
forwards and upward. I blink as it goes by I notice that my blinking
freezes its image for a tiny moment in time, as a film that is halted by the
camera shutter clicking in a tiny second. If we blink fast as a helicopter
goes overhead the blur of the blades becomes stills with each blink and
we see them as solid.

I watch it as a buzzard swoops from thousands of feet, having been able
to notice a tiny mouse in the grass from two miles away.
To smell a rose again and see the beauty of its form and shape, and the
sun on our faces giving us essential energy we need as nutrition for our
skin and health. The narrow band of distance between the Earth and the
Sun, which if slightly less or more would send us into an ice age or fry us
all to death. The pupil of our eyes changing its size every tiny second as
light and tone and shade changes everything we look around at, adjusting
its focus thousands of times a minute, in and out with amazing precision.
All this as our bodies miracles work overtime unbeknownst to us. At a
rough estimate we consist of about this many proton electron pairs
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and apparently a human is about
100,000,000,000,000 (one hundred trillion cells) I could talk on this
subject for ever but lets just remember how amazing things are and what
a miraculous place we inhabit.

Darwin Was Wrong

We dont even know why day turns to night, or what energy is, but we
know the secrets of how we came into to being, it is hilarious and

Darwin was a brilliant thinker with a brilliant mind, but he was wrong
about his theory of evolution. We must remember it was and still is only a
theory not a provable fact.
We can hardly tie our shoe laces, or send a rocket past Mars, never mind
know how life began and where it came from. Apparently Darwin said
just before he died that he was wrong, but thats not widely publicized of
The truth is we have no idea, isnt it wonderful to admit it, sure lets try to
find out, but people, particularly in the sciences dont like to face that. Of
course its great to want to know and discover things, and theorize, and
strive to learn and progress, but lets just admit it, we dont know. I just
love its mystery. Scientists and highly intelligent humans have a
tendency to feel chagrined if they feel they dont know something, in
which case they will accept any reasonable guess.
When Darwin presented his theory it was grabbed with eager hands, and
everyone could finally say Now we know where we came from, now we

know how it all works. What a relief it was for everyone to know the
truth of the universe at last.
I hope you can see where I am coming from, we will believe almost
anything we are told. It was so clever it had to be true!
All schools started teaching it as the truth the whole truth and nothing but
the truth and who would dare question its authenticity.
Even in the 90s there were computer scientists showing that to get even a
minor change in species would take longer than geological time. And
apparently you just cant get something out of nothing, which debunks
Darwins Life from no life. Apparently its highly unlikely that theres
nothing in what we perceive to be nothing, because apparently there is
something even in a vacuum. Quite a lot of something too.
If you ask someone clever why day turns into night, they would
probably say because the earth rotates, and if you ask them why, they
would probably say because there was a collision. Well there would have
had to be millions of collisions all arranged exactly right, because even
electrons rotate, so sure all these collisions, its ridiculous and
inconceivable. They dont know, I invite them to admit it, and feel the
wonderful relief and release in accepting that you just dont know, its
There are amazing plants, which baffle all theories, one is an orchid that
makes itself look like a female butterfly, and the male butterfly flies over
to it and tries to mate with it which pollinates it. How did the orchid
know what a female butterfly looks like to mimic it in the first place, it
has no eyes.
Another one makes itself smell like a piece of rotten meat and the flies
come over to it. How do we explain that one with randomism and
I dont mind being evolved from an ape, if I am, it doesnt make me feel
bad, they are better behaved and show more compassion and intelligence
than we humans generally do. But it seems to me that we have to keep
putting ourselves on the top of the pile, as the most highly intelligent,
evolved species, when the truth is that in our current psychological
condition we are proving to be the dunces of the universe. Like camels
that just cant seem to see our own humps of ignorance. So we evolved
from the apes and became really intelligent and smart, and the dumb apes
stayed the same right? Just like that! Yes its comical isnt it?
Every time I see that chart of the hunched ape slowly materializing into a
stood up straight man, in stages as pictures, I laugh at how gullible we
are, its comical, choose the species most like us and thatll do, now we

know where we came from, amazing how clever we are to work all that
out, I think I could draw a much different chart of our evolution or
rather dissolution after a quick look at the news, and perhaps we could
have made a better job of it if we had stayed as apes! Our current system
is quite an aping of a so called civilised evolved species.
I put this to you, flowers are flowers in their myriad splendour, just like
apes are apes, humans are humans, planets are planets, bees are bees, flies
are flies, elephants are elephants, crocodiles are crocodiles, Rhinos are
rhinos, and all the other intricately amazing species of flora and fauna on
this amazing mysterious planet are just what they are supposed to be.
Down to the tiniest living protozoa, and tinier things still, all with their
incredible intelligence, in every cell of every living creature, and every
lump of rock that is also vibrantly alive, which is mind bogglingly
miraculous and indefinable to our minds. How about considering putting
our highly intelligent smugness to one side for a moment and accepting
that we dont really know. Maybe we should just let them be the amazing
miracles they are, and stop cutting them up, prodding them, electrocuting
them, and fiddling with them, and just lean back and enjoy the splendour
of it all.
Its always described as all other species up to man, who considers
himself the ultimate creation, how comical.
Species and plants, rocks and minerals dont need Darwin or anyone else
to cram them into a theory. To even think that we are smart enough to
work it all out is beyond belief and absolute madness.
Sure things change but not by evolution as Darwin said it.
Darwin in his own words said;
"To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting
the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light,
and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have
been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the
highest degree."
Voil ! At last the voice of reason, well done Darwin.
So there we have it, in the mans own words. There is an intelligence in
everything and every cell that will continue to keep its secrets hidden and
baffle us no matter how many times we dissect it, until we prove that we
are responsible enough to know to discover them, and until we become
responsible enough to not destroy ourselves, other people, countries, and
the planet with them.

The Big Bang Theory.

Its amazing that our great scientists know exactly how the universe
began, but have no idea how the Pyramids were built, how to send a
space ship past Mars, or even how to heal a simple cut.

I think the above few lines sum the subject up. Every time I hear anything
about the big bang theory I cant help but have a quiet
laugh to myself. How desperate could they have been to have come up
with such a thing, its almost as tragicomic as us believing Darwins
theory until present day, as if it is a dead certainty.
Imagine it for a moment, us humans on this tiny earth going in its orbit
faster than the speed of sound, and with our few instruments, and a bit of
thinking and guessing from bits of dust from space, and a few big
telescopes, have decided that we have worked the whole universe out to
its farthest reaches that we cant even see!
Apparently we clever humans have discovered that the universe came
out of nothing into something 13.7 billion years ago. Not a bad
discovery from experts, who cant even fly a space ship very far
beyond Mars yet, cant explain how the Pyramids were built, or what a
Leukocytes or Leukotriene really is let alone where they originated from.
We cant even explain gravity properly, or begin to know the mysteries of
different languages, and lets be honest we can hardly boil an egg right,
drive to the shops without honking our horns at someone, but we know
the intricate secrets of the universe dont we?
Science has made tremendous steps, but lets just tell the truth and let our
superiority and arrogance go, we just dont know, and how exciting that
is. We are not on the cutting edge of technology: we are at the very blunt
The truth is we have absolutely no idea whatsoever, the scientists are
guessing. As I have said before and I am sure I will say it again, the
scientists and people who run our little world become very chagrined at
the thought that they dont know how it all works, so they guess and we
believe those guesses, and even teach them as truth in colleges and
schools, its ridiculous. At least lets admit we have no idea how it began.
Let us not forget that the world was flat not long ago, and the scientists
refused to look through Galileos telescope through fear that they may see
themselves at the other end of it with a big wrong written on their

Of course its healthy and good to search for the truth of how everything
works: we progress that way, or destroy ourselves with the findings
depending on how responsible we are to have that information and new
discovery. The Atomic bomb is a pretty good example that comes to
So here we all are in our myriad forms, the earth with all of its
miraculously diverse species, the earth going in its orbit faster than the
speed of sound, the planets being viscously pulled around each other in
mathematically precise, precision ways that a human being could never
work out in his or her wildest dreams, and hopefully never will until
responsible enough psychologically.

Hadron Collider

The real secrets and power of the universe they desire to find, will
remain secrets until which time they prove themselves to be
psychologically responsible enough to be trusted with such a power.

Past and present day behaviour by government and scientists prove that
they are most definitely not responsible enough to be trusted with any
more discoveries and power which they would further misuse.
Humanity is nowhere near being psychologically stable enough to be able
to handle the discovery of secrets and powers of the universe. That power
would be swiftly abused to control and destroy, and to perpetuate their
insane agendas and nauseating hunger for greed and power in the name of
advancement and technology.
They are like little children in a nuclear reactor throwing things around
to see what happens when they collide.
Whatever they find they would eventually misuse, and there would be a
mad scramble and fight amongst countries and power driven, paranoid
leaders to acquire such a force, discovery and power, to fight each other
with, or hold others to ransom through fear.
Like little children fighting over sweets or marbles it would all end in
tears and cataclysms.
The cost of the adventure was 7.5 Billion Euros, thats about 9 Billion
Dollars, 6 Billion Pounds. I think of all the starving children with their
mothers watching them die, as the scientists play their God games, play
them yes, but feed the starving people first. There were, and still are
terrible fears of consequences, of such experiments but as usual they

smugly ignored the masses and plunged ahead into the unknown. Just by
that very action of plunging ahead regardless proves they are not even
close to being sane enough to discover the big secret, the big power, the
ultimate power of the universe they strive to possess and control, and
The words unknown consequences should make us shudder to the core,
when we think of the irresponsible acts that have already taken place with
the heady mix of power and curiosity.
Protons and particles smashing together at high speed with no idea what
can happen sounds risky to me. People fear productions of microscopic
black holes or creations of strangelets, but of course the CERN safety
reviews say there is no danger and reason for concern.
All too familiar words in the ears of the public who stand and watch the
sciences destroying the world in front of them, meddling precariously
with the future of the planet.

Chapter 16

Real Religion

What is Religion?

Our present body is a seed meant to germinate into something more

miraculous than itself, whether it does or not is our choice and within
our power.- Musaios.

The word religion comes from the Latin word religare which means to re
ligament, to re tie, back to something we have lost, a recovery. It is also a
re membering back from a dis membering, literally, like being severed
and cut off from our real connection to ourselves in a very literal sense.
So religion in its true sense is recovery, we have been disconnected from
ourselves for such a long time, we had lost ourselves, that special
connection to something more than just what we see in the mirror. We are
at a very critical time in history now where we are recovering from
amnesia and returning to our real selves.
We dont have to be religious or have any belief in a higher power.
Ironically its the despair of the amnesia that wakes us up. We have been
like children out playing too long and had forgotten our way home.
All the great saints and people who have come were really reminding us
that we had forgotten ourselves, and showed us ways and techniques to
help us back in the direction towards ourselves and away from the
disconnection, and away from the habits of thoughts and deeds which
were keeping us adrift so to speak, from ourselves.
We all feel this on a very deep level in the very core of our being, a
feeling of loss, of not feeling quite connected to who we really are. Our

feeling of sadness inside is us remembering that we have been
disconnected from ourselves, and we want to come home.
Religion in many cases has been used to keep people in fear and
controlled by a God who punishes us when we do anything wrong, who
just happens to be a man. Of course humans made that up to control other
humans. Institutionalized religion puts us to sleep, real religion wakes us

Real Religion is Experiential Not Just Words

The Theology is the intellectual overlay, its just words, and real religion
is experiential.

I was privileged to have a beautiful experience some twenty odd years

ago in Greece. I had been working on myself to let go of the old and
bring in the new, and had read many books on the subject, but nothing
could have prepared me for what would happen.
I had become convinced that there was an intelligence that was helping
me, having had some wonderful synchronicities and things happen to me
that I felt were not possibly coming from me. The distillation and
dissolving of my old self traits, and a continual practice of remembering,
and reconnection to myself were really beginning to change things
around me.
I had read of a way to make my presence felt, to something that may be
higher than human intelligence and one evening as I lay on the bed in
Greece I began asking and giving thanks, with an open mind, for the
things I had been given on my long arduous journey from UK to the
Greek Island.
I remember that I was told when the shock comes remember what
happened to Marconi when he announced his discovery of a system of
communication without wires through the ether (thin air). His friends
tried to admit him to a mental asylum. I remember wondering what the
shock might be and what it could mean. Fully awake and lying there,
suddenly a feeling entered me from the bottom of my feet and travelled
upward through my body, in a wave of such unexplainable bliss that a
spontaneous thank you came from my mouth again and again and again
without any forethought, and tears of joy came forth from my eyes. I had
experienced something which words couldnt explain.

I have had similar experiences since, accompanied by a beautiful
presence and love that couldnt be conjured up by imagination.
I am not easily fooled, and I dont believe anything just because people
say it.

A New Religion Called Common sense ism

Any of the great spiritual teachers of wisdom and truth would be

shocked if they could see the state we are still in.

If someone like Jesus, the Buddha or Mohamed were here now I truly
believe they would tell us to tear all the books up and start again. Before I
start getting death threats, dont get me wrong, the wisdom in the
religious texts can be wonderful road maps to great inner peace, and I
have had personal experiences that have taken my breath away, bringing
spontaneous tears to my eyes, leaving me uttering multiple spontaneous
thank yous from my mouth, with feelings of transcendent beauty and joy
that made my legs go limp.
So I am all for using ancient knowledge to find pathways to transcend
ourselves and discover deeper places within and beyond our limited
But the big questions to ask is are we balanced and have we transcended
our disconnection and madness? The answer to that is obvious, and the
world religions are still causing conflict between peoples and countries.
As I mentioned in another section they are all converging on the same
thing. Religion means religare, to re tie, to re ligament to what we have
lost, and most humans have still not achieved that.
The Course in Miracles a very wise teaching, as thick as the book of the
bible. It was being discussed in a group meeting with its devotees and
followers, and the man who transcribed it was there. One of the groups
was arguing about what one paragraph on a page really meant, and they
were getting a bit carried away with each other.
The man walked up to them and tore the page out they were debating and
threw it on the floor to their great surprise.
He said if that one page is going to make you all act like that towards
each other its better to tear it up.
The real core of the wisdom teachings of most religions have been
fragmented and diluted, and the more institutionalised the religions

became, the more the real message was lost, and they have been used to
control and to instil fear to control, in many instances.
There is great wisdom in many of the teachings which have been handed
down to us, often introduced by wise and gifted people who have walked
amongst us, Jesus, Buddha, and many others.
Most of them told us we can also raise ourselves to their vibration of
consciousness, and be able to do as they did and more. Most people
didnt believe them, that we also have such inherent gifts, wisdom and
clarity, which if developed and used in a wise way which would lift us to
an incredible state of development both individually and globally.
If we were to be given that power to transmute and change things as Jesus
and others could right now, we would swiftly destroy ourselves in
probably less than a day. They were right in telling us we could do the
miracles that they did and more, but in our current condition of
consciousness and our global situation there is no way we could handle
the responsibility of possessing such a power to transmute our
surroundings. The nuclear power we now have is very unsafe in human
hands. We are relearning and remembering and the truth has a magical
way of coming back to the surface, however long its face has been
disfigured, suppressed, and held under the water.
There is a true story which highlights what I mean here. When the
Christian missionaries went to Hawaii in 1820 they translated the bible
into Hawaiian and wanted to convert the Kahunas who were experts in
healing, herbalism, and real magicians, the very gifted Shamans living
there. The missionaries said we want you to read this, and the Kahuna
asked why, and were told we want to convert you to Christianity, of
course the highly gifted Shamans said well we are fine as we are, but
the missionaries insisted.
The Kahunas went away and read the book. When they returned they
brought all their diseased people with them, and the missionaries said
who are all these people, the Kahuna said well we read the book and
your teacher said if you do what he said you will be able to do what he
can and more, so we brought these people for you to heal. The
missionaries said we dont do that we just teach so you and the Kahuna
said you cant do what your teacher can? No said the missionaries. I
Well we consider that hypocrisy said the Kahunas, and inevitably and
predictably the missionaries made Shamanism and being a Kahuna
illegal, apparently they tortured and killed them. It was not
decriminalized until 1972, better late than never. Of course it was the
usual genocide, because when you take away a peoples culture and

language you are killing their soul as well as is still being done to this
very day.
We have lost the real essence of religion in its true sense, the abilities,
wisdom and knowledge from older wiser cultures than ours, which were
robbed and destroyed to a great degree. Real creative religion is the actual
application and experiential reality of bringing things into being
personally and globally. It is not just reading the words but being the
transformation with every breath, and perhaps then we may have the
audacity to call ourselves a label which signifies we are being the
solution and not the problem.
The real transformative and healing traditions are coming back and were
never really lost, but just laid low so to speak. I am convinced the older
wiser transformative ways will play a huge role in rebalancing society
again, and it certainly needs all the help it can get. Christianity is pretty
much deceased, because it doesnt offer real transformation, thats why
there are pubs and blocks of flats where churches once were. People want
the real truth now, they need more than just dusty words on a Sunday
morning to convince them they are more than they see in the mirror.
Christianity and other religions stemmed from the root religions such as
shamanism, and these older wiser ways had a definite connection to
things. They knew so much and had real wisdom and knowledge. The
missionaries made a big mistake dismissing their wisdom, and even
outlawing it and killing them, because they could have learned so much
from these people who ironically had similar abilities as Jesus whos
wisdom they were promoting.

Getting Stuck in Revolving Doors of Religion

The wisdom in the sacred teachings can be very helpful on our path of
transformation, but we are not to get stuck in them.

Religions and other wise teachings can be wonderful gifts to help us find
the path of transformation again. But we must be careful not to get stuck
or trapped, they should be used as a map to get us back towards the
treasure of ourselves, but we must beware not to get stuck in the map, but
move along swiftly, using the directions it gives, then move onwards
towards the next stage of our distillation and development, which is a
continual process while we are on this planet

We can still refer to the map but it must not become a revolving door
which we get stuck in, as this can choke us off from further stages of
learning and development, and worse still can result in fanaticism which
can lead a person, a people or an entire nation to hate and even kill
anyone who doesnt agree with them or their god or map.
Generally the more institutionalised a religion becomes the more this
happens. A great mentor of mine Charles Muses explained this dilemma
well. He saw it like a bicycle wheel with all the main religions like
Christianity, Islam, Indo Iranian, Buddhism, Judaism, and Taoism around
the rim of the wheel where a person may spend their whole life. Then
some people reach the spokes of the wheel where we find the deeper, less
known teachings of Shamanism, Gnostic, Sufi, Yoga, where some people
may also stay.
Then there is the hub of the wheel, the inner circle where the particular
cultural origin of any religion becomes irrelevant in what he called the
numinous nimbus.
And beyond that doorway at its core is the essential distillation where one
undertakes the most sacred journey home.
The Crucible of World Religions as he called it is a good reminder of
how we can become trapped in one or another of our religions and
traditions, like a revolving door, but worse, as a racial trap of xenophobia
and apartheid resulting in sometimes centuries of killing and bloodshed.

Experience is Experience not Logic or Words

Knowing doesnt come from logic but from experience.

There another true story from a great mentor of mine that I would like to
share with you. He was on an expedition studying the old beautiful
traditions of Shamanism, often misconstrued in the west as being black
magic, which is nonsense spread by the greedy, controlling missionaries,
who were fanatics that had no experience of true religion and gifts of real
power. Unbeknownst to them Jesus was himself a very great Shaman who
could make things happen, like some of the gifted Shamans they wiped
out in the genocide of earlier cultures, and lets not forget Jesus said we
could all do what he did and more, but thank goodness we havent
learned how to, we would wipe each, other and ourselves out in moments
in our current imbalanced state of mind.

The missionaries were just wordmongers selling theology, and as I have
said its the actual experience that counts not words, and true benign
Shamanism is returning now with great speed which may be a glimmer of
hope for the healing of our planet and ourselves.
My dear Mentor had planned a trip to meet a well-respected and
honoured Shaman, and with another lady they found his studio.
The lady he was with was sceptical and an atheist who didnt believe in
such a thing, the Shaman knew this as she entered and asked her to stand
at the other end of the room to where he was, and without looking at her
began to move his hands and mutter a few soft words, and in seconds her
knees began to buckle and her eyes rolled back with some loss of control
in her neck muscles, and as she was about to collapse he raised his eyes
to hers and she straightened up to her normal self. He said to her I
neither did this to heal or harm you but to show you that the power
exists. Lets not forget she neither believed it and he didnt look at her or
speak to her so we can rule out hypnosis. After the demonstration and
session she was a different, much happier person. I could relate many
other stories here but these two are hopefully convincing enough.
We all in fact have this ability to heal and harm via the ether so to speak,
but thank goodness most people have forgotten how to use it, because we
are not anywhere near responsible enough to have that power in our
current condition.
We do affect things more than we know, and I have also experienced
many beautiful experiences and influences from gifted people, and from
my own experiences from my daily practise. Its a bit like a surgeons
scalpel it can be used to do wonderful healing, and the same scalpel can
be used to do terrible harm.
Just the intention to protect ourselves begins it, and there is plenty of
proof that we change the space around us with directed thought, thats a
scientific fact. I highly recommend reading about our energy centres and
how to protect them and the space around us. Just like the continual
remembering to be present and conscious I have talked about, the
remembering to remember, so too can we be constantly aware of the
energy around us and to keep our protection turned on so to speak, very
similar to our treasured computers that we would not dream of leaving
unattended without a continual protection or fire wall programme, to
deflect any incoming threats.
Visualising a sphere of protection around us is a good practise, and its
not something we have to tell people about, just silently do it, not in a
paranoid fashion where we walk around thinking that everyone and
everythings out to get us because thats a bad affirmation, and because

they are not, but there are some things and people who are. So just like
the computer protection, you keep it on just in case. In your morning
reconnection and meditation its a good time to strengthen it, and I
guarantee you unhealthy forces will find a less resistant place to go when
they feel your resistance, and it will protect you, people feel it, and
unseen things feel it if they are hanging around.
And like the lightening analogy, lightening really does take the path of
least resistance, just like the negative psychic forces and people around us
will if we are unprotected.

Chapter 17

The System of Slavery


The situation of rule by gangs composed of the most deceptively

unscrupulous people in a country will continue unchallenged until human
society is enabled to function benignly and independently of destructive
leaders.- Musaios.

If you can make people reliant on you for food, warmth and shelter they
are your slaves, you possess them, literally like an evil spirit controls
someone from within, and they are your puppets until they can break free
as Musaios so succinctly put it in the heading.
We will only be free once we know we are slaves. We can then begin to
create our own system where we are in control of our own destiny. Where
we grow our own food, make our own houses and create our own energy
without a system of money.
I quoted the following sentence by Gurdjieff in another section but its
worth saying it here again. He said 'If you want to escape from prison the
first thing you must do is realise you are in prison or no escape is
possible.' Only when someone, or a system stops providing something do
we realise we are/were dependant on them
I once read a story of elephants in India that are chained to a stake in the
ground. At first they pull continually till their leg is chaffed and bleeding,
but after some time the stake can be removed and the elephant stays in
that prison without bars, accepts its situation and sadly gives up hope.

We have become used to our system that we are born into. We are born
into debt. People rarely question it too much, though most people sense
an underlying feeling that something isnt quite right, and that there must
be more to life than this. But nevertheless most people go from birth to
death accepting the control system as it is, through fear of criticism from
others, and largely from a deep subconscious fear of punishment.
We would probably all be quite surprised at how frightened we are on a
deep level of being punished by the ruling oligarchs. Whether we like to
admit it, face it or not, our current system is largely one of punishment
and reward.
There are endless examples I could give, but to put it in plain and simple
terms if you dont go to work for just a short time in our system, youll
soon find out what happens, when you cant pay bills, rent, have nowhere
to live and nothing to eat. And with most people now with no savings and
in debt, its true that we are only two or three wage packets from being
homeless. I have heard it said many times from disillusioned people that
people have to work. What a terribly said thing that we can be so
conditioned to accept this system only that we cant envisage anything
beyond or better than it.
The fear is deeply entrenched in our genes, that if we step out of line we
will be in trouble or even be killed, this is how it used to be not that long
ago for us. Do what you are told or go to jail or worse.
People have become so used to the system being the way it is that they
cant seem to envisage anything that could be better. I have heard it said
dozens of times from just one person that theres nothing you can do
about it. That acceptance is almost as sad as the elephant described

Seeing the Slavery of the System Frees Us

Knowing the truth even though it may be a shock makes us realise why
we felt so uncomfortable and desperate, which is positive not negative,
because that realisation opens the gate to our freedom.

The truth about the corruption and the debt system we live in is
something most people cannot face, which is very understandable. Most
people are so saturated and depleted by what they have to do to survive,
its about all they can do to drag themselves out of bed, get to the job they
probably dont like and dont want to do, get through the day and get

home exhausted, eat, drink a bottle of wine and watch whatever is on
television to frontal lobotomise themselves to try and forget about it all,
and pray for the weekend, to do all the jobs that should take them a week
to do, then collapse in a heap.
The last thing most people want to hear is any more bad news or anything
else that sounds negative or that may bring them down or depress them,
and believe me when I say this, the people in control who are exhausting
and manipulating people, hide behind the fact, that people dont want to
recognise any negative bad news, they really do, it plays right into their
hands. People who avoid anything negative and refuse to see anything
negative, or look at, or face anything that may be negative, are the perfect
worker ants for the government, who rely heavily on peoples reluctance
to be seen to be negative.
I completely understand why and dont blame people for having their
heads in the sand. They are exhausted and drained enough, and just know
that they have to keep on doing what they often dont want to do to pay
the bills and eat, knowing that if they dare try to get off the hamster wheel
their lives would collapse around them.
The interesting thing though is that a lot of these people complain and
agonize about not wanting to go to work, and the stress it gives them, and
how pissed off they are, but the last thing they want to look at is how
really enslaved they are by the system and how it is all constructed
around forcing people to keep working. We have to get past the fear and
denial: its a fog that blocks our perception of what is, and muffles our
seeing and knowing faculties.
The oligarchs, the controlling clique absolutely thrive on this fear of
people facing things and talking about how they really feel. Most people
would never actually come out and say this is terrible, I feel trapped, I
feel desperate, lost, disconnected from myself, depressed, disenchanted,
tired and stressed to the point of collapse. One of the big fears is fear of
being seen as someone who cant cope, or is weak, or is having a
breakdown, or is negative, cynical and so on. And to remind ourselves
again, theres is a big difference between cynicism and reality, and we
must make certain we know the difference.

Slaves Always Feel Something is Wrong

If you feel in harmony with this system of slavery and debt you should be

The feeling that you dont fit in this system is wonderful, it is
conformation that your light of consciousness has not gone completely
out, so congratulations. Or it means that you were asleep and are now
waking up, congratulations again.
The information I talk about in this book is nothing new and people have
known this stuff for years, but the truth of the system we are immersed in,
or drowned in, is usually denied or avoided by people as it is often too
painful to know the reality that we are being used as slaves.
Things have changed now though, and this information that used to
depress people and make them feel helpless victims is now having the
opposite effect, and liberating and empowering people by making them
realise why they felt so terrible for so long, so they dont have to blame
themselves any more. It is also clarifying for them why they felt
something was wrong deep down in their souls, something they could
never quite put their finger on. So we are in a true liberation of
consciousness, and are privileged to be here on this planet now to be a
part of that liberation. But the most important thing is that we must play
our part in bringing about this transformation for the whole of humanity,
we have waited a very long time for this, and so did all our courageous
ancestors who lived and died for us.

Breaking our Chains and Becoming Free

People only really find out they are dependent on something when it
stops providing, and at that point its often too late to survive without it.

There is an urgency so great that mere words can hardly portray it. That
urgency is for human beings to break free from their subservience and
slavery to governments. If that sounds exaggerated or overstated consider
this; what would we do if we went to the supermarket and there was no
food on the shelves? It sounds impossible right?
The fact that it almost sounds ridiculous and impossible tells us how
conditioned we are. That scenario could happen at any time, any day
easily. How about if you also opened your tap and there was no water, or
no heating in your house, or worse still you lost your job and your house
and had nowhere to live anymore.
It may all sound too ridiculous, but we wouldnt know what to do, we
would be absolutely desperate, fighting over dandelion leaves in the
hedgerows, rummaging in bins, and stealing peoples apples to feed our

children. There would be complete chaos within days of a supermarket
closing its doors on us.
Most people have no savings and are in debt to credit cards, loans, and
mortgages. These people, which make up most of society, are literally
only three wage cheques away from homelessness. If they lost their job
and couldnt pay the mortgage for three months they would be thrown out
onto the street, kids and all.
For some amazing reason we have believed the politicians promises, but
do we really think they are beautiful, compassionate beings dedicated to
our wellbeing and future comfort and stability, if we do we have been
very easily fooled. We have become helpless, its awful to accept but its
true and its better to know because it gives us a chance to do something
about it. People dont even know how to grow a potato anymore and
worse still dont have time.
We have become disempowered beyond belief, but we must not beat
ourselves up about it, its been done to us not by us, though of course we
went along with it. We have slowly been convinced that we cant look
after ourselves any more. And who can blame us, dont we all want to be
looked after and taken care of by someone, and so the oligarchs prey on
that feeling with impunity.
You have to admire our trust and belief in a system that promises to look
after us and save us. It really is a wonderful endearing quality, really
admirable and beautiful. Trust is lovely in the right hands, but in the
wrong hands it will inevitably be taken advantage of. We almost do,
think, eat, drink, wear, feel, and adhere to anything we are told to do. As I
have mentioned before but will again, and probably again, that the
oligarchs call us cattle behind our backs, and have a good laugh about our
subservience to them.

Our Slavery is Perpetuating the Misery

The controllers need us to function and perpetuate their destruction, and

we have needed them to survive.

It is a sick and strange mutual dependency which we must get out of. We
the slaves are needed by the masters, we are the fuel they use for their
manipulative agendas based on short term greed and fear which
ultimately makes our slavery more painful. And we have needed them to
feed us, clothe us and house us. Its that simple. So oddly we are the very

thing that is keeping what we dont want going, its the most crazy,
twisted thing.
We are secretly terrified of what might happen if we walked out, like that
feeling when you are about to walk out of a job, the fear rises to a
crescendo, as you wonder how you will survive and pay everything, but
as you get up and go an overwhelming feeling of strength and liberation
overcomes you and the fear turns into courage and strength. This is how
we stand now as humanity. We the people are in a terrible situation,
because most people dont want to be a part of this system any more that
is using them as slaves, and keeping them exhausted and in a continual
cycle of fear of where the next pound or dollar is coming from, but at the
same time people are frightened to lose the little that they have because at
least they are not starving. That fear of starving runs deep in our veins,
and is played on to the limit by our captures.
The Greek rift where the people did not want the bailout which would
enslave them further, but also didnt want to stay in the slavery and debt
they were in. This is perfect example of this rift. The Government gave
them the dreadful choice this or this you choose. It was like saying this
prison cell or that one. Then they had the audacity to say we will give
you a referendum as long as you choose the bailout. It is like opening
your door in front of your dog who ultimately wants to be free, and
saying go on then, your dog would be caught between slavery and
freedom, because the dog has lost the ability to fend for itself and find
food, but desperately wants to be free again. Its a horrible analogy but
not far from the truth of our situation.
What a weird scenario it is then. It reminds me of the slavery in Cape
Town, where most people had slaves, to cook for them, and do most
things for them, and get paid literally nothing, just to be able to survive,
while they watched their masters live in lavish luxury. They even called
them master, it was so ingrained in them. My special friend Elliot, a
beautiful black soul I worked with could not get out of the habit of calling
me sir, we would have a joke about it. He was so brainwashed with fear
that the words Jason could barely pass his lips.
Lets dare not fall into the trap of saying its a symbiosis and not a bad
mutually dependency, its slavery pure and simple.
From the bottom to the top it is a string of slave working for slave,
whether your boss is a manager in a bank with a boss above them, or
whether your boss is a kitchen porter with a boss above them, and you are
the dish washer. Layers of slave upon slave till you reach the top of the
pile with the Rothschilds and Bilderbergers and the big money guns, its
a pyramid of slavery, and we have to get out.

Lifes Train Journey of Manipulation and Control

We see the train with so many people on it, nobody is smiling, but if we
dont get on we will be on our own and even ridiculed.

It is no exaggeration to say that this system of control is literally a train

journey with the stations and ports of call ahead already laid out for and
before us to flow along through them, in such a way that the chances of
the train stopping or us even asking for it to stop are slim. Most of us just
travel along gazing out the window as our lives and destinations are
manipulated and speed by before us, as we are seemingly dragged along
by its fear based momentum.
We have to work on the train, and crazy though it seems we then have to
give the train controllers our little wages back to pay for our food, shelter
and heating, leaving us no money to save, which may have been a way
we could have got off the train to try something else.
Sometimes some of us on the train get a whiff of fresh air and a taste of
freedom from outside of the train and tell others on board, but most of the
passengers are so used to the train that they either dont believe that
freedom exists, or that another way of travelling through life is possible.
The longer they are on the train the more conditioned they become to
believe that the system on the train is the only way, and they cant even
envisage anything outside it, because its going so fast that everything
going by is a blur and theres no time to stop and think. They work and
They have been so conditioned and disempowered to believe they are
helpless outside the train that even the prospect of leaving the train
sounds frightening, but more importantly and shockingly they know if
they complain too much they may get thrown off the train without the
food, and shelter that the train offers.
Sometimes, but not often, the passengers talk of discontent amongst
themselves, but not in front of the controllers, and you hear them say
things like it could always be worse, but most of them just say were
lucky there are people much worse off than us. I just kept telling them,
it will be even worse than this if you dont stop accepting everything that
is forced on you, a lot worse.
I was once on a train at rush hour going from Bristol to Cardiff which
only had two carriages in total. Everyone was crammed together standing
up with hardly room to even turn, with women and men rubbing against
each other in an undignified way which was unavoidable, and I was

absolutely appalled at the scene I was a part of. We were all very
uncomfortable both physically and psychologically.
I was so disturbed by the scene I asked out loud sorry everybody but is it
like this every day? An exasperated looking gentleman answered yes
every day, so I asked has anyone ever complained? Which ushered in a
slight sense of uneasiness and embarrassment to the packed coach, but I
had to know, and he answered yes we started a petition and handed it in
asking for another carriage to be added so more people could sit down. I
eagerly asked the obvious next question, what happened? They said no
he said, in a sad, slightly angry, dejected and sheepish way. Didnt
anyone take it further I asked, no he said, in a way that saddened me,
because there was a look of helplessness in the mans eyes, like a prisoner
who had accepted his long, sentence, and given up hope.
The reason the controllers had said no was obvious and twofold, first that
another carriage would cost more in diesel fuel and wear and tear, and
second there was no way they were going to let people call the shots and
win another carriage, for their tired butts to go on a seat to and from the
jobs they probably didnt like or even hated.
Had that lovely gentleman showed his teeth a little more, and got all the
passengers to agree to get the bus every day instead of the train, until
another carriage was added, then I bet they would have had their carriage
and all been comfortably seated within a week. That is a certainty.
Long and drawn out though this true story is, it emphasises that people do
not realise how much they can change things if they want to. The people,
as I have said before, ultimately hold the power, because without them
not a job would be done, be it cleaning the streets and bins, toilets,
driving the buses, making food, or dropping bombs from a fighter jet in
Libya. Without the peoples cooperation and consent, nothing gets done,
because one thing you can be sure of, the politicians certainly wouldnt
clean the stinking streets and bins, drive a bus, and particularly not fight
in the front line of their wars, because they are lazy and too cowardly.

The Crash of the System will Free Us

Sometimes its only when things collapse that we get a chance to escape
and see the truth.

There are a few films where prisoners were being transported by train or
lorry, and there is a crash and the prison carriage smashed open, and the

prisoners have a chance to escape. Similarly as our system is now
crashing and collapsing, (by design I think, to bring us to our knees
completely, because we are awakening to it, which I will talk about later)
we too have an opportunity to escape its clutches. As the system
collapses, so do the confines that held us ransom for so long, though the
big problem we face is what we will eat and where will we live if it gets
that bad.
I sincerely hope that a smooth transition from this system of slavery, fear
and manipulation, to one of freedom, love, and cooperation can take
place, though I cannot envisage such ruthless, tyrannical oppressors
suddenly becoming compassionate loving beings devoted to a sharing,
caring system. This subject I will cover later on.
The majority of people long to be free to have more time and less
pressure, but its little time and a lot of pressure which keep people
numbed with fear and carrying on.
There have been many great old films made about prisoners of war in
concentration camps where the theme is of escape, The Great Escape
was a good one, where there is a continual effort to dig tunnels, escape
over or under the fence and break free from the tyranny and control inside
the prison unabated. In our system people have been trying to escape the
tight grip of control for thousands of years. And whoever the prison
wardens are at the time be it Julius Caesar, Alexander the great, Adolf
Hitler, Tony Blair, Mao Tse Tung, Catherine the Great, Napoleon
Bonaparte, Margaret Thatcher, George Bush, Omar al-Bashir, David
Cameron or Barak Obama, the people have always wanted to escape and
be free. It has always been the same, and so have the ruling tyrannies,
who change only in name not in substance, they are literally the same
family. Except now the prison has a little more panache, and style that
make the prisoners feel a little less confined.
So there is an opportunity coming, but great care must be taken to make
The Great Escape from prison and into freedom and peace a smooth
one, or the escape will be used to herd everyone back inside again.

We Must Choose Freedom or Slavery

Choose and what you choose will be yours.

We are like an elephant in a circus. We get fed, kept relatively warm and
sheltered, depending how hard and well we perform depends on how

many benefits we get. We have to do tricks, get pushed around, get
abused a little and work each day to get our reward. We dont particularly
like what we do but we are frightened of leaving because we have
become so dependent on our ringmaster. S/he has convinced us that we
are helpless without them and so we play it safe and stay, but each day as
we get up early and go to work, we can see through the window to the
outside with its freedom.
In our hearts we know we could look after ourselves, find our own food,
make our own shelter and keep ourselves warm, but doubt and fear keeps
creeping back in and makes us stay. It seems easier to just have someone
tell us what to do at the circus, we have got used to it.
Then we hear rumours that the circus is in terrible debt and may soon
collapse, and more fear sweeps over us. We dont know how to survive,
we have forgotten how to find food. Now we become anxious and feel
torn between staying or leaving.
We are currently like the elephants working every day in a collapsing
circus. We know its falling down but we havent got the time to learn
how to survive without it because we are working every day.
Like passengers on a sinking ship, we dont know whether to jump off
and swim or stay on board and believe the captain who tells us all is well
and he will take care of us.
We are approaching a moment where we will be asked to choose one of
two paths, not by our money masters and Oligarchs, but by our own souls
which are crying for freedom. That time is coming very soon when the
system as we know it will be on its knees, and in our vulnerable state, we
will have to choose either our own path of liberation and freedom, which
may at first be very challenging till we can establish a new way of living,
without the control of the ruling cliques. Or we will allow ourselves to be
coerced back into the system to be enslaved yet again, and the cycle of
our enslavement will begin all over again. That choice will be easier if we
prepare for it, and that preparation I will brush on next

This Slavery is Holding us to Ransom

If you dont do this you wont get that, and if you dont get that you cant
do this.

If you dont work you cant eat, and if you cant eat you cant work. The
system really is holding us to ransom; of course its designed that way. It

would be very easy to say its all an accident and it just turned out like
this randomly, like a big coincidence that our system just happens to be
holding everyone to ransom. Definitely not, but dont believe me, look
into the history of it. We are like performing chimps in a zoo, everyday
going to work doing the tricks and then they feed us, if we dont perform
they dont feed us, its that simple.
It would be like seeing cattle coming in to be milked, and let out to be fed
in the fields, every day, with an electric fence around them, and saying
that was a coincidence.
We are held to ransom because we are the slaves who serve the kings and
queens, government oligarchs, and the politicians and if that sounds a bit
farfetched to anyone then I would urgently prescribe a mighty whiff of
smelling salts.
Just because people have suits on and promise us they are looking after
our best interests doesnt mean its true, its the opposite, they are looking
after their best interests at the expense of us, working in menial jobs all
day, every day for peanuts. Its designed that way to hold us to ransom.
Its doing what its designed to do. Its no coincidence that people are up
to their necks in debt before they leave college, and are funnelled into a
system of debt which will keep them in debt for life. They are coerced
into borrowing huge amounts of money from the government for the
privilege of getting a job which will hold them to ransom for life which
perpetuates and necessitates their need to keep doing it. Having their
lives bought for slave wages that just allow a person to survive.

Preparing Ourselves be Free Again

It is critical that we restructure our thoughts to believe that we can

survive without government control, and have the ability to structure our
own systems based on harmony and peace.

This may sound ridiculous to some people, but we must, as a population,

be ready to stand alone if everything collapses, and as I have mentioned
elsewhere we would be like headless chickens in a couple of days if there
was no food on the supermarket shelves, and we would be absolutely at
the mercy of government hand outs. But also I am positive that easier
outcomes will be available, but we must be prepared for any eventuality. I
am not scaremongering here but simply looking at protecting ourselves.

Food is the ultimate weapon and control system, and we have forgotten
what that really means, it means we are dead without it.
It is absolutely imperative that we all begin to learn how to grow food
ourselves again. Food is more precious than gold and we should be
acquiring our own stocks of food and pulses that can be soaked and
sprouted within days if we need them.
We must also remember that nobody rich or poor, is exempt from this
imminent possibility, because if someone had $200,000 in the bank and
the system crashed, or was purposely collapsed, then the bank doors and
internet would be shut and the $200,000 would be inaccessible anyway.
But moreover, if everyone asked for their savings at once, there would
not be enough paper money to pay everyone, because a lot of the money
system is just numbers on a screen, which tells us what a mirage the
whole thing is.
Perhaps the system will get patched up and all will carry on as before, but
there is a great feeling of expectancy in the air, in all countries and in all
people, a feeling deep in the stomach that something big is about to take
So just staying open is enough, open and receptive to all possibilities. As
the old saying goes keep your bags packed just in case. I feel we are
like beautiful birds that have been kept in cages in captivity, for so long
with our wings clipped, and we long to be free to fly, and soar to exciting
heights and swoop with exhalation, and fly all day if we like. And return
to living, being properly alive again, not just getting by and existing
while our masters in their lavish homes, cars and suits sip champagne and
laugh at us.
Theres a feeling now that humanity as a whole has suffered long enough,
and we are standing on a platform waiting for a miracle, and if we can
open ourselves to the possibility of something wonderful happening then
it might, and a doorway can open for us, but we may still have to act, step
forward and initiate something rather than stand waiting, as those who
wait generally lose the opportunity.

Punishment and Reward

Struggle is a natural and inherent part of natures system, but one which
is manipulated and played upon by the ruling oligarchs.

Punishment and reward is an inherent part of natures system here on this
planet we live on. It is a scientific fact that we are living in a predatory
ecology on our planet with everything struggling to survive, with every
particle, atom, and living thing in a tooth and claw battle to keep going,
with even the beautiful trees and grasses and flowers fighting each other
for light and space.
However, there is also a beautiful symbiosis and cooperation in nature,
working in and around the predatory struggle, which can be harnessed
and maximised to create less struggle and better systems of cooperation,
that we should be enhancing and working with to combat the difficulties
we face.
Unfortunately though there is a great enemy of harmony and peaceful
cooperation that is continually using punishment and reward to further its
own agendas of greed and manipulation at the expense of the population,
who are continually being held, face down, in the cycle of punishment
and reward. The system we are living in has been designed to do this by
the unscrupulous controllers of our society who are making things more
and more difficult for people to maximise their control.
It is a terribly sad fact, that people are being purposely controlled by fear
of punishment, by those who use, and control the population, which is
definitely a terrible crime against humanity, but a crime which has
become almost normal to people now that it has been going on for so
Let us not forget that it was only a short time ago that people were being
punished by having their heads cut off by the monarchy, and tortured to
death, if they didnt fall into line and be good slaves. The prospect of that
was enough to keep any citizen in line. These days it is easier to control
by fear of being homeless and hungry. That fear is enough to keep
anyones feet firmly on the hamster wheel. Control has just become a
little more sophisticated these days, and it has been discovered that
painful psychological control is much more effective than painful
physical control.
With the system of money, work, and the inherent struggle within that
system, it all magnifies and exacerbates our struggle, to the point of
despair, panic and worry beyond belief. The base camp for the big
punishment and reward starts in school mostly, but is also indoctrinated
by our parents, and by their parents.
This is where the base camp of punishment and reward begins. If youre a
good boy you will get this. If you dont you will get this, and on it
progresses. We cant blame our parents because they did the best they
could with the knowledge and understanding they had. So by the time we

get to school we have pretty much been prepared to accept that is how
things work, and once in school then punishment and reward really
begins for us. We then take that acceptance of it into the world after we
leave school, when we are finally ready to begin the real struggle of life,
where punishment and reward is endemic, and permeates every part of
our system, underpinned by money and fear.
If you get good grades you will get a good job and have a good life of
security and happiness and good self-esteem. If you get bad grades you
will not get a good job, if at all, and will have a life of poverty and little
income. If you are a good you will be rewarded, if you are bad you will
be punished. If you are a good boy and do what you are told, you will get
something good, if you are bad and dont do what you are told you will
get something bad.
Our system to a huge degree, more than we think has an underpinning of
Reward and Punishment, its more complex than just that but nevertheless
it permeates the system.
The major point. If you get to work every day you get paid, and can pay
all your bills. Reward
If you forget to set the alarm and you are late for work, you may lose pay,
lose your job, or even lose your house.

The Oligarchs are Preying on Peoples Weaknesses

and Strengths

We are played like instruments and puppets by the manipulating,

controlling, ruling clichs, who know exactly what strings to pluck, and
which strings to pull, to make people dance to their tune.

We have tremendous strengths and tremendous weaknesses, which both

have their role to play in helping us along our challenging path of life.
They are simple and yet complex attributes which are inbuilt in us, in the
most amazing way by nature, or whatever else you believe created us.
Unfortunately the system we are in, which is one of mass manipulation
and control at the expense of the people, spearheaded by short term greed
and fear, does everything it can to manipulate its population by playing
on and using their weaknesses and strengths, and of course anything else
it can to control them.
We really are played like instruments and puppets. Its so simple for the
conductors of the orchestra, and the puppet masters, when the population

are almost completely reliant upon them for food, warmth and shelter.
Imagine for a moment being an unscrupulous, immoral oligarch and
having limitless money and resources at your fingertips to be able to
manipulate the population in any way you could to keep them reliant
upon you for the whole of their lives. You literally could play them like
instruments, if you pressed that note they would do that, if you pulled this
string they would do this. You would be the invisible puppeteer pulling
different strings and knowing what the response by the puppet would be
before they moved.
You could play on peoples heroic strengths like a mans inbuilt urge to
protect, feed and shelter his family, and his pride as a weakness to play
on, that he would not giving up till his last breath to protect that unspoken
pride, and his fear of bad things happening to him or his family.
A mothers many emotions could be manipulated with her childs
protection and future such an inherent worry for her, which could and is
played on with impunity, as she jumped predictably to each manipulation
to her heart strings.
And our vulnerability, and need to be protected, and our tendencies to
allow someone to control us if they seem to help us and promise us
stability. I could give pages of examples but these few will do to paint a
rough sketch of how easy it is for those with all the money, guns, food
and power at their fingertips to run us ragged for our entire lifetimes.
We all know how easy it is to control an animal with food, a cat or dog,
and how quickly they begin to hand themselves and their power over to
you not so much with cats as they can still catch their own food. I dont
like to admit it but we have become so reliant on our food and money
masters that we are not that different to the salivating dog that will roll on
its back, give paw and beg for its next morsel of food. Its a bitter pill to
swallow to accept and see this, but the quicker we swallow the bitter pill
of truth and recognition, the quicker we can do all we can to be able to
feed ourselves again.
And then when our masters say roll over, beg, and give paw we can say
no we can feed ourselves. Food is the worse independence we ever gave
up, and had stolen from us, I can warn everyone here now, that trump
card of ultimate control that the government still unfortunately possess
may be played any time now to ultimately take us down to our knees to
beg for a slice of bread.
The analogy of a puppeteer manipulating puppets is also a bitter pill but
as with the dog, when we take our power back and feed ourselves we can
then cut the strings forever and wave goodbye to the puppeteer who

without having anyone to control, and anyone to clap for them, will be
sad and lonely indeed.
Sad indeed is the man or woman who needs the applause of others to
convince them that they exist.

The Pointlessness and Struggle is Killing Our Souls

We are not progressing but regressing in our development, and as a

supposedly intelligent species we are stuck.

We have reached a tipping point in our evolvement, not in a Darwinist

sense, but that we have come to a point where we are stagnant, and like
fermenting fruit, we have not been purifying ourselves as we should have.
Had we done so we could be living in a peace, beauty and symbiosis
beyond words, but we are still stuck, like a beautiful flower which has
forgotten how to continue to blossom, its inner development halted
through lack of keep transcending and raising ourselves
above and beyond what we are through neglect we had ground to a
developmental halt, as the shocking mayhem in the world now proves. By
now we should all have been vibrating on a highly attuned frequency of
peaceful symbiosis where we had refined ourselves to a wonderful state.
The drudgery with no reward other than an ability to pay debts, by a trade
off in against giving up ones ability to be free. In other words we sell our
time and thus our lives to pay bills and be able to eat. The system buys
our lives for a menial amount, just paying us enough to survive and be
able to buy a few clothes to wear and just about afford the transport to get
there every day, be it public transport or a car.
I recently stood on a footbridge in Bristol Docks that runs from the
residential area into town, it was about 8 in the morning and streams of
people were going to work. I stood fascinated watching them. A terrible
sadness was in the air, no enthusiasm, but a deep despair, and of course
great courage to do what they didnt want to. Each brave soul had got up
at the alarms demand, washed, brushed their teeth and groomed and
forced themselves out of the house to work.
Nobody looked happy, I saw nobody smiling; it really was a
concentration camp image, except that they were smarter and the
concentration camp was bigger in the form of a city. Everyone filed by
frantically into the city in regimented lines, all for the same underlying
reason, fear of not being able to pay the bills. I sensed that if you were to

ask people if they were happy most would say no, it was written on their
faces like a signature, and if asked why, they would probably say because
they have to work.
The unhappiness is caused through having to go to work, people feel they
have no choice and in a sense they havent if they want to continue the
lives they have, because the work pays for it. The thought of what might
happen if people stopped doing what they didnt want to do, is enough to
frighten anyone into keeping going. I stood and watched people going
over the bridge leading into the city for a while, and it felt very strange to
be the only person stood still not doing anything, and I realised that I was
standing out in the crowd, some people looked at me and I could see them
thinking why is he stood still and it felt odd to stand still, almost guilty
to be able to, that was interesting.
Endless streams of people kept rushing by like a speeded up film, I kept
looking for happy faces but couldnt see any, they were moving like
robots, there was a lifelessness in their eyes, a despair and insulation
around each person, moving as a mass but hardly looking at each other.
There was a tragic feeling of sorrow. Everyone was freshly washed,
groomed, all trying to feel good about themselves. Some visibly had more
inflated egos than others which seemed to help them face the day with
more strength, puffing themselves up to feel important, and I was amazed
to see people doing that at 8.30 in amongst such a mass of people so
nobody would notice them, but they did it anyway. I was the only person
out of hundreds to be stood still.

Chapter 18

The Power of Time and


The Molasses Slowness of Time is Quickening

Without the waiting time delay, between decision and outcome we would
destroy ourselves in a moment, it is that molasses slowness of time which
is humans protection against itself.

When we make a decision to do something, or make something happen,

there is a time lag, a waiting time where the decision takes a certain
time to reach its fruition, that gap, the molasses slowness is humans
protection against itself. That is because in our current psychological
condition, we are not responsible enough to have decisions happen any
Imagine if a decision and a thought were instantaneously manifested, we
would destroy ourselves in a matter of moments, because we couldnt
control our thoughts and desires, and there would be more chaos than
there already is. If you want to buy a gun in some shops you have to wait
a week before you can collect it, to perhaps change your mind if you have
spontaneously decided to plan to kill someone.
So the waiting time with humans is similar, its a safety buffer so things
dont happen too quickly once decided upon.
It gives a chance for reconsideration and readjustments.

The internet is an example of how quickly things can happen now, and
the danger of decisions without wisdom and insight for the future. We can
be on the internet and order and pay for an item, be it a bicycle, a boat,
car, computer, or a man or woman to have sex with, and it, or they can be
at our front door the next morning. Of course its great to have that
technology, but in the wrong hands its a disaster, as I will cover in
another section.
Manifesting things that quickly actually is possible, some people who
have come here such as Jesus and others, (if you believe that) have been
able to bridge the gap between mind and matter, and they have told us we
can also do that and more, and we can, but we didnt believe them, and
didnt practise, thank goodness. We would have to be far more developed
than we are now to handle that responsibility. But we actually do manifest
things into being, as I discussed in the section about how we manifest and
create the future in a real and literal sense, and its true, but thanks
goodness, at the moment, we still have that molasses time lag for
That time lag is now falling away in a very real sense and we must get
ready to handle it responsibly.

Preparing Ourselves for that Responsibility

If we dare to misuse our ability to manifest miracles so quickly now, our

own miracles will wipe us out like a tsunami.

Just on a very basic level without getting too esoteric, we only need to
look at Twitter, Facebook and other forms of bridging the gap between
nothing becoming something. These technologies are literally a magical,
alchemical tool that can create miracles in moments. Look at what
happened in Tahrir Square in Egypt, a complete manifestation of a
situation out of nothing accelerated by technology.
So really technology is like a surgeons scalpel, it can do a lot of good
and a lot of harm in a very little time, and because that time lag is getting
less now, by the speeding up of technology and the knowledge of how to
manipulate it easier and quicker, that puts us all in a very powerful but
also very precarious place that requires us to match the quickening of
outcomes with an equal quickening of our development of ethical and
moral caution and responsibility.

I cannot overstress the massive importance and urgency of this fact,
which if overlooked and neglected will bring a mayhem and chaos to this
planet that will almost certainly destroy us.
But if we can harness this incredible power of creation in a responsible
way then it will usher in a freedom and change so quickly that we will
miss it if we blink. Thats why we have to be absolutely committed to the
utmost respect and care on a moment to moment basis, by analysing our
motives, and keep carefully watching every moment of change as it
happens and have the vision, insight, responsibility, and intelligence to be
able to adjust outcomes in seconds.
We must quickly learn to do this not just individually but much more
importantly as a responsible group consciousness, with a type of moment
to moment commitment that we see when a space shuttle is being
manoeuvred in space, with everyone in the space station watching every
change and alteration with a hawk eye, knowing that one wrong thought
or technical mistake would kill all those in the craft.
We are at a time where we have all got the great responsibility of being
able to steer our future instantly, both individually and as a group
consciousness, and if we make mistakes it could wipe a whole group of
peoples plans away in a moment, or get a whole group of people shot in a
moment, or even a whole country blown up with a nuclear bomb in a
We can take a lesson and become inspired by watching a flock of
Starlings, amazing birds which change direction together in flight
instantly, moving together in perfect unison, creating the directions and
outcomes together effortlessly. It wont be only with technology we can
do this but also psychically and telepathically like the amazing Starlings
which will be an even great tool for change, and when spearheaded and
used for the betterment of mankind and the planet will result in us
creating a peace and stability we can be proud of.

Reclaiming Every Moment of Time Back For


Once we retie and reconnect with ourselves, the time we thought we

never had becomes ours again.

The time we spend doing anything is not a currency, it is simply a

moment of time. We are made of matter and energy, and matter and

energy all occur in waves and time is the master control. One moment of
time cuts through the entire physical universe it holds all of space in
itself. In other words every moment is in you, of you, around you, and not
something to be pursued continually, or to ultimately beat or encapsulate.
It just is.
We have been obsessed with not having enough time because we are so
consumed with how many things we have to do to function within the
system, which takes all our time and we feel there is not much left for
us. A typical persons day starts with the alarm clock going off, and the
rush begins. Rush to shower, rush to get breakfast, rush to the car to get to
work on time. Rush home, rush around the shops, rush to cook dinner,
eating and rush to bed before we stay up too late in case we get up late
in the morning. Sound familiar? If not exactly then its probably
something similar for most working people.
The big problem began when somebody made clocks and calendars. They
are useful for meeting people at certain days and times, but as usual we
have overcompensated, and the ghastly system that robs us of time and
the money it pays us, has made the beautiful invention of a clock become
a literal nightmare. Hours and days would be bad enough but minutes,
seconds? Who the hell started that?
Someone counted 365 times the sun came up and went down and called it
one year, cut that into twelve pieces and called them months, cut that into
four bits and called it weeks, a week into seven and called them days, a
day into twenty four segments like cutting up a cake, Then they cut the
twenty four segments into sixty minutes each, then cut the minutes into
sixty seconds, seconds for goodness sake, how fanatical can one be. Now
when someone is five minutes late for work or an appointment it could
mean the difference between losing their house by being fired!
If this isnt insanity I dont know what is. The clock perpetuates and
exacerbates our scramble forwards dragging us into the future and away
from the present and lamenting the past. It is simply insane.
We place numbered labels on ourselves of 10, 20, 50, 60, 80 marking
how far we are along the numbered trajectory of time and dates towards
our death when we run out of made up numbers.
No wonder people get anxious and depressed. We do age here on our
particular planet sure, its gravity that does it, but theres no need to mark
each day of our journey with a calendar and clock, like a gruesome
countdown to death. Rather lets skip and play our way here, right now.
Because there is no tomorrow or last week or yesterday. This is all there
is. Thats not to say we dont create consequences in the past and chaos or

harmony in the future, but all that can only happen from this moment
The way to reclaim it all and stay present and focused in every moment is
simple but takes practice. First dont take it too seriously, its ridiculous.
The truth is it gets light and dark, the sun comes up and goes down and
the clock is a useful, but a crude tool and device that cuts that period of
light and darkness into little so called hours, minutes, and seconds. We
must be its master and not it ours. See it for what is. The birds dont have
clocks, when its dark they go to sleep, when its light they wake up. My
little child does the same thing, because thats natural. We however are
trapped in a completely unnatural circus and pantomime of clock time
that makes us perform and jump through hoops panting for air.
To reclaim the time we feel has been, and is being taken from us, simply
see and feel each and every moment of time as yours because it truly is,
its definitely not a ticking clock on your bedside table, or a ticking
device on your arm, a digital display on the car dashboard, or the ticking
beast on the office wall reminding you how long you have got to go till
home time. Its none of those, there is no such reality of time as we
perceive it, that thing we are always running out of.
You cant run out of it its everywhere. It is everywhere at once, as the
moment on Jupiter right now is the same as this moment here, time cuts
through everything, its the master control.
So step back, its all yours, even at your office desk the next time you feel
you will only have your time, when the clock gets to one and you are free
for lunch. Realise its all your time, every precious moment, feel your
hands on the desk, your feet on the floor, wiggle your toes, its you its
yours. Even the moments we supposedly sell to our employers that they
pay us for, they are still ours. We are immersed in time, it is a boundless
ocean. We can still use a clock for getting places on time, but once we
are really in this moment, and no longer move from moment to moment
like the hands of a ticking clock. We can surf along on times wave, being
present and conscious and immersed in this not then or that, then we start
to feel the beautiful at one ness of this all-encompassing immeasurable
something that no words can explain and no clock can harness.
We break free from the chains of past and future and immerse ourselves
in all that ever is, this. And when we learn to travel our line of existence
in that moment thats all that ever is, not a moment or step ahead or
behind, then we begin to sniff and feel a peace and bliss that pervade that
place, as children do, and then we get a glimpse of heaven amongst the
madness and hell humans have created.

When we start to see others doing what we were doing then we know we
are not doing it so much anymore. We see others unconsciously trapped
in the rush to get and be somewhere. Thats not to say we sometimes
dont forget again, but the feeling that forgetting our practice gives us
soon gets us remembering again.
The chloroform is then lifting and we begin to slow down, even though
we can still walk fast to work, we are walking fast in this moment,
grounded in the here and now, not galloping ahead as we used to leaving
a wasteful trail of our precious energy behind us. Now we harness and
carry that moment with us wherever we go, we arent going or gone we
just are.

Time the Master Control

This moment cuts through the entire physical universe, it holds all of
space in itself, but one point of space does not hold all of time. - Charles

So time is much bigger than space and all of physical space in each now
moment is contained in a point of time, which is a moment. So as Charles
Muses said, one moment cuts through the entire physical universe. For
example if I was doing something standing on Jupiter it would occur in
the same moment as something happening at the exact same moment on
Earth. So this just gives us a wider perspective of time, and gives us an
inkling as to how someone in England could think of their sister in
America, and at that moment the phone rings and its her. So thought can
also cut through space, which I will elaborate on later.
So when we think of clock time it has little or nothing to do with
universal time, and whether its 9 o clock in Japan or 1o clock in
Switzerland, has no bearing on the now time that cuts through everything.
Clock time is a mechanical or digital thing made up to cut a day into
segments for convenience, like cutting up a cake, which could also be
seen as yet another system of control and imprisonment from the real
now, as it makes us think of time as a currency which we are always
chasing and running out of. Clocks are useful as I have said before, but
can also be prisons which keep us running on the hamster wheel, lurching
into the next ever dissolving second and minute, which we buy into and
hold ourselves hostage with.

Chapter 19

Creating Past Present and

Future Consequences

Future Consequences and Feedback Loops

The future is calling out to us to change, its warnings whisper to us in

our ominous feelings of trepidation and apprehension.

Our future is made in our every moment, with each and every breath and
step we make. The future impresses itself on us
all the time. No sooner we have decided upon something the future is
created and feeds back to affect us. The future gives us early warning
signals, giving us the chance to alter our course before the mistakes reach
fruition. But with technological advances accelerating things so fast now,
we get less and less chance to rectify unwise choices, as the consequences
are hitting us so quickly that the early warning signals are gone before we
see them, or they dont even get a chance to show up with the speed in
which a decision materialises.
All decisions, ideas, desires, even walking in one direction or another,
create a trajectory which begins a momentum, which begins a whole
process, often unstoppable. A horrible example would be the decision for
a bombing campaign on another country which is decided and
implemented in moments, as the jets take off and create mayhem and
future chaotic consequences, often unstoppable once released.

This is why it is critical that the future is determined by the wisest and
most ethically and morally sound minds on the planet, and there are many
such people, but not in any of the positions of power spearheading our
race into destruction, because as I have said before, the people of ethics
would not be prepared to make the ethical compromises needed in order
to get into positions of power, though in the next section I will talk of
possible solutions to remedy this problem.
I like the analogy of a pendulum, as choices and decisions that swing
forward into the future then swing back into present and past with the
consequences. The pendulum is constantly swinging into the future and
back to us and takes great vision to discern the optimal way to create
peace and harmony with every swing into future. Every decision
interacts, and this subject about feedback loops is a large one, but is basic
common sense as well as being complex. Affects can move from future to
present and present to past, which was beautifully explained in great
detail by my dear mentor Charles Muses in his tremendous book Destiny
and Control in Human Systems but which I have not the time or space to
go into here in detail.
But suffice it to say here that we must learn, and become very familiar
and more intelligent with these systems and realities of consequences of
actions, or they are going to teach us the hard way to respect them, by
shocking, accelerated consequences, thats a promise I can guarantee you,
an example which we can see spreading through the middle east like a
tsunami. There are feedback loops clobbering us right now.
Foolish decisions made by world governments without vision and
foresight, are right now in every nanosecond snowballing into fruition
and gathering momentum, in the as yet unseen future, and already the
future events they are causing are evident every day as outcomes
manifesting that prove the stupidity of the inventors.
The knowledge of the workings of how consequences of actions creating
past, present and future are a rich tapestry that we urgently need to learn
about otherwise our unwise decisions will make consequences so great
that they will become a tsunami that will kill us, on its return as the
consequence of our actions.
Without vision, wisdom and a detailed study and knowledge of actions
and their consequences, the future will inevitable loop back and destroy
us. This is taking place right now faster than we can imagine, but we still
have a chance, but not for long. We can alter the past and the future by a
radical transformation of ourselves and our decisions in the present.

Even the wisest decisions for the present and the future must be adjusted
as things change and alter, as with a work of art, we must change tones
and brushes to suit the progressing masterpiece.
If we push a swing we begin a consequence, in the future, a trajectory
which could affect others or us, and we must be careful how we push it,
how hard and in what direction as it could affect and hurt other people, or
we may get our own teeth knocked out by it.
Like the old statue of Janus, a head with two faces, looking east and west,
one face looking into the past and the other into the future, symbolically
as the gatekeeper of both. We all must now become the gatekeepers of the
future, the modus operandi of present behaviour, the gateway of
And though our hands are tied by those who control us to a great degree,
who are destroying the future, we are being called to become
escapologists who heroically escape its clutches and save ourselves and
our beautiful planet.

Making Future Predictions is Simple

No crystal ball is needed to predict the future, just a little knowledge of

the past and present makes it glaringly obvious.

Its not difficult predicting the future, we dont need a crystal ball, just
common sense and a knowledge of how past, present and future work,
and a bit of insight into current decisions that are being made, and how
past ones have materialised, and you can pretty much see the future.
We can predict the future by looking at the past and the present, because
on a very basic level the past created the present and the present creates
the future. Though the distant past obviously creates the future as well. So
its as though we are standing on a time line, looking backwards and
forwards, holding the keys to the future. The past can also be changed by
acting in the present, which then alters the present and the future again.
For example, a simple apology to someone for something that happened
in the past changes past, present and future.
A country resolving its past disputes with another in the space of 5
seconds with a simple handshake can heal the past, the present, and avert
a nuclear holocaust in the imminent future.
By looking at the past, even yesterdays news, we can see that our
government are completely bereft of any ability to map a good future

from the ever present here and now, which is the saucepan we cook our
future in.
The ingredients we choose will manifest our future, and believe me we
had better learn to cook wisely very quickly. Or we will certainly choke
ourselves to death on the recipe. When I say we I really mean the
paranoid lunatics in control of this planets steering wheel.

Free Will and Responsibility

Free will without responsibility is a tiny child with a box of matches, or

the United States and British Government with nuclear bombs.

Free will is a beautiful attribute in its most pristine form and usage, it is
literally being a god or goddess with ultimate power to heal or harm, love
or hate, build or destroy. Unfortunately at the moment it is quicker to
destroy than to build. It takes a person twenty long years to be twenty and
takes someone a moment to kill them. It takes millennia to build a city
and a moment to drop a bomb on it. It takes sometimes years to build a
beautiful relationship, and only one second and one word to destroy it.
In the heading I mean what I said literally because the US Government
and Britain are continually using nuclear bombs in the conflicts they
exacerbate, and its not very well publicised.
Free will without responsibility is what has brought humanity to the brink
of a nuclear holocaust. Just like free will without responsibility was the
cause of the Jewish Holocaust at Auschwitz.
That free will without responsibility is what is destroying humans and the
planet, whether you are eating six McDonalds burgers a day, hitting your
wife, or ordering the bombings of Libya or Iraq, its the same thing. We
have been blessed with free will but that blessing is a terrible burden and
weapon in the wrong hands, and there are plenty of wrong hands doing
the wrong things.
The other side of the coin is an incredible power of good, free will with
thoughtful responsibility is like being god with the ability to move
mountains and build a heaven on earth in moments.
There is a revolution of conscious taking place on the planet which is
incredible, but unless that revolution is grounded in free will with
responsibility, and the intent to build a future, with no exceptions, on that
basis, with a commitment to sanity and stability, and a return to ethics and
morals, it wont last.

The free will we have all been given is a heavy cross to bear with so
many temptations around and on every corner. As I have said these
temptations are like juicy worms on hooks placed for us to gobble up. An
untarnished free will is a beautiful thing to hold in your hands, to really
know deep down that you have passed the tests of time and are
responsible enough to know you can withstand any test that can be
thrown at you. Only once every human can have that will we be safe.

Past Present and Future

We are creators of the past present and future and this responsibility
rests now on our broad shoulders.

The past present and future interact with each other. The future is being
manifested by the past and present, but the future can also impress itself
upon us in an accelerated way. The situation in our world right now is the
manifestation of our previous decisions and actions, and although we still
have many beautiful pockets of symbiosis, we are dangerously close to
destroying ourselves. Great care must be taken that every decision must
be scrutenized by the wisest people to be found on the planet before
anything is set into motion. We must become more like the Iroquois
Indians who based each decision on whether it was good for seven future
generations of people ahead of them. A great teaching for us who dont
even base decisions on one generation ahead of us.

Cause and Effect & Sowing and Reaping

Cause and effect, or karma, or whatever else it is called is real, and it

comes back to plague the inventor every time.

Older traditions called it karma, and it is a fascinating subject, but lets

keep it simple for a moment. Take the chaos that the governments have
caused around the world, those actions are coming back to plague them,
with hatred and retaliation, and take all the uprisings in the world now,
the people are rebelling against the heinous acts of suppression, cruelty
and deceit that have been forced upon them, which is simply a
consequence of the governments sowing of those seeds of suppression
and manipulation, hence they are reaping the harvest of consequences.

Our bodies, relationships, careers, our minds and gardens are some of the
simpler examples of sowing and reaping, it is a huge subject. The
impeachment of world governments is a perfect example of what happens
when great care is not taken with the tremendous responsibility of sowing
and reaping, cause and effect, and karma.
What is reaped becomes a harvest, whether we sow weeds, deceit, lies
and chaos, or harmony, truth, love and compassion. The seedlings will
grow either way, and the gardener responsible will have to face the
consequences. The consequences we now see reaching their inevitable
fruition of mass unrest, anger, frustration have predictably grown from
the seeds of unwise choices by unwise people in government positions
without vision and wisdom, which is a very dangerous cocktail, think
about it, government without wisdom and vision, is it no wonder things
are chaotic in the world.

The Boomerang Effect of Repercussions

A boomerang or a decision made without vision and careful planning

may return and hurt its thrower and others.

A Boomerang is a good analogy for the repercussions of unwise decisions

without foresight or wisdom. A boomerang is a curved piece of wood that
aborigines used to use to throw through the air to flush out birds from
trees, and they are specially crafted so they return to the thrower.
Boomerangs like decisions come in different sizes and weights, and
depending on how a decision or a boomerang is thrown depends on how
it will return to you. Like decisions, if we make them recklessly, the
boomerang will return to us unpredictably and even violently causing us
and others harm.

Making Weapons Manifests The Use of Them

Our ideas become clothed in reality

Whenever a weapon is manufactured so is its use, the very act of making

one implies a desire to use it. I have described this in more detail in the
section on creating and manifesting the future with thought.

Every time a bomb and weapons are made, war and misery is being
created and manifested, the future is being created by that bomb being
made. Not many weapons created have not been used.
The atomic bomb that devastated Hiroshima is a terrible example of this
fact. It was a new bomb knowingly carrying huge destructive properties
and they simply couldnt wait to see how terribly destructive it actually
was, by bringing the future into fruition with a push of a button and to
gloat over the power they had to destruct and control. Power in the wrong
hands is destined to destroy.
Interestingly there has been no apology for Hiroshima to this day.

Technology is Like a Surgeons Scalpel

A scalpel is a beautiful tool for healing and transformation, or a terrible

weapon for destruction and harm.

History shows us how technology has been manipulated and abused, even
on yesterdays news we will see bombs being dropped on innocent people
for greed and financial gain, and to manipulate a pathway to more control
and power.
On the other hand technology is, and has been used as well as abused to
do wonderful things, and I am enjoying writing these words on a
beautiful invention of technology. It is a complex issue, but an issue
which has one underlying truth which cannot be overemphasised, that is
that technology in safe hands is good and in irresponsible hands is a
disaster, as is evident on our planet now, and I dont mean its in good
hands; its in the hands of maniacs.
One of our great dangers is that things are on automatic pilot and are
almost out of reach of being put back onto manual override. Without
manual override we are in danger of crashing very badly.

The Developed and Developing Countries Past

Present and Future

It depends how you define developed and developing.

We have made a terrible error when we see ourselves as more developed
than other countries that we see as under developed or developing. We
make the mistake of defining a countries success and development in
terms of the size of its houses, modern cities and bank accounts, clothes
and cars. We forget about the development of the people, or lack of
development, or worse still the regressing in development of a countrys
people, which is ironically and paradoxically created by the so called
development which it boasts about.
The development of a country is usually the prerequisite to a
populations insanity and disconnection from themselves and true values,
which are swept away in the tsunami effect of short term greed and fear,
which underpins most development. This is often spearheaded by a
complete lack of vision for what is really important.
The people in the so called developing countries are far more
developed than the people of the so called developed countries, they
still have those beautiful attributes of etiquette, love, compassion,
sensitivity, and moral standards which are choked off, lost and wept
under the rug by the mad scramble for money, power and development.
I have a very poignant story which sums up the tragedy of people
desperate to become developed and believing that will make them
successful, whole and complete. It is a simple incident which took place
one evening in a little village on the beautiful island of Kefalonia in
Greece, where my Grandfather is from, and where I have still some
relatives who own their own tiny house, make their own cheese and wine,
have their own goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens. They grow their own food,
and have olive, fruit and nut trees, in other words they have everything
including their beautiful spirits, kindness, generosity and real love.
We had driven there in a motor home and we would sit with them in the
evenings, and the television would be on, and people used to just walk in
without knocking and join in the conversation, or sit and do nothing, it
was lovely. My aunty Stella, a beautiful soul always dressed in black
would watch television and make comments. This was more than fifteen
years ago, and at the time locals were building holiday lets frantically to
make money from tourism, and there was a lot more people getting new
cars and big motorbikes, getting sucked into the bigger, better, best trap,
and ego and greed was beginning to shine through the faces of the simple,
lovely people on the island. The television would spew out glamorous
images of beautiful clothes, houses and cars, and the banks were
beginning to bait and trap the locals into loans to look better, buy bigger
and newer and generally fool them that they were not enough as they

As one of the things portraying success came on, my aunty Stella
looked across to everyone and said something I didnt understand with a
sadness on her face. Louise my partner asked one of the English speakers
in the room what she said, and those words I will never forget, Stella had
said We have failed. It still saddens me now, because they were the
most successful people I had ever met or ever seen. They had
everything that everyone yearns for stability, self-sufficiency, land,
animals, proper values, love, and time to just be. I used to love watching
Mikali in the early mornings sipping his coffee before he went to the
fields to see the animals. There was no rush, and occasionally I would see
him sat beneath a tree with his sheep, just being, it was such a lovely
Mikali was a very wise man. He had gone to New York with the promise
of success and must have realised it wasnt and returned to the
simplicity of the Island. At lunchtimes everyone sat to eat together as a
family, I loved it and it felt really real. Then the whole Island shut for the
afternoon siesta between about 2.30 till 5, even the shops were shut. I was
often the only person awake. All you could hear were the bells tinkling
around the goats necks. Everyone lives to a great age because they dont
burn themselves out, there is time to stop and speak, have a coffee, and
just to be. They help each other and care for each other like I have never
seen, but it has changed drastically now, and the promise of success,
with people as virtual slaves to the banks and governments, has swept
through Greece, and just look whats happened.
I feel a similar concern every time I speak to a call centre for help in
India it is always such a real pleasure to talk with them as their
untarnished beauty and etiquette always shines through their words.
Obviously they have been told to speak politely to people, but its more
than that, there is a beauty there, and when we finish and they ask me if
there is anything else I can do I always say yes, and ask them never to
lose that beautiful essence within that I felt when talking to them, that so
many people in the west have.
Of course people want change and a better life, but the same templates
get used every time, which is to make the people feel that they are not
enough as they are and prey on them to enslave them into a system of
debt, because this system does not work without people being in debt.

Chapter 19

Good Against Evil

The Choice is Ours

What we choose becomes manifest.

Take two different scenarios. The first and worse one is of misery,
mayhem, killing, tyranny, continued slavery, lies, hopelessness,
corruption, cheating, dishonesty, stress, sickness, starvation, suspicion,
despair and certain eventual destruction.
The second is of Happiness, health, harmony, hope, freedom, truth and
transparency, loving, caring, kindness, sharing, compassion, friendship,
and symbiosis.
These are just a few words to highlight each scenario. Its obvious what
the right choice is, but the shocking truth is that we are already living the
first scenario almost to the word, though of course there is also beauty
and symbiosis in amongst our current system, but hopefully you get my
More shocking is this next truth, that when most of us read the beautiful
words in the second picture I painted, of a beautiful life on earth, most of
us if we were honest would admit that the words and scenario sound
almost impossible and unattainable.
Its very similar to us hearing someone talking about peace and love, it
almost sounds like weakness nowadays, and a bit stupid. Of course not
always to everyone, but the point I am making is that we are fast
approaching a place where the thought of harmony and peace on this

planet seems virtually impossible to comprehend, and thats a very
alarming state of mind and being to have reached. We are in serious
trouble, but knowing it, coming to terms with it, and facing it gives us a
better chance of doing something about it.
Its all too easy to turn a blind eye and be in denial about it, as our
deluded governments are which isnt surprising as its them that have
created, exacerbated, and perpetuated this system which is doomed to
failure being built on fear and short term greed at the expense of its
people. Theres an old saying an enemy recognised is an enemy half
defeated. So it really is time to face our situation, and accept that we
need to get off the sinking ship and into the reality of the life boats, and
start paddling like the wind, or if we cant find the energy to jump off and
paddle at least see the truth of whats happening to us.
There is a very big difference between seeing the truth and being
negative, and a big difference between cynicism and reality. The days of
turning the other cheek are gone, particularly when the system is slapping
your face from pillar to post. I will talk about solutions later in the book,
but recognition is the first step in any crisis, be it a bodily dis-ease or a
social and global one.
It is like we are watching our own extinction play out on the world stage
right in front of our eyes, and we seem helpless to do anything about it.
Thousands of previous years of predictable history and change have
seemingly gone through the same scenario of power without wisdom.
Empires being built and falling because of unwise management by greedy
and cruel rulers.

Heaven and Hell on Earth

Our planet is a beautiful heaven which has been turned into a working
hell for its population, who no longer have the time to see it, feel it, and
appreciate it.

I ask you now to imagine in your minds the ultimate and most beautiful
existence that you can for all of humanity on this incredible plane we live
on. Close your eyes if you have to. Imagine what it could be like here if
everyone was living in harmony with each other, like one of the old Star
Trek episodes where they land on a beautiful planet where everything is
working together in complete harmony, everyone living in mutual love
and peace, all helping one another with kindness and compassion and

With people smiling, and enjoying helping each other, working as a
symbiotic whole which kept creating more and more harmony and
growth for its citizens
Nobody worked but just contributed to this on going harmonious cycle.
They were just being, and walking hand in hand with each other, and the
planets life force, nature, growing their own food in abundance, with
enough for everyone. There was no work there because they knew the
truth of what work meant, and had a mantra that said work is anything
you are doing when you would rather be doing something else. So they
were never working, but doing things which they enjoyed, which
naturally kept perpetuating the lovely system they were a part of together.
There is no violence because people have transcended those feelings
which create it, and even if a person or persons were to fall back into
those destructive patterns and display those traits again they would
immediately receive help and therapy. Some people went through phases
where they didnt want to do anything and didnt, they just went with
that. And eventually they got bored and wanted to do something again
and that was fine. The truth is that we always need to do something and
have future plans and goals.
Now lets return to our reality here again and compare it in all its facets to
the one we just described, and let us be honest and look clearly at all its
negative points, and really study how the majority of people are enslaved
by the drudgery of living to work and pay escalating bills. People are
becoming angry and desperate for a release from the prison system and
are getting more and more run down and depressed as they face a future
which they dont like.
Nature wants its inhabitants to live in harmony not a growing discord,
which is dangerously endemic now and creating an insanity and unrest
never before witnessed

Lightening Takes the Path of Least Resistance

Lightening looks random in the sky but its not, the zigzags are it finding
the path of least resistance, which is inherent in us too.

We all take the path of least resistance to some degree, its a quality
which is built into us so we dont expend more energy and effort that we
need to. The big problem with this is that this quality in us is a blessing
and a curse. Its a blessing because it helps us find easier ways to do

things, in order to make our lives simpler, but its also a curse because it
makes us very easy prey, and ideal targets for anyone wanting to use that
to manipulate us into doing what they want us to do, on an individual
level or en masse as a population.
The unscrupulous, manipulating oligarchs also are like the lightening in
that they find the path of least resistance for their own advancement,
power and gain. They are also continually finding easier routes of least
resistance in us to advance that agenda.
So we have to put a protection around ourselves and be aware that we are
under attack constantly by forces wanting to control us.
We must make sure that we are not that easy route that the lightening
takes to reach its goal the quickest, or the weak link that attracts the
things that are trying to manipulate us, and bring us under their control.
Its a bit like the metal filings over magnets analogy I used in another
section, that when tapped and manipulated conform into a shape over a
system of magnets underneath, placed there in specific order to attract the
things it is designed to.
So it is crucial to have a defence around ourselves, not in a paranoid way
like the politicians and government, and not with metal or wooden fences
but a fence of consciousness and an awareness of protection and be
mindful as to what is happening closely around us and in the wider sense
politically and globally. Then and only then will we be empowering
ourselves, and can find our own antidotes for the virus which attacks us.
We then inoculate ourselves against unethical and immoral manipulation.

Draconian System of Death by Slavery

A death sentence to slavery can be worse than one of actual physical


Draco was a ruthless lawmaker in Greece many years ago who became
well known for his Draconian measures, which had very little mercy on
anyone who stood out of line, or couldnt pay their bills, and he often
punished people by death. Our system seems very sophisticated at first
glance, but is very Draconian if we look a bit deeper into the
consequences we receive if we were to step out of the system which
forces us to work every day. Actually it doesnt force us to work every
day, it doesnt have to, the knowledge of what will take place if we dont
is a force frightful enough in itself to keep us churning onward in fear of

the consequences. We see every day people begging on the streets who
have chosen not to conform, and that sight speeds our legs up as we rush
towards the four boring walls of the office.
Our system is Draconian in that it kills peoples souls, and takes away
their hope, and their belief in their ability to survive independently of the
governments system. It makes them believe that they cant survive, of
course they can but it would probably mean much suffering and ridicule
on the journey to be independent again. I suffered this ridicule so I am
qualified to talk about it.

We are Possessed by The Evil Spell of the

Tyrannical Oligarchs

This realisation is shocking but true, that we have become possessed by

the evil oligarchs who are controlling us, both physically, mentally and
even worse psychically.

That may be a shock for some people, so let me first make it very clear
that their hold over us is not absolute or permanent. It has simply
happened because we have forgotten how to protect ourselves, and we
have literally handed our power and ourselves over to them completely.
You only have to look at when George Bush and Barack Obama got into
office to see this. People were hysterical in the streets waving flags,
crying and worshipping them, like they were saviours and gods, and that
level of obsession allows the possession to take hold because of the
willingness of the people to completely hand themselves over in complete
openness and trust. People have been possessed by them in three main
Firstly they possess us, as in owning us physically by the fact that we
rely on them to supply our most basic needs of food, warmth and shelter,
which is a huge subject in itself. As always recognition is the doorway to
freedom which I discuss later in the book looking at solutions.
Secondly they possess us mentally, as in having mental control over us
by mass manipulation, based on fear and mental manipulation. Again the
recognition is the key to freedom from the hold over us..
Thirdly and most alarmingly they possess us psychically to a certain
degree, and in the next section of the book I will be discussing ways of
breaking that spell and learning to protect ourselves from outside
influences which we are receiving all the time unseen.

Whichever way we look at it the oligarchs who are controlling us and this
world are doing very much more evil than good. Here are a just a few
definitions of evil from the dictionary:
Morally wrong or bad, harmful, injurious, bad conduct or character
accompanied by misfortune or suffering, unfortunate, disastrous, anger,
irritability, evil intentions, wicked, immoral, anything causing injury or
harm. Sound familiar? The systems they orchestrate and perpetuate are
pretty much as above.
Our whole system is dominated and underpinned by fear, greed and the
suppression and mass manipulation of the people. Now if thats not evil I
dont know what is. We are controlled by that fear and manipulation.
Possession, whether you believe it or not, means an evil spirit possessing
and inhabiting its host, and the person possessed is dominated by them.
Does that sound familiar? It sounds so familiar because that is in us, what
we are enduring as a society, its exactly whats happening to us but we
have got used to it. And we are frightened to look at it because we fear
the truth and are protecting ourselves from seeing it, which is highly
commendable and logical. But we cannot pretend to be free any more,
when mass manipulation and a sadistic system run by sadistic people is
killing us psychically, spiritually and physically.
At least 80% of the population are in jobs they dont like or dont want to
do, thats a fact, so why are they doing them? Simply they are controlled
by fear. The government see the population as being a possession of
theirs to be manipulated and used. We do what they say because we rely
on them for food and ultimate the continuance of our lives.
That is until we realise and remember we can, and must reclaim that
possession, not in a militant way, but in a calm, and determined,
intelligent way, and once repossessed we must never, ever allow
ourselves to relinquish control of our essence and power again.

Exorcising the Evil Oligarchs Spell

An enemy recognised is an enemy half defeated

The first step in any battle is knowing the enemy, and this enemy which
possesses us all, comes with many faces and many promises, and speaks
with forked tongue, which we have been literally seduced by. Its more of
a forced possession than one which we voluntarily step into because we
are born into it literally, and our parents were possessed by it also. As

mentioned in another section the spider spins its web and lays it traps
early in our lives, and we struggle in that web till we are too tired to do
anything about it.
It is much easier to see and feel the spell, and possession we are under,
once we have had the courage to look at what is happening in our system
and who and what is in control of it, and hence us. This isnt rocket
science, but takes a lot of courage to face the fact that all our lives we
have been allowing a really dark force, normally in dark suits, to
manipulate us psychically, mentally and physically, and rule us by its fear
based system.
We become occupied by their influence in a sense, and they have
custody and control over us. Very similar to what they do to countries
which they occupy by force, paralysing them by cutting off their
infrastructure of food, water and electricity, and these same things we rely
on them for, which is our sustenance.
The good news is that its changing now and people everywhere are
learning how to get their lives back and reclaim themselves from this
dominant, evil force.
In the older traditions, people would be helped by the gifted Shamans in
their villages if they were being manipulated and controlled psychically
or physically by another person, group or entity. If someone is in control
of us physically by giving us the money for food, then they automatically
are controlling us psychically by the very fact that we are so dependent
on them. In the case of mass manipulation and slavery inflicted on people
by the tyrannizing clutches of the oligarchs, that is serious possession
It can be hard to find genuine and gifted Shamans these days, but they do
exist ,though there is a lot of conscious charlatanism by people still
steeped in their own madness who need help themselves. But there are
genuine Shamans around and if you can find one use them to help you; it
is a fascinating experience I recommend. There are basic ways we can
protect ourselves which I will explain in the next section. There are truths
hidden just below the surface of our disbelief, which blocks our
perception to the miraculous mysteries of the universe.

We Must Build Our Protective Force Field

You have to be surrounded by a protective force field all the time.


Lightening goes through the path of least resistance as it zigzags through
the sky, thats a fact, and so do manipulative forces from various sources.
I do not wish to frighten anyone here but there is a story I should tell you
that I hope will clarify the seriousness of this protection we need.
Twenty years ago I absolutely didnt believe that psychic influences and
attack were possible, thats an important part of this true story.
I got to know somebody who was very frightened by somebody who they
said was inflicting pain on them physically and mentally. I of course
assured them this was not possible and they were just imagining it, and to
pull themselves together.
To cut a long story short, I got too involved and one evening told this
person what I thought of this so called psychic attacker and manipulator,
and unbeknownst to me at the time, the person was listening on another
phone in the house.
I had met this person once some time before, so they knew my name,
what I looked like, but not where I lived. Later that night lying in bed I
was in for a big shock. Before I tell you what happened I must tell you I
am not scared of anything or anyone, I am six foot three, and at that time
I was literally rippling with solid muscle, very fit, and very good at
As I lay on my bed I was suddenly and very unexpectedly pinned to the
bed with fear and a horrific pain in my rectum, that felt like something
had been put in there, and there was a powerful and very real presence of
that person who I had met, in the room with me, a very, very strong
presence and I was terrified and shocked, to the point where I was too
frightened to move, or even look around. So I lay there rigid with fear
and pain, which lasted for what seemed ages and eventually I was
released from its grip.
The next day I called the person who I had tried to protect and told them
to stay away from me, and that I was angry and really scared. Big tough
me, who would fight anyone, been shot in Cape Town, homeless in
Florida, and endured the most amazing things in my life that would scare
most people to death. I was a changed person. I had endured a very
humbling lesson. It obviously crossed my mind to go and beat the living
daylights out of this person with brute force for revenge, but I had learned
in my frightening experience that an unseen force was a greater weapon
than brute force and I decided to humbly let it go.
I am not easily fooled I have been around the track so to speak.
If I had a protective field around me that night I would have not been so
easily infiltrated. I must say here that most people with this persons

knowledge and ability would not use it to hurt people, even if they had
spoken badly of them, so thankfully this is a rare and an unusual case, but
I am grateful as it was a great, but painful lesson for me.

A Lord of the Rings Scenario of Good Vs. Evil

We have arrived at a place where we must choose between good and

evil, we can no longer be both, and the choice must be made.

The battle is here, as in the film The Lord of The Rings, where the titanic
battle between the forces of evil and good are played out. We have
arrived at that point now on this planet and it is ironic that it is a similar
scenario, where the forces of good seem dwarfed in the face of such
massive forces of evil. What must be remembered though, and this cannot
be overstated, that it is a very small group of evil perpetrators who are
giving the orders to mostly good, honest people in the police and military
who are fighting and killing for them, and without those people fighting
for them. Without those people fighting for them, the power they possess
would dissolve in a moment.
Every moment we choose between good and evil and at any point we
could destroy our lives or the lives of others with one word, decision, or
swing of a baton. The veil that has been concealing the stark division
between truth and non-truth is lifting, and it is suddenly clear to see how
the system is structured. As the police batter the innocent, enslaved
civilians in Greece, and as the same thing takes place in London and the
United States, and many places elsewhere around the world, we are
realising the tipping point is here, when the police and military will know
for sure that they are on the side of the unjust. At this tipping point they
will have to choose between a deal with the evil rulers, and in so doing
they will be rewarded handsomely by the oligarchs and will be promised
food and shelter for their worried families, and this will be tempting for
the nicest of people in the police and military who have children to feed,
when the only other choice is to side with truth and try to survive
unassisted by the governments. The police, military and the good people
would then come together to begin to rebuild a system based on truth and
cooperation, and food would be planted and communities would flourish.
Obviously there would be pockets of people who were still immersed in
the miasmas of unlawful behaviour and brutality, but the forces of good
would bring these pockets under their control and hopefully help them in

The Biggest Shock For the People

The people will now realise their biggest fear to be true, that their
government will hurt them and kill them if they dont behave.

This is what the people thought could never happen in the United States
or Britain, that they could be brutalised and killed if they step too far out
of line. If this sounds shocking then it just highlights the truth that we
have somehow foolishly believed that the government care about us. We
have believed that the government would never hurt its own people.
People are finally waking up from the chloroform and realising the
shocking truth that they are suppressed by a very dark and destructive
group of people who will do virtually anything to keep them in line.
We watched the protesters being brutalised and killed by their
governments in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.
We then watched as NATO, the United State, British and French
governments condemned the violence by these governments on their own
citizens. They used that as an excuse to send troops in to snatch their
land, and rich oil reserves, and to strategically place themselves to further
take over the Middle East, and perpetuate the genocide they are creating.
It is amazing to me to think we have thought for all these years that our
own governments would not brutalise, and ultimately kill us or anyone
uprising against them. The government and banking cartels will not pack
their bags and leave on demand, or change their systems, which make
them billionaires. The population are their slaves that are used to produce
their fortunes, by working for them and being kept in huge debt by them,
that is how it works. The peoples working time and energy is what feeds
the billionaires. They are energy leeches, so to think that they will just
quietly leave is a bit nave.
On the contrary the government will order its police and troops to control
the crowds who are the governments slaves, and bash them back into line
by force or death if need be. This is the shocking realisation taking place
for the people now in the United States, and the more the demonstrators
push the more this will be revealed. For me it has been obvious for many
years, but for most people it will be a shock to realise that they live in one
big concentration camp where they must work and do what they are told
or suffer the brutal consequences. Of course this truth would stay hidden
as long as everyone behaved, and would only become evident when they
How we ever imagined things had changed much since. HenryV111
battered down the uprisings when he ordered that no mercy was to be

shown to those commoners who had dared to show disloyalty to the
king. The Queen of England is the 32nd great granddaughter of King
Alfred. Can you imagine what would happen if people were to
congregate around Buckingham Palace and complain that things werent
fair, demanding change.
But after stating these obvious truths I will say that great and positive
changes are taking place, and we stand on the horizon of the most
fascinating transformation in our history, where every person will make
their own personal contribution to the manifestation of a completely new
system where brutality, war, murder, money and slavery will just be
horrifying pages in a history book.
I wrote a few lines about truth:
The truth in your soul which knows and longs for
A world without lies and deceit
That truth can never be quelled
And never be deleted
Truth always reigns over anything which is not it
It removes anything which tries to hide it
And it exposes anything or anyone
Who tries to deceive it

Chapter 20

Truth and Impeccable


People Want the Real Truth

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and nothing else
will satisfy us.

We have reached a very exciting point in human history, where people are
beginning to feel a repulsion against anything which is not the truth, but
more excitingly, we are regaining our inherent, finely tuned ability which
we were born with, which discerns between truth and lies. Its as though
we have been given a find the truth and lies pill, by the universe.
It is so easy to find the truth, in fact we dont have to try and find it, its
everywhere, all we have to do is find the lies, and anything thats not lies
is truth. Well maybe not that simple but you get my point.
It is ridiculous to think of the old vow of truth said in courts I promise to
tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god,
when the whole court system is made and controlled by the biggest liars
and cheats in the world. How strange this system is.
People are seeing through corruption and lies with a laser like clarity
which is leaving corruption and lies with no place to hide, and it is being
forced into the open for everyone to see.
A demand for the truth is vibrating through the air of each city and
country worldwide, with the courageous people, who have been

manipulated, bullied and brow beaten for as long as the history books go
back, are now saying no, we wont believe it any more, come out into the
open from the shadows and let us see your true natures, which we have
suspected for millennia, but until now we have been too racked with
exhaustion and fear to demand to see your real face. So people want the
truth and will rest at nothing till they get it, in which case this system is
taking its final few breaths.

Complete Transparency and Impeccable Behaviour

Only once there is complete transparency will humanity flourish as a

harmonious whole.

We are right now entering a time where complete transparency will

govern our every decision and action on this planet. This is coming into
being now.
A time where every decision will be based on complete truth and
transparency. Evidence of this massive shift can already be seen with the
internet where every choice and decision is recorded and could later be
exposed. We are entering a sort of Star Trek scenario, where in some of
the episodes our thoughts, feelings and actions were so revealing and
exposed to others that no wrong thinking or doing was possible without
everyone else knowing. Where anything other than perfect behaviour
based on truth and morality would be immediately recognised and
addressed. This is a revelation and exciting scenario for good people of
truth and ethics, and a complete nightmare for unscrupulous oligarchs
addicted to covert immoral behaviour and control at any ethical cost.
The immoral, manipulating governments are on the brink of impeaching
themselves. By their own continued actions and behaviour expose
themselves to their true natures. Add to this the fact that more and more
people in the lower echelons of government are defecting and whistle
blowing, to make it clear that they do not want to be seen to be a part and
parcel of the disgraceful regimes in the final analysis, as more and more
truth is shined into the faces of lies and deceit. More and more previous
lies and deceit are rapidly floating to the surface, like dirty oil in clean
water, which was easier to hide in the days before the spotlight of the all-
pervading internet. This is truly an exciting time for all people who want
to live in a world of complete transparency, where anything which is not
the truth cannot be hidden or hide any more.

This doesnt mean people cant still have privacy, but in a society where
people have returned to impeccable behaviour underpinned by moral and
ethical excellence, then there would be no necessity for concealment of
corruption, lies and deceit. To many people the above paragraph will
seem a ridiculous and a deluded dream completely impossible in todays
cut throat society ruled by short term greed, fear, debt, slavery and a rapid
disintegration of morals and ethics, by the desperation to acquire money
by almost every human being on the planet. When it comes to the
acquisition of paper money with numbers stamped on it, people will drop
to the very depths of hell, and resort to the sickest of behaviour to get it,
that should tell us what an alarming hell it has got us into, which we need
to get out of if we are to continue existing on the planet.
To everyone who cannot visualise anything better than the money
currency we have, I say that if we dont end the slavery to money we will
fall into a further descent into hell, and ethical compromises will continue
to degenerate us to a species we could barely imagine.

Chapter 21

Ethical Compromises The

Biggest Threat

Ethical Compromises

The system we live in forces good people to compromise ethically.

If we saw someone being killed it would at first horrify and sicken us, but
when we see it again and again it becomes less of a shock, and even the
accepted thing. I have heard it said many times that theres nothing you
can do about it.
We have become used to seeing innocent human beings murdered,
wounded and bombed every day on our televisions in the name of
democracy. Its become almost normal now to see people killed and
victimised almost everywhere on the planet, in an expanding number of
countries. We are becoming used to murder and tyranny to the point
where the words peace, harmony, love caring and sharing are beginning
to sound a bit weak and a bit pathetic, almost too airy fairy.
Its a frightening fact that when ethical compromises are introduced to us
slowly and steadily, by ourselves, the media, the governments, or the
general system we live in via the scheming oligarchs, we become used to
them little by little until we accept them. This is a very disturbing
development, because once they are accepted then along comes
something else which is nudged a bit further forward, pushing the
ethically accepted boundaries, and then that becomes accepted and almost

Whether this takes place over days, months, years or millennia, it is
probably one of the biggest threats to us at the moment, which will
destroy us if we dont do something to halt it. Recognition of it and
becoming aware of its steady progression is the first step towards halting
it, and waking up to its terrible possibilities, which have already spiralled
out of control.
We are continually being prodded and pushed to get used to and accept
less freedom. In many instances peoples boundaries are tested, pushed
and manipulated, by new laws which compromise peoples freedom
every day, which people shout about, write a few complaints about, moan
and groan about, and then forget about. And so it goes on until we have a
planet and society where people accept worse and worse things, and with
this premise, only vile and sickening societies will be born, unless our
boundaries become fixed, which is worryingly not happening at the
That said there is a revolution taking place of unprecedented proportions
where normal everyday people are saying thats enough its gone too
far, because the ethical alarm bell I spoke of is ringing loud and clear
in peoples ears. We intrinsically know that we are on the edge of an
ethical chasm where we dont dare tread a step further, and we all feel
this deep in our stomachs, hence the huge uprisings globally.
There have been many instances of people and nations becoming used to
ethical compromises. A shocking example would be Auschwitz where
practises of terrible cruelty became acceptable to the officers working
there. In one example when a new officer was sent to Auschwitz to work,
he voiced his feelings of horror and shock at what he saw, and was told
not to worry because he would become used to it with time, and he did.

Our Ethical Alarm Bell and Moral Compass

There is a voice inside every human which tells us what is right and
wrong, that voice in its unsullied form is never wrong.

We all have a built in ethical alarm bell and moral compass inside us,
which is there to actually alert us, with a feeling that tells us
somethings wrong that we see, feel, taste, touch, hear, do or say, and our
conscience which is a miraculous invention should kick in and alert us
when something is wrong. Everyone has it: it is an incredible and
fascinating safety device in human beings, its main purpose being to keep

us away from doing things which are bad for us, for other people, other
living things, and our environment.
It actually tells us via a feeling that something isnt morally correct, isnt
that absolutely amazing! It basically tells us when somethings right or
wrong, it serves to keep us individually, and as humanity on the right
track, its that simple, though obviously intricately complex and
I remember with great disgust sitting on a beach in beautiful Cape Town
in the 80s, and seeing the police coming, and literally dragging beautiful
black families off the beach who were having picnics with their children,
because they were black, and with abusive words and brutality they were
frog marched away. Had I intervened and helped those black people on
the beach that day I may have been shot, so its very complex. I saw
children beaten, and I was eventually shot at and almost killed for
speaking out, and left the country because my conscience was screaming
at me that this was wrong, and of course the conscience was right. I was
planning to getting married to my then wonderful and special partner who
was a coloured lady from the Cape, which magnified matters somewhat
in 1988 when Mandela was still on Robben Island.
Our ethical alarm bell gives us a feeling deep within us, even when we
say something bad to someone, or even think something bad about
someone, or even when we think of doing something wrong to someone
or ourselves. That is of course as long as our conscience is operating fully
and healthily which is very rare these days. It is a terribly complex
system we are in, which twists and tears at peoples feelings to the point
where we hardly know what the right thing to do is anymore in such a
wrong system. This system forces us to compromise ethically so it can be
difficult, but we should be doing more than we are to redress the
dwindling situation, as our ethical alarm bell becomes less and less felt or
heard. My father once said that it was as though the batteries have been
taken out of peoples ethical alarm bell.
As I mentioned its a bit like taste, because it gives us a taste, a flavour of
right and wrong on a sort of sliding scale. For example if you considered
killing someone it would be a very loud alarm bell and feeling saying no.
If we considered just kicking somebody the alarm bell and feeling would
be less, and if we just said something bad to someone it would be even
less. Even a dirty look should alert us to its wrongness.
A good healthy in tune ethical, moral conscience would be alerting us
even if we just looked at someone a bit harshly. Its a finely tuned piece
of equipment in its pristine untarnished form.

Global Apartheid and Xenophobia

This then is humanities Achilles heel, and if humanity is ever to walk in

harmony together, this must be remedied, until then we will remain lame.

Apartheid in the dictionary means any system or practice that separates

people according to race, caste, etc. I know quite a lot about apartheid
from personal experience having been shot at in Cape Town in 1989. Call
me over sensitive but I saw black people and children being beaten by
white supremacists, and other terrible cruelty and humiliation.
I followed a police car late one night that had stopped and grabbed a very
young black boy from the sidewalk, and they were beating him brutally in
the car for fun as I followed closely behind with my lights on full beam to
try and stop them. Ironically with my beloved coloured partner sat next
to me, later to become my wife, we are now separated. They stopped and
threw him out and thankfully didnt shoot us but sped off guilty into the
To my surprise, I experienced further apartheid and xenophobia in
Florida, where my dark skinned wife from Cape Town and I were told to
leave a lovely apartment with a swimming pool once the landlord knew
she was coloured. He said Im afraid someone has seen a black woman
coming into your flat, I replied Thats my wife. She wasnt even
allowed in the swimming pool, obviously through fear that she would
contamination the water for the wealthy whites.
We then had to sleep in a car near the beach. And please lets not fool
ourselves Cape Town or Florida is not too much different today.
The big white man is still plainly oppressive towards the darker skins
worldwide, and apartheid is still endemic, its everywhere like a dis-ease,
it permeates religions, countries, and is still very alive in our world today,
and like a limb on a body that has gangrene, it needs to be dismembered
The word xenophobia comes from the Greek word xenos meaning
Foreign, strange and phobos meaning fear. The dictionary definition is
hatred or fear of foreigners or strangers, or of their politics or culture, or
anything perceived as foreign or different.
The system we are temporarily trapped in is what forces us to become
xenophobic. In wiser older cultures people would be taught about the
nuances and traps of becoming xenophobic with each other. Our insane
society stewarded by insane people, and system keeps everyone in a
perpetual state of xenophobia, whether we are on a train going to work

without any eye contact, ignoring a starving child in Somalia, or avoiding
talking to the neighbours.
We have become programmed and conditioned to mistrust our fellow
humans, that is perfect for the continuance of control by government
which keeps us all in a state of fear and suspicion of each other. With
separated, fragmented communities who can no longer interact and help
each other survive benignly and independently of destructive government
We also fear each other because we know what we are capable of in terms
of cruelty, cunning, killing and a host of other things, but most of these
unhealthy attributes are instilled in us by the governments that control us,
and their behaviour towards us, and other countries.
The system they have fenced us in with is so permeated and perverted by
fear, greed, selfishness, suspicion, and competitiveness, it automatically
causes us to shut ourselves off from each other. These things should be
taught in schools.

Hearing Our Inner Voice of Morality

Our feelings are the most trustworthy guides we have.

Feelings let us know when something is right or wrong, we intrinsically

feel and sense it. There is a beautiful system inbuilt in us, which tells us
when things are right and wrong. It is one of the many miraculous
systems within us which creates a feeling, and that feeling is our answer.
This is our ethical barometer and alarm bell which warns us, that our
thoughts, words, behaviour, choices and actions, or someone elses, are
not right, personally and globally. Whether we are saying hello to
someone outside the post office, or planning to bomb another country.
We are born with this gift, it is no accident. Without it we would have
destroyed ourselves long ago. It is like a moral and ethical compass
which guides us and keeps pulling us back on course if and when we
deviate from the path of truth. It guides us in our every interaction with
ourselves, other people, all other life forms on the planet, and the planet
Our feelings are beautiful things that enable us to feel so many things like
deep love, beauty, joy, happiness, and an appreciation of the good things
all around us, a green field a tree, the uplifting smell of grass, a river, the
sun on our faces, the wind in our hair, the rain on our heads. Of course it

can also let us feel the not so lovely things and is an early warning signal
for danger around us, it is quite amazing.
This gift of deep knowing always tells the truth but one of the biggest
problems and threats facing us as humanity at the moment is that this
miraculous truth telling gift is becoming more and more choked off, and
its voice is getting fainter and fainter, as our ears are becoming more
convinced by the lies we see and hear around us. Its as though our ethical
alarm bell has had its batteries taken out. Its always present and working
but the more we ignore it and turn a blind eye to it, then the less we care.

Right and Wrong

There is a tapestry of different levels between right and wrong,but there

is always right and wrong.

Within this complex system it can be difficult to always choose the right
decision. We can be forced into being competitive, and having rivalry,
whether it be for the next parking space, job or position in a company, or
a mother fighting for food in a queue to feed her starving child in Africa,
so we have are sometimes forced to compromise our judgment. The
scramble to achieve and make money with its promise of success has
desensitized us and robbed us of our beautiful, sensitive, harmonious
In this system right and wrong can become clouded, but we must return
to a real clarity in this area because we are being fed more and more with
news that is getting us used to things that are wrong, which is
automatically making us more accustomed to accept it and be less
surprised when we see and feel it. So we are becoming desensitized to
wrong, and so are less likely to expect to see things which are right, and
this is a dangerous road to travel, and we had better make a u turn in our
perception and thinking about right and wrong, and make sure we notice
which is which, and make sure we feel the feelings we were born to feel,
when we see something wrong, and do the things we are meant to do
when we see them to put them right.

Facing the Truth is Not Being Negative

Something negative is often a reality calling for action, attention, and

healing, not something to be ignored or denied to preserve our own
selfish, positive bubble.

I lived in Cape Town for a while and there was always the threat of shark
attacks. A man recently had both his legs bitten off in False Bay by a
Great White Shark, after being warned several times that there were
sharks around where he swam, and I wouldnt mind betting he thought
they were just being negative.
It is so easy to brush things under the rug because of the fear of being
seen to be negative, or the fear of feeling negative.
If someone told you that a jet was about to crash into your house you
could easily sit there and say that you didnt want to hear of it because its
too negative, but that would be stupid not negative, you had better act and
leave. Or someone warning you that there is a paedophile lurking in the
area so keep an eye on your childs whereabouts, and you say its negative
and that you are not going to give it your energy, and buy into it, you
would also be stupid not negative.
A person sitting on a beach when there is a tsunami warning may also not
want to be negative, and stay there, but they may likely be washed away
to kingdom come if they dont run. Its negative to think that a lion could
kill you but if theres one around youd better run for it before it eats you.
Your cupboard door could be loose, but its negative to think about it too
much, until it falls off and clobbers you on the head, now that really is
negative, and stupid, if you could have simply put it right.
This denial has been prevalent for years in our society, with an
overemphasis on avoiding anything that sounds negative, which would be
great in Utopia, but we are here on planet earth where unscrupulous
people will take full advantage of that, and use that denial to hide behind
to further advance their cruel agendas. Peoples fear of criticism is also
something thats used as a shield to perpetuate various atrocities.
Animal cruelty is another great example of this, with people turning a
blind eye to how animals are treated because they cant face the pain it
gives them individually, and I understand that. Most people can just about
get through their harrowing days back and forth to jobs they dislike, the
last thing they want is any more bad news, but there are far too many
atrocities being committed on this planet to keep turning a blind eye.
There are rows of little monkeys with wires to their brains in terror and
pain because people cant look at it because its too negative. It is

negative that is true but it is also a sick and disgusting reality being done
in our name, a reality that needs drastic healing and action, not
something negative to be ignored but to be deplored. The courageous
animal activist Keith Mann was jailed and brutalised for helping innocent
animals as though he was a murderer and terrorist, he is angelic compared
to a Tony Blair or a George W Bush.
We must go and live in a monastery if we want to escape the reality, not
negativity, of our world, which needs drastic attention and healing, which
will only come about by recognition and action. To deny the things which
we find uncomfortable is a cop out, because we are part of this tapestry
whether we like it or not, and we all have a massive responsibility to do
everything we can to bring about a better future for those to come. There
is overcompensation in our society about always being positive and never
being negative to the point where people are in denial now instead of just
carefully analysing a situation to find out the truth of which it is, negative
or positive. Being positive is great. I have read piles of books about it and
I am always being positive in every second of my life, to the point of
getting on peoples nerves, I always look for positive things in people and
events and myself, with endless positive affirmations that do work, and I
have brought about tremendous exciting changes in my life by being
positive. But I am not in denial when I see the truth of terrible cruelty and
lies and deceit, I see the truth for what it is.
I have had dreadful events and things take place in my life, by not seeing
the negative dangers through the tinted rose lenses of my positive
outlook, and I have come very close to death on occasions because of
that. We know when we are being negative because a feeling of
negativity pervades our being and we know when we are being positive
because likewise a feeling of positivity pervades us, this is a huge subject
that I can only brush on here.
I also know the truth and reality that we can attract negative forces and
even materialise circumstances by focusing on the negative in them too
much, as we can with positive things, and it can be a big psychological
downer and depressor to think of negative things too much. But we had
better wake up to the other reality that if we dont focus on a situation
which is not going away and which is continually hurting or even killing
us, physically, psychologically, spiritually or all three, then we had better
get off our negative or positive asses and stare it right in the face and do
something about it or we will be sorry, like the shark attack or tsunami
It is very positive to recognise something for what it is and act if we have
to, even if our only act is the act of recognising it to be what it is, it
doesnt have to depress us, in fact seeing the truth often frees, uplifts and

liberates us, because seeing the reality of it can clarify for us why we
didnt feel right about it, and confirms for us that we were right to be
feeling bad, which ironically is the ethical alarm bell which is calling us
to action, and prompting us to blow the cobwebs and dust from our rusty,
moral compass.

An Ethically and Morally Pristine Society Would not

Need Laws

A healthy human beings conscience, ethics and morals are designed to

be the law.
At first glance the above statement could make you burst out laughing, or
at least say that I have gone too far in my faith and belief in the
miraculous power of the human attributes. When they are working as well
as they were designed and meant to, they pull us towards doing the right
things and steer us away from doing the wrong things, all by just a simple
feeling and knowing, its amazing.
Though of course with the proviso that we still have the ears to hear, the
feelings to feel and the knowledge to know, which to a degree depends on
how frontal lobotomised we have become by the system thats inclined
and designed puts us to sleep. In some cases people have become too
fried by the system to recover which is sad.
Believe it or not it is true that if we were living in the optimal, healthy
state of mind as human beings that we were meant to be, and designed to
be, we would not need any police, laws, army, navy, air force, guns,
prisons, padlocks, safes, or locks on ours. Doesnt it sound almost insane
in itself, but it is the truth, it really is.
In an optimal condition, if our conscience, ethics and moral functions
were working as they should then nobody would kill, steal, hate, envy,
cheat, dislike, or even look at each other in a way which wasnt the
correct way. There would be a harmony, justice, truth, compassion,
caring, sharing, love, beauty and satisfaction beyond our present state of
comprehension. Obviously I am talking about us being in an absolutely
optimal, pristine state as we should be and believe it or not could be, if
we all retraced our steps back to that state which is still pristine deep
within us.
Its fascinating that this sounds almost ridiculous to me and I am writing
it, believe it and know that it is definitely true, far-fetched though it
sounds. The very fact that what I am saying sounds as though it is

bordering on the ridiculous, tells us how deep we are into chaos and
madness. It is a fact that we have fallen from our beautiful pristine state,
obviously not yesterday or the day before, but a very long time ago.

Cynicism and Reality

There is a massive difference between cynicism and reality, and we are

in great danger if we dont see the difference.

There are millions of people who would call me a cynic, sceptic, or even
a pessimist, for saying that the governments are unscrupulous oligarchies
who use the population as slaves. But that statement is the truth and more
and more people know this now.
It is too easy to call someone a cynic, especially by people who just dont
see the truth, or see it and are in denial, or just cant face the humiliation
of knowing they have been fooled for their whole lives. I totally
understand this.
Apparently there are still people who deny the holocaust happened, even
though there were millions of people killed, and plenty of evidence to
prove it. We must face things to be able to move through them and
onward, but still remember and feel the horror.
The very fact that so many of us see the truth behind the veil now is a
most optimistic and exciting revelation, which will ultimately free us
from our ignorance, of lies and deceit which we have been fed for so
long, and educate us as to how we can best bring about the drastically
needed change to give us all our freedom back, which was taken so very
long ago.
The word cynicism is yet another place behind which the ruling elite
oligarchy can hide, and they rely on people ganging up and calling people
cynics when they express the truth about how this system works. And
again its very understandable, we are very brainwashed.
Let us remember with humility the anger and accusations of cynicism
when Aristotle and Pythagoras said the earth was spherical, and let us not
forget Galileo who was ridiculed and laughed at, and they refused to look
through his telescope.
There are great pioneers who have worked tirelessly to expose those
people who keep humanity in chains who have been ridiculed and called
a cynics for decades, but whose courageous people have helped every
human on this planet towards freedom not just for them, but for their

children and grandchildren. And it is glaringly obvious now for anyone
even half awake, that there will be no future for our children if we all
dont push past the fear of criticism and labels of cynic and sceptic.
Without sceptics and people prepared to question our reality in this prison
system of debt and despair, then we would swiftly be taken further
advantage of, and our prison walls would come closer towards us quicker
than ever before. Its easy to forget the brave souls who fought for what
little freedom we still have, and you can be sure they were told they were
being negative and cynical by the very people they were liberating.

Chapter 22

Money and Debt The Sickness

Money is Killing Us and The Planet

People kill for it, lie for it, die for it, steal for it, cheat for it, sell their
bodies, souls, their families and children for it, and ultimately allow
humanity and the planet to die for it

It would be hard to imagine a better way to enslave a population than

money. It has successfully enslaved the whole of humanity, with the
exception of very few people. Think about it now, because most people
dont. We are absolute slaves to money. And as a general guideline, the
more money people have the less they care about those who havent, and
the less they care about the damage that money is causing.
Money is printed by the ruling Oligarchs, in long paper rolls, like huge
toilet rolls. They are as worthless as sheets of toilet paper until numbers
are printed on them. The sheets of paper are cut into rectangle shapes and
the numbers put on, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. They are called Pounds,
Dollars, Yen, Euros etc. and suddenly at this point some people would
queue up to shoot you, rape you, cut your throat, kill your children, or
even their own children to get an envelope full of money. People have cut
their own childrens hands off so they can get money when their limbless
children beg for it.
People never stop thinking about it, and most things we do, and places we
go revolve around it. No money means no food, no shelter, and no
warmth. All because we have lost our ability to grow our own food and
build our own homes.

The unscrupulous people controlling us have purposely worked it out so
we are all powerless without working for money.
Money has, and continues to cause more problems than anything else in
human history: it is the most destructive force. I remember a boy in
school who used to throw a handful of small coins in the air and get a
delight at watching the other boys half murdering each other scrambling
for it.
Most of the things we see, hear, taste, feel, and smell have become a
commodity, almost everything around us translates into money. It is a
currency of complete and utter disaster, for humans and the planet, and it
is even a disaster for the richest humans on the planet because it is
destroying the world they live in, the very monopoly board they play on.
The thing with a lot of money is it makes you care less and less about its
ultimate consequences. Fear of loss and pain, and all the other fears are so
deeply seated in us that they cause a convenient amnesia.
Imagine this, if you were to say to a very wealthy billionaire businessman
in Saudi, London, New York, or Dubai that the money and business they
possess is going to definitely, and provably make the planet unliveable on
in fifty years time, by which time they would have died already. Lets
assume you could prove that to them, that their money making and wealth
would help make the planet unliveable, and remind them that their young
children would die in fifty years because of it. It would still be very
unlikely they would give up all their money to save their children and less
so their grandchildren.
Now heres the bigger shock, imagine that the same wealthy person was
going to live to be five hundred years old themselves and thus it would
affect their future. They would probably hand you their car, money and
wealth on a plate there and then. This example is just a little taste of what
money does to people; we could conjure up a heap of such examples.
Of course it feels wonderful to have the freedom that money brings,
which so many people are starved of, because it takes money to do almost
anything, even to take a pee in some places! Breathing and sex are still
free in some places.
I know what it feels like in both camps of nothing and everything, I have
had quite a lot of money and absolutely none on quite a few different
occasions. Of course the more we get the more we need because of the
fear of running out, and once we have tasted the sweet smell of freedom,
we dont want to let it go.
Just by the way, if all politicians and oligarchs were to live to be three
hundred years old, there would be peace, green technology and harmony
on the planet in moments because they would selfishly want to save the

planet so they could live on. How sick has a person got to be then to not
think the same of their children and grandchildren.
Russia has one of the highest problems with heroin addiction, and guess
what, the Russian government is selling Afghans the chemicals they need
to grow and produce the opium to make the heroin. And then they sit
there on television and talk about the terrible problem they have. Money
is beyond doubt the greatest sickness.

Our Casino System Is Sick Financial Terrorism

'The difficulty is not in thinking of new ideas but escaping the old ones
that are killing us.'

Our system is like a big casino. The stock market is a big gambling centre
based on fear, where bets are placed on things going up and down,
derivatives, futures, credit default swops, hedge bets, and speculators and
on ad nauseam . Bets are being made right now on the outcome of wars
and conflict in the middle east and elsewhere, and as people are bombed
and killed, and watch their children die, there are people betting on the
outcomes for huge profits.
I will say it again because its a shocking truth to grasp. Investment
strategists are making bets on outcomes as people are getting slaughtered.
Even sicker than that, is that the very people in government who are
designing those conflicts, place their own bets on the outcomes which
they already know before they begin, thus securing themselves huge
profits at the expense of sometimes millions of lives, as in the Iraq
slaughter. So really in these cases its not a bet, its a dead certainty,
carefully calculated to create planned outcomes, be it the grabbing of the
oil, land, underground minerals, poppy fields and on and on.
I dont call them wars because in my mind a war is two parties competing
for something, whereas the Iraq slaughter, and the current on-going
rapacious take overs are just one sided, bloody massacres, like shooting
practice, to secure the oil, minerals, money, gold and a strategic foothold
in the Middle East.
Like any casino there is a lot of fear for the players, though for the casino
bosses there is much less fear, as they are the ones who can set up the
games and scenarios which are to be gambled upon in the first place.
It is a well-known, provable fact that many wars have been started to
create huge profit and economic recoveries by their outcomes. They were

carefully planned by the unscrupulous casino owners, sadly unbeknownst
to the soldiers dying and wounded in that conflict, while killing the
sometimes millions of innocent people. When we see people dying of
starvation we must face the truth that the global casino is killing them and
their starving little babies. The casino owners have no conscience, and
mass manipulation and massive profits are their God.

A Money System Designed for Debt

Only very sick and evil people could design a whole system to purposely
enslave people, by keeping them in debt.

Amazingly it is the truth that the whole banking and money system is
designed to enslave its population. If people were not in debt the system
couldnt operate. It is designed to control people by debt, think about that.
Almost every bank is owned by the same unscrupulous people at the top
of the pile, who control the governments. If you go and get a loan for
10,000 it is typed onto a screen in your account you start paying it back
with all the interest, the interest is never created even as credit. Fractional
reserve lending allows banks to lend ten times what has been deposited,
so if you put in 1000 they can loan out 10,000. Which is more figures
on a screen, its a scenario that is so insane its hard to think of it. In other
words they lend money they dont have, and in a nutshell do what they
want because they are not only above the law, they are the law.
Every time you spend the money someone else receives it and if they put
it in the bank, the bank can then lend 10 times that amount again. So its
very easy to see why the system is collapsing. If everyone demanded their
money out of every account they couldnt pay the people because they
havent got it. They lend money they dont have.
There is never anywhere near enough money in circulation to pay off all
the principal on the debt and all the interest on the outstanding debt.
People are in so much debt and interest that they are losing everything,
but the banks and mortgage companies dont care, in fact when the
people go bust and get thrown out of their house, the bank or mortgage
company are covered by a policy that pays them, and they get the next
person into the web of debt on that same house again and again.
So it is the same as the Destruct and Rebuild section I wrote about
where the warmongers make money when they destroy and when they
rebuild. Same here with the banks. This is a massive subject of corruption
which is too complex to go into here, but it is essential to know about it.

The Money Monopoly Board Game

There is no difference between a little board game playing with paper

money, and this bigger game we are playing with paper money, except
that the bigger one is killing peoples souls.

This system of fiat paper money as a currency is no different to the

popular board game Monopoly. We could say that Monopoly is just a
game and our system is real, but in fact neither of them is real, they are
both games with paper money.
Obviously not having any money and living on the street is much more
real than losing a game of Monopoly, I know I have been homeless more
than once. When you lose in the bigger game you really can go to prison,
and if youre not in a real prison, you are certainly in a virtual prison
which keeps you scrambling to get more money before you get into more
trouble. Anyone doubting this need only stay at home next Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday without turning up for work to see what
happens. So yes in essence our planet is a massive game of Monopoly
pretty much run with paper money. Its so ridiculous that our minds can
hardly grasp it.
Imagine our planet as the board game that it most definitely is, imagine
looking down on the planet as a board game, flat with all the counters and
money and things spread out, rolled flat so you could see and manipulate
everyone in every country in all currencies and all at once, at any time
night and day, even when people slept you could manipulate them, how
easy it would be to make the game work best for you.
You could do something over that part of the board which would make
the other players respond in a particular way, and knowing this
beforehand you could set little money losing traps for them and big
money making gains for you. The bankers and oligarchs are controlling
the world monopoly board game from a vantage point way above the
others players and workers. This gives them an unfair advantage and
makes it so easy for them to rob all the other players who have little
choice but to bravely carry on playing even when they have lost because
the board game is all they know.
They are expert cheats, and move things around on the board, causing
problems here, creating outcomes over there, they are controlling the
game, and like little children who dont like it when they lose they can
sometimes kick the board to scare or get rid of some of the other players,
who may be awakening to the cheating. They sometimes even take away
their currency and what they have accumulated, and say they cant play

anymore, and even send them to jail or kill them and their families and
make them out as the cheats and criminals, and the other players believe
When the other players start working the game out and realising the
cheating and manipulation that is going on, then the game changes and a
light begins to shine on every move the cheating oligarchs are making,
and the more they cheat and lie to cover up their dishonesty and previous
cheating, deceit and disgusting behaviour, the more obvious it becomes
that they are criminals as suspected. Interestingly at this point there is no
longer any need to try to expose them anymore, because by everything
they say and do they automatically expose themselves.
Money is the biggest manipulator of human behaviour. Some people say
the money prison was carefully planned and started to control and
imprison the people. This would then serve the system in the form of
slave labour being paid with just enough wages to pay the huge bills to
eat, stay housed and warm keep, which would keep them enslaved,
needing to work. Others say it wasnt planned but it sort of worked out
like that in its own way, and is more of a hit and miss thing. Or rather hit
and hit I would say.
I would say its both, but much more the plan than the unplanned,
because what always happens in this ruthlessly run system based on short
term greed, maximum profits underpinned by fear, is that they use every
opportunity they can into an advantage, of course they do, lets stop being
so naive. Do we seriously think they only want to win just a bit, and make
just a few billion? Come on lets wake up, these guys have little
conscience and unscrupulous behaviour has no ceiling when it comes to
money, where ethical and moral compasses are crushed under foot, and
the poor people become like battery hens, and the cages become ever
smaller as the profits get bigger.

Ending the Money Addiction

The addiction to money makes heroin seem like childs play.

With most serious addictions there is a dealer and a user and both play
their part in perpetuating the misery. The dealer usually has less misery
than the poor user because even if the dealer is trapped and addicted to
the drug like the user, at least s/he has a bountiful supply of the substance
all the time even if it is also killing them. They have access to it whenever

they need it, and have control over it, especially if they can produce it
The poor user however is in a perpetual struggle and state of fear, to
acquire the drug they need to survive, and being so addicted and
dependant on it, everything including their very survival depends on them
getting it. The pain of not having it is horrific and causes terrible misery.
The pain of having it also causes misery because you know its going to
run out, and thus a person, the user addict is trapped in the prison of
continually doing anything to get it, which is a joy for the dealers.
The users and addicts should not be blamed for their addiction and
dependency, because the dealers entrapped them early in life and the
system dealer and user seemed just normal to them not knowing any
different, it is what they were born into. The dealers even give the poor
young addict the drug without payment sometimes and the addict racks
up great debts which enslaves them to the dealers even further, often for a
whole lifetime and the cunning dealers know that the addiction will be
passed onto their children.
The dealer relies completely on people becoming trapped in the
addiction, so they become experts at learning how to trap people as early
as they can, hopefully from a very young age. They give young people
bundles of the drug for a college education and promise them a future
supply once they leave, when they can begin paying them back.
Does this all sound familiar? Good lets proceed.
The addiction to money has caused more death, wars, disease, misery,
heartbreak, suicide, sicknesses and disgusting psychological and physical
torment for human civilisation than anything ever has done or ever will
do again on this planet. Nothing could possibly match its insanity, which
has predictably brought humanity to the brink of its destruction via the
deadly and completely insane drug of money. The damage it has done
globally and individually and the story of its misery could not fit between
the pages of a book, or the walls of the biggest library. It is the biggest
killer disease the world has ever known, and is about to reach a
predictable climax if it is not halted, where the superpowers of the world
will blow themselves, us and the planet into history.
I know a lot about addictions having been addicted to most drugs and all
but few of the other addictions of mind and body that we could think of. I
know by personal experience the misery and torment of addictions, but
nothing compares to the drug of money, and the misery it is causing.
Of course we must remember at this point that the main dealers with
plenty of it, even if they arent the big dealers, are not going to want to
hand their casino chips in if they are winning at the moment.

There are many smaller dealers of the drug from the biggest and most
brutal, to the smallest, who deal with the addict in the corner shop.
The bottom line is this, most addicts are trapped and consumed
completely by the pursuit of the money drug to barely survive, and that
pursuit is robbing people of their souls and the life force within them, and
it has a strangle hold so tight around humanities neck we are all dying
from it, and so is the planet.
So the choice is simple, end money before it destroys us and this planet.
The main thing keeping us trapped is that we have become so enslaved
and dependant on it and the dealers who feed us that we cant see or
envisage a future of survival without the dealers or the drug. We are
frightened and concerned, but thats natural, so let us not blame
ourselves. And we must remember as I have previously said that it is the
despair, frustration, fear and disconnection in ourselves that this has
caused, which ironically is the very thing that is forcing us to find an
alternative to survive, and we will.
We are amazing, resourceful , heroic survivors and we must never doubt
our ability to look after ourselves, and it is the dealer that has robbed us
of our power. Now its time to take that power back and build an new life
for ourselves based on a new currency of love, respect, cooperation and
caring for ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters. We are deeply
wounded by this system but we know it, and at last we will take our lives
and power back.
Then in the great words of the beautiful and courageous visionary soul
Martin Luther King, we can sing:
Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty we are free at last.

Money the Delusional currency of Disaster

A currency which turns a whole planet of people into slaves, drives them
insane and turns them against each other is a disaster.

Imagine a more advanced population of beings on a peaceful planet

watching a detailed film of all the things that have ever happened with
money, and what it has done to people. Imagine the life of just one dollar
coin or paper bill and its journey from when it was made, and charting its
course as it passed through all the peoples hands who paid for everything
with it, from a cup of coffee, to a cigarette, alcohol, pain killers,
sandwich, car, house, rent, bills, a solicitor, parking fine, a gun to shoot

someone else or yourself because of money, a woman in Bangkok, pig,
goat, bag of rice or a whole block of flats on the waterfront in opulent
Then imagine another movie of all the different emotions, feelings and
psychological ups and downs that money has bestowed on people. A film
showing the detailed feelings that people had through their lives due to
money, and how money changes people so much on a moment to moment
basis. Imagine the feeling of sadness and pity these higher beings would
have for human beings.
Of course I am not talking about people with a lot of money, I am talking
about the average person who has to struggle for money most of their
The currency of money has brutalised this planet and its people long
enough and caused more misery and pain than anything else in history,
and it has brought humanity and the planet to the very brink of
catastrophe and extinction, and it will destroy us if we do not heed the
warnings and change our course right now.
We must not bemoan the end of money, and currencies but fall to the
ground and weep for the misery, literal hell and unspeakable cruelty, and
savage slavery that it has wrought on humankind from the moment it was
given birth to.

Gold and Silver

Someone, somewhere once, thousands of years ago, decided a yellow

metal was precious, and we still believe them.

Gold is as absurd as paper money. Who decided gold was a precious

metal? Was it the Egyptians that decided, or some guy drunk at a bar
thinking it was a good idea many years ago? What is gold? Its a word
made up from g, o, l, and d. Imagine trying to impress someone in a
village in the deepest amazon with a lump of gold who had never seen
one or knew what it was supposed to be. You would have a hard time
trying to convince them it was precious, and imagine how silly you
would feel as all the villagers roared with laughter as you tried to swop
your lump of gold worth a million dollars for a canoe, or even a canoe
ride to the next village, or even a bowl of food.
Its a heavy metal with a yellow colour, shiny, pretty colour, so what.
How about silver? Again a word made of letters, less precious than gold,

looks nice, its a metal, its grey, sorry to burst the bubble but what is the
difference between gold and lead, pebbles and rocks, metal and steel?
If the Egyptians or Greeks or the guy in the bar had said lead, or tigers
claws, elephants tusks or dogs dung, would we still believe them. Its
tragicomic. We are so gullible and conditioned by these things, lets at
least admit its insanity
But before someone says it, of course in our current financial meltdown I
wouldnt say no to a few bars of it myself, Im sure you could cut it into
little pieces and do some deals with it for food, and water hopefully
before someone killed you for it so they could do the same thing.
But in the clear light of day when the systems gone bust what would
someone do with ten bars of precious gold? You cant eat it, or even carry
it its so heavy. And someone would soon blow your brains out to take it
from you. You would have to hide it, but if you told, or showed someone,
they may cut you to shreds for it. Its crazy madness this system. Madness
is like wine it gets better with age, and this system of madness and money
is as rotten through as the fruit we make our expensive wine from.

The Frankensteins Monster Economy

This economy is a poison chalice which will be pressed to our own lips if
it is not disposed of immediately.

When an economy is built without a vision based on strict ethics, morals

and responsibility for the future of the planet and its people, it is very
dangerous, particularly because once things have been set in motion, they
can perpetuate themselves, and become like an out of control monster, as
in the old film Frankensteins Monster, where a power crazed, foolish,
and unscrupulous scientist Dr Frankenstein, created a huge monster that
went out of control. He ended up having to kill his rampaging creation in
order to save the world from its destruction, which was difficult as he had
made it so huge, strong and without ethics and morals.
The power crazed people who are controlling our planet are now in a very
similar situation. They have also created a huge Frankensteins monster
which is destroying the world and its citizens. It is killing people
physically, mentally, and spiritually, and perpetuating misery and struggle
worldwide. This great global monster of destruction is currently
destroying itself, and we must now act quickly to prevent it destroying
everything else along with it, including us.

When we look at the system and think of somehow changing it, the task
seems so huge because of its momentum, that anything we do seems like
putting an umbrella up in a hurricane.
But as I said at the beginning of this book, it is the people who are the
things that perpetuate this system, and once the people change,
everything changes. The transformation of the people ultimately dictates
the politics and the world and the peoples future.
One of the big mistakes being made in this out of control system is not
having manual override. In an aeroplane, most things are automatic, but if
something goes wrong with the trajectory of the aircraft then the pilots
can return to manual override. This is the danger for humanity now just
like the Frankensteins monster it is getting harder and harder to stop the
trajectory of momentous destruction which is rushing ahead of us, as I
mentioned in another section we create the future, and like Shakespeare
The ingredients return to plague the inventor
And even handed justice condemns
The ingredients of the poison chalice to our own lips.

The Nightmare Markets of Fear and Greed

Fear and greed are both a terrible sickness that can only end in insanity
for the population under its spell, and the players.

What a nightmare polarity, and cocktail for disaster, for a system which is
supposed to be the cutting edge, the pinnacle of human development and
achievement, the greatest financial system we could come up with.
Nothing could be further from the truth. I am really embarrassed and
ashamed to be a human being who is a part of this system.
The whole stock market and money system is about fear and greed. Its
sick and nauseating to know its true, but there it is.
Words can hardly convey how absurd and insane it is. Imagine it, people
all over the world out of their minds with greed and fear all at once.
Stimulated and excited by the prospect of greed and gain, and tormented
by the prospect of fear and loss. I heard someone say that the sudden
surge of profits is like having an orgasm. Well if thats the highest and
most exciting thing that humanity can achieve for its excitement and the
biggest arousal, we indeed are in trouble.

I again remind us to imagine someone watching all this daily insanity
from another planet of benign, intelligent, balanced beings with a more
harmonious currency, maybe of love and sharing.
Imagine what they would surmise, obviously that we were completely
and utterly clinically insane as a species, and we are, we have just got
used to it and it seems normal now.
I imagine a blinkered stockbroker asking so how could it be better, what
could be better than this?
If we cannot begin to envisage a better system than this even in our
wildest dreams and minds, then sadly I agree with the higher beings
conclusion, that indeed we are insane, desperately lost and sinking up to
our necks in a miasma. A system that can only be likened to a lunatic
asylum, that we have got so used to it seems normal, like heroin addicts
coming to Wall Street every day to jack up together, and clustering
together getting high on the greed of getting more and the fear of running
out. All huddling together convincing each other thats its real. Its real
alright, real insanity plain and simple.
Let me simply demonstrate how far we are adrift and lost at sea in the
insane asylum of a system fuelled by fear and greed. I want you to really
be honest with yourself and feel how you feel and think when I say
can you begin to imagine us having a system without money, based on
love, cooperation and sharing? Hopefully some of you can, but I would
guess to most of us that would sound not only farcical and farfetched, but
downright impossible, ridiculous, and a delusion from a weak minded,
over sensitive cynic and dreamer, reaching for the impossible.
Sound familiar? Yes, we are in serious trouble!
Well I just wanted to paint a picture of where we are, because only once
we really know where we are in our descent into hell- as Doris Lessing
so eruditely put it - will we have a chance to get out. Its no exaggeration
to say humanity is in free fall towards the ground, and we must
completely change this system almost immediately, if we are to have a
chance of a parachute opening to save us.

Imagine If We Were Being Closely Observed by a

More Intelligent Race of Beings

A balanced, rational, intelligent being from space could only surmise

that as a species we had gone clinically insane.

Edgar Mitchell an astronaut talked about when he stood on the moon and
looked at earth, and had a huge awakening. He said it hit him all at once
that everything that had ever happened in our history happened on that
little blue disc about the size of a 50 cent coin. All the wars, famines,
struggles. When he returned to earth he left NASA and began helping
people find peace and transformation.
Imagine it for a moment. A more developed species of beings watching
us, from another planet for the first time. Who had no conception of
work, money, bills, being in debt, having to have money to pay for
everything you need.
They would see the sun lighting up each city around the world, city by
city, the suns light moved across the earth. As they watched each city
come to life at around 6 or 7 oclock they would see people on buses, in
cars and traffic jams, people running, pushing and shoving all getting
somewhere, and very few people looking happy, very few smiles, and a
general feeling of panic and dread.
Imagine these balanced, developed, intelligent beings watching as people
frantically scrambled, pushing and shoving to get to these different places
before 8 or 9 o clock, as if their lives depended on it, which of course in
this system they do.
As they watched each city around the world waking up to this same
pattern of behaviour, of an insane, ruthless scramble, they would wonder
what we were doing, where we were going and why. Suppose they
stopped one of the rushing people on their way to work and asked them
where they were going, the conversation might go like this:
Where are you all rushing to? Out of my way I havent got time!
No please I am from another planet I need to know what all this madness
We are all going to work.
Whats work? Its what everyone does, we have to do it.
Why? Because we have to make money.
Whats money? Its what you need to survive.
What is it though? Its paper sheets cut into squares, with numbers printed
on them, the bigger the number the more its worth. The more youve got,
the more you can get, the better your life is.
What do you do with it?
The people you work for give it to you, in exchange for your life, we buy
food, pay bills and pay to live in a house with it.

You have to pay for all that? Yes
Who prints the money?
The government.
Why dont you print your own money?
Its illegal you would be taken to prison.
Whats prison?
Its where the government puts you if you break the law. In a cell.
What is the government?
Its the people who make laws and tell us what to do.
Why dont you make your own rules?
It is illegal and we dont know how to anymore they always do that.
Do you enjoy your jobs? Most people no.
Then why do you do them? Because we have to or we cant get money.
You dont really have to you could say no?
Yes but if I say no I will have no food, cant feed my children and have
nowhere to live and probably die.
Why dont you grow your own food?
I dont know how, I dont know where, and I havent got time I am in
work all the time.
This sounds like slavery?
Yes I suppose it is.
I met a woman recently, and was amazed at a story she told me. One day
when she was driving to work when someone jumped into the back of her
car and said get out Im taking your car with a gun pressed to her head.
She spontaneously said I cant I am late for work!
That sums things up really, I laughed as she told me, and it is a tragicomic
story which puts our predicament into perspective.
Life on this planet has become insane, a mental asylum of epic proportion
that we have got used to, and so the bar of insanity continues to be raised.

Chapter 23

The Addiction to War

War the Big Money Business

The bigger the war and destruction the bigger the business.

It is no coincidence that war is only started where great gains and benefits
can be reaped by the destruction and outcome.
War and conflict are the big money makers, and the billionaire
government terrorists wage war anywhere where huge profits can be
made regardless of loss of life, chaos or misery caused.
Exploitation on a massive scale takes place in post war situations such as
Libya and Iraq. There is no doubt that a big part of the reason these
conflicts are started is to reap the benefits after they have finished, though
of course they never finish, unless they are forced to by people becoming
informed which is taking place at last. Because. It is a trillion dollar
business, ruining innocent peoples lives forever. It is genocide, and
racism on a grand scale.
Around 20 Billion pounds was spent in 2010 by the United Kingdom on
Iraq and Afghanistan.
Around $680 Billion was spent by US Government
Over $450 million dollars a day was being spent on the occupation.
Around $3.5 Trillion spent for US war costs overall, possibly more like
$4.4 Trillion (Huffington Post)

All this while the financial system collapses around us. People beg for
food in lines in soup kitchens countrywide.
Just in case anyone doesnt know how much money a trillion is its a
million million.
A billion is a thousand million.

Profit is the Pretext for Endless Wars

Asking Government to stop wars is asking them to stop making trillions

of pounds and dollars.

The last thing the Western Governments want is an end to war, it is a

huge lucrative business, it is what bloats their billion dollar bank
accounts, its like asking them to stop being who they are, it is their
Dwight Eisenhower himself warned about the disaster of the Industrial
Military Complex taking shape and being used to make money, and its
grave implications for the future of humankind. It is like a giant burger
company who relies on the burgers being eaten for it to continue
expanding, and the more burger bars they open the more money they
make, its the same with wars. Can you begin to imagine a more
horrifying development? Lets again imagine a wise, peaceful being from
another planet asking what makes the most money in our strange system,
and having to tell them war and killing people. More money is spent on
war and weapons than anything else; its the biggest business in the
world, the business of killing and murdering, just think of that for a
horrible moment.
It is said by many people that wars are purposely started and perpetuated
to keep the business going, and I think they are right. The more you look
into the corrupted tangle of it all the more clearer it becomes. Imagine
after all these thousands of years we have walked this planet, here we still
are, and that is the outcome, war all over the planet, perpetuated by a few
handfuls of psychotic criminals who cannot break their insane addiction
to war, greed and control, and they are dragging the rest of humanity and
all other species on the planet down with them. That is very sick and
Imagine going up in a hot air balloon and looking down at the planet in
all its magnificence and beauty, and knowing that there are a bunch of

maniacs controlling and ruining the whole planet with war, tyranny, fear
and greed to satisfy their own sadistic lust for money and control.

Huge Profits from Death and Misery

The horrific truth is that the arms companies want more wars to make
them more profits.

Think about it now, weapons companies side by side with the

Governments of the world making huge, huge profits, making weapons
that murder people, causing misery and suffering beyond description.
Murder is the word for it, what else should we call it, how about killing if
you cant face the murder word. Self-defence would be a word the arms
companies would probably use, or even deterrent, but a weapon which
is a deterrent doesnt fire bullets and rockets and make big enough
profits. The more they are used the more money is made.
Those companies are fighting for contracts in international arms fairs,
can you imagine, it is like a gigantic motor show but with huge guns,
tanks, jets, and everything else that kills and murders human beings, on
show and for sale. It is the most shocking sight to see smiling sales
people bragging about the destruction their weapons can create, while
trying to secure the contracts with dollar signs in their eyes, knowing
their weapons will be one day killing little babies, women and children,
and will be firing depleted uranium nuclear bullets and shells all over the
place, causing genocide in populations for years to come, with birth
defects wiping out whole generations of people, for a very long time,
about 4 and a half billion years or thereabouts, which is roughly the time
it takes for the radioactive, nuclear dust to dissipate.
The above few lines are not an Orwellian horror story or a grim
projection into the future, but it is what is happening right now today, and
if this is happening today, and it is. What will tomorrow be like once we
get used to this, because we are getting used to it, its almost normal now,
par for the course in 2011. It makes you wonder what we might get used
to next. This insanity must end, and end quickly if we have any chance of
avoiding a slow, miserable extinction.

The Middle East Dirty Trick

Manipulate the population to have a civil war to create chaos, let them
do your dirty work, then step in when the jobs done.

It is almost the perfection of tyranny, to enforce a no fly zone which starts

the war, so the government you want to displace cannot bomb their own
people. The civilians and rebels are then manipulate and emboldened to
create civil war, which does the whole job for you. The Western
Governments also have the audacity to sell or give them weapons to do it,
then they just sit back and watch as the inevitable bloody mayhem takes
place, then they come with the promises of freedom and democracy,
which in the long run will enslave the population with worse debt and
tyranny than they ever had before. And as I have mentioned again and
again, they are also wiping out generations of people via the depleted
uranium shells and bullets that NATO peacekeepers pound the cities
with from thousands of cowardly feet above the clouds.
The western governments seem to be realising that they can create more
mayhem by sitting behind a desk and getting other people to do the
murdering for them. Of course they have always done this but with their
own military being killed and killing for them, but now they use the
people of the country to be stolen, to do it for them, its fascinating
because I didnt think they were that smart, but perhaps they discovered it
by accident. They dont care how many Arab men, women and children
are killed, as long as they reach their goal of completely taking over the
Middle East with all its riches in oil, minerals, and strategic positioning,
and as an added bonus they enslave millions more gullible people that
they can coerce into terrible debt and mass manipulate. Look out the
people of the Middle East; they are coming to get you. And remember
that White man speak with forked tongue, so dont believe everything
you are told.

US Government are The Biggest Terrorists of all

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will
believe it.- Adolph Hitler.

Those in the higher echelons of governments waging the so called 'war on

terror' are ironically the biggest terrorists of all, and the biggest threat to
peace and stability on our planet. We only need to look what they have

done just in the last thirty years to see what killing and misery they have
caused. The only terror is them.
Barack Obama said the future of Syria must be determined by its
people, but it is being determined by the US military might and NATO
peacekeepers, with the usual promise of freedom and democracy, and
brought about by bloodshed and destruction in the usual hugely profitably
way they always do it, by destruct and rebuild, like Libya, Iraq and others
The nauseating sight of the smiling faces of David Cameron, Nicolas
Sarkozy, William Hague and Mahmoud Jibril holding hands aloft
triumphantly in Libya gloating at the destruction they had caused, after
orchestrating the beginning of a genocide and chaos too dreadful to
explain. They are spreading like a rampant cancer through the Middle
East and are beginning to look like a modern day version of Adolf Hitler.
They are directly responsible for mass murder, by giving the thumbs up
to the rebels, who became their armed henchmen and assassins to kill for
them on a wholesale basis. The rebels were like wild killing machines,
like young boys given guns and bullets who are having a wonderful time
playing out their war games for real, seemingly using anyone as target
practice, revelling in the new found power bestowed on them, but not
realising they are building their own prison, with the white man from the
west the jail keeper as usual. The rebels are awakening from the
chloroform but not sufficiently to realise they are being tricked and used
like pawns, and the inevitable bloodbath has ensued, with not a splash of
blood on the crisp dark suits of the comptrollers of the massacre.
As I have already mentioned its easy to murder mass amounts of people
by hiring others to do it, as has happened in Libya.
David Cameron, Sarkozy, Obama and the rest of the gangsters are
directly accountable for the murder in Libya and elsewhere.
The US gives $3 billion dollars of aid to Israel a year for weapons, that is
a staggering and unbelievable $6 million a day, but wait for this, in the
form of vouchers, so they can only buy the weapons from the US arms
industry. None of the donated money goes to Israeli society. The chaos in
the region is ideal for US arms sales. The Germans have sold submarines
to Israel with capabilities of destroying Iran with a nuclear weapon, at the
bargain price of $500 million dollars for two; it is looking very ominous,
and very suspicious, as those same submarines now lurk under the water
just off Iran. It seems that Israel may be used to destroy Iran for the
western government gangsters. So the gullible public wont think its
them as usual doing the slaughtering. Its horribly predictable: I hope the
sick plan doesnt reach fruition. Its unbelievable to watch the grisly stage

being set. And of course Iran wants nuclear weapons, so would you or I if
we saw the US military taking over most of the Middle East with
bloodshed and insanity, with its sights set on us via the barrel of Israels
And why do they seem to side with Israel and veto the Palestinians is it
just a coincidence that there are a lot of Jews in the US Government and
the US is so vehemently against Palestinian freedom.
It is also cause for concern that the US Administration is so ruthlessly
taking over the Middle East, I hope its just a coincidence, but as I have
already talked about there is no such thing, as things take place by a
coinciding of events by planned decisions. They talk of creating peace
and stability, but consistently do the complete opposite, and are actually
the usurpers of peace on this planet. They use any opportunity to
intervene in countries. They come as saviours using the excuse that the
government they are liberating the people from cannot use force on their
own people who are protesting against them.
Each intervention simply furthers their own interests, and is masked in
the form of moral, ethical standards and protection for the people they are
supposedly liberating, as their saviours to achieve freedom and
democracy. Understandably the majority of the people with often very
little to lose, who have been suppressed for many years are delighted at
being saved from their ruling oppressors, with the hope of something
better, not realising that they are being used as pawns for the scheming
western governments plans, and are simply being taken over by new
oppressors with new promises.
Their discontent and anger is just cunningly used by the western
governments as an excuse to jump on board the train to ousting their
leaders with the protestors help. They also dont realise that the
democracy that their saviours are promising is not a democracy at all, but
will just be a new gang of oligarchs with different labels, carefully
positioned by the US bringers of democracy, often colluding with corrupt
gangs and leaders already there.

NATO and UN Peace Destroyers

The shocking truth is that the biggest terrorist threat in the world, is the
governments in the West who hide behind their own NATO flag, that the
trusting people vote for and the trusting soldiers die for.

What an irony that peacekeepers lead the charge, bombing, killing and
maiming thousands of innocent people, and also sell, and supply guns and
bombs to young angry men to help them do their filthy work.
Under the false flag of the NATO and UN peace keepers, America,
Britain, France and other countries are bombing and murdering many
hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Yes murdering, thats what it
NATO the peacekeepers are murdering innocent people in Libya with
nuclear weapons. Depleted uranium shells and bullets, which is a nuclear
catastrophe for the region, as it was and still is in Iraq, because the highly
radioactive nuclear waste never goes away, its half-life is 4 1/2 billion
years, which I explain in another section.
The coalition use NATO as a humanitarian, separate organisation who
stop crimes against humanity. NATO is used as an accomplice for the
western governments takeover bid and slaughter in the Middle East, its
plain and simple. They use NATO like a mask a murderer wears to kill
and cause havoc, and then pretend it wasnt them who do it. Afghanistan
has a huge strategic benefit for the US government, and the trillions of
dollars to be secured and stolen from the Heroin from the poppy fields,
the rich gas supply, the lithium and other mineral deposits. Believe me it
has nothing to do with 9/11 or Bin Laden whatsoever.
The people in the military spearheading that aggression are often unaware
of the corruption, lies and deceit that they are fighting for, and even those
who are aware of it desperately need the wages they receive from their
jobs, without which their lives could fall apart. Then there is the fear of
punishment by court martial if they were to want to leave the military
machine prematurely. It must be a terrible burden to carry for someone in
the military who knows the truth about what s/he is fighting for, but isnt
able to stop what they are being asked to do. To those people my heart
truly goes out to.
I know cases of soldiers who have killed and murdered innocent people
on the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan, who were being so tormented by
their conscience and guilt it was driving them crazy, but they still had to
endure the time they signed up for. As I mention in another section
about ethical compromises, its the same in the military, the first
horrendous acts a soldier has to see and take part in may sicken them, the
second time slightly less, and so on until it just becomes part of the job.
There was a story of a soldier who came to Auschwitz who was sickened
by what he saw, but was told by someone already working there dont
worry you will get used to it. And he did.

In its own words NATO is committed to the peaceful resolution of
disputes. This is from one of their own glossy websites, which is headed
peace and security: thats our mission, and NATO promotes democratic
values and encourages consultation and cooperation on defence and
security issues to build trust and, in the long run, prevent conflict. They
have even got tranquil sounds of tweeting birds in the background!
What everyone seems to forget is that if the people in the United
Kingdom, America or France were to go to the streets demanding that
their governments step down as in Egypt, Libya and Syria, do we really
think that they would just leave, and not use force on the protestors
making the demands?
They would eventually forcibly remove the protestors, and if things
escalated as in the countries they claim to be liberating, they would do
exactly the same thing as the regimes they are vilifying, they would
control and stop the uprising at any cost with brutality, tear gas, and
ultimately by killing people. Yes thats right. Anyone who doesnt believe
this is in for a big shock if it ever happens. Do we really think the
governments would roll over at demands for them to step down and leave
and that they could be held to ransom by protestors who refused to be
told what to do anymore? Do we think they would empty their desks and
hand over the keys?
At last the anaesthetic is wearing off for humans now, its been a very
long sleep but its time to wake up now.
If that scenario of protest by the people ever happens in our countries we
will then know who and what our leaders really are, simply our ruling
masters who dont tolerate misbehaviour from their slaves, and its never
been very different if you glance through history. The same masters
would be chopping off the heads of disobeying masses not long ago; they
just have more sophisticated ways of control now, underpinned by a huge
tapestry of fears.
Excerpt from Matrix Manipulation by Kyril Demys:
Manipulate a missile to its target womb,
Death fertilised a fiery zygote flown on a tearing tide,
Living Matrix of all Humankind O Womb of Woe,
Have you not been vile manipulated long enough,
And all too basely not to call Halt to this dissimulation,
This reeking death this trick manipulation?

And cease the doom and cease the tribulation.

It is Murder

We can call it war or anything else we like, but murder is murder, we are
getting used to it, and it is beginning to seem almost normal.

Lets take a scenario. A pilot is ordered to blanket bomb Iraq Afghanistan

or Libya, he takes to the air and does so, and in so doing kills thousands
of people, many of them innocent. He presses his button from thousands
of feet and it is done.
Has he committed murder? Or is his General in command the murderer
who ordered him to do it? Or is the murderer a Tony Blair, David
Cameron, a George Bush or a Barack Obama or Sarkozy who ordered the
General to do it? They even have the audacity to name the murderous
events things like shock and awe, and the bombs used to murder such
names as hellfire bombs.
The Bosnian Serb leader Ratko Mladic was charged by the war crimes
tribunal with genocide and the slaughter of thousands of civilians. What
this man orchestrated was terrible, but he did not kill all those innocent
civilians himself, he simply gave the orders.
He ordered the killing of far less innocent civilians than has Tony Blair,
George Bush, and now racking up huge death tolls David Cameron,
Nicolas Sarkozy and the rest of the murderers destroying other countries.
So what is the difference?
The difference is simply that these people think are above the law, above
any punishment for murder and crimes against humanity.
Just the bombing of electricity and food supplies to cripple an
infrastructure before they take over is genocide, not to mention the
nuclear destruction by Depleted Uranium which I have discussed in
another section.
Gangs of rebels and protesters were funded and armed with weapons in
Libya by US Government, and given the okay and green light to mass
slaughter Gaddafis innocent soldiers and civilian people by Britain,
United States, France and others, under the disguise of NATO
peacekeepers. William Hague and Hilary Clinton said it was legal under
the UN resolution. Hilary Clinton also said she wanted to see Gaddafi
dead and hoped to see him killed, and just days later he was brutally
killed, then sickeningly laid in a cold room in a food market for

thousands of people to see his bloodied body, and of course those
instructions were carried out by NATO peacekeepers, and the frenzied
mobs of rebels.
This is a disgusting, and blatant act of murder by aiding and abetting, by
Hilary Clinton herself, and like every other murderer, including her
husband, who lets not forget bombed Iraqs weapons of mass
destruction cites in December 1998 in Operation Desert Fox, his
Christmas present to the terrified little Iraqi children still suffering today
from shocking birth defects from the nuclear bombs he used to bomb the
people he accused of having nuclear bombs, complete insanity.
Hilary should be brought to justice, as should all the other murderers in
the US Government who have carried out crimes against humanity and
the planet, though obviously they are the law so how could they be
brought in front of themselves. I will never forget Saddam Husseins
gruesome photographs being proudly paraded on the television in a sick
celebration. Has anyone considered what Gaddafis poor family are
feeling, the ones they havent yet killed that is, I am sickened to say that
most of the general public are so brainwashed and seduced to believe that
Arabs are evil that they would not even cast a thought for the mourning
family of Gaddafi, a man with less murders under his belt than any of the
presidents in the West he have had a fair trial.
We of course must not forget that Gaddafi had many filthy secrets about
his dealings with the West, and thats why Hilary Clinton and the rest of
the lying, cheating US Administration were desperate to have him killed,
as they did when they attacked his convoy of 100 vehicles which was
fleeing from Sirte. The attack came from an American Predator Drone
and French jets which had been hanging around waiting for him to try to
flee, they knew exactly where he was. The rebels found him half dead
after the attack which was lovely for the murdering US government
because of course it wasnt them who killed him, but of course it was the
invasion in the first place that killed him, and lets not forget that the guns
that killed him were given to the rebels by the US, again aiding and
abetting which is the same as murder, even worse I would say.
I have said this before and I will say it again here, imagine if someone
like Gaddafi, or any other leader in another country had decided that the
US Government were being too heavy handed with their own citizens and
just decided to intervene and take over with, and imagine if they wanted
Hilary Clinton or Obama dead, then paraded Hilary Clintons dead photo
on the news with a sense of achievement. How dare these maniacs in the
US Government go around killing who they like. This is a very sick
regime that is getting the population more and more used to this type of
massacre and murder, it is becoming almost normal, with the talk shows

and US news channels in a celebration about it all like with Saddam and
Bin Laden. These people are very sick.
It is as though Hilary Clinton thinks she is a Marshal in the wild west,
and just decided to put dead or alive posters up for Gaddafi, and I am
surprised she didnt offer a reward for his head on a silver dish, or stuff
his body and put in a glass case outside the Pentagon or on Wall Street.
These people really are very sick psychopaths, and their eyes are proof of
that. Of course these very disturbed people would say that he was a tyrant
and murderer, but on a tiny scale in comparison to the brutal killing,
murder and misery that the US Government is inflicting on people
worldwide. There is no comparison if you look at the numbers of dead.
All these insane decisions resulted in a terrifying chaos in Libya as
people just shot each other, and seemingly have thoroughly enjoyed being
given a machine gun for the first time and the power it bestows upon
them. These people were strutting around behind the television crews
brazenly showing off in front of the camera, brandishing and firing the
weapons wildly in the air, that the US had given or sold them, with their
egos clearly running wild, and elated and bragging about killing another
pile of dead bodies, while doing the Western governments filthy work.
The truth is that Western Governments gave normal people guns to
murder Gaddafi and his innocent forces and innocent civilians for them;
this makes them murderers by aiding and abetting. They didnt do it
themselves with their own forces, so it would not seem like another Iraq
or Afghanistan. With no visible blood on their hands that makes it legal
right? There is no difference between that and me giving someone a knife
or a gun and telling someone to murder people for me, it is aiding and
abetting, I ask you again is this murder? What would happen to me if I
did that with a mob or an individual? The Libyan soldiers have been
made out to be monsters but they are just people with families like the US
Military, no difference.
Then sure enough we saw the excited Libyans waving the big flags with
their saviours faces on, Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron. The big cowards
behind their desks. The flags said god bless you and thank you.
American flags being waved in hysteria. But we cant blame the Libyans
for wanting a better life: they have just embraced a bigger bully to get rid
of the other bully that was controlling them. But this is the biggest bully
of all, and a cunning, well-practised con artist, as they will discover later
in retrospect, when the uranium dust from the nuclear weapons and fallen
buildings is being breathed in by their children, and the money that the
desperate, trusting people thought they would benefit from for their
struggles in higher wages, will be pocketed by the rebuilders of their
country who destroyed it in the first place.

The Middle East is a Nuclear Holocaust and

Western governments have an addiction to killing, destruction and

chaos, usually where there is the most lucrative gains in the aftermath.

Here is a dictionary definition of holocaust: Any mass slaughter or

reckless destruction of life.- And A great or complete devastation or
destruction, especially by fire. A great destruction or loss of life or the
source of such destruction. HaShoah, means catastrophe in Yiddish:
And Churben or Hurban means destruction in Hebrew.
The word holocaust means the deliberate and systematic extermination
of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.
The Western Governments may not have killed six million people yet as
with the holocaust but they are catching up quickly. And with them
picking fights with anyone now, wherever they have something to gain,
like a big bully in a schoolyard, I believe their fingers are itching to try
out the big nuclear bombs again as they couldnt wait to in Hiroshima,
with no apology to this day!
Though this time they would be using Israel to set the bombs off for
them, with $6 million dollars a day being given to Israel by the US
government, as bribery to be a strategic position for the US and as a hit
man for them.
What difference is there in a suicide bomber blowing himself up in a bus
shelter and killing 20 innocent people and classed as a terrorist, or the US
pilot who drops bombs from a cowardly 10,000 feet killing many times
more innocent people. And ironically the suicide bomber is often taking
revenge for the murder of his family and fellow citizens by the air strikes.
This is how war crimes have partially been defined in the dictionary; The
ill-treatment or deportation of civilian residents of an occupied territory,
the murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war, the killing of prisoners,
the wanton destruction of cities, towns and villages, and any devastation
not justified by military, or civilian necessity.
It is quite obvious that the people that make the laws break the laws they
make, and are clearly not bound by those laws, but elevate themselves
above them. What a shining example they are to the rest of the populace
who have put their faith and trust in them. But people are waking up now
to the truth. Its now better late than never.
In human terms, 224,000 to 258,000 people have died directly from
warfare, including 125,000 civilians in Iraq. Many more have died

indirectly, from the loss of clean drinking water, healthcare, and nutrition.
An additional 365,000 have been wounded and 7.8 million people --
equal to the combined population of Connecticut and Kentucky -- have
been displaced. (Huffington Post)
Estimates from other sources have doubled some of these figures.
This doesnt take into account the genocide from depleted uranium with
generations of children wiped out from nuclear contamination.

The Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons of Mass


The Western government warmongers talk of the nuclear threats from

other countries while they use nuclear weapons with devastation

Nuclear weapons have been used in Libya as they were in Iraq, Serbia
and other conflicts. This subject must be covered here because it is a
terrible and real threat to humanities health and future. It is something
many people dont know about and may find shocking.
Depleted uranium is not depleted really. Uranium 238 ore holds an
isotope of U 235 used to make plutonium, and when all the U 234 its
called depleted uranium but its still pure uranium 238 which is highly
radioactive. Uranium is a harder and heavier metal than lead, so they use
it on to for shells and bullets to do more damage. Lead has 82 protons in
its atom Uranium has 92, so it can smash through a tank metal. But when
it explodes into flames it turns into uranium oxide which is a powder,
which is highly radioactive, never goes away as its half-life is 4 and a half
billion years.
The UN peacekeeping force in Libya is using nuclear weapons. In one
Tomahawk missile there is 360 kilos of uranium. Over 100 were launched
early in the massacre, and many more from A10 and AC130 attack
These conflicts arent even wars, they are one sided massacres, there is no
need to use these weapons of mass destruction in order to win, and it is
absolute insanity. The US dropped thousands of depleted uranium bombs
on the Iraq city of Fallujah in 2003, which killed estimates of hundreds of
thousands of people.

A great proportion of all births in Fallujah since the strike have suffered
from abnormalities and the rate of mutation among new born children is
higher than what was found in Japan after America attacked the Asian
country during the Second World War. Doctors in Iraq are struggling to
cope with the horrific rise in cancer and birth defects especially in the
cities which were most heavily bombed by the British and Americans.
I have studied figures of 140,000 cases of cancer, almost 1 million people
killed and 4 million displaced. And the poor gulf veterans who are
thoroughly poisoned by depleted uranium is a subject too huge to cover
The US still refuses to sign a ban on this weapon, but we must remember
that weapons and war is the most highly lucrative business on the planet.
There is a horrible similar scenario developing in Libya.
The U.S. department of defence sold a bill of goods to NATO in order to
use a lot of the depleted uranium, so it seems its about money yet again.
Dr. Doug Rokke, the ex-director of the Pentagons Depleted Uranium
Project, says that there is no way to totally decontaminate an area hit with
uranium, an element that has a half-life of 4.5 billion years and has thus
earned the title the silent killer that will never stop killing. Rokke today
says he was told by the government to lie about the effects of uranium
and that most of the crew he worked with is now dead because of
contamination. Doug has plenty of information on his site, just Google
The Dr. Douglas Rokke Foundation. This man has never given up his
fight for the truth and I honor him as a special human being.
While on the subject of uranium and people not responsible enough to be
in charge of it, look at Fukushima. How insane to build a nuclear plant on
the seashore where there are risks of Tsunamis. There were huge hills
nearby, but it was probably cheaper there. America is already horribly
contaminated and we are all breathing that cancerous stuff in now and
will be for 4 and a half billion years. Untold thousands of tons of
radioactive waste pumped into the sea.

A New Nuclear Weapon Now Being Used

NATO peacekeepers are bombarding innocent people with a new,

disguised type of nuclear bomb.

There is now apparently a worse scenario if that could be possible.

Because there is uproar and horror at the realization that NATO

peacekeepers are still using depleted uranium as usual in Libya, as well
as elsewhere, it seems they are now trying cover their destructive trail so
they cannot be found guilty of using illegal nuclear weapons, but lets be
realistic, these people are the law, they make the law and break the law,
they are desperately sick psychopaths.
By using uranium powder mixed with an unknown cocktail of explosives,
it seems to be a new nuclear weapon which cannot be so easily detected
by inspectors like Doug Rokker, but this weapon is worse, it is
completely charring bodies and collapsing lungs with its dreadful
explosion, it is a new type of weapon of mass destruction. There are also
new horrific findings in Iraq worse than before with sickening birth
defects, with mixed sex organs, massive heads, shocking deformities
which are wiping generations out. This is genocide on a grand scale. The
US war veterans are having kids with defects from being in the vicinity of
this deadly nuclear dust doesnt go away for 4 and a half billion years,
and they are still using it, so one can only surmise that they are making
trillions of dollars from using it, are purposely trying to erase the Arab
people by a systematic genocide, or are sick sadists, or all three.

An Appeal to US Military to Expose This

There are military personnel that are horrified by this deadly weapon
that they themselves are using.

This appeal is to all military personnel who know about the use and
horrors of nuclear bombs, shells and bullets being used from A10
gunships and other planes, guns and tanks which are literally wiping out
whole generations of human beings in the Middle East. This appeal is to
the consciences and the moral duty of people who know to step forward
and talk about it. We have to expose this genocide if we know about it.
This is not contained in just Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Kosovo, it is a
dust which is in the air continually for 4 and a half billion years, so please
expose the truth about this, if not for your own sake for the sake of your
own children and your many generations to follow, otherwise there will
be no generations to follow, its getting close to that now, a lot of people
in Iraq cannot produce children now, this is sickeningly serious stuff and
must be exposed at any cost. Please speak even if incognito, you have a
duty to do so, to preserve our stay on this lovely planet which is fast
becoming unliveable on, and this is no exaggeration at all.

I mentioned earlier, but it must be said here again, that the Iroquois
Indians would consider every decision they made for the wellbeing of
seven generations ahead of them, hundreds and hundreds of years. The
suicidal generation we are in is not even considering their own generation
let alone any ahead of them. We have been hypnotized into a suicidal
destruction of ourselves and the planet, by those who are crazed and at
the steering wheel, but as I have said it is us the people who fuel their
crazy agendas, and it is us that must cut that fuel supply off before we
allow ourselves and our children to be driven into the precipice.

No Apology to This Day

Governments refuse to apologise for the hundreds of thousands of

deaths and misery they have caused.

When Donald Rumsfeld was interviewed by Aljazeera he refused to

apologise to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi families that lost loved
ones, after his administration attacked them under the false excuse that
there was weapons of mass destruction, when there obviously were none.
Ironically the weapons used to devastate Iraq were weapons of mass
destruction, which is almost unbelievable. Depleted uranium nuclear
bombs that have left Iraqs people having birth defects and cancers, not
just for this decade, but for decades and probably centuries to come as I
have explained in another section.
But still no apology, as apologies are of course admissions of guilt,
though the guilt is obvious, but amazingly there is nobody to prosecute
the US and British Government because they are the law, the seemingly
untouchables. It would be like trying to prosecute the Queen or the
Monarchy of Saudi Arabia. Its the same with Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
they apparently did a similar trick there as an excuse to bomb them, and
of course still no apology to this day. At last I think people are realising
these people do whatever they like, whenever they like, and there simply
is no law above them, they control everything. But they are realising that
they are losing control of the human being which, of course is their
biggest asset.

A Murderers List of Achievements

The bigger the wars the bigger the profits

Here are just a few examples of real crimes against humanity and the
planet by the US Government oligarchy:
Korean War 1950 -1953
The Congo Crisis 1960 1966
The Bay of Pigs 1961
Vietnam War 1956 1975
Intervention in Lebanon 1958
Invasion of Dominican Republic 1965 1966
Intervention in Soviet Afghan War
Intervention of Grenada 1983
Invasion of Panama 1989
Intervention in Lebanon 1982 1984
Intervention in the Gulf of Sidra 1986
Intervention Bombing of Libya 1986
Invasion Iran Iraq War 1980 1988
Persian Gulf War 1991
Intervention in No Fly Zone Iraq 1991 2003
Intervention in Somalia 1992 1994
Intervention in Bosnia 1994 1995
Operation in Haiti 1994
Afghanistan and Sudan 1998
Invasion Iraq 1998 and Murder of Saddam Hussein
Kosovo War 1999
Invasion of Afghanistan 2001
Invasion of Iraq 2003
Intervention in Haiti 2004
Intervention in Libya 2011 and Murder of Gaddafi
Syria Pending

Iran Pending...An Israeli attack on behalf of US Oligarchs

Destruct and Rebuild By the Warmongers

Imagine the incentive to destroy and rebuild by being paid huge amounts
of money for both

NATO nations reap the harvest of the Libya destruction caused by

themselves. And the more each country contributed militarily towards the
destruction the more big money rewards they receive in the rebuilding
process, and the billions of dollars the western oil contractors make in the
reconstruction. Libya apparently has oil reserves of 46 billion barrels,
the largest in Africa. Big surprise! What an incentive. In 2007 Tony Blair
visited Gadhafi in Libya, when BP signed a $900 million dollar deal to
explore offshore Libya for oil scheduled to start in February 2011, what a
coincidence, but was put on hold with the bombings and murders that
were taking place. BP said we are looking forward to going back inI
I recently watched a prophetic video of Gadhafi addressing the Arab
nations about the western bullies and how they hung Saddam Hussein
with no investigation. They just hung someone for crimes much less than
they themselves have committed against humanity.
In his talk Gadhafi was warning the other heads of state that he or they
may be next to have their countries taken over and get hanged, and they
were sniggering at him as though he were mad. And shortly after his
bleeding dead body was displayed on televisions worldwide and Hilary
Clinton shouted for joy on screen with bulging psychotic eyes.
So the most lucrative business to be in is simply war, which in a simple
business sense is destruct and rebuild with huge profits on the way
down and the on the way up.
A very similar scenario to the big banking scams which carefully plan the
collapse in different areas of the economy and stock markets, and make
huge profits on the way down and on the way up. What a sick, disgusting
display of how low human beings can fall on the ethical barometer.
Is it no wonder they furnished the rebels with as many guns as they
wanted, every time a trigger is pulled there is money being made by
weapons supplies and rebuilding what they blow up. So it is literally,
give the wild rebels the guns and lets sit back and rub our hands and
quaff the champagne as we watch each building collapse.

There is plenty of money and gold to be confiscated too. It is a sickening
and disgusting example of the way the warmongers work, in the
scheming, callous, ways they purposely destroy, then rebuild and
takeover countries, with huge profits being made in the process.
The unscrupulous greedy governments were vying and jostling for
position for the rebuilding of the mayhem, long before the perpetrators of
the chaos have brought the country to its knees. Huge amounts of money
in the billions and trillions being put forward by countries, to guarantee
their stake in the banquet.
All this taking place while the decomposing bloodied bodies of those they
murdered are still lying on the ground stinking and rotting, with the poor,
innocent people left to breath the nuclear waste from the weapons, as I
have described in the section on depleted uranium.
Imagine if I bombed and blew up a street in London full of houses and
people, paid myself millions to do so, then brazenly awarded myself the
contract to rebuild it paying myself millions again.

How About Feeding Some Starving Africans

As the white man gorges himself like a big pink pig the black people
continue to starve.

There are millions of people starving in Africa while this money is spent.
If these people were white skinned would they be fed immediately?
Yes, thats right; there would be containers full of food raining from the
skies under parachutes. I know a beautiful soul and friend Annette who I
mentioned in my acknowledgements, who has an aids orphanage in
Johannesburg, who regularly holds starving, dying children in her arms,
and there is not a penny for food forthcoming from the disgusting
governments around the world who spend all this money on war and
mass manipulation. She has to tell the mothers of dying, starving children
that she cant feed them because she has no money.
Excuse me if Im being a bit negative or over sensitive but how
disgusting and disgraceful it is to leave these people to watch their
children die, while trillions of dollars worth of murderous bombs rain
from the sky upon innocent people in the middle east take over debacle. I
would call this genocide to watch your human brothers and sisters starve
to death while this money is spent on murdering people, and as people in
the middle east will pretty much also starve to death as the NATO

Peacekeepers cut off their water and electricity supply and rain bombs
and shells upon them, as their little children scream with terror and die.

Its The Very Few Who Want War

If those who started the wars had to fight on the front line themselves
and lead the charge, there would be no wars.

You never see a courageous David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Barack

Obama, Tony Blair, or George Bush leading the charge to war in a tin hat
and rifle, a tank or an F16 attack plane. Do you? I wonder why? War is
terrible, but at least in the old bloody battles on horseback the real leaders
led the charge and showed a bit of guts and courage. These modern day
leaders send in the cannon fodder of young, high spirited men who have
mortgages to pay and wives and children to feed, and often an ego to
inflate, most of who probably dont know the real reasons they are being
asked to kill and be killed, though the chloroform is lifting now in the
military at last, and people once they are informed are refusing to kill
people for the lies, corruption and cheating agendas anymore.
The cowardly leaders go jetting after the killing and fighting, with puffed
out chests, in their luxury planes sipping iced tea, and then swagger
around in the ashes of the murderous carnage and rubble, like big tough
guys taking all the glory. Smiling, tapping each other on the shoulders,
revelling in their power of destruction and waving at the crowds who are
carrying flags with their faces on, like egomaniacal superstars.
It is the paranoid and xenophobic governments, and money masters that
want to perpetuate war and destruction, its big business indeed.
Most people dont want to hate and kill each other; they want happiness
and a peaceful world for their children and themselves.
These paranoid leaders creating wars and unrest in this world are a
disease and a sickness that are infecting people far and wide to become
like them, then they complain when the populace acts aggressively
towards one another. Government is no doubt a terrible dis ease.
People all over the world are now are coming together from different
countries, races and religions and refusing to fight each other and do their
insane governments dirty work.
I recently attended a beautiful talk and discussion by some beautiful and
courageous people from Israel and Palestine called combatants for peace,
some of which are ex combatants themselves. They talked and performed

a play to highlight the madness of what is going on. They were a
wonderful template for how people can take their own power back and
refuse to hate each other.
They talked about violence begetting violence, and our urgent need to re
humanize ourselves. They also highlighted that it is nobodys land that
they fight for.
One of the Israeli ladies explained how she was brought up to hate Arabs
but had never seen one, and said she even hated hearing the sound of their
Arab music on the radio. And that she realised later that it could have just
been all lies she was led to believe. Which really highlights our plight as
humanity that we believe almost anything we are told, especially when
we are young.
Their website is

Good and Evil the Victims and Perpetrators

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and
women to do nothing.

The evil leadership running this planet count on the fact that most good
people will do nothing, and most people dont do anything because they
have not got the unethical sickness that the perpetrators of evil possess.
Another major reason they remain relatively unchallenged is because the
victims know very well what the perpetrators are capable of, as far as
brutality and punishment are concerned. So the majority of people are
understandably frightened for their safety were they to stand up, expose
and challenge the oligarchy, and one of the biggest side effects of fear is
paralysis, fear is very paralytic to consciousness.
The public have witnessed for millennia the heinous acts of sickening
violence and cruelty which are bestowed upon those who challenge evil,
oppressive oligarchs. But things are changing, and people everywhere are
less frightened now of the brutal regimes of government worldwide that
have ruled by fear for so long, particularly now that people are becoming
more convinced and aware of the truth that the world is controlled by a
small band of paranoid criminals.
There is very interesting, and exciting development happening that is
going to have a huge impact on the future, and that is that every day in
the lower echelons of government and politics, many members are
wrestling with the guilt of knowing what is happening above them. They

feel very uncomfortable about being a part of that, and many are voicing
these feelings and want to expose the truth because they dont want to be
seen to have been knowingly a part of it, especially now as they see the
spotlight of truth and justice shining ever more brightly, exposing
everything unjust and untruthful its path, engulfing deceit and corruption

The Palestinian Concentration Camp

A Palestinian and Israeli child play together in harmony, they dont

know that they are Palestinians or Israelis or hate each other, until
someone tells them.

I heard a wise man say recently that God is not an estate agent which
was interesting and shines a new light on Gaza. It is a huge cage with an
electric fence, with guards on each entry and exit point, and people are
calling it genocide.
The US Government gives Israel over $6 million dollars a day, yes you
heard right, here it is again, $6 million dollars a day: I bet you never
heard that on the mainstream news. All while people starve to death
around the world, who by the way are usually dark skinned. All while
people queue in the United States at soup kitchens and beg on the street.
Why? Because they are paying $6 million a day.
It is obvious that Israel is the greatest friend and ally to the US
Government and it is no coincidence that the US Government is oozing
with Jews.
I have nothing against Jews, Israelis or anyone else, but its the behaviour
of people that is the problem not the colour of their skin or their religion,
race or creed, its the inherent insanity and xenophobia in human beings
that needs to be addressed so urgently, and their agendas and motives are
the things to study.
The motives of the US Government and others in the west are always
very, very predictable.
They also supply Israel with endless jets, bombs and guns. They never
question them when they slaughter Palestinians, and there is no
humanitarian crisis as far as the UN peace keepers are concerned who
turn a blind eye to what happens there and are controlled by the US
Government anyway. What a terrible, disgraceful, disgusting bunch of
people these oligarchs are.

I dont like to even refer to them as people, these are evil beings who live
for power, money, gain and control, at any cost to innocent people as long
as they secure their fortunes and land grabs. They seem to feed off
peoples fear and suffering like parasites, no matter how many little
children, women and gentlemen are blown to bits in front of each other,
and left on the streets to rot in the sun.
Absolutely no assistance or humanitarian help for the Palestinians. The
big bully boys in the US government are still giving Israel $6 a day, and I
wonder why. People are still doing what the bible told them, and surely
the instructions from the bible should not involve killing innocent little
children. The Bible and other great teachings have much wisdom in them,
but if it makes people kill each other then I am sure Jesus and God would
both say throw it away. Someone recently said God is not an estate agent.

The Police and Military are Also Awakening

The police and military are rapidly realising the truth that they are
working for the criminals, and are beginning to put down their batons
and guns and side with truth and justice.

If every police officer and every military person knew how corrupt the
governments were, then most of them would not be able to do what they
do and live each day with their conscience, knowing that their bosses
were unscrupulous criminals, liars and murderers, and that they were
doing the dirty work for the very few, corrupt people of power in the
world, that are actually cowards themselves, and who have to use others
to brutalise and browbeat the population for them.
The police and military just take orders by the governments to brutalise,
imprison or kill people, demonstrating against the banking cartel and
government oligarchs.
We must remember that these police officers have children and families
to support, and many of them already know that they are protecting a
corrupt and brutal regime hell bent on controlling the slaves who make
their billions for them. But these officers, who know, have to make
money to support their loved ones, so they are turning a blind eye to what
they know.
We must appeal to them to really look at what they stand for, and a lot of
them feel this, and its obvious on their faces as they reluctantly hit

people with batons, who are standing up for the police officers rights as
well as their own.
So the biggest hope for the population now is that the good people in the
police and military forces come together and discuss their discontent at
having to beat people who are just demonstrating against the political
kings who are tyrannizing and robbing them at every possible
opportunity, and these poor people are working all their lives for nothing
other than to pay bills and barely survive, as they see their captures and
kings swanning around making billions of pounds and dollars from their
entrapment and slavery.

Police Must Refuse To Beat Their Own People

By beating the innocent people they are beating themselves.

The police like the military, must stop being manipulated by the
oligarchs. They are beating and tear gassing their own people, and
ironically those very brave people they beat and tear gas are protesting
for freedom and fairness for the policemans children, families and the
policemen themselves. If you look closely you can see, and its obvious
that the policeman dont believe that what they are doing to their own
people is right.
Most members of the police have not become aware of the terrible lies
and corruption in the governments that hire them, who make and break
the laws with impunity.
The police are in a similar situation to the military. They are doing the
dirty work against mostly innocent people who are desperate to escape
the system of slavery and corruption that is forced on them. They earn
barely enough money to pay the bills and eat to survive, and to add insult
to injury they have to watch the oligarchs who are controlling them
feasting off their suffering and manipulation.
Is it no wonder people have turned to stealing to feed their children
properly in desperation to have a better, easier way of life.
I urge all members of the police force to study what really is going on in
the world around them, of mass manipulation by fear and greed at the
expense of the populace, with calculated wars for huge profits and
strategic gains, but look not in the lower echelons and puppet shows of
politics that we see in the houses of parliament, but in the more sinister
and ruthless, darker area of the kleptocracy and oligarchy at the very top,

where morals and ethics no longer count. Where the real criminal law
breakers are the law makers, as will be their illegal actions and horrible
agendas in the future, unless they are impeached and replaced by a
system of truth, complete transparency and justice.
A good policeman standing up for real truth, ethics, morals, fairness and
justice cannot possibly still feel comfortable dragging women and men
along the floor, beating them and handcuffing them, when that policeman
or woman knows the truth about whats behind the mask of those who
hire them to keep the people frightened and quiet. At this point of
realisation of the truth I dearly hope the police will put down their batons
and join the people on the side of truth and justice.
It will become unbearable for police officers and the military to carry on
killing and hurting their own people, once they realise that they are
killing and beating the innocent good people, for the guilty bad people
who employ them. The military are now awakening to this fact and are
refusing to kill and fight any more for the terrorists that employ them,
because they have realised the shocking truth.

Turning People against Each Other

To bring any pack of animals under your control turn them against each
other, and just stand back.

What is absolutely imperative now at this critical point in our history is

that we, the people, under no circumstances must turn against each other,
because if we do it will be perfect for the people suppressing everyone.
They would simply stand back and watch as mayhem ensued, then when
it died down and everyone was hungry, tired and desperate, they would
simply step in with a few loaves of bread with new promises, and most
people frightened and desperate would beg for the bread and new life that
was promised, which could well secure our place in slavery and prison
for goodness knows how many more years. Look at what happened in
Greece, the people turned on each other there, and it was sickening to see
people who were united for their freedom suddenly beating each other
over the head with sticks. Apparently the oligarchs find this hilarious, and
they enjoy seeing us turn on each other like dogs, it saves them getting
their hands dirty by wrestling us back into line.
People all over the world are just protesting for truth, transparency and
justice, and the protestors are just reacting in a most natural way against
what is being forced upon them, which is mass manipulation and slavery.

Any animal would do the same if you forced it further and further into a
corner, slowly taking away its freedom, and becoming more and more
brutal to it.
The governments are forcing more constraints on people and taking more
and more freedoms away, making people more and more reliant on them
to the point of rendering people virtually helpless if they didnt get the
money and food they give them, and many people are losing their homes
now, with the real prospect of homelessness and not having enough food
for their children, supressing them more and more.
People have to re empower themselves now and grow their own food as
soon as they can, we must pull together now, join arms and be as one,
which is what we really are. Like I explained in another section we are all
intimately connected and conjoined really, physically by atoms and
molecules, everything is connected, there is barely anything between us
like branches on the same tree, that seem separate but are one.
We have been fooled into becoming xenophobic, and separated from each
other, frightened to help one another which is not surprising when you
see what we have had to endure. In one sense people are coming together
because we know we need each other to survive, in another sense we are
turning on each in our frustration at results not coming quickly enough,
and in one sense we must be patient, in another sense not too patient or
we may miss the boat.

Military Refusing to Fight is the Solution to War

The only way we will have a warless world is if the people in the
military realise the truth and refuse to fight.

All it takes for all wars on this planet to end is for all the soldiers and
military personnel to refuse to fight, and it seems that is now taking place
with more people within the military finding the horrible truth.
The best, and ultimate scenario for the planet and all of humanity, and the
only one that guarantees freedom from our continual, gruesome,
murderous wars and conflict, would be that all military personnel refuse
to take part in any aggression and war any longer, and completely turn
their backs on the worlds ruling elite who control them. If the military all
did this at once then we would have peace on earth overnight.
Military men are dumb
Stupid animals to be

Used as pawns for
Foreign policy.
- Henry Kissinger
There would suddenly be nobody to do the governments murdering and
terrorising for them, and you can be certain they wouldnt have the guts
to do it themselves, and without knowing how to throw a grenade or fire a
gun, they would become powerless overnight, even with all their billions
of Pounds, Dollars, and Euros.
At this very moment there are people in the military finding the courage
to say no to murdering and fighting their fellow humans, and once all the
military all over the world realise the truth about who and what it is that
they are murdering and being murdered for, then they will all, every
single one of them refuse to participate any longer, and with those
numbers refusing, there would not be enough prisons to house them all.
Its worth saying this again, once the military know for sure that what
they are murdering and being murdered for is a group of people
controlling them for their own greed, then they will refuse to participate
any longer.
At this point we all would have to promise to help them and their families
to survive without their military murder money, we would owe them this
for ending the world tyranny and in essence disarming the biggest
terrorists of all time, the ones who were controlling them to do their
work. Taking the military away from these murderers, would be like
taking a huge elephant away from a few power crazed people sat on its
back who were using it to trample, murder and tyrannize people
everywhere, for their own immoral greed and gain.
By taking away the mighty power of the elephant beneath them they
would become nothing without it, unable to control anything.
At which point I would foresee that we would have mercy upon them and
send them to work in the hospitals of Iraq and Afghanistan, where they
would face the misery they had brought to its people, and wipe the little
bums of the terribly deformed, helpless children who were born with
horrific defects from the endless tons of depleted uranium nuclear bombs
that were dropped on their mothers and dead fathers.
They would be forced to hold the hands and weep with the mothers of
children with no legs, and faces blown off, and they would remember
with shame the days they felt so powerful giving the orders for the
bombing campaigns called shock and awe.
I would teach them how to forgive themselves for all they had done, and I
would ask them to write volumes of books about their fall from and

return to grace, as reminders to coming generations of what horrors can
befall us if we allow ourselves to fall into the clutches of our darkest most
shadowy selves.
I would send them for drastic healing and therapies to retrieve their
fragmented and wounded souls, and once cleansed and proven to be rid of
their evil selves and completely rehabilitated, I may even ask for their
help in rebuilding this wounded society which they almost destroyed, and
again face and work with the people who they fed off for so long, like
vultures picking the bones of the poor people they controlled. Together
we could begin to build a society without war and conflict, based on the
proper functioning of our own finely tuned moral and ethical selves who
intrinsically know whats right and wrong, just and unjust, kind or
unkind, good and bad, fair and unfair, loving and loveless.
The seemingly useless worlds military junkyard with many millions of
tons of metal planes, tanks, bombs, guns, and shells would be used to
make solar panels or something useful for people. The oligarchs, the
billionaires that control this worlds population by fear, are the biggest
cowards you could ever find. Just take a look at a David Cameron,
Sarkozy, Tony Blair, or a George Bush, I bet their legs would turn to jelly
if you even shouted at them, so can you imagine them fighting anyone on
the front line, they would probably wee their pants if they saw a few
bullets flying by, or someone pointing a gun at them.
They just control others to do their dirty bidding, killing and fear
mongering for them, but in the clear light of day they really are absolute
cowards without any guts or courage, little rosy cheeked mummies boys
from Eton and Oxford college, too wimpish, devious, and terrified to get
blood on their soft, delicate hands.
The military who fight for the cowardly government warmongers, are
simply trained terrorists who exacerbate racism, anger and xenophobia in
each place they are ordered to go, to terrorise, intimidate and dominate
with violence and force, as the cowardly oligarchs trained them to do.
Most of these young, very smart streetwise soldiers, would probably tell
you that themselves now because they know whats going on and why,
but its difficult for them to leave because they are not allowed to. If they
do they are court marshalled and sent to prison for treason or even
desertion, and could even be killed. Their pride often keeps them there,
and they have families and children to feed who they dearly love and
rarely see. But these brave guys and women who are waking up to the
truth are now finding the courage to turn on their oppressors and speak
out against them and leave the service, refusing to kill and be killed for
such disgraceful causes.

They turn young men into killing machines to do their dangerous,
ruthless, illegal murdering for them, who normally end up traumatized
and mentally scarred for life having to live with what they have done.
They are lured into the military under false pretences of being heroes who
will protect their country with pride, and the promise of a safe, steady job
and a pension. The unscrupulous oligarchs often target deprived, poor
areas of America, and officers wander the streets convincing young men
with no prospects of a job to sign up. Often giving them a well needed
boost of self-esteem and ego, offering them trades and skills. Once these
young men realise they are fighting for disgusting lies and murderous
corruption, its too These military machines are the terror in the world,
not people in turbans in caves in Afghanistan, and the soldiers themselves
are now saying it more and more as they just cant stand fighting and
killing for lies.

Chapter 24

Government is a Sickness

What is Democracy and Do We Have it?

Democracy denotes freedom, and the people of this planet under the
ruling oligarchs have oppression and slavery which is the complete

The word demo comes from the Greek word meaning people, and the
word cracy comes from the Greek word kratos meaning power, rule,
might, sway.
Democracy is in the dictionary as: Government by the people, a form of
government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and
exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral
system. A state of society characterized by formal equality of rights and
privileges. In other words the people have a very big say in what the
government they elected do, which they definitely do not. They have a
say which rotten apples they choose out of the political basket, but
thereafter they are not consulted about anything.
The system we live in is definitely not the definition outlined above.
Democracy as a word is very overused and exaggerated, as a sweeping
statement implying that the people in a democracy are free. As though it
is a privilege to be a part of a so called democracy. Freedom of the
people as it is often called. If we are told something enough we believe it,
and democracy is no exception. And I have quoted this by Adolf Hitler
elsewhere but it is well worth quoting again:

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will
believe it.
And the Hitlers that run the governments of this planet have a lot in
common with him, in what they do and say and the amount of people
they kill.

We Have Oligarchy not Democracy

We have rule by gangs of the most unscrupulous people on the planet,

who at each election change only by name not substance

The word oligarkhia and oligos come from the Greek word meaning
A system of government and rule by a small group of people.
Dominant class or clique; government by these few.
Oligarchy is the perfection of tyranny, which quite simply thrives at the
expense of the people.
Whoever one votes for, be it labour, conservative, liberal, republican,
democrat, left, right, up or down, it is the same ruling clique and
oligarchs in control, composed of the most deceptively unscrupulous
people in a country, changing only in name not in psychological type or
At each election or even revolution the oppressors remain in control.
They are hell bent on short term greed, mass manipulation by fear and a
continual cycle of a highly lucrative war with any country, anybody, and
anything that get in its way. This political paranoia and extreme
xenophobia perpetuates itself at any cost, and is now destroying itself as
well as everything else. Like a huge snake which ends up devouring
itself, like a huge self-destructing cancerous tumour.
This is coming as a tremendous shock for a lot of people who for
centuries have put their trust in the hands of those they vote for.
People have no choice in any decisions that are made by politicians.
Of course politicians would say the choice was in having the privilege of
choosing one of the parties, but most people dont believe any of them to
be a wise choice.

An Election Isnt a Choice its a Card Trick

It is like choosing from a deck of cards which are all jokers, nothing
changes however many times you choose.
The different political parties or governments that are offered as a choice
to vote for are like a simple card trick. If I offered you three or four
different cards to choose from, whichever one you choose is still one of
the choices that I wanted you to have, but you would think you had
chosen, but not if all the cards are the same thing, from the same pack.
So its like being offered a choice of three things to eat and you dont like
any of them, but if people are starving and desperate they would choose
one of them, even if it smelt and tasted ominous, if there was no other
choice thats what most people do, its the same with political choices.
There is no good choice available. Because ethical people dont get into
the higher echelons of government as I have explained in another section.
Its like being handed a menu in a restaurant with four options on it, you
dont like any of them, they look and smell suspicious and they never are
actually what they describe themselves to be, usually the complete
opposite, but there are no other restaurants available, so you stay and
choose one or go without as I do. They promise you a steak and serve a
plate of horse manure. So we keep handing our power over to these
More simply put, whoever you vote for its the same rotten wine in
different bottles, and as mentioned in another section, none of the
political parties have the vision to steer humanity safely. They lack
vision, ethics, morals, and are obsessed with money, power and short
term greed at the expense of the people. Its always been the same, and
will change only when people take their power back which they are
constantly being coerced into giving away.
It is like a mythical Gorgon with three or more faces, each from the same
body, with different names, who hypnotise victims with its evil gaze


Professional thieves are so skilled in what they do, that the people they
steal from dont even notice.

The word Kleptes comes from the Greek word meaning thief, and the
word Kleptomaniac means an irresistible impulse to steal, stemming
from emotional disturbance.
The word Cracy comes from the Greek word kratein meaning to rule.
Rule by thieves is the meaning of Kleptocracy which sums up the system
that has enveloped us, and which forces us to become victims of a
continual manipulation of theft taking place upon us.
There really isnt any need for me to expound on the above explanation
of how we are presently being governed, I think it speaks for itself.
The people of the world are literally being robbed not only of the little
money they receive from the thieves in government, but also they are
having their health and spiritual wellbeing stolen. The public are the
masses that the world leadership preys on, and as is evident worldwide
now the people are turning on the thieves and demanding justice. It is a
mafia dictatorship fuelled by greed and fear for the population, but when
people have very little left to lose then they can turn on their oppressors,
as history shows us.
I knew a young man many years ago who used to steal from shops with
great success, and he said he got away with it because he used to do it so
blatantly, hardly trying to hide it, just openly stealing. This is what the
governments have been doing to the trusting people for so long, by
stealing from them with mortgages, rent and all the other bills, and with
the banking scandals, and the stock markets, it is all theft but done out in
the open for everyone to see. Ultimately peoples lives have been stolen,
and consumed by the need to earn money and pay bills.

Giving Our Power Away

There is an undeclared but nonetheless deadly war going on between

human ruling cliques tyrannizing over the rest of the helpless humans
and all other species on earth. The upshot is that human beings under
such oligarchies become like the cancer cells that end up in a suicidal
destruction of the body of their host.- Musaios.

A perfect example of people handing their power over would be seeing

millions of people waving flags hysterically in the streets of America
when Obama became president and came into power, and similar
hysteria when previous presidents or political parties take power. I
watched the video footage again recently and was really shocked at the

way people were becoming hysterical and screaming with delight, kissing
each other, jumping in the air, and frantically waving flags euphorically
as this stranger that most people didnt even know stepped up to the
platform. They saw him as their saviour.
The alarming truth is that most people waving the flags are literally
saying help us we are helpless, and, we hand our power and ourselves
over to you, because we cannot fend for ourselves and need you to make
decisions for us and ultimately to save us. People have become so
depleted and drained of their ability to be self-reliant by the system they
live in, they are evidently screaming for help, almost as though they are
looking to a Godlike figure in the elected person who will be the one
who will make everything okay again, and save our souls.
We have become used to giving our power away from the moment we go
to school, to the doctors, to work, when we vote for politicians,
governments, when we seek employment, banks. We give our power to
mortgage and insurance companies, and a massive list of other
organisations, people and places where we hand ourselves over. Dont get
me wrong there are some wonderful, symbiotic exchanges taking place
which are empowering for both parties, its not all bad news. But
generally we have become accustomed and coerced into handing over our
power, and the system manipulates us and plays and preys on our
weaknesses and insecurities.

There Has Never Been Legitimacy

Never in history as we know it has there been Governments of strict

ethics, morals and legitimacy.

I heard someone recently saying that there must be a return to legitimacy

in Governments, and I shuddered at the thought that anybody could
possibly believe there ever has been any legitimacy in any government
we can think of, with the exception of wiser traditions such as Tibet and
some other small pockets of people, who have usually been ruined and
taken advantage of by the other unscrupulous, ruthless governments.
There have been rare occasions where somehow decent people of ethics
have slipped under the wire like the Kennedys but look what happened
to them.

Why There are Not People of High Ethics and
Morals in Positions of Power

The higher up the political ladder one goes the bigger the ethical
compromises one must make.

It is very rare to find people of strict ethical and moral behaviour in the
higher echelons of government. The reason is that the higher up the
political ladder a candidate goes, then the more ethical compromises they
would have to make in order to reach those positions at the top. Ethical
compromises that good people would not be prepared to make, nor even
tempted by with all the big money pay cheques. This is why we very
rarely find high ethical and moral qualities in people in positions of
Very occasionally we have seen people of ethics somehow get through to
the higher echelons of government, such as John F Kennedy, who was
clearly threatened for his ethical and moral standards he tried to placate,
by the ruthless money men, who eventually had him killed.
He was too great a threat to the ruthless perpetuation of control by fear,
greed, unethical, and unscrupulous misery and slavery for the population,
by the heartless puppeteers above him.
Often in the earlier stages of a persons political career, they can have
great aspirations to bring about a more ethical and morally sound system,
and I am sure a young, unsullied Tony Blair going door to door
campaigning may have had such aspirations, but the further up the
political ladder they climb, the more they have to compromise ethically in
order to proceed.
They soon become enswathed and seduced by the web of deceit, lies and
terrible murder and misery, which they have to say yes to. By the time
they are in that deep they have little choice but to do as they are told, as
they drop a few more bombs there, take over a country over here, murder
a couple of hundred thousand civilians here and there, and it starts to feel
quite normal. The new feeling of being all powerful, fuelling the puffed
up ego that was once a nobody, now a big somebody, and the millions of
pounds that starts going into the bank, and we soon have a literal monster
who lies and cheats and steals as standard. We only have to remember the
image of him walking side by side with George Bush, arms slightly away
from the body implying big muscles they didnt have, and chests both
pushed out, like real tough guys, tough guys who would have both wet
their pants on the front line in Iraq. It is easy to be tough when you send

other people to murder, fight and be killed, for you who started the fight
behind a desk sipping tea.
There are many wise, ethically and morally sound people with vision in
the world who could do a much better job of things, who sadly will never
reach a position to do so, in the political system as we know it, and even
if they did within that noxious system, it would seem like putting an
umbrella up in a hurricane. As I mentioned already, but its worth saying
again, that anyone wanting to rule and govern others so vehemently are
quite psychologically sick, as their future actions normally prove.

Government, Science, and Medicines Obsession

With Control

Nature generally knows whats best for it, and us, if we have the wisdom
and humility to listen and let it teach us.

Some control is good, very good. We can and do control nature in highly
beneficial ways, and if done properly and with vision, wisdom and
foresight we can have a harmonious relationship with nature, and each
other creating a symbiosis of beauty and mutual benefit for all.
But it hasnt worked that way because government, the drug companies
and science have become completely obsessed with controlling nature,
and people, and as usual, and predictably, they are manipulating every
situation to create maximum profits at the expense of the people.
The insane and dangerous overuse of vaccinations is a good example,
which one of the leading money spinners for the gangster drug
companies, I read that $23 billion dollars was made on vaccinations in
2009 alone. So it is no wonder they are obsessed with vaccinating
everyone thats born via the usual fear mongering tactics, and mass
Science is absolutely obsessed with curing everything, and making a
fortune in the process, but nature doesnt agree with that. Nature is in a
tooth and claw battle all the time with itself against infection and disease,
and we have many losses in nature, people die, children die sometimes,
its terrible but thats natures way.
The government and sciences are complete control freaks, thinking that
they can control nature completely, and in that obsession there is often
more bad done than good. Its a delicate balance and it can be tampered
and messed with too much. Medicines is great, but once there is a lot of

money to be made then over compensation and mass manipulation are an
inevitable outcome, and they are like the mad scientists in the old films
who are creating Frankensteins monsters all over the place that will do
damage for many generations to come.
Its the same with people, government is obsessed with controlling and
manipulating people in any way it can and its getting worse. There is a
huge battle taking place, humans are being forced and herded into places
they dont want to go, and things they dont want to do, and there are far
too many ethical compromises being made by government which are then
automatically passed down to the population. These paranoid, power
crazed oligarchs keep thinking of new devious ways to lead people into
the pens and cattle sheds of exploitation and entrapment.
The people of the world are so tired, bullied and browbeaten that they
usually follow whatever they are told to do, and are led, literally
exhausted, from one control system to the next, with the net of
manipulation and ever increasing control closing continually in around
There are so many confines being forced upon people now that we are
becoming more and more like battery hens, confined into less and less
space, and having less and less freedom to choose their own futures,
because to a very great degree the future is forced upon us from the
moment we are born into this system, and whether we like the system or
not, we are controlled and manipulated into it and by it en mass.
We are born into a system which has everything in place for us, as we
move through it like water funnelled along predetermined bends in pipes
ahead of us, from school, to job, to mortgage or rent, and all the
compulsory bills, confines and traps that are there in front of us, either
side of us, behind us and crushing down upon us, like the spiders web
scenario I have discussed, once youre in it, its an amazing struggle to
get out without having the life and energy sucked out of you as we are
cocooned in the sticky web.

Government as Role Models

The government expect its citizens to act like gentlemen, as it murders

innocent people every day, and robs and thieves, and lies and cheats
around the world.

David Cameron Britains Prime Minister was talking about the peoples
behaviour in the London demonstrations, and it was shocking what he
said about them, because it sounded like a mirror of what he has done
himself in Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan and no doubt other countries
soon enough.
I quote:
I feel sympathy for innocent people burned out of their houses, and who
have had business premises destroyed and livelihoods ruined.
These are sickening scenes of thuggery, looting, thieving, robbing,
vandalism and criminality pure and simple.
I feel for those living in fear.
You are not only wrecking the lives of others but your own lives too.
The disgusting sight of people pretending to help someone while they
are robbing them.
This last quote is exactly what has happened in Libya and Iraq and other
places Britain has attacked for its own gain, financially and strategically,
going in using NATO as a pretty mask pretending to help the people
while they rob them and their leaders assets.
When Britains government is almost continually at war, and has an
abhorrent record to date of crimes against humanity, coupled with the
wanton looting of those countries assets, what does David Cameron
expect its youth to be like. As Ghandi said be the change you wish to
see. Then by all means righteously preach the law to those breaking it,
when youre not breaking it yourself.

The Houses of Commons Tragicomedy Show

However you organise morons in a room, and whatever political party

they are with they are still the same morons.

How dare the politicians laugh, joke and cajole in the houses of commons
when they are supposed to be dealing with crucial decisions affecting
every man, woman and child in the country. They act like stupid court
jesters while arguing and bantering across the house between each other
like little children, while deciding on the peoples future on this planet,
who are struggling to feed their children and stay warm and barely pay
the bills.

It is a nauseating, and a seriously worrying sight to see the supposedly
most intelligent, responsible, intellectual minds of a country, who are
making life or death decisions for the trusting people who elected them,
behaving like inept idiots, leaping up and down to argue and banter in a
strange semi-serious act, like demented chimpanzees. Some of which
have the audacity to actually fall asleep while our lives and futures are
being discussed and decided upon, and we all know what happens when
someone falls asleep at the wheel. Just look at the news.
Although it is a shocking truth let us remind ourselves that the
intelligentsia of a society is often the most stupid, because they cant see
whats under their very noses.
With the situation in the country and the world, which they have
orchestrated, war torn and teetering on the brink of a terrible catastrophe,
there they still are like marionettes, acting and sounding like a Punch and
Judy show. I will say it again, how dare they joke and make light of the
critical nuances of this system which they themselves have raped,
ravaged and continue to do so.
Then off they go together laughing and joking with the opposition
parties they were just playing Punch and Judy with, for champagne and
nibbles in their gas guzzling limousines, to their fancy houses, no wonder
they arent that bothered, their stupid actions are hardly affecting
themselves, but the poor desperate populace who even gather outside in
awe with their cameras hoping to catch a glimpse of them, to tell their
friends later in the pub where they can barely afford a drink and a packet
of crisps.

Cowardly Presidents, Politicians and Oligarchs Who

Give the Orders to Murder

Let those who start the wars fight the wars themselves.

Many thousands of good men and women in the military machine are
now discovering the real reasons that they are being asked to fight and
kill innocent people on the other side. And people fighting on either side
of any conflict are realising that they are just fighting mostly innocent
people like themselves. They are doing the filthy, evil work of those who
are manipulating them, other systems, and money markets, and anything
else to manifest their greedy, paranoid, manipulating agendas. To control
and take over other countries, and their resources in an uncontrollable
urge to possess and control everything they can. Like a parasitic tape

worm or cancer that is trying to take over everything in its path, which
ends up eating itself. Imagine the horror of being a part of a military
machine, having killed and taken over countries such as Iraq and
Afghanistan believing you were doing a good job then realising it had
been for reasons which were shocking, based on short term greed and
gain, at the expense of hundreds of thousands of lives.
It is no wonder there are so many suicides in the military, and numbers
now are at record levels. These brave people must not blame themselves
for being misled, they must blame those who have led to them and used
them to do their cowardly work.
The government mislead them to think they are fighting a war on terror
when in truth they are fighting a war for terror.
It is the same in any bloody, horrific and terrifying conflict anywhere,
whether in the trenches face to face killing each other or behind big guns,
mortars, or in tanks and F16 fighter jets. Young, innocent men facing
each other and being ordered to kill each other by their governments,
believing its the right thing to do, but they are waking up to the deceit in
many thousands.

The Governments are the Greatest Threat To


The greatest threat to humanity is government with power but without

wisdom, vision, or a moral compass.

Power without wisdom and vision is as dangerous as children in a nuclear

reactor. This is our current predicament, and it is absolutely obvious that
the people running this planet are not responsible, intelligent and wise
enough to have the power and responsibility they have. Just a glance at
recent history shockingly proves that.
The current governments are becoming more and more transparent in
their actions due to advances in technology, where the things they have
done, the things they do, the reasons why, and the often terrible
consequences of their actions and behaviour are more and more difficult
for them to hide. And the more difficult it becomes for them to hide their
true intentions and actions, the more apparent it becomes that they are not
working for truth and justice, but for their own power, greed and paranoid
obsession to control.

It is becoming glaringly obvious that governments are mostly corrupt and
not to be believed or trusted. The shocking question we should ask
ourselves is; Are the people that are running government and controlling
the governments the most intelligent, ethical, morally sound, balanced
and mentally sane humans on the planet? The answer to that question is
obviously no. This is worrying because at the moment these people are at
the steering wheel of everyones destiny on this planet.
Its a horrifying spectacle to see these political parties arguing, cajoling
and laughing about serious issues in the houses of parliament that affect
our lives, like the future of the planet is some kind of joke. These people
look seriously disturbed.
By observing what they do, say and have done, and their general
behaviour it would be difficult to argue against them being psychopaths.
Charles Muses said that the intelligencia of a society are often the most
stupid, because they cant see whats under their noses.

Murderous Acts Deleted With Each Election

Every time a government or political party changes hands, it seems as

though all of the previous acts of murder and corruption are wiped

There must be absolute responsibility and accountability. Imagine the

carnage that the spurious acts of George Bush and Tony Blair, Obama and
Hilary Clinton have created, and then as soon as there is an election and
the new government or prime minister gets in, its as though all is
forgotten and forgiven, and the previous person who ordered their troops
to murder, torture and create genocide are let off without a single charge
or tribunal. But only in the West, in other places people are brought to
I have mentioned before about how Ratko Mladic the Bosnian Serb army
chief was hurled in jail for doing a fraction of killing compared to Bush
or Blair, and now Clinton and Obama, racking up the murders.
At last it seems that people are working out the sleight of hand tricks that
keep going on right under peoples noses, and people are no longer
prepared to be lied to and tricked any more. Its been a very long and
torturous wait for people to finally realise this.

Above the Law? They are the Law

Those who write the law are the law, and therefore are above the law.

So yes they are above the law, because they are the law.
Saddam Hussein was hung on television for murder, and crimes against
humanity, his hanging was a murder by murderers, who had the audacity
to screen it on television all around the world to show off, and I am
surprised they didnt eat his head in celebration. The Western
Governments behaviour make Barbarians seem angelic. Saddam Hussein,
Gaddafi, Syrias President and Irans have killed a tiny fraction of the
people in comparison to Tony Blair and George Bush, and created far less
Even worse is the long term affects in Iraq, and Libya, with the depleted
uranium nuclear warheads and shells used. With childhood deformities
and cancers lasting for millennia to come, effectively a partial wiping out
of whole generation of healthy children. This must be classed as
genocide. The Middle East debacle is fast becoming a modern day

The Purging of World Government

Here is the governments chance to step forward, wipe their slate clean,
and rebalance their karmic bank account by telling the truth.

There is a chance, a final opportunity for the worst people in this world,
who lead people by fear, lies, cruelty and horrible manipulation. A chance
for them to set down their agendas of greed, power, manipulation and
control which robs the people of their sanity and health. The immense
level of suffering and horrific cruelty which has been done to the
population by the worlds oligarchs and their money bosses in the higher
echelons is so enormous that one could never imagine any forgiveness for
such crimes against humanity.
There is a spotlight of truth which is shining deep into the souls and
hearts of these people and if you look closely you can see it on their faces
and the way they move. The once terrible smugness and arrogance they
previously had is faltering under this spotlight of exposure of anything
which isnt ethically, morally, truthful and just, and the guilt is now plain
to see.

There is something miraculous happening at the moment. The lies,
corruption, cheating and all other Government misconduct seems to be
surfacing like dirty oil in water, it is amazing. The filth and falsity, and all
that is not truth seems to be coming to the surface to be exposed. Its as
though it has to resurface, like a law of nature that is exposing anything
unjust. I do not think a lot of them are aware of this fire of transformation
yet which is consuming their conscience and entire being, and the
spotlight is shining from many sources. It is like a giant lie detector
which is closing in on them, and they still have a chance to redeem
themselves. As the population discover the truth about the people who
run this world, the more the lies will become obvious.
Now is the time for them to still keep a semblance of self-respect and
dignity, by stepping forward and just being honest, by telling the truth,
that they couldnt control the power that was bestowed upon them, and
that they werent responsible enough, and completely abused their
positions, and that massive greed, and unscrupulous agendas consumed
them. Then they would admit every dreadful act they have committed,
and accept drastic therapy to redress the terrible imbalances they have.
I believe that the relief that would be felt by these people would by far
outweigh the shame and guilt that they would feel at having fallen so far
from grace. I am sure there would be pity and much help for them, and a
compassion which they themselves didnt show, because they didnt have,
to someone like Saddam Hussein that they hung on television, who was
clearly psychologically sick like themselves.
Though obviously they couldnt be allowed to integrate back into society
until they had undergone drastic therapies under strict, but compassionate

A Call to all Good People in Government

The truth is like a beautiful daybreak, after a long dark night, it always
comes up without fail, and illuminates all dark spaces.

There is no doubt, that complete transparency in all areas of government

is now taking place, and all those in the lower echelons of government
who are aware of the terrible corruption, manipulation and deceit, should
come forward now and clear their names, and wash their hands out in the
open, and rid themselves of the burden of being amongst the ranks of the
most unscrupulous people on the planet.

As the spotlight of truth sweeps through all levels of government, and as
complete transparency washes away the secrecy that normally surrounds
and protects what is going on in all levels of government, there will be no
place in the establishment that will not be fully exposed. The exposure
will not just be exposing the present corruption and deceit, but will open
expose virtually everything that has taken place previously.
As more and more people in government feel guilty for being a part of
the global sickness of corrupt government, the more people will defect
and come out to clear their names. This is taking place now as the
spotlight of truth burns deep into peoples conscience.
It is also taking place in the military and police as they can no longer
stand shoulder to shoulder with the lies and deceit of those who give them
their orders.
There is a definite purging taking place which is exposing everything
which is not the truth, with the technology of the internet speeding the
process up to lightning speed, and that lightening of truth is striking into
the hearts of the most unlikely of people we would expect to step forward
and speak the truth. This truth is finding everybody and there is nowhere
to hide.
So let all those who know the truth to come forward and speak the truth,
and it is better to come forward and admit ones own conscious
involvement in deception and show remorse, than to wait on the
collapsing tower of lies and be seen floundering in the rubble later when
it has collapsed.

Humanity Must be able to Function Independently of

the Corrupt Oligarchs

The insidious government oligarchs are currently impeaching

themselves by exposing themselves for what they are.

This may sound shocking and unbelievable to some people, but I am not
going to hold back in this section. Humanity will never, ever be free from
tyranny, slavery, control, mass manipulation, terrible debt, fear and greed
until every single member of the ruling oligarchs, world governments and
all those in the higher echelons who rule this castle from the top down are
impeached, who must then undergo drastic rehabilitation so as never to be
able to inflict the same pain on humanity again.

The big problem is that whatever happens, and whatever changes take
place in politics and government, uprisings and unrest, chaos and wars,
the same thing happens each time, with the same unscrupulous people
staying in control when everything settles down, and the same scenario
plays out again of short term greed and mass manipulation by fear. The
ruthless people in control at the top have got everything so stitched up
that whatever people do the controlling governments still have the trump
card. At some point the people will need to eat, and the controllers have
so disempowered peoples ability to find their own food, that people
usually fall back into line and do what they are told.
The last thing we want or that humanity needs are riots and more
bloodshed, because that will play right into their controlling hands. It is
ultimately what they need now, to be able to really clamp down further on
the awakening public and shut them up, by food shortages and brutal
control by the police and military. I beg people not to become violent, but
begin now to put your own systems into place where you can to be able to
live independently of government control. Only then will the people
know real freedom and peace again, and will then have a hope of living in
real happiness.

Government and Money is a Cancer

An aggressive, malignant form of cancer ravages its host and victim

ruthlessly and with no conscience.

Government and money is a relationship born in hell, and has become the
most aggressive, malignant, rampant cancer sweeping this planet and its
population, destroying everything in its path. Like the worst form of
malignant cancer; it has no mercy, and zero compassion or regard for any
life form whatsoever. It is just eating everything in its wake, and
ironically it ends up destroying itself in the process.
Money like Government and cancer has no conscience. It is devouring,
literally gobbling everything, and I mean everything, and will continue to
do so until it is stopped. It is rampaging through the world killing
everything that stands in its way. It is devouring countries, communities,
rainforests, the biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, contaminating water
supplies, seed supplies, people, freedom, sanity, physical health, ruining
relationships, and childrens futures.
Government and money is a deadly cocktail, a psychotic, paranoid
maniac which is so consumed with greed and power that it doesnt even

care about the future of its own children or grandchildren, and that tells
you how sick it is.
The only possible cure for such a malignant and aggressive form of
corrupted government cancer is a complete removal of all cancerous cells
from the body it is attacking, because even if only a few cells are left
undetected, the cancer will certainly take hold, and spread again, so it
must be removed completely.
As we saw with the cancerous cells in Egypt that were removed, there
were still cancer cells left which just started again, though luckily the
people saw this, because often cancer can hide where it cant be seen only
to emerge later when the body relaxes and thinks its free of the disease
again, only to see it taking over again. Cancer is a cunning enemy and we
must be infinitely resourceful when dealing with it.
Even once we think its gone we must undertake regular scans through
the body monthly to make certain, and if we find the slightest semblance
of it again it must be treated immediately so it doesnt spread.

The Law Makers are The Biggest Law Breakers

Those who impose the rule of law are above the rule of law.

The brutal murder of many thousands of innocent civilians by the US and

British Government is a horrible example of this. They gave the order to
blanket bomb Iraq with impunity, creating generations of genocide by the
use of Depleted Uranium nuclear weapons. They had the audacity to call
the murderous bombings shock and awe, and the further audacity to call
the mass murder of civilians collateral damage, a euphemism for
innocent civilians being murdered on a wholesale basis. They then
smugly bragged about the destruction with their chests puffed out, to the
clapping and cheering of the military. As I have said before How poor a
man must be inside himself if only the applause of other people can
convince him that he exists.
Ratko Mladi the Bosnian Serb colonel has been swiftly put behind bars
for war crimes against humanity, but ordered the killing of a tiny amount
of people in comparison to the US and British Government slaughters in
Iraq and Afghanistan. This proves that they are above the laws they make.
Its the same as the money system laws which they also ignore
themselves and do whatever they want. Laws are being broken every day

on the stock market and in the corrupt banking system, which ordinary
people would be locked up for.
They lie, they cheat, they steal, and tyrannize the population and any
country, depending on how much there is to steal and capitalise on by its
capture and control.

Government Control People With Force and Fear

There is the ultimate world war taking place between those who are
manipulated and those who are manipulating.

This war has gone on for thousands of years. People being controlled by
fear by a few people at the top, who are controlling the police and
military with fear, to do their dirty work to control the population of the
world with fear. The people giving the orders are really cowards
themselves. Kids in school used to do this. They would buy the toughest
guy sweets and cakes, and give him money for protection, its very
similar. They are buying the might of the military they created to protect
themselves and steal and kill for them, to amass great fortunes and power.
The military are a bit like hunting dogs who are told fetch with one
point of a finger in the direction of Iraq, Libya, Syria or anywhere, and
off they go without questioning their masters, until the masters say stop,
and call them back with the catch or kill. Often splendid treasures are
returned of oil, gold, minerals, money, swathes of land, and millions of
orphans to adopt and manipulate with false love and bank loans,
imprisoning them for generations to come.
The Government oligarchs have in essence bred a huge pack of dogs for
protection as a mighty force around them. They teach them to fight and
kill, and most importantly to take orders. It is quite simple, and works
really well, imposing the ultimate threat of violence or death for the
population if they dare to resist. The military enforcing the threats to the
people are ironically also controlled by fear of Court Martial,
imprisonment or death themselves if they dare to try to escape the hands
of those that control and feed them, and their families wellbeing is also at
Any megalomaniac can control people by fear and force, history is full of
them. It is a sickness that the people of the world have been subjected to
for thousands of years, over and over again. It is so instilled and accepted
now as the normal thing, that up till now it has carried on, with the people

believing that the police and military are protecting them. The shocking
realisation now is that the military are the governments protection for
themselves against anyone that threatens them, including its own
population who they know would turn on them in a moment if they
werent frightened of the police and military.
This is a pretty interesting truth to ponder over. What kind of system is
this? Is it not a virtual concentration camp without walls? That answer is
obvious. Anyone who doubted this is now seeing the proof of it playing
out across the world, with people so crushed that the innate fear is
dissipating and the stage is being set. I am convinced that the military and
the CIA covert operatives are about to completely disarm the
Governments once they feel they cannot live with the knowledge that
they are working for evil instead of good, and there is no doubt now that
they are on the wrong side, and for most people thats too big a burden to
carry through your life.
What is playing out at the moment in the Middle East is that the
manipulators are using the already manipulated peoples despair to win
them over, and tyrants are replacing tyrants with new lies and deceit, but
the people are not so stupid any more, and will soon realise this.
Nobody would be resisting, demonstrating, and fighting against
suppression if there wasnt any, nobody is imagining being a suppressed
slave for life. This truth is a good indicator as to how well a system is. If
people are in harmony and feel in peace and at one with a system that is
making them whole and fulfilled then there would be peace and harmony
throughout, with no need for uprisings or unrest. The uprising is a natural
effect springing from a suppression. The only reason it doesnt happen
every day is because of brainwashing and fear, a powerful combination.
But holding people down can only last so long. It is very similar to trying
to stop the rising of a fountain with its beautiful force and energy pushing
out of the ground upward, in the most natural way. If you were to try to
smother that fountain of that life loving, living force, it would burst out
somewhere else nearby, and you could try all you liked, but that fountain
would keep reaching for freedom the more you supressed it. People are
that fountain, their spirits however tired want the freedom to reach
skywards, and burst forth and flourish, and be all they can be, not just
slaves living hand to mouth. This is what is taking place on this planet,
people want to be free and gush forth as the beautiful living fountains that
they are.
If we cannot rise in one place then we must rise in another, by bringing
forth our fountains of energy together as a mighty force where we cannot

be controlled. Which means creating our own systems independent of
destructive leaders.
Interestingly the fountain analogy is a good one, and more of a reality
than an analogy because the truth is that humans are actually not solid,
but literally fountains of energy that are renewing themselves continually,
that is a fact on a very real level of science and can be proved. All matter
and energy occur in waves, and we are no exception, so we are standing
waves of energy like fountains.
It is worth quoting again some words by a great teacher of mine that
sounds timely in our current planetary emergency:
The people of the democracies are living under oppression, with
continuance built into the laws enacted by the party clique in control,
which even the elections or the revolutions change only in name, not in
psychological type or character.

This situation of rule by gangs of the most deceptively unscrupulous

people in a country will continue unchallenged until human society is
enabled to function benignly and independently of destructive leaders.
We call this enabling point the inception of manual override as will be

- Musaios

The Manual override he talked of was an energy shift, tying in with many
realities, planetary, spiritually, physically, and mapping onto other things
but without getting too esoteric we can see manual override happening
now, by the peoples intervention, mass awakening, revolution of
consciousness and transformation. I have talked of the dangers of a
system on automatic pilot without manual override be it a jet, a train, a
war, a decision, an idea, invention, or anything else, we must always have
manual override as a safety device.
The psychotic, paranoid people running this world now have a destructive
and suicidal trajectory, and they are too steeped in the pitfalls of short
term greed and psychotic control to avert their inevitable destruction of
the planet.
So manual override must come from the population, by them refusing to
stoke the engines of madness the oligarchs are driving. The people are the
fuel for the system, we must remember this. If the military say no, thats
it, no more war. And I appeal again and again to every person in the
military in tanks, on foot, or dropping depleted uranium bombs from a jet
at cowardly 10,000 feet, to please refuse to fight for these sick people any

longer. And if the public refuse to work for and be slaves for the
Government anymore then there would be nobody for them to govern
anymore, and all around the world the wheels will fall off the runaway
We the public have been so disempowered we dont believe we can grow
a potato but whos to say we cant grow and refine our own rapeseed oil
for fuel, and acquire our own solar and wind power independently from
the enslavers of freedom?
The time is ripe and so are we, to take our power back and truly
materialise our own destiny, and change the direction and trajectory of
this life and freedom destroying system, and enforce manual override
ourselves. I ask every human being to believe this is possible.

Chapter 25

Education Comes From Within


Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned
in school.- Albert Einstein.

The word education comes from the Latin word educo which means to
educe, to draw from within. Generally in school we are convinced that
education comes from the outside in, with lots of information to fill our
minds with to make us clever and successful. The beginning of school is
the beginning of children being robbed of themselves, and being taught
that they are not adequate, and not enough or complete people as they are,
but will only be enough when they get the next exam, result, better class,
better job, better house etc.
This brainwashing literally leaves a person scrambling forwards for the
rest of their life trying to find themselves, when they were there all along.
Our education and schooling system is not an education, it is a system
which teaches us to endure boredom, gets us used to being somewhere
between 9 to 4, and forces us to listen to and answer to authority.
Real education should wake us up. Conventional education puts us to
sleep and robs us of ourselves. I can remember seeing it in the face of
other kids in school, it was an empty look, a look of someone being
forced to hand their will and life over to a system they deeply deplored
and felt uncomfortable in.
It really was a sort of concentration camp. I felt it was almost like frontal
lobotomy en masse. There was a look of confusion and hopelessness in

the kids eyes, likes trapped geniuses. I remember well the feeling of
whether you achieved another gold star on the wall chart of the class and
the rivalry and fear of who would be best or worse. And the school
reports with the comments about your brightness or short attention span.
It was not an attention span problem I had, it was that I was bored out of
my tiny mind having to go to this same building for years on end
listening to the same uninteresting, useless rote.
Over the course of our schooling that system which is supposed to
educate us actually does almost the opposite, it dulls and chokes off our
innate creative genius, gifts and abilities, which every human being is
born and gifted with.
It is like chloroform for us, which creates an amnesia which disconnects
and dismembers us from ourselves at a very early age, and cuts us off
from who we really are. This may sound harsh but school turns us into
robots that are programmed and conditioned to fit into the system that we
are forced into when we leave school. By the time we leave school we
have become thoroughly conditioned to function in the system of virtual
slavery, of working for the next 50 odd years. Looking forward to our
lunch break, home times, and weekends off if we are lucky, and our pay
cheques which barely feed us, clothe us, and house us. I recently spoke
with a disillusioned teacher that had left the system through frustration,
who said he can teach a child how to learn what they learn to pass an
exam in a few weeks, which they would normally take two years to learn,
sat bored to death in a classroom.

Most Schools Break a Childs Spirit

When a young person leaves college or school they are already slaves to
debt, the smile has diminished and the soul half dead.

I lived near a school in my last house. At break times I would hear the
kids screaming and shouting with elation, letting their trapped frustration
out, then you would hear a whistle or a loud bell ring and suddenly there
was absolute silence, and in perfect lines, and uniformed queues they
would go back in. It was the sudden silence after the bell rang that used to
get to me. Silence at the swing of a bell, because of fear of punishment.
Complete, instilled subservience to authority at such an early age.

School breaks a childs spirit just like people break a horses spirit, when
they whip and bully the beautiful stallions spirit and inner fire until it
gives up and comes under their control to serve them.
I always had an intrinsic feeling when I was in school that something
wasnt quite right, from the first day, when my mother left me there as I
hid screaming hysterically under a table. Being stood in regimented lines
of different grades. Having a bell ringing to tell me I could go outside for
a while, till it rang again then I had to line up again to come back in.
Each individual is given tests and grades to see how bright or stupid they
are. We are then forced together into classes, on a scale of really stupid at
the bottom and really clever at the top. We are forced into being
competitive, with grades and sports.
We need only observe the difference between a child starting school and a
teenager leaving, what happens in between creates the person that comes
out the other end.

Gentle Frontal Lobotomy

Like cows coming in for milking every day, we learn to do what we are
told, and hand our power over to authority, and so our spirits die.

Anyone doubting this decline in consciousness via schooling need only

stand outside an infants school and watch the beautiful spirit of the
children in all its vibrancy. Stand outside the junior school to see
something has been taken from the spirit of the child, and then the senior
schools where people are even more numbed and the sadness begins to
really kick in, as they are groomed for the working life of slavery.
My schools were right next door to each other, from infants upwards, and
you could seriously see the decline from one to the other as they
regressed with their education, not progressed. As the flame of their
beautiful selves went out.
We are given exams, which consist of questions about mostly useless
information which we have learned, which we regurgitate out as answers
on an exam sheet, and depending on how well we have memorised the
information, greatly determines how good our results will be. Except for
a few essays we have to do.
We are torn away from our friends we want to sit by if they are brighter
or more stupid than us, they disappear into higher or lower classes,

and we get glimpses of them as we pass in regimented files as we go from
class to class, or we see them briefly at break times.
I remember how upsetting that was for me, I really loved one friend, we
always sat together, we loved being with each other, and when we were
split up, and he went to a higher class it was awful, and I was the less
intelligent one which felt even worse.
I was forced into another class with people I didnt want to be with, but I
was forced to get used to it.
Like the new German Officer I mentioned, who was shocked by the
system he saw on arrival in Auschwitz, he didnt want to be there but he
got used to it.
Whether we are interested in the subjects or not makes no difference, we
are forced to do them, and forced to be there. We are given a number of
subjects to choose from even if we dont like them, they are the only
choice. This is very similar to the few subjects we get in an election to
choose from that I mentioned in the section Oligarchy not Democracy
even if we dont like them.
By the time we leave school we are ready, we have been conditioned to
enter the work camp like obedient dogs. Ready to sit, fetch, roll over, run,
jump and most important of all beg. Beg for jobs, houses, food, warmth
and shelter.
Another shock comes when it slowly dawns on us that if we dont work
every day we will have nowhere to live, and it is two choices rent or
mortgage. We have gone through the mighty gates of the trap.
Some young school leavers go to college where they are ensnared into the
system with loans, and promised a good job at the end of it as though its
a definite outcome of being in college. Of course its not, and whether
they get a job or not they still have to pay the loan.
They used to hit us in my school, they dont anymore, and they use the
carrot more than the stick now, and manipulate psychologically instead
which is far more affective..
I remember a turning point in school, when I was about to have the cane
across my hand, as the headmaster told me to hold my hand out, I
looked at him and I thought what if I can say no, and I did. He was
shocked and told me again, and I refused, which was as liberating as the
fear of him and the pain subsided. A struggle ensued as he tried to hit me,
with me holding my ground.

I remember how shocked and helpless he looked. He sent me home, and I
had experienced a great lesson, one of the best lessons I had ever
received in school.

Children Should be With Their Parents

School is often a dumping ground for parents who have to work to pay
all the terrible debts and bills.

I vividly remember my first moments in school after my Mother left me

there with all the other frightened kids. I was under a table hysterical and
wouldnt come out.
I was in a place I didnt like, or want to be in. I was small, vulnerable and
terrified. I remember even at that age becoming so desperate to get back
home, I would lie to the headmistress that I had a pain and she would take
me home. In some amazing sessions I have had with a very gifted lady,
she saw me under that table and described how such a shock and such
detachment from where you want to be has lasting damage, and the
trauma fragments us on very deep levels.
I will talk a little about this subject later in the book.
The schooling system plays us right into the hands of the manipulation
and control system. Of course the mothers who are at home are probably
at their wits end and are so desperate to have a bit of their own time back
having been consumed by four or more years of constant baby duties, that
they gladly and eagerly dump them at the school, and I dont blame them.
Also most mothers and fathers have to work now every day to scrape
enough money together to just pay bills, eat and survive. So this system
also robs a lot of people from being with their children, which is the way
it should be.
I know a very special couple who were teachers themselves who gave up
their jobs and pulled the kids out of school. I have never met such bright,
interesting, vibrant, alive, intelligent kids. They were grand masters at
chess and brilliant musicians, and one went on to study astral physics
because he wanted to. Ironically they lived near a school, and sometimes
if we were all in the garden I would compare them to the spitting,
swearing, pushing and shoving, loud, kids going up the road in black
uniforms, a fascinating comparison.
While I was there once someone asked the father so how do you teach
your children? I think she expected a defensive, complicated answer, but

what he said made me laugh, he said we let them grow like weeds Ill
never forget it.
It was a simple but profound answer, I think what he was saying is that all
children are different, and should be allowed to develop in their own time
at their own pace. I think his eldest son didnt start reading till way past
the norm, but went on to do astrophysics.
We try to shove kids into brackets and make one size fit all but its not
like that. Thats why we churn programmed, similar robots out of the
mincing machine we call education. Its a crime against humanity. I
mean it.
Every child I have met who didnt attend a normal school still had
vibrant life in their eyes, that beautiful flame had not been extinguished,
the shining light in themselves.
The Steiner School is the nearest thing I have seen to children being in a
school and still being connected to themselves, rather than disconnected
and disenchanted as with the usual schools.
I know teachers in standard schools, who are desperate at the drudgery of
it all, who can hardly bear what they do and have to teach every day.
Regurgitating the same rote each day to the same bored and frustrated,
fidgeting class who dont want to be there all day every day, and neither
do the teachers in a lot of cases, and what a tragedy that is, think about it
But the carrot of the pension and a secure job keeps the teachers there.
And the fear of punishment and not getting a job keeps the children there.
What a delightful system we perpetuate.
The Steiner Schools and others like them are less structured and teach
values and ethics a lot more. But they are still from 9 till 4 each day and
this is still too structured, but most parents are forced to work every day
to pay bills and buy food, and cant be with their kids.
This is sad because its not natural and is damaging for parents and
children, and if you take a baby monkey away from its parents during the
day the baby and the parents get depressed. We have been forced into
separation from our children, and thats a very damaging scenario which
we have sadly become used to.
I knew an American man in Kefalonia who was consumed by his
business and rarely saw his children, except when they were asleep when
he got home late and exhausted. One day one of his children asked his
wife who he was, and he was so horrified and shocked that he gave up
work completely to be with his children who hardly knew him. He
eventually moved to Greece to a new life embracing the real values that

so many people are forced to relinquish, by being forced to work and
uphold this system which consumes a persons life.

Helping Children Not to Lose Themselves

Until we help all children to remain connected to themselves, the

arduous journey of dismembering and remembering will persist.

It is our huge responsibility to children, to guide them to remain

connected to themselves, so they can leapfrog the possibility of losing
themselves with all the suffering that loss entails, then having all the pain
of finding themselves again. This cycle is coming to a close now and the
chain of victim is being broken.
To watch our children becoming fragmented and dislocated from
themselves is no longer an option, and the system of schooling as we
know it is completely collapsing now and something is taking its place.
New systems where there is utmost care and respect, a system which will
be nothing like the poor excuse for education that we see now. The new
system will keep our dear young people firmly rooted in and connected to
themselves, of course this could only happen if we are examples of that
connection ourselves.

Chapter 26

Creating New Societies

The Birth of a New Global Society

We are giving birth to a new society and we must hold our nerve.

We are the womb of possibilities which brings forth new hope, life, love,
and gives birth to a new global society, a society based on peace and
sharing. It may not be a perfect transition, and there will be many
challenges, but we have to believe that we are responsible and intelligent,
and resourceful enough to be able to fix our own lives, independently of
government influence and control, and I really do mean independently, or
we will still be subservient slaves. This is already happening on a huge
scale, and people are already showing signs of knowing that they must
reclaim their power, by designing and manifesting their own systems of
sharing and caring for each other, with a new and better system with
bartering and mutual help for everyone at its core. The added joy and
nourishment that people are getting from this is the very thing that will
continue to propel them to pursue the practise further. People have been
so disempowered at the hands of the suppressing system of working just
to pay bills, survive and feed ourselves. The new found freedom and
independence in the groups will radiate outward in such an excitement
and helping each other will feel

Our Huge Responsibility to Change

Every one of us has a massive responsibility on our shoulders.

We are all carrying a heavy burden of responsibility because we are

responsible for the future of the rest of humanity. I will not talk too much
of the planet here because only once we put the system and ourselves
right will we put the planet right. We must be transformed as a
prerequisite to the planet transforming. We are in an interesting situation
whereby we need to somehow confiscate control from the Government
and the money masters. I can guarantee every person reading this that if
most of the people on this planet found peace within, and transformed
their minds from agitation, fear and madness back to sanity that would in
itself impeach the governments, because we would become a harmonious
whole with such a vibration of willingness to come together as one with a
single goal to begin at once to create our highest vision.
Impossible as this may sound it could be done quite easily, by just
refusing to work, but this would have to be carefully worked out to cause
as little suffering for people as possible. It seems a simple case of how
not when, because if people want freedom they will have to act to take
that back themselves it will never be given to us by our captors and slave
masters. If people dont get their power back it will be a dreadful future
of misery in the hands of the oligarchs.

Dissolving the Barriers Between Us All.

We are become a family again, and we will work together as a

harmonious whole, and build our own future with our own hands, create
our own food, communities, and be free from tyranny at last.

There is no more time to be trapped in any of the labels that bind us to

xenophobia, racism, apartheid or any other traps which keep us in fear of
each other, or any other emotions that stunts our progress, development
and transformation, and keeps us fragmented from each other, because we
really need each other now. Though we still need our own personal
boundaries, thats healthy, but not in a xenophobic way.
As I have said elsewhere it is good to keep our culture and honour that,
and be proud of our background, and honour our ancestors that came
before us.

Our different colours, religions, languages, traditions and the very shapes
of our noses, eyes and the way our voices sound are all the most beautiful
tapestry of a miraculous system of diversity and fascinating history. But it
is time now for us to hold these things more lightly in order for us to
progress more swiftly and smoothly with our transformation of
consciousness, which could very easily be thwarted or stunted by our
over identification with our bodies and cultures, which may keep us all
fighting for ever.
And we must remember that the authorities and oligarchs who strive to
keep controlling us play on those things we hold so dearly, and use them
to set us all apart from each other, keeping us insular and fragmented as
communities and personally, so we cant operate as harmonious whole.
Once we can put down our weapons and shields of religion, culture,
colour and differences then we will act as the beautiful family that we all
are, and thats the truth, because we are all intimately interwoven and
connected on a very real level, because as I explained in another section,
everything is connected, everything We are intimate all family and we are
beginning to feel that again.
The immortal Ralph Waldo Emerson said If we are related we shall
I would like to say to you the reader If we are related we are through
these pages meeting.
And of course we are all dearly related, and I am sure at last, after many
years of toil and conflict amongst each other, and after endless bloodshed
and suffering we are all ready to work together to build a new community
of new values, with a new structure based on love and sharing, and we
can do it, and in fact it is happening now, it has already begun.

Creating the Future for Others

The future is a heaven or a hell which we create for ourselves, and more
importantly for others.

In some of the older, wiser traditions people would consider everything

they did in terms of whether it was causing any harm for seven
generations ahead of them, imagine that, considering seven future
generations in all our acts and decisions. The insane people running our
future dont even consider one generation ahead, or even this generation.
It is all about short term greed, and never mind the future.

Our stupid governments wiped out these great holders of wisdom and
vision with murder and genocide, though thankfully, as already discussed,
truth always comes back, it cannot be distinguished, and we are now
having to draw again from the older wiser wisdom teachings of
cooperation and a knowledge of how to work with nature rather than
against it, because if we fight nature it will always win, and if we are too
slow to keep up with nature as she changes, she will outstrip us, consume
us and spit us out and carry on even better without us. Humans rather
arrogantly keep thinking that nature needs us to save her, which is
comical, she doesnt need us, in fact we are the last thing she needs,
though obviously she would prefer it if we werent such a pest. In our
present mental state we are a pest to ourselves and nature, and we have
the audacity to call seagulls and rats pests.

Making Ourselves Extinct

At the moment it is a fact that this planet would be better off without us.

I have left this subject till last because I think we are sick of hearing how
we are ruining the planet and making it almost unliveable on. Things are
depressing enough as it is, and who wants to hear more bad news. I am
not going to go deeply into the whys and wherefores of the condition of
the planets ecological situation, its enough to say that we are in deep
There is a great debate about whether climate change is attributed to
humans or not, but lets be honest we are hardly part of the solution!
Enough said. It is interesting how we cant seem to blame ourselves for
anything, its always something or someone elses fault. That habit has
been passed down to us by the greedy oligarchs who never blame
themselves or take responsibility for the terrible ecological atrocities and
mass murders they commit. We have become like them because we are
forced to drink from their cup, but we can turn away if we have the
courage. Its like a huge court room where everyone is terrified of
seeming to be guilty.
We, the population who are the teeth and jaws of the feeding frenzy of
ecological and animal manipulation are not to really be blamed, which is
not a cop out, it is just to say that we are manipulated and almost force
fed, and brainwashed to consume like pigs, because if we didnt nobody
would be in debt and this system is designed for people to be in debt and
consume like pigs. We are like foie gras geese being force fed to keep us

in debt, and the more trapped and desperate we feel the more we want to
consume to feel better, the more we go into debt and the bigger the trap, it
is a vicious circle. It cannot be said enough that we must remember the
system is designed that way, that is how it works so let us not beat
ourselves to death because we are trapped in a man-made trap. We can
however break free and become part of the solution instead of the
problem, and the inception of that change is here now in front of us.

We have Consumed Ourselves to Death

We have been turned into greedy pigs by the oligarchs who have taught
us to eat and use everything in sight.

We have been manipulated into consuming and eating anything and

everything. We have been taught that everything on this planet is for us to
use, for us only, the privileged chosen ones. We have been convinced that
the more we get the better, happier and more successful we will be.
I have always found it fascinating how humans have imagined'
themselves to be more important than animals and all other species on
Earth. What makes us more important, special, or superior than a rat?
Most people would spontaneously display a grin of smugness if asked
that question, implying the question to be utterly ridiculous. The degrees
of smugness and superiority may interestingly vary when the same
question is asked of other animals as their size increased. So an elephant
is more important than a small snake, mouse or 'even' a fly.
We find it easier to swat a fly than stamp on a mouse, it's less messy I
suppose, and easier to stamp on a mouse than slash a sheeps throat. If a
sheep screamed like a human when we killed him or her, what would we
think, how would we feel? Could we enjoy our prized Sunday lunch
Imagine being brought up in a society where you were told repeatedly
that cats were a tremendous delicacy to eat, and prolonged your life and
heightened intelligence. Or that rats were sacred beings to be revered, and
were protected by law, and that just seeing one bestowed luck and great
fortune. Or that dog's tails were also a delicacy, at 100 per tail, gently
poached, and were a great aphrodisiac. Now how about sharks fin soup at
50 a bowl that has hardly any taste at all, monkeys brains while still
alive, caviar, sheep's hearts, ox liver, duck liver pate, bulls' testicles.....and
mouth-watering similar delicacies. Aren't we a little gullible and
impressionable? I think so!

We drink milk because we are told to, we are convinced it's good for us
and good for our children, so we give it to them until they are sick. But
our reasoning and ethical barometer should tell us that it's wrong, because
we are the only species on the planet that has milk after the teat, human
milk for humans, cows' milk is for cows. Simple stuff. The cruelty and
suffering inflicted in the process is disgraceful, and the dreadful effects
on our own health by consuming it. Isn't it time we stopped believing
everything we are told? Find out the truth for ourselves?
"We are indeed the greatest animal of them all. The greatest in arrogance,
superiority, madness, and cruelty in limitless supply. The good news is
that we are all born with an amazing, built in ethical and moral alarm
bell, a barometer for right and wrong. It works simply by giving us a
feeling, a knowing, a sensing when something's not right. It's a beautiful
thing, instilled in us to keep us on the right track.
"Unfortunately though, our system, our parents, our beliefs that we are
taught, our hectic lives, the twirl and the whirl all have an awfully dulling
effect on our ethical barometer, it scrambles our reasoning faculties and
we become desensitized and disconnected from our innate gifts of
knowing and feeling, almost as though the batteries have been removed,
and we become used to, accustomed to, things which we should
automatically reject. The needless cruelty and suffering for our sake, our
curiosity, our taste, our egos. The all-important, magnificent us. The
chomping, slurping top of the food chain. The most intelligent species on
the planet.
Our adorable animal friends display a sensitivity and love that puts us
humans to shame.
We stand at a critical point in our human history. If we don't change
radically now, in the way we eat and think, we won't survive. By
becoming vegan we drastically reduce our effect on the forests and
oceans. It's a proven fact that our addiction to milking and eating our
animal friends and fish is actually making us extinct, but this is a subject
people need to look into and prove to themselves rather than have it
forced onto them. If everyone knew how serious it was they would be
very shocked. I highly recommend Tony Wardles book called White
Lies, and the fantastic magazine Viva a voice for animals founded by
Juliet Gellatley.
The forests and oceans are the lungs of our earth, and give us the very
breath we breathe by a miraculous symbiosis; they both breathe in carbon
dioxide and breathe out oxygen. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out
carbon dioxide. We are intimately connected. This delicately balanced
symbiosis is perilously close to collapse and a point of no return.

There is only one way that we are the most important thing on the planet,
and that is, that we are currently not only destroying ourselves, but we are
dragging all the other species on the planet down with us. Fortunately
there is hope for us yet, and we are now awakening from our
anaesthetising conditioning, and the amnesia is lifting for humanity at
last. Better late than never!

Seeds Food and Water are the Greatest Riches

The greatest of all riches is food and water which the richest person
would swop his every dollar and gold bar for.

These then are the ultimate riches next to the riches of the mind. People
will walk around the world continually for a meal a day. People will kill
for a meal a day. People will work for a meal a day. People will sell their
bodies and do almost anything for it. Food and water are most certainly
the ultimate riches, though money comes close second only because you
can buy food and water with it.
The importance of food makes everything else pale into insignificance,
and we must take urgent action now to secure a stock of seeds which can
be used to plant food to feed whole communities. Seeds are new gold of
this planet, and the dreadful people at Monsanto are desperately racing to
further enslave humanity by being the big boss of the seed world. I
cannot begin to explain how unscrupulous these people are but please
investigate yourself, they ultimately trying to hold all the people of the
world to ransom with suicide seeds which they will have to buy every
year because they only grow once with no seeds on them, so they are
impotent, like a human with no eggs or sperm.
One mistake from these maniacs and we would all starve to death. We
must not allow these sick people to succeed. So begin now to acquire
seeds that last as long as possible, they are your childrens and the planets

The Findhorn Foundation Community Example

'When we hold an idea, vision or thought in our minds for long enough it
becomes clothed in reality.

The community began in the early 1960s in Morayshire in the Scottish
Highlands, when pioneers Eileen and Peter Caddy, with Dorothy
Maclean, in one caravan on a virtual rubbish tip manifested a vision of a
community of people, which has become an epicenter for self-
development and sustainable living for many thousands of people
worldwide. It grew into an inspiring eco village, with its own community,
growing their own food, with their own water treatment systems, energy
systems, shops, learning Centres and so much more, with people coming
from all over the world to learn and be inspired by them. I used to live
nearby to the foundation, and I was fascinated by what they had achieved.
I used to go to the meditation Centre there some early mornings at about
5.45, and in the candlelit wooden building there was a wonderful
ambience, as a few of the most dedicated people would come into the
twilight space, with maybe a thrush singing outside, and it was a privilege
to sit next to Eileen Caddy to meditate, she brought a calm, love and
dedication into the room, and I would feel a respect for her persistence to
bring the place to an ongoing fruition.
It is a place of great transformation and inspiration proving what can be
created out of nothing. Well perhaps not out of nothing, I am not certain
we can get something out of nothing, because that something they
created was there in potentia and also molecularly waiting within the
womb of possibility, for them to manifest with their minds and hands, and
shovels! How incredible.

Creating Our Own Heaven on Earth

And so begins the ultimate challenge for humans, to see if we can

transcend doubt and fear, and build our own systems built on love, from
the ever waiting womb of possibility.

We cannot wait any longer for the dis eased minds that are controlling
and destroying our world, to change and become rational beings, they are
lost in their uncontrollable lust for greed and power, and perpetuating
their own opulent lives, which are manifested from using our energy as
food for their goals.
They are energy thieves, and we must sever that rapacious hold they have
over us, by creating our own systems independent from their
manipulation and control. Let us step into our own power.
I love the saying youll see it when you believe it, which is contrary to
the usual saying Ill believe it when I see it, because until we see

something in our minds and believe it, we will rarely see it in the flesh. I
know this to be true having proved and experienced it many times over in
my life, with miraculous results and developments. This book is another
example of that, I have written it for people to read and hopefully enjoy,
and here you are reading it, its a miracle, and I thank you for being an
amazing part of that miracle.
So it is up to us to step forward now and take control of our own futures
by creating our own realities towards something wonderful.
We have been led to believe we are helpless without a government
governing us, isnt that amazing that we have gone along with that for so
long, when all we need to break free from that is a little patch of land
between some likeminded people, a few packets of seeds, a bit of shelter,
a bore hole for water, and to help each other to help ourselves and be
independent again.
Imagine huge communities, living completely independently of
government, based on love and sharing, all growing our own food,
teaching our own children, living our own lives with harmony, and with
great care and appreciation for our beautiful mother earth that feeds and
sustains us.
Perfection, no, perfectionism equals paralysis, we would make mistakes,
and learn as we went, but with morals, ethics, love, sharing, and caring as
its foundations, it would stand a great chance of working, as long as we
didnt let the evil rulers infiltrate us again.
We all have the ability to contribute and build such a community.

Where Would People Grow Food?

Under every pavement, road and highway lies natures soil, ever waiting
to be free again to grow and flourish.

Everywhere is the answer. I envisage a time soon when Central Park in

New York, Hyde Park in London, and every spare piece of green will be
packed solid with beautiful edible food. Every pavement on every street
will be replaced with abundant vegetables growing to feed its occupants,
and along each street will be solid rows of fruit trees. Each house will
have baskets and borders crammed with food all year round. Each person
will know how to grow food and feed themselves. Residents will come
together to help each other, and will flourish together as happy,
harmonious, balanced individuals, who have regained their power and

know how to live in harmony again with nature without governments
controlling them. Only then will people be free. The deserts of the United
States should have been packed with growing food decades ago, and
could grow enough food to feed everyone, and I will talk about that later.

The Urgency to Secure Our Own Supply of Food

Peoples freedom depends on them being able to feed themselves, until

then they will always be slaves.

Food is the ultimate acquisition, and we must work fast now to find land
to plant on. It is lack of food that could ultimately turn people against
each other, like a pack of hungry dogs, but we must not let that happen
whatever happens.
The biggest urgency of all which I have overstated purposely in this
book, is to secure a continual supply of food for everyone as soon as
possible to break the dependency on those controlling us, this is so urgent
I cant say it loud enough, I have talked of the most basic ways of doing
this in more detail elsewhere in the book. Most of all, we must stay
focused and know that an end to our slavery, and reliance on greed
driven, unethical, cruel unscrupulous government, is coming to a close.
But we must not turn against each other. And we must not panic; we must
focus and be able to think straight. The deserts should have been used to
grow food many decades ago to solve many problems.
Securing packets of seeds which grow fast, and acquiring dried pulses
which can be soaked and sprouted within two days is essential for
everyone now. I am not scare mongering here but trying to help us
liberate ourselves from fear, because the biggest underlying fear is no
food, which we forget is underpinning almost everything we do.

Food and Seeds are The Ultimate Currency

The greatest treasure in anyones life is a supply of seeds and food, you
cant eat gold or silver, and its heavy to carry or run with.

The closer the paper money system gets to collapse and extinction, the
quicker people will realise that the greatest of all currency is packets of
seeds to plant and grow food from. The unscrupulous, unethical company

Monsanto is in a race to enslave the whole worlds population by having
the monopoly on seeds which only grow for one season, hence the name
suicide seeds. It will be our suicide if we all dont begin immediately to
accumulate seeds, so we are not completely helpless, and ultimately to
break our subservience to the global oligarchs. Food is the only way we
will be free again to make our own choices.
Its a well-known fact that governments worldwide are already
scrambling to collect seeds in huge vaults and store them now. We the
people must do likewise. The terminator seeds have greatly taken over
from normal seeds. For those who dont know the gruesome details about
seeds, terminator seeds are suicide seeds which only grow one year and
bear no seeds from themselves, which surprise, surprise force farmers
into the clutches of such unscrupulous companies such as Monsanto to
buy off them every year, as they have outlawed them using their own
seeds. If crops fail they cant afford to replant, having no saved seeds
anymore and no money for new suicide seeds, aptly named considering
the next paragraph.
At least 200,000 Indian farmers have killed themselves in despair in the
last 10 years, and its increasing from being helpless to feed their families,
largely due to Monsantos strangle hold on them. It is a calculated
genocide and murder by Monsanto, plain and simple.

An Appeal to People with a Lot of Land or Money

Any time now money will again become the worthless paper it always
was, while it is still active we must use it to secure large pieces of land
for people to live on, independently of any government support.

I appeal to people who own a lot of land, who may be in a position where
they could transform that land into a place where people could live who
are willing to build new systems of being in this world with their own
hands, thereby sculpting their own futures into manifestation. Where
basic structures can be built to live in, with water supplies from
underground, and where food could be grown in abundance to feed
everybody and hence the people would be freed from the current system
which is holding them hostage. I also appeal to people who have a lot of
money which is doing nothing, to come forward to help build a new
system by transforming that money into land where a population of
people can become free to become self-sufficient, this would pay the
investor handsomely, by them securing their own families future, and a

future of freedom for their own generations to come, a future built with
the hands of the people who they invested in.
In this current global crises, and the inevitably collapsing system, paper
money is becoming the worthless paper it always was, and gold and silver
will soon fall back the to earth it came out of, and will again become
what it was, pieces of metal out of the ground, which we were foolishly
fooled to become obsessed with, and in that process of gain, greed and
fear, we lost the most precious of all things, our own selves.

We Must Create the Highest Vision

It is better to aim your spear at the stars and strike only the moon than
aim at the moon and strike only a rock.

A vision which becomes a reality of magnificence for human beings is

possible and such a place exists but it needs to be brought into being, it
will not materialise on its own, it has to be conceived, believed and
created, and actually put into motion with action. I still hear people
saying things like how could it be better, and there is nothing you can
do about it, and there are people worse off than us, well lets make it
clear, with that attitude we will never, ever create a beautiful existence on
this planet, but will fall deeper and deeper into madness and further
enslavement to a degree that would terrify us, if we knew the possibilities
of the depths we may fall we would all wake up in a flash, because the
future is bleak unless we stand up and change this system with our own
The vision for our future must be an enormous one if we are to stand a
chance of survival. I have talked in depth about the battle we face against
the people who control the planet who are creating continual wars for
massive profits and greedy, insane agendas, and the cruel system we are
forced into that is designed to create debt. This system is a debt based
system, thats how it works. I hope you dont need any more convincing
of this fact, and if you do, read this book again, and stop watching the
news channels that are corporate mouthpieces. Watch news channels on
the internet like Rt Russia Today, Aljazeera and many others. There is
plenty of evidence that will satisfy you if you look yourself, please dont
believe me, we need to see and feel things for ourselves to really
convince us.

Breaking Previous Agreements

Divorcing ourselves from previous agreements is sometimes necessary to

create freedom ahead.

To create and manifest the new out of the old we sometimes have to break
previous agreements and attachments to be able to move ahead. This
comes in many forms which can be ties with ourselves which release us
from old constraints, ties to others, and ties to the system we are living in.
Contracts with ourselves must often be broken to release us into new
vistas of possibilities which could not materialise should we still stay as
we are.
This can sometimes feel painful and daunting but often we have to give
up what weve got to get what we want, and give up who we were to
become who we really are. A caterpillar breaks its agreement to being a
caterpillar or wouldnt be able to metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly.
But the caterpillar doesnt have to resent its previous existence, it can
respect and honour what it was, but must still step away from it into what
it is to become which breaks that previous contract with being a
caterpillar, or it cannot progress.
The Toltec shamans talked of the importance of being able to break old
agreements, as have other older wisdom traditions. Many people stay in
the safety of an agreement, which can sometimes be the wisest decision,
but not if it is keeping someone from blossoming into the magnificent
physical and spiritual being which they are, and certainly not if the
agreement is killing their souls, keeping them as slaves and ravaging the
planet they live on.
We are now breaking our old contract and agreement to the current global
system that we have served for hundreds if not thousands of years. The
interesting point is that we never really signed any formal agreement or
contract, but the massive fear that underpins our society is what steered
us to serve the system as its slaves. This has been deeply imprinted into
our minds and souls, and each generation is born into the same
acceptance of the unseen and unspoken, but very real agreement and
contract which their parents and their parents were born into, of slavery
by fear.
The importance of being fluid and flexible at this crucial moment in
human history cant be overstated, and nature shows us again and again
that if it is not prepared to be flexible it will pay a heavy price. The
agreements that we have made with the system currently in place are very
deeply embedded in our souls, and we have believed them to be true for a

very long time, and walked that agreement every day of our lives. We
have become like rabbits in the headlights, paralyzed by the nightmare
we are trapped in. We are absolute heros to have endured it so long,
doing our best to stay cheerful in this concentration camp.
I have talked a lot about how we manifest and create with thought. This is
what is taking place now, as people everywhere have decided to break
that unseen, and unspoken agreement they were funnelled into with lies
and deceit. The most important thing for us all as we break these
agreements is to visualise a system beyond it, and believe we can achieve
that vision, without any influence or control from the oligarchs.
When we break this contract we must be very careful not to make any
other agreements or be tempted to accept any help from the slave masters
that have controlled humanity for thousands of years. We must become
independent. We are not to be seduced back to another prison of slavery
once we are free, and we must be very alert for signs that we are being
lured into another concentration camp once we leave this one.

Manifesting a New Society Into Being

We materialise and manifest with thought and we can create a

completely new type of society and world into being.

We literally manifest situations and things into being and reality with
thought that is a fact. I talked of this in the beginning of this book, and I
feel its important to remind ourselves here again that we are creators of
the future, no doubt about it. Every society, every type of car, every
building and street, and almost everything you see around you in the
room you sit in began as a thought, including this book you hold in your
The molecules, atoms and energy unseen in all the building blocks of
matter were there ready to be called to action and used, but thought
ultimately begins to bring those building blocks together and into the
fruition of being, as a book, a painting, a car, a baby, a building, a bus, or
a whole society with its magnificent ethos or lack of it.
Creating anything out of thin air is the most incredible thing, we are
manifestors of reality via the transducer of thought.
Every idea, invention, movement, change and cause for good and bad
begins as a thought which when backed by belief, faith and action, it
inevitably begins its creation in the womb of all possibilities that

translates into a full blown pregnancy and birth. Huge possibilities are
waiting for us to bring them together into manifestation and create the
most amazing miracles. Let us all put our minds and shoulders to the
wheel of possibilities and roll out, and create a new template of living and
being into fruition. One which we want, that we believe in.
Let us not allow an unscrupulous gang of people to paint our picture for
us, and tell us what they have decided we must do. Let us make our own
decisions for our future, not in one of three choices in an election run by
the same gang with different names, we know those tricks now. It is time
to put our own names forward and believe and trust that we have the
ability to look after ourselves and create for ourselves, and we most
certainly have.

We are Midwives Birthing a New Society

We are simply midwives and bringers forth of a new type of society

based on love, healing and symbiosis.

We are assisting the birth of a new society of people who have

transcended the need to learn any more about pain and struggle. A society
of people ready to move into the next stage of development without
money and competition, but based on a love, caring, sharing and healing
hitherto unknown in the societies we are used to.
The path of transformation and wisdom will be the central core of this
society, who will reach a purity of being almost unimaginable to people
in their current condition. There would be food in abundance and these
societies would function completely independently from any oligarchs
that may be left, but I would envisage there being no more ruling clichs
in control because there would be nobody left subservient enough for
them to control once we all reclaim our power.
There will be people of every type of skill on the planet who for the first
time in their lives will feel excited about what they are playing a part in
manifesting, and will feel an uprising of hope and joy for the future that
may astound them. People will learn very quickly how to access an
energy and love inside themselves that will reconnect them with feelings
of upliftment and connectedness in themselves and with their
surroundings that would be rich food for starving souls.
You may notice reading this that maybe for the first time in your life you
are beginning to believe that such a wonderful thing could be possible,

and it is possible. Just the fact that we have not before been able to
envisage a system better than this one is a loud wakeup call as to how
brainwashed and helpless we have become. This global transformation
and metamorphosis of a new society is gathering momentum very fast,
and we are literally assisting its birth and the birth of our new selves
Everything within this new society would revolve around developing
ourselves and the society further, and accessing our forgotten gifts. We
would feel as though we had left hell and gone to heaven.
Just look at what has been manifested on this planet already, and imagine
what could happen if all decisions were backed by love, happiness, peace
and great a consideration for the future of other people to come.

A Coming together of Creators

There is a gravitational pull and a coming together of people who are

manifesting a new future into being.

People of like minds are coming together in beautifully synchronistic

ways, coinciding with their destiny patterns, to redirect the destiny
pattern of humanity, which is on a collision course with itself, nature and
the planet. The current situation in the world manifested through insane
agendas by insane leaders is ironically what is stimulating and forcing the
new society into being. Though lets not thank them, the fall from grace
should never have been permitted to happen in the first place.
How we create is like the tapping of metal filings I mentioned earlier,
which conform into a shape because of an underlying magnetic pattern of
magnets which pull the metal filings into the desired shape when tapped.
We are being forced to create a massive vision of a beautiful society
based on love and sharing which will be like the magnets that bring it
together on a massive scale, simply because it has to be now. We have
been so starved in this society of a lack of a feeling of love and sharing
that once we feel it again we will be like moths to a flame, and people
will be propelled to create their own communities based on this, and we
will never go back to the slavery and suppression we had become used to.
The key is sanity, psychological balance and a continual self and spiritual
development, and this must be the basecamp and scaffolding for any
system or it will never last very long.

It is a case of people feeling their power again and realising that they can
survive and create magnificent communities and symbiotic structures as
they used to before they were disempowered by the ruling elite oligarchs
who convinced us we were helpless without them.

Calling the New Societies Into Being

We are hearing the calling through the ears of our souls to build a new
society of peace and harmony without delay.

There is a calling going out from every soul on this planet, a desperate
call for a new way of being, from the very depths of our weary souls.
When we call out for a change that change is already beginning to take
shape. The creation and manifestation of that deep wish begins to hear
our call as soon as we think it, and when that wish is backed by a burning
desire and strengthened by action, then it is a tremendous force.
Thoughts become things as I have proved in many explanations and
examples in this book, and we really must be careful what we wish for
because we might well get it. So let us call in our highest vision of
harmony and peace, not by asking the psychotic people who run this
world to change and do it, we cannot wait for them to change, it is us who
have to do it, not by asking them for anything, but by leaving them. We
can leap frog them and build our own bridges from where we now are
across the river to where we want to be, and be the change we wish to
see as Ghandi put it.
It is like living with someone who is continually abusing you mentally
and physically, as these oligarchs are with us, and eventually you just
leave, thats it, enough. And that is what is taking place right now on this
Once people can see and believe there is another way of being and living,
then I believe we will see a virtual exodus from the old system of slavery,
debt, control, war, greed, money, murder, insanity and imbalance. The
only reason people are still tolerating it is that there is no other system in
place. People would flood across to a new system if one existed. We can
create the society of our highest dreams, and biggest vision, the creation
and beginning of a new way of life, by calling it in from the realm of
possibility. Our dreams become clothed in reality.
I am absolutely convinced that we are being called together to become a
harmonised whole as humanity at this critical point in history, with the

bloodthirsty maniacs itching to use the nuclear weapons again, and there
is plenty of evidence of this. Its as though there is a mighty horn of truth
and rebalance being blown from high on a hill, and each of our souls ears
can hear it. We dont know quite what it is but we know it is calling us to
action, towards a new society based on love and sharing independent of
any form of manipulation and control.

Painting a Clear Picture of What we Want

If we dont know where we are going we will never get there.

I am an artist and I know that we literally paint our future into a reality
with thought and intention. We paint outcomes into being. It is important
to first know what we want to manifest and create on the blank canvas of
the future. We are artists of what is to come, the future is our canvas or
lump of rock, and we paint or sculpt any future we want. The vision of
what we want to paint into existence is crucial. Though I am not saying
that things cant fall into place as we go along they can. But it is better to
have a destination and good idea of what you want, to have more chance
of it becoming real. When we set a plan into motion it is like setting sail
in a boat, we position our sails in the direction we want but may have to
adjust the rudder as we go along, but its best if we have an ultimate
destination that we are headed towards.
Seeing, feeling and knowing the new society that we all desire is crucial
because its difficult to manifest what you cannot first visualize. There is
an old saying that until you see it in the mind you will never see it in the
flesh. Which is not absolutely true, but relatively true. We can make up a
template, an idea of what we want for ourselves, and a harmonious future
for people on this planet after we leave.
Sometimes a good starting point in any plan is knowing what you
definitely do not want, and that can sometimes tell you what you do want.

Building Beautiful Communities Together

We are about to be forced to live together in peace.

If there were huge communities being self-sufficient, and living in

harmony together without a system of money then I think people would

be very eager to live amongst such a community, even if they had to give
up many of the luxuries that ironically keep us trapped on the hamster
wheel in order to pay for them, The anxiety making the money to pay for
them, and the time and energy it consumes is hardly worth the time we
get to enjoy what we have worked so hard for.
An example would be a lovely car that we just sit in a traffic jam in to
and from work every day, its tragicomic. A car that does 180mph
crawling towards and away from the city centre each day at 10 or 20mph.
The rich smell of the leather seats our only consolation and compensation
as we park again in our allocated place in the smoky multi-storey.
I am convinced that if huge communities were born, and flourished then
they would be a template that would spread through the world and
consume the negative trail of horror that has been spread by short term
greed and fear.
Imagine how brainwashed we have become and how conditioned to
believe there is no other system that would work except for this one of
debt and money.
Just because a system isnt modern and full of technology doesnt mean it
doesnt work and bring happiness and harmony to its inhabitants. A
community with no tractors or diesel could be happier planting food by
hand or with the help of a horse and a makeshift windmill for grain than
those people reliant on mega farms to feed them.
I have visited and briefly stayed in a community who grew their own
food, and helped themselves, who were committed to a life of balance
and peace, and the feeling there was one of caring and sharing that would
make our societies and system resemble a literal hell on earth. There is a
beautiful sensation being around others committed to peace and
happiness on this planet. Anyone who still thinks the words peace and
happiness are a bit weak minded or hopeless, or impossible, should see
that feeling as an even bigger wakeup call to our conditioned

A Currency of Love Bartering Sharing and


Humanity will continue to be poor and fight, until it remembers and

experiences again the joy of giving and receiving with love.

I will never forget my joy and surprise at the spontaneous, unplanned
bartering that happened while I lived in the Scottish Highlands some
years ago. I desperately needed to get my bathroom wall tiled, and put a
shower in, and I couldnt really afford to get someone to do it and I could
not face the daunting thought of trying to do it myself.
I had opened a little gallery outside my house in a big shed that I had
built, and a builder who lived nearby used to come in and have a talk
about life and its ups and downs.
One day I asked his advice about tiling and to my complete surprise he
said he would do it for me if I painted him a couple of paintings. It was
an amazing thing to hear out of the blue, it felt so right and okay, it was
an odd feeling, but a completely natural one, and there was a sort of
lovely atmosphere in the air without the uncomfortable feeling of forced
exchange that money always has, that seems to tarnish every transaction
in some way, however large or small, maybe from the underlying fear that
the money system is based primarily on fear, and that it causes so much
misery, struggle and despair in the world.
I had heard of the Lets System of bartering with points and vouchers
because we were living quite close to The Findhorn Foundation, but I had
never used the system.
I asked if he was sure and he was, and so was I, and before I knew it he
was standing in my bath doing it, like a vision or miracle, and I was doing
his painting, and the feeling of pleasure and symbiosis was quite
beautiful. As I took my first hot shower I still could not get over how
swiftly and smoothly the transaction had taken place without the feeling
of money being involved. Some months later there was the most terrible
Highland storm and it ripped my fence down between my neighbour and
I. It was a huge job for me, that entailed a whole row of posts being
concreted in and a load of panel fencing being put up, it was a
professional job I could not afford, and my aerial had also blown off my
John the builder came in again one day, and I asked him what it might
entail to do it, and if he could give me a price for it, and to my great
surprise again he said that he could do with some more paintings for the
extension he had just put on his house and would I be interested in doing
another deal.
That same feeling of symbiosis, joy and most of all relief swept over me,
I asked how many paintings, he pondered a while and said how many it
was, four or five I think. And again before I knew it he was on my roof, I
had television again and the fence was up and we enjoyed each others
company for a couple of days while he did it.

Not long after that I was having an exhibition of my paintings somewhere
and was telling John that I was going to make four or five easels out of
wood, and that it was a bit daunting for me, but I would botch a few
together. Suddenly that feeling pervaded the room again and we looked at
each other, and lo and behold another deal was done. Johns house by this
time was literally dripping with my paintings, and we were both happy. A
new system must replace our current one if we are to survive as
humanity, its that simple.
We are currently addicted to the money drug which has been forced on
us, and we have become enslaved with dependency on the oligarchs who
supply the drug. The thought of breaking free from that tie is naturally a
daunting one, but we must urgently endeavour to learn to take that step if
we are ever to be free again to make our own choices and decisions, as
self-reliant people with freedom to choose for ourselves. We are
dependent on the money drug, and we are frightened and concerned, but
thats natural, so let us not blame ourselves. And we must remember as I
have previously said that it is the despair, frustration, fear and
disconnection in ourselves that this has caused, which ironically is the
very thing that is forcing us to find an alternative to survive, and we will.
We are trapped in old ideas which are killing, and there are new ideas
which we simply need to reach out and embrace for them to manifest. We
are absolutely amazing, resourceful, heroic survivors and we must never
doubt our ability to look after ourselves, and it is the dealer that has
robbed us of our power, and now its time to take that power back and
build an new life for ourselves based on a new currency of love, respect,
cooperation and caring for ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters,
and our global family. We are deeply wounded by this system but we
know it, and at last we will take our lives and power back.
Then in the great words of the beautiful and courageous visionary soul
Martin Luther King, we can sing:
Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty we are free at last

We Are Privileged Guests Here On This Planet

This planet is giving us an ultimatum, it is telling us - not asking us - to

change or leave.

Imagine going to stay with someone on their beautiful land, where you
were totally provided for, had beautiful air to breath, food to eat, warmth

and shelter, and everything you could possibly want. Then imagine we
were to abuse their support and hospitality by disrupting the balance of
that system we were entrusted with, and abusing their hospitality. Our
host would soon become tired of our behaviour and ask us to please
As privileged guests here on our planet we must treat our host with
dignity and respect, or our host may decide to get rid of us for its own
survival. Its easy to overlook the fact that this planet which supports us
so amazingly is not just a dead ball of lifeless matter floating aimlessly in
space. It is a breathing, living entity, replenishing itself in the most
intricate, intelligent way, which by far outstrips our intelligence as
The trees and seas are the lungs of the Earth. They create and provide the
oxygen we need to breath and it is a wonderful symbiosis which we are
destroying now so fast by raping the seas of everything, and we have
almost passed the point of no return, and that life may not be possible on
this planet in the near future. There is a very fine line which makes this
planet habitable or uninhabitable. That line is being dangerously crossed
now spearheaded as usual by short term greed, profit, and a blinkered
vision of the future, by leaders seemingly hell bent on war and
destruction, to other humans and the earth, with their obsession with
greed, gain and control even outweighing the destruction of the planet for
their own children, that is the level of insanity that we are dealing with
If we had an alternative place to live after this planets demise after its
ecology was rendered helpless and no longer fit to support life, then it
would not be so bad, but we have no such viable alternative. Radical
though this may sound, we are very fast reaching that critical tipping
point now. And if we carry on our current course we are certain to make
ourselves extinct. There are a number of major threats to humanity, but at
the moment the biggest threat to us is ourselves. Or rather lets blame the
maniacs in Government that are spearheading the destruction, without
intelligence, vision, conscience, and morals or ethics.

The Future is Simply in Our Hands

We are the Future good or bad its up to us.

Following the above sentence there is little else to say other than to repeat
the truth from the beginning of the book. The truth that we create and

manifest the future into being with mind and thought, but we have
forgotten the enormous implications of this fact. It means we are literally
the midwives of our own future, and our thoughts, feelings, hopes, plans
and visions for the future are living seeds that manifest in the womb of
The reason we may feel the future is uncertain is because it is being
steered by people who dont care about the implications of future
consequences created from todays manifestations, because they have
been consumed by short term greed, gain and control, and are immersed
in the great business of continual wars for profit and gain. These actions
are a trajectory which is creating the future. We are becoming used to
things being as they are and that is a dangerous place to be.
We can no longer wait and hope that these madmen will somehow change
and lay down their weapons of greed, mass ecological misconduct and
destruction. Knowing that we create and manifest we must now start
really using that gift to change the future.

Creating Miracles

In every moment we manifest a miracle.

Everything we do is a manifestation and creation of a miracle. Our bodies

are creating miracle after miracle of manifestation every nanosecond.
Every time we turn our heads our eyes are adjusting focus and creating a
vision into being. Every time we go anywhere we are creating a vision
into being. Every time we move we are manifesting with thought. If we
put our hand on the table and lift a finger we are creating with mind,
manifesting something into action, that finger can then be instructed by
mind to go bake a cake into being, to create a sensual feeling through
touch, or to save a life from drowning, to press a doorbell and summon
the inhabitant to come to you.
The same finger can write a note that changes lives, can scratch a
message on a wall that directs a million people away from danger, or can
scratch a message on a wall that sends millions of people to their grave.
The finger can mend a human heart with surgery, surgically give back
sight where there was none, take that same sight back to darkness with
one poke, and can kill millions of people and destroy the whole world
with one push of a nuclear bombs button. All this with one finger directed
with one thought.

The power to create with mind is a miracle which can be harnessed and
manifested into changing everything on this planet. We can build a new
future with a different type of humanity who is tremendously skilled in
the art of creation via their great power, which is currently being misused
and wrongly directed. That force redirected into a vision of beauty by a
multitude of minds and hearts will create a virtual heaven on this planet, a
literal Utopia. That vision is possible but only if directed by human
beings who have transcended their accumulated madness and keep
transcending it in an on-going distillation and refinement process which
must never be neglected, or we would free fall again into the pitfalls,
miasmas and chaos spearheaded by insanity that we are currently
Only once we understand why things are the way they are, and how they
are brought into being will we understand how to change them. We must
wake up to the fact that things will stay as they are and get worse until we
harness and direct our power to manifest miracles again. Miracles are
simply directed thought becoming manifest. It is nothing miraculous or
esoteric at all. Necessity is the great mother of invention and it is obvious
now that we must invent and manifest something vastly different from
that which is destroying us both physically and spiritually.

We are all the Artists of the Future

We paint this world into being with our minds.

We are indeed standing at an evolutionary crossroads as humanity, and

the choice as to which direction we must take is clear. It seems obvious
that until we release ourselves from the grip of this system and its
oligarchs we will never be truly free. Let us step forward then in hope and
remember that we are magnificent artists of great ability.
As an artist myself I know we are all artists and great creators of the
future, and we can paint the greatest masterpiece of all time. I also know
the truth that whatever mess has currently been made on the worlds
canvas, however terrible it seems, it can be repainted over, reshaped and
manipulated into something wonderful. As artists we now need to think
big and put down our small brushes and use the largest brushes possible
to be able to paint a new world and society into being, on a really grand
We have not got the luxury of plenty of time to fiddle with little
brushstrokes that change the picture slowly, only a little here and a little

there, our vision must be bigger and we must boldly paint this picture and
demand of ourselves that we transform this canvas quickly.
This canvas of transformation is huge and we cannot be frightened. I have
stood in front of many hundreds of canvasses and the best creations I
have ever painted and manifested have come when I truly believed that I
could achieve the end result and just began it. We cannot get trapped in
doubt, uncertainty and fear; because fear is paralytic and if we are not
careful we wont even pick up our brushes of creation and change.
Sometimes a challenge can consume us, and perfectionism equals
paralysis. We dont have to get it perfect, just better and better will do, it
will never be perfect we must believe that we can change this failing
society into something amazing, and we can with big bold brushstrokes
and action. My own mantra has always been dont wonder how to do it,
do it then wonder how you did it. It is time to act and we will never look
The transformation on this planet is one of consciousness which must
come from inside out, from within each one of us. We are all vital
members of humanities orchestra which is way out of tune. When each
individual member of the orchestra changes, then the whole orchestra
changes and we will play again in concert pitch.
This is not something thats going to take place it is taking place and
happening now. There is a great revolution of consciousness and
transformation across the planet. A beautiful harmony of truth is
sweeping across the earth and through every courageous human heart,
who can no longer bare to live as slaves and stand and watch the
destruction of our beautiful planet and humanity.
The end and the Beginning